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Default The Portal (Slow weight gain of both genders, magic and amateur romance)

[Author's Note: First entry of a story I've been working on for a couple weeks as a practice in writing longer, more detailed stories. And hopefully better. First time submitting a story on here, so I do hope that it is enjoyed.]

The Portal
by Doom7951

Hi there. Let me guess: you, like so many before you, are wondering how I got so massive in just a few years, aren’t you? Don’t look so surprised. A little mind-reading is a parlor trick for even the most novice of actual magicians. Of course, I didn’t need to take a peek, not when you’re wearing that familiar, gawking expression. You know, that look of utter disbelief that that wisp of a girl you knew suddenly reappearing at two, maybe three times her size deserves. It’s not a look to be embarrassed about. Honestly, my size is one of the easiest of the changes I’ve experienced to get used to. But back to the question on your mind. How did I get so fat?

Well, I suppose that you already know that unlike some “magicians” out there who only perform with optical illusions, sleight of hand and other gimmicks, I’m one of the few individuals in the show business that’s the real deal. I remember seeing you at one of my shows before I mysteriously disappeared. I could see the dazzled wonder in your eyes along with everyone else’s at the tricks I displayed for you. But that show wasn’t what was important. What was, was the fact that despite the enjoyment of the audience, I wanted to look for new ways to wow everyone. So, without going into the technical workings and jargon of magical society, I called in a few favors with certain questionable acquaintances to get my hands on some rather experimental studies.

But what exactly did I do, you ask? Come now, dear, that’s a silly question. After all, you know as well as I that as a magician, I can’t simply tell you my secrets. Just take my word that after many a long hour of arduous study, I made a breakthrough. In more than one sense. The most basic way I can describe what I did was poking a roughly room-sized hole in planes of reality. Honestly, for all the warnings the books suggested, the results, as you have obviously noticed, weren’t particularly catastrophic. Well, except to my chances of wearing any of my old wardrobe ever again. I’m actually a bit impressed I’ve held your attention this long. A number of visitors before you only bothered hearing what I had to say until it sounded absurd enough for them to get judgmental. I’m quite happy to see that you only seem to have had your interest piqued, and a craving for that curiosity to be satisfied.
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Default Day 1, part 1

Day 1

The curious keening sound was just sharp enough to threaten Kayla with a splitting earache in the few seconds that it lasted. As its shrill pitch faded, she opened her sky-blue eyes from the wince they’d closed into. A soft exhale of relief and awe escaped her lightly glossed, plush lips, parting them into a small, open smile at the fantastic sight before her. Gone were the meticulous shelves and boxes packed with arcane books of so many subjects. In their place was the shimmering edge of a clearing, like the room in front of her had been torn free from her house to reveal a sparse forest that wavered in a way that reminded her of a mirage. She could’ve mistaken it for a random patch of woods anywhere in the world, had a few key details not been present. For starters, the hues were all wrong, the light filtering through the braches holding what could’ve best been described as a peculiar violet, mixing with over-saturated greens of leaves to produce a cold luminescence. Where one could expect an earthy scent in the middle of a grove, Kayla thought that the sight held a vaguely minty scent, a notion made much sharper as she stepped across the blurring between her reality and this new one she’d mistakenly tapped into.

Entranced though she was by this strange, new world, she cleared her thoughts and stepped back across the border into her domicile. Enchanting as the prospect of an unexplored world may have been, it wouldn’t do for her to have gotten lost or to be at a loss for necessities. With half an hour taken, a few spell books with snacks and water were secured into a travel pack, her admittedly plain jeans and halter-top exchanged for cargo shorts, hiking boots and a practical blouse with some pockets up front for extra holding space. Securing the wavy mess of bleached hair into a slightly less wavy ponytail, the magician stepped back through into her brave new world. From the way the purplish light filtered across the far horizon, she gathered that dusk was setting, encouraging her to conjure a fist-sized orb of light, casting gentle shadows into the arbor. Rustling followed Kayla as she trudged through the leaves scattered over grass, the occasional branch or twig cracking underfoot. Discolored and olfactory oddities aside, the world didn’t seem all too different from her own, the quiet chirps of unseen wildlife echoing through the wood, yet staying clear of sight, aware that a creature bigger and more dangerous than they was about.

Kayla blended into the growing darkness well as she broke from the tree-line, her dusky skin only set apart by the small luminous sphere at her shoulder.Dwindling the flow of her magic into it, the clarity and brightness began to fade, letting the young woman’s eyes adjust and confirm what she had thought she’d seen. It might’ve been a mile away, maybe more. But from her grounded position, she could see faintly illuminated silhouettes of buildings in the distance. Civilization wasn’t something Kayla had expected to find in another world. But with the presence of civilization, the wandering magician could infer that there were means of surviving in this place. While a few years of working a stage show had ensured that Kayla maintained a slim, fit physique, cardio was not her favorite. But if she wanted to see any of these natives to this world without getting too close, she would need to get much closer before it was later than anyone might be out and about for.

“Step one, observe.” Panting from her quick jog over, Kayla crouched in the tall grass on the opposite side of the road from the rather average-looking structures, strikingly resembling of houses in her world. A great deal of the buildings actually looked familiar in form, if not palette, which she found a bit odd, but not to be questioned at the moment. Her first concern was whether or not she could even hope to blend in, or if the creatures that lived here were of such vastly different biological structure that attempting to pass for one would be silly. But she needed to see, and so she waited.

And waited.

And waited.

God, her legs were starting to cramp from not changing position for so long.

Finally, after what felt like hours, in reality just short of half of one according to her watch, Kayla got her first sighting of one of this new world’s inhabitants. For a moment, she was taken aback, believing that what she saw was a perfectly ordinary human. Several blinks to reestablish her vision let her catch a couple minor details that spoke of enough difference to reassure her. The immediate draw was a sizable, fluffy tail wagging energetically behind them. The pitch hue matched the shaggy, unkempt hair that settled just shy of his shoulders, atop which a pair of sharply angular ears stuck up. He seemed to be on an evening jog, gray sweatpants and a dark, sleeveless shirt showing off an enviably fit body. It was clear that he got out often enough, sweat shining over a deep tan that in Kayla’s own world would’ve suggested traces of a mixed heritage. The half hour of crouching in the grass seemed awfully worth it to her, if her first potential encounter in this world was going to be with someone as handsome as he. Her eyes remained firmly on him as he passed, pausing for a moment to take a drink of water before resuming his jog.

Creeping cautiously out of the grass, the magician kept her eyes fixed on her objective, stepping onto the same sidewalk that he had at a pace she hoped would be enough to keep up with him. Her first regret was her choice of boots over sneakers. While she’d certainly expected peculiar terrain and difficult traversal, running had not been in her original plan. The half hour she’d spent crouched did no favors for the tension in her muscles, her legs screaming at her minutes into her pursuit. It seemed fortunate, then, that he took a moment to stop by what she could infer to be a convenience store, leaving with a fresh bottle of water before beginning to walk back her way at a truly impressive speed for walking. At first, Kayla made nothing of it, stopping and catching her breath while positioning herself in such a way that she could hope nobody would notice the probable differences between her and the average citizen out on a late-night run. Still breathing heavily, she turned about to continue after her person of interest. The fact that he’d stopped and was looking back in her direction was deeply unsettling. Being compromised in unfamiliar territory so early on wasn’t something she felt entirely comfortable with. Harboring some regret, Kayla sighed as she took it upon herself to forego following the enticing man she’d been set on initially, instead making a point of taking a turn on the nearest street with a mind to explore, and maybe understand more before interacting with the natives.

