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Default Seb's Spare Tire (BHM, Gay, Stuffing)

[~BHM, male-male, stuffing, gay. Disclaimer: this story involves weight gain and male-male relationships. If it’s you thing, read on. If not, skip it. Happy reading. ]

Seb's Spare Tire

By Runningsoft

Chapter 1 – Sebastian’s New Bike

It was a Friday evening and Sebastian was tired. His work week had been ridiculous and with two of his co-workers off; one sick and the other on their honeymoon, he had been stretched far thinner than even he had anticipated.

“Done and done,” said Sebastian to no one in particular as he closed up the manila folder and capped the pen closed. He slid the completed file into the ‘out’ folder and stood up, stifling a yawn.

Sebastian was a physiotherapist and a darn good one. He worked in a multidisciplinary region of the hospital somewhere in Manhattan. He made darn good money, but worked his butt off for it.

“Night Seb. Got any plans for tonight?”, came a voice from the desk opposite.

“Not sure yet. There’s a really good program on Netflix that everyone’s raving about. So tonight may be an in night for me. What about you, Becky?”

“Booooooring”, came the girl’s reply.

Sebastian stuck out his tongue and high-fived his co-worker as he headed out the room and down the hall to the elevator.

He scanned his iPhone for missed texts from family and friends, answering them as the elevator slowly made it’s way to the main lobby. Sebastian acknowledged a passing security guard with a nod and a smile as he pushed his way through several hallways until he reached the back area that contained staff lockers and a bike lock up area for those who commuted to work.

Sebastian went through the usual motions of changing out of scrubs into street clothes and unlocked his bike and began the arduous trek back to his apartment. His newly acquired bike had been a replacement for the one which had been stolen a few weeks back (poorly chained up) while he was out with friends.

Sebastian was in his middle twenties. He was 5’ 9’’ with a Caucasian complexion and sandy brown hair. In his youth he had been a soccer player and a track athlete. But ever since he had gone to college and entered physiotherapy school exercise had taken a necessary back seat.

He was by no means fat, but you would definitely say that Sebastian was ‘chubby’. Always one with a healthy appetite, he kept his weight mainly in check by occasionally going to the gym to hit the weights. But after graduating PT school 18 months ago, he found his knack of going out to eat and drink in the evenings with co-workers had ballooned his weight from a svelte 165 lbs to a cushiony 180 lbs. The decision to buy the bike in order to shave off those pesky additional pounds had been a welcome one and he was hovering around 172lbs give or take a few.

Sebastian entered his well-furnished apartment and leant his bike against the hallway wall as he flicked on the lights.

“Honey, I’m home.” He said aloud and went to the fridge. The empty apartment sneered at him as he rooted around this or that Tupperware container.

Frustrated by not finding anything to satisfy his appetite, this evening, a craving for Indian food, he fished his phone from inside his hoodie and made a call.

“Tandoor Delight, this Parbu how may I help you?”

“Hey Par—Seb. Can I get the usual?”

A laugh from the other end of the line made Seb smile warmly.

“Ah, Mr. Seb. Yes, yes. Pick up or delivery?”

An hollow growl escaped his stomach and he reached down and rubbed it to silence the beast, “Let’s go with delivery tonight.”

“Very good, be ready in 30 minutes.”

“Thanks Par – it’s worth the wait.”

Seb rang off and flopped down on the couch and flicked through channel after channel. He landed on a sitcom featuring a plump husband and his skinny wife.

“I wonder why the guy is always allowed to be fat but the woman is always supposed to be so damn skinny. Double standards.” He found himself thinking.

The doorbell rang in what only seemed to Seb like a few minutes (it had been 45) as he got up off the couch and went to the door. With the transaction completed and his apartment smelling of amazing spices, Seb opened the package and laid out dinner for two, for one on the kitchen table. Seb looked over at this bike then back to the food and absentmindedly ran a hand down his slightly protuberant stomach. He did work really hard today and took the steep route to and from work.

He fixed himself the first of several helpings and smiled. After all, he earned it, right?
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Chapter 2 – Seb’s Dream

“Hey, slow down a bit. I’m getting pretty full,” said Seb between mouthfuls.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. I’ll take care of everything,” came the male voice.
Sebastian looked over at his captive. Tall, dark and handsome. Always smiling. Always…understanding.

