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Post Pomona & Danu (~WG, ~BBW, ~BHM)

~WG, ~BBW, ~BHM. Science Fantasy. A young, arrogant warrior becomes the reluctant protege of a strict master, and both go through unexpected changes during the apprenticeship.

A/N: This novella will be my official debut in the library and writing community. The narrative is almost out of my comfort zone as I'm learning the ropes of serious character development.

Pomona & Danu

by lovelymars908

Chapter 1.1

The sun was peeking over the horizon while Pomona Bridger was sitting on the edge of her favorite cliff meditating and chanting a prayer to the patron god Theos for good luck. Pomona opened her eyes, sneering at the sunrise as this very day would bring special tidings. She stood up and stretched before planting her two feet firmly on the ground, bent her knees and pushed her elbows back fisting her hands. The girl moved forward with a fist strike and carefully maneuvered leg to a roundhouse kick. Pomona held her leg and turned at another angle. Then, she went out. Pomona released a barrage of kicks, punches and other maneuvers while releasing a burst of her power energy. Her favorite stunt was a series of punches, followed a low sweep kick before releasing a flame blast.

Pomona ended the exercise and resumed watching the sun rising. She then ascended into the air and darting across the cliffs, heading for the Academy of Pontus. The institution was one of many in the world of Delos that specialized in teaching budding Durgas to hone their near-godlike abilities for stability, warfare, and maintain a balanced affinity for life. On this day, a commencement ceremony was for those who were ready to depart the training grounds of Pontus and receive their apprenticeship.

The girl glanced down while flying over the entrance courtyard where plenty of people were gathering within the school premises to attend the graduation ceremony that early morning. She scanned through the crowds of family and other attendees to find her parents. Until she found a blond man and a light brunette woman standing near the large doors.

“Mother, Father,” she called to get their attention.

Rhea and Gabriel looked up to see their daughter approaching them with a bright smile on her face. However, the parents weren’t exactly in the same spirits as her.

Rhea could barely sustain a smile as she looked at her. “Pomona… please go in there and show the masters that you're at least dignified and mindful of what's being offering to you. This should be your day of achievement, not start another fight!”

Gabriel tried his best not to grind teeth and said, “God, at least pretend you’re dignified! And please, girl, do not go in there making fun of your pupils. You're moving upwards and you're still at this.”

As almost clueless as ever, Pomona scoffed their comments and said, “Mother, Father. Don't worry, I'm going to wow the overseers and I'll get out of that circus as soon as possible.”

Rhea didn't say anything while Gabriel cringed at her comment. Pomona walked away while she joined the other students in the school’s foyer where they were preparing for the ceremony. The girl walked down the row of students to find a suitable spot to join. As she was walking, Pomona heard the usual whispers of her peers talking about her. Mostly in the lines, “why is she graduating?” or “I can’t imagine what stupid things she’ll do once she’s out of here”. The girl found a free spot and stood there waiting. Then she turned around to see a familiar face of another student.

“Pomona….” the top student said under his breath.

The girl’s expression turned dark and she looked at him. “Agh, you want to battle again, ‘your highness’?”

“AGHHH! Someone needs to teach you a lesson!” Lachlan said as his hands brighten up with energy and he was ready to plant his fist on Pomona’s face. Some of the students stood back in the upcoming fight while a few cheered on Lachlan. One of the deputy headmasters came by and saw Pomona and Lachlan ready to seemingly kill each other--for the umpteenth time. Soon they were restrained and Pomona had to be moved to the back of the crowd.

The students were led to the outdoor auditorium and arena where the ceremony was to be taken place.

“Students. Reassign into rows of ten!” called out the deputy headmaster.

The students marched into the arena where they were facing the high-standing podium where the school’s headmistress was walking towards. Out came a tall, muscular woman with red hair and brown skin already tense yet composed followed by the academy’s staff and instructors. The audience was seated.

The grand headmistress Rhodopis Tano walked the platform and faced the audience.

“We start this day to give these fine students the highest honor, the rite of passage for their hard work and dedication over their decade-long tutelage here at Pontus. They have displayed the competency and skill to continue their careers for the future in fighting for our world. Without further adieu let’s get on with the proceedings. Students, this should be a proud day and you all earn it.”

