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Default Heavy Debt by JP (SSBBW, Force feeding, ~XWG)

SSBBW, Force feeding, ~XWG -not paying your dues to a bookie with connections can lead to big trouble - and we do mean big!

Heavy Debt
by JP

This is a story I planned to write in installments a few years ago, that I'm resurrecting. I added a bit more to the original story, and I hope to add some more parts to it shortly.

Joyce was in a hurry. She stumbled through her small university apartment, grabbing things almost at random and shoving them into a bag with a frantic look in her eyes. She had just gotten a phone call from a friend of hers who had only said "They're on their way," a warning which sent Joyce into this frenzy.

She grabbed a small duffel bag and just began throwing some clothes into it, and then from there various things she figured she couldn't be without. Eventually the duffel bag was getting heavy, and difficult to close so she decided that was enough as she reached for her jacket. She almost made it to the door when she realized she'd forgotten her keys.

Panic was driving her actions now as she dropped the duffel bag and ran back into her room to paw through clothes and fallen items looking for her keys. Moments of frantic searching finally revealed them. She sprinted back to the door, barely remembering to pick up her bag as she threw open the door.

There was a flash of light, as if someone had just taken her picture. It forced her to close her eyes against it, and strangely enough she felt her knees get weak, and then the bag dropped from her nerveless hand as well as the keys in her other hand. Her vision cleared only slightly and she saw some large men dressed in black in her doorway. She only saw them for a second more before everyting went black.

"We got her." she heard one of them say.

"Alright, let's get her back to the doc, he's got the operating table ready..." and then she faded out completely.

Joyce woke up much later, though she really had no concept of time, only a raging thirst and hunger. Her limbs felt weak and sluggish, and for the first ten minutes her vision was so blurred she couldn't see anything.

"She's coming around." a voice said, it filled her with dread though she didn't know why yet, her memories were still jumbled and confused.

"Water..." she tried to say, but her lips seemed stuck and her tongue was dry. She opened her mouth and croaked "Water...".

In response a straw was put to her lips and she sucked on it with all her strength, and managed to get a few gulps of water. It wasn't cold, but was some of the best water she had ever tasted.

"Go tell the boss. By tomorrow she should be ready..." she heasrd in the distance. After the thirst had been slaked she found herself sinking back into sleep again, despite the dread and uncertainty of her situation.

"...hungry?" a voice said, as if coming from far away. She managed to concentrate on the voice and it started to bring her back to consciousness, like swimming to the surface.

"Are we hungry?" the voice said again. She finally woke up completely, and though she didn't have a haze, she still couldn't quite remember everything that had happened. But yes she was hungry. She opened her eyes. The brightness was glaring at first, but her vision cleared quickly enough. Her lips were no longer gummed shut either it seemed.

Looking around she seemed to be in a hospital room of some kind, she was dressed in a flimsy gown and lying in bed under light blankets. She found the source of the voice, a young man wearing a white lab coat, lifting up trays of food, breakfast food, off of a cart and placing them on a tray for her bed. The first plate was full of scrambled eggs, smothered in cheese sauce along with a tall glass of milk.

"Where am I?" she asked. She felt some fear rousing in her, but it was mild, and she was in control.

"You're recovering from an operation and you need your strength. Here, have some breakfast." he said as he slid the wheeled bed tray over her lap. He then pushed a button for a remote control on his belt, and her bed started to tilt upwards to help her sit up.

Joyce needed little encouragement and grabbed the spoon and dug in to the rich breakfast. This wasn't the kind of breakfast she usually ate. She kept her weight at a trim 115 pounds through exercise and birdlike eating habits, but she was just too hungry right now. She forgot for the moment her questions as she spooned more of the food into her eager mouth, gratefully accepting a smaller plate from the doctor which had English muffins covered in butter. She finished the eggs at a rate that surprised her even as she placed the empty glass of milk down on the tray.

"Thank you." she said with a slight gasp of breath. "That was delicious. OK, now could you please tell me what happened?"

The doctor smiled and lifted the other plate that was on the cart, a large Belgium waffle drenched in butter, syrup and whipped cream. "Have some more, and then rest, I'll be back later and let you know what happened. OK?"

He took away the empty plate and replaced it with the other. Joyce was shaking her head and was about to say that she couldn't eat any more, when she saw that her hands were already busily cutting the waffle up into bite sized pieces. She was still hungry she guessed, and besides it looked delicious. The doctor smiled as he watched her eat, and then took the cart with some of the empty plates and left, Joyce heard the lock click when the door closed.

It didn't take her long to finish it, and when she did, she was truly full. She got the chance to look around now, and decided there was something very strange about this. The room had no window, though there was a large mirror on one side of the room. Strangely, there was no bathroom, and the door was definitely locked as she discovered when she got brave enough to try it.

The main things in the room were the bed she was in, and across from her was a flat wall panel TV. It was when she was looking for the remote that something occurred to her. She couldn't find her clothes anywhere. She'd been in a car accident once and when she woke up she was in a hospital room, and she remembered that her clothes were on the night stand.

As she began looking, it all came back to her. The phone call. The panic. The frantic search and the flash of light. When the door opened her fears were confirmed as she scurried back into bed.

The doctor returned. She still didn't know his name, but she certainly knew the man that came in with her. His name was Carlos Scapetti, the loan shark and mob boss, and unfortunately he was the man to whom she owed quite a lot of money to. He didn't have anyone else with him, though she thought she heard voices behind the door. Joyce scrambled backwards in bed but there was only one way out of the room, and the two men were in front of it.

"C-Carlos!" she stammered. "I-I was j-just coming to see you..." The youngish looking Italian man just held up a hand to signal for quiet, he looked like he was at the edge of his patience.

"Joyce, Joyce, Joyce. What am I going to do with you? Hmm? A smart, pretty college girl like you, why would you get involved in the races? Don't you know that betting's a terrible habit? I suppose it's too much to ask that you got my money."

"Carlos! I swear I can get the money! I'm totally serious!" she blurted out as tears ran down her cheeks.

"I'm totally serious too. And you ain't got a dime do you, you stupid bitch?" the impatience and anger in his voice was obvious and getting scarier by the moment.

"But...I-I can get you the money." she sobbed as he took a step forward and she shrank more into the bed,

"Well I can't wait forever you know. And when my boys found you, they had the distinct impression that you were pullin' a burn. You think you can run from me? From Crazy 8?"

She flinched when she heard that. 'Crazy 8' was his nickname among those that had been disciplined by Carlos in the past. He was known to do strange things to those that owed him money, they said that he had government scientists on his payroll that could do all kinds of things to you. She sobbed in terror now, because that must be why she was here.

"No...please!" she begged as she blubbered. He stopped at the side of her bed.

"Shut up. I know you can't get me the money, so I figured I'd work it out in trade. You're going to be workin' for me now. You owe me ten grand, and so I'm going to get my ten grand out of ya. Boys!" he said over his shoulder.

The door opened again and she saw with fear that two large men in sweat suits, the mooks she often saw with Carlos when she had gone to him for money, they came in, each pushing a cart similar to the one that the doctor had with him this morning.

One of them took a plate from it which had four thick grilled cheese sandwiches on it, he followed that up with a large steaming bowl of tomato soup and a tall glass of milk. He wheeled that next to the bed and then put into position the dining tray she had used this morning and attached it to the armrests on either side.

The other big man had gotten to the other side to make sure she didn't run from the bed. When it was attached to the handrail, she heard a click and felt something cold between her thighs and looked down and saw that a plastic bar had descended from the tray to connect to the bed, she couldn't slide down under the tray now. Both men then grabbed her shoulders and arms and held her tight.

"No stop! Let me go!" she yelled. They didn't hurt her or anything, just prevented her from squirming. The doctor then stepped up and reaching between the struggling group, he managed to find a belt or strap that seemed to be attached behind the bed frame. As he pulled it forward Joyce could see that it looked very much like a seat belt, and as he drew it across her body, from over her right shoulder to her left hip and clicked it into place, she saw that it was almost exactly like a seat belt.

He reached behind the other side of the bed and repeated the procedure with another belt, and soon she had a criss-cross of belts on her, the 'X' met just under her breasts. "OK" said the doctor, and they all let go and stepped back. "She's not going anywhere." said the doctor.

Her hands immediately flew to the locks where the belts had been connected, but she found no release button or latch, and with the tray securely fastened she wouldn't be able to squirm under it.

"Now then. Like I said, since you can't pay me in cash, we're going to work it out in trade." began Carlos.

"Carlos! I can pay you!" she sobbed.

"Shut up! You interrupt me again I ain't going to be as generous as I am now."

Joyce finally shut up, covering her mouth with her hands to prevent any more noises. "Like I said, we're going to work out a trade. You ain't got anything else to work with so we'll use you. If I make an example of you that can be worth a lot more in the long run, to keep future deadbeats in line. So here's what the deal is. You owe me 10 grand. Every pound you gain, I knock off 10 dollars."

Joyce didn't understand what he just said. Did he want her to gain weight?

"I see you're having some trouble. We're going to feed you. Every 10 pounds you gain, is one hundred less dollars you owe me."

Joyce's mouth worked up and down as she lowered her hands, she still couldn't quite grasp what he was saying. "You-you're going to..."

"Make you fat, very fat. Yeah that's right." said Carlos.

"But...that's crazy! I mean that'd be a-a-a thousand pounds!" she finally stammered.

"Hey! You got your math back. That's right, a thousand pounds." said Carlos, to the laughs and chuckles of the other men and the doctor.

"But that's crazy!" she yelled. Carlos and the rest stopped laughing as Carlos's expression got grim and hard.

"Not as crazy as 5 dollar for every pound, which is what you owe me now." he said through clenched teeth.


"You wanna go for a dollar a pound?" She covered her mouth with her hands again to keep herself silent. The men then placed the grilled cheese and tomato soup on her dinner tray, along with a large glass of milk. She stared at it is if it were full of bugs.

"Now then, don't worry about nothin' but eating. The doctor took care of you, operated for over a week, and with the kind of healing technology he's got with him, believe me that's a lot of operations. You can get as fat as we make you. You ain't gotta go to the bathroom no more, and you ain't gonna get sick again. Now start eating."

Despite her fear and the fact that she wasn't very hungry, she found herself grabbing one of the sandwiches and taking a large bite out of it. She felt similar to when she was eating this morning after the eggs, when she was eating the waffle and wasn't really hungry, like she was on autopilot.

"And we also put a little something in you to make this easier. Any time someone tells you to eat, you gotta obey." said Carlos with a huge grin.

Joyce's eyes bugged out at this, and tried as hard as she could to not put the sandwich she was holding into her mouth. Her hand didn't slow down at all, nor did she do anything but chew the tasty morsel with some relish. She tried to spit it out, to stop chewing, to prevent herself from swallowing. All she accomplished was another bite of grilled cheese, this one dipped first into the tomato soup (just how she liked it).

"Mmmph! No...wa-glumph!" was all she could say as she mechanically fed herself. She was already finished the first grilled cheese and began spooning the creamy tomato soup into her mouth. Despite the fact that she was eating on automatic pilot, she wasn't the least bit messy. Barely a crumb or drop of soup missed her mouth. The men in the room watched with admiration.

"Man boss, I like a woman that can get into a decent meal!" said one of Carlos's mooks. "My mama was like that, knew how to appreciate good cooking, made sure all my girlfriends put on a pound or two, know what I mean? Can I give her some more?"

"G'head, we need to put some meat on her bones." said Carlos. Joyce had picked up the bowl and swigged down the soup and then took the last quarter of the sandwich to sop up the remains of tomato soup. She looked up in fear when he said that.

"GULP! No! It's too much! I'm too full already!" she pleaded as Jimmy piled on two more sandwiches and then filled her bowl halfway with soup again. The other mook refilled her glass of milk and even crumbled some crackers into it for her.

"Chow down sweetie." said Jimmy, and at those words she reached forward with trembling hands and started eating again.

"Mmmm. Good stuff huh?" said the other mook as he took away the finished plates. Her eating was slowing down after she was halfway through the next grilled cheese.

"Hey, what gives? She's slowing down! Hey this ain't no vacation! Get to work honey!" she managed to finish the sandwich and take a sip or two of the soup and milk, before she finally flopped her hands down and made strange gurgling noises.

Joyce was in a state of panic, her arms just lay down at her sides, twitching and spasming as she tried to move them, meanwhile she had the sensation of choking, yet she could still breathe! She could feel the food lodged in her throat, yet could do nothing about it, not cough or spit, or throw up, but she still was somehow breathing through her nose with great panicked gasps.

"She's done for now." said the doctor as he walked forward. "Hold her arms a second boys." They both laid hands on her, but she wasn't in much of a condition to struggle, though her nose was flared and she gaped air through it with panic in her eyes.

The doctor took out a small flashlight, and tilted her head back and pulled her jaw down a little and then pointed the light into her mouth. "Take a look, here." he said backing his head out so all could see.

They leaned in and saw the she indeed was stuffed to capacity, there was milk and tomato soup pooled in the back of her throat with chunks of grilled cheese here and there, while her hands were balled into fists, and her nostrils whistled as she struggled to breathe comfortably.

"And she won't spit it out or anything, she can only swallow it."

"That's great doc." said Carlos. "That makes it real easy for us. I thought we'd have to force feed her or something. This is much better."

"Hey doc. Can she choke or anything?" said mook number 2 as he looked down her throat again.

"No. We operated on her nasal cavities and her hard palate. She has small tubes that run down from her nasal cavities, her nostrils." said the doctor seeing that neither mooks understood him. "Those tubes go straight to her lungs, and are stiff enough that they can't really be pinched closed. She'll be able to breathe while swallowing, it will just take some getting used to for her. When she's really full, she'll be packed with food up to the back of her teeth.

"Even if some food gets stuck she'll probably work it down eventually. It might be a little scary for a bit, but she'll be fine. If you're concerned just pour some vegetable oil down her throat, that should work it down. Or you could have her drink from a hose, the pressure from the water should force it down. She'll digest faster too. Her enzymes and digestive juices are stronger and work faster, and she has a more efficient digestive system all around. Her kidneys, liver and large and small intestines will absorb all the food and liquids now, they won't leave any waste at all. That will speed up the weight gain."

"I hear ya." said Carlos as he watched the show. "What if she eats too much?" he said turning to the doctor.

"She can't. Simple as that. She'll stop eating when she's completely full and wait until she gets some room again, and if there's still food there she starts again. And when I say 'full' I mean it. We turned off her gag reflex. She can't throw up, and that also means she'll eat anything edible we tell her to, regardless of the taste." said the doctor, not caring at all the effect this was having on his patient.

"Y'hear that sweetie? Y'hear that you dumb bitch? You hear how much trouble I'm goin' through for you huh?"

"Yep. Just keep her secure, put food in front of her, give her the magic words and she'll just keep on eating. She needs to sleep of course, and that's a decent time for her to put on weight. Give her a nice big meal that she can finish at one sitting and let her sleep till morning." said the doctor as he stepped back and put the flashlight back in his pocket.

"You thought of everything doc, thanks. Enjoy your new boat. We'll keep you on call OK?"

"Sure. I'll check up on her often too. I'd like to see how she progresses."

"You got it. Give us a call ahead of time that's all. Tony. Show the doc out eh?" said Carlos as they all turned to leave.

Carlos turned back from the doorway. "Hope you like the food sweetie, you got lots more coming."

Joyce could only burble a strange groan due to the fact that food was literally up to the top of her throat, not a pleasant sensation. A half hour later she managed to swallow the food in her gullet and another half hour later she finished the rest of the cold soup and grilled cheese.

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Surprisingly enough they didn't come back that night except to loosen the seat belts on her and take away the tray. They also brought a remote control for her, but didn't say a word or leave any more food, though one did pat her belly with some affection. She mainly cried herself to sleep holding her aching belly. She really didn't like the fact that she was actually rather hungry.

"Rise and shine Princess." said the mook known as Jimmy as he walked through the door. He and the other one, Tony, both came in with carts that had food and other items. Carlos came in last yawning, apparently he wasn't used to getting up so early either.

"OK honey, we got a new weekly thing here. This is Wednesday, every Wednesday we do the weigh in." Jimmy took an electric bathroom scale off of his cart and placed it on the floor. "Get up, lose the clothes. We need to weigh you."

"What? No! I'm not going to..." Joyce began. Carlos merely shifted his gaze from Joyce then to Tony and Jimmy, who both flexed their meaty hands ominously.

"These two mutts ain't exactly nurses Princess. But they get the job done, know what I mean? Why don't ya cooperate. I don't want you to get hurt, just put a few pounds on."

Tears rolled down her face as she shyly got out of bed. She stood there for a moment or two, and when Tony actually took a step forward she yelled "OK! OK! I'll do it." she sobbed again as she reached down and pulled the dress over her head. She had no underwear on, and she noticed her pubis was completely hairless.

"The doc took care of the lawn honey. Ain't gonna grow back either, it'll help later on when you start gettin' real big." said Carlos. Her hands flew between her legs and to cover her breasts. "OK honey, up on the scale. Chop-chop!"

She stepped on it tentatively, and then finally settled her full weight on it. The digital read out appeared both on the scale between her toes, and Carlos pushed a button on the remote, and it appeared the TV as well. "For later on sweetie. See? I think of everything."

The numbers stopped on 114 pounds. She was actually lighter than when she was last weighed.

