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Default The New Assistant (BHM, FFA, XWG)

The New Assistant
by uno

Chapter 1

Today was a new day for Nicole Thorne. A new town, a new job and a new beginning for herself. Even if it wasn’t all on her own accord. Nicole has some … habits that necessitated a completely fresh start. She moved practically overnight, changed her phone number, deleted her social media and already had a new job lined up.

Nicole knocked her interview at Greene, Lawson, Uhler & Temple out of the park and Human Resources had her start immediately to fill an assistant position in the legal department. Nicole dressed herself in her most conservative size 16 pant suit, which at 5’7” still left her stunning, and showed up to her first day early and met with Mrs. Harmon from HR who showed her around the offices and led her to Legal. Mrs. Harmon, a lady in her early-fourties was polite enough with an undercurrent of a stern attitude that she displayed as she explained office protocol throughout the office walkthrough. The tour ended as Mrs. Harmon led her to the office of Lucas Nesley.

“Now Ms. Thorne, I’ll leave you to Mr. Nesley here. You’ll be assisting everyone throughout the office but you’ll be reporting to Mr. Nesley. At least until we hire a new office manager for this department. Good Luck.” Mrs. Harmon stated as she walked off.

“Hello Mr. Nesley, nice to meet you.” Nicole reached her hand out only to be cut off.

“Please stop. Mr. Nesley makes me feel old as hell. I’m only 28. Call me Lucas, Luke or Lu … well not Lu but just not Mr. Nesley” he said shaking her hand.

Nicole giggled at Lucas’ abruptness and she could practically feel the ice breaking. “Okay and you can call me Nicole.”

And like that the two began to quickly endear themselves to each other. As the days and weeks went on in the office they considered each other friends and got to know more about each, although Nicole kept a handful of things about her life before coming to the office guarded. When Lucas would trip into discussing something Nicole didn’t want to talk about, he would just it go.

While not actually about her past, Nicole also kept guarded her true feelings that have been developing towards Lucas. He was funny, kind, helpful but he just wasn’t her type physically. At 6’1” and maybe 200 pounds she considered him a beanpole and her taste in men we a tad larger. She thought that maybe Lucas was attracted to her but he would never act on it because while he was becoming her friend he also kept things professional. And Nicole respected this about him but sometimes she would catch her mind wondering, what if.

Nicole had been successful in keeping things friend but professional with Lucas for a few more weeks. She continued to file paperwork for him and the rest of her superiors in the office, make copies, answer phones, and go on runs out of the office. One such run landed her in the mall down the road. Janet, one of the lawyers in the office was on her last day before going out on maternity leave and there was going to be a baby shower. Lucas wanted to get a present but couldn’t get out of a meeting so he sent Nicole to the mall to get a card, a baby toy and a coffee from the mall’s new coffee shop. She had got everything everything but the coffee and was about to pick that up until she walked in front of a herbal storefront. She stopped and looked at some of the item in the window and whatever she could see on the counters from outside. The she saw the counter with the sign marked diet.

Out of curiosity, she walked in to get a better glance and she saw names that gave for flashbacks of days past: plum extract, fish oil, gentian. She knew these names, appetite stimulants. The names ringed out to her like old friends. She bit her lip, gazed at them until a stock boy walked up to her.

“Need some help ma’am?” The stock boy asked.

“Huh uh no … dammit … fuck it …” Nicole got flustered, grabbed the items and bought them and rushed out the door.

Her final stop was for Lucas’ coffee. He got him the largest cup they had and loaded with sugar and cream. As she parked back at the office, she was breathing quickly and talking to herself.

“Don’t do this. It’ll be okay. You’re better than this now. It’s not a big deal. It’ll only be one time. Oh crap.”

In a quick motion, she crushed a couple of the plum extract pills and stirred it into Lucas’ coffee.

“He won’t even notice. One time. It’s just one time and it’s not even going to be effective.” She convinced herself.

Nicole walked back into the office just as the shower was starting. Lucas rushed to her grabbing the gift, card and coffee.

“Thank’s Nicole, you’re a lifesaver.” Lucas whispered to her taking a sip of the coffee.

“Oh don’t worry about it Lucas, anytime.”

After the party, everyone started dispersing and Lucas started helping Nicole clean up. A bit to her shock.

“Oh Lucas, you don’t have to help. I got this.”

“After you made that run for me, this is no problem.”

“Like I said, it’s now problem, anytime.”

“Careful, I may ask you to get me coffee everyday. It never taste as good when I get. You must be magic.”

