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Default I Hate My Twin VII - by Zarbon (SSBBW, Eating, Sexual Foreplay, ~XWG)

SSBBW, Eating, Sexual Foreplay, ~XWG - Supersized Jenny gets a new beau and a new vocation

I Hate My Twin VII
By Zarbon

Click here for prior installment)

Jenny soon went back to work and - to her surprise - to a pay rise. She now was getting £300 a week and still not paying for food at work or at home.

Jenny was feeling great as she began a new little project with Melanie, and she decided to 'help' fatten her up. Melanie was slightly taller then Jenny; she had blonde hair and blue eyes and used to be a goddess before Jenny bought them temptations.

Melanie was now always with Jenny, as her willing assistant. She helped Jenny up as she could no longer do it by herself and helped her about the office, getting the phone or getting food. She would stay around Jenny's sometimes as she lived quite far away, and it was nice to be with a friend instead of alone in a flat. Jenny gave her more food then she could handle, and she also made sure she wasn't going hungry herself.

Melanie didn't know what was happening at first, but she found she was getting bigger and bigger. Soon, she was taking Jenny's old gear as she gained, and this went on up until June. It was summer, and they were a lot fatter then the rest of the office, who were all over 180 lbs themselves. Melanie was up to 265 lbs. She and grown curvy, had taken a lot to her chest and was the same cup size as Jenny: EE. This made Jenny a little jealous, but at least she was making her fat, something she took great pleasure in.

Jenny herself was now 545 lbs and was a lot saggier and rounder. Her belly hung right over her sturdy knees. She was fat all over and took a lot of the new weight to her arse and gut. There had been some work done to their office, and it was now quite spacious in there. The girls loved it, Jenny the most, as her sofa was by the window, which helped in keeping her cool. Now all the girls were looking forward to their summer holiday, all six of them for two weeks in Florida.

Jenny had plenty of cash for her trip, but her mom gave her some more to tide her over. She had booked herself two seats for her large frame and brought plenty of food in her hand luggage. When they got there, they took cabs to the hotel and unpacked. Jenny was amazed: the country was made for fat people; doorways were wider and fridges were larger.

After they unpacked, Jenny got into her thong bikini, and the others got in their swimming costumes, most of which were one-pieces with sarongs. Melanie wore a thong as Jenny suggested, and they headed down to the beach, which was filled with supermodel types and very few people more then slightly chubby. They were the fattest there, and Jenny loved it as the group was stared at.

They set themselves up in the middle and went off for paddle; soon their hunger rose and they hunted for food. One of them found a place, and Jenny lay down and asked Mel to sort her out, which she did. After their meal, they went back to the hotel to sleep off their jetlag.

Jenny woke up the next day and saw all the others were up and about. She went for food and saw the cupboards and fridge groaning with food. Jenny started eating her breakfast, which went on so long it turned into brunch, too.

“So, where are we going today?” said Jenny.

“How about Disneyland?” suggested Melanie, and they all agreed.

They set off with full purses and hungry bellies. They walked around the park and stopped in at every refreshment stand they passed. The girls faded into the background, and Jenny didn't stand out as much as usual. Americans were fat, but Jenny was still one of the biggest and definitely the youngest of the fatties.

Jenny really liked Disneyland. It had lots of great food and rides, which she could fit on - well, barely, there was an incident where three attendants had to squeeze the safety belt on her, as she was so big. As they waited in line for a ride, a group of guys were behind and they all began talking, so they paired off, all except Jenny. She stood alone, eating another ice cream as she saw the girls getting all the attention.

“This guy says he likes them big,” she thought, after listening to the conversations. “Let's how he likes me,” she thought, and she waddled over to one of the guys. “Hi, I am Jenny.”

“Mark, so you girls are from England?”

“Yep, we are having a great time, loads of good food,” joked Jenny.

“Yeah, I can see you like your snacks there, tubby,” he said wobbling her belly.

“So you don't like bigger girls?” said Jenny, shocked about getting touched by a male so intimately after she had just met him.

“Well, I like shapely girls like Melanie here, but I have limits, and you are way past it, babe!”

Jenny looked dejected, turned away from him and carried on eating.

After the ride, the girls went off with their guys, and Jenny went to a nearby ice cream parlour. She sat down and started eating and didn't stop for longer then a few seconds over the next four hours, when the others found her.

“Those jerks,” said Melanie. “I don't know how they could say that to you.”

“It's okay, I don't mind,” said Jenny, eating another mouthful of ice cream. “So did you dump them?”

“Nope, they are outside.”

“You guys may as well carry on without me. I will sort myself out,” said Jenny as she carried on eating more.

