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Default Beware of Insurance Salesmen - by Arbbwlover (~BBW, Very Explicit Sex )

~BBW, Very Explicit Sex - An insurance peddler finds a frustrated (and very marred) dominatrix irresistable

Beware of Insurance Salesmen
by Arbbwlover

I met her through work. I am an insurance salesman, and Kelly was assigned as a client. It started simply enough. I called Kelly and made an appointment to conduct an annual review of her insurance and to see if I could sell her some more. Kelly sounded pleasant on the phone and quickly agreed to a meeting, but she said it would have to be late because her husband hated insurance guys. After a little negotiation we finally settled on a Thursday night at 8:00 (her husband went to work at 7:00, but she wanted to give him some time to get away from the house.

Now honestly, I didn’t think too much about this at the time because lots of people, especially younger men, don’t like insurance guys. Anyway, I arrived at her house at the proper time. The house was small, but well kept with a meticulously manicured lawn set off by expertly tended flowerbeds. I rang the doorbell and waited. Kelly seemed to take her time answering the door so I rang again. After several more minutes Kelly opened the door. It was then I suspected that this would be more than an insurance review.

Kelly was a large girl, somewhere around 250 pounds with huge (44DD) breasts (which she proudly displayed by wearing a skin tight t–shirt), thick sexy thighs (wonderfully revealed by tight cutoff jeans), and an ample butt that I can only describe as sexy as hell.

Kelly smiled, and said, “Sorry it took so long to come to the door, I just got out of the shower and was trying to find something to wear. I hope this is ok for our meeting.”

I mumbled something about her outfit being just fine as I tried to keep her from noticing the lust that had to be evident in my eyes. You see I LOVE big women. It all started when I was about 13 and watched the next door neighbor (a big gal who weighed 300 pounds) through her bedroom window as she masturbated – which is another story for another day.

Getting back to Kelly, she was 30, but looked 21. She had a round cherub face, a beautiful smile, dark brown eyes (did I tell you I’m a sucker for brown eyed girls?), dark auburn hair, and the prettiest feet I ever saw on a woman (I noticed because she was barefoot and because I have something of a foot fetish.)

Usually I ask the client if we can sit at a table so I have room to spread my papers around, but when she suggested we sit on the couch I quickly agreed. As we sat and made some small talk, then she stood (her abundant tits just inches from my face) and asked, “I’m thirsty. I’ve been working in the yard all afternoon. Would you like something to drink? A coke? Maybe a beer?”

Now I never drink on the job, but something told me that beer was the right answer here. “Sure,” I said. “I’d love a beer.”

“Great! I’ll be right back with two beers.” She said.

As she walked to the kitchen for the beers I couldn’t take my eyes of her ass. It may have been my imagination but I swear she worked that ass just for my benefit, and it succeeded. My cock twitched and started to wake up. When she returned I stood, trying to play the gentleman. Kelly smiled and complemented me for my gentlemanly like conduct, but to be honest I was sure she knew what was going through my mind – I wanted her in bedd!

I told her a little about the insurance products I had to offer as we drank our beers, not really caring whether I made a sale or not. Kelly shifted around on the couch so her back was against one arm and her knees were pulled up to her with those big tits resting on them. Her toes were just inches away from my legs and my eyes kept slipping down to gaze at them as we talked. Kelly noticed me looking at her feet and said, “Are my feet too close to you?”

“I... I... uh, huh?” I stuttered.

“Well you keep looking at them. So, I thought they were bothering you. Should I move them?”

“Uh, no! Of course not they’re fine. Really.”

“Cool. My husband can’t stand feet. Won’t let me put them anywhere near him. Won’t rub them either, and they need rubbing so bad. I work as a nurse and I’m on my feet all day, so when I come home I have to soak them in hot water and rub them myself. Just doesn’t feel as good, you know?”

“Yes. I can see how that would be tough.” I didn’t have a clue what to say to that.

“Do you like feet?”

