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Jack Secret
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Default Perfect First - by Jack Secret (SSBBW, Romance Very Explicit Sex)

SSBBW, Romance Very Explicit Sex - a helping hand becomes much much more

Perfect First
by Jack Secret

I had worked with Val for about two years. She was one of those people that seemed to brighten anyone’s day like a sunrise. We were casual around the office more or less. We constantly had each other in stitches with some story of our lives.

That’s how it started anyway. I never had the guts to ask her out. Fear of rejection I guess. However I did have my fantasies involving her. Aside from a wealth of more noble qualities she was absolutely beautiful. Even with an ‘office-conservative’ wardrobe in the office I could see her uncountable curves in large folds and rolls. No mistake… I had it BAD for her.

Fate took a turn though and granted me a reprieve from my lack of courage. Val had a bit of misfortune it seems. A broken pipe led to a flooded house… and that led to an offer. I had plenty of room at my place and offered her to stay while the damage was undone. Honestly, it was a FRIENDLY offer to her but the idea of seeing her in less stuffy circumstances was mighty yummy.

She accepted. One Friday after work she came over with a few bags to live out of. She made herself at home and the rest…. Have at it readers.

"Oh yikes!"

I rushed back out into the living room in time to see Val clutching one of my DVD cases. She had a look of paniced embarrassment and then it hit me that she'd found my section of ‘flicks’. Living single I never thought to keep my porn seperate from my other flicks. I was strongly reconsidering that now.

"Oh no...", I groaned.

A smile and a laugh broke the tension as she said, “You’ve got good taste, mister!”

“Whatcha mean…?”, I asked embarrassingly.

“All you’ve got here is fat girl porn? Maybe I should keep looking…” she said.

I saved her a wasted search and told her I don’t have any other. “Lemme go ahead and explain a bit about me and my taste in women, Val.”.

With that I gave her the scoop of why big women are my only turn on. What did I have to loose? Thankfully my candid confessions were full of smiles and laughs which pretty well erased any uncomfortable feelings or thoughts

Val did get to call me out though. “All this time I thought you attracted to me at a ‘person’ but I’m beginning to realize now that isn’t the only attraction… or do I owe you an apology?”

“On the contrary!”, I began. “I should apologize for leaving dirty movies out in the rack. It’s just that I never thought about stashing…”.

“It’s a good thing you DIDN’T have ‘em put away actually. You’ve got what looks like REAL stuff here that isn’t that ‘circus-cheese’ I usually see… and a lot of it!”.

I waited for the payoff.

“I’m changing our plans tonight. We’re ordering pizza and watching your favorites on the rack. Perfect thing to get settled in on my first night here.” she announced.

“It’s a first for me, to say the least but if that’s your game then, well, sure!”

“HeheHE!” she giggled. “Phone please?”.

I took the phone off the end table. As she reached for it I placed my other hand on her shoulder and looked her squarely in the eyes with a pause. “Val, It was the personality. It’s important you know that from the get-go.”.

Val looked right back at me with the same intensity and sincerity. “I know Dale. I didn’t doubt it for a second. You really are a wonderful man – a classic gentleman, and I can’t believe I’m standing HERE with YOU right now.” She said and then with a smirk she added, “The fact that you’ve got a SERIOUS cock DOES sweeten the pot… Don’t get me wrong!”.

We both howled with laughter and then shared our first kiss together. Finally pulling away she asked, “Do you mind getting my bags out of the car while I order? I’m getting into a t-shirt and shorts ASAP!”.

“Like you’d have to beg or something?!” I assured her.

She knew exactly what I meant. She also knew she was teasing the hell out of me.

Returning inside I showed her to the guest bedroom and left her to change while I took the opportunity to do the same in sweats and a tee of my own.

“By the way, about 30 minutes on the pizza.” Val yelled from down the hall.

“M’kay.” I replied. Now changed I made my way back to the living room and jumped on the couch and clicked the TV to life. I mindlessly flipped through channels for a few minutes when Val stepped through the foyer.

“WOW!” Purely a male reflex reaction.

“Wow what?” she quizzed.

I genuinely was struggling to qualify my remark but the appropriate words weren’t coming. I did manage something that seemed to sum up my reaction pretty well I think. “You make a t-shirt and shorts look better than lingerie!”. I was blushing like mad, grinning ear to ear, and fighting for a throw pillow to hide my building erection.

She giggled at my words and struck an improvised model’s pose. Arched back – hand on the hip…etc. Following with a mildly devious tone said, “Glad you like it.”.