A hand brushed his stomach and brought the spoon back to Sebastian’s waiting mouth. Compliantly, he took the offering and swallowed another countless mouthful of the rich substance. Surely it was going to happen soon; as it had happened countless times before.

Sebastian was secured to an armchair, fastened by his wrists and ankles. To his left was his captor; and to the left of him was a refilling bowl of a pudding-like substance.

His captor offered him another spoonful, “Just a bit further now…yes, that’s it.”
Sebastian’s clothes were straining to hold their contents. His svelte middle had grown budding from a small pauch to a full-sized beer belly. His chest deepened with the softness of his formerly-muscled pectorals and he began to sprout a fuller face and hint of a double chin.

“I don’t…want to…stop…” he mouthed, this time between smaller mouthfuls.

Obediently, understandingly, his captor gently began rubbing his belly and stroked his thigh lovingly as he refilled the spoon.

Sebastian felt the warming sensation as he had done before. His insides continued to grow, filling him outwardly; straining to escape the prison that were his clothes. With a creak of fabric, his denim jeans protested against the weight of his lower bulk. His thighs thicker, fuller. The small gap that was once there now filled in. If he could stand, they would now rub together.

“You’re getting to become a beautiful gentleman for me this evening. Here, I’ve brought you another gift.” Said the smiling voice, leaning in and gently brushing his lips against the side of Sebastian’s mouth before he slid the spoonful of richness into his waiting mouth.

The kiss sent an electric tingle through Sebastian’s whole body and he felt parts of his lower body stir with pleasure. He squirmed in his imprisoned chair, now accommodating a larger rear than had been there at the beginning of this session.

“You’re going to be such a dish after tonight. Everyone will envy your body. Especially me.” Cooed the voice.

Slender fingers gently rubbed and caressed Sebastian’s growing middle. Gently they circled the little diamonds of pink flesh that now bulged out from underneath his dress shirt. Surely it wouldn’t be too much longer before some of them strained so hard that they would pop.

He stirred again, as yet another spoonful filled his mouth. This time sealed with a kiss.

“You’ve gotten quite fat this evening, my beauty.” Whispered the voice as suddenly Sebastian felt his body protest against the confines of his clothes.

“I…I love you….keep me fat for always…” Breathed Sebastian as his pulse quickened.

“And so I shall. You are mine and I am yours,” said the voice, brushing a coma of hair from Sebastian’s forehead.

Suddenly Sebastian lurched forward in the chair. His belly quivered and then expanded luxuriously. Little pops protruded down his front as pink flesh strained and then began pushing his belly forward, the buttons taking flight like little fireworks.

Hands began rubbing his soft chest and upper belly. The captor began kissing Sebastian’s softer face then slowly moving southward.

“Ohhhh….” Groaned Sebastian as the hands expertly navigated to his navel.

Between thumb and forefinger, the captor pinched and shook Sebastian’s lower belly sending another jolt of ecstasy throughout his body. Sebastian moaned and lurched forward as the kisses began afresh. The lips dancing across each breast, to each nipple now hardened with desire.

Sebastian continued his labored breathing as he felt the hands reach his waist.

“Such a pity. And I loved this belt on you. But you’ve grown so big tonight. This cannot be comfortable,” said the voice as he plucked at the non-existent space between Sebastian’s ballooning flesh and the confines of his denim pants. The belt painfully cutting into his lower belly.

A nod from Sebastian was all it took as the hands unclasped the belt.

“Oh god!” he cried out as the hands quickly thumbed the catch of his button allowing his belly to leap forward, much to his relief.

The flaps of denim parted and the zip slid down two-thirds, revealing sports boxers that looked strained to the point of shearing apart. A warm animal tang enveloped Sebastian’s nostrils and he felt himself grow with pleasure.

“Oh dear. These bottoms certainly won’t do,” came the voice, this time from behind Sebastian. His captor had maneuvered himself so that he could freely feed him several more spoons of nourishment. A hand slid down his belly. Down beyond his chest, his belly and coyly teased at the tops of his boxers.

Sebastian quivered as the hairs of his lower body stirred to the touch of his captor.