"Yeah. That's what I thought. You lost some weight since we started, but we're gonna take care of that. OK Princess, you get down now, Jimmy, give her some clothes."

Jimmy handed her a light blue sweat suit and she hurriedly put it on, turning away from the leering men. The clothes were comfortable fleece, but rather loose, Joyce cried some more when she thought of how they weren't going to be loose for very long.

"Wonderful, back in bed sweetie. We got some breakfast for you. Come on! Let's go. It's gettin' cold." Carlos snapped. Joyce hopped into bed and turned to face them as they set the tray into place over her lap, attaching it to the handrails on the bed, and the bar descended between her legs. Tony pulled the belts from behind the bed and finished strapping her in.

Carlos himself moved the cart over by the bed and lifted the cloth covering it. On top of the cart was a huge steaming bowl of white mush, that smelled incredibly savory, there was also a heaping platter of fresh biscuits. Jimmy took three biscuits and put them on a plate and then began splitting them into two halves with his hands, and then slathered generous ladels of gravy over them. Finally he took a large spoon and set it into the mass of gravy which was so thick it held the spoon in place.

"Mmmm!" said Jimmy. "Biscuits and gravy! One of my favorites! Most wiseguys don't get food like this, but my Pops came from Tennesee, and this was his favorite. Almost killed him too. Dig in skinny."

Joyce couldn't help but grab the spoon and do exactly that, but to be honest she was hungry, and her mouth was watering for the hearty breakfast.

"Like I said before boss, I like a girl with a good appetite. I can get into this lemme tell you."

"Yeah I know it. You two dummies do a good job with this, and I'll keep you on it. You can lay off the leg breaking if you take good care of her. I want 20 pounds on her next week. Get me?"

Joyce gulped loudly at that, it was all she could do not to protest.

"Make it 30. I gotta head out of town for a bit. I'll be back next Wednesday, don't disappoint me."

Joyce wasn't sure if he was talking to her or the men, or all in general with that last comment. Carlos walked out after that.

"Here have some more." said Tony, putting on two more biscuits and some more gravy. "When you're done you can take a shower. I got some other clothes and things for you. Then after that we got doughnuts. From that Krispy place."

"It ain't gonna be so bad honey." said Jimmy as he put yet another biscuit on her plate. "Hell this ain't nothin' compared to what we done before. That doc can do some real freaky stuff. One guy, he made his knees bend the other way, and took off his arms and made him lean forward the whole time, like some freakin' bird. Then we sold him to some weirdoes, they said they were going to use him like a horse. That was one of the weirdest. Plus we tuned up plenty of people too, which trust me, you don't want. So just relax, and we'll bring you plenty a good stuff. Carlos wants you to eat some real nasty stuff now and then, but if you're good, that won't happen. You do what you're told, we'll try to talk the boss out of it. K?"

Joyce couldn't respond except with her eyes, but she definitely didn't want worse things to happen to her.

"When you're done, we'll let you take a shower. Don't do nothin' stupid. Right out that door is the shower, there ain't a way out, and you'll only get a chance when we say so, so don't piss us off. OK? No stupid stuff."

Joyce managed to nod. She was still eating quickly and they put the last four biscuits on her plate and poured the rest of the gravy directly from the bowl.

She slowed down twice, but didn't quite stop, it still took over an hour to finish, Jimmy and Tony played some cards while they waited.

"I'm done." she managed to gasp as she swallowed down the last spoonful, which had been in her mouth for the last ten minutes.

"Good. OK we'll clean up here, there's a bucket in the shower with stuff you need." said Tony as he started unhooking her from the bed. Her belly was noticably full, which both men smiled at.

While Tony was unhooking her, Jimmy went out the door and Joyce could see he closed another door in the hallway outside. He then opened a door directly across from her own, and she could see it was basically just a wide shower stall with a solid marble bench against one of the tiled walls. There was a shower head on a flexible hose, and she saw a bucket with soap, brushes and shampoo. There was also a towel on a towel rack.

"There ain't a lock on the door sweetie, you take more than ten minutes we come and get you, and then we take down the door and help you shower every time, get me? And like the boss said, we ain't nurses."

"Th-thank you." said Joyce as she scurried out of the room and into the shower room, and closed the door behind her.

She showered quickly, unable to not notice the bulge in her stomach from the large meal. This early on of course she didn't look any different, weight wise, but she cried some more when she realized that this was probably the last time she'd see herself at her trim state. She toweled off and put on the clothes provided her and brushed her hair quickly.

"Let's go Princess, time's up!" said Tony, just as she was finishing. She opened the door immediately after that and stepped out. Sure enough, on her tray was a box of glazed doughnuts, and she could see that there were a few more boxes waiting.

"Back in bed skinny." said Jimmy as he closed the doors behind them. She hurried back to bed, and they strapped her in again. "Hey wait a sec, lemme try this." said Jimmy right when Tony was about to tell her to start eating. "You speak French?"

Joyce looked at him with some confusion and then shook her head no.

"Mangez silvous plait." he said and gestured to the donuts. Sure enough she picked up the first one despite who full she felt and began eating it.

"See? She knew what I meant, it didn't matter if she don't speak it." Tony laughed a bit as he put another glass of milk on her tray.

She only managed to get started on the second doughnut before she stopped again, the doughnut hanging from her mouth. "OK Princess we'll check in on ya' later. Here" said Jimmy as they took the first box, and then all the rest and emptied them onto her tray "eat 'em all. Here's the remote for the TV also." he said and he put it in her hand.

"Mmmph!" was all she could manage with the doughnut hanging partially out of her mouth as the two left the room. She sighed and tried to sit back as much as she could and get comfortable. She had limited use of her hands when in eating mode, for the most part they stayed on her lap. With a bit of trying she managed to twitch her thumbs a little and start actually trying to push the buttons on the remote. After more trying she managed to turn it on and flip through the channels.

She was interrupted when the doughnut broke and fell out of her mouth and onto her lap. Her other hand immediately picked it up and put it back in her mouth, where again it stayed. She caught herself up on the news to try and figure out how long she'd actually been out, and reacquaint herself with what was happening, and then found her normal daytime talk shows and soaps. Every fifteen minutes or so she managed to stuff another doughnut down her gullet or drink a glass of milk, keeping herself constantly full for the next several hours. It wasn't until the afternoon news came on that she finally finished all the doughnuts. She was left alone though until early evening, and she actually became hungry again.

Jimmy and Tony finally returned, and despite herself, Joyce was hungry and hoped they brought something to eat. They did. They had with them an entire pan of lasagna covered in cheese and sauce, along with a basket of butter smothered garlic bread and a pitcher of milk. They could easily see that Joyce's mouth was watering at the sight and laughed a bit as they cleared off the platter used for the doughnuts.

"Looks like someone's hungry." said Jimmy as he cut the lasagna into rows and then spooned up an entire row to put on Joyce's plate, along with a large hunk of bread he tore off. "Eat up Princess." he said as he put the platter down and took the remote away from her.

"Hey put on the game." said Tony as he sat down at their table and began shuffling the deck of cards.

"Yeah, OK one sec." said Jimmy as he did a quick check on the bonds and made sure they were secure but not too tight. Joyce dug into the lasagna, and it wasn't entirely forced. Jimmy was easily able to see this.

"My Ma made that. Good huh? I should bring her here, she'd take you as a challenge. Like I said, she likes to make sure my girls had some meat on them, thinks girls today are too damn skinny." he said as he sat down and cut the cards.

"Talk to the boss." said Tony as he dealt out the cards. "He might not mind. How much weight was she supposed to gain this week?"

"What was it twenty pounds?"

"Didn't he raise it?" said Tony as he looked at his hand.

"Aww, I can't remember. I think he did. Let's not take any chances. Let's impress the boss. I say we go for fifty." They both smiled and looked over at Joyce to see her reaction. Her eyes were wide and her cheeks were full, but other than that she couldn't do much other than keep stuffing herself.

"I doubt we can do fifty." said Tony as he threw down a card.

"I bet we can." said Jimmy throwing down his own card.

"How much?" another card.

"A grand." said Jimmy throwing down again.

"Ha!, you still owe me 5 Gs" said Tony as he looked at his hand again and threw down the rest of his cards, taking the trick. "Make that five and a half now. OK, we'll do a grand."

"You got it. Y'hear that Joyce? 50 pounds by next week, otherwise it's your ass!" said Jimmy as he began shuffling the cards. Tony got up and put another heaping row of lasagna onto her plate.

Joyce finished the entire pan well after the game on TV ended, and Jimmy and Tony put on a mafia show on cable afterwards, laughing all the while as actor/mooks whacked people with abandon. When she was done they just cleared her plate and unhooked her and turned out the lights before they left. Joyce was stuffed, but the feeling wasn't too bad at all. Even though she should have been painfully full, she had a nice feeling of satiety in her as she tried to get comfortable and get some sleep.

She was woken up just a few hours later she figured by Jimmy, who also looked like he'd been sleeping.

"Wake up sweetie. I ain't takin' no chances." was all he said. She could see he had with him a gallon of milk and a few rolls of ready made cookie dough. "Get eatin'" he said simply, dumping them on the tray and starting strapping her in. She struggled just a bit, mainly because she had just woken up.

"Cut it out! None of your baloney. I ain't happy bein' up this late either." once she was strapped in he tore open the first of four rolls and poured her a glass of milk. She picked it up and literally started squeezing mouthfuls of it into her. He opened up the rest of the packages and went and sat down and got comfortable, pulling out a small silver flask which he took a sip out of.

"Get used to these sweetie. I'll be bringing these in every night this week. I ain't losin' that bet." he took another sip and slumped further into the chair, and a bit later he was snoring, while she was left to eat the super sugary cookie dough. Occasionally she'd slow down or stop due to being full, and during those minutes she managed to fall asleep for a moment or two, before she was awake again, feeding herself.

Eventually she finished it all and was able to get a bit more sleep. Early in the morning Jimmy got up and grabbed the empty cookie dough wrappers and milk and unstrapped her. She woke up again, and Jimmy told her to go back to sleep, he'd be back with breakfast in an hour or two. She just groaned and tried to do as he said.

Fortunately for Joyce, Jimmy and Tony were both a bit late for breakfast that morning. Unfortunately they decided to make up for lost time. Not being too original they started out with two dozen bagels, they were assorted flavors, and covered with a rich cream cheese spread. They didn't stick around to chat, but said they'd be back in a little with the rest. They gave her the remote, and she watched cartoons with some dread, wondering what the rest was. The bagels were very good though.

After two hours, a bit after she had finished the last bagel they returned with pizzas, lots of pizzas.

"Hey princess we're back. We figure these will help ya' out a bunch. We got 6 family size, with double dough, sauce, cheese and toppings. All of' em are supremes 'cause we didn't know what you like." said Tony as they brought in a tall stack of pizza boxes and set them on the cart. Joyce's eyes nearly bugged out of her head as she saw that.

"There's no way..." she began.

"Shut it!" snapped Jimmy as he opened the top box and set three triangle sliced pizzas directly onto her tray, sweeping the crumbs aside first. "Get eatin', I ain't in no mood."

"Whatsamatter Jimmy, ain't get no sleep?" laughed Tony. "Y'know y'ain't gonna keep that up."

Joyce barely had time to sigh at her predicament before her unwilling hands were stuffing the rich and huge slice into her mouth. It was good pizza though. Joyce was beginning to wonder about the changes made in her, because EVERYTHING seemed to taste good to her now. She couldn't be sure if it was because all of the food was good, or if they changed her or something.

For example, ordinarily she didn't like onions on a pizza, and she couldn't pick them off now even if she wanted to, but she found she didn't mind the taste at all. However she was still rather full from the bagels, and she only managed the first slice before she got that rather uncomfortable feeling of being literally stuffed to the gills. She was less panicky now when it happened though, she seemed to be getting used to it. Still she could only gape and huff air through her nose as she sat there, letting her enhanced stomach quickly digest the bagels and pizza.

Meanwhile, the mooks had brought in a pizza warmer and put the other boxes in there to keep them more fresh. They didn't stick around too long though, and just took the first pizza Joyce had started and put it on her tray, to make sure she had plenty more when she had room.

Throughout the day she kept stuffing the huge and heavy slices into her mouth, always keeping her stomach completely full. After awhile it seemed that she would digest just enough for another full slice before diving into the next one. So she wasn't just picking up a new slice and taking a bite every time she had a little more room. It was like she was adapting her eating. What did they do to her?

By late afternoon she was slowly working on the last slice when Tony walked in and without a word took a pizza out of the warmer and served it onto her tray. Joyce cried as he did so, which was a strange sound as her mouth was completely stuffed.

"Save your tears princess." he snapped. "You brought this on yourself sweetie. Ya' wanna play ya gotta pay." and he was off again, leaving her alone with the pizza.

She was finally finished with the second pizza by the time late night cable reared its ugly head. No one came in though to put a new pizza in front of her, and she was finally able to rest and sleep a bit, even though she was still strapped in. Jimmy however did come in a few hours later and dropped off four more packages of cookie dough for her and just grunted "Eat!" before he went and sat down and fell asleep. She cried softly as she snacked on the sugary dough, trying to not wake up and upset Jimmy.

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The next two days were a repeat. The mooks would leave her strapped in the whole time and just set a pizza in front of her and let her eat it all day, and set another one down when she finished it, and then Jimmy would bring a late night snack of cookie dough. Joyce felt like she was constantly full.

On Sunday they brought in the scale to see how she was doing before they served breakfast. She almost didn't mind having to get naked in front of them, as long as they were finally going to allow her to take another shower. She could see that her belly was definitely larger as she disrobed, and there was overall pudginess on her.

"Eh, look at that! She's gettin' there!" said Tony, admiring her new bulges.

"128? Shit! You need to still gain like 30 pounds!"

"Well she's on track for what the boss wants." laughed Tony. "Hey Jimmy, you might end up just like her, you keep losing to me."

"Jack off!" snarled Jimmy. "Let's see." he looked at a piece of notebook paper. "You were 114 on Wednesday, boss wants you to be...144, I need you to be...what...164. You weigh 128, that's like 36 pounds. 12 pounds a day, you better get eatin'. Hurry up and take a shower." he said handing her a towel.

She scurried out the door and headed into the shower which they left open, and there was a new set of clothes there for her, just underwear and a night shirt. The shower felt great, but she could see the changes on her much more easily. She didn't let that slow her down, remembering the warning she got a few days ago about taking too long in the shower. When she returned to the room she saw what they had waiting for her.

Pancakes, pancakes like Paul Bunyan was in town. They were the prepackaged kind, and they were microwaving a tall stack for her already, with a lot more on the way. She groaned, but she was also hungry as they strapped her in. They didn't butter the pancakes, instead they stacked them high and smothered them in syrup, before covering them with huge scoops of whipped cream.

"OK, finish the pancakes, and then we got spaghetti. I ain't losing this bet honey. You and me both ain't gettin' much sleep the next few days." she started digging into the tall stack on her tray at those words, but dreaded her immediate future.

Hours of pancakes later they finally allowed her a break of one hour to get some room. She was stuffed and dazed from the sugary mess she ate all morning and into the afternoon. The hour swept by though and before she knew it they came back in with a heaping bowl of pasta and a matching bowl of sauce and meatballs and sausages.

Jimmy cleaned up the tray and ignored the pleading look in her eyes as Tony served up a platter of spaghetti covered in sauce and meat. When it was ready he placed it on the tray in front of her.

"Parmesan?" Joyce didn't respond she could only stare at the gigantic platter of food. "Hey sweetie. You want Parmesan?"

"Huh?" she stammered.

"Parmesan! Parmesan cheese? You want some?"

"Oh...look I'm so full just give me some more time please..." Tony gave her a very light pat on the cheek, and she flinched away as if he punched her.

"You're gettin' the wrong idea about us sweetie. I want you to remember that. You don't beg us for nothin'. We're feedin' you good food, but we ain't gotta. We could just have you drink cream all day if we wanted, or maybe butter. I asked you if you wanted Parmesan on this, I'm doin' you a favor here. When I do you this favor, you answer 'yes' or 'no'. Not something else. Don't test me like that again sweetie. Now do you want Parmesan?" Joyce snuffled and blinked tears away.

"Y-yes." she finally managed. He nodded, and spooned Parmesan all over the heaping platter.

"Remember this sweetie." continued Jimmy. "Like Tony said, we're doin' you a favor, and we're goin' easy on you. Last time someone begged Tony they got a broken hand. Now get busy on this."

She sniffed and cried but dutifully ate. Jimmy and Tony sat down and put on a game as they let her eat, occasionally going to refill her plate.

"Your appetite's gettin' bigger." Tony commented as he refilled the platter a third time. It took five full platters to finish all of the spaghetti, and it was almost midnight before she finally finished, all the pasta like a lead weight in her stomach. They left her strapped in and gave her the remote again.

"See ya' in a bit." said Jimmy as he left and turned out the light. Joyce managed a short nap before Jimmy returned with more cookie dough, this time 5 rolls. She finished them all by about six in the morning and went back to sleep, again only getting a few hours.

"Rise and shine sweetie." said Tony, turning on the light to wake her up. "Today is lesson day." he said as he pushed in a cart loaded with cartons of eggs. "Just so ya' don't think we're gettin' soft on ya'. You need a little reminder of who's in charge here, and maybe appreciate a little more what we do feed ya. I got here about 8 dozen eggs. You're gonna eat all of 'em. Raw. Maybe next time you won't gimme any baloney when we got some of my Mama's spaghetti, hmmm?"