“Errr… come get comfyl” I desperately offered and I watched as the wealth of her previously hidden charms, in VERY sexy motion, came closer.

With a relaxed sigh she literally poured herself on the sofa beside me amused at my obvious gawking. Then we locked eyes again and the comical/embarrassed looks dissolved. We were perfectly aware sparks had grown to flames but neither of us acted any further. I guess we mutually wanted to let the mood take us where it may.

Val again cracked a grin and said “Okay, let’s see what we’ve got to watch on the rack shall we?”

“Be my guest. I hope you find something you like.” I quipped.

She scanned the cases and picked one out popping it into the player before returning to the couch beside me. “I’ve made an observation based on your assortment. You have a preference for BIG big girls because that’s about all I saw up there.”

I told her how my tastes started from the merely ‘plump’ and then matured into what most people label “Supersized” women. We passively watched the video displaying an attractive and quite expansive woman being serviced by two well endowed men. As we watched the scene continue Val asked me the largest woman I’d ever slept with. My ex-girlfriend had reached the 300 pound mark a few months after dating her and maintained that throughout our relationship.

“That’s ALL??” Val blurted.

I really didn’t know how to respond to that other than, “Yeahhhhhhh’.

“Honey, you don’t know what you’ve been missing! Remember, bigger is better. That is no more evident than with women! Just so happens to apply to a guy’s equipment as well.”. She bit her lip at her statement.

It was evident that I was rock hard at this point and my libido was dying to know her stats. “So what about you Val? Care to share the details with a true fan?”

She fired back, “If you share yours with me, mister!”

Fair enough I thought.

“You first… if that’s cool with you!?”. Take that pillow off of your lap first! You aren’t fooling me a bit trying to hide your hard on!” she had figured me out….

“Your nipples have been giving you away too, dear.”

We both gave a giggle and I indeed gave up the pillow as requested.

Giving a long stare at my obvious erection she finally stood up and positioned herself just in front of me and began her ‘tour’.

“I’m right at 400 pounds and as of a week ago I was 62-56-70.”.

I was now fighting to keep from attacking her. “Oh man, you are total hotness!” , was all I could come up with to speak of. I was busy devouring her with my eyes.

“I think we’re beyond the point of platonic muck, Dale. You’re more than welcome to touch as well. That’s the best part!”

I stood quickly and we immediately locked in a kiss that had our tongues dueling. I caressd every curve and fold I could put my hands on pressing and gently squeezing the deep softness of her form. The moment took hold of me and my breathing let a shaking ‘Ahhhh” escape.

That was the end of any civility.

“About that cock of yours, sir.” And she pushed me back onto the couch and removed her t-shirt and shorts. As the clothing came off the reality of her size hit me. She was deliciously supersized with the most perfect curves in all the right places. I immediately began stroking my cock while I marveled at how hot her belly looked. Two flawless folds; the bottom arching down covering her crotch. I groaned aloud and a spasm from my balls released a heavy load of pre-cum producing a sizeable wet spot in my distended shorts.

"I thought you'd approve." she smiled.

"Oh man you are so hot!" I barked.

She slid her hands up and down her expansive hourglass figure. Then with a lusty hiss she grasped her gumdrop nipples with a twist. I knew she was a confessed triple D but I had no idea! Then suddenly she dropped to her knees and practically tore my shorts off to finally expose my cock. She was as transfixed with it as I was with her. Looking into my eyes for ‘permission’ she took my cock in both hands and without hesitating sucked the head into the wetness of her mouth.

I rose to my feet and quickly coaxed her onto the bed. She slithered on her back to the pillows at the head and I followed crawling between her emmense thighs. Deep within the cleavage of her pillowy mons her pussy was flowing like a river. The need to taste her drove me wild.

I dove in face first in a circling motion until a quick flick of my tongue fell on her soaking labia.

“AHHHHHHH….” She moaned at the contact of my tongue.

I continued pressing my mouth deeper into her plush mons. I had begun pressing her belly up to allow better access when I felt her legs part further as she pulled them wide invitingly. I moaned loudly when I saw her open up in front of my eyes. With a final plunge I took hold of her ripening clit with my mouth and sucked it firmly. Her voice vibrated with a ‘uuhhhhh’ as she again flooded my mouth with a ‘microgasm’. I was lost in paradise pleasuring her.

“Stick your cock up inside me, baby,” she growled.