“You’ve gotten so big tonight, my sweet.” Came the voice as another spoonful entered Sebastian’s mouth.

Sebastian gasped as the captor swiveled to his side cupping an engorged breast in his hand; his mouth crushing down, their lips parting.

Sebastian struggled momentarily against his bonds as his captor cradled his breast
feeling the passion with which the heart was fluttering from within.

Slowly, a hand reached down from the softness of his chest. A teasing finger traced a heart around Sebastian’s deepening navel then continued its descent towards the heated area between his thicker thighs.

They two men locked eyes. The kind, hunter’s eyes of the captor and the docile eyes of his prey. Wordlessly, Sebastian arched back in a rictus of pleasure as he felt a well-known hand navigate the forest of his lower body to the base of his manhood.

Fully erect, he felt air all around himself as his captor deftly lowered the swollen fabric of Sebastian’s denims and boxers. His magnificent bottom swollen, his thighs proudly thicker.

Sparks tingled within Sebastian as hands began working him. He bit his lower lip, his toes curling involuntarily, as he felt lips kiss around the base of his manhood all the way to the tip of his stalk.

Dew glistened from the tip as well-practiced lips began tending to his aching body, Sebastian now gripping the handles of the chair with shackled wrists.

Moan after moan escaped his mouth as he cried out, all the while his captor working tirelessly with hands and mouth.

Deep within Sebastian the world fell away as his loins burned with a passion he had never known. His seed exploded in a fountain as the mouth of his captor parted company with his throbbing member.

Whispering encouragement, Sebastian felt his body tighten and flex as his primal instincts continued pulse. Tighten and pulse. Tighten and pulse.

*beep, beep, beep, beep*

Sebastian woke with a start to the chirruping burr of his mobile as he fell off the couch from which he had dozed so many hours earlier.

“Fuc….kwatt?” he mumbled as he reached out to silence the device and collect himself from the ground. Painfully, he winced and stared down at his crotch as he sat back down on the couch. Pushing a lock of hair from out of his eyes he glanced down. A dark patch that had certainly not been there before greeted him, and the warm animal tang of a nocturnal emission jogged his memory.

It had been a dream. All just a dream.

Sebastian stood up, pants tented; his lower body still hungry with the memory of his latest dream.

He grinned sheepishly and stripped naked, his lower belly full from the evening binge of the Indian food of last evening. A hand reached down past the small globe of his lower body as his member stiffened.

One glance at the clock reminded Sebastian that he didn’t have time for that as he was already late for a prearranged luncheon.

“You’ll have to wait until later, my friend.” He said to his member as he dashed to the bathroom for a quick shower. But not before thumbing through his web browser.

Sebastian smiled as he logged into his favorite male-male gaining website. In his inbox, it showed a highlighted icon signaling that he had one unread message.

“I’ll save this for later, too.” He said, feeling his member stir with the anticipation of the unread message.
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BigAl_Fla has said some nice things

Wow. Loving this.
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Fun read! Can't wait for more
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Very 'button pushing' hehe...
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slimjim01 has said some nice things

Awesome!! Great story
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Originally Posted by Xyantha Reborn View Post
Very 'button pushing' hehe...
Exactly. This story is super hot, and I can't wait to read more.
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Chapter 3 – Brunch with Auntie

“Wow Aunt Alice, you sure know how to show me a great time,” said Sebastian as he took a generous sip from his mimosa, his second of the morning.

“What can I say, I spoil my family whenever I see them,” she said waiving a hand airily as she motioned over to the waiter for the check.

The pair sat outdoors at a luxurious café. The day was warm, the sun just beginning to rise – the beginning of a fantastic weekend.

A man, tall and slender approached their table.

“Can I get you two anything else today?” he said, flashing a warm smile.

Alice nodded to her nephew, “another mimosa for him and a vodka tonic for me and we’ll call it quits for this morning.”

“Very good madam,” he said turning quick on his heel and striding off to the bar.

Aunt Alice let out a low wolf-whistle, “Well get a load of the buns on him.”

She made to take a bite out of an invisible apple.

“I know, right.” Said Sebastian, noticing the same thing as his aunt.

The fresh drinks arrived while Sebastian and his aunt continued to make small talk.