Nicole laughed, “Well maybe I can pull off some more magic in the future.”

“Well he liked it.” Nicole took that as all the confirmation that she needed.
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uno has said some nice things

Chapter 2

Nicole kept her ‘magic’ coffee’s coming to Lucas for the next month. At first she didn’t think that it was having any effect. She didn’t see him really eat in the office and his lunch was never anything to write home about. Then she noticed Lucas walk in with a shirt that looked pretty snug and his belly sticking out a bit further from his waste line. She had to make sure she never got caught staring but she wanted a closer look. A look somewhere out of this office. She decided to go for it as she brought in Lucas’ morning coffee.

“Here you go Lucas. What do you need me to do today?”

“Thanks Nicole. I’m pretty busy with meetings so you’ll probably be working with someone else in the office today”

“Oh. Okay.” She started walked out only to turn around, “Hey, do you maybe want to go get some dinner tonight? I’ve got nothing in my kitchen at home and just don’t feel like going grocery shopping today.”

Lucas started to stammer. Nicole looked at him for what felt like forever, not so much out of desperation but to read his body language.

“Eh … I don’t know. I think I’m going to be working late.” A Lucas said as he unconsciously rubbed his hands down the bottom of his shirt.
Nicole had seen this sign before. Lucas may not have fully realized the additional pudge that he’s put on but somewhere deep in his mind he felt self-conscious about his tighter cloths. She knew how to work with this.

“Okay. Maybe some other time.” She let it go and left Lucas to his work for today. She had some plans to make.

After work, she made a quick a quick stop to the mall picking some new work clothes and a stop at the herbal store. As she started picking up her usual herbs a new aisle sign caught her attention: performance. She walked through the aisle and a couple of labels caught her attention: Ferula Assa-Foetida, Red Ginseng, and Tribulus Terrestris Herb. With a deep sigh, she picked up the usual and new herbs and decided maybe I will go to the grocery store tonight.

The next morning, Nicole came into the office with her plan in a box. She dropped brownies in blue tinted saran wrap on each desk on her way to Lucas. For Lucas, the brownies she handed him were wrapped in red as well as his coffee with the plum extract she began the explanation that she practiced saying to the other employees.

“Morning, Lucas. So I need your help. My mom sent a care package full of her homemade brownies. The problem is my mom doesn’t know when to stop when she start baking so I’ve got more than enough with the whole department. Mind helping me out.” Nicole explained as she remember her labors from the night before bake the decoy brownies and making sure she had the right amount of Ferula Assa-Foetida baked into what would go into the red wrapping.

“Sure, happy to help.” Lucas replied. Usually he didn’t really have a taste for sweets but lately he has had the wanting for the odd snack here and there.

“Hmm. These are delicious, send my compliments to your mom.” Lucas said already on his second brownie.

“Will do. Anyway, Jacob down the hall needs me to send some correspondence out for him so I’m going to take care of that and I’ll check back with you in a little bit.” She said, walking out and leaving three brownies that she played as though she was going to eat herself on Lucas’ desk.

The day went quite well for Nicole. Her work was progressing smoothly and she was getting compliments from everyone about her brownies or her mom’s brownies as they believed. Although the one person whose opinion she really cared about was her test subject. She’d avoided Lucas’ office for the rest of the morning so she could take in all at once if the special coffee and brownies were taking a big enough effect.

As it got close to noon and Nicole was finished with everyone else, she decided to check on her experiment. But before she did, she went to the restroom to make a quick change by unbuttoning the top two bottoms of her blouse to show off her cleavage and hiking her skirt just enough to reveal more thigh than usual. She wanted to make sure the ferula had as much effect on Lucas as possible for the next step of the day.

“Hey Lucas, I’m going out to get some lunch at the sub shop across the street. You want me to get you something?” She inspected his desk and saw all the brownie wrappers in the trash can as she walked closer to his desk and saw crumbs on his chin.

When he looked up from his computer, the effects were quickly becoming obvious to Nicole. Lucas became bug eyed with his eyes going directly to Nicole’s cleavage. He tried to redirect his view but that resulted in failure and he began to get flustered.

“Uh .. sure” he said even though he had his own lunch with him. He wasn’t usually one to not be able behavior but for some reason he felt uncontrollably turned on the closer Nicole got.

“Okay, what do you want?”

“Um, I don’t know … surprise me?” He handed her his credit card and was trying to end the conversation, send her on her way and compose himself while she was gone.

“Okay, be back soon.” she sauntered off giving Lucas a good look at the back of her thighs.

