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Default Val (1-7) -by JBS60/Mollycoddles (~BBW, Eating Auto-eroticism, Sex, ~MWG)

~BBW, Eating Auto-eroticism, Sex, ~MWG - A neglected wife has an affair with food and a mysterious man

by JBS60/Browniestuff/Mollycoddles

[For many years the classic Val remained an unfinished epic of betrayal and intrigue in Weight Related fiction literature. Its abrupt end left readers wondering "What happens next?" This is the history of our experiance with this tale

7/2007 - In our ongoing efforts to recover old stories we came across a fragment of this story with attribution in a 1996 source. We already had the first four chapters, but not the author's name.

11/2007 - Another author, Browniestuff, developed an additional chapter for the story but unfortunately was unable to continue. The tale lay fallow for several years.

5/2014 - In 2010 one of our most veteran storymasters, Mollycoddles, undertook to continue the tale and added chapters 5-7, which we now include along with a merger with the prior efforts.

Chapter 1

Valerie had just about had enough. Her weekly grocery shopping was always a chore, but today for some reason she was in a particularly foul mood. This was mainly due to the fact that her relations with her husband had recently grown a bit distant. Her mind was a million miles away from the store, as she wheeled her cart around the aisle corner without looking.

Wham! She slammed into the back of a young man. She apologized profusely, but he didn't seem to be upset. He smiled pleasantly and they began chatting. Before she knew it, they were pushing their carts along and shopping together. Valerie's mood had improved immediately!

The young man's name was Mark. He was an attractive young man with blonde hair and blue eyes, about six feet tall with a slender, athletic build.

After several minutes, Mark began to get a bit more forward, making it obvious that he was in fact not only not mad, but very interested in Valerie. Finally, she could no longer ignore his advances and made it clear that he should leave her alone.

Mark just smiled pleasantly and said, "OK. But will you do me one little favor?"

This question took Valerie completely by surprise, so she just stammered, "Wh- What is it?"

"Whenever you're eating, think of me. If you go off your diet and eat something particularly fattening, imagine me standing there beside you with approval. Have another bite. When your pants get tight, fantasize that I'm there rubbing your full, round belly, urging you to have another helping. Can you do that for me?"

Throughout this speech, Valerie was so shocked she couldn't speak. Finally, she blurted out, "You're crazy! Get away from me before I call the store manager!"

Mark smiled, shrugged his shoulders, and wheeled his cart away. Valerie was so flustered that she finished her shopping quickly, forgetting several items that she had intended to buy.


Later that evening Valerie sat in her favorite chair, trying to concentrate on her book. She couldn't manage to do it. She looked over at Michael, her husband of twenty one years. He sat with his back to her, working at his computer. He seemed to spend all his time working these days. Though they loved each other dearly and had a happy home life with two wonderful kids (Tommy, 20 and Jessica, recently turned 18) the "spark" seemed to have vanished from their love life. This evening, in fact, Val had been a little frisky, hoping that her husband would respond. Instead, he gruffly informed her that he had to get a memo finished to be ready for an 8 am meeting.

Valerie sighed, set her book aside and got up. She might as well have a bowl of ice cream and go to bed early. She took the half gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream from the freezer and set it next to a bowl on the counter. Why had she been feeling so low lately? Inattention from her husband recently might have something to do with it. . . and the fact that she had turned 40 last year.

She hadn't lost any of her beauty though. She had long, dark, wavy hair, an indescribably gorgeous face, and a 38-23-36 figure. At least, those were her measurements for many years. She had had trouble keeping her weight down recently. In fact, two days ago she had weighed 122 -- not bad on a 5'7" frame. But Michael was extremely weight conscious, and had been critical when she strayed from her traditional 115 pound norm. Valerie was sure that she could lose the weight, and she wanted to. The most frustrating thing was the fact that a fair portion of the fat had accumulated on her already ample breasts, which no longer felt comfortable in her D-Cup bras.

Valerie was shaken from her thoughts by a realization of vague discomfort. In a flash, she realized that she had not eaten a bowl of ice cream. . . she had not even used the bowl! Instead, she had been eating directly out of a carton that was now nearly empty! She dropped the spoon and put her hand on her newly-rounded belly. Her pants were too confining, and she unsnapped them and pulled down the zipper to relieve the pressure. In that moment of almost sexual release, the image of the strange young man at the grocery store returned to her.