“Okay, then,” they said, leaving Jenny alone again.

“How can Mel still go out with him? I will sort that out. If Melanie gets fatter, then he won't like her,” she thought to herself.

“Hey, wait, guys, I will come,” shouted Jenny, catching up slowly. “So where are we all going?”

“Maybe for something to eat then out at a club or something,” said Mark.

Jen smiled at his idea, and she went with them to a restaurant that was not too far away.

“Hey, Mel, why are you having a salad? Don't eat that to impress him,” said Jenny.

“Yeah, I want you to eat what you want,” said Mark.

“Well, okay,” she told the waitress. “I'll have the same as him…times four.”

Jenny liked the fact Mel didn't let her down, and the food soon started to arrive from the kitchen. Jenny ordered them all dessert - and then another and another. Jenny made all the girls have a five-course dessert, which put the guys off a little.

After the food they went out to a club, but Jenny didn't come because she didn't want to go out. She wanted more food, so she went somewhere cheaper and ate nearly twice as much.

The next week was spent with the girls out in the sun and Jenny showing herself off a lot. She spent the evenings, often in on her own, eating. But she got Melanie to stay more then she wanted, and she made sure Melanie ate so much she was stuffed at every possible moment. By the end of the week, Mel had gained a little, and she rolled out of her bikini. The girl planned to meet the guys on the beach, so they were all decked out in their bikinis. Jenny planned to get them full and fixed enough food to fill them all.

They began eating, and the hours passed until the guys arrived. They had been eating for five hours and were all bloated. Melanie was lying on her back with food remains all over her bloated body. It was at this point the guys ditched them and went off with thinner girls. Jenny took them all back to their room and pumped them all with yet more food.

The next week bought the same: eating on the beach and they all gained and spilled out their clothes. They all had a great time and all packed what fitted in the bags and filled the rest of the space up with their favourite American foods, as per Jenny's insistence.

They all had to go to work the day after getting back in the country. They all showed up at work, jetlagged, sunburnt and wearing too-tight clothes.

“Morning, ladies, who is up for the first load of food?” said Melanie, bulging out of her suit.

“I will go before I sit down. Be right back,” said Jenny, going right back out again and showing the others her fat arse.

“Wow, she is fat, isn't she?” said Maria.

“I know we aren't slim, but she is a whale.”

“I know it's like she is trying to get us fatter,” said Janet.

“I know I think she is taking things a bit too far with me,” said Melanie. “You all have seen how much she has fed me and how fat I have gotten from being around her.”

“Well, I didn't want to say anything, but, yeah, I noticed a while back. We all did,” said another girl.

“So what are we going to do about it? We don't want to be huge like her.”

“We'll give her taste of her own medicine,” said Melanie. “Let's fatten her up like she did me.”

“How will we do that? The office is always filled with food.”

“Just try and hold off a lot and give her more and more food.”

“Okay, let's give it a try.Wow, she is fat, and only 18 years old.”

“Hi, guys, I got as much as I can carry. So who wants?” asked Jenny.

“You know what. We are alright, Jenny. You go ahead!”

“Really? Oh well, that's your loss,” said Jenny, not wanting them to change their minds and eat her food..

“Here you go, Jenny! Here is the phone headset and a list of people you have to call. We'll take care of half of them for you so you can just relax and eat; here, have this, too,” said Melanie, giving her a sausage sandwich which she had been eating while chatting to the girls before Jenny came back with the food.

“Thanks, Mel, are you sure you don't want it?”


Jenny smiled and carried on eating while she prepared her first call. Soon somebody slipped out for more food, and the vast majority of it landed on Jenny's fat lap. The rest of the food was slowly slid over to Jenny.

The day went on, and they were all having fun - especially Jenny, who was doing little work and eating a hell of a lot. The others easily made up for her, as they weren't spending so much time eating.

Two weeks on and this carried on. Jenny found she living the high life, just taking all the food bought to her and doing next to no work and still getting paid for it. It was now July, and Jenny clocked in at 579 lbs. She took most of her new weight to her lower half, making her mobility really low. She struggled getting to the office from the car and needed two rests coming in every morning.

While she was in the office she just sat and ate; her belly flowed between her thighs and almost touched the floor. Getting up from the couch, she needed at least Mel to help her up. Also, climbing the stairs at home was too hard, so she often slept on the sofa with her full stomach. Even going to the toilet was hard because she was so fat, and the toilet was so small. She had to shower because she couldn't fit into the bath, and only did this a few times a week as standing for so long was grief.