Lucas didn’t know what was wrong for him but he felt off. Maybe his blood sugar was low. He didn’t know why he’d agreed to Nicole getting his lunch when he already had his own but he was pretty hungry today. He pulled his ham and cheese sandwich and gatorade out since he didn’t want to waste his food. ‘Besides, and extra lunch won’t hurt’ he told himself.
Almost as if on cue, Nicole was back not long after Lucas was finished with his sandwich.

“Okay, so I didn’t know what you’d want so I got you the same that I got.” Nicole handed him a footlong italian sub. What Lucas didn’t notice is that while Nicole did get herself a footlong sub of the same kind, there were some subtle differences. His sub had double meat, extra mayo, and was an all around calorie bomb compared to hers. She sat down on the opposite side of his desk as they started their meal and Nicole began to play. She ‘accidently’ spilled some a pickle from her sub into her cleavage.
“Oh gawd. Oops.” She slowly went digging under the pretense of not wanting to make a mess. And just as she had planned, Lucas was failing to not look. He was grateful to be on the right side of his desk. As he continued to eat and try to not look like a complete pervert, his desk was the only thing hiding his erection. He hoped that the distraction of eating would calm him down but that wasn’t the case. He only got harder as Nicole was providing him dinner and a show. He continued to bite into the sub and it felt as though with each bite, he was becoming harder and harder.

Nicole continued to have little ‘accidents here and there while they chit chatted or rather Nicole talked and Lucas stammered in agreement.
“Oh that was good. We should have lunch more often” Nicole said, playing as though she was stuffed.

“Burrp … excuse me … sure, lunch was good.” Lucas said. Actually stuffed.

“Well, I guess I better get back to work. Anything you need me to do?”

“Nope! I’m good. Uh … close my door on your way out. I’ve got a conference call I have to make.”

“Sure thing.” Nicole obeyed as she walked out with a smile on her face.
Safe and closed off in his office, Lucas stood up with his arousal on full display tenting his pants. He had to loosen his belt and needed the privacy of a closed office.

“So full. Okay I ate too much.” he took a moment while his belt was loose to rub his tight belly.

What he didn’t know was that Nicole had plans to have more lunches like this. And the did for the next few months. Until the next phase.
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Chapter 3

To say that the next few months were transformative for Lucas would be an understatement. Thanks to his assistant’s plots he has been going through several changes. Most noticeable being his wardrobe. While Lucas was in denial, that didn’t stop him from upgrading to larger sizes to accommodate the 50 pounds that Nicole estimated that he had put on.

While he wouldn’t admit it to himself, he just could not stop eating. At home, he fixed bigger breakfast and dinners for himself and would graze with in-between meal snacks. His lunches though, were real events. Lucas and Nicole’s lunches became frequent occurrences throughout the weeks. Much like his waistline, the more they ate together, the more their friendship grow. They talked about their childhood homes, hobbies, their social lives. At the moment Lucas wasn’t seeing anyone and neither was Nicole but she said she did. She would tell Lucas about her having this great boyfriend named Andre who would always do little special things for her and how their anniversary was coming up. Lucas would be lying if he told himself he wasn’t jealous.

She continued to give his coffee her special treatments for his appetite and would regularly bring a baked good that she portrayed as being a gift from her mom, grandma, some other family member or something she was experimenting to make. Just as she started, she had a version of the goodies for the rest of the office, which made the rest of the legal department fall in love with her, and a libido stimulating batch that was specially made for Lucas. And Lucas, he’d eat everything put in front of him. At this point he was always hungry and with Nicole’s sweets was making sure that he was constantly horny. He didn’t question how many times she brought food in or when she pick up their lunch, his meals were getting bigger and bigger.

When they were together for lunch, she’d make subtle alterations to her office attire. Top buttons undone for a view of her chest, bottom buttons undone to show off her belly button. Some days, she’d wear a dress that when she hiked it up a bit just for her lunches with Lucas, he would have a view all the way up her legs to where her thighs met. To Lucas he was having this unexplainable phase of constant arousal that only got stronger when Nicole was near but so far he had kept his more carnal instincts under control. He wanted her, everyday. When she walked into the office in the mornings, he wanted to ravish her at the door. When she walked out of his office, especially on days she wore skirts tight enough to show her panty outline, he wanted to have her from behind and against his desk. Andre be damned, Lucas wanted her to be his. Lunch was becoming and testament to his will power that he didn’t climax mid meal everyday. But she was his subordinate, she was in a relationship and he wouldn’t cross those lines, he hoped. And Nicole knew it. Everything was going according to plan.