If she had to give a thought to the structure and form of the alternate world, it felt strangely similar to her own, albeit simpler. The streets seemed less winding, the buildings less diverse. It almost seemed like someone had taken her hometown and made a rough mimicry of it. And honestly, that was alright by Kayla. It gave her a sense of where she was, which meant she could probably have an easier time than initially expected of finding her way around. There was a certain comfort to be had in knowing that even away from her world, she didn’t feel all too far from home.

“But how much is really similar?” The sorceress wondered, keeping an even pace, glancing every now and then off to each side. A few leaves rustled as she trudged through them, hints of the coming autumn making their presence known. “I mean, sure, that charming specimen looked mostly human. Hell, he was wearing things that I’d expect to see back home. So fashion must not be terribly different. Maybe. The buildings seem a lot more drab, though. Like they’re built for convenience of location, rather than out of a desire to have an aesthetically pleasing shelter.But why? Could be a difference of mindset, I suppose. They aren’t human, after all. But if that’s true, then what makes them so close? And how? I’d have an easier time believing that the sense of style would be outlandish and utterly garish to me, but perfectly normal otherwise. Instead, so much of it feels like a foggy mirror. It couldn’t be deliberate, somehow, could it? Magicians of this world visiting mine and borrowing what they like? Well, whatever the case, I’ll be able to learn more if I find another subj-“

“You know, that donut shop not too far from here stays open extra late. You have worked so hard recently; why not take a quick break for a snack?”

Nearly jumping out of her skin at the sudden shock of being snuck upon, Kayla wheeled about rather swiftly, her ponytail gaining enough speed to fan across her cheek. The source of the words, immediately behind her, and a bit above, was the same boy she’d been tailing. Without getting directly next to him, she hadn’t realized that he stood almost a full head above her. Argent eyes looked at her dispassionately, though the faint smile on his handsome face made Kayla think all too much of someone looking at a particularly delectable meal. He seemed calm enough for witnessing someone obviously from elsewhere, pleased, even, given how his tail seemed to wag back and forth like the world’s fluffiest metronome. Taking a quick look in every direction, Kayla confirmed that there was nobody he could be talking to except for her. It begged the question of how this man was speaking English, given the dimensional separation, but she could consider that after more immediate questions.

“I beg your pardon?” The magician’s unwavering gaze held on the boy’s, making it quite clear who she intended to address. His eyes widened in surprise, now his turn to look around in confusion. “While I’ve certainly been putting in my own efforts, I’ve not been so fixated that I’ve refused myself proper nutrition.”

“Yo- Wait, you can see me? You are not supposed to be able to do that!” The moment that Kayla’s impact on him wore off, his expression seemed petulant, bringing new meaning to the notion of ‘puppy-dog eyes’.

“Why wouldn’t I be able to see you? You’re standing right in front me.” Picking up the slack while the boy was busy gawking, Kayla folded her arms in front of her, hoping just a little to keep him off-balance with a more aggressive posture. Despite the urge to let out a little squeal of excitement at both the clearer charm of her interest and his incidentally smooth, almost sonorous voice, she held firm. She needed to remain professional, no matter how much she wanted to vent her glee. “And more importantly, why were you telling me to go to the coffee shop in my world? I don’t even like their coffee, and the pastries are kind of expensive.”

“You are… human, yes?” Kayla nodded in response, the question seemingly asked slower than when he’d made his suggestion. Her gesture seemed to take a moment to process with the wolfish boy, his hands clasping over his mouth at first in thought, the shifting of his eyebrows and way his cheeks pulled back suggesting that the thoughts had turned overly eager, like a child waiting to open his Christmas presents. “How did you get here? Others of your kind we can see often, but we have never had one appear so vividly that they could see us as well as we could see them. I can practically feel desires just radiating off of you. I would quite love to be the one to help satisfy you.”

“I got here through a portal that I opened.” The simplest answer should’ve sufficed, even if it made his ears flop slightly with a puzzled tilt of his head. The look of intrigue quickly corrected itself as he took a deep inhale and nodded for her to continue. “And I don’t know what you mean by appearing. I’m here, physically as I think I would be in any ordinary circumstance. As for desires, I might not have a boyfriend, but my standards aren’t so low that I’d just shack up with a guy whose name I don’t even know.”

“My apologies. That was quite rude of me. My name is… ah, I believe you would say it as Rah-No-Lek? It sounds a little different when it is said faster.” It was Kayla’s turn to execute a quizzical head-tilt, trying to grasp the oddity of R’Nolc’s name, not even daring to think of how it must’ve been spelled. She was about to ask before he began to speak again, “And you humans typically appear as… specters, I think you would call them. The clarity we see them with is a measure of how much repressed urges they harbor. My kind prefer to… consume the excess of those urges when they are fulfilled.”

“So you, what, eat desire?” The information was bizarre to Kayla, though in some way it made sense. Everything had to go somewhere, so where did an impulse go if it was met? R’Nolc nodded in response, allowing her to continue her train of thought as one of his hands settled around her shoulder, bringing the magician warmly close to his body as he turned about and began walking them back in the direction they’d come from. “So you saw me and just figured I must’ve been really damn hungry because I looked solid?”

“Well, you are hungry. Part of how we feed off desires is by encouraging you humans to partake of them. We would not be very good at it if we could not understand what you wanted.” His silvery eyes glanced down at Kayla’s middle as her stomach gave a quiet grumble in agreement to his claim. The disinterest had been replaced by a certain mirth, much to the magician’s chagrin. Though with a little pondering, certain notions clicked within her mind, a better understanding, or facsimile of one, taking shape.

“A light telepathic bond. You can sense what someone wants, but that’s not all you do with it. It’s why we’re even able to talk right now, isn’t it?” Kayla watched one dark eyebrow lift in appreciation of her quick understanding. She felt rather pleased with herself for putting things together so quickly once she had enough pieces. “That explains why your name was difficult to say, and why you slow down your speech here and there. You’re reading me to try and get a solid attempt at saying the right words, because you’re trying to work with a foreign language. It’s quite clever, really. And if I had to guess, I’d say that when someone satisfies themselves at your kind’s encouragement, you feel a pleasure like they do.”

“We do. Or at least I do. I should not speak for the rest of my species. That would require making many possibly unfair assumptions.” Their path continued past where Kayla had first observed him, something which he acknowledged with a knowing look at where she had been hiding in the grass. “I must ask, why were you in hiding when I first noticed you? I do not believe my kind are particularly fearsome by human standards.”

“I, um, hadn’t seen you or any others yet. I thought it would be best to see if blending in would’ve been possible, or if I would have to simply observe at a distance.” Now that she’d said it, Kayla was rather sheepish with her admission that she had thought that anyone would be immediately hostile towards her presence. Uncomfortable with the notion of suggesting that R’Nolc could’ve been frightening her, a change of topic seemed to be in order, however transparent. “So where exactly are we going?”

