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Default Lose To Gain: A Diva's Story (SSBBW, WG Potion, Eating, ~XWG)

SSBBW, WG Potion, Eating, ~XWG - a wrestling Diva's scheme has expansive but unexpected results.

[Author's note: Okay this is my first post here on the Dimension's boards and my first attempt at writing a story of any kind. I was watching some old wrestling dvds and this came to my head. I hope you enjoy it. It is a SSBBW and XWG Story. As you know I wrote and made a thread with the bad version of this story a few days ago. I figured it would be good to make a new thread with the new better version. I've added more to it and made things more clear. Hope you like and don't bash it too much!

Lose To Gain: A Diva's Story

by Mental17

It had been a late night for the leggy, blond Stacy Keibler. She had once again lost to Torrie Wilson in a singles match, the second time in three weeks. Greatly discouraged, Stacy left the Independence Arena to go grab a bite to eat.

She was greatly famished after her match that February night. To make matters worse, she had skipped lunch that day. Grabbing a booth all to herself, Stacy, ordered the biggest helping of the most filling food on the menu - which happened to be at this particular restaurant a double hamburger. Polishing that off at around 12:15 she decided to retire to her Hotel room for the night before she had to hop into the airport to travel to the next venue.

This is her ongoing job, always on the road and no rest; by now she was used to it. The fame is what drives Miss Keibler each and every night she performed. Her routine until now had been never ending but that was about to start taking a huge turn - for the worse or for the better?

On the next telecast of RAW Stacy broke her losing streak by finally pinning Torrie after delivering a perfect leg drop with her 42 inch legs. Torrie was greatly upset and sought out to make Stacy pay for it dearly. But how would she do it? When would she do it? These were the questions that Torrie pondered with all night. Then she finally thought of the perfect plan!

Torrie wrote down many directions and notes on her idea and then read aloud," I am going to fatten up Stacy. That way her fan base would go way down and she would have no will to wrestle for the fans and quit! But how will I do this? Aha...I know! I am going to start Stacy on a binging diet on which she can't stop. The pill will also add the weight on even more rapidly than normal. Then we'll all see who wants to see her in a thong entering the ring. I know I wouldn't."

Torrie thought and thought then it came to her. "I am going to obtain a special drug and give it to Stacy. That'll be great. I must go out now and get one."

With that Torrie left for the evening and didn't return until 2:00 A.M. On the following day before the roster left yet another city, Torrie met up with her foe. They politely exchanged words then Torrie said,"Wow I can't believe you beat me the other night. I didn't think you had what it took to overcome me."

Stacy laughed and rebutted, "Oh yes, I am that and then some," as she continued chuckling aloud.

Torrie then thought to herself on Stacy's last words, "Yes you are that and then some. You will be a whole lot more than then some!"

The divas then parted ways to get ready to make their way to the airport and out of the city, but not before Torrie got a chance to slip the "Pill" into Stacy's bottle.

The following week on RAW, Stacy walked over to the scale in the Women's Locker Room and stepped on to await the readout which focused in on a weight of 122 pounds. Stacy sighed and then proceeded to finish fitting into her ring attire. She then exited the room and made her way to the ring.

Tonight she had a one-on-one match with Women's Champion Trish Stratus. Stacy had fought very valiantly and held her own and came close to defeating Trish, but ultimately lost the match after Stratus delivered Stratusfaction. Stacy was greatly discouraged and decided to cope with her losing streak by going for a walk around town and doing some light shopping the following day.

During her shopping escapade Stacy saw a sign and exclaimed to herself aloud, "Mmm a new restaurant! I got to check out this place before we go to Washington D.C. tomorrow. I'll come back later tonight."

Stacy then left the mall and returned to her room. At about 7:00 she felt herself growing really hungry. She went to the restaurant she had seen at the mall. The food was great, very much so that Stacy managed to eat her fill of two courses. This was a feat that she very rarely ever accomplished. The next day Stacy left out of Boston to venture her way with the WWE road crew right on schedule.

At the next venue in the afternoon, the pill's effects showed very rapidly as everyone soon discovered. While watching Stacy eat the buffet that the arena had so graciously provided to all the RAW roster Torrie couldn't help but to notice that her leggy, blond rival seemed to be extremely hungry. The hungriest she had ever been in a long time to be exact. Stacy had made four trips up and back to the serving table before she called it quits. When done, Stacy sat back and rested herself before she got up to go to the women's locker room to prepare for that night's edition of RAW.

This was the time every week that Stacy weighs herself before she dresses herself to her ring gear. Torrie then approached a fellow diva, Victoria, and told her to report back after she saw Stacy weighing herself and reading the results. Victoria obediently dashed off to the lockers, where she entered as if nothing was different at all. Victoria then glanced over to watch Stacy step onto the scale.