While Lucas’ growth was obvious and Nicole’s desire for him was growing at the same rate, she bid her time. He was no longer the beanpole she’d been introduced to but for her taste he was just … chubby. She liked how his belly was now hanging over his belt but she wanted it down to his knees. She enjoyed the days just before he upgraded his wardrobe to see his pant legs give their last attempts to keep his thickening thighs contained. She dreamt of the day he had to make a presentation and the buttons on his shirt popped off. She awoke wondering when the day would come that his bulging ass would split the seams of his pants. She wanted him enormous, then she would make her claim to him.

But that didn’t mean she couldn’t have some fun.

Lucas’ gain wasn’t just on Nicole’s mind but the topic of discussion throughout the office. Pauline, a rail thin former mean girl and now fitness junkie, would feign concern as a way to bring up Lucas’ growth with other co-workers and Nicole would routinely listen in.

“I mean, Luc has really been letting himself go. Just yesterday, I saw him gasping for air coming from the stairs the other day when the elevator was broken” Pauline said to her friend and fellow work out fanatic Trisha.

“I know right. And have you seen him eat lately. I swear, I felt like I needed to go to the gym just seeing him inhale a chocolate bar the other day.” Trisha replied.

“Oh my gawd. I saw that too. Or maybe it was a different chocolate bar. He’s probably keep Hersey in the black all by himself. And to think, he used to be kind of cute.”

“What you’re not into hippos.” Trisha said breaking into laughter and Pauline soon followed.

Nicole enjoyed listening to gossip about her plans success but this went a tad over the line. She made a mental note to take care of the fit freaks at a later date. But for now, it was time for her next phase. She dusting off her acting chops and forced some tears out enough to screw with her mascara and ran into Lucas’ office and closed the door behind her. Lucas, chewing on some jerky, was taken by surprised to say the least.

“Um … Summing wong” He hurried to swallow his snack.

She closed the door behind her “*Sniff* Oh I’m sorry Lucas, I just … it’s just … Andre’s been cheating on me …:”

“Really, how do you …”

“The asshole”

“But, what …”

“The son of a bitch”

“Nicole! Stop! Breath. Now calmly. Like an adult. What happened?”

Lucas taking command shook Nicole for a second. She had a couple of more expletives in the script but she found this side of him appealing. But then she went back on script.

“So tonight’s our anniversary, right? We made plans to go to this nice,ritzy restaurant called Appollonia. I made the reservation for us five months ago. He paid for the two of us in advance. Well an hour ago, I get a call from him and all I hear is moaning and yelling. Then I hear this hefer call his name. The son of a bitch butt-dialed me while screwing someone else.”
Lucas was at a loss of words. His constant hum of hunger was even taking a back seat as Nicole continued.

“So, because I know his phone password I pinged it to get his attention. He tried to tell me that it wasn’t what it sounded like. I told him he was dead to me.”

“Wow … um I’m sorry Nic -”

“And now I’ve got this reservation for two at this great restaurant and one of the seats is going … to … be … empty … LUCAS! Come with me! It’s a great place, kickass food, and I could use the company!” Nicole face displayed a mix of depression, desperation and hope. She believed she should get an oscar for this performance.

Taken aback Lucas didn’t quite know where to start. “But it’s a couples thing. I mean I’d like to help but what if Andre decides to show up.”

“Oh he knows if he shows up or if I ever see him again he’s walking away without his balls. Please, Lucas?”

“We’ll okay -”

“Great! The reservations at seven. I’ll see you there. I gotta go, I had already planned to take a half day to look good for Andre so I’m just going to go an treat myself.”

She left Lucas wondering “The fuck just happened?”

After the initial shock, Lucas start to get nervous but did show up at Appollonia’s on time. He checked in at the front door and was escorted to the table that Nicole was already at. She got up to greet him wearing a low cut dress that showed more of her cleavage then her lunch stunts had as well as showed ever curve she had at her disposal.

“So how do I look. Andre’s missing out tonight huh? Well sit down, I went ahead and ordered.”

“Sure … you look stunning.” Lucas sat down in a hurry. He could feel himself getting hard already.

The talked until the food arrived. That is until the first course arrived.
The first dishes out were an antipasto salad and large plates of three cheese manicotti with a side of jalapeno peppers.

“This is some spread” Lucas said mid way thru his salad.