“To my home, if you are alright with that. I would not wish to sound selfish, but there are matters of curiosity that your presence raises. I would appreciate being able to find answers to some of them.” A slight chill took to the air as the evening settled further, driving Kayla to hold closer to R’Nolc, the proximity both warming and pleasant to her nose. Odd though it seemed, the dog-boy had a sweet scent of spices about him, with a hint of earthy tone behind it. She couldn’t explain why, but that, too, warmed her a bit inside. The way she pressed against him had him oddly unperturbed, much like the cold on the air, despite his light clothing. When next he spoke, however, there was a touch of concern in his otherwise stoic voice. “I do not wish to be rude, but I can feel some of your urges, um… growing. I hope that my presence is not in some way making you hungrier.”

Kayla could’ve exaggerated her sigh. She didn’t bother, realizing that she should have seen it coming and instead briefly closed her eyes in frustration.

“Of course he wouldn’t get it, Kayla.” She told herself as she continued to be led along with only R’Nolc’s warmth to ward away the chill. “He’s not human, however much he can look and act like one. Shouldn’t just think that he’d react like you’d think a guy would. Hell, he might not even have anything down there. His species could be completely incompatible with humans. But you just had to find a guy who you could see yourself with. And who can potentially read your thoughts. Wait. Okay, if you’re listening in, please stop, and ignore any of the number of things I might be imagining doing to you or having you do to me. Thank you. Now, where was I? Right. Okay. So, sure, he probably knows that you’re feeling a thing for him. If not, just go slowly. He just met you, and he’s already willing to bring you to his place. This could go well, if you play things right. So just roll with whatever he has in mind, unless it gets too weird, and try getting suggestive now and then.”

“Um, human?”R’Nolc waved a tanned hand in front of Kayla’s face, snapping her out of her introspection. He’d stopped for a moment, while she had kept moving forward absentmindedly.

“I never did give my name, did I?” Truth was, she hadn’t had to introduce herself to anyone personally in long enough that she’d forgotten for a while that there would be people who didn’t know her. “It’s Kayla. Kayla Ross.”

“Ka-la.Ky-la.Kla.” His jaw tried moving to grasp the sounds and syllables for several seconds. Finally, he seemed to throw in the towel with a defeated shrug and humbled grin. “I must apologize. Your name is strange to me, and the word does not seem to wish to cooperate. I hope it would not frustrate you too greatly if I simply call you K’La until I can better grasp your name.”

A pet name, to an extent. Nothing so generic as “honey”, “darling” or any other of the numerous contrived terms couples used. Her heart fluttered just a little at the sincerity in the wolf-boy’s request. How could she say no to that slight slump of embarrassment, or the way his ears flattened just a little in tandem with his surrender?

“If we’re going with easier names, I hope you’d be fine with me calling you Ren, then.” A single, strong push from R’Nolc opened the door to his home, sparse decorations giving it a quaint feel. Leaving her boots in the entryway, Kayla followed her new friend’s lead as he took her past an open room with both a large, well-padded chair and equally plush couch placed near shelves lined with books. The notion that he was possibly as avid a reader as she was only further cemented her liking of him as she trailed past a hall leading into three rooms and pursued her host up the stairs. Waiting at the top was quite clearly a dining room with a kitchen offset to the far and right sides. A grand, oaken table sat in the center, holding spaces for half a dozen chairs, though it could quite obviously easily fit more. A trace scent seemed to linger on the air, reminding the sorceress of garlic cloves being added to bread. Even though it couldn’t have been more than a couple hours since she’d last eaten, the smell was mouthwatering; a fact which didn’t go unnoticed by R’Nolc.

“I can feel that, K’la. Had I known I would have a guest who could bring both such a question and provide an answer to it, I would have prepared something for you in advance so you would not be kept waiting.” Sliding a chair out from the table, Kayla’s raven-haired host set his hands upon her shoulders, guiding her into the open seat before offering a light squeeze of encouragement. “And do not worry; I have no intention of leaving you wanting. So long as you wish for more, I will provide as best as I am able.”
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Default Day 1, part 2

With a small grumble from her stomach, Kayla remained seated while her new friend scurried back down the stairs, returning within minutes with and assortment of what appeared to be some kind of meats and vegetation. It all looked like nothing she had seen before in both shape and color. And yet, even as separate ingredients, much of it looked rather appetizing. R’Nolc set about the kitchen with a purpose that spoke clearly of his practice in culinary arts, though whether they were by hobby or profession, Kayla would have to ask when she wasn’t too busy being torn between admiring the way R’Nolc moved and the sight of his preparations. The orange-ish meat that he’d carried up sat on a cutting board as he ground what appeared to be a type of nut with a pestle, throwing in peelings of what Kayla could only best describe as a cross between a mango and an apple, the shape much like the latter, but the inside holding a far more translucent look and revealing the outer skin to be thicker than any apple could grow. Pausing a moment after several minutes, the wolfish man nodded to himself and grabbed a brush, dipping the tip in the homemade mixture before coating the mystery meat, giving it a more normal, reddish hue. Striking a number of matches, a brick oven flared to life, quickly busied with grilling the apparent main course.It wasn’t left alone for terribly long, water drawn from a tap as several of the strange fruits or vegetables were diced, minced and otherwise readied, deposited with quiet little splashes for each piece that fell in before the pot was placed next to the meat.R’Nolc eyed Kayla every so often as he waited on his creations. Each time she caught him at it, he’d flash a little smile, his cheeks seeming to darken just a bit when he did.

“Maybe he’ll get the picture sooner rather than later.” Kayla thought, perfectly aware of the fact that the prospect was at least a little bit selfish on her part. All of twenty, maybe thirty minutes of having known each other, and she was already entertaining idle fantasies in the back of her mind. And it wasn’t just because he was attractive physically, though she certainly wouldn’t bother to deny that the slight tone to his arms and what definition she could make out at the top of his shirt were tantalizing to her imagination and fueling towards the feeling of want. What really seemed to draw her in was the sense of earnestness that he conveyed. Every word and action felt sincere, even if his phrasing was a bit odd. But Kayla could ignore the evidence of a linguistic barrier in favor of his otherwise open nature. It was a refreshing change from her own world, where it felt all too often the only reason guys took interest in her was in efforts to get in her pants. With R’Nolc, it felt like if he wanted to sleep with her, he would just say as much. No games, no beating around the bush. Just an honest admission that he felt something for her, too.

Turning back to admire her artist at work, Kayla practically salivated at the sight of her first course, steaming and glistening as a few final seasonings were sprinkled atop it and the platter it sat on brought before her. The smell was heavenly, the scent reminiscent of a honeyed barbecue, with a vague splash of citrus and something earthier, like the aroma of green tea. A pair of knives with a slight curve and more serration than any steak would ever warrant were placed before her, a spoon just a bit too concave to be normal joining them for the pot of soup. The steamy fragrance reminded Kayla of cinnamon and cherry, which was a bit puzzling to equate to the pale green tinge. With the final touch of a glass topped with water, R’Nolc took a seat opposite to her.

“I hope that my offering is pleasing to you,” His hands folded together on the table, a slight lean forward and a peculiar look to his eyes giving him the look of a man ready to enjoy a meal, even though as far as Kayla could see, he hadn’t prepared anything for himself. His charming smile was disarming, though, and she thought little of why he would go through the trouble of using his own food for her benefit.