It was now that her mom decided to help and had a few things done: first of all, a new bathroom downstairs for Jenny with a Jacuzzi to bathe in, an extra large toilet with two bars at the side so she could get her up and a huge scale so she could keep tabs on just how big she was getting. In her room was a new, king- sized, steel framed bed.

They also bought Jenny a new fridge for the kitchen because they were food shopping all the time to keep her fed. To tackle the stairs, they bought a chair lift, especially made to lift her kind of bulk. It all cost a lot, but she really needed it. With this all done, Jenny needed go shopping, as her clothes were really tight on her. She went into town in her mom's car; her mom had her seat right against the wheel to fit Jenny in the back. She waddled on to the fat girl shop and looked for some new stuff but couldn't find a lot of things in her size.

“Hey, why don't you have stuff in my size?” said Jenny, rubbing her fully exposed belly.

“Well, we cover the majority plus-sizes, but only a small percent of our customers are your size. We do have a few things, but not your style. We carry muumuus, which will fit you and that's about it.”

“You're kidding.”

“Sorry, miss.”

Jenny sighed, bought a few and got into her mom's waiting car.

“They only have muumuus that fit me, mom.”

“Well, isn't this a sign, honey?”

“Yes, it's a sign I need to buy clothes at a better shop. I will look tomorrow at work on the net,” said Jenny as they headed home.

The next day Jenny slid into her muumuu, got a few stares on the way to work and enjoyed them all.

“I have to go on the net. What can I sit on?” said Jenny, seeing she was too big for her desk chair. Janet fetched her a bench from outside and rested the mouse and keyboard on her stomach. Jenny didn't eat much that day as she was on the phone or on the net, but she eventfully found a site that catered to her size. She asked to borrow somebody's credit card and paid them back the cash afterwards. She placed a large order and couldn't wait for it to arrive next week. Once she was done, she went to the couch and started eating all the food they had gotten her.

It was the start of August and Jenny was at home on the couch eating. She completely filled it now as she now tipped the scales at 614 lbs; she was taking a few days off as getting around was getting really hard. But she loved the attention she was getting when going around in nothing more then a bra and hot pants on the high street. She was at home eating when she heard the door knock and knew it was Eve. She had gained a little and was now 125 lbs, but she was nothing more then a stick insect next to Jenny. Eve hugged her on the couch, as Jenny couldn't get up on her own. Eve then relaxed with Jenny until they were alone.

“So getting fat is working out okay, then?” Eve asked, jiggling her belly.

“Yeah, it's got good and bad bits. Bad bits are I can't get around too much. But I get to stuff myself silly with sweet food, and I get this body which I use to shock the hell out of people,” said Jenny.

“I can see that, sis. But don't you get lonely staying in like this, not meeting people?”

“Well, yeah, it's hard to pull guys when you look like this, and I can't walk for five minutes without needing a rest and a snack,” she joked.

“Come on, sis, let's go out,” said Eve. Two years ago, the roles might have been reversed, but things had changed now. Jenny was helped up to her feet. She was only wearing her bra and hot pants and planned to go out in them.

“How are we going to get into town? I can't walk and won't fit in your car,” said Jenny.

“Let's get the bus,” said Eve, which Jenny agree to. They set right off to the bus stop. Eve was under Jenny's arm to help her out a bit, but they still had to rest twice. Once it arrived, it was a struggle to get her on as the bar by the door stopped her. But with a lot of effort, she finally squeezed on.

She looked over at the seats but knew her size and knew she wouldn't fit, so she stood up by the driver. This meant people couldn't get past her without having to shuffle sideways against her massive gut. Jenny loved seeing all the skinny little people lean on her massive body when the bus moved and loved their horrified faces when their entire hands sank into her stomach. She knew she had to move and with some help got her gut lifted into the baggage compartment.

“Wow, this is fun.”

“I know you are getting a lot of looks.”

“It would be better if I could sit,” said Jenny. Once they arrived at town, Eve had to help lift her gut out of the baggage compartment. She loved the feeling of somebody's hands roaming her fat, round, soft body. She was actually quite turned on by the experience and couldn't wait to get off the bus and let them all see her. They went for a little walk around town, stopping for food whenever possible. She loved all the attention she was getting, especially after she dropped an ice cream and her bra was covered in chocolate just like her mouth, chins and tits. Jenny then spotted Jack, walking down the street on his own.

“Quickly, Eve, go and get Jack over here,” said Jenny as she couldn't exactly run across the road.

Eve went and got him over. Jack was in utter shook when he saw Jenny.

“Jenny, is that you?”

“You bet it is. Well, what do you think?”

“Well, you haven't lost much weight.”

“I know, so how do you like me now?”