The audience clapped and the students cheered.

“Now, as a final act of their achievement, the students will demonstrate the summation of twelve years of training.” Rhodopis clapped her hands.

The student body was filled with excitement as they began to warm up before demonstrating off their skills for one final time. Pomona had been waiting for this moment forever. She only cracked her neck before she shot up into the air and passed through almost all the other graduates while heading straight for the training area. Automatic projectiles were released and aimed for its first oncoming target. The blonde girl just had to begin the display by blasting the projectiles with her blue blast and destroying every single object heading towards them with a single hit. She was happy. But the other students (and definitely not the supervisors) were not. Then, the demonstration moved to the droid portion. The other students scrambled towards for the droids before Pomona would get a chance to destroy them as well.

After a good solid ten minutes into the training droid segment, Lachlan was surrounded by twenty training droids and before he was ready to attack, Pomona just “happily” to destroy them for him. Lachlan just wanted to drop to his knees, but he couldn’t. After enduring four years of being tormented by the competitive and horribly arrogant behavior from his borderline "archrival", Lachlan had enough. His face turned red, his teeth ground against each other, his knuckles turned white, and his eyes and hands emitted his green power energy. He charged towards Pomona with his hands outstretched for her throat.

And they fought.

Lachlan pulled the hardest punches he could throw at Pomona’s face. She parried the last punch and returned him a smashing headbutt that almost sent him into a group of students.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and watched the ongoing fight ensuing within the courtyard. The audience was also watching from the benches, questioning as to what tomfoolery was happening within the courtyard. Rhea and Gabriel were sensing something bad happening already….

Pomona delivered many punches towards Lachlan and blasted him towards a wall with her optical eye beam. The boy got up and flew towards her and grabbed the girl by the arms and flipped her to the ground three times, making dents onto the surface. The girl got up and shot her optical beams. Lachlan put his palms up to deflect them as he slowly walked towards her and smacked her in the face with a punch followed by a roundhouse. The boy grabbed her head and smashed her face towards the hard limestone surface. Then he smacked her head extra hard into the surface and proceeded to drag her as she was buried in the limestone for around seven meters and tossed her at the wall again.

Pomona recovered and bounced towards him before one teacher jumped in front of her by grabbing her fist and holding it with a vice grip. Two other teachers already stopped Lachlan from getting to her.

The girl said, “Let me go! I wanna show that idiot--”

“Bridger! That’s enough!” called out Rhodopis.

Then, another instructor showed up with a pair of stone-like handcuffs that were specifically made for the likes of Durgas. They were bound to Pomona’s hands and she immediately started to struggle, yelling that she wanted to continue her fighting with Lachlan.

Rhodopis turned to the teachers and said, “Take the girl inside.”

“No, I’m not done with--” The headmistress simply headbutted Pomona into silence and she was dragged inside while unconscious.


Music was playing loudly throughout every corner of the school later that day. The ceremony went to a gratuitous close with a beautiful show of fireworks and a massive feast followed afterward while the students joined their families and friends among the festivities.

All except Pomona. She was locked within the detention fortress, a rather dark part of the school for young misbehaving Durga brats. She was contained for five hours screaming and yelling, demanding to be released to finish what she claimed to be her well-deserved fight with Lachlan. The guards were trained to ignore cries like that as if it was just air passing through. Though they were secretly wishing the girl would shut her mouth already.

Gabriel and Rhea had their worst fears confirmed once they were told by the administrators after leaving during the middle of the ceremony, so they decided to make last minute arrangements in having a private meeting with Rhodopis.

After another hour, Pomona finally settled down before being eventually detained and was escorted to the intimidating office belonging to Rhodopis. She rolled her eyes once she passed through the doors and everything cute and happy crumbled once her parents and the headmistress were staring right into her eyes with the most “you are going to get it” stare. Pomona, while her hands were still cuffed, furrowed her brow as she was brought near her parents and Rhodopis.

The headmistress said, “Now, Bridger….”

Pomona bit her lip.