It felt a bit odd to Kayla to both hold the meat in place with a knife while using the other to cut it, but the complaint of how strange it was that no forks were available died before it had a chance to be spoken, the first bite being taken with care not to cut anything on the tip of the utensil. Steak was the first impression it gave her, the taste and texture quite similar, and the juice contained in a single bite was simply exquisite, leaving an aftertaste of garlic and lemon seasoning. A sip of water eased its passage, and she quite quickly found another bite being taken, just as savory as the first, making her crave more. And more she had, breezing through the first half with astonishing speed, R’Nolc periodically leaving the table to replenish her glass of water.

“This really is delicious, Ren.” A rather unladylike burp had to be stifled quickly, Kayla sighing and smiling with embarrassment in its wake. She was already pushing the limits of how full she could stand to be, even with a little bit of the non-steak to go and the soup entirely untouched as yet. As a guest, though, it wouldn’t do for her to decline what R’Nolc had taken such care to make for her. “I didn’t think this world would have cows of some sort, but I must say, I love what you can make of them.”

“I… do not know what a cow is, K’La.” R’Nolc scratched to the side of one fluffy ear in confusion at what his guest referred to. The confusion was secondary to his satisfaction at the moment, however. Kayla had certainly satisfied her hunger, more than she’d meant to already, it seemed. From where he sat, R’Nolc could feel it radiating off of her, a comfortable warmth settling in his middle as he basked in her content glow. “If you focus on what one is, I might be able understand.”

“Aside from how I’m probably going to feel tomorrow.” The sarcastic thought didn’t make it to speech as Kayla closed her eyes, picturing the tiny horns, ropy tail and spotted hide characteristic of bovines. The pastures they grazed in all day, providing a number of good things for humanity. R’Nolc barked out a laugh, startling Kayla with the most he’d expression he’d used since they met.

“No, we have no cows here. That is a small slice from the flank of a mighty naresh. Your cow would be a small dinner to one.” Shifting his seat next to her, R’Nolc set a hand upon Kayla’s midriff, his fingers tracing light, incomprehensible patterns while pressing inward every now and then. As full as she felt, Kayla expected the slight pressure to be uncomfortable rather than soothing, as if creating a void that would allow her to keep going. All the while, that damnably friendly smile refused to leave R’Nolc’s lips. As Kayla began once more to dig in, she found the wolf-boy’s hand continuing its path of sparing her the normal result of gorging.

With the naresh meat, whatever the proper name for it was, consumed, the soup became the next focus of Kayla’s attention. It sat, still wafting a thin steam, in a bowl that would’ve provided room for a hefty breakfast of cereal. R’Nolc’s hand withdrew from her as the first spoonful went down, in which the sorceress found that whatever was in the broth was light enough to her that it didn’t seem to trouble the slab she’d eaten. It tasted much as it smelled, a sweet and sour tang interspersed with a hint of spice, with what she assumed to be berries hidden within as she found little orbs that released a fruity flavor when chewed. It took far less time for her to finish the second course than it had for the first, so much so that Kayla didn’t realize when she had finished the entire pot. The moment that revelation hit, though, it gave her pause. It was no small amount that she must’ve eaten, and she knew that it wouldn’t have just disappeared.

A glance downward confirmed her concern. Her shirt was pulled far tighter than it had been when she had put it on, her normally flat middle stretched outward slightly to hold her abundant dinner. Sitting back carefully, so as not to disturb her meal, Kayla breathed heavily, both in the weight of the realization of what she’d done, and with the exertion she had felt earlier coming back to bite her. And R’Nolc was just beaming at her like a fool. That look of innocent satisfaction was enough to keep her from chastising him, though it certainly didn’t stop her from giving herself the same scolding. She knew it was too much before she’d even finished half the meal, but she’d gone ahead and had the rest anyway. She’d practically made a pig of herself in front of a boy that she was interested in without a thought for it.

And then it clicked.

“He said that his kind feed off of satisfaction.” Kayla groaned internally, almost joining it with an outward one thanks to the heaviness settled in her belly. “Of course he’s pleased. I just gave him his dinner by going overboard with mine.”

Steeling herself against the possible consequence for such an action, Kayla shifted in her seat, adjusting for the additional weight, and stood up. It was an honest surprise to her that her dinner sat as well as it did, the only discomfort from her movement in the way she had to compensate for the excess mass. If anything, that was good for her, as she was fairly certain that had the meal been anything from her won world, it wouldn't have been nearly so forgiving. In its own way, that was a rather pleasant discovery. Here she didn't need to control herself quite so strictly as she would at any other time. The freedom it brought was palpable, but not her biggest concern for the moment. What was, was dealing with the drowsiness she could feel setting in.

"Um, Ren, I don't suppose you have a bed to spare, do you? I think I need to lay down." R'Nolc seemed to already be one step ahead of the magician, one hand on her shoulder to steady her, the other once again working its own form of magic on her skin, helping ease the sense of fullness. The look on his face was a mixture of sympathy and delight as he led her through his home, queit words of appreciation, encouragement and compliment lost on Kayla in her growing stupor.

Finally, R'Nolc seemed to settle on a specific room, livened up with more trinkets and decorations than Kayla had observed in the others. It felt much more like a room from her won world than the rest had, a sizable bed resting against one wall while bookshelves and a desk occupied most everywhere else. With a care that felt almost practiced, Kayla was sat down on the bed, the native boy's hands leaving her for a moment to darken the candles flickering nearby. Under the shroud broken only by the light of the window, he sat next to her, following suit as she scooted over to lie down, a thick comforter drawn over her as she rested her head on the softest pillow she'd ever felt. The last vestiges of consciousness led her to think that this must've been R'Nolc's room, his bed that she was sleeping on. It wasn't nearly enough to make her protest, to galvanize her to get up and insist that she couldn't impose in such a way. She could, and kind of wanted to at the moment, if for no other reason than because it felt so very comfortable. Had that not been adequate to still any objection, the feeling of her host lying down next to her and pulling a blanket over himself certainly was. He took care not to disturb her, doing little more than brushing lightly against her as he adjusted his position, before she was out, still radiating the contentness that he craved. Her dreams wouldn't be of the events of the day, nor of the trace embarrassment of her behavior in front of R'Nolc. No, all that her subconscious would remind her of was how nice it felt to fall asleep next to someone.
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Upload of the first part complete. Any feedback would be much enjoyed. I'll get the second part up as soon as I complete it.
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Default Day 2, Part 1

Day 2

A prolonged inhale stirred Kayla from her rest, along with the feeling of morning sunlight on the wrong side of her face. Preferring noon on her days off, her first corrective action to her problem was to roll onto her side, away from the sun and back towards pleasant dreams. She’d been having a most lovely one. Finally making a breakthrough in her search for new ways to strike awe into her audiences and discovering an entire world for her efforts. And her reward wasn’t singularly the discovery of a new and fascinating world, but a species and culture that could prove to be equally of interest, too. She wanted to keep dreaming of the charming young man she’d encountered, who had been nothing but pleasant and amicable with her. Try as she might, though, she couldn’t seem to fall back asleep. A misfortune that it seemed her stomach found agreeable, given how it growled at the scent of baking breads in the air.