I was only too happy to oblige. I gave her clit one final flick of my tongue and sat up on my knees. I took only a brief moment to marvel at how incredible she looked. I stroked my cock while kneeling into position. The desire to feel the ultra-abundance of her body against me kept me on task. Easing forward I dipped the drooling head of my cock down into the divided cushion of flesh until I found my mark.

I moaned loudly when I began feeling myself slipping up into her. I savored every inch until my balls pressed firmly against her wetness. Val was lost in sensation as well. Her guttural moan as I bottomed out inside of her caused my cock to thump a generous load of seed deep inside her. She certainly noticed that and with a surprised excitement exclaimed, “OHMY…”.

My entire body was rigid with the sensation of her pussy twitching around my cock which elicited a teeth-gritted ‘GGGGRRRRR” from deep with me.

“Yeow, that was huge!” Val remarked on my release. “What do you do for an encore?”

“You’ll certainly find out soon enough I think…”, I teased.

The reality of Val’s immense size had me adjusting my position a bit to allow the deepest penetration. Now situated for the long haul I began withdrawing my cock. With only the head still nestled inside her I drove myself back in firmly. The momentum ran up her body sending her flawless curves and folds in motion. Feeling her body reacting with mine was incredible. I responded by increasing the speed of my thrusts. I continued looking down at her belly while continuing my rhythmic motions into her. The elegance of her perfect excess was reacting more and more now. The expanse would almost flatten smooth with each thrust as she moved upward only to enlarge and rise back quickly. Her two soft folds forming and expanding hotly. The lower would spill over her soft mons until finally making firm contact with my abdomin for the next thrust.

Looking up into her eyes I said, “I can’t believe how hot you look, Val.”

Her replies were barely intelligible clips. Val had both of her large nipples between her fingers twisting and pulling them lewdly. Reading my mind she gathered her large left breast in both hands and lifted it for me. I dove for her swollen nipple and sucked it in firmly before relaxing to a suckling ‘pull and release’. Her body reacted with another torrent of wetness pouring around my cock. This made the sounds of our bodies slapping together noticibly louder and our mutual ‘lust-o-meters’ jump as well.

I shifted position leaning further into her divine body. She responded by pulling each of her expansive thighs further back as well. I had no sooner began pounding her sex again when I felt her pussy deliver a rhythmic squeeze throughout the length of my cock. Then it happened again. I knew it was coming… literally. I began banging relentlessly into her all the while her voice was trembling a building, ‘ooohhh OOOOHHHH’.

It took her only seconds before she practically roared the arrival of her orgasm the moment our bodies slapped together and locked solidly. I looked down at her gorgous excess witnessed her cumming through her entire body. Seeing this woman’s flawless body writhing and quaking was the hottest thing I’d ever witnessed. My only thought was to keep doing exactly what I was doing… not matter what. I kept my motions consistant. ANYTHING to make sure this perfect feminine goddess continued her pleasure.

The only mistake was again looking down at her body at just the wrong time. I became overwhelmed with ‘her’ and I felt my own orgasm begin to rumble. “Val…? VAL..??”, I said. It was “The Question” first time lovers often run in to. WHERE TO CUM????!!!!Val felt it getting close as I did and she made it quite clear what was to be done.

“Inside me, baby? Encore?” she questioned looking for my reply.

“Oh yeah!”, I answered. I let my orgasm take control and the force and intensity of my body inside her kicked into overdrive.

I was at a feverish pace pounding forcefully into the decadent excess of her body. Feeling her belly rock back and forth against my thrusts was fantastically hot. I picked up speed and leaned further into her moments before our orgasms erupted.

As if I could have forgotten she still reminded me to cum inside of her. Growling out my last pounding thrusts she cried out, “Cumming…CUMMING… SHOOT IT! SHOOT IT!”. I slammed myself deeply inside her as her orgasm exploded snatching at my cock.

Immediately I began emptying a tremendous load deep into her gorgeous body. I just kept my cock locked inside her as her own orgasm kept the thumping of my wildly spraying seed coming in heavy steady jerks. Both of us were yelling our lungs out as we experienced the most intense orgasm either of us had ever evperienced in our lives. Looking down at her sizeable belly pressed against my lower chest knowing that my cock was thumping load after load in this goddess of a woman only increased and prolonged my orgasm.


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This story was previously included as an attachment file - now reformatted and edited it gets marquee position for a time. Warning: when we say explicit we mean explicit!

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I am SOO into this experince. Very well captured.
"VAl" is the kind of women we dream about.
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Val is indeed the kind of woman we dream about, and then have to launder the sheets afterward.
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