Uh oh. Here it comes. I could feel it. “Actually, I like feet a lot. Kinda have a fetish about them.” (To this day I don’t believe I actually told her that.)

“R-e-a-l-l-y.” She cooed. “Would it be to immodest of me to ask you to rub my feet?”

“Uh, sure. I’d be happy too.” I heard myself saying as if from a far off distance – I was almost overcome with lust.

Kelly placed her right foot on my lap and I started to rub her ankle. She purred. I let my eyes play over her foot as I massaged her ankle, instep, and made my way to her toes. Her feet were small, a little wide, but shapely. Her toes were short and a little stubby, with bright red polish on the nails. I worked my fingers between her toes, spending some time working out the tension of each little toe.

Kelly moaned, “Oh yesssss! That is lovely. I haven’t had my feet rubbed this good in years! You are wonderful.”

“Well it’s easy to rub feet as pretty as yours.” I said, feeling a little foolish at how teenage dorkish it sounded. “I think I could do this all night.”

Kelly put the left foot on my lap and said, “Well, don’t forget this one babe.”

I immediately started to massage the other foot and Kelly continued to voice her approval with low moans, and the occasional “Oh yes!” She also started to scoot down until she was almost lying on the couch with her legs outstretched. The out of the blue she started to massage my crotch with her right foot.

I stopped massaging her foot and looked down dumbfounded.

“You don’t like that?” Kelly asked, a little evil smirk on her face and lust dancing in her dark brown eyes.

Well, I couldn’t lie. “Oh yes. I like that VERY much.”

“I thought you might.”

I wasn’t the only one who liked it. My cock was growing thick and hard by the second. I am, in all modesty, fairly well endowed. Nature gave me a very thick 9 inch cock, with a huge head. Which Kelly was learning.

“Oh my.” She said. “That feels like a big one.”

I totally forgot about rubbing Kelly’s foot as she foot-fondled my straining cock through my pants, so she was soon using both feet. The sight of Kelly’s sexy feet working my cock through my slacks was so damn good that soon I was moaning and thrusting my hips.

“Mmmmmm! Somebody wants out I think."

Kelly stopped her manipulations and gave me an oder. “Take that big cock out right now.” she said with some authority.

With shaking hands I unbuckled and unzipped my pants, pulled down my fruit of the looms and let my cock out. It was completely erect. Kelly’s eyes widened as she saw it.

“Wow!” She whispered.

After looking at it for a few seconds Kelly lay back and placed her feet, one on each side of my cock and gently began to stroke it. The sensation was fantastic. So fantastic in fact that I thought I would cum at any minute.

After a while Kelly stopped stroking with both feet and, using her right foot fondled my cock from balls to head. Ever so often she would spread her toes and take my cock between her great toe and first toe and stroke it. My moans seemed to please her.
About this time I noticed her nipples were hard as darts and straining at the material of her t-shirt.

I couldn’t keep my hands away. I reached over and gently started to tweak and fondle them.

Kelly gasped a little, and then whispered. “Oh babe. I LOVE that.” Her nipples were huge, about the breadth of my little finger and at least a half-inch long. Good sucking nipples, I thought.

My attention to her nipples must have been enough to break her concentration, because Kelly’s feet lay unmoving in my lap. I had an idea. With one hand I manipulated her nipples – going from one to the other – and with the other hand I lifted her right foot to my mouth and started to kiss it.

I started with her instep, and then quickly licked my way to her toes. Kelly actually squealed when I sucked the first toe into my mouth. I worked my mouth up and down it as if it were a little dick. Kelly squirmed and moaned and squealed as I repeated my mouth play on each toe. After her right foot was thoroughly worshiped – every toe caressed, sucked and worshipped, I repeated my worship on her left foot.

Kelly was almost writhing by the time I finished with her feet. “You know, I just knew you were going to be fun. Even your voice told me you would be a great lover.” Kelly moved to sit on her knees and bent to kiss me.