“Wait. Nobody lives with me.” The thought made Kayla’s eyes snap open, shaking off sleep almost instantly to find her in a bed that was most certainly not hers. The room was equally not hers, as were the house and the world. Which meant that her dream was far more real than she could’ve possibly hoped for, and the wafting smells of breakfast were no doubt another treat from R’Nolc. As she got out of bed, smoothing her clothes out, she could hardly suppress her excitement. And as her hands traced over the damage from the relatively enormous dinner she’d had last night, she could hardly suppress the mixed groan of despair and embarrassment.

What she’d thought to simply be a bit of bloating from how much she’d eaten had evidently chosen to stick around, her normally trim midriff sporting a shallow bulge outward. Under a baggier shirt, she might’ve never noticed, except that her shorts decided to betray her by digging in gently at the waist. Everything felt a little smaller, which in some ways Kayla could’ve been thankful for, if she didn’t know exactly why they did.

“Calm down, Kayla, you’re fine. It was just one evening. You’ll just have to hit the gym when you get back.” She tried to soothe what little ego she felt she had, giving reassurance that she could just work off the impact that she’d inflicted on herself, as she followed the smell of breakfast in what she believed to be the right direction. It was somewhat hard to tell with the unfamiliar home, but she found her way back to the dining room all the same. Regret was her first thought for doing so.

A couple loaves of what she assumed to be this world’s equivalent of bread sat next to an assortment of vivid fruits. Or at least that’s what she told herself they were. They didn’t look as though they’d been part of any animal, and the fact that at least a couple possessed stems was probably a reliable indicator of their origins as a variety of flora. Altogether, it didn’t seem as large of a meal as what R’Nolc had prepared the night previous, but compared to her usual habit of a bowl of cereal and maybe an apple, the spread before her was rather daunting. The wolf-boy was nowhere in sight, though, which struck Kayla as odd. Last night he’d seemed utterly determined to be around her as long as there was food present. She would’ve thought he’d want to be around now, so he could have his breakfast along with her.

“Good morning, K’la.” R’Nolc’s cheery voice made her jump just a little, his approach from the same hallway that she’d come from surprising her with how he’d been so quiet. Turning about to face him, the fact that he had managed to sneak up on her became all the more surprising.

Though Kayla couldn’t be completely certain, she was very sure that the wolf-boy had been just as, if not more, in shape than she was. What he absolutely had not been was pudgy. He’d been able to make a tank-top and jogging pants look damn good last night. Standing before her as he did now, though, there was an undeniable softness to his face and arms, and his shirt couldn’t hide the outward curve of his stomach. It wasn’t much, but it was more than she had developed. And while her shorts felt a little tight, there was almost no denying that R’Nolc had stayed in pajama pants for more reasons than because he wasn’t going out yet for the day. Personally, Kayla couldn’t deny that he was still rather handsome. She didn’t have a preference when it came to body type, in no small part because vanity and magic could oftentimes correct each other. Not to say that if he was still cute it wouldn’t still be a plus in her books. She just made a point of not falling in love with some body, rather favoring falling for a person.

“I know, it was something of a surprise to me, too. I did not expect sleeping at your side to have such consequences.” R’Nolc apparently knew enough of human expression to recognize the disbelief that must’ve been written on Kayla’s face. One hand was planted on the back of his head with a rather evident glance downward at himself, as though still trying to convince himself it was actually there. A faint heat in Kayla’s face also did not go unnoticed, prompting him to speak further. “My sleeping next to you was not bothersome or undesirable, was it? If it was, I can certainly find elsewhere to sleep.”

“What? No. No, it was actually really nice, Ren.” Even thinking about just sleeping next to someone so pleasant brought a little flutter to Kayla’s heart as she endeavored to reassure the wolf-boy of her appreciation. “If it doesn’t bother you, I’d actually like sleeping next to you more often.”

"I must say, it feels strange how accommodating you are, K'la." Truthfully, R'Nolc was quite glad that she would be so kind as to let him do as he had. Being too forward and frightening off a means of sustenance was the last thing he wanted, especially for how she seemed willing to push herself for seemingly no reason other than to enhance his own experience. "But I am glad that you would allow me to share a bed with you. As I am sure you can tell, I was not expecting to absorb so much energy from your satisfied hunger. If it would not trouble you, I would like to... research what happened. I have enjoyed the excesses of many humans over the years, but none had ever made something like... this happen."

Gesturing at himself, Kayla had no trouble discerning that R'Nolc was just as unfamiliar to rather suddenly bulking up as she was. Knowing that she wasn't alone in the discomfort made by having obviously put on more than a couple pounds overnight was an immense relief. If she was lucky, it might mean that there wouldn't be any repeats of dinner. No matter how well Kayla might've carried what it had given her, too much would inevitably spell disaster for her, not only in physical appeal, but by virtue of that loss, it would also be a probable hazard to her business. People paid to see models of women up on stage. Not a girl who looked like the word diet was an entirely alien concept. If she repeated the results of one dinner, she could get away with two, maybe three days before she would have to stop. People would get concerned for how quickly the weight would be materializing on her. Regardless of the number of ways she could run through to explain her frankly magical gain at that point, none of the outcomes would be optimal, given that just about any way of putting it would probably sound crazy.

"Well, I can try helping you to understand a little, Ren." Self-consciousness gripped Kayla as she considered that she knew full well the repercussions of her offer. It could've just as easily been a one-time deal, an event that only happened because neither of them had any direct exposure in the past. She knew the first step in testing this theory in particular. All she had to do was sit down and stuff her face. A hint of irony did not elude her thoughts regarding her decision. "In for a penny..."

She dug in with more gusto than she'd exhibited at dinner, starting with a sampling of fruits. A basic spectrum of colors found their place on her chin, many of the edible flora proving to be far softer on the inside than their sturdy skins would lead one to believe. Demolishing them was rather simple, much of the excess being retrieved carefully by R'Nolc, the dark-haired boy giving her softer sides an appreciative squeeze on his way in. Any juice left within the drained fruits was rather quickly wrung out into a larger cup, making a mix for her to wash down the first loaf of bread with as she pulled slice after slice from it, devouring it slowly and carefully. There was a crisp sweetness to them, almost like the coffee cakes her grandmother used to make for breakfasts at her house. The nostalgic taste only goaded her into eating faster, topping the dwindling remains with the freshly squeezed juice. It was a bit more bitter in liquid form, but still flavorful enough to be gulped down greedily, leaving the sorceress with a faint desire for more.

That was probably her only real complaint about this new world to her. She didn't feel the sting of social stigma to keep her in line with what everyone expected of her. The only one seeing her like this was R'Nolc, and he was most definitely not complaining as the second helping of bread settled with the first. It felt a lot more filling than dinner had, but Kayla supposed that couldn't much be helped. The properties of food were different here, which while great for trying new things, would not be good for her figure if she continued at her current pace. The bloated, drowsy feeling was back, although not as intense as it had been under a pot of soup and a slab of steak. The reprieve from the onslaught of gluttony gave Kayla a chance to observe R'Nolc as he cleared the plate from in front of her, repeating the single-handed massage he'd demonstrated yesterday. She didn't have to focus on the pleasant feeling as much as she did, but his hands were good enough to be worthy of the distraction. Once she could focus, though, she took stock of how bloated she actually felt, and pushing that thought aside, turned her eyes to R'Nolc.