Stacy puzzled after the readout cleared and exclaimed, "140 pounds!? How is that possible? You mean to tell me I gained 18 pounds in two weeks!" Stacy then stormed off as Victoria stayed in the Locker Room snickering to herself who later met up with Torrie and reported that Stacy had gained 18 pounds. Torrie was delighted and grinning ear to ear hoping for Stacy to gain that weight at ten-fold.

Soon the full power of her drugging came full circle. Stacy always thought she was hungry and ate whenever she did unknowing of why it was. The next week after weighing in at 140, Stacy, had another match this time against Melina. The match went by rather fastly and with cheating being done it was imminent that Melina would win and she did after hitting Stacy with a well-placed kick to the face. Stacy went to the General Manager Eric Bishoff with a request.

"I would like some time off so I can regroup. I've been on such a bad losing streak it isn't even funny and I need to get my weight under control and go on a new diet as well. Do you think I could," she said adding some hip into her motions as she asked this request.

Eric sighed,"It can be possible but we're in too much need of you now. For the past 3 months you've been booked with matches by fans' reactions. But if you absolutely must I will allow it." Stacy jumped,"I need it! My time off will actually help the fans if I don't get off I'll become so fat I wouldn't be able to walk or wrestle." Eric let in with,"Then I will grant you 4 months for you to straighten out things."

This was the last time anyone seen Stacy for months in a wrestling ring or on a RAW telecast for that matter.

Everything was organized when Stacy had arrived at her house in Baltimore. With her rarely at her home it was usually tidy in all rooms most of the year. She felt good to be home and have not a care in the world. This lasted for a week of just lounging around and having fun.

By time the second week rolled around Stacy became serious about her eating and weight issues. She had called 3 fitness gurus on the phone and was only able to make a meeting with one of them at the local gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week.

It was the first Monday of the third week off. She had met up with her new trainer Rebecca. They started off with basic aerobics which Stacy proved to be flawless at as she bent and twisted her legs into all the formations with ease. Next came basic crunches and push-ups.
These were hard for Stacy to do as the now currently 25 extra poundage made push-ups harder than normal as her stomach hit the floor and spilled out with each up and down motion. After 2 hours of the first workout regimen Stacy was completely famished and needed to refill.

On the way home Stacy couldn't help but stop at the local diner to have a bite. She ordered and consumed a steak dinner complete with mashed potatoes and all other sides in fifteen minutes flat and ordered half a chocolate pie to herself.

It wasn't until she got the bill and left the tip that she realized she overate the limit of what the trainer had given her for a calorie guideline.

Once she arrived home, Stacy went straight to the bathroom to see her figure. Did she lose any weight, was it noticeable, or did she gain even more? Stacy walked onto her scale and awaited a reply to which the digital readout responded with a configuration of 149 pounds. Stacy's mouth gaped wide open,"I gained even more weight? What the hell is happening to me?"

After that being said Stacy stripped to her underwear in order to see the physical changes of her body. She had developed a noticeable belly peeking over her panties waistband. In the back, for the first time in her life her butt had a slight sagging to it, but she hadn't noticed in such a little gain as this.

Also a slight hint of a tiny double chin was beginning to show. After finding all this out in the mirror, Stacy redressed herself and marched off to bed for the night.

Wednesday had arrived and so did Stacy's second workout period. This time Rebecca gave Stacy much harder aerobics and stretching techniques to accomplish. This still proved to be flawless as Stacy did them in no sweat. Then the time came for the day's main exercises which happened to be once again sit-ups and pus-ups.

Stacy seemed to be even worse then the last workout in strength and basic will power to complete the exercises. By time the session ended she was completely winded and ready to eat something to build up her energy.

While on the drive home, Stacy couldn't resist stopping by the Diner again just as she had done on Monday. It was just too good to pass up. Stacy this time ordered the day's plate special: a 12 inch Sub Sandwich with chips. After completely finishing everything she just had to order a dessert.

Stacy was in the mood for chocolate pudding at the moment so she ordered a large bowl of it. After she was done eating it she made her way to pay the check which was a costly $15.68 bill. Stacy then left and made her way home.

Friday had come by now and Stacy was exhausted for some reason or another and blew off her session and stayed home to lounge around and be poolside. Suprisingly she had never noticed that her backside had become much broader in size over the past few weeks and showed as she strained her way into her bikini bottoms snugly.

By the time that lunch had come around Stacy had to venture her way back to the diner. She was absolutely hooked on eating there. Even as a little girl Stacy had always loved the old diner. Having Friday's plate special and dessert she had felt rather stuffed. This would be the first time since her drugging she felt full.