Her mouth was warm and wet. She was a damn good kisser. Her tongue moved in and out of my mouth without overwhelming me. As she kissed me her hand went to my cock and she stroked it slowly. My hands went to her breasts. I caressed them and played with her taut nipples. We kissed for longer than I have kissed any woman in my life, and I loved every minute of it. Without a word, she stopped kissing me and then she bent down.

I moaned as her tongue danced over the head of my cock, then slid down my thick shaft and wet my balls.

“It’s so big.” She said as she licked and nibbled at my cock head. “I love it.” Then she slipped the head of my now throbbing cock into her mouth and my head spun.

“Ohhhhhhh yessssss! Kelly.” I moaned as she moved her mouth up and down my cock shaft. She teased my balls as she sucked me into her throat and I squirmed. I moaned. I nearly screamed.

After a while Kelly ordered me to stand before her. She sat on the couch, grabbed my ass and said, “Into my mouth you big cock maker!”

Of course I did as I was ordered. Soon my cock was thrusting deep into her throat. The feeling of my enlarged cock head slipping into such a tight space soon had me nearing orgasm. “I’m close to coming Kelly.” I warned.

She took her mouth away just long enough to say, “Good! Shoot you’re cum down my throat!”

Well, it didn’t take long. I shuddered as my balls twitched and my cum exploded in her mouth. (It was my first time to cum in a woman’s mouth.) My moaning filled the room as I slowly undulated in her mouth as my orgasm subsided.

Even though I had cum, my cock was still rock hard – something that hadn’t happened since I was a teenager. Kelly finally pulled my cock out of her mouth. A drop of cum ran down the shaft. She licked it up with an impish smile. I shuddered again – another first for me.

“Ok. As of now you are my slave. You will do as ordered. Clear?” Kelly demanded.

All I could say was, “Yes, Ma’am.”

Immediately Kelly stood before me. “Pull my shorts off, my sex slave.”

I kneeled before her and unzipped her shorts. They were very tight and took some effort to pull them down. Kelly was wearing thong panties – the front was black silk emblazoned with flames.

Kelly turned around. “Worship my ass.”

I started by kissing her big cheeks all over. Then I licked them, and then I parted her cheeks and ran my tongue up and down between her cheeks. Kelly trembled as I did so. She said, “My husband would never do that for me.”

I parted her cheeks a little more and let my tongue flick over her pucker. A tremor of shear lust ran through her, and I have to admit through me too as I tongued her ass pucker. Kelly must have really liked it because it wasn’t long before she bent over and rested her hands on her knees to give me a better shot at her ass.

I licked and licked until finally my juices ran down her legs. Then I pushed my tongue hard against her pucker. She resisted at first, and then relaxed. My tongue slipped a little way in and Kelly’s knees buckled and she feel to the floor. Panting she lay there for some time before she finally spoke. “Man! That was wonderful! I would have cum, but I couldn’t stand it anymore.

After a few more minutes rest, Kelly rolled onto her back and ordered me to stand over her. “Now, remove your clothes.”

I stripped for her, feeling a little awkward. Finally, I was naked, my cock standing at rigid attention. “Now, come down her and suck the pussy juice you caused out of my panties, then eat my pussy.”

I knelt and started to lick her panties. I must admit that this was another first for me, and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it very long. But her musty smell and my growing lust seemed to be just the motivation I need, and soon I was sucking and licking her panty crotch as if her pussy juice was the nectar of the gods.

Kelly had sat up to watch me, and talked to me as I worked. “Good boy,” she said. “That’s it - get it all, now.”

Finally, she was satisfied that I had completed my task and ordered, “Now pull my panties off and eat my pussy.”

Using only my teeth, I slipped the panties down her thick thigh (stopping to kiss and lick them as I went) then her calves, and finally her feet. When I reached her feet, I again sucked her toes before licking my way back to her pussy. Kelly has, without a doubt the prettiest pussy I have ever seen. It looked just like a rose opening up. Her lips are large and full. Her clit, like her nipples, is huge. In fact, it is so large it looks like a tiny penis. I was stunned a little and I sat back.