"What? I can't..." Joyce began and thought better of it. Meanwhile Tony opened up the first carton of fresh eggs and began cracking them, one after another into a tall glass, he didn't stop until the whole dozen was in there, throwing the shells into a trash can nearby.

"Here." he said, handing her the glass. "Drink up." Without hesitation she began pouring the thick and slimy mess of eggs down her throat. The glass was so huge she couldn't actually chug all the eggs down at once, so she was breathing through her nose as she did so, a really strange experience. She managed to finish it all though after less than a minute, just in time to start on the second glass full of eggs that Tony has prepared. This went much slower. She only got down a mouthful or two before she was full, and had to sit with a mouth filled with raw egg, tears running down her face. Tony didn't set up the next glass yet, but he turned on the TV and waited till it looked like she was ready for more.

Jimmy came in an hour or two later, and saw with some surprise all the eggs. "Holy cow! You actually did it!" he said to him.

Tony nodded with a big smile.

"How's she doin'?"

Tony merely pointed at the three discarded egg cartons and the half full glass on her tray. "Damn! Oh that's gotta be nasty. Is that nasty kid?" he asked Joyce.

She couldn't say anything due to the mouthful she was working on, but she nodded pathetically.

"Good, let's not have that stuff again. What's on TV?" he said sitting down.

The rest of the day was a slow and nasty one as she drank down a half dozen eggs at a time. The taste was terrible, but after awhile she got used to it. At least the eggs were fresh. They let her get some rest after the eighth dozen was finished around 8 in the evening. Jimmy came back at around 12:30 am with an armful of cookie dough and a gallon of milk. Joyce was actually eager to eat some of this though, just to get rid of the after taste she'd been savoring since this morning.

She didn't know how much she ate, only that she wasn't given a break until the morning news came on, catching a wink or two of sleep when she became too full to eat any more, before she woke herself up to stuff more into her mouth. Exhausted and with an aching stomach she finally fell asleep after the last roll, and all of the milk was gone.

She was miserable when they woke her up again in just two more hours. At least it wasn't more eggs she thought.

"Last day Princess. You better make it to 50." said Jimmy, his bloodshot eyes glittering with menace as he took the lid off the first of what looked like dozens of cans of cake frosting. He put a spoon into the first can and put it onto her tray.

It was then that something strange happened to Joyce. She reached for the frosting and started eating it, about a split second before he actually gave the command to eat. And she didn't do it willingly, it was as if her body was starting to follow commands to eat just by putting food in front of her. She hoped that they didn't notice it. It didn't look they did though, they just opened up assorted flavors of frosting and put them on her tray until she had ten of them. They also opened the gallon of milk and just put a long tube in it, and placed it in a bowl of ice for her, to make it easy to drink.

There was still more frosting on the cart for later. The sweet, rich frosting was delicious, but after the first can she was already sick of the super sweetness of it. Sick of it or no, she had to keep eating it, and was amazed at how much she managed to get down. She finished three cans before she finally stopped and was able to rest a bit.

Tony and Jimmy came in a few hours later when she only had two cans left on the tray and opened up another ten for her and they were off again. She methodically stuffed herself the rest of the day, and by evening they put the last fifteen on her tray! She felt like she was more frosting than woman by then, but she managed to eat over thirty cans of frosting.

She didn't have much hope that she'd be given a break tonight from the cookie dough, and she wasn't. She was exhausted. She'd barely slept at all the past few days, and she seemed always stuffed to her fullest. Jimmy didn't say anything except "You think this is bad sweetie, you ain't seen anything if I lose that bet tomorrow." as he gave her more cookie dough. She ate all night again, and into the morning, given no respite until Carlos actually walked into the room!

Jimmy was sleeping on the chair, he'd merely opened eight packages of cookie dough and put them on her tray before going to sleep. Carlos was followed in by Tony and he saw Joyce with a tray full of empty cookie dough rolls and a half empty one in her hands and a mouthful of dough.

He looked over at Jimmy with some annoyance, and then kicked his foot. "Hey! You snoring mook! Wake up!". Jimmy snorted and saw it was Carlos and then jumped out of the chair.

"Boss! You're here!" he stammered. Tony chuckled and got a dirty look from Jimmy.

"Yeah, Tony came and picked me up. You been puttin' some meat on skinny over here?" he said, jerking a thumb at Joyce who managed to choke down another mouthful even as she shrank away as far as she could from Carlos.

"You know it boss!"

"Good. Tony told me about the bet. You win, I'll match what Tony gives up." he said and nodded back to Tony. Tony left the room and came back with the scale. "Let's get this over with, when she's done with that we'll weigh her."

"Thanks boss, that's nice of ya.". They all sat down and watched as she ate, Jimmy removed the one remaining roll of it left along with the other discarded rolls. She was done in another 20 minutes, she had all of the dough in her mouth at any rate, it would be another ten minutes before she swallowed it.

"OK, unhook her. Let's get this going. I got a maid coming in to clean this place, when she's done being weighed she can take a good long shower, the maid don't need to see her and get no ideas."

Jimmy and Tony began unhooking her, and both men couldn't help but notice that the restraints were all rather snug on her, as was the nightshirt. She was no doubt quite a bit larger than when she started only last week. They finally had her unhooked from the bed, and helped her to stand, she was stiff from being in bed for three days and nights straight.

She felt very heavy and bloated, worse than any time she was having her period or anything like that. Every step was ponderous and slow, and her arms were heavy as she slipped out of her night shirt and panties, with help from the boys, so tired and full she didn't care about her nakedness. They all whistled appreciatively at the changes in her figure. Her belly surged forward, her breasts were definitely bigger, her ass had formed a roll that rested on the backs of her thighs, and her thighs were thicker.

Tears rolled down her eyes when she realized she couldn't see her feet for the large and stuffed belly she now had as they guided her onto the scale. She pressed her hand onto her stomach to push it down a bit and she leaned forward to see how much she weighed, as curious as the men who had taken her life from her.

"Aw craminey!" exclaimed Tony.

"Ha! Told you!" crowed Jimmy.

"I'll be!" said Carlos. "Good work boys." the digital read out on the scale read 168. She'd gained 54 pounds in only a week. "I'll let the doc know. OK boys you got the job. I want at least 50 pounds a week on her from now on. OK. I got other business to take care of. Let her get cleaned up and let the maid clean the room." said Carlos handing Jimmy a large stack of hundred dollar bills.

"Thank you boss." said Jimmy. Tony made a 'come here' gesture, and Jimmy handed it over to him. "Ha! Only three grand now right?"

"I'll check my notes, but yeah something like that. OK Princess. Get cleaned up and take your time. We'll let you know when you can come out."

Joyce flopped onto the bench and turned on the hot water, finally swallowing the last bite of cookie dough. She got a good long look at herself in the mirror also as she washed herself. Her skin was soft and smooth once cleaned, and there were no stretch marks. Her face was plumper, no doubt, but also with more dimples. Her breasts were fuller, and if not for the fact of her ponderous belly would have been quite remarkable.

She tried to think of what it would be like eventuaslly, but mainly though she wanted to sleep. She heard voices outside, a woman's voice as she was given instructions to clean the room. Joyce briefly entertained ideas of running out there and asking for help, but figured that would just get the maid in danger as well.

She put on her new clothes, these were obviously taken from the plus-size department, and they were a little loose on her, but she knew that wouldn't last too long. Eventually there was a knock on the door, and Tony said she could come out. Joyce did so, and scurried to the bed, which had fresh sheets on it, and didn't make a peep as they strapped her in again, adjusting the belts a bit for her comfort and girth.

"OK!" said Jimmy, obviously happy for winning the bet, Tony was still scowling. "Let's get busy!" Joyce groaned when she saw the bags of newly purchased fast food, enough for a college frat party.

The days were dreadful and packed with more food than she imagined possible. They stopped strapping her into the bed, under the strict rule that she never dare disobey; this small comfort was greatly appreciated by Joyce. While strapped in she couldn’t shift around in the bed as much to get comfortable. Besides, she knew she wasn’t going anywhere, and the tray was starting to actually rest on her belly.

The mooks had to adjust the bed so that it was lower, and they no longer attached the pole between her legs any more either. They had to maintain the same manic pace they did the week before, but this time both Jimmy and Tony were working extra hard to make sure she met it. They would switch off on the night shift so that they could get more sleep. Joyce wished she could get the same consideration.

During the day it was fast food by the bag, and the evening often brought some kind of homemade dinner by either Jimmy’s mother or Tony’s wife. Joyce didn’t want to say it, but Tony’s wife was the better cook, though it looked like Jimmy’s Mom had an easier handle on portion control. Tony’s meals often were supplemented by fast food or snacks, while Jimmy’s were huge main courses.

At night they tried different foods, not just the cookie dough, but they always tried to keep it simple, and usually they would leave enough there to keep her busy all night so they wouldn’t have to stick around. Sleep was fast becoming a luxury, a reward when Tony and Jimmy thought she did a good job. She was allowed to clean herself every other day, and the maid service came on those days. As before she had to wait in the shower while she cleaned, with Tony just outside the door.

The second week went very well, if one could call it that. She didn’t see Carlos all week, which was good as far as she was concerned. He just came in briefly to see the weigh in. She gained another 55 pounds, bringing her up to 223. She was officially fat she decided now that she over two hundred pounds.

Her belly was tight and protruding, fat drooping off it as wee as her widened thighs. Her breasts were larger, but weren’t keeping up with the pace, so it kind of looked like she had ‘man-boobs’ like her fat uncle, who insisted on taking his shirt off at almost every opportunity. Her widened thighs tapered to narrow ankles and feet, while her arms had become flabby and pale. Carlos merely said, ‘Good job’. And left without further comment, he must have been a busy mobster thought Joyce.

It was the third week that got her into trouble though, and not because of the pace she ate. The idea came after they left her with so many cookie dough wrappers, and from the afternoon’s gorging she had some ketchup packages.

The next day she took her shower and waited with baited breath as she heard the maid arrive and clean the room. The hour went by agonizingly slow as she wondered if she’d find the wrapper that she hid under the bed, it simply said in dark red ketchup “Kidnapped, help”. The whole time she dared not say anything, almost even forgetting to take a shower.

Finally the door opened and she was ushered back into the room. Tony and Jimmy didn’t say anything, they merely pointed to the bed, no different than before. It was when they put the straps on again that she began to sweat bullets, but she tried to pretend that nothing was amiss. The straps were tight, they adjusted them for her larger size since the last time they were, but they still dug into her unpleasantly, and the rod from the tray barely reached the bed this time.

Once she was all strapped in she waited, as if nothing was amiss, waiting for her next meal. The two looked at each other and sighed. Both reached into their pockets. Jimmy pulled out a cell phone and hit speed dial. Tony pulled out a wrapper that was folded in his pocket, which he unfolded and showed to her. Her wrapper with its literal scarlet letters spelled out her guilt as she whimpered and tears rolled down her eyes.

“Carlos, it’s Jimmy. She tried to pass the maid a message. You were right, we got her strapped in. OK, we’ll keep her like this till you get here. You’re bringing the Doc? OK, alright see ya.”

Tony just looked at her almost sadly. “We thought you might try something like this sweetie. Me and Jimmy might look dumb, but we ain’t. We hired a maid that can’t read and only speaks Polish. Dumb…just…just dumb.” Tony said, shaking his head, Jimmy joining in.

Joyce just lay there and sobbed, her hands almost unable to reach her eyes due to her weight and the straps.

The doctor arrived first, he seemed a bit cheerful at first, but like the parent who comes home to a naughty child, he soon took on the mood of Tony and Jimmy. “What’s going on” he finally asked.

“She tried to slip a message to the maid.” Said Tony, showing him the wrapper. The doctor winced when he saw it.

“Ouch!” he finally said.

“Yeah, no kidding.” Agreed Jimmy. “Carlos expected this, just wasn’t sure when. Everyone gets desperate, and he understands that, but it still pisses him off. Not sure what he’s gonna do.”

They waited quietly, as the Doctor did a cursory exam of Joyce, poking her and pinching her approvingly. “Well the procedure obviously works. Any problems? She refuse to eat? Vomit? Choke? She have to use the bathroom at all?”

“Nope. In fact she’s been eating without us giving her the words now. We just put the food down and she digs in.” said Tony.

“Good. Her mind is becoming accustomed to the schedule and the commands, she’s basically just anticipating the commands and starting ahead of it. Makes things easier. Well that's good."

They continued to wait in silence, when Jimmy finally mused aloud. "Wonder what Carlos is gonna do."

"I'll tell you what I'm gonna do." said Carlos, walking in behind them unexpectedly.

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All of them, the mooks included, jumped at that. Carlos was in a jumpsuit and handed a phone off to Tony. "Give Al a call and...you know what." said Carlos, taking care of a little business first it seemed. Tony walked out of earshot of everybody as Carlos regarded the captive Joyce, his stare boring holes in her it seemed. She shrank against the bonds, but there was nowhere to go and nothing to do.

"We kinda thought you might try something like this Joyce. The main question was when. We figured it might be earlier when you were still desperate you know? But here you were layin' in the weeds, trying to get our guard down with good behavior. Stupid. You don't wanna know what I've done to people that try to cross me like you just did."

"Carlos I'm sorry..." cried Joyce. He just held up his hand for silence, and despite her frantic desperation, she somehow managed to choke on her sobs.

"You're lucky I invested so much into you, that I ain't just gonna just throw you away. You just stepped up the program a bit, Hey Doc. Remember that first option we talked about?" The doctor stood there a few seconds, not realizing he'd been addressed until Jim nudged him and pointed at Carlos.

"What? Option? Oh yes! I remember that." he finally said, Carlos and Jimmy rolled their eyes.

"Can we still do that for a bit?"

"Sure. I've got what we need in the car, I'll go get it and we can get started." he said, and then excused himself. They waited in silence, with Joyce trying to stifle her sobs into her flabby shoulder as Tony returned from his phone call. Minutes later the doctor returned with a box of latex disposable gloves and a jar of cream. "She'll need to have her top removed." Carlos pointed at her and his boys approached immediately. Joyce's arms flew to cross her chest, but she stopped of her own accord so as not to upset them any further. They unhooked the straps that were holding her down and helped her remove her top, she wore no bra, and so her breasts flopped and lay on her pudgy and fattened belly. She had gotten a bit used to being naked in front of them, but it was still a bit of a painful experience to be so exposed and so changed.

"Now" continued the doctor, he had put the gloves on and left the box on the table and was opening the jar of cream. "Every day, you want to smear a good amount on the affected area, make sure every part is covered, it doesn't have to be an even coat, if one side gets a bit more that's fine. Just make sure you cover everything, and always wear the gloves! You don't want any getting on your own skin." the doctor approached and began smearing the cream onto Joyce's breasts with clinical speed and efficiency. The cream wasn't cold, but she gasped at the sensation, it felt similar to vapor rub, her breasts felt like they were drawing in cool air. "Leave the straps off of her so it doesn't rub off. That might mean one of you has to stay with her all the time. The stuff absorbs completely in around 18-20 hours. Basically put it on in the morning before you start feeding her."

"What's it do doc?" asked Jimmy. The doctor first looked at Carlos, who nodded, and then he went back to work smearing the cream, this time to the left breast now that the right was covered.

"It will draw all the accumulating fat to the covered areas. As she eats only her breasts are going to get bigger. If you keep her on the pace you have her on now, and use the cream during that time, her breasts will be pretty huge."

"We're upping the pace." said Carlos. "I want 75 pounds this week. And now it's a dollar a pound you owe me. I'm even thinking of adding interest." Joyce gasped again, and the rest of the assembled whistled through their teeth at that. The doctor seemed to finish, Joyce's pale breasts were slick and covered with the white cream, her breasts tingling from the sensation.

"Well, if you need to tie her down, you can always put the straps at her wrists and bring those down the side." Suggested the doctor as he stared at Joyce who seemed to desperate to wipe the stuff off now.

"No, she'll hold still, if she knows whats good for her. How much did she weigh?"

"Well the last time we weighed her was a few days ago, she was 223, so I figure maybe...240, 250?"

"I want 300 at least by the next weigh in. And it's gonna all be in your tits sweetie. You disappoint me, you don't wanna know what I'm gonna do next. get goin'. Doc, sorry to bother you like this, but thanks for stopping by." he clapped his hand on the doctor's shoulder and walked him out as he snapped off his gloves and threw them away. Meanwhile the boys began bringing in box after box of donuts, all of them the Boston creme variety.

(Continued in post 8 of this thread)

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Tsap has said some nice things

Wow! I have waited this idea to emerge a loo-ong time!

How about a little more descriptions of the differences Joyce experiences in her ability to move? It always gives me vibes when a girl finds out she is changing and especially those situations where intended act of running or jumping (giving the jailers a kick perhaps) is reduced to a mere helpless effort are especiallly precious.
Can't wait till I see more of this superb story. Yours, Tsap

PS: Please please avoid extreme BE, I just loved the mention of uncle's man-boobs. Appears I am one of those who appreciate pear-shape
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Glad you're liking it. I liked this story a lot too, my biggest problem with installment stories is that I lose momentum.

As for your request...I make no promises. Especially when I write installment stories, I just kind of go where the story takes me. I can't always predict what will happen next.