“You’re not the only one here who thinks they have all the power in the world and can do whatever they want,” Rhodopis said quietly, “But there is one thing I do not tolerate is those with such heavy egos and make a mockery of the other students! And what made it worst that you attacked Lachlan, the top student! MY top student. However, I shouldn’t be surprised because I almost lost count after fifteen regarding your little fights with him.”

Gabriel said, “Yes… I understand that Lachlan’s parents are also aware of this and they want to get on your case too, Pomona. And what I mean by that, they want to. Beat. You. Into the ground.”

Rhea added, “I have to agree… I saw them bursting out of their seats during the ceremony before the guards stopped them….”

Pomona didn’t say a word, but the thought of Lachlan’s parents wanting to fight in retaliation for her bullying towards their son surprised her.

Rhodopis continued, “And also the fight with the two other students last year. You wanted to show the instructor your improved optical beams and you were also taking over the whole room without letting any other to have their turn. Then, there was the massive argument during one of the weight training classes with one student that escalated into a ‘weight throwing competition’, that almost got few pupils hurt.

“But I digress. In the next few days, there will be the Pairings…. And Bridger, you better listen to me good for what I'm about to tell you.”

“I hope one of the finest trainers amongst the Masters will set her right,” Gabriel said.

“Oh, yes. I already told him and he’s been aware of the situation for the last year and a half. Pomona, I’ll tell you right now that he will NOT go easy on you for one moment during your apprenticeship. Kannas is perfect for students with a huge superiority complex such as yours.” Rhodopis said.

Gabriel added, “He’ll put her in her place and after the four years, she’ll come out a new woman. I guarantee it. Pomona, he’s not going to be pleased when he sees you, in a good way.”

Pomona said, “I can’t wait… I suppose it’s fair since he’s very powerful, I’m guessing.”

Rhodopis nodded, “Powerful, indeed. But that hardly makes him any different than the other Masters. The only critical distinction that sets apart from them is his spartan ways. Once he’s done with you, you’ll be happy he’s your master and he’ll be ecstatic for you being his student. Let’s hope you can be one of amongst his favorites.”

For once Pomona lightened her expression and said, “Do you… mean that, Headmistress?”

“Only hypothetically, Pomona. I’m trusting you with this. Danula is an excellent instructor.”

“Daughter, I’d like to have you know Kannas and I go back. He is one of the top soldiers of the Royal Guard and among the rare top students of Pontus. He used to be my sparring partner in my youth,” Rhea said, “I remember us being more than just friends for a short time.”

The girl almost widened her eyes at the new secret. “Yes, Mother.”

“Pomona, you and your family may go. And prepare yourself when you meet Lord Kannas. When you meet him, it’s going to be hell for you, so woman up!”


Pomona and her parents didn’t plan to stay long in on the festivities, but the girl took this chance to meet up with her acquaintances who were willing to tolerate her behavior.

A red-haired girl named Meredith called out when she saw her. “Pomona! What happened? What did they do to you?”

“I had a meeting with the headmistress.” the girl murmured.

The pupils looked at each as if they had “she had it coming” look.

“Wow, what did she say?” said a boy named Typhus.

“I apparently learned the identity of my master. He is Danula Kannas.”

The students looked at each other.

“My goodness, that doesn’t sound good,” Meredith said.

“I agree… I heard Lord Kannas is a pretty difficult teacher to put up with.”

“I’m in deep trouble, yes, but I’ll manage.

Typhus put a hand on Pomona's shoulder, “Well, if he’s going to be hard with you… I can only pray to Theos you’ll survive.”

“Thanks. I think.”

Typhus said, “Now that you said it… I did see Kannas in action once and well… I'm not sure I can call you lucky or unlucky.”

Pomona recoiled herself. Then her father called to her for departure. Typhus and Meredith waved at her, worried about what would happen to Pomona in the coming days.


The Pairings was considered an interesting time for graduates as they were carefully watched over by the academy's council as they had to learn and evaluate each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and attributes for them to be paired for the right master and it did take some time to get everything set up.

And unlike most graduates, Pomona was almost not excited about the occasion like she should be and it made her somewhat frustrated. Typhus and Meredith were super excited to meet their masters for the first time but Pomona felt as if she was the only one dreading the introduction of her master.

