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Going for 400
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Post The Contract (Ch. 1-3, Ongoing) (BHM / FFA, WG, Romance, Domination, Stuffing, Sex)

(BHM / FFA, WG, Romance, Domination, Stuffing, Sex)

The Contract
by Enplumpen

Chapter 1
For the past number of years, I had fantasised about dating a girl who would put on a few hundred pounds over the course of their time together. Ralph is my name and I had just broken up with my girlfriend of 3 years, Jess, about a month ago. I had been open with her about his kinks, and they had even tried it out in the bedroom a few times, but the connection was never there. During our time with her, I felt flat, sexually and mentally. Sure, I loved her for a good portion of the relationship, but having that gap in my sexual identity contributed to feelings of longing for something kink related.

I’m not a huge guy, I stand at around 5’11”, an average build, brown hair and blue eyes, someone who could blend into a crowd as a default guy. I’ve always loved eating and pride myself as somewhat of a critic of those dive bar burger joints. As far as career goes, I work at a dead end office job running reports for a shipping company, which keeps me firmly seated on my butt most of the day. I’d say before I started this job, I weighed around 160lbs, but have since put on 10lbs from the inactivity the job demands.

Towards the end of my relationship with Jess, I begun to fantasise about being fattened up by a much larger woman. I tried and tried to get back into the usual masturbation routine of the odd rapid weight gain fantasy or dating a fat girl with a huge appetite that grew bigger and bigger. But, no matter how much I tried, I always found myself orgasming while thinking of being the one to end up fatter in a relationship or encounter. After the break up, weeks of this fruitless routine continued, I gave in and began to entertain the idea of gaining and started seeking it out in the online Feedist communities.

I was never a fan of the Feedist community. Not out of experience, more out of trying to focus on social norms of sexual interest. However, since being single, my urges to see these fattening fantasies come to fruition got the better of me. I just couldn’t shake the idea of being softer, being able to eat much larger quantities of food and having someone to share that with. Eventually, I signed up to a few body positivity and fat forums, the odd fat dating site and made a Tumblr to document my gain and motivate myself with following blogs of other guys gaining weight and the odd female Feedee blog.

It would be a few weeks before I made a connection with someone. Most Feeders and mutual gaining women who were of my size preference tended to either be in relationships already or were long inactive. Then one night, a notification from Tumblr popped up on my phone. “Hey piggy, are you there?”. I opened the notification, maximising the app. The user’s name read FFA-Sally. FFA was a term I wasn’t familiar, so I decided to google it before continuing. After multiple searches, mostly coming up with ‘Free for all’, I found a kink blog that mentioned Female Fat Admirer. “Not a fan of staying in shape I see?” another message popped up. “Hey, I’m Ralph, how are you?” he quickly replied as I started browsing her blog. “Good now that I found a boy to fatten up in my state ”, she messaged getting straight to the point.

I quickly found out that Sally was a slim girl, maybe a few inches shorter than me. She had long black hair, green eyes and a mischievous smile in most of her photos. I’d never even thought about flirting with a thin girl before, but something about her abruptness felt worth the exploring. “Oh, you’re a Feeder?” I typed in response, “I thought FFAs just liked fat guys?” “Well, I love really big guys, but some have to start somewhere, you know? Kind of like you, hehe” she said as I thoughts raced through my mind. Would this be the person to make me fatter? How much fatter was a ‘really big guy’? I needed to know.

“So, have you been gaining long?” sally asked. “Not yet, I’m kind of new to gaining, I’ve always been a Feeder, but lately I can’t stop thinking about if I were to get fatter”, I confessed. “Good, because you definitely need to add another couple of hundred pounds to your body, piglet” she pressed. A couple of hundred? That would mean I’d end up at least 370lbs. I couldn’t stop thinking about being that size. “Where abouts are you from?” I asked, remembering seeing mention of the same state in her Tumblr profile. “Deer Park, you?” she responded “Sunshine, not far from each other, are we?” “We could take advantage of that distance, you know?”