At the first attempt on his part to withdraw his hand, she caught it as his fingertips were about to depart from her, pulling gently to bring his palm back to the tight surface she'd made for him. R'Nolc seemed to take the hint rather easily, his other hand joining in with little hesitation. And the result, while not especially impressive, was still notable enough that Kayla considered it a success of learning. At first, she'd thought it to perhaps be a trick of perspective, the wolf-boy kneeling in front of her and making her feel oh-so-good. But after minutes of his soothing, she could see a slight hint of his shirt rolling up; exposing a sliver of his softened sides before he seemed to realize what was going on. It gave him a moment of pause as he attempted to pull the hem back down, but it refused his efforts as he sat there and fought it. Kayla thought it was kind of cute, how he squirmed a bit to keep his clothes cooperating with him, even when they so clearly wanted to disagree.

“Well, I know you can see how much that did to me.” R’Nolc fidgeted some more, his face slightly flushed at the increased exposure of his developing figure. Seeing him uncharacteristically flustered for the little time she’d known him made Kayla chuckle just a bit, even if she would be just as mortified were she in his position. “I swear, this is not how things usually go. Every time before these last two, the most I have ever gotten was a sense of contentment, and that took a… I believe you call it a family? A group of humans who seemed to have gotten together for some kind of feast or celebration. I am unsure what to call it.”

“Could’ve been a family. Or maybe just a group of friends. A reunion of some sort or another, I’m sure.” Kayla offered her proficiency with her world, even if it wasn’t the point. R’Nolc was making the effort to communicate in her language, so it would’ve been rude to simply let him struggle. “Or it could’ve been a wedding. You probably already know that humans are very social creatures. We could probably find a reason to gather over just about anything.”

“A gathering, then. But my point is that even with many humans satisfying themselves while I partook of their satisfied urges, the most I have ever experienced was a sense of having enough. It has never been all of… well, this.” R’Nolc lightly gripped one of his sides, where the beginning of a muffin-top could be seen. “I do not know why you affect me so, K’la. It… worries me. Yours is a species mine almost needs to survive, and you do not disappear when you have satisfied yourself. I would admit that no sane man nor woman would give you up if they knew that they could always see you, always know that you are there. Your presence feeds me and eases the worry I feel of whether I would be able eat well or resort to mere scraps every day. I would be a fool to lose you. And yet, at the same time you make it so that I am unsure if I could safely remain around you, when not even a day has passed, and yet I already look like some of the most overindulgent of my kind.”

“So don’t let me go.” It sounded like the simple solution to the fair-haired sorceress. Though after a moment and a curious cock of R’Nolc’s head, she realized that her wording needed a lot of work. “Kind of. I mean, I wouldn’t mind getting to see you often. What I mean to say is that you don’t have to distance yourself from me just because I’ve done more damage to your waistline than an entire family. Because if I’m being honest, it looks kind of cute on you. You let me have a couple meals without having to worry about how my society would think of me for it, so I’d hope that I can give you something like that in return.”

“I… Thank you. That is a very kind offer, K’la.” If ever there were a reason to be kind to others, Kayla could find it in the little heartfelt smile on R’Nolc’s lips. The look of appreciation, like such actions were unfairly uncommon and he’d had the fortune to find one. He took but a step forward, his arms wrapping around her lightly. It wasn’t the close press of a lover’s hug, much as Kayla could wish it were. But she could settle for the gesture of gratitude as it was. The warmth he seemed to radiate into her was reward enough of its own. It was a moment before he let her go, a little sigh escaping the magician in protest of the loss. “If there is anything else you might need of me, K’la, please, do not hesitate.”

“Well, I will have to find my way home. I need to make sure that my schedule remains clear if we’re to spend more time together, as well as making sure nobody gets worried over my absence.” Kayla rattled off the first things that came to mind, already devising plans to further her stay if she could. The feeling of freedom her new world offered was too much to turn down, especially when she already had made a friend like R’Nolc. There would be more than a couple things to do on her side. Business management, bills, necessities. She wouldn’t leave her world behind entirely, but she had no intention of letting her life crumble if she got carried away for a bit too long. “I think I could be finished with things in my world in a few days, at most. I’d just have to tie up any loose ends. You can come along, too, if you want.”

“Are you certain, K’la? I could not impose, especially since I believe that I would stand out among your people.” As though to hammer his point home, his sharp ears and bushy tail flicked a bit, accentuating their obviousness.

“Ren, I couldn’t be more certain if I tried.” It was Kayla’s turn to put her arms on him, though her hands simply went to his sides to reassure him. The little action set his tail wagging a bit faster, and she could’ve sworn he warmed slightly to the touch from it. “If you want to blend in, I’m sure I can make something for it. If you want to just look like yourself, that’s fine, too. And if anyone hassles you because of how you look, then they can deal with me. It wouldn’t be anything too serious, of course, but I’m pretty sure they’d be a lot more worried about themselves than you. Though to best avoid drawing attention, I’d suggest not wagging your tail like you are right now.”

“I am simply excited by the idea, K’la.” R’Nolc blushed a bit as he made a conscious effort to still his fluffy appendage. “It is a whole new world. A brand new place with such sights to see. You offer me so much, yet it feels like there is so little I could give back to you for it.”

“You wouldn’t have to do anything, Ren. You’re a reward in your own way to me.” The words felt a bit too cheesy for Kayla’s liking, but they were appropriate and true. If she could have nothing else to take home from this world, R’Nolc would’ve been the singular choice in the matter. “That might be a bit too quick on my part, though. For now, we’ll need to backtrack.”

It hadn’t been so noticeable within R’Nolc’s house, but with the daytime, his world had a hint of a brownish pallor, as though there were a perpetual haze in the air. With how oddly diverse both the weather and time seemed to make the filter of the air, Kayla could only imagine what other odd variations of the spectrum she might get to see by spending more time there. Taking the lead, R’Nolc started along his original path from the day before, though he was rather obviously content to simply walk this time around, both to allow Kayla time to drink in the sights of his world, as well as to avoid stressing the roundness she’d inflicted on him. It was… odd. He knew he should be more alarmed about growing so much in so little time, but it was hard to bring himself to be particularly worried. It didn’t seem to upset or put off Kayla, so perhaps it was something normal to her. Hard to read though she might’ve been, she seemed to rather like him, despite the brevity of their acquaintance. He didn’t expect it to make much sense, humans were entirely different creatures, after all. Most might’ve gotten along so well as she and he seemed to, but without seeing their world with his own eyes, he couldn’t really be certain. Even if her friendliness was peculiar, R’Nolc would’ve been hard pressed to complain. She was content to spend time with him, and thus far, that willingness had proven to be more than adequate for his own needs.