The graduates attended the school for the occasion. They were all gathered in a special arena-like auditorium that was specifically used for the Pairings proceedings.

Pomona joined with her friends on the risers, watching tentatively as everyone was gladly accepting their new Masters, the people who were standing in a few rows behind Rhodopis and the academy’s council as they called out the student roster. The Durga girl glanced at the rows of masters, wondering if hers was already present.

The list went relatively slow. The suspense really killed the girl. Her feet shook while sitting cross-legged, her upper body essentially trembled while sweat dripped from her forehead.

Calm down, Pomona! Why are you so scared?

She cringed more and more while the names were being called; it felt like something was building in her head, she was reaching a limit she couldn't hold all in anymore.

“Pomona Bridger.”

Pomona almost made a yelp but she took a deep breath and stood up. Meredith put a hand on her shoulder for reassurance. Pomona eased a little. But once she climbed down the risers, she eavesdropped quite a several whispers from the other students with her super-hearing.

“...wonder who Miss Toughness is gonna be paired with it.”

“I hope her Master clobbers her for all I care.”

“The broad has a lot coming to her from how been she's acting.”

All that anxiety decided to waltz out of Pomona's mood and her expression of nervousness was replaced with the smuggest smile she ever pulled in her life. It was appropriate too. She was getting the personal instructor who was in charge of the final stages in honing her natural abilities that were literally gifted from the gods.

These jerks are making doubts about me?! I can't wait to meet Master Kannas so I can show them all I can so be the perfect little student so I can rub it in all their faces!

The youth approached Headmistress Rhodopis, and instead of giving Pomona the usually annoyed frown she always gave when seeing the smug grin slapped on her face, Rhodopis only put on a heartfelt smirk.

Pomona almost raised an eyebrow.

The headmistress moved away from the girl as if something else was coming into view.

The doors opened from behind.

No one was there.

“What is this--” Pomona was cut mid-sentence as she was hit by twin optical blasts. She was thrown almost across the whole arena before skidding on the ground.

The students dropped their mouths, shocked at what just happened. One minute they were making fun of the school jerk, and the next they witnessed what seemed to be an unexpected, potential fight in the making. They simply didn't know what to think, but despite them knowing fully well Pomona deserved it, no one was laughing.

The girl struggled to stand.

“We have a lot of work to do, you stupid girl….” called out a man's voice.

The girl looked up at the person who spoke to her and a rare glimpse of genuine fear appeared on her face once she stared into the intimidating glare of Danula Kannas. His very complexion made him all the more threatening: long, ebony hair and dark bronze skin.

Without moving his facial expression, he said a command more intimidating than even Headmistress Rhodopis would say, “Now, get yourself up. We start your apprenticeship tomorrow morning.”

The girl couldn't believe what just happened, her smug smile was already long gone. She was staring at the most famous and the feared Master in all of Delos and from that point forward, hell already started.
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Post Chapter 1.2

Chapter 1.2

The dread of surviving the first day of tutoring with Master Kannas was probably the worst feeling the girl felt in a very long time. In fact, it was so bad that the girl had apparent difficulty to process so she ended becoming extremely angry. That anger finally manifested from the realization that she got herself handed from a higher authority for the first time. Pomona had to be sent home after the Pairings later that day and was to prepare to move into the private training grounds owned by Danu. And unsurprisingly, Pomona refused to do so. She was enraged, but Rhea and Gabriel were not having it. They had a massive argument within the Saxon family palace belonging to Gabriel only because Rhea didn’t want the nonsense happening at her own palace. In fact, that prompted Rhea to leave.

During the rest of the day and that night was filled with father and daughter screaming and yelling angrily inside and outside the palace. It eventually escalated out of control when Pomona started having a rampage. First, she destroyed her room. Holes were punched into the wall, her bed was broken in two, and the chandelier was scattered everywhere in a million pieces. She then flew out of her window and in a fit of rage she started attacking Gabriel’s palace. She screamed as she blasted at all the windows with her optic beams. She did this for several minutes until almost all the windows were reduced to shards.

Gabriel, not wanting to waste whatever ounce of energy he had left, he grabbed his daughter and held her in a deadly headlock as tight as he could while airborne. Taking a deep breath, Gabriel said very quietly while seething with deep frustration.