We ended up spending the rest of the evening chatting away, finding interests we both, learning more about each other. Most conversations with women in the community up until this point had been dry and didn’t really go anywhere, but with Sally, they seemed to keep the conversation moving quite quickly. Although she seemed quite extroverted, she spent a lot of her time at home baking cookies for her work mates and binge watching TV shows on Netflix. “Wow, I love that show too!” I replied to the discussion of shows on Netflix. “Could you be any more perfect?” she questioned. I didn’t know what to say, “I’m alright, I guess, but you’re really cool, I’ve enjoyed talking to you tonight” “Me too” she said, leaving an air of awkwardness.

Feeling a little brave, I asked Sally for her phone number. Half-expecting her to dance around the question, I was surprised when she just handed it over. “Just a warning, guys who have spent time with me in the past have put on quite a bit of weight.” “I don’t think that will be much of an issue, haha” I responded. “We’ll talk in the morning, piglet ” she closed the conversation. “Sure, looking forward to it, night” I replied.

I laid on my bed feeling giddy, everything was so wonderful talking to her. That night I fell asleep thinking of what our first encounter could be like. But, at the same time I had a pit in my stomach telling me to keep my cool and not to expect things to go as I felt they were heading until we had made plans to meet.

Chapter 2
“Morning cutie”, I awoke to a photo message on my phone via MMS. It was a picture of her smiling with that text below it in a Facebook or Snapchat overlay. I sent one back before I hopped in the shower with a goofy smile. “Off to work for the day?” she asked “Yeah, I work till 5 most nights” “Well, be sure to stop by McDonalds or somewhere and get a fattening breakfast, a growing piggy needs to keep his stomach full”, she texted with a hint of dominance. “Sounds like a plan, beautiful”, I replied. I showered and hopped in the car for work, stopping by McDonalds along the way to buy some hash browns, a McMuffin and a large Orange Juice.

“So, I totally went and got McDonalds, just eating it in the car now, I messaged while eating in the car park. “I want to see that tummy when you’re done, piggy”, she demanded. Once I finished eating, I took a quick snap of my belly. “Still on the small size, but don’t worry, we’ll make it poke out a lot more soon”, she explained. “What are you doing tonight? It’s the weekend tomorrow” she quickly followed on with “After work? I don’t have any plans” “Did you want to come visit me? I could show you just what it means to be a real Feedee”.

This was it, it was happening. I hastily made plans to visit her after work. For the rest of the day, my mind wandered about stuffing myself for her and growing fatter. I couldn’t stop thinking about how fat she wanted me to get, but I didn’t dare ask out of feeling coming across to eager.

Standing outside of her house, I knocked on her door. She opens it, bashfully closing in for a hug. Her hands quickly moving to my belly and hips. “Hmm, we definitely have a lot of work to do” she judged. We spent the first hour on her couch chatting at first, but quickly snuggling closer as conversation got more romantic. “Just saying, but you’re all mine now, piglet” she giggled “Oh? Is that true?” “I really want you to be my Feedee and you’re cute too, so I guess I want you to become my fat boyfriend”. I felt happy, after weeks of trying to find a Feeder, I found myself in the home of one who was really into me. “I could do that for you, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you fattening me up, anyway” I blurted out “Good, and because I’m going to make sure you become a lot fatter. But, just to let you know, I can be very kinky and dominating” she explained. “I’m going to have no choice but to get fatter, am I?” “Nope, I need you to be a lot bigger than you are now, maybe bigger than you ever thought you’d get”.