“Well, I didn't like you when you were chubby. Now, you are probably the fattest person I have ever seen.”

“Come on, Jack baby, give me a hug!”

“Well, I have to be going. . .”

“Come on,” said Jenny, lunging for him, grabbing him with her fat arms and embracing him to her fat body. He wriggled free and ran off, looking horrified. Jenny smiled as they carried on walking, looking out for other people they knew.

They went around for a while longer, Jenny constantly eating the whole time. Soon Jenny was too tired to go on, and they headed for the bus. Again, Jenny tried to stand up for the trip and loved getting people pass her so close, but she was too tired of standing and with help got all of her belly weight put into the baggage compartment. She once again found herself getting really turned on by somebody else's hands holding her belly and closed her eyes and tried to imagine a man holding her fat instead of just her sister.

“Well, Jenny, if you want a man,” said Eve to Jenny as she sat eating on the couch. “If you want a man, try the website I made for you.”

“Oh, yeah, I remember that. That's when I first tried fattening you up.”

“I thought so, anyway lots of guys were really interested in you and wanted you fatter. Maybe this is the way.”

“I think you're right. How about we set up some photos or a movie or two? And then I will pick the best guy out of the lot.”

“Cool, I will get the camera. I think it's still here,” said Eve and she went off to get it. Jenny sorted out her hair and thought about cleaning herself up but thought against it as the guys might like to see her covered with food.

Eve came down and started to make the film of Jenny eating. Jenny decided to eat as fast as possible and stuffed herself for an hour when the movie time was up. Jenny then got up and did some photos; she dressed up in a few outfits and did various posses. She left Eve to sort it all out while she had something to eat.

The next day, Eve was on the computer sorting out the website telling them of Jenny's weight gain and how she wanted a man. She also publicised the site, and within a few hours they had received some e-mails. Jenny rejected lots, as the photos were of either old men or just ugly people.

It went on like this until she saw one guy: he was 18 years old and from England, too, and he looked very attractive from the picture given. So Jenny decided to meet with him. They set an appointment to meet up the very next day in town. Jenny was really excited and went off to eat some more as she was hungry as always.

The next day came, and Eve got up early to help Jenny have her breakfast, which went on for three hours. Jenny then had a bath and did her makeup, hair and then dressed in a black top, showing some belly and a pair of cut off jeans; they were both too small and made her look even fatter. The girls set off and were both excited.

Eve was going back in a few days and wanted Jenny sorted with a man before she went. They got to the bus and Jenny stood up for the whole trip, letting people grope her as they passed. When they got into town, they were early and Jenny needed a rest. They popped into a café and Jenny ate until she had to meet her date at the station. He was from Birmingham and was called Tom. They met up under the clock, and he arrived, carrying a bag and a huge box of chocolates.

“Hi,” said Jenny.

“Wow, you were not bluffing! Well, Jenny what do you want to do?”

“Well, I am off for home; see you later on, you two! And, Tom, get her home safe okay” said Eve, leaving them alone.

“So what do you want to do?” said Jenny, showing her feeling very clearly as did Tom.

“Is there somewhere we can go and chat?”

“Well, we can go back to my place. It's not too far.”


The two spotted Eve and told her they were going home so she went to the movies while they got a taxi back. It was a tight fit, but they got there. Jenny invited him in, and they sat down.

“So, want anything to eat?” said Tom.

“Yeah, bring me all the food you want. I will eat it all for you,” said Jenny.

Tom ran into the kitchen and started loading the room with food. Jen started eating, and Tom helped her by unwrapping and opening each package. Jenny ploughed her way into the mountain to Tom's boner-displaying delight.

Soon it was all gone, and Jenny was getting turned on,

“Okay, baby, hop on,” said Jenny as she took off her top. She was still in her bra, but she was showing him a lot more. Tom clambered on and started to kiss her all over. His hand started roaming around the rolls and cellulite, and both were getting really turned on.

Nothing physically happened downstairs for Jenny as her gut got in the way, but just being touched and caressed was doing it for her. Soon, Jenny was about to burst, and so was Tom when they both came. He went to go and clean himself off while Jenny recovered. She was over the moon and got even happier when he returned with more food. Tom went on to cook for her until he had to go; she kissed him from the sofa and said goodbye for now.

Tom left and Eve arrived and Jenny gave all the details. She was really happy to behaving a sex life again, even if it was little different then most people experienced. But after sex Jenny remembered she got hungry and wanted feeding, so Eve took care of her. Jenny went to sleep full that night still on the couch, legs wide open and her stomach flowing forward and resting fully on the floor.