“AGH! Father! Let me go! You’re hurting my neck!”

“No, girl, I won’t let go. I want you to stop your foolishness and take one moment to feel how much pain you're in while I’m holding your neck. It hurts, doesn’t it?”

Gabriel spent two long minutes holding Pomona’s neck while she struggled to remove his arms off of her. The pressure against her neck wore heavily as she almost felt a bone crack.

“Father…. Please….”

This was the “it's for your own good” speech told by all parental figures since time immemorial. “Listen to me now, child…. This headlock is the start of many that you may endure when your apprenticeship starts up tomorrow. You have only mere hours to straighten yourself out until then. If not, I’ll make sure the next headlock will be the last you feel. Do you understand?!”

“Gaaagghh!! Yes, Father!”

Gabriel released his daughter and left her alone near a broken window as she tried to regain whatever sanity and dignity she had left as her father’s words lingered.


The appearance of Danu’s dojo was a large complex of interconnected outdoor halls and courtyards like any other practice ground for Durgas. Elegant, grand, and made of the hardest building material called golden micca that helped design the withstanding of a mighty Durga’s fist. The girl rubbed her sore neck from last night as she entered the gates of the dojo with her travel bag. She looked around the entrance courtyard, expecting to see Danu present for hopefully a warming welcome.

The girl called out, “Master Kannas?”



Then, there was a scream. Pomona glanced above and saw Danu darting towards her with fist first. The girl jumped out of the way while Danu released a powerful strike into the ground, forming a massive crater.

“Don't you run away Bridger. This is your first training exercise. Come at me!”


Pomona threw her bag at a safe distance and flew towards Danu with her punches. She tackled him by the waist while flying across the dojo before Danu tore her arms away from his waist and slugged her. Pomona fell to the ground, making a small crater upon impact.

“Get up!”

The girl rose up and pounced at Danu with kick ready. She attempted another punch only to be parried and received another punch in the gut. The girl stumbled while holding her midsection from the blow.

Danu held up Pomona’s head by her hair and looked at her. “How ridiculous. You can't even sustain your defenses while you're busy trying to beat your opponent. You need to improve that.”

“Yeah, yeah. Defense needs fixing. How about you slow down so I get my bearings?” Pomona said indignantly.

Danu grimaced at the impatient statement. “Come. We must go discuss the criteria.”

Pomona shrugged off the rude morning exercise and followed the man inside the dojo.


The insides of the dojo were almost like a rugged version of the training grounds at the family palaces. The room painted with red wooden walls, and etchings and murals of combat poses and scenes. Danu and Pomona were seated in the middle of the dojo while Danu was looking over the notes of Pomona’s curriculum from Pontus.

“Well, seeing that your energy-based abilities are at top notch, which is good.”

“I spent four hours a day in the energy room perfecting my blasts, extending their range, and aiming for perfect targets.”

“We'll see about that. But like I suspect, your defense needs to be tightened. I saw how you were wanting to into break into a person's face without watching your defenses. It makes your technique almost sloppy.”

Pomona said nothing, obviously getting offended, but didn't show it.

“Other than that… you're almost perfect material for being one of the top students in Pontus… but not like me.”

Pomona felt her eye twitched. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

“As for your curriculum, I'll be teaching you more advanced combat techniques, strategies and some other miscellaneous subjects. But since you think you're so good, I'm going to teach you a few things about humility.”

“Alright…. What do you want me to do?”

“I'll tell you more another time once we break into the lessons.”

“What are your guidelines?”

“Expect to get early up before the dawn.”

Pomona groaned in her head.

“And the daily lessons end until the sun reaches dusk.” Danu continued.

“Am I free to go now?”

“Yes. You may get out of my sight with your idiotic cheek.”

Pomona twisted her lips and stood up to leave.

“Oh, and Pomona?”


“Go and practice with the defense drones before noon.”

The girl cringed at the thought and went off.


The budding warrior traveled through the many courtyards of Danu’s dojo. The sections of the complex were clean and pristine yet worn from years of wear and tear from so much training. Pomona walked through the place until she bumped into a young housekeeper.

“Good morning,” she said.