I should have more soon.
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Thanks for continuing the story, what a great Christmas present. I love how it's going so far and look forward to Joyce unwillingly adding to her chest and everywhere else.

Great Job!

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Joyce couldn't even count the boxes they brought in, due to the amount of them plus her own shock after this turn of events. She tried to stifle her crying as they set the first box on the tray and opened it. Just as the doctor had said, she didn't wait for the command, but found her hands reaching for one of the dozen Boston creme doughnuts, with many more to follow.

Jimmy and Tony meanwhile brought in still more boxes of doughnuts, making neat stacks of them by the table where they usually played cards. Once that was done they proceeded to do just that, playing some Gin and turning on the TV. They didn't need to do much to monitor her progress. They could easily see and hear her gobbling the doughnuts at a manic pace. About the only thing they did was to open a carton of whole cream for her to drink, and she saw they had many more cartons stored away in the refrigerator that had been installed a few days ago. Nothing was said between them, Joyce felt that she had really broken up the small bit of trust that had been built up over the past few weeks and she felt it was best to be on her guard and do what they said.

She was into the third box of doughnuts before she finally had to stop and make some room, her mouth crammed with half of a doughnut. This was a marked improvement from the first time she'd been fed doughnuts, she hadn't even finished the first box before she stopped then.

"Yeah she's definitely gotten better at this." remarked Jimmy to Tony as they straightened up a bit. Joyce's breasts still tingled and were cold from the cream as she waited for more doughnuts to be placed on her tray while she digested what she already consumed.

"Thought we had something Joyce. Y'know? A little trust and shit. Then you fuckin' do this." muttered Tony. "Believe me you're gettin' off easy. Carlos don't always let his victims live to regret crossing him. You better straighten your fat ass out now, or me and Jimmy are gonna need a frickin' crane to take you to the quarry. Get me?"

Joyce could only snuffle and snort as her mouth was still too full to say anything. They went back to playing cards, and a few minutes later Joyce was able to swallow the doughnut and start on the next one.

By the time they gave her a break to sleep a bit it was around 11 in the evening. The cream had been absorbed and she was miserably full. By her count she had eaten 11 boxes of doughnuts and 7 cartons of that heavy cream. There were still some boxes left, and they put these all on her tray for her as a 'midnight snack' and let her sleep a bit. They left behind a phone for her, and told her not to get any ideas that it only received calls. They'd call her in a few hours to tell her to eat more, and she better take their call.

She slept miserably, her breasts feeling swollen and aching. She didn't dream much before she heard the phone ring and snapped awake. Joyce almost had a heart attack when she nearly dropped the phone as she fumbled for it.

"Hello! Yes I'm awake!" she said as she unfolded it and brought it to her cheek.

"Good. They better all be done when we get there in the morning." said Jimmy in a tired voice.

"O-OK." she said, but he had already hung up. She stared at the pile of doughnuts, it looked like maybe 3 or 4 boxes left and sighed and got eating again. She would 'shut down' as she called it when she was so full she couldn't eat another bite, and she might manage a few winks of sleep then before she'd wake up with a sudden urge for more doughnuts, and begin cramming her mouth again.

She surprised herself that she actually managed to finish them all well before dawn and could get some decent sleep before they'd arrive. If only her breasts would stop aching so much...

"Rise and shine sweetie...Whoah!" yelled Tony as he walked in with an armload of bags of food. Joyce blinked and then woke up, he hands going to her breasts to explore the soreness and tenderness she felt. She gasped in shock, just like Tony at what she found. Her breasts had become like balloons! They were swollen and shiny and as big around as inflated punching balloons! Her nipples were so tender she thought they'd burst, and she could barely see over them. She turned to Tony in desperation who had put down the bags and was pulling out his cell phone.

"This ain't right, I'm callin' the doc." said Tony as Jimmy walked in.

"Holy boobs!" was all Jimmy said as he unloaded his armful of food. Joyce could only gasp and gape at the sheer size of her breasts, not to mention the weight and tightness of them!

"Doc! It's Tony. I gotta talk to ya', get somewhere private." Tony waited a few moments while Jimmy stepped up and gingerly poked one of her bursting melons, as Joyce winced and whimpered.

"They hurt kid?" he asked poking again. She nodded pathetically. Jimmy stopped poking her and just stared in awe at the biggest pair he'd ever seen.

"OK Doc, we're at 'the patient' and she's frickin huge! They're like balloons! And she says they hurt. Here take a look, I'm gonna send you a picture. Make sure you delete it when you're through. Jimmy? Get out of the picture and cover her face." Carlos had trained them well in avoiding casual mistakes about leaving evidence. Jimmy stepped aside and took Joyce's pillow out from behind her head and held it in front of her face. "Put your hands down Joyce." said Tony as he pointed the phone at her and took a picture, then hit the send button on his phone.

Once it was done Jimmy gave her the pillow back and went back to the bags of food and started unloading them, it looked like ice cream, cookie dough and frosting.

"What are you doing?" both Joyce and Tony asked in unison.

"Gettin' her ready for breakfast. Whaddaya' think?" said Jimmy.

"Wait...we gotta check this out. Let the Doc take a look at this. Doc you there?" said Tony into the phone.

"Wait nothin', we gotta schedule to keep up! You think Carlos is gonna give a shit about this?" said Jimmy as he cleared off Joyce's tray and then put some of the ice cream containers into the freezer.

"I'm back." said the Doctor. "She's fine. I made sure her skin is a lot stretchier and tougher. She'll be swollen for awhile, but her skin will stretch in a little bit and she'll be OK. Put some more cream on her and feed her, just like before. Please don't call me like this again unless it's an absolute emergency OK? I usually just take calls from Carlos." said the doctor before hanging up. Tony just stared at the phone in disbelief then sighed and put it away as he looked for where they had put the cream and the gloves. He found them and headed over to Joyce.

"No please! You can't! They'll pop! Please!" begged Joyce, despite their previous dire warnings of not to beg. Tony looked at her with some pity as he snapped on the gloves, but didn't punish her for her lack of control.

"Sorry honey...doctor's orders." he simply said as he opened the jar and dipped his fingers in. "Hold still." he began smearing the cream in good and thick, and Jimmy put a pair of gloves on as well to help. It was a two person job to get the underside of her massive udders.

"God! They're like bowling balls!" grunted Jimmy as he lifted the right breast for Tony to apply cream to.

"No shit." said Tony when he finally finished and they took off their gloves and discovered their next problem. Her breasts were literally so large she couldn't reach around them to get to the tray and feed herself. "Oh for fuck's sake!" snapped Tony. "We'll have to feed her ourselves.". They strapped her arms down to either side of the bed as the doctor suggested and began spoon feeding her, taking turns between the two of them, alternating between heaping scoops of ice cream, cookie dough, and frosting. Joyce whimpered at each bite, almost feeling her breasts getting still larger and more swollen.

By afternoon the boys took a little break from the constant feeding so they could get a bite to eat themselves and Joyce used the opportunity to get some sleep. Joyce heard them come in more than an hour later and woke up, struggling to wipe her eyes and face, but forgetting her hands were bound.

"Hey...she's different." said Jimmy.

"Yeah, the doc was right." said Tony as they came to her bed on either side and stared at her. Joyce could see and feel what they meant. Her breasts didn't feel nearly as tight any more, but she was certainly conscious of their increased weight. Looking down she saw that they were no longer inflated meat sacks on her stomach, but looked like they were drooping off to either side, the skin stretched out a bit more, her nipples and aeriolas like saucers. Tony put on some gloves again and hefted her right breast, ignoring the shocked look on her face. "A bit heavier than before, but it don't look like a botched tit job any more. OK, let's keep it going. Tomorrow we bring a blender, to make it easier to feed her." he continued.

"Yeah said Jimmy, we shoulda' got one when we were out." he added as he got out more food from the refrigerator.

(Continued in post 12)

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Thank you, I'm getting on a roll with his one and I'm enjoying writing it so far. I just added the next section and I think you'll like it.

Originally Posted by mrsees View Post
Thanks for continuing the story, what a great Christmas present. I love how it's going so far and look forward to Joyce unwillingly adding to her chest and everywhere else.

Great Job!

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Default Appreciation...


I must admit that I regard your writings as a very “guilty pleasure”. Generally I’m not captivated by imagery centering on forced submission but your pieces are so full of inventive ideas and arresting imagery - and so well done - that they’re impossible to resist. I just had to take the time to voice my admiration for your diabolical works, especially this latest offering. They allow me to harmlessly indulge a darker part of my imagination, and do so in a way that is both entertaining and provocative.

In Appreciation,

The Studio
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Thank you so much, and it's definitely not a guilty pleasure that I get from your art (I feel no guilt whatsoever! ). Paige's Roomate is absolutely my favorite illustrated story, and I've also recently found your sketches for the Sorority story on Fatter than Reality. Love your stuff. When my characters get as big as I tend to make 'em, I picture Paige as the model for what I'm looking at.

I'm sending you a PM when you get a chance to read it.

Originally Posted by The Studio View Post

I must admit that I regard your writings as a very “guilty pleasure”. Generally I’m not captivated by imagery centering on forced submission but your pieces are so full of inventive ideas and arresting imagery - and so well done - that they’re impossible to resist. I just had to take the time to voice my admiration for your diabolical works, especially this latest offering. They allow me to harmlessly indulge a darker part of my imagination, and do so in a way that is both entertaining and provocative.

In Appreciation,

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Tony and Jimmy took turns again spoon feeding her the various super sweet foods they bought her, trying to increase the pace so they could get her full and buy them some time to play cards while she was digesting. It seemed no matter how fast they tried to feed her Joyce could keep up, and her stomach's capacity could also. Whereas before, her stomach would get full she'd often feel miserably stuffed. Now though she felt a nice contented feeling. Of course that didn't last long because they'd make her eat until the food was literally backing up into the top of her throat, which wasn't pleasant, but she was getting used to it.

Between the two of them they simply emptied containers of ice cream, frosting and cookie dough into a bowl for each of them, and then shoveled heaping spoonfuls with plastic mixing spoons into her mouth. She felt like a baby, being spoon fed in a high chair, in between bites her mouth would hang open eagerly and she'd even make little grunts the few times they were a little slow to get her the next bite. The mooks liked that, and once in awhile teased her with it. "Here comes the chew-chew train!" Jimmy would say and laugh at her as she struggled to sit forward and eat the bite that he'd pull back out of reach. Fortunately for her they got tired of this as well and she managed to get an extra break or two because of that, her breaks always beginning with one of them saying: "We gotta get that fuckin' blender."

They eventually grew too tired to continue by around 9 o'clock, and they didn't want to have to stay with her all night, so they agreed they were going to make sure she did extra the next day. They unbound her, by now her breasts had absorbed all the cream so they weren't worried about her smearing it on other parts of herself. "You better be ready tomorrow slim. We're gonna be here early and make up for lost time." Joyce was smart enough not to point out that even though they felt they hadn't done a good job, she did go through 2 gallons of ice cream and 5 packages of cookie dough and another 5 of frosting. Pretty impressive by anyone's standards, she thought. The two walked out grumbling, and flexing their shoulders. Joyce was left with an early night to...watch TV and get some sleep as usual. By the time she was alseep she felt she could use a bite to eat.

The mooks opened the door with a bang, but she was already awake with a rumbling stomach. Both had blood shot eyes, and Tony looked like he had a bruise on his temple. Joyce had to remember that they had other 'jobs' besides her.

"Brought the fuckin' blender today sweetie." said Jimmy, holding a large one up in triumph. Tony was unloading more groceries, similar to yesterday's fare; ice cream, cookie dough, frosting. There was also more heavy cream, chocolate syrup and eggs, and he began taking out a bunch of different size cups and tumblers, along with a box of straws and even clear plastic tubes.

"Alright let's get started." said Tony as he snapped on the gloves and Jimmy did the same.

"Yeah they're definitely bigger." grunted Jimmy as he hefted one of her breasts up. They had grown more over night, and now resembled huge over stuffed sausages, having both some length as well as girth. While she lay on her back her breasts could either reach just above her navel, or flop over to either side of her and touch the bed. Before they put the cream on though they took clear plastic wrap and covered her torso and belly under her breasts and then wrapped her arms as well. "The Doc called us last night and told us we might wanna do this, otherwise you'll start getting this stuff everywhere." said Jimmy as he began smearing the cream in once she was protected. It took minutes to apply the cream to her breasts, not just the extra surface area but their sheer weight and floppiness was an issue.

When it looked like Jimmy was almost done, Tony got to work setting up the blender. He put in huge scoops of ice cream, followed by some cookie dough and frosting, thinned it out with the cream, and then added six eggs and a whole can of chocolate syrup. When he hit the blender's button it made a low protesting grind, and Joyce half hoped that it wouldn't take the strain. She also half hoped they'd hurry up, she was getting pretty hungry. Jimmy had bound her hands to the side of the bed again, and then carefully laid each breast off to the side of her chest so he could move the tray up with some adjusting. The blender moved slowly for awhile, and then Tony finally hit the higher speeds once the stuff had softened up a bit, and finally he gunned it with full power, keeping one hand on the motor, the other on the shaking and full pitcher. He thumbed it off and took one of the large plastic cups and dumped in a thick chocolaty swamp of muck into it that looked absolutely delicious to Joyce. He managed to almost pour the whole pitcher into it and walked it over to her tray and dropped a straw in.

Joyce wasted no time, she wasn't waiting for the command to kick in, she was hungry enough as it was. The biggest problem was that the straw wasn't able to draw the thick concoction up it no matter how hard she tried. It was just too thick, the straw kept collapsing. Joyce made more of those straining grunts as she tried in vain to get that shake into her.

"Damn it, thought that might happen." said Jimmy. He picked up one of the plastic tubes and inserted one end into the shake and gave her the other end. She immediately began sucking as hard as she could and was finally rewarded with some of the shake. It took a lot of effort but it was worth it. This was the sweetest, thickest, craziest shake she'd ever had, and she couldn't get enough of it. Joyce could barely wonder at how desperate she was to eat more of it, it wasn't like she was starved yesterday or anything, it must have been the changes in her plus the regimen they had her on. She didn't have to waste any time breathing while she ate, she was managing fine, huffing through her nose while pulling as hard as she could on the tube.

"Wow, she's hungry today." said Tony as he poured the last of the shake in. "I'll get the next one going, and thin it out more with the cream." he said as he returned to the blender. Soon enough she had reached the bottom of the cup and almost knocked it over as she tried getting the last of it, since she couldn't hold the cup or tilt it at all. Jimmy caught it just in time.

"Put the next one in a bowl Tony. She's gonna spill it otherwise, and it'll hold more." Tony agreed and took one of the bowls from yesterday and rinsed it out in the bathroom and then came back and poured the next shake into it.

Joyce wasn't as desperate for it this time, the first hunger pangs handled nicely by the initial shake. She began sucking though as soon as the tube was put to her lips, her body taking over as before.

"Let's put this away." said Jimmy, pointing to the remaining food. "She'll be on this for a bit." Tony nodded and they put all the food into the refrigerator and threw out the empty cartons as Joyce steadily drank from the bowl, finally having to stop when she nearly reached the bottom and had shake up to the back of her teeth. She was thankful she didn't get ice cream headaches any more.

"Alright slim. One of us is gonna be back in a bit and keep you going on this. We're gonna keep you going all day. You likin' this?" he asked in all sincerity, almost as if he were a waiter and she were a guest, not a kidnapped woman being forced to eat until she was fat enough to pay her debt. "You like chocolate? We can get caramel or something."

Because Joyce couldn't talk right now, all she managed to do was shrug her shoulders and make a strange gurgle. The mooks looked at each other for a second or two. "OK, we'll get some other things too." Tony finally said, guessing that was what she meant. The two left after putting the remote in her hand and let her watch TV and occasionally suck another few drops out of the bowl.

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Joyce was thankful for the bit of privacy she was allowed while they went shopping for more things to stuff in her. She watched TV and occasionally took sips of the bowl full of shake, it was getting thinner as it melted which made it easier to drink. It was so sweet though! She really wished they had left her some water or something.

Two hours later Tony returned, pushing in a wheeled cart with cabinets on it, the top was loaded with more bags of ice cream confections.

"My old lady had her TV on this, but she wasn't using it so I figured I could stop breaking my back on your groceries. OK slim, we got some more goodies, Jimmy will be back later to check on you and make you some more. How ya' doing here? Hungry?" he said as he inspected the empty bowl, she finished it maybe a few minutes before he returned. Joyce just tried to shrink into the bed a bit, her skin making a sticking sound from the plastic wrap that was on her. "I said are you hungry?" repeated Tony with a bit of annoyance.

"Uh...yeah a little." squeaked Joyce. She wasn't yet, but figured it was smarter than telling the truth.

"Well you better get to work on what I make. It's maybe 2 now, Jimmy will be back at 6, and give you dinner." said Tony taking the bowl from her and heading to the blender with the cart full of goodies. He took out the remainder of the ice cream and cookie dough and frosting from the morning and dumped them all into the blender, followed by more cream that he'd just bought and a jar of caramel. He blended it for several minutes before dumping it into the bowl, then reloaded the blender with more of the same, most of it from the bags he brought, and he blended them as well. Once he poured two full pitchers into the bowl he wheeled it over to her bed and lifted it with a slight grunt onto her tray making sure not to slosh the contents which were just at the rim of the bowl. He inserted the tube back into it and gave her the other end.