“So my sister says you’re enjoying yourself out in Manhattan – the town that never sleeps, that right?”

“Oh totally,” said Seb who downed his second mimosa, taking the fresh one from the waiter.

“I mean, work is a pain but I really enjoy my profession, I—“

“Any cute girls catching your eye?” said his aunt, cutting across him.

“Seb, it’s me, your aunt – you can tell me anything.” She said surveying him over her glass.

“Well, I have met someone. Well, not in person yet.” Said Seb taking a sip. Woah, this drink carried a bigger punch than his first.

Alice did not speak but merely cocked an inquisitive eyebrow, waiting for more.

Seb laughed, “You’re going to think I’m nuts – but we’ve, ah, hit it off pretty well and I think their local to the area, which is always helpful.”

“You two should meet up. Naturally, I will have to meet this buxom belle of yours. You know, to make sure she’s good enough for my Sebby.” She said taking a further sip from her vodka-tonic.

Seb said nothing, but returned his aunt’s conspiratorial wink and downed his third mimosa.

Immediately he felt the flush of the first drink of one drink too many – especially since it wasn’t even noon yet. But, it was the weekend and hanging out with family hardly counted.

Seb felt his pocket burr with the sound of an incoming message. Casually he looked glanced at the screen and his face flushed. It was him.

“Your lover?” said his aunt in a sickly sweet voice as she coyly peered over the table at his phone.

Seb grinned, “It’s work. Gimme a min, would ya.” He stood and pivoted like a quarterback avoiding a tackle as his aunt made a mildly faux-drunken grab for his phone.

“Don’t take too long sweetie. I’ve got yoga in an hour.” She brayed as she downed her drink.

Seb laughed and went indoors. He peered back and smiled at his Aunt who was now – loudly – flirting with their waiter. She didn’t seem to be in much condition to enjoy bikram yoga in less than an hour, Seb thought.

Cheerfully buzzed from his morning’s liquid breakfast with Aunt Alice, Seb made his way to the restroom. The bathroom was vacant and he locked himself inside the stall. He observed his surroundings: the place smelled of chemicals and the toilet bowl liquid was a cheerful blue – it was unused. Seb sat with confidence on the most sterile toilet in Manhattan and read his message.

“Hey pretty, hope your evening went well. Missed you last night”; the message in reference to Sebastian’s Indian food binge.

The second message was more explicit. It was a photo of his beloved. A tasteful selfie that depicted a round belly with denims pulled down just low enough to see the dimple of what used to be prominent hip bones. Between them protruded a delicious abdomen swollen with fat. A too-small graphic t-shirt barely concealed a deepening navel.

The pulse in Seb’s neck quickened. He felt his whole body shudder with an unidentifiable anticipation. Almost as if in challenge, his belly growled softly.

Immediately, he pressed a hand to it, assuring his belly that all was well. His ears went pink and his skin flushed as reckless abandon took over. Seb verified that the bathroom stall door was locked. He then placed his camera on the toilet dispenser roll and converted his phone so that his reverse camera showed his smiling, slightly sheepish face.

Angling the phone, he directed it towards his chest and lower abdomen and lifted his shirt as high as he could lift it without removing it. An electric tingle surged towards his loins as he puffed out his paunch of a belly and captured the desired image.

*bang bang bang*

“Hey, Mistah –you done in there. I gotta pound out a wicked shit!” came the vulgar voice of another restaurant patron. Seb had overstayed his welcome.

“Y-yeah, gimme a sec.” he stammered as he fumbled with his phone, hitting send.

Automatically, he kicked the handle to flush the toilet, unlatched the lock and walked
past the exasperated patron who hurriedly rushed past Seb and unleashed a trumpet of unholy terror that Seb was only too glad to escape.

Outside, Seb reunited with his aunt who was smiling; a seemingly fresh vodka-tonic in her hand. To her right was a fresh mimosa meant for him.

“Oh, fuck it.” He said to himself as he rejoined his aunt in conversation, picking up the drink, “She’s not going to be making it to yoga and I am sure as hell am not making it to the gym today.

The two family members clinked glasses and carried on in conversation; Seb completely unaware that his prized bicycle was at that very moment being heisted from underneath his nose…
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