Stacy had to literally drag herself to go to the gym that following Monday for her meeting with Rebecca. Stacy felt weak to do the exercises and began to show fatigue in performing the tasks within the first half an hour. Barely being able to finish the two hour session, Stacy was definitely ready to go home to recuperate for the day.

For the first time she had been home since her time off began, Stacy made herself a dinner for herself. She had overdone it by making such large portions of the lasagna and each side dish. She had made a pie as well in which she had two slices from it.

By Tuesday Stacy had already called Rebecca and told her to cancel all her sessions for the 2 month period as she felt unable to do them anymore. Rebecca put up no argument and said she could help another client instead and told Stacy to take care.

After a while things at home were just as hectic as the workout times for our heroine. With absolutely nothing to do she found all the more time to eat. She overmade food portions for herself on purpose and made more frequent trips to the diner and by the end of the first month she had gained an astounding 120 pounds bringing her weight up to a whopping 242 pounds.

Stacy was well aware that she was getting bigger but didn't seem to mind it much as she still relaxed and ate snacks throughout the day with no incentive driving her to oppose it in any way. During her stay home she had gone clothes shopping many times to keep up with her gaining figure.

When she first arrived at home a month ago she had worn a size 8. She would be happy to still say so as she now adorned a size 24.

Things all kept to the same pace for Stacy - constantly eating, relaxing, and sleeping was basically all she ever did. She was consistent in her gains and by the end of the 2 month and a half period she'd manage to gain 280 and balloon to 402 pounds.

By this time Stacy had the will to stop and tried to workout 3 to 5 times a week to at keep up physical activity and be mobile. She kept her strength up for being such a large woman of vast dimensions that it was remarkably amazing.

She figured she would stay as huge as she was and have no need to lose weight. "I'll be the female version of Rikishi I guess ," she laughed aloud to herself one day.

Amazingly in only 3 and a half months Stacy had gained a heavy amount of weight of 421 pounds and she was just fine with it all.

Stacy's increased appetite continued for a few weeks more. At around the end of June the pill's effects had worn off leaving Stacy with her old appetite and eating habits but it had left all of it's short term effects. All 400 plus pounds remained.

Stacy had never noticed or cared of how her appearance changed until one fateful week when fellow diva Candace Michelle called Stacy a Fatass and to get out of her way or at least lose weight so she can get by. This greatly upsetted Stacy driving her to run to the Locker Room embarrassed.

Stacy knew she had became quite large in a short amount of time but only then realized how big she seemed to be as she tried to move freely around the room. She felt a lot smaller than she actually was. She waddled slowly over to the mirror to see a huge and wide image of herself. Stacy seemed shocked then was excited. Somehow, someway through all of the oppressive weight of her body, Stacy's beauty was not destroyed. If anything it added to her physique. Stacy couldn't help but to smile revealing to see her pearly, white teeth as a third chin formed.

Stacy next caressed the smooth skin of her bloated belly which hung over her waist vastly. Then the time came for Stacy to see her best assets being her 42 inch legs and her now three foot wide ass. Stacy shifted her tremendous bulk to look at her back. As she did this her backrolls folded due to the bunching of her massive paunch in front. But for how large her stomach had appeared to be her ass put it to shame. Even at a weight of 500 plus pounds Stacy still had not developed cellulite which so many women loathed.

Stacy teasingly pulled her now incredibly short skirt up to admire her rotund backside. The thong she had on was hardly visible at all. The only part that could be seen was the yellow waistband which looked like it was about to give way to that impressive 56 inch waistline she had acquired with so much weight. Last and definitely not least came Stacy's thick 42 inch legs which now resembled tree trunks of a medium sized tree. At such a huge size Stacy found it too hard to walk around making her try to waddle instead.

Stacy mastered this in a few minutes but still bumped into things as she was clumsy at being such a vast woman. Stacy waddled onto the scale with her massive legs and enormous backside thundering in motion as she positioned herself in place. The numbers went up like seconds until they began to slow down in on a readout of 543 pounds! Stacy gasped and then managed to say aloud,"Wow I've so gotten huge. Haha I think I'll use this size of mine to my advantage, I am literally going to crush my opponents. All I have to do is sit on them and they'll break in two."

After her discoveries in the Locker Room, Stacy purposely caught up to Candace and demanded to face her in a Single Match to try out her new body and to get back at being disgraced. Stacy hadn't wrestled in months but figured she would be just as good as she used to be even with weighing well over 500 pounds.