I have to admit, I was incredibly aroused at this point. As she purposely brushes against my hard cock through my work pants, she grins and places a kiss on my jawline. “Come on, we should get started” she said as she pulled me up from the chair. She led me into her dining room, where I was met with a pen and paper on the table. “Sit” she demanded, pushing me into the seat in front of the paper. “I just need you to sign this contract.” She said with a grin. I glossed over the terms, which were standard Feeder goals for weight and expectations of the Feedee. “You want me to hit 500lbs?!” I questioned. “You want to get fat, and I need you to be huge, I’ve got big plans for you and your body”, she explained. This filled me with intrigue and turned me on a little. I mean, I did want a Feeder and the last few weeks were really rough trying to across one I’d get along with. Before committing, I read a bit more

The contract detailed what I could expect from giving into my appetite and becoming her Feedee. My body would grow fatter, wider and softer, obviously, while my appetite would become insatiable and my desire to consume larger and larger amounts of food would grow day by day. At a primal level, this spoke to me in a way my kinks and fetishes had never quite expanded upon. In a moment of lust and excitement, I signed my name on top of the dotted line labelled ‘The Feedee’. “I knew you’d have trouble resisting”, she gushed, quickly signing her name on top of the Feeder signature section. “Why the contract, though?” I asked, “I always thought it’d be hot to hold a Feedee to their goal and if you’re going to become my piglet, I want to make sure you grow to become my prized pig”. It was done, I was officially a Feedee. I had 330lbs to gain for her, with no way of backing out.

“So.. now what?” I asked. “Well, first of all, we need to train you to become lazier and build up your appetite. I can’t have you up and about burning calories!” she exclaimed. “And how do we do that?” he asked. “Well, going to need you to be as lazy as possible, you know, only getting up to go to the bathroom when we’re together, letting me do all the running around for you, the stuff most guys dream of” she said as she started searching the draws of her kitchen counter. “I’m going to start tying you up, with your hands free so you can eat at your own pace until you develop the habit of sitting on your butt for long periods of time” she spoke as she looked up, holding a spool of ribbon. “So, we’re already getting kinky, huh?” he laughed. “You know what you signed up for, piglet”, she grinned. She begins tying my ankles to the legs of the kitchen table chair, then around my waist and the back of the chair. “That’s not too tight?” she asked. “No, it’s fine.” I said, testing the tightness. “Looks like I’m here for the night”, I nervously blurted, my heart racing.

“Well, let’s order you your first dinner” she exclaimed, reaching for her cell phone to order some fast food. “What do you feel like?” She asked. “Ahh, anything?” “Anything, you tell me what you’re craving and I’ll make sure you end up eating it” “Burger King? Maybe a Whopper meal?” I asked. “A large Ultimate Whopper meal with extra Onion Rings and Chicken Nuggets it is” “That’s a lot of food” “Get used to it, fatty. We need to stretch that tiny belly and build up your appetite!”.

“It shouldn’t be too long, I’ll fix you something to fill the time while you wait. Do you like crisps?” “Yeah, I could go some”. She emerges from the pantry and fridge, coming back with a bottle of soda and a medium bag of crisps. “I don’t expect you to be eating mounds of food to begin with, but I need you to eat constantly, so we need to make sure you always have more than you can eat”, she explained, placing them in front of me. I was excited, but it was all new to me. I opened the bottle of soda and takes a swig to wet my throat, then started on the crisps.

40 minutes later, the doorbell rings. I had finished the crisps and most of the soda. “I hope you’re still hungry, fatty” she chuckles, as she brings the fast food in from the front. The aroma of the food hits his nose and he finds himself aroused by the familiarity of the scent. Even though the situation was a little kinky, the care and softness I felt in the moment was like nothing I had experienced. “I could get used to this” I said. “I know you will, honey” she smiled back “now eat, I want to see all of this finished, with only the wrappers remaining”. She sat close by, eagerly watching me consume the meal. Her hands making their way to my belly, rubbing it as I ate.

