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Clovis has said some nice things
Default Other works by author of "Take It All In"

For anyone who has been reading my ongoing story in the Library, here are links to my other works with notes about their content:

"A Cup Above the Rest" (Breast Expansion and first appearance of Lydia. Free text story.) http://overflowingbra.com/storyratings.htm?rateID=167

"Playing With a Full Deck" (Primarily Breast Expansion, but most every type of expansion/growth comes in to play including belly. Lydia does not appear but is mentioned. Free text story.)

"Castaways" (Full Body Expansion. Free text story)

"Till She Gets Her Way" (Involves most every type of expansion/growth. A three page scene at the start of part two was written as body expansion, but illustrated as weight gain. Lydia appears. Paid Comic with free preview- the preview for part two shows some of the weight gain scene)

"The Great Emulation" (Hair Growth, Hips/Ass/Breast Expansion, Giantess, Clothing Inflation. Paid Comic with free previews)

"Exceeds Expectations" (Primarily Giantess Growth. Some Breast/Ass Expansion. One panel does depict a BBW Giantess. Paid Comic with free previews)

"Take It All In," is my first story that involves weight gain, but I hope if you enjoyed the writing, you may want to give some of these other stories a try. One of the main characters is Lydia who reoccurs in many of my stories which is why I mentioned it here. If you decide to give some of these a chance, I would love to see what you may think, especially if the subject matter is outside your usual interests.

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Clovis has said some nice things

So... anyone find something to their liking?
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breast, clovis, expansion, links, lydia

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