“I know,” she said, looking a little embarrassed. “If you don’t want to I will understand. Even my husband says it looks too much like a little dick. He never has eaten me.”

“I think it is the sexiest thing I have ever seen,” I said. And proved it by licking it.

Kelly squirmed. I licked it faster. Kelly squealed. I sucked it into my mouth and Kelly screamed. “Oh my. Oh my. Oh my.” She repeated like a mantra. I continued to suck her little penis-clit and I could feel it grow hard. Soon Kelly was thrusting her hips. I slipped a finger into her dripping pussy. Then two. Three. I was sucking her clit and finger fucking her as she moaned and screamed and humped like a woman possessed. Within minutes she was cumming. Her juices flooded over my face and I had to work to keep from drowning in them.

I continued to suck her clit until she squirmed away from me and cried. “STOP! I can’t take anymore!” Again she lay on the floor panting. A thin film of sweat glistened on her quivering lips, and a single tear ran down her cheek. “I have never had that done before. It has turned off nearly ever guy I have been with.”

“I have always fantasized about meeting a girl with a tiny penis-clit. In fact, it is one of my favorite fantasies.”

Kelly smiled. “Would you suck it some more?” She came three more times!

After she rested from her third orgasm, Kelly stood and took me by the hand and led me down the hall to a bedroom. “This is the guest room. I don’t want to make love to you in our bed because I want it to be special.”

“Ok.” I said. “Remember, I am your slave for the night.”

Kelly smiled. “Not now. I think you have become my lover.” She turned her back to me, then pulled the t-shirt over her head, unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the floor. When she turned around my jaw hit the floor. Kelly’s tits were huge!

“How big are they?” I asked

“44DD. Too big?”

“Just right,” I said as I moved to her and knelt before her. I immediately took the right nipple into my mouth and started to suck it noisily, as I fondled her left breast with one hand and slipped a finger of my free hand into her wet pussy. Kelly clearly liked having her nipples sucked, but after a while she lifted me to my feet and pulled me to the bed. Once there we started to kiss again, as passionately as on the couch, but the sensation of our naked bodies pressing against each other added a new thrill to the experience.

As we kissed I moved between her legs and slowly entered her. She stopped kissing me and arched her back as my cock slipped deep inside her. “Oh wow, YES!” she cried as I started to slowly began to move in and out of her dripping pussy (by now both of us were drenched by her love juices). She locked her legs around my thighs and matched me thrust for thrust. I continued to suckle her breasts as we lay together. After a while she asked to switch to doggie style.

There are few things I like better than being on my knees behind a big woman, with a really big ass, with my cock buried in her pussy. So of course I was glad to. I grabbed her hips and started to thrust deep inside her.

“Be careful. You’re kinda big.” she warned. I slowed my pace some and let her get used to my thick 9 inches. While I was trying to be gentle I looked around the room for the first time and noticed a large mirror over a massive oak dresser. I love to watch – myself with my penis inside someone, someone masturbating, a couple doing it, anything. I just love to watch. I looked at Kelly. Her huge tits hanging down, her ample belly a soft inverted mound sliding back and forth to the rhythm of my thrusts. Her big hips in my hand. My cock slipping in and out noisily.

She looked over and caught me looking. “I forgot about that mirror. Please don’t look.”


“Cause I’m fat.”

“You look fantastic to me. I LOVE big beautiful women. And you are the sexiest, big beautiful woman I have ever seen!”

The emotion of the moment was just too much for me. I came in a shuddering orgasm.

Later we lay there talking and fondling each other until finally she said, “You had better go. He will be home in a couple of hours and I need to straighten up and be asleep before he gets here.”

I kissed her. Dressed and started to leave. She walked me to the door. We kissed again. “Seems we didn’t get to talk insurance.”

She said. “Maybe next week. Same time?”

We meet at 8 o’clock tonight.
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Thumbs up sing the praises of natural beauty

It is stories like this that make you wish more of life could imitate art.

Nice work.
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awesome story man
well written and very sexy,
hope to see more
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