I didn’t realise how hungry I was, or at least how good it tasted. I quickly made short work of the burger meal, but soon after started to feel full. I still had to finish the nuggets and onion rings. “I’m starting to get full” I moaned. Sally pulled up her chair closer, placing one hand on my belly, rubbing it while taking out an onion ring. She moved it towards my mouth, “You need to push yourself, if you want to be fat, and you have to eat beyond fullness”. I submitted and slowly bit into the onion ring, by the time I had started to chew, she already had another ready.

Her hand moved to my crotch, “Maybe I’ll need to condition you to be turned on by being stuffed full, that should motivate you, piggy”. She said lustfully as she rubbed me through my pants, “Eat it all for me”. I pushed through, eating bite after bite, exhausted from being so full. “That’s a good boy, when you’re done, maybe I’ll reward you, but you need to finish it all”. The anticipation and excitement of the moment drove me to finishing off the meal. I slumped into the chair, feeling my belly packed solid in front of me. I had never been this full in my life.

“That’s my piggy, let’s get you to bed” she said as she looks toward the clock on the wall reading 10pm. As she began to untie me, I huffed “hang on, let me catch my breath”. I was still trying to catch my breath. Sally slowly moves over to sit by me again, beginning to rubbing my distended belly. “You did such a good job, honey” she says with a smile as she motioned to rest her forehead against mine. “I’ve never felt this way in my life, it just feels so nice” I said softly. “It’s does feel really nice, I’m glad we’re doing this”, she agrees.

After a few moments, we made a move. She helped me up and walked me to her room to rest on her bed. My belly felt like it was going to burst open. We got comfortable under her covers and spent the rest of the night discussing her plans for me, eventually finishing with intense lovemaking that we had both craved for a long time. As she lay behind me, spooning and cradling my bloated belly, she whispers into my ear “I’d really like it if you stayed the weekend, I want to stuff you for every meal” “I don’t think I have much choice, but I’d love to” “I’m so glad I’ve got you as my Feedee”.

Chapter 3
The next morning I woke up to an empty bed. The scent of eggs and bacon cooking on the stove must have been what woke me up that morning. It being one of my favourite breakfasts made me salivate a little as my tummy rumbled. I didn’t feel hungry, but it was almost as though being in Sally’s house and knowing I’d signed that contract made my body attuned to being ready to eat. I shuffled off the bed and reached for my phone – 1 new text message. It was Sally, “Don’t even think of getting out of bed, Mister. I’ll be there soon with your breakfast”. I smiled to myself, I really was a Feedee now and Sally was the one who was going to make my fantasies of being fattened up come true.

I hopped back into bed, propping pillows up so they’d be against my back. “Maximum comfort”, I thought to myself. Sally came in with a sly grin on her face, although she didn’t have breakfast. I must have had a puzzled look, thinking she’d be bringing breakfast to me. “Aww, is my piglet hungry? It’s still got a few more minutes, darling. I just came up to tie you to the bed” she giggled, motioning a spool of ribbon from behind her back. “I am, but this will make it even better” I smiled. She tied each of my feet to a bedpost on each side of the bed, then climbed on top of me and laid a kiss on my lips. “I love this, you know?” she said with a sigh as she began to pass the ribbon around the bars of the bed head and my waist. “You’re doing a good job at making me feel at home” I giggled. “And on top of that, you get to learn the anatomy of bed frames and dining room chairs” she laughed as she finished up securing me to the bed, placing a kiss on my forehead as she skipped out the room.

She did a good job at tying me to the bed, I tried to wriggle my way out and I could only reach for my knees. Being helpless but to sit in bed and eat for her was kind of a turn on, well, a massive turn on. As I waited for her to bring breakfast into me, I laid back and imagined what it would be like taking up most of the bed. I never thought in a million years that I’d be getting fatter and willingly allowing it to happen. It kind of felt romantic, giving myself up to her. As I thought over the whole situation, I told myself that this was my future and I should commit to her dreams of me growing to 2 or 3 times my current size. It was kind of scary that one day of talking to each other and I’d honestly have gained however much weight she’d requested of me. I was eager to make her happy and allowing our fantasies for me to become so much fatter to begin running its course was honestly the best decisions I had made in a long time.