“I know and they make you order in advance so I’m not even sure what all the jerk ordered.” Nicole lied as she ate at a slower pace and inspected Lucas. She could tell that he was on the tail end of this current pant and shirt size. And while she could see below the table, Lucas’ inability to keep his eyes of her breast told her that the front of his pant’s weren’t fairing much better.

Then came out the spaghetti with chicken and mushrooms and a fajita stromboli. Lucas was surprised but continued to work through the meal when he saw that Nicole was doing the same. He wanted to say something when the gyro platter and baklava showed up but his stomach growled at the sight of it betraying that he was still hungry. That and Nicole no sold the stunning amount of food as she dipped a forkful of lamb into her side of tzatziki sauce. When the final course of cheesecake came around, he had to say something. Even though he didn’t stop eating when the pastry was put in front of him.

“So … urp … Andre ordered all this, really?”

“Yeah, that’s just like him. Always ordering with his stomach.” She said nonchalantly.

“Sucks for him.” She said as she took a sip from her glass.

After they continued their meal to the point of Lucas feeling like he could blow, Nicole felt like a criminal mastermind that just pulled off a grand heist. Lucas looked half way out of it but it wasn’t any wonder why as every plate on his side of the table was bare. Meanwhile, she flagged a waiter for some takeout boxes as every plate she had still had a quarter or more of food left.

Lucas was in pain but her was no longer hungry. But he had a new problem. Nicole reached over the table and placed her hand on his thanking him for being there for her. The physical contact was enough to put his libido in overdrive. Under the table he had a raging tent in his pants. His breathing began to shallow. Now she knew how to take care of the rest of her food.

“Oh, I ate way too much. Oh well, I’ll be eating for a month.” She said getting up signaling it was time to go. If Lucas got up know, his uncontrollable erection would be on full display. He had to think fast.

“Uh … uh … why don’t you let me take some of those for you.”

“Perfect. Thanks” She placed her boxed foods in the restaurant’s bags and handed them to him.

Lucas was in such a hurry to hide his crotch that he took most of them to cover it. He then walked Nicole to her car where she made her last move of the night. She kissed him on the cheek, got in her car and drove off. Leaving Lucas in a emotional tizzy, worried that he just released in his pants and grateful that he had the take out bags to cover his crotch.
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Nice to see a new story! Can't wait to see what this woman does to her poor boss.
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Really enjoying this story. Nicely done. I like the slower pacing and all the interior monologues.
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Nice beginning to a new story series, I hope!
"Eat, Eat! You will gain weight and be more attractive!"
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uno has said some nice things

Thanks for the input, I appreciate it. Hope everyone enjoys the next part.

Chapter 4

Nicole was full of pride as she walked into her apartment. After a evening of food and conversation, she was on cloud nine knowing her plan was working. She wished she was a fly on the wall of Lucas’ place but she was confident that she already knew what was going on.

It was a complicated ride home for Lucas. He felt the pain of a stuffed stomach pressed against him from the evening’s feast. He felt aroused thinking back to Nicole’s kiss and how she looked in that dress. He felt guilty on he got in his car a confirmed that that he did indeed respond to that kiss with a release from his arousal standing there while Nicole drove away. He felt relief when she didn’t appear to notice. He felt scared when he realized that as he was driving home, thinking about dinner and nicole, his was hard again.

Getting back home, he dropped the bags of leftovers on the table in his kitchen to change out of his tight and … damp clothes. In his bathroom mirror he did something he hadn’t done in months. Take a good look at himself. As he stood there naked, he could see how his body had transformed. While he was never thin, he was bulging out the way he was now. Maybe husky would be how he’d describe himself then. But not now. He was fat. The first thing he noticed was how far his stomach was stretching out. It felt like this weird combination of a basketball and flesh that was attached to him. He leaned forward to take a look at his thighs that were pillowy and thick. The same was true for his calves and his arms as he straightened up to stretch. It was then that he noticed that his arms had not just become thick with fat but had now started to jiggle with he moved them.

“Holy hell, you’re turning into a fatass” Lucas chastised himself in the mirror. Feeling a mixture of shame and confusion about how he had let this happen to him, he walked back to the kitchen to put the leftovers up, not bothering to put on pajamas yet. He felt relieved to not be in any confining clothes. As he moved to put the first tray into his refrigerator, he caught the scent of the contents. It was what was left of Nicole’s stromboli, which turned out to be over two thirds that was left. Even though he had stuffed himself his stomach rumbled with a hint of emptiness. Lucas licked his lips in contemplation for a second. The next second he was taking apart of the stromboli apart and shoving it in his mouth. Thinking back to the dinner earlier, he remembered how delicious his own plate tasted, and he remembered Nicole. He remembered swallowing bite after bite while hoping he wouldn’t get caught looking down her cleavage. And just like then, he was now stuffing himself again while he was getting aroused.

