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John Smith
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John Smith does more than just post hot picsJohn Smith does more than just post hot picsJohn Smith does more than just post hot pics
Default When you fall upon the outer limits of WG-genre literature's inaccuracy

Some amateurs in WG/BBW erotica-genre writing through the Web need to focus back over reality, before to start posting anything new which risk to highly discomfort my picky reading.

I mean, I found nothing wrong about the semi-realistic fledge of such literature (factually, I REALLY love it) and proses about some random protagonists - whoever we talk about an ex-beehive queen, the athletically-active rookie-on-desk from the office, a cocky foodie granted by some so-calledly limitless high-level metabolism before to be strike by either Mid-Twenties or Thirties' Syndrome, a bimbo, a tokenized POC chick or whatever any stereotyped character type you know : who've seen their whole ways of life been inexorably disturbed off by a mere doughnut, subconsequently thus sloping downward whether she want to or not into the Sunken Place of overwhelmingly back-to-back situations, discounted overindulgence, favorable obesity-ridden environments or their dysfunctional wardrobe reguliarly updated every single week...

But, when you manage yourself to turn a humane twig only a few chapters later into an everwobbly, past-the-knees-bellied, self-caboosed BigCuties Veteran-level porcin pawg at ONLY 170 FREAKING pounds!!!!.... thou shall not deserve your high-tech magic lantern, brother. 😒😒😒😷

#anythingthatridiculeisjusttoxic #youshallnotpass #runfools#welcomeintothesunkenplaceofbottomlessbul ls**t
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