"Get goin' on that. Jimmy will be bringing some dinner from his mama again, and she made some canolis too." Joyce began drinking from the tube, drawing the thick shake into her mouth and enjoying its rich taste despite her predicament. Tony lingered at her bed, watching her feed, as well as looking at her breasts. "Damn those are gettin' huge." he said. All Joyce could do was blush, she had become accustomed to them being with her while naked and vulnerable, but every once in awhile they'd really re-awaken her to her situation with comments like that. "Alright Princess I gotta go. Finish that by 6 and have an appetite." warned Tony as cleaned off the garbage and headed out the door.

Joyce was left alone again with the massive shake, glad that Tony left when he did, because she was already full. She was able to take large sips now and then, or rather was forced to whenever she made room, which was happening faster now she discovered because they were really pushing the envelope. She surprised herself that by only a quarter after 5 she actually had finished the whole thing. She was miserably full, but she did it, and was able to relax and get some more room for when dinner arrived. She knew how much Jimmy's mama made, and she knew it was going to be a long night. Just before 6 Jimmy arrived with a large saucepan in his hands that he placed on the card table. "Be right back...oh." he said noticing the TV cart. "I could use this." he said and took it with him. Joyce sighed and regretted for the millionth time that she ever bet on the races. He came back a few minutes later with some more bags of food. "OK, let's get going, Mama made enough for a dinner party, and you're eatin' it all." he said rubbing his hands together and began unpacking the food and utensils.

Even after all the meals she had, Joyce was impressed and frightened over the sheer amount the he was expecting her to eat. The saucepan which looked like it could hold gallons was full to the top with pasta and sauce already mixed together. In another dish was just piled high meatballs and sausages, and then there was the cheese covered bread. Joyce almost joked and said 'What? No salad?' but decided against it. Jimmy was usually the nicer one of the two, but he got real sensitive about his mama's cooking. She merely just groaned as he filled up a massive platter and added plenty of baseball sized meatballs to it. Finally he poured a tall glass of cream for her to drink and set it on the tray and then arranged it so he could sit next to her and feed her easily.

While she had built up some room, the gut bomb he was feeding her was definitely going to fill her up fast. It seemed he was an expert at rolling a huge amount of spaghetti onto the fork while using a spoon and twisting motion, so that every mouthful was literally a jaw dropping experience. "Come on, open up. I know you got room." he'd keep saying as she was forcing down the previous massive bite. He wasn't content with stuffing her until the food was lodged in her throat, he'd also make sure her mouth was stuffed with one more bite 'for later'. When absolutely stuffed, he'd take a break and either watch some TV or go out of the room, to have a cigarette it seemed by the way he smelled when he returned. She was basically given a half an hour to digest before he'd pack her full again. During this time she could almost swear she could see and feel her breasts getting just a bit bigger.

This went on for hours, in fact it wasn't until 2 AM that the main course was finished, and they started on the canolis. Joyce was in a sleepy food haze, catching brief naps with a cannoli hanging out of her lips when given a break. The super sweet and rich canolis were absolutely delicious, but she just wished he'd let her sleep. At 4 AM, when Jimmy looked like he'd pretty much run a marathon, she finally finished the last one, or at least had it in her mouth limply. Jimmy stretched and yawned. "OK Princess, we'll be back in a bit. Don't go nowhere." he chuckled as he headed out and turned off the light, Joyce was already asleep though.

They let her sleep a decent amount, she wasn't woken up until 10 the next day when they burst through the door with their typical subtlety.

"Wow! Those are fucking huge!" said Jimmy. Joyce's breasts definitely were huge, they were swollen again, but they also had creeped further down her torso and sides (her left was resting on the bed, her right was on her stomach).

"No shit. Let's get her cleaned up and weighed, I wanna see where we're at. Cmon skinny. Let's go." Tony said as he and Jimmy began undoing her bonds and removing the plastic wrap. Jimmy hefted her left breast using both hands and literally strained to do it.

"Jeez! This has to be 20 pounds at least!" he grunted, and then let it flop onto Joyce's belly roll, who made an 'Oof!' when it landed.

"Hey! Careful!" snapped Tony and Joyce at the same time. Jimmy raised an eyebrow at that and went back to work undoing her bonds and the wrap.

"There! OK Joyce, hit the showers. Come on chop-chop!" said Jimmy, stepping back to give her some room, it was obvious he got put into a mood by the last comment. Joyce gave him as much of a stink eye as she dared while she struggled to sit up. As soon as she did the massive weights on her chest nearly pulled her right out of bed. She had to grab the arm rests and Tony's shoulder to keep from falling. She waited a moment for the weight to settle before scooching her feet onto the ground. Finally planted she hauled herself forward and tried standing. Weeks in bed, constant eating, and the weight of her huge tits made the prospect rather difficult though. She was bent forward at the waist struggling with all her might to straighten up, but she just couldn't manage it. She took waddling steps forward and then saw the TV cart and stumbled for it, plopping her breasts onto the top in relief. She stood there getting her breath for a bit. Jimmy had been laughing and enjoying the show grew irritated again.

"C'mon honey! Shake it! Get them things movin'!"

Joyce's annoyance got the better of her. "Let's see how fast you move with two bowling balls strapped to your chest!" she muttered. The room wasn't that big though, and Joyce knew they heard it. Tony and Jimmy looked at each other at that, Tony with an impressed grin, Jimmy was...less impressed. Joyce nervously turned to look over her shoulder at Jimmy, knowing he heard it and saw his deep scowl.

"Oh you're just all full of sass today ain't ya'." he said as he walked over and kicked the cart out from under her, her boobs swinging from the force. She only managed to stay standing by leaning in desperation against the wall. "Now get goin' fat ass! We got a schedule to keep." Joyce whimpered and walked to the door, using the wall as support and made a staggering step across the hall into the shower, where only new underwear was waiting for her, clothes were apparently no longer needed. She showered as quick as she could, needing to stay seated on the bench the entire time. Minutes after she started Jimmy was in the doorway.

"You better wash away that smart mouth sweetie. We can just as easily have you eat cans of Crisco all day. Get me?"

Joyce nodded and choked back a sob and finished washing her hair and dried herself off as best she could, and even Jimmy helped her, if only to get her moving. He gave her his arm to support her as they headed back to her room and then helped her onto the scale. They read it after a few moments and whistled in unison.

"287, almost there. I didn't think we were doing that good." said Tony.

"Yeah. We can pretty much take it easy, and that's good, 'cause I'm beat." agreed Jimmy, which was a relief to Joyce, she was worried he was going to make another object lesson for her.

"Yeah, I wanna see my girl, I been too busy lately. OK slim, back to bed." they helped her into bed and strapped her in, then wrapped her in the plastic again.

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Once she was wrapped up and secure they brought out the jar of cream. "Hmmm" Jimmy muttered. "Ain't much left. Should we call the Doc?"

"Nah." Tony said as he snapped on his gloves. "We'll just put the rest of it on her, Carlos won't know the difference. We won't tell if you don't tell huh kid?" Tony said, winking at Joyce.

Joyce looked at both of them and nodded.

"Alright let's get going. This way you can eat normally tomorrow, and then Carlos will be there for the weigh-in on Wednesday. We'll get some pizzas maybe. So you got 13 pounds to go in 2 days, can you handle that?" Joyce nodded again.

"She'd better." muttered Jimmy with a grunt as he hefted one of her breasts back onto her torso so they could spread a thin layer of the cream onto them. There was very little left, so they spent a decent amount of time spreading it around to cover it as evenly as possible, then they threw away the jar.

"OK, back to the ice cream." said Tony as he went to the refrigerator and pulled out what was left from yesterday. "Go get some more Jimmy, this will last for only a bit."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." he muttered again and headed out. Tony dumped scoops of ice cream and more cookie dough into the blender, but they were out of frosting, and blended it up then poured it into her bowl. He finished off the last of the ice cream and cookie dough and chocolate syrup on the last blender full and added it to the bowl also, giving Joyce the tube to suck on. From there Tony put on sports and watched it from the card table while playing solitaire. Joyce drank quietly, again almost feeling her breasts tighten and swell as she took in more of the fattening concoction. After 30 minutes she was full again and waited patiently for more room before she would gulp down a few mouthfuls and wait some more.

Jimmy returned about an hour after he left, carrying bags of more ice cream and frosting and cookie dough.

"Hey Tony. You mind if you take over today? You got the stuff here, should be more than enough. I wanna see a movie with my girl."

Tony looked up from his cards with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah sure Jimmy. Go ahead." he finally said as he put down a Jack of diamonds and managed to finish a row without cheating for once.

"Thanks." said Jimmy as he put the last into the refrigerator and freezer. Once done he checked what was left in Joyce's bowl and saw it was still more than half-full, and then headed out.

"He ain't got a girlfriend." said Tony a few minutes after he left. Joyce looked over to Tony from the corner of her eye, she could only turn so much and not risk pulling the tube out. Tony and Jimmy rarely if ever volunteered any personal information.

"Nah, he's like you, he bets on the horses. His 'girl' is his favorite horse, 'Lady Francis'. He checks on her all the time now because she's got a foal comin' soon. He pulled a lot of favors to get her pregnant from a top stallion. He figures it'll be a sure thing. Just like you, he ain't too bright. He borrowed money from me and Carlos to get this goin', and this was after he saw what we were gonna do to you. He just ain't too bright. He loses just twice with that foal, or if it don't come out right, he's in it big time, he owes more than 30 grand. It's a crazy business, I was the one that asked Carlos if he could help out with you, figured it might smarten him up, but nope. I don't think Carlos will waste any money on really tunin' him up like he did you though. Probably just disappear. Shame. If he's smart he'll just sell the foal and see if he can get his money back, but I doubt he'll try." he said as he began shuffling the deck again.

Joyce's predicament didn't seem quite as bad now after hearing this. She dutifully went backing to sucking a few gulps out of the bowl again as Tony dealt himself another hand.

By noon she had finished the bowl, and Tony fixed another a half hour later so she could have more room and then left, promising to be back in a few hours. Joyce was alone again with a massive amount of that ridiculous shake and nothing else to do but watch TV. Tony came back at around 4 to check on her, she was almost done so he waited for her to finish before making the next one.

"This'll be it for tonight girl." Tony said as he put the next full bowl on the tray. "Tomorrow will be pizza. What do you like on it? We're gonna get stuffed pizza, I know a place." said Tony as he took out a small notebook. Joyce was surprised that she was actually given a choice, she sat there a few moments unsure of what to say. "C'mon sweetie. I gotta go and put in the order tonight or it won't be ready tomorrow."

"Um...I like pepperoni?" Joyce finally squeaked. Tony wrote that down and while he was doing that Joyce decided to take a little advantage of her situation.

"And..." she said as Tony looked like he was about to put away the notebook. "Canadian bacon, not the regular stuff. And extra cheese." Tony was smiling now at this. "With onions on the pepperoni one. For the bacon, put on some extra garlic!"

Joyce was actually getting hungry in anticipation of this, she'd had only sweets for the past few days, and Tony was almost laughing, giving her a 'come on' motion with his hands to encourage her. "And breadsticks! Don't forget breadsticks! And then I want a garbage pizza! With everything on it!"

Joyce began struggling against the bonds not to get away, but rather to try and get the tube into her mouth, she was very hungry now. Tony could see this and took his time putting away the notebook and then slowly picked up the tube, bringing it to within inches of her mouth, and then pulling it back suddenly.

"You sure you don't want anything else?" he asked, chuckling as she tried reaching it with her mouth but was held back by the belts between her inflated breasts. All Joyce could do was groan and shake her head no. Tony finally granted her wish and gave her the tube to suck on, turning out the light as he left and locked the door. Joyce was in a near frenzy of sucking as she drew as hard as she could on the tube.

While she may have been hungry, she certainly didn't have an empty stomach, and was full rather quickly again. Through the rest of the night she would nap and wake up to mouthfuls of ice cream and cookie dough and frosting. Her breasts were loosening up again as before, the skin stretching so they weren't so achingly full. When she finally finished the bowl she could tell by the light of the TV that her breasts, her nipples, could literally touch her hips when she sucked in her pudgy and overstuffed belly.

(Continued in post 16 of this thread)

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I'll have a bit more later today and tomorrow, I have a few ideas and a decent amount of time.
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Morning came and she woke up to Jimmy coming in with some MacGrease food, their breakfast sandwiches. He had a full bag plus a quart of milk. He quickly untied her and took of the plastic wrap. He couldn't resist though, he picked up her enormous right breast in both hands, holding it up for both of them to see.

"'Mazin huge!" he said in awe, as Joyce blushed furiously. He set it down more gingerly, it easily made it to her hips now; a long but bloated and swollen tube of breast flesh, the nipple capping it was a deep pink color, the aeriola stretched over the end like a small plate.

Despite, or perhaps because of its extreme size and weight, Joyce felt almost disconnected from it, like it wasn't hers, even though very plainly she could feel its pull on her chest and shoulders, as well as its mass on her torso and abdomen. Jimmy moved the tray up into a better position for her to reach the food, her hands were unbound, but she still had the belts across her chest, in between her unbelievable cleavage.

"These will keep ya' till lunch slim. I want 'em all gone by the time we get back." was all he said as he dumped what looked like a dozen egg, ham and cheese sandwiches on English Muffins all over her tray. He opened the first sandwich and practically shoved it into her mouth as he opened the top on the quart of whole milk.

Joyce mechanically chewed in silence as he straightened out the place a bit and then headed out, locking behind him as usual. Joyce ate quietly, grateful she could actually chew on something again and watched her news programs before the morning soaps.

She surprised even herself at how fast she finished breakfast. She was done with 8 before she was full, and she still had two hours to go. By noon she was actually hungry, with an empty stomach, something that was a rarity lately. She didn't have to wait too long though, Tony showed up almost at 12 on the dot, with a thick pizza box and a greasy bag on top.

"Hi Princess, I brought lunch. This one's the Pepperoni. I also got some fried mushrooms, you like those right?"

Joyce nodded, conscious of her mouth watering.

"Alright, I got the other ones coming throughout the day. You're gonna have a late night because Carlos says you gotta be on an empty stomach when he weighs you tomorrow, and he's eager to see ya' again. So get goin'." said Tony as he opened up the pizza box and lifted the hub cap size pie out of it, placing it steaming on her tray. It was about 4 inches thick and absolutely covered in sauce and cheese. A few weeks ago she wouldn't have been able to eat half a slice, now she knew she'd be able to eat the whole thing given a bit of time.

She picked up a slice, the cheese stretching from the pie all the way to her mouth, she was only dimly aware that she took this first slice willingly, there was no compulsion to grab it other than her own desire. Tony unceremoniously dumped the bag full of fried mushrooms onto the tray, pausing to eat one, and then opened up a large styrofoam bowl of ranch dressing, which he put near the pile. He finally opened a 2 liter of cola and set it down last. Sitting down he pulled out his own lunch, which looked like a meaty calzone, and began to dig in. Joyce was surprised that he kept the soap opera on she was watching.

"I love the bitches in this one." said Tony over a mouthful of food. They were watching 'The Passion of a Rose', a soap about a 40 something aging actress named Rose and all the trouble, and sex she gets into.

"Hey. Did she find out yet that that one whore's her half-sister? I ain't had a chance to watch these in a bit, and my wife ain't talkin' to me right now."

Joyce shook her head no as she chomped on pizza and fried mushrooms. Now her eating was on auto pilot, her hands grabbing anything edible on the tray, the closest stuff first, which unfortunately was the ranch dressing. She drank the whole thing like a thick shot, and grimaced as she went for the pizza again. Tony had to laugh at that, and then went back to his lunch and watching the soaps.

Tony stuck around for the rest of the hour to finish the soap and then stood up and wiped his hands on his pants.

"OK sweetie, I gotta run some errands. I'll be back at 4 with the next one, be done with this one by then." Tony said pointing at the gut bomb on her tray. She had a strong start, but finished only two slices and part of a third, but most of the mushrooms were gone now. Joyce nodded with a groan as she reached under her massive tits to massage her bloated belly. Tony popped one more mushroom into his mouth and threw out what garbage he could before leaving.

By now the pizza and mushrooms were cold, but that didn't stop Joyce from grazing on them as she steadily digested the huge meal. As she suspected, she was able to put it all away with a little time to spare before Tony returned with the next one, another greasy bag on top.

"Alright nice job, nice job. You're doin' good here kid. You keep this up, keep showin' that you want to make good, Carlos might cut you a break. Might not, he was pretty pissed. Said he was gonna make you pay it all back a dollar a pound, with interest now. With the vig you got, that's gonna be something like $13,000. It'll be a lot more than that if we don't start really packin' it on you. That's what...like 6 tons or some shit. That's crazy, but that's why they call him Crazy 8 y'know? Alright get goin' on this, it's the Canadian bacon. Me or Jimmy will be droppin' off the last one for a midnight snack." said Tony, serving up the next pizza and opening up a second box filled with breadsticks sprinkled in parmesan cheese.

Sometimes Joyce didn't know if it was better when they talked, because then she at least had some human contact, or when it was quiet because then she didn't have to get the casual small talk about her situation as well as Carlos's plans for her.

Joyce began eating again, her programmed hands and mouth taking over for her as she munched the first of what looked like almost 20 breadsticks. Tony left another 2 liter of cola before heading out again. The delicious pizza and breadsticks were incredibly filling, she was glad she had so much time to finish it (as if eating 2 large stuffed pizzas in 12 hours wasn't much of a feat!). The food steadily made its way to her mouth and stomach as the hours ticked by, taking rests to make room.