“Good morning to you… where is the defense room?”

“Down on the left from the hallway behind me.”

“Thank you. Er, what's your name?”

“I'm Matine.”

“Good to meet you.”

“Likewise. Now, excuse me.”

The girl walked off and found the room with the defense droids. Pomona turned them on via the biometric scanner for them to detect a purposeful opponent. The metallic automatons were raised to Durga levels and they all came after her. She made an offensive stand before realizing a defensive stance was needed. The automatons came at her with one of throwing a punch. She blocked it with the side of her hand and blasted it away from her. The girl delivered another punch to a nearby one and crushed its head. Pomona began to sweat while trying to evade the constant barrage of punches and kicks from the training automatons. She moved her head from side to side, she would do backflips or block.

Then there was the shower of heat vision coming from the automatons. Pomona was only to block two pairs while smacking their heads together into dust.

“I HAD ENOUGH OF THIS,” Pomona said with her teeth grinding against one another as she bounced into the air and just blasted the automatons into piles of metallic ash in frustration.


Lunch at noon made Pomona realized she needed to fill an empty stomach to shrug off the embarrassing training exercise from earlier. She joined Danu at the dining table where it had a small and simple dinner of rice, beans, a big roasted turkey, and two pitchers of mead and water. Pomona raised her eyebrow, “Um, sir…”

“What is it? If you're asking about the food, I prefer my own meals from back home in Agni. And I'm sorry it's not the lavish kind of cuisine you Freyans are used to.”

Pomona munched into a turkey wing and ate her rice; they were definitely not rich in flavor like steamed eggplants with cheese sauce or wine-infused bolognese, but she almost didn't care since she hardly ate anything but a few food bars for protein before coming to the dojo.

A young servant came by with a plate holding an envelope. “Lord Kannas. A letter has arrived from the academic council.”

“Thank you, Ander.”

Pomona asked, “An academic letter?”

“It's not from Pontus, it's from Frey’s division of the Durgas Community Council.”

“What's going on, if you don't mind me asking?”

“We’re going to a meeting early tomorrow morning for an orientation so that the administrators can inform you on what they expect from you."

"And that is?"

"The council has set up tasks and small jobs from the community for all Durga apprentices and their masters to accomplish. Apprentices like you may be learning to hone your abilities and be better warriors, but you also need to learn to help others on a personal level and build up that commitment."

"So you're saying we won't be just being training in battle?"

"Yes. We will be traveling during your apprenticeship so don't get too comfortable just being in the confines of my dojo.”

“Yes, sir,” Pomona said while trying to sound interested. "So I’m assuming we’re going to skip the morning exercise tomorrow then?”

“Indeed. I don't like being late to important things. Hopefully, that's what your parents instilled in you, no?”


“Good. You are dismissed. Matine, show Pomona her new room.”


Pomona followed the servant as they walked down a hall where many guest rooms remained vacant. Matine led the girl into a rather small bedroom compared to her giant one back at both parents' palaces. The room contained a large window with satin curtains, a soft bed, and few pieces of furniture.

“Thanks, Matine. At least some part of the place feels like home--in a new way.”

“I hope it suits your needs.”

Pomona looked around the room again, to give a second thought. She smiled, “It's starting to grow on me. It feels quiet and knowing that I’m going to be fighting basically every day while staying here, I’m going to need it.”

“Certainly. I know Kannas can be very demanding of everyone who trains under him, but he does mean well. I imagine rooms like these are meant to be little havens after a long day’s worth of heavy training. Gives off an air of comfort and relaxation.”

“It's perfect. The last few days have been rough and I need to rest.”

Pomona threw herself on the bed.

Matine said, “Very well. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Okay, may I have something for my neck?”

“Yes, I’ll bring it right over.”

The girl was absolutely right, she needed to rest. The last few days wore her down and left her mentally drained without even realizing it. The graduation. The fight with Lachlan. The argument with her father that left her neck slightly sore, and her first couple hours with her terrifying instructor who she would spend the next four years with. Pomona’s head throbbed, the aftereffects of recent events came rushing to her in full swing. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep, hoping Master Kannas wouldn’t come busting in and dragging her for another training session. She could only hope.
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