In broad daylight, seeing the world was far easier for Kayla than it had been in the violet-hued night. The homes she’d at first, limited glance taken to be a simple mimicry of structures in her own world actually held their own semblance of intricacies and unique flavors. Though many looked to have been built with similar concepts in mind, it was the little things, a fence here, a garden there, and what looked like personal artistic touches to the woodwork that made each one stand out. The pathways, for there didn’t seem to be much in the ways of roads intended for automobiles, were not of concrete, but rather seemed to be large stones, cut and smoothed before being placed in orderly fashion. It was fascinating to her to see how differently the world had developed. Electricity, if it was a thing here, clearly hadn’t experienced its rise to prominence as it had in her world. Instead, R’Nolc’s people seemed to manage living comfortable lives on superior strength, a seemingly ever-present abundance of food sources and some of the older innovations that humanity had antiquated long ago. It made her wonder if he would want to come back to his world after seeing hers. There was nothing wrong with his, certainly. It held a sense of simplistic peacefulness, which was a far rarer treat on her side. But the commodities and amenities her world had? All the conveniences easing one’s way of life? If she had never experienced it before, Kayla wasn’t sure that she could and then go back to living without. But they could worry about crossing that bridge when they got there. It took all of ten minutes of walking for Kayla to spot the approximate place where she had been hiding in the tall grass. It was her turn to take point.

Had she known she was going to find someone who would’ve been so accommodating as to give her a room for the night, Kayla would’ve prepared some kind of markers to give herself a trail to work with. Unfortunately, she didn’t have anything that she could think of that would be subtle enough to go unnoticed by anyone who wasn’t looking for it. It might’ve seemed a bit hypocritical of her, but Kayla didn’t particularly want anyone just stumbling into her world and potentially causing all sorts of trouble. Even if to some degree that might’ve been the exact thing she was doing in R’Nolc’s world. So far, she’d encountered and been observed by a total of one person. As far as she could tell, her own world was far more densely populated. Between that and the way technology could make news spread like a wildfire in summer, the idea of an otherworldly being stumbling into her reality was not a pleasant prospect. Someone would be bound to see, say something, and eventually it would lead back to her house. No, it was far safer for her to escort anyone across than for them to simply stumble through. Finding the break in the trees that she had come from was a bit more difficult. Though the hillside position of the tree-line made observing the town easy enough, it took a bit of walking for her to find what felt like the right angle to see the settlement as she had the night before. From there, it was only deeper into the woods. And it was there that she had brought some of her texts with her specifically for.

“What are you doing, K’la?” The question was bound to come sooner or later, and Kayla knew it from the moment she’d taken a liking to the wolf-boy. There was no feasible way she would’ve been able to hide her spellcraft from him. Not if he was going to remain with her while she made her way home. With the door home still open, regardless of the dimensional shift, it stood to reason that the location of her homeward ward should’ve still been traceable. All she had to do was get close enough for the spell to find it.

“So, this is one of those things I haven’t gotten around to telling you yet, Ren.” With the power of spells imbued into the very pages of the book, Kayla only had to go through the motions to give herself adequate time to get back. An hour’s worth should’ve been enough. She’d regret it later, if R’Nolc was able to make her just as ravenous in her own world as he was here. But that was a problem for another time. Enchantment in place, she began walking in what felt like the right direction to get home. “I’m a witch. I’m not sure if you have anything like it. It’s kind of hard to explain. We use powers, spells and abilities that most people couldn’t even begin to fathom, usually for our own benefit. It sounds selfish, I know, but honestly, it’s better than if it was a widespread practice.”

Though she couldn’t be sure if it was because he had nothing to add, or because he didn’t understand the concept, R’Nolc remained silent as he followed Kayla. The woods held an earthy beauty to them with the sunlight streaming in between breaks in the boughs. If Kayla had more time, she would’ve happily just admired the scenery and its contrast to the more alien allure it held in the dark. She couldn’t help but to wonder what it would look like when it rained or snowed, even as she focused more on following the faint impression of direction that her spell had given her. While Kayla was preoccupied with her own trail, R’Nolc busied himself with the surroundings, and the periodic glance at his companion. She might not have been paying as much attention to where they were going as she was to where she wanted to go. It was only natural, then, that in her distraction he should attempt to memorize their route, in the event that they made more frequent trips between the worlds.

He still didn’t know how to feel about her claim of being a “witch”. While he understood the word by virtue of minor telepathy with Kayla, that’s all it was to him. A word. The way she described the concept didn’t really give him much to work with despite his imagination. Powers, abilities and spells, whatever those were, meant nothing to him. Was it something one could simply do by training? Like running for long distances to improve one’s endurance? Or was it something that some were born with, and some were simply unable to ever have? It was frustratingly curious, to have the words to describe something, but no idea what they really entailed. He would have to ask at a more convenient time, perhaps when she and he were closer friends.

The sun had crept a fair bit higher into the sky before R’Nolc got his first view of what Kayla meant when she’d mentioned things difficult to fathom. The best way he could describe it was like looking through a doorway with murky edges into a section of a room. It was a little unsettling to see it at the angle he’d approached from. The rest of the forest carried on like normal, save for a section a few inches above the ground. Pacing around the opening showed nothing on the side opposite of it, allowing him to pass through where he knew on the other side were solid objects. There was no tingling sensation or anything he could perceive that suggested anything was out of place. All the same, he had no desire to find out what would happen if he came into contact with the wrong edge of this bizarre portal, walking well clear of its boundary before returning to the front, where Kayla could be seen having already stepped through. Her hand was held out to him, encouraging him to take the one step that could bring him an entirely new world. He hesitated for a moment. What if it wasn’t what he imagined of it? What if it just seemed utterly rotten, or he got stuck there? Kayla had taken the same risks, hadn’t she? Except she didn’t even know if there was going to be anyone in the world away from hers. If she had been brave enough to step through even at the risk of being alone, why couldn’t he have the courage to do as she had, knowing that someone would be there for him? Knowing that he’d be able to be with someone who appreciated him made taking her hand and the small step up all the easier.
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Default Day 2, Part 2

It felt… odd. The ambient chill in the air from the woods disappeared in an instant, replaced with a dry warmth, like the room had an abundance of candles to set it aglow. Though the clear lighting seemed to be from a pair of odd, smooth stands sitting on a desk with some form of soft cover over them. It was the first draw of R’Nolc’s curiosity, the wolf-boy pacing over slowly and looking all around the lamp, trying to understand it. He prodded the metal base lightly, his hand almost snapping back like he expected it to burn him. Rather than feel the base again, he looked under the shade, recoiling immediately from the direct view of the lightbulb.

“K’la, what is this… thing? I would call it a candle, but no candle I have seen is so odd.”

“That’s because it’s a lamp. It’s kind of like a candle, but it runs on electricity, is brighter and will last far longer.” R’Nolc’s almost childish curiosity was an amusing sight to see. Kayla had to put an honest effort into not laughing as he made his examinations of it in an effort to understand. “Ren, there’s going to be a lot of stuff here that’s not going to be familiar to you. The best way I can think of to say it is that your world seems to be a lot like an older version of mine. We used candles for a time, but they’ve been outdated for quite a while. We still make them, but it’s not out of necessity like it would be for you.”

“I apologize if I seem dazed by all of this, K’la. It is just… so… incredible.” R’Nolc stepped back from his examination, his expression one of overwhelming excitement. Kayla might have been in awe for simply finding another world, but he was ecstatic to see the marvels of advancement. Finding the right words to describe what he felt was a challenge, even with his connection to Kayla giving him an idea of what would feel correct. There was such a mixture of strangeness and familiarity. Was her world perhaps a glimpse of what his would be like if people kept moving forward with creativity? He could see all of half a room, and the prospect alone was already captivating. “Just… seeing these things, being given the privilege of being able to experience a world beyond my own… I do not believe I could ever properly repay you, K’la.”