Midnight came too soon, she was snapped awake by Tony making his last appearance of the night, looking bleary eyed himself. He cleared off the mess from her tray and set the last one down, a large stuffed garbage pizza, with what looked like almost anything you could put on or in a pizza, all for her.

"I can't do this stuff much more." mumbled Tony as he gathered up the garbage and got ready to go. "OK sweetie. Tomorrow's the big day, we made sure you got enough to eat this week. We didn't have to. After what you said to Jimmy the other day, he was all for lettin' you eat lettuce all day, and screw things up with Carlos even more. Keep that in mind, huh? Watch the smart mouth, sometimes it's funny, most times it ain't. You give Carlos any of that...you don't even wanna know. Get me? OK, finish that, we'll be there early tomorrow, Carlos has a funeral to go to."

Joyce snuffled a bit at the rebuke, and got to work eating the third pizza of the day for her, she was glad there were no appetizers with it. She didn't finish it until almost five in the morning, finally getting some decent sleep once the greasy pizza was consumed. She dreamed of herself being so big that the mooks had set up a card table on her stomach and were sitting on her mammoth tits as they played cards.

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Joyce was dreaming of them playing cards on her huge stomach, while Carlos was stuffing her mouth with wads of money, making her fatter still.

"I'm knockin'." said one of the mooks as he rapped on the table, and she heard a loud knocking sound, that soon woke her up to the actual knocking noise coming from the door to her room.

She sat up as much as she could, her weight plus the belts not allowing her to get too far. Jimmy was opening the door and then wheeled in a wide and tall mirror which he brought to the wall directly across from her bed. Joyce was still shocked by her appearance, despite how often she had to deal with it.

The tray was still in place, but from her vantage point, her breasts swelled well above it, even tucked in as they were. Her face was fuller, and her naked legs were swollen and tubular with the extra mass. She was so intent on her own reflection and Jimmy leering at her, that she didn't notice that the doctor had returned, and was at her bedside, reaching for her wrist to take her pulse. She nearly snatched it away in shock before she realized who it was. He took her pulse, and flashed a light in her eyes and had her open her mouth which he looked into as well as her nostrils. He took out a test tube and handed it to her.

"Spit in that please." he said "I need some DNA." She spat in the tube and handed it back.

"Jimmy, remove the tray please, let me take a look at these." Neither Jimmy or Joyce could believe how clinical he was about this, how he had no overt reaction to what was likely the biggest pair of breasts in the world right now. Jimmy moved the tray out of the way as the doctor put on some gloves and began to poke her breasts.

"Good distribution of fat cells." he mumbled as he prodded. "You did a good job of making sure the cream was spread evenly, these are very symmetrical." he commented to Jimmy as he continued the exam.

"Joyce, do they hurt?" he said as he rolled them back and forth on her chest, observing how they would roll back into position on their own when he let go.

"No." whimpered Joyce, wanting for all the world to die from embarrassment rather than be examined like this.

"Were they sore though? When they were initially swollen?" continued the doctor as he pressed midway on both breasts to observe them change shape and return.

"Yes, they were sore." she said through her teeth, huffing her breath as the doctor repeated his exam. Now he was pinching the nipple and stroking it with his finger.

"Erectile tissue is still working. That's good. Evidence of the improved blood flow." he said as her fattened nipples stood erect under his ministrations.

"You can feel this right Joyce?" said the Doctor. He could tell by her blushing even deeper that she could.

"Alright let's see here." using both hands he lifted her right breast, he actually had to put his knee on the bed to give him support as he did so, the breast overflowing from his arms.

"Good God! This must weigh almost 30 pounds!" he exclaimed before he finally set it back down gently.

"Well Joyce you're fine. We gave you the standard cancer screening treatments, so you have nothing to worry about there. I have recording devices throughout your body to monitor you, and they're giving you top scores. You have additional micro hearts implanted in you to help with blood flow, they'll turn on as you get bigger, the first one came on the other day. They'll keep your main heart from straining and prevent bed and pressure sores." he said as he pulled off his gloves and threw them away and turned to Jimmy.

"She's fine Jimmy, tell Carlos I was here." he said as he headed for the door.

"Will do Doc." said Jimmy as he took a seat near Joyce. He patted her huge left breast.

"OK Joyce. You just keep that smart ass mouth of yours in check today for Carlos. He's always in a good mood before a funeral. He might have you do somethin' for him. You play your cards right and you might make it a bit easier for yourself. I'm just zayin' that's all." said Jimmy as he got up and went to the bathroom and came back with a wet rag for Joyce to clean herself up a bit. She was a very neat eater, but anyone would make a mess after 3 pizzas and appetizers.

"What'll he want me to do?" she asked in a quavering voice. She was scared but if he wanted to do some weird sex thing, she'd do it in a heart beat if it got her out of this.

"Don't know. Said he had some plans. You be a good girl, I'll see if I can help you out a bit, OK?" said Jimmy, taking the rag and handing her a brush. He undid the belts and sat the bed up more so she could see herself easier in the mirror. She brushed out her tangled hair, and wished they'd at least let her have a shower, but she had the feeling Carlos was going to be here soon.

Moments later he walked in, wearing a black suit with a silver tie, Tony was in tow, wearing a charcoal suit rather than his usual jumpsuit. Carlos rarely smiled, but when he saw Joyce, puffed and plump from all the eating with a pair of torpedos for boobs, a slow and evil smile crept across his thin lips as he nodded his head in satisfaction and chuckled.

"Looks like the food's agreein' with you sweetie. Stand up, let me get a good look." said Carlos, as he took out a slim square piece of white plastic, a digital recorder which was saving the whole scene for later.

Joyce tried not to cry as she grunted and struggled to sit up. At a nod from Carlos, Tony and Jimmy got to either side of her to help her sit up, her breasts flattening out just a bit on her lap. From there they securely took her by the arms and lifted her from the bed til she was standing on her own, her inflated boobs resting on her stomach with the nipples pointing straight out, when she was fully upright they didn't stretch so far it seemed.

"2nd biggest pair of tits I ever seen." said Carlos. "The biggest were on that one broad Mandy Mounds, a stripper at Dino's place. Of course they were faker than a 3 dollar bill, and felt like bags of cement. These babies are real though!" he said as he stepped forward to examine them with his hands.

She whimpered softly, but didn't struggle as he pinched the nipples and checked their amazing weight, looking her straight in the eyes rather than her enormous tits, testing if there was any rebellion in her. It wasn't easy but she managed to keep still and look him in the eyes timidly through the exam. He let her left breast go and it plopped on her stomach as he walked away, watching her in the mirror.

"I dunno, though. Maybe they ain't big enough. Maybe we should go another week or so with the cream." he said thoughtfully. Joyce had a sudden nightmarish flash of herself after going through another week with that cream on her breasts. She pictured herself sitting in a chair with her breasts so big they actually were resting on the floor. He couldn't be serious!

"Alright, let's get her weighed while I think about it." said Carlos as he turned back to look at her again. The boys guided her over to the scale and helped her step up onto it, holding her arms for a few seconds and then guiding her hands to her hips so she could support herself. It took a lot of strength and balance, but she managed to stand mostly straight as the scale read off her weight. Unlike most girls, she silently prayed she had put on more weight than the last time she had been on the scale. The numbers stopped at 304 and she heaved a sigh of relief.

"OK, she made it...barely." said Carlos. He was trying to sound bored, but all could tell he was impressed.

"OK Tony, go wait in the car, I'll be there in a bit." Carlos had that smile again, and Joyce knew it wasn't good.

"You done good Joyce, the boys tell me that you ate everything they brought, and you been a good girl. I like that. Maybe I was a bit hasty last week. Maybe I can be nice, give you a reward. I was gonna add the vig to your debt, but now that I've cooled off, maybe it's a bit much. Tell you what. I know you're a sportin' girl. I'll make you a bet. You win, I take off the interest, you go back to just owin' me 10 large."

"What happens if I lose?" she asked, some strain in her voice from holding her massive tits up in a standing position.

"Another week on the sauce honey." said Carlos, his smile fading. "Right now you're up to 14 grand with what you owe me, and that's gettin' bigger as we go along. I drop the interest you can start actually paying off that debt." Joyce kept thinking. What was the difference if she weighed 10,000 pounds or 14,000 pounds? Then again, it could be a lot more by then."

"What do you want me to do?" she asked.

"20 Jumping jacks." Carlos said folding his arms across his chest, his smile returning.

"I can't do it." she said simply, there was no sense in her even trying.

"C'mon boss, 20's a bit much. I mean you try doing a jumping jack with a couple of bowling balls strapped to your chest." Joyce thought she saw Jimmy wink at her in the mirror. "10, how about 10?"

"For what I'm offerin' I want to see 20!" snapped Carlos.

"Yeah, but boss, she ain't gonna even try for 20. Let her try 10 and we can at least get a show.". Joyce found it hard to believe that Jimmy was not only talking to Carlos this way, but actually doing it for her benefit. Carlos stroked his chin and looked at his watch and shook his head.

"Alright for 10 I'll knock off the interest, let's get this goin' I gotta get to a funeral. So you gonna do it?" he asked.

"The interest and bring it back to 5 dollars a pound." countered Joyce. Jimmy winced and Carlos's lips curled in a sneer.

"Not many got the guts to bargain with me babe." his eyes squinted tight as he considered. "2 bucks a pound. That's 5000 pounds you'd owe me then. Deal?"

"Deal." said Joyce, giving Jimmy her hand so he could help her down and lead her in front of the mirror.

"You're still hooked on gambling kid. That's what I like about you, I'll get it all back, you're too stupid to quit when you're ahead." said Carlos as he stood to the side of the mirror and held up his recorder so he could watch the show. Jimmy stood behind her and to the side in case she fell.

Joyce took a long breath as she looked at her fattened self in the mirror, she was almost 200 pounds heavier than she was a few weeks ago, and now she had to do 10 jumping jacks when she could barely stand. She nodded to Jimmy and let go of his arm, throwing her arms back to try to counter the huge weight on her chest. It took several seconds before she got her balance and was standing upright again. She took a few more deep breaths before she finally got ready to try her little exercise routine for the leering mob boss.

With a sudden heave she bent her knees and sprang up, getting little more than a few inches off the ground as her legs spread to catch herself, and her hands went over her head to almost touch each other before she swung them back to her hips and made another pathetic hop to bring her feet together. She stopped the whole process as she desperately fought to keep her balance and not bend over.

Meanwhile Carlos was in awe at the whole spectacle. As soon as she had left the ground, her massive tits stayed right where they were, as if they weren't quite a part of her, it's when her feet hit the ground again that they bounced with a huge jolt onto her chubby belly and then even crashed into each other with a meaty slap. Carlos was slapping his thigh and laughing hysterically as he fought to keep the camera straight with the other hand. "OK that's one sweetie, c'mon, I got places to be." he said after the laughing fit passed.

Joyce waited another second or two and took a breath and then started again, this time managing two more jumping jacks before she stopped to catch herself and her breath. Her breasts were still in motion, jouncing and flopping onto her stomach and into each other making loud slapping noises. She was up to three, and she thought she had found her stride. It was easier if she kept going rather than stopping and taking a break, she mainly stopped because she thought she was going to lose her footing. She was already tired, but visions of herself with even bigger breasts spurred her on.

She started again, with a grunt, the slap of her breasts louder than her hands touching her hips or her feet smacking the floor. She managed another 3 jumping jacks, her flab and breasts making a hypnotic scene, like a ship on the ocean. She would have gone all the way except that she almost stumbled, falling forward and catching herself by throwing her hands on her knees, panting for air.

"Oh so close!" said Carlos, who began straightening his suit as if making ready to leave.

"Wait!" she gasped. "Wait, I can do it!" she panted, struggling with all her might to stand up again. She finally managed it, her huge chest heaving with each breath. Carlos checked his watch again for some drama, and then nodded.

"OK, here we go." she said with determination. "HUH!" she grunted as she started the amazing feat again. This time her breasts flew up and to the sides with her efforts, to come crashing into each other with a mighty splat as she did jumping jack number 7. Numbers 8 and 9 were just as jarring and loud, Joyce's knees were quivering from the strain, and she was slumped forward.

She took some last deep breaths before making one last jump "TEN!" she yelled, her feet barely leaving the floor for the last one. She collapsed back on the bed, slumping forward because she lacked the strength to lay back, her breasts dangling to her knees, actually brushing them.

"I dunno, that last one was pretty pathetic." said Carlos, taking another few seconds of footage with his recorder. Joyce lifted her head up in shock that he would take away her chance. She was about to speak, and no doubt get herself into more trouble when Jimmy spoke up for her.

"C'mon boss. She did 10, that couldn't ha'been easy. She did her part." Jimmy winked again at Joyce as Carlos thought it over.

Carlos clearly looked annoyed at Jimmy but finally sighed.

"OK, fine. I gotta go. The vig is gone, and it's 2 bucks a pound. Don't fool around again y'hear? Not many people get a second chance. You do it again, I'll put that stuff on your face and let you eat until you smother yourself. Get me?" Carlos put the camera away.

"OK Jimmy, another 75 pounds, 379 minimum by next week. See ya fat ass." said Carlos as he left. Jimmy waited a few moments and then went to the door to check if he was gone. He returned after a few seconds.

"OK, he's gone. You did good kid. Told ya' I'd help out. Take 5, then I'll help you shower up. You gotta be tired. After that, we'll have some beef and sausage sandwiches."

Joyce just groaned as Jimmy helped her sit up and then flop onto her back, her breasts bouncing first onto her swollen belly and chest before landing on the bed to either side of her.

[Continued in post #21 - page two of this thread)

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OK that's it for today, I'll have a bit more tomorrow, hope you like it so far.
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Not bad, not bad at all.
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Thanks, I meant to have more yesterday, but something came up. I'll have more soon.
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After Joyce showered with Jimmy's help, for which she was grateful, she spent the rest of the day lounging in bed. She was given a snack of two dozen doughnuts while Jimmy went out to get her the beef and pork sandwiches that she grazed on the rest of the day. The next day was back to the fast food of huge fatty burgers and ice cream shakes, eating from the time she got up until around midnight when she could finally sleep after one last stuffing. On Friday, the rhythm was altered a bit as both Jimmy and Tony arrived.

"Get up sleepy, I got some breakfast for ya, but you need to eat it in the shower. We're getting you a new a bed, it's bigger and more adjustable. You're gettin' too big for this one." said Tony. Jimmy had a large bag of more MacGrease food breakfast sandwiches, which he laid on the table to go and help Joyce out of bed. She wasn't strapped in, they realized that with her own weight plus the locked door, she wasn't going anywhere, and the only resistance she typically offered was her smart mouth.

"Come on honey, let's go, they're gonna be here any minute." said Jimmy as he put the arm rests down on the bed and then wrapped one of her arms over his shoulder so he could help hoist her to a sitting position, then standing out of the bed. Joyce was still sleepy, as well as hungry, but she made no protest as she walked with Jimmy's help. Walking was getting harder for her, her ever increasing weight and lack of exercise were going to immobilize her soon, and she'd been thinking of that a lot lately as she made half-hearted plans of escape. Jimmy grabbed the bag of food as he passed and escorted her into the shower room and went in with her, locking the door behind them. Jimmy sat her on the bench and handed her the first of many sandwiches.

"Here, stay busy eatin' these. We got people switchin' your bed, and...you might get the very dumb idea of callin' for help or somethin'. That'd be bad. All that'd do is get those college kids we hired killed, and then Carlos would be real unhappy with you. So let's be smart just keep eatin', when they're done you can shower up and get back to work huh?" Jimmy said as he sat on the corner of the bench, Joyce taking up most of the rest of it. Joyce nodded sadly, her eyes misting with tears as she quietly munched on the sausage egg and cheese sandwich. Jimmy brought out a quart of whole milk for her to drink also, and sat quietly also, listening for the bed movers.

Joyce took the opportunity to examine herself in the mirror. Now that they weren't using the breast cream again, she was back to putting on weight the old fashioned way. She figured she was gaining almost ten pounds or more a day, she had to be in order to meet Carlos's crazy demands. She weighed 304 on Wednesday, so if she were on track she had to be close to 320 by now. She noticed that she was usually fed a bit more from Sunday through Wednesday, especially with late night and all night feedings.

Her breasts had set into an enormous pair of swollen sausages on her torso. They were long enough to reach her just above her hips, but were wider around than most people's thighs. What struck her as unusual was how the nipples turned up at the ends, giving them just a touch of surreal perkiness. As for the rest of her, she was growing wider in the waist and hips now, her belly dividing into a large four section mass of rolls, with a line down the center of her stomach making a cross of bulging belly fat. Her belly drooped onto her lap, resting on her thighs and often mashed a bit by her breasts depending on how she sat. Her thighs were dimpled and thicker as were her arms, and her biceps were starting to get the 'curtain flap' of drooping flab. Her face was getting pudgier as well, but Joyce had to admit, she felt that the fullness enhanced her a bit. She had a cherubic cuteness to what she thought as a classically pretty Greek face. She needed to do something with her hair mainly. She sighed heavily, ever conscious of the enormous weight of her pendulous breasts as she ate her breakfast in silence.