The next day, Eve set Jenny up on the computer. They decided to go into business together: from all the responses they'd gotten they decided to get Jenny on camera 24 hours day/7 days a week.

Eve rigged it all up, while Jenny prepared to go shopping for another two cameras, one for the lounge and another for the kitchen. As Jenny sat in the Jacuzzi, she thought about how life was going and she loved it. When she was done, Eve helped her out, and she helped her get into a really tight mini-skirt and a bra top. The skirt was nothing more then a glorified belt, and most of her arse was hanging out.

Even though her arse was hanging out the skirt she didn't wear underwear and headed out with Eve to the bus stop after a quick three-hour breakfast. After a very fun bus trip, they took a long route to the computer shop, and Jenny loved all the attention. When in the shop, she let Eve sort out the camera and the programs, but she paid for it, as she was quite rich.

They spent some more time in town before going on the circuit of all the fast food places on the main high street with Jenny eating in every place. She ended up stuffed and too tired for the bus; they got a cab and went right home and Jenny carried on snacking all night while Eve sorted out the computer.

“Well, Jenny, I have sorted the camera in your room. It's just over your bed; another will be watching you on the couch and another in the kitchen, showing all the food and showing you when you eat in there. They work on a motion sensor, so they won't be on all the time, but this means the computer has to stay on all time.”

“Thanks for this, Eve. I will make sure some of the cash gets to you. You did set up the pay thing, didn't you?”

“Yeah, I did £10 a month or £30 for four months. With all responses you have been getting, I predict we will be getting very rich.”

“Cool, hey, pass me that cake,” said Jenny as she reached her chubby ringers out for the cake on the table.

The next day Eve got ready to leave and made sure Jenny was all hooked up. Jenny didn't bother to get up and go to the car but gave her a big hug and knew Eve loved her belly almost as much as she did. Jenny was also going back to work and got changed very awkwardly and headed off in her mom's car.

Jenny got into work a little late and saw loads of food waiting for her; she waved hello and sat down and started eating. This went on for the rest of the day and everybody seemed okay with the arrangement of getting food for Jenny and watching her eat it all instead of them eating it themselves and putting on more weight.

Jenny went home happy, and she got even happier when her mom took her food shopping. Jenny filled up eight trolleys of junk food, and her mom paid and took it all back to the car. Once all the food was put away and her mom went out, Jenny stripped down to her underwear and put on a show for her viewers as she began a binge lasting late into the night, leaving her painfully stuffed and regretting going so far.

Soon, September came and Jenny now topped the scales at 653lbs. She was in a new wardrobe, but it was getting painfully tight, and she gladly spent most of her days with it all unfastened and open. She was busy in the office, eating a very large amount of food when her boss walked in.

“Oh, hi boss,” said Jenny, swallowing her food. The others all worked faster and turned off the stereo.

“Yes, Jenny, I need to talk to you. Will you follow me outside?”

“Well, I need a hand getting up. Wouldn't it be easier, you telling me here?”

“Well, it should be in private. Can you guys leave, please?” said the boss to the others, who filed right out. They were all curious why 'Fatty' (her new nickname) was being singled out.

“Jenny, I have to talk to you about this,” said her boss, gesturing to her exposed stomach flopping on the floor. “Well, when one of our employees reaches a certain size, we have to stop them from working here. It has to do with health and safety to be frank. You shouldn't be working here when you're over 450lbs, and I can guess you are well over that without you weighing yourself. I am sorry, but we are going to have to let you go. A severance package will made up for you of £1000; you can finish your work here and leave at the end of the day.”

“Okay,” replied Jenny, and she carried on eating. The boss left, and the girls came back in to console her.

She hugged them all and thanked them for making it such a great working environment for her. The girls got Jenny more food then usual, and she ate at full pace for the rest of the day until her mom came and picked her up. Once she got out of the building and into the car, her mother could barely drive as Jenny's massive stomach pushed hard into her mother's back.

“Right, sweety, we will have to fix this!”

“Don't worry. It's just for this journey. I won't be going to work anymore so you won't have to drive me about ever again,” said Jenny, and her mom drove her back to the house.

Jenny started eating as soon as she got in and ate all night until she was on the verge of falling asleep. Her mom watched Jenny drifting off. In her mind, her daughter was always being too lazy to even go to bed, so with a lot of effort getting her on the chairlift (which went more slowly then usual), Jenny got to her own bed and slept better then she would have on the sofa.

She had already received £5000 this month alone, and another £1000 went to Eve for her work on the web site. Eve loved the cash, and Jenny loved the food, money and all the attention she was getting from all around the world. For the first time ever, she was being complimented about being fat and getting fatter.

[Click here for the next installment]

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