“Bacon, scrambled eggs (they’re more fattening you know!), toast with lots of butter, some hash browns and orange juice, after you’ve finished this, I’m making you waffles with ice cream and strawberries”, she said, almost running out of breath, she looked so happy. “You really know how to look after a guy, don’t you?” I chuckled. “Well, I do have ulterior motives!” she laughed “But, I do love cooking for my boyfriends and making sure they end up nice and plump”. She rolled an over bed table in from her closet and placed it in front of me with breakfast on it. She flicked on her TV, which just happened to be on a home improvement channel. I began to dig into her breakfast, going straight for the bacon and eggs.

“Funny how this show is on, wouldn’t it be amazing to eventually move in together and get furniture to help you stay off your feet and within arm’s reach of a constant supply of snacks?” she said turning her head smiling. “That would be so cozy and nice” I replied as I chewed on a rasher of bacon. “It’s cute when you talk with your mouth full of food” she giggled “sorry if me saying that was too much too soon”. I swallowed what I was eating and smiled, putting my hand on hers “No, it’s okay. I was thinking before when you were cooking, it feels like everything happened so fast, but I’d be lying if I wasn’t already feeling strong feelings about you, us”. Her face lit up “You are? Oh good, I was thinking I was falling for you way too fast” “Well, it is fast, but it feels so right”.

She moved from the side of the bed and maneuvered herself next to me, under the bed table, almost spooning me from the side, placing her hand on my belly. “I can’t wait for all the time we’re going to spend together, I’m going to make you into such a pig” she grinned, moving her hand into my underwear, slowly teasing my penis. I left out a deep sigh as I continued eating the food. That moment felt like there was an unspoken thing between us that I should shut up and eat as she trained my parts into associating pleasure with eating. “That’s a good piggy, finish it all and I’ll give you a happy ending before your waffles” she said as she whispered into my ear, moaning a little as she rubbed her crotch against my leg. Normally, I’d be all over a girl who was giving me that attention, but having the relationship we had, it just made me focus on eating and clearing my plate for her.

It felt like no time at all and I was finished and licking my plate for good measure. As she watched, she squeezed her grip around my cock. I could tell that turned her on so much. As I placed the plate down, she pushed the bed table further down the bed and pulled the sheet back, climbing on top of me. I didn’t even notice, but she had a condom ready to go, rolling it on my wet and engorged cock. She slid herself on top of me, grabbing my hips and belly as she began to grind against me. “You make me so wet, honey” she blurted out with a slight shiver to her voice. Thankfully, being full of food and feeling bloated was enough to keep my cool, otherwise I would have gone right there and then. I had to hold out for her to get off, it was the least I could do for all she was doing for me. As I grabbed her hips and focused on kissing her, I thought about how lazy I was in the love making was probably turning her on even more. It was like she didn’t run out of drive the whole time.

Eventually, came while riding me, collapsing into a tired mess in my arms. I laid there, holding her tight as she sighed and mmmed to herself. “I love it when guys are full of food. You did so well” she sighed. “Did I put in enough effort for you? I felt kind of bad being so full and bloated, it made it harder to thrust into you” I confessed. “Stop, you’re making me wet again” she exclaimed and slid off of me into her spooning position again. We laid there for a few moments, just taking in the air of the room. Before we fell into a post-sex nap, she quickly snapped up, cleaned us both off and rushed out of the room to get the second course.

She quickly returned with a plate stacked with 4 waffles and 2 scoops of ice cream, dotted with strawberries around the side of the plate. This time she rested it on my lap and fed it to me. It felt so warm and loving, I didn’t want that moment to end. I didn’t think it could be topped, until we fell asleep with my arm wrapped around her as she curled into my side after she’d finished feeding me. That morning still sticks in my mind as one of my favourite Feedist experiences.
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Nice job! I can't wait to read more.
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