Jimmy kept an eye on her and on the door, listening carefully for anyone to come, the main thing they heard was Tony stripping the bed and making sure there was nothing on it that had evidence. The bedding was headed for an incinerator later today, and the bed itself was being sent to a hospital that the doctor worked at. Soon they heard voices approaching, but Joyce had no idea what lay beyond the doors of her room. Once outside her room there was a hallway and across from her door was the shower, but to her right was a bare wall and to her left was always a closed door, which she assumed was either a hallway, or maybe it even went directly outside. It was always closed and locked she never knew what was beyond it. Her world had been reduced to a prison bedroom and a shower, plus tons of food.

"OK boys, the bed's ready, haul it to the truck outside." came Tony's voice. Jimmy held his finger to his lips for quiet and gave Joyce a dangerous 'Don't do anything stupid' look. The voices faded, along with the sound of a heavy object rolling out the door and down a hall it sounded like. Minutes later as she kept chewing quietly, she heard that rolling sound return, along with the idle chatter of young college boys, and he bump of something large being maneuvered into her room.

"OK sir, it just has to be assembled. Otherwise you're all set." came a voice.

"Alright good job boys. Here ya' go, go have some fun." came Tony's voice, and then the sound of a large box being opened.

"Thanks!" came a pair of voices, and then the sound of echoing footsteps as the two voices exclaimed some awe over the size of the tip they got, likely not realizing just who they were working for. A few moments later Jimmy got up and gave Joyce the 'quiet' sign again and he opened the door and went out. Joyce heard him walking a few steps out, and then the outer door closing and locking and Jimmy going back to her room.

"Wow, that's big." came Jimmy's voice.

"Yeah, no kidding. Have Princess wait in there, she can clean up when she's done eating. Let's set this up." said Tony. Jimmy appeared moments later in the shower room, he was rolling up his sleeves and unbuttoning the top button on his collar.

"Hear that? Stay here and finish up, take a shower when you're done, the bed should be ready then." Joyce nodded again as she finished her sixth sandwich, and still had room for several more. It took her about an hour more to finish the food, with one extended break to let it digest before starting up again, and then took a shower and put on the new pair of 'granny panties' left for her and headed back to her room tentatively.

Jimmy and Tony were just finishing putting the last of the styrofoam and plastic shipping materials in a huge box while her new bed awaited. It was easily twice as wide as the previous one, a king size plus bed, with armrest frames that could be adjusted from the edge of the bed to the center. The frame also sported a large tray with a descending bar from under the center of it, which would prevent her from scooting under it. That was overkill she thought, she wouldn't be able to scoot anywhere any more. The bed was on a large set of hydraulics which could raise the bed to waist height, or lower it til it was just above the floor, as well as raise and lower the ends of it for comfort and seating. The remote was attached to the armrest frames, and she could see it also had the criss cross seatbelt restraints as before. New bedding was put on it, and she had to admit, it looked comfortable.

"OK your highness, into bed. We gotta catch up on lost time." said Tony as he threw away the last of the garbage and mopped his brow. "Let's get the pizzas going Jimmy, they should be ready for pick up." he said. Jimmy took out his car keys and headed for the door.

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Once Joyce was in bed Tony didn't bother strapping her in, but took the time to show her the remote control functions. The bed was very soft and comfortable and almost every part of it could be adjusted, which was nice.

"See? We thought of everything. When Jimmy gets back, he'll stick around and make sure you got plenty to eat. Tomorrow Carlos has got somethin' special planned." said Tony as he switched on the TV.

Joyce groaned quietly at that, which brought a slight smile to Tony as he went through the channels. Pizza and breadsticks were the order for the rest of the day, they weren't messing around. They got four large pizzas and weren't interested in making separate trips, so the later ones were going to be cold. She managed to eat them all pretty well, finally finishing after 2 that night, going to sleep dreading what Carlos had in mind.

The next morning they came in bright and early with a third person, initially she thought it was the doctor again, for it was a slight man, and not very tall, but this was someone else. He looked a bit nerdy with unkept hair, and he had an excited look in his eye as he spied the naked and fattened Joyce. In his hand he had some kind of plastic device, which he now waved around a bit as if he was reading off it, and around his neck he had a pretty sophisticated looking digital camera. Joyce tried to cover her vast breasts as much as she could, the bed had no blankets or sheets but mainly managed to look a bit ridiculous for the attempt.

"OK, we need to work on the lighting, and we should put a neutral background behind her, I have some curtains we can use. Wow! She's big though. How long have you been at it?" said the man who had a rather nasally voice.

"I think It'll be a month this week that we started feedin' her. It took some time for all the operations though. She's put on a bunch." said Tony, admiring his work.

"Well she's perfect. Carlos already gave me the pictures and moving shots he had and we'll get a couple today also." he said as he walked to a corner looking up and down from the device in his hand.

"Hear that? Carlos is gonna finally start makin' some money off you!" said Jimmy as he put down a small duffel bag onto the table. "I was kinda worried about the whole thing initially, takin' pictures doesn't seem like a good idea, but you ain't much of an example to anyone if only three or four people know about it. So we gotta get some pictures for Carlos's special photo album, but brainiac here says we can make a fortune puttin' you on the web!"

"OK Princess, we got some make up and stuff, we want you to shower up and get pretty and then we're gonna take some pictures. We got some food also. So let's get going'. Carlos said you still gotta put on all the weight." said Tony.

"Um...what do I get out of this?" asked Joyce, which to her seemed to be the most obvious question. The silence that followed was deafening, it was like she had just dropped an expensive vase or something. Jimmy cleared his throat and looked at Tony. The camera man looked around nervously, and finally Tony nodded to both of them and gave them a look that said he had this handled.

"Jimmy, why don't you help our friend here get his equipment. I'm gonna...motivate our camera shy model here." he said as he loosened his collar.

"Yeah. Alright come on let's get that stuff outta there." then he leaned in and whispered "It's better that you don't see this." and he guided him out of the room. Joyce was trying to shrink into the bed but there was nowhere to go as Tony approached ominously and pulled a chair next to her bed.

"One of the biggest problems about the situation we got, is that you get too familiar with us, start thinking we're friends or somethin'. And don't get me wrong, I like you kid, I do. But you keep givin' us that mouth, you keep forgettin' why you're here." began Tony.

"I'm sorry! I just..." Joyce was cut off as Tony held up one finger from his massive and gnarled hand.

"Shut it. It's my turn. You thought you could make a deal or somethin' right? That your job is just to get fat, anything else is negotiable. It ain't. You're here to do what we say, we just happen to say most of the time to keep eatin'. The other day with Carlos, you were able to deal a bit, 'cause Carlos was in a good mood. But you're forgettin' two things. One, I ain't Carlos, he's the one that makes the deals, I got no power to make a deal like that. And two, I ain't Carlos. Carlos likes to come up with the creative stuff to get people movin'. I ain't that smart.

"So in this situation, I can offer you deals too. But the only thing I got to offer is what I won't do to you. For example. If you do this camera shoot, and do a good job, I won't take a phone book and whack you upside your head a few times. If you do this, I probably won't stand you up by yanking up the hair on the back of your head. If you do this, I definitely won't beat you on the belly with a sock full of oranges. Get me?" said Tony as he leaned in on each threat. Joyce shrank more into the bed trying to stifle her cries.

"Alright, so I think you see what's in it for you right?" concluded Tony as Jimmy and the other man returned with hand fulls of equipment.

Joyce nodded, wiping at her tears.

"OK, let me help you up. Get showered and put on the make up, Dan here will help with that, make sure you got it right." Tony said as he hit the remote to lower the bed.

As the bed lowered he raised the head of the bed causing Joyce to sit up and tilted the other side, causing Joyce's fat body to more easily be moved into position. With that both Tony and Jimmy helped stand her up and walked her to the bathroom. The man, Dan, took the cosmetic bag and followed and just stayed in the doorway of the shower while Joyce got to work cleaning herself.

"Here let me help." offered Dan as he took the shower wand and helped her scrub and rinse her harder to reach areas. Joyce almost didn't care that she was naked like this in front of a complete stranger.

"It's not so bad. You're beautiful! You really are. There are millions of beautiful skinny girls out there, but you're going to be so much more than them...sorry." he said after he realized the lame pun he made. Joyce sighed heavily as she started to shampoo her hair.

Once done she dried off and Dan took care of her hair, brushing it out and drying it and offering make up instructions. "We want big eyelashes, and a decent amount of blush on the cheeks."

Jimmy came into the doorway. "So Dan, what's got me worried is that people will recognize her or something." he said as he watched the process.

"Nothing to worry about. For starters, no one will know of her. Even someone that knew Joyce before wouldn't recognize her now. If they did, and asked me questions, I'll show how I took her photo off the missing persons pictures and just morphed it. Plus there are literally thousands of these kind of websites. We're fine. Carlos already grilled me on this, made sure I took into account all the details." said Dan as he applied some hair spray, to poof out Joyce's somewhat curly hair.

"She'd look fabulous as a blonde." he said.

"Yeah." Jimmy agreed. "Hey we're all set up, we put those lighting strips where you wanted."

"OK good, we're almost done here too. Alright Joyce, I'm going to go set up the camera, Jimmy will escort you back in." said Dan as he dried off his hands and put the cosmetics away, then stepped back into the bedroom. Jimmy loomed in the doorway, shaking his head slightly in disapproval.

"You need to smarten up sweetie." was all he said.

"OK, we're ready." came Dan's voice. Jimmy helped Joyce stand and walked her back into the bedroom. A featureless light blue curtain was set up behind her bed, obscuring the wall, and there was a lot more light at the head of the bed and the area around it.

Joyce could see it was coming from strips of luminous tape that had been put on the ceiling. Tony made a loud whistle at Joyce's appearance, she hadn't worn make up since the night she was captured, and it definitely enhanced her appearance.

"Alright sweetie. Drop them panties, you're gettin' bare assed!" crowed Tony with a huge grin. "This might give you a reminder of where you are and who's in charge."

Joyce's eyes bulged in shock.

"C'mon! That's right, you're gettin' a spankin'! Gonna make them rolls dance a bit. Let's go, drop 'em, and the come over by the bed."

Joyce looked to Dan and Jimmy in desperation, but Dan only smiled as he set up his camera, and Jimmy shook his head solemnly, indicating she had no choice. Jimmy helped Joyce remove her panties when it looked like she was in too much shock to comply on her own. Tony took off his rings and jewelry and placed them on the table. Then he attached the bonds to the armrest of the bed.

"Man I wish I could be doin' this." said Jimmy.

"Yeah, well you're the one that had to get the tattoo on your arm." said Tony pointing to the barbed wire heart on Jimmy's left forearm. "Carlos calls tatoos the '11th fingerprint'. Now Danny-boy. Make sure you don't get my face in this."

"Don't worry." said Dan, not looking up from his light meter as he adjusted the camera more. "I can always blur your face if I need to.

"No." snarled Tony. "No blurring. Don't get my face in this! They got programs that can unblur that. Keep the shot no higher than my chest. Besides Princess here is the star." said Tony, rubbing his hands in anticipation.

"Alright!" snapped Dan. "I'll keep your face out. Can we get started?"

"Yeah. C'mere sweetie, I want you to grab the bar." said Tony. Joyce whimpered as she leaned over and grabbed the armrest. She could already feel the strain in her thighs as Tony bound her wrists to the bar.

"OK, Jimmy, stay out of the picture, get back behind me. Let's keep the conversation out. Joyce make as much noise as you want, but don't do anything stupid. I can always edit it out if you try to send a message, and I don't think these guys would like it too much." said Dan as he straightened up and was looking at the video feed on the small monitor from the side of the camera.

"You got it straight." said Jimmy. Joyce's breasts were dangling heavily, and she was already straining and hungry.

"Tony, before you start, get her...um get her...breasts up on the bed for her. It'll look better when they flop out." said Dan.

Tony smiled again as he hefted each breast with a grunt and laid them on the edge of the bed, which gave Joyce a bit of relief, as well as a new flood of color to her cheeks.

"OK, um...action." said Dan.

Joyce closed her eyes in anticipation of what was coming, it seemed like minutes before she felt the first smack on her wide behind. It didn't hurt, more like a hard pat on her right cheek. But the force caused her entire body to roll forward it seemed, a wave of undulating flesh and flab. Joyce let out a sob at that. She could only imagine the leer Tony must have had on his face. The next one came, this time on the left cheek, the one away from the camera. "Concentrate on the right one only." said Dan. "We can't see the other one as well."

The third smack came, and this time it stung a bit and Joyce continued to moan and sob, trying in vain to twist her hips.

"I think you're cryin' too much." said Tony. "You're just embarrassed, I ain't hardly touched you...yet." Then came a quick series of spanks, her fat in a constant fluid motion of jiggles and waves.

"Oh yeah. Now we're gettin' some color." said Dan, referring to the deep blush that Joyce's large right buttock was taking on. Meanwhile Joyce was ready to die again from shame as she tried to stifle her sobs, it seemed the crying was egging him on. It didn't really hurt very much, but like Tony said, the shame was mainly the problem. That and the fact that her right boob was starting to slide off the bed. She wanted to say something, but was ultimately too afraid to, she could only watch with a sense of impending doom as each new spank jarred it a bit more. Finally one more smack sent it flopping off the bed, it literally swung to her thigh and bumped into it with a smack that was almost as loud as the spanks she was receiving. The sudden weight almost dropped her to her knees, if she wasn't bound to the armrest she would have definitely fallen.

"Timber!" laughed Jimmy. "Oh! Look! There goes the other one!" he said, pointing to her left breast which soon followed the right to make a similar performance and sound. Moments later her strength did give out, and she fell to her knees, but not before giving Dan and his camera several tantalizing seconds of her massive dangling boobs jouncing to the rapid fire spanks Tony was giving her right butt cheek.

"And...cut." said Dan as he turned off the camera and gave a little applause, which Jimmy did also. Tony had a broad smile and even took a bow.

"Not you stupid!" laughed Jimmy. "Joyce was the star, she did great!"

"She really did. Great job Joyce."

"Yeah, you did good kid. OK, let's get you back in bed and get some food in you. Come on, dry your eyes." Tony said as he undid her wrists and gave her a handkerchief.

Joyce snuffled into it and dabbed her eyes as Tony and Jimmy helped lift her exhausted and sore body to her feet and then quickly into bed. Once there Jimmy broke out the blender and started putting together one of their massive shakes.

"I wanted to get some eating pics." said Dan as he reworked the camera.

"That's fine, once she's gotten some food in her. She's gotta be starving now, and this will fill her up quick." said Tony as he put the tray in place. Soon enough they had the bowl heaping with the concoction of ice cream, cookie dough, cake frosting and syrup. They put the tube in and gave it to Joyce, who sucked on it eagerly. She was very hungry and eager to get her mind off of what just happened.

"OK, leave the stuff, let's go get some breakfast ourselves, and we can get those shots when we get back." said Tony as he herded them out the door.

When they returned Joyce was nearly finished with the shake, and she could see they had more ice cream.

"Alright, we're going to make this fast. I need to do another shoot in a bit, and then get to work on this footage." said Dan as he set up the camera again. "I like the ice cream, but let's make it a huge sundae or something. And strap her in, that'll look great. Tony you're going to have to feed her."

"Stupid tatoo." muttered Jimmy as he started dumping ice cream into the bowl. Tony only smiled as he strapped Joyce in and tied her wrists to the armrest again. Jimmy made a massive sundae, even topping it with a whole can of whip cream and putting a cherry on top.

"OK Tony, if we're ready, bring the sundae into the shot and onto the tray, I'll just have your hands showing." Tony obliged and carefully set the heaping pile of ice cream and syrup and whip cream onto the tray.

Joyce wasn't hungry, but she wasn't full either, so her response was immediate. She tried leaning forward to eat the sundae with only her face, but was held back by the restraints, she could only grunt ineffectually as she tried in vain.

"Oh that's great!" exclaimed Dan as he watched the monitor. "OK, give her the cherry."

Tony plucked the cherry up by the stem and dangled it just out of reach, Joyce was frantically twisting and snapping to get the fruit.

"Good! Good! OK, give it to her!"

Tony carefully let her have the cherry, mindful to not get bit, and threw the stem away.

"OK, let's start spoonfeeding her. Do it slow, like the cherry."

Tony picked up the large plastic spoon and dipped it into the mass of desert and took a heaping spoonful, then made a swirling motion towards her mouth before she finally got the spoon and began eagerly eating.

"OK that's good! Joyce, can you maybe take your time a bit more?" asked Dan as he could se she already swallowed the whole spoonful.

"No she can't. Eating ain't a voluntary thing for her any more, when she sees food she just eats it." explained Jimmy in a quiet voice.

"Oh. OK, no worries. Tony keep doing what you're doing." said Dan as he watched the monitor.

Tony managed to do several more bites before Joyce slumped back into the bed, unable to eat any more. He even tried to push the spoon into her mouth, but only managed to smear it over her lips and cheeks as Joyce turned her head aside.

"She's full." said Tony, plopping the spoon back into the bowl. Dan was still rolling though.

"Put some more on her face like that. Smear it, then drizzle some on her chest." said Dan. Tony shrugged his shoulders with a smile and picked up the spoon again and smeared a good spoonful onto her face despite Joyce's grunted protests and struggles. He then literally took scoops and plopped them onto her chest and breasts.