Lucas was lost. He couldn’t control his need to feed himself and he could stop his thoughts of nicole or how it turned him one. He couldn’t help himself. He continued to tear into the stromboli with one hand while the other reached down under the dome of his stomach and gripped himself. All he could think about was how he needed to fill this emptiness in his gut and how he need release desperately. If he’d been in his right mind he’d been appalled at what he was doing. Appalled as his hips bucked while he finished the stromboli on the counter. He continued to stroke himself as he reached down and found that the tray was empty.

“Mmmrrmm” his stuffed mouth let out a sound of muffled disappointment until he turned his head to the table with the rest of the food Nicole didn’t finish.

The rest of the evening consisted of emptying tray after tray until it was all gone. It was only then that he got the release that he needed. As he felt the pressure that had been building up in him pour away from him, Lucas started to come to his senses.

“Oh my god. Never again.” Lucas was disgusted with what he had just done. After cleaning himself off, he went to bed repeated the edict he laid down for himself. Never. Again.

Never again lasted for for two days. The weekend.

Almost as soon as Nicole handed him his coffee, he felt the urges return. He managed to stay professional but their lunches were tearing his self control down. He was fooling himself into believing that the was managing what he was going through. He thought he able to have these lunches, albeit increasingly massive lunches, this person that he had become good friends with without giving in to his gluttonous and lustful emotions. But from Nicole’s side of the table the story was different. She saw Lucas transforming a sweaty heaving mess as their lunches continued. What he convinced himself was friendly conversations with a friend at lunchew were in reality Nicole talking while Lucas shoveled that days small feast and making low grunting sounds in agreement while his would fidget in his chair while this dick throbbed through the entirety of lunch. They would then go about their days in the office and working together and apart and Lucas would go home to stuff and pleasure himself until he passed out for the night. He just could not help himself. He need to eat and when he ate he thought of Nicole and when he thought of her he became consumed with a horniness that would leave until he was stuffed to the brim. Nicole would go home everyday feeling accomplished as she plotted what lunch and snacks to prepare in the future.

Nicole’s sense of accomplishment continued with no end in sight. According to plan, now that Lucas’ body had and cemented it’s association of food and sex, he was growing at a stunning rate. To his coworkers he hit and passed 300 practically in the blink of an eye. But to Nicole, everyday, every sign of growth was savored. She took in seeing the tightness of his shirts increase to the point that his moobs and gut were perfectly outlined just before upgraded to a bigger size. She would be distracted anytime he walked through the office as she watched his thighs rub together the plumper and juicer they got. She dreamt of the day he would need to bend down and his massive ass would split his pants. Lucas’ gains were getting to the point that she contemplated weaning him off her special enhancements. Yet she continued with them for now even though she doubted he needed them.

What she didn’t doubt was that some her other coworkers were in need of some of her attention. Namely, Pauline and Trisha. While she had been practically smothering Lucas with her fattening friendship, she had found a couple of new playthings for when she could be with Lucas. Nicole expected and enjoyed gossip about his growth but felt that Pauline and Trisha crossed a line. Their comments when from harmless to cruel and Nicole felt the could do with some softening.

The two health nuts never saw it coming. They were already use to Nicole bring treats for the office from time to time so they didn’t notice when their cookies, or brownies, or cupcakes were handed to them in a red wrapper like Lucas’ instead of blue. They also didn’t notice that unlike anyone else’s treats, including Lucas, theirs had a square sticker on them. While she gradually spiked appetite, she was nuking the mean girls. She tripled the dose of appetite stimulants that they were ingesting.

So as Lucas was eating his way out of the 40’s in the pant’s department and becoming wider and flabbier by the day, he wouldn’t be the only one. While she ached to see her gluttonous horny mess of friend split his pants, she accepted the consolation prize that came from her newest hobbies. It was thrilling when about two months into their ‘treatments’ that a bottom heavy Pauline’s skirt developed a rip rising from the slit in her skirt an a potbellied Trisha suffered popped button at the end of a day full of hunger induced snacking.

Nicole was swimming with pride. Pride in the pounds developed and still to come.
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Such a genius story thehe oh i am really curious how the two mean girls will change and what happens next to all of them

Great story

have a nice weekend ^^
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