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Default Can a transformation as radical as this happen in real life?

Brylee is a farm girl who is muscular from sports and working at a farm. She was a cheerleader and volleyball player in her rural High School. She moved to a house in the suburbs owned by a friend to pursue a degree in agriculture or join an athletic team in college

She loves working out with Ashlyn

This is the first time she has lots of time with technology. She becomes interested in gaming and computer programing.

Her friend Katie loves to give her lots of sweets!

She becomes lazy and ditches her contacts for thick black glasses.

Ashlyn doesn't seem to mind

Brylee reveals to Ashlyn her real name is Beatrice. Beatrice now decides to go to college for computer programming and gaming rather than an athletic career. Although fat Beatrice is still strong. She loves dressing up as fantasy warriors at conventions.
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