But he hoped that his hug was a good way to start. It was a little more practiced than the last one they had shared, but the sense of genuine appreciation only made it feel all the more right.

“Don’t worry about repaying, Ren. I’ll settle for time spent with you.” A small peck of a kiss was planted on R’Nolc’s cheek. Kayla was certain it wouldn’t mean anything to him for the time being, but the sooner she started turning on the charm, the sooner he might get to the same page as her. She just had to get him curious enough to ask. To pry a little into human behavior and then hopefully show interest. No guarantees of success by any means, but if she didn’t try, then he’d probably remain entirely oblivious, outside of coming across romance novels. If he stumbled across a good one, it might turn out well. Unfortunately, the number of trashy ones compared to quality held a staggeringly unfortunate ratio.

“K’la, what was that you just did?” He looked utterly nonplussed by her gesture, confused of what to make of it. A puzzle in his own world he could handle. The body language of another species, less so. Kayla’s behavior, however baffling, was just another puzzle for him to solve. Better, then, that he was in the human world. Here he could observe other humans, create a comparison, and maybe understand the unreadable urge Kayla seemed to radiate so often. Hunger, he understood. Everything needed to eat. He’d simply been lucky enough to wind up with a woman who didn’t really want to hold herself back as much as she did. With a bit of luck, he could turn that desire in his favor. Understanding the other one would just make keeping her close all the more imperative.

“I’m going to take a shower real quick.” The magician announced as she closed up the rift between her world and R’Nolc’s. He didn’t know what a shower was, per se, but a quick dive into association told him all he needed to know. Hygiene. Important for staying healthy. As she made her way out of the room, R’Nolc made a point of examining the bookshelves that had been previously obscured by the hole to his home. So many had symbols and engravings that felt superfluous, despite his lack of understanding for foreign things, but if Kayla kept them, there was likely a reason for it. “I should be back down in a few minutes. You can explore the house, if you want. I’d only suggest not disturbing anything if you can’t read what it is from me.”

R’Nolc settled for a quick tour, since he’d done similar for Kayla upon her arrival. Her home was far more cluttered than his, that he could already tell from her study. Shelves, cabinets and stands alike seemed to all serve the purpose of being an area to place objects of unknown import. A number of things on her desk were the first to grab his attention, the first being a large object shaped roughly like an open book, the cover and insides a matte black. Divided segments on one side of the interior held strange symbols, probably Kayla’s language or some manner of code. The other side of it was illuminated faintly, where boxes filled with more of the glyphs seemed to be etched into place. He looked at lines extending from the shorter edge of the contraption, one of them tracing to an oblong object. He was tempted to roll it in one of his palms, the way the shape curved inward towards the bottom seemed inviting. But for the moment, he heeded Kayla’s warning. Look, but do not touch. Despite the fascinating look of so many items, he didn’t want to break anything or otherwise offend Kayla after she had been so kind as to introduce him to her world.

The faint patter of water resounded from a few rooms away, louder to him than it would’ve been to any human. It sounded so much like rain, but the direction was singular, the spread narrow, rather than the all-encompassing sound he knew. A mental glance in Kayla’s direction revealed no negative opinions of it from her, soothing his own concern that it may have been the weather turning dismal in whatever fashion her world did. Rather, she seemed pleased, and though he couldn’t determine why, her pleasure put him at ease. He stepped away from the study, allowing his nose to lead him to more possibly interesting aspects of the house. A myriad of scents brought him to a room full of shiny boxes and countertops, little closets fixed to the ceiling allowing additional space to hold things. Here was a room he felt confident that he knew. A kitchen. Filled with the smells of spices exotic to his home, yet so similar to his senses. He couldn’t place many of the foods within, a select few possessing similar odor to things he knew. But he could, and would, learn. Once he understood the uses of the devices and contraptions Kayla owned, he would be certain to treat her to the finest meals he could conjure. Of course, he would likely have to test anything he made personally, to ensure that it would be satisfactory. Treading unfamiliar territory would require caution and validation to provide positive results. Certain that at least looking wouldn’t be a problem, R’Nolc made a point of opening each cabinet and drawer, assessing and memorizing the locations of potentially important items. Kayla’s organization was something he appreciated, dishes all located behind one door, cups at another and so on, with the group of cabinets holding them specifically designated to that task. Behind others were the spices and herbs he could almost taste with how strong they must have been. Everything had its place, an artful harmony that as a cook by hobby, R’Nolc could respect.

“I should have known you’d at least get in here.” Kayla’s presence in the doorway was no surprise. He’d heard her approaching, even if she thought it had been quiet enough to surprise him. She had changed her clothes, spaghetti straps replacing the far more modest blouse and an extremely flattering pair of jeans hugging the slightly wider curve of her hips. Her pale hair, freed from its ponytail, was still slightly matted with moisture, wavy tresses clinging slightly to her. Even though she was a different species entirely, R’Nolc would’ve been a liar to say that she looked anything less than lovely. “Since you’re my guest, though, I’ll do the cooking while we’re here. And yes, you can help out.”

R’Nolc’s eyebrows lifted in surprise. Had his intent to learn been so transparent? She might’ve gathered as much from his work with both breakfast and dinner. Or maybe she hopefully figured that he’d be interested?

“Probably should’ve mentioned that I can read thoughts, too.” That explained it. Perhaps that was what Kayla meant when she said magic. The little knowing smile crossing her lips suggested as much. “There are plenty of other things I can do here, thanks to adequate preparation, but there are some that I’ll have to save for later. Can’t show you all my tricks right away, or you might lose interest.”

R’Nolc strongly doubted she could really shake his attention at this point. Between charming behavior and demonstration upon demonstration of wonders, there was little he wouldn’t want to see at that point. And as far as he knew, she had enough to work with that he could stay for a long time without growing bored. Taking his hand once more, Kayla led him back along the hallway and past her study, taking a left turn around an odd piece of woodwork that seemed to be a mix of seat, shelf and cupboard. Before them was a door unlike the plain, wooden ones to the other two rooms he had seen. This one seemed thicker, the material of it a similar matte as the device he’d examined in Kayla’s makeshift office, although where the odd book had been a shade of black, this door was an off-white. Next to it, a closet with two sliding doors that opened with a small rumble. He looked at the little wheels perched on the top and bottom in appreciative understanding. It never would’ve occurred to him to combine such things, yet in its own way, it made sense, keeping one doorway from being a hindrance to another. Kayla opened the front door briefly, just enough to stick her head outside. Satisfied with whatever she meant to find, she withdrew, grabbing a soft, gray jacket from her closet along with a woolen cap. She gave a considerate look in R’Nolc’s direction, pausing with a little, “Hmm.” Before digging out a second cap, similar in color, though the texture was unlike anything he’d felt before when he slipped it atop his ears, flattening them against his skull.

“Okay, so first order of business, we’re going to get you some clothes.” Kayla explained, fully willing to cover expenses so her guest wouldn’t be freezing outside. As much as she appreciated how he could wear a plain shirt, it was far too cold for him to be running around in just that. People would be looking at them funny for certain, drawing attention that she didn’t particularly want at the moment. “After we get you something a little more weather and season-appropriate, we can find a good place to have lunch. From there, I’ll have to get things set for a planned absence. What I’d like to do is go back over to your world and study the way things are there, without having to worry for the day-to-day of mine.”
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