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That writer of comics guy
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Default Tentacle Tussle (BBW, Stuffing, Rapid WG, Tentacle Monster, Comic!)

Hey Dimensions! First time poster, long time lover of this board and its community, here. I don't exactly have a story per-se... but a comic! I wrote this little tale with the talented artist, Alessandra Roga (Krystalvix). I hope you like it.

So hey! I hope you enjoyed that! Ally and I do a lot of comics together... mostly pregnancy related... but we were considering doing some business (longer, full-size comic downloads like the ones we sell currently in the preggo arena) of WG, XWG, stuffing and more. Would there be interest for us to do so? Thanks, Dimensions!

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John Smith
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John Smith does more than just post hot picsJohn Smith does more than just post hot picsJohn Smith does more than just post hot pics

That's a interesting short story.
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