Candace strutted to the ring as she always had done and sexily posed for the soldout crowd. The crowd remained moderate through it all. It wasn't until "Legs" hit the speakers and out waddled Stacy Keibler they cheered wildly. Lillian on the mic said in great emotion, "And now the challenger hailing from Baltimore, Maryland weighing in at 543 pounds: Stacy Keibler!"

Stacy seemed to be breathing in every moment of her glory of being a celebrated SSBBW from the crowd. Upon reaching the ring, Stacy massaged her legs and then proceeded to enter the ring by bending over far enough that she could make her way through the ropes. The crowd couldn't help but to watch in awe as that magnificent heavily padded ass made it's way under the ropes.

The bell rang signaling the start of the match. Candace dashed forward only to run right into a boot to the face. Stacy dragged Candace towards the center of the ring and then waddled towards the ropes and performed a perfectly placed leg drop onto Candace's chest. Stacy landed with a sickening thud on her backside and pinned Candace one, two, three. The match lasted less than a minute - now one of the shortest matches in WWE History. Stacy skipped out of the arena towards the back with an enraged Candace laying incapacitated on the canvas.

Shortly afterward a WWE Women's Championship Tournament took place. Stacy advanced through with a breeze defeating Former Champion Trish Stratus, Candace Michelle (again), and Maria Kanellis. The final match would pit Stacy Keibler and current Champion,Torrie Wilson, at the the Summer Extravaganza: Summerslam.

Finally the night had come. Stacy was ecstatic with joy and wished deeply that she would win her match. This was the first time in months that she would wrestle against Torrie. Last time she was victorious; would she be as much so this time? Meanwhile Torrie finished prepping for her match and began to make her way to the ring.

Both Divas met up face to face in the ring. The bell sounded and the match was on. Stacy made the first move by kicking Torrie in the legs in an attempt to make Torrie unable to walk. Torrie caught on to this and began an attack of her own by slapping Stacy in the face. Stacy moved back in order to revive herself but couldn't as Torrie delivered a DDT.

Stacy fell straight down to the mat face first and stayed motionless. Torrie then brought Stacy to her feet to deliver another shot to Stacy's beautiful face. This continued most of the match. It looked as if Stacy would be sure to lose but that was not to be. Stacy felt a power come down from inside her and she stood up by herself after getting a well placed kick to the stomach.

Stacy waddled full-force towards her twiggy nemesis and performed a running butt slam. Torrie was floored instantly by getting hit by Stacy's three foot wide rear. Stacy chuckled and then proceeded to dominate the match from there on out. It wasn't until the end that proved Stacy meant business.

Stacy performed her now entitled finishing move "The Thunder Drop." Stacy bounced off the ropes swiftly and delivered a crushing blow to Torrie's abdomen with her thick thigh and massive calf. Pinning Torrie one, two, three was easy and prompted a new Champion giving Stacy Keibler her first ever reign as the WWE Women's Champion.

It was not that easy. Torrie demanded a microphone after the match while Stacy celebrated. Torrie then screamed into the mic, "You fat bottom-heavy bitch! That's my Belt! The only reason you're that size is because of me in the first place. Back in March I slipped a drug into your bottle of water that made your appetite for food increase dramatically. You have me to thank for making you that size, I was hoping that if you gained so much weight your fan base would go way down and you would have no will to wrestle anymore and quit. Boy how wrong I was, it's only added to your fans and figure. I hate myself for doing that now. I want my belt back!"

With that Torrie ran as fast as she could and attempted to knee Stacy so hard she would collapse. But that was not to be. Stacy defended before Torrie attempted to do anything of the sort. Stacy floored Torrie so hard with her hand that Torrie fell to the ring and had no power left to move. The crowd began to cheer, "Give Her Your back, Give Her Your Back, Give Her Your Back!"

Stacy couldn't ignore the fans and then did the deed of propping Torrie's motionless body against the turnbuckle. Stacy the removed her shorts to reveal to everyone her black thong panties. Stacy then shook her ass for everyone and backed it up onto Torrie's face, covering it entirely, and began to deliver the Stinkface technique. Stacy laughed out so loud that many fans heard it even without using a mic. Stacy picked up her shorts and newly won championship and waddled her way to the back.

Stacy reigned as the WWE Women's Champion for 8 months before losing it to Victoria in April of the following year. Besides reigning for such a long period, Stacy's weight ballooned as well going from 543 pounds to and even 600. No time in her life had Stacy Keibler felt so happy to be alive and this was all to the doing of a jealous Torrie Wilson. Stacy had gone from 122 to 600 in less than a year and was loving it and became one of the most popular and most heaviest Divas in Wrestling history and the most watched SSBBW on television.

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