"Ooh! That gives me an idea! We'll wait til she's ready again." The three men withdrew by the card table to watch TV while Joyce digested some. In another fifteen minutes Joyce managed to swallow the last that was in her mouth and began desperately licking her face as best she could, like a dog with peanut butter in its mouth, trying to get the smeared food.

"OK she's ready, good, I don't have much time left. OK let's get ready. Tony I want you to take her left tit and dip it into the bowl and let her eat off that." Tony and Jimmy obviously liked the sound of that, but Joyce was less than thrilled as she kept trying to lick off the smeared and melted ice cream.

"We ready?" said Tony as he got into position at the side of the bed.

"Go ahead, and take your time. She gets a great look in her eye when she knows food is coming." said Dan.

With that Tony carefully hoisted Joyce's heavy left breast and cleared it from the tray, even holding it up for the camera like he just caught a prize fish, before unceremoniously plopping it into the bowl. The bowl immediately tipped over and spilled onto the tray and the bed, splashing Joyce with its cold contents. Joyce was more concerned about the cold on her tender breast though, as her nipples immediately hardened. "OK, no give it to her!" said Dan eagerly.

Tony's hands slipped and slid on her slick, syrup and ice cream covered breast, but he finally managed to lift it and turn it into position. Joyce immediately lunged for her own breast, despite the embarrassment, and began to lick and take mouthfuls of the stuff where possible. While she did nibble a bit on her flesh, she never actually bit into herself.

Tony was grunting over holding up the considerable weight as Joyce began to concentrate on the ice cream that accumulated at her nipple, and the pleasure of eating the sweet desert as well as the stimulation on her hard nipple was quite enjoyable. She hated that she felt it, but could not deny it either. Suddenly her breast popped out of her mouth to slam with a meaty thud onto the tray and spill the rest of the bowl. Tony had simply lost his grip on the heavy udder.

Dan and Jimmy laughed at that, and Tony eventually joined in. "OK, that's a wrap I guess. Leave the lighting strips where they are. I'll take the curtain with. Carlos wanted me to get some more sessions at some point, he'll let you know when we're ready."

"OK Danny-boy." said Tony.

"Jimmy, let's get the maid over here. We'll clean her up a bit and put her in the shower when the maid gets here. This bed is stain proof." said Tony as he started wiping off his hands.

"My shirt ain't though." he mumbled as he looked down at his ice cream and chocolate syrup stained shirt.

Meanwhile Joyce looked like the proverbial child with her hand in the cookie jar, sitting back into the bed, her face and upper body covered in ice cream. She wondered if they could see how much she secretly enjoyed being on camera like this, and especially that last scene where she had her own engorged breast in her mouth.

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Joyce was helped out of the bed again, it was easier with the way the new bed could be tilted, and her skin and flab made an embarrassing sticking sound as she pulled free form the syrup and ice cream covered bed. They helped her to the shower and let her wash herself while she heard Jimmy make a call and speak in some language she couldn't understand, probably Polish if it was the same maid. She stayed in the shower and cleaned herself and relaxed in the steam as she heard someone arrive and begin cleaning the considerable mess that they had made.

While waiting she contemplated the recent events. One of her goals was to be a model, she'd actually done some amateur work while in college, and in general she did like to be photographed...exposed. Was that it? The exposure? Being the center of attention, even if it was as the 'Fat Lady' with the huge breasts? She didn't want to admit it, but maybe that was what it was. She couldn't deny the excitement mixed with the embarrassment and shame she felt. And even though Carlos and Tony and Jimmy were pigs, she definitely knew they liked to look at her. She tried to think about something else, this train of thought was confusing and frightening her.

Inevitably the room and bed was cleaned and the mooks returned her to bed. She could see that the luminous tape was still in place, but was dimmed so it was providing a slight glow. Tony left once she was settled so he could clean up, and Jimmy went out to get the rest of her food for the day, returning with buckets of fried chicken and biscuits, with plenty of sides, enough to feed a family picnic. He dumped it unceremoniously on the generous sized tray for her before he left without a word.

Joyce was again reminded how these two had other 'jobs' that they needed to take care of, and she didn't want to know at all what they were. She spent the rest of the day and night eating the fried and fatty foods, grateful that there were several wet naps included in the banquet.

The rest of the week was rather sedate. The mooks came and went, very business like, dropping off food and taking out the garbage and letting her shower while the maid returned. Very little talk was made, she wasn't sure why, did she make them mad or something? It was on Tuesday, the night before her weigh-in that she found out.

Tony and Jimmy came in after being away most of the day once they dropped off a bunch of meatball 'sangwiches' as Tony called them. They came in carrying with them a massive cake with three layers, it was like part of a tree stump, covered with what looked like inches of rich chocolate butter-cream frosting. They grunted as they put it on the table, and to Joyce's surprise the men looked a bit sad. They stared at each other in silence for a few moments before Joyce finally spoke up.

"Is...everything OK?" she finally said.

The two mooks looked at each other and then Tony spoke. "This is kind of a goin' away present kid. We ain't gonna be the ones takin' care a' ya' no more. Carlos thinks we did a great job and you did a great job, aside from the sass you took this like a champ. But we got too far behind in doin' the other things we take care of, and the doc wants more professional help takin' care of ya'. So we'll see ya' now and then, but you're gettin' a full time nurse stayin' with ya' tomorrow. She's gonna take care of ya'. So me and Jimmy got us a goodbye cake for you. It's good, you'll like it."

Jimmy actually looked choked up thought Joyce.

"C'mon dummy, serve it up." snapped Tony to Jimmy as he turned away making it look like he was checking his cell phone.

"Yeah...right." said Jimmy as he took the serving knife and carved out a wedge that was about as big as a normal sized cake and put it on Joyce's tray and actually gave her a spoon to eat it with, most of the time they gave her finger food and hardly ever gave her anything more dangerous than a plastic spork.

Joyce wanted to say something, the moment seemed to demand it, but she was actually hungry, and so her hands and mouth went on auto-pilot and began stuffing her face. Jimmy and Tony watched her quietly as she munched her delicious cake, and served her a tall cup of cream to wash it down. The first wedge of cake was enough to make her full, and so she waited with a mouth and throat full of cake as Tony and Jimmy were strangely quiet as they waited.

"<Sniff> I...I gotta go. I gotta do that thing. I'll be here in the morning." he said as he wiped his eye with the back of his hand, and then unexpectedly leaned down and kissed Joyce on the forehead.

"Goodbye sweetie." and he walked out with his hands in his pockets.

Tony grunted at this, and stayed long enough to put the rest of the cake onto her tray.

"Finish this up Princess, don't wanna upset Carlos. G'night kid." he said as he walked out and closed the door. Joyce continued eating the rest of the night in silence and some sadness, as well as dread at what the nurse was going to be like. Tony and Jimmy actually treated her pretty well all things considered. She finished it by 4 in the morning and went off to sugar hazed sleep.

In the morning Jimmy and Tony were there early to help her clean up before Carlos arrived. By now her weight was great enough that walking without help was almost impossible, she could hardly stand upright without help. She showered quickly with their help and they brought her back to her room where she was allowed to flop into the bed which was configured more as a chair now.

Shortly after she got a moment's rest and began to wonder when she'd be given something to eat Carlos arrived, and she could tell he was in a decent mood. His thin lips which were usually a hard set line were curled in a smile that got brighter as he saw that Joyce was still growing at an incredible rate.

"The dum-dums told ya' right? They get all weepy on you? The big softies." said Carlos as Tony and Jimmy both made a point of examining their shoes.

"Yeah, I got more important things for these two professors to do. And the doc said he wanted someone with actual medical experience to keep an eye on you. So I thought I got the perfect person! She was a nurse and a bodyguard for my uncle! Her name's Helga, and she's really been lookin' forward to this. Helga! Come on in. Say hi to Joyce."

At that the door opened again, and the person that Joyce had sensed lurking in the hall came in.

She was tall, almost 6 feet easily. Blond hair, tied back in a bun with a white cap on top, a beautiful but cold Nordic face with blue eyes and full red lips. Her statuesque body was clad in an erotic mock up of a nurse's uniform; the shirt was far too small, and revealed her white lingerie brassiere underneath. The skirt was ridiculously short, stopping just as the thigh officially started, an inch or two above the sheer white stockings that were pulled up her long and shapely legs, and finally wearing insanely tall white stiletto heels. Her ensemble was finished with an official looking medical chart in her hands. When she came in Joyce gasped which brought the slightest of smiles to Nurse Helga's cold red lips.

"Hello my little one." she said in a throaty voice as she walked towards Joyce in a perfect catwalk stride.

"Oh Carlos...she is magnificent! I had no idea this was the same girl from the file!" she said gesturing to the clipboard in her hand.

"All...this in just a few weeks? Beautiful!" she said, encompassing Joyce's vast fat body with her a gesture from her other hand.

"Come let me see you, we're going to stand, yes? And see how much you weigh." Helga laid her medical files down and took Joyce's hands in hers, her grip cold and like steel. Joyce could see that Tony and Jimmy were stepping forward almost protectively, but also to help Joyce out of the bed. But Carlos stopped them with a brief gesture to stay where they were.

"There's no way boss." said Jimmy.

"Watch." said Carlos. Meanwhile Helga was slowly pulling and then relaxing, creating a rocking motion in Joyce, building up momentum it seemed. Helga winked at Joyce and her smile increased.

"And up little one!" she said and gave a seemingly effortless pull and Joyce found herself easily on her feet, completely on the strength of Helga.

"See boys, Helga was worked on by the Doc too. She's got tendons and bones reinforced with titanium, artificial muscle fibers, cybernetic joints and a chemically powered muscular system. In other words, she's stronger than either a' you two mooks. She one time flipped a car and busted down a brickwall to get Uncle George." Carlos paused in his story so he could cross himself and kiss his fingers in memory of his uncle that he had killed a few months ago. The two mooks repeated the gesture, they were the ones that had taken him for his last ride.

"I had her pulled off that assignment to do some other work, and had her on ice til now. But she's perfect, got a degree in medicine, super strong and tough, and she'll get the job done! She's a lot smarter than you two mutts also. OK Helga, let's get her weighed."

Meanwhile Helga was ignoring the mobsters as she casually examined her new charge. Once Joyce was standing she let go of her hands and allowed Joyce to place them on the armrest behind her for support. Helga devoured her with those cold blue eyes, finally reaching down to grasp Joyce's massive left breast with her right hand, cupping the nipple completely and squeezing with some force.

She had not the slightest trouble in hefting up the breast she palmed like a basketball, she lifted it up and down a few times, as if testing the weight. Helga's other hand went to Joyce's ever expanding waist, and grabbed a large roll of fat with surprising tenderness, just pinching a handful. Joyce turned her face away in shame, only to have Helga stop the belly pinching to place her hand underneath Joyce's chin, and gently but firmly turn her back to look at her.

Helga's smile became a bit more playfully evil as she bobbled her enlarged tit with one hand and her other stayed under Joyce's chin as tears rolled silently down Joyce's cheeks. Helga brushed one aside and then made a 'no-no' gesture with her hand and reached down to play with that roll of fat again. Joyce got the message, she was to stop crying and not look away during this exam.

Carlos finished telling his story while Joyce was getting felt up by her new nurse.

"OK Helga let's get her weighed."

Helga smiled again, gently letting go of the breast and fat roll, and leaning in to a give a soft kiss on Joyce's plump cheek. She then took one of her arms and stooped down so she could put it over her shoulders and help Joyce walk to the scale in front of the mirror. The numbers flashed on the TV screen because there was no way for Joyce to see past her stomach and read it. They stopped at 382, again easily making the minimum.

Joyce was more busy looking at her body. She was extremely fat now, her torso a wide barrel shape with a low hanging belly drooping with fatty rolls. Her face was wide and full, with two extra chins making her neck look a bit like an inner tube. The flabby curtains on her upper arms now hung past her elbows a bit when she laid her arms down. Her hips were wider than her sloping shoulders and she could tell that her ass must have been huge and full. Her drooping belly completely obscured her pubis, and her legs tapered considerably at the knees down to her toes. Her skin was soft and mostly smooth, with no cellulite and no stretch marks, just very pale after weeks of not being in the sun. Finally her massive breasts looked almost normal now on the body she had developed. They were both long and fat ending just above where her hips would be if they weren't covered by her sagging belly. The nipples still managed to keep the slight upturn which made them seem just a bit perky. The clapping of everyone around her woke her out of her trance.

"Way to go, way to go." said Carlos as he kept clapping. "Alright I wanna see her eat, I ain't watched that in awhile. Helga, show these dummies how it's done."

Helga smiled some more and then carefully and tenderly led her fattened charge back to bed, where she helped her get comfortable before strapping her in. Tony and Jimmy meanwhile went to get the food and returned with styrofoam cartons of breakfast entrees, still steaming with their contents.

"Alright my little one, you must eat it all yes?" said Helga, her accent seeming to get stronger and a bit more ominous to Joyce. Helga opened the first package which contained a huge omelet and bacon. She let Joyce dig in with a spoon which she was thankful for; she was hungry and the food would take her mind off of recent events. Soon she was finished and her meal was replaced with another, this time a high stack of pancakes and sausages, and a tall glass of cream.

Joyce was slowing down a bit now that the first raging hunger had been fed, but to any normal person she was still maintaining a record breaking pace. The pancakes were inhaled in short order, leaving Joyce mostly full as Helga put the third meal down, a heaping pile of scrambled eggs smothered in cheese and garnished with bits of meat and vegetables.

Joyce dug in again, knowing she wouldn't finish it without taking a break. She managed to finish a decent amount before she felt the familiar feeling of fullness when the food reached the back of her throat. She still had more than half the eggs left though.

"Yeah she really showed us." Jimmy finally said. Carlos gave a sly grin as Helga stood and went out the door to return with a medical bag she had left outside the room. She set it on the table and opened it up, pulling on a pair of latex gloves, and then taking out a slender chrome rod, rounded at both ends. It looked almost like a club, and Joyce wondered for a moment if she was going to try to beat her to make her eat more!

Then Helga pulled out a bottle of vegetable oil and smeared a good amount up and down the rod, making sure it was well covered. She approached Joyce ominously with the gleaming rod. Joyce tried to move, but she was too full, too fat and also strapped in. Helga was standing beside the bed and grabbed Joyce by the face, her fingers and thumb on either cheek, keeping her mouth forced open with gentle but firm pressure. She then began to carefully guide the end of the rod into her mouth and past her teeth as she tilted her head back so her throat was straightened out. Soon enough the rod had reached the mass of unswallowed food at the back of her throat and began to push it down. Joyce's arms flew up to try and stop it but it was no use.

"Strap her arms down!" commanded Helga to Tony and Jimmy.

"You're hurting her!" Jimmy protested as he and Tony stood there indecisively.

"Now!" she snapped as Joyce's arms flailed weakly at her. Tony and Jimmy reluctantly went to either side of the bed and took hold of an arm and strapped it to the armrest, preventing any more struggling from Joyce. Once that was done Helga continued forcing the rod down Joyce's throat, pushing down the chewed eggs, packing her stomach more than she ever imagined was possible. When the rod's end could barely be seen protruding from Joyce's gaping mouth Helga paused.

"She has no gag reflex, and she cannot choke because she breathes through the tubes installed in her nostrils. This doesn't hurt her at all, though..."

Helga paused as she looked at the sight of Joyce who was desperately huffing air through her nostrils as she was turned into a forced sword-swallower. "...I doubt it is comfortable. But her stomach will stretch if you force it. And that is what we must do. Now we have more room." she said as she carefully withdrew the rod, which was mostly clean of any food debris.

Helga then proceeded to spoon feed Joyce more of the eggs, and Joyce despite how full she felt found herself forced to comply. Soon enough, after eating maybe half of what was left, she was full to the gills again, and again found herself being forced to swallow nearly 18 inches of oiled up chrome. Helga had to force it a bit more this time, and Joyce could feel her poor stomach groaning and straining at the amazing amount of food being forced into it.

"Almost there!" said Helga once she pulled the rod out and began feeding her again, each bite an ordeal that put more pressure on her bloated and stuffed stomach. She fed her the rest of the eggs until her whole mouth was packed full and Joyce worried that she'd use the rod again, but instead put it aside and said "Ta-da!" to Carlos and presented the stuffed and trussed Joyce to Carlos like she had just done a magic trick.

Carlos clapped again as he saw the miserably stuffed Joyce, her cheeks and jowls puffed out with eggs.

"See boys I told you she was the one. Alright, we got stuff to do. Helga, I don't want less than 75 pounds on her by next week, but I would like more if you can manage it."

Helga looked down at the pitiful Joyce and smiled that cold smile again.

"Of...I think we can manage it." said Helga as she held up the rod again...and then wiped it off with a napkin.

"Sounds good. Boys, you can always come with me on weigh in days, and I'll probably have you help with deliveries too. I know you guys have gotten attached to her. Let's go." said Carlos and walked out the door.

"See ya' kid." said Tony.

"Yeah, see ya. I'll bring ya' more of my mama's spaghetti sometime OK?" said Jimmy as he walked out. Helga walked over calmly and closed and locked the door.

"Alone at last." she said when she turned to Joyce again.

(Continued in post 28 of this thread)

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Sorry for the delay, I was sick last week and found myself without much time to update, but this particular segment was one I've been looking forward to adding. Enjoy!
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It's going to be a bit of time before my next installment, next week at the earliest, sorry. However there have been some interesting developments. I'll have more news regarding that soon.
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