She moaned and leaned forward, pressing her full belly against the counter. The pressure felt nice, and she imagined that it was the handsome young man. . . Mark was his name, she remembered. . . HE thought she was beautiful! HE wanted her! HE wanted to caress the bulging belly that felt so good pressing against the counter! What else had he wanted? Oh yes, he wanted her to eat more after she was already stuffed. She looked at the ice cream carton. It was almost gone anyway. . . she could finish it even though she was almost bursting.

Anything to please her new fantasy boyfriend, she giggled. She was almost quivering as she took another bite of ice cream. She set the spoon down and lowered her pants to her knees, then began eating again, pressing her tummy rhythmically against the counter. With the last of the ice cream, she came violently, and sank to the floor in a sweaty heap.

After a minute or two, she realized that there was a danger of her husband or kids coming in and seeing her half-naked on the floor. She hurriedly got up, pulled her pants up and tugged at the zipper, which seemed to be stuck. She didn't even bother to look down. She was used to seeing only enormous boobs when she glanced downward. But when she felt her belly, she knew what the problem was. It hadn't protruded like this since she was pregnant with the kids! She involuntarily began massaging her belly, then came to her senses, rushed upstairs, showered, and went to bed. . . unsuccessfully trying to get the image of a certain young man out of her head.


For the next few days Valerie, with an amazing display of willpower, pushed Mark out of her mind whenever he tried to push his way in. And, although she constantly thought about food, she stuck to her diet. She even got down to 121 pounds.

One day, however, she found herself pacing the living room restlessly. She just had to get out of the house!

“I guess I could do my grocery shopping a few days early, she thought. An image of Mark arose, but she pushed it aside. Still, she grabbed her purse and rushed out the door with an eagerness that was unusual for a trip to the store.

She was almost finished with her shopping and had not seen Mark. She was becoming more and more agitated. Why wasn't he here? Why had he said those things to her and why couldn't she get him out of her head? If he was going to say such personal things to her, the least he could do would be to get in touch with her again to either explain himself or apologize!

She was startled by the question of a store employee, "Are you alright ma'am? You look upset."

"Yes. Yes, I'm fine." She rushed away. Blast that Mark! She suddenly knew what she would do to get revenge on him. She would buy a cart full of fattening goodies, then eat like a pig! Wouldn't Mark just love to be there for it, but he was going to miss out big time!

When she arrived home and began unloading the groceries, she realized with dismay that she could not possibly eat all of this junk food in less than a week. Since she didn't believe in wasting food, she couldn't throw it away. There was only one solution. She would have to hide it in her bedroom closet and eat it bit by bit. She tried to get a good start by polishing off several packages of cookies that afternoon before the kids got home from school. . .


Valerie had been wrong. Her closet stock of junk food was gone after only three days. She felt a feeling of achievement as she forced the last Mallowmar into her mouth. Finally, all of the incriminating evidence was gone! She leaned back against the wall of her closet and heaved a sigh. Surveying the scene, she noticed that the floor around where she was seated was covered with bags, wrappers and crumbs. All she had to do was clean up this mess, do a little vacuuming, and all this insanity would be over.

She struggled to her feet, holding her bloated belly with both hands. As she cleaned the closet, she thought back on the last three days. They had been remarkably similar. She wore a robe until her family was off to work and school. She spent the day buck naked, gorging herself on junk food while watching TV or even just sitting in her closet, eating, for hours. When 3 pm approached, she put on a loose sundress so her children wouldn't come home to see their mother prancing around the house naked, displaying her increasingly Buddha-like belly.

She glanced at the clock and saw that it wasn't even noon yet. This was her usual day for grocery shopping and, since her last trip had been great for fattening goodies but less than productive for necessary items, she felt that she should make the trip. Hopefully, Mark would be there. She really wanted to make him feel guilty by showing him how much weight she had gained, and demand that he apologize for the things he had said. She had convinced herself that this was the only way she could get him, food, and the newly-found desire to masturbate after gorging sessions out of her mind.


Valerie stared at the mirror in disgust. This was the fifth pair of pants that she had tried to fit into, and it wasn't working at all. At least this pair had made it over her buns, but the zipper simply wouldn't budge. She tried to heft her small pot belly and pull the zipper up, but failed. She let her belly drop, and was startled by how heavy it was. She lifted both breasts and let them fall. She giggled as she watched them bounce and sway slowly to a stop. She was used to bountiful breasts, but now her whole body was starting to become "bouncy."

She peeled the pants off and did something she had been dreading for days. She pulled her scale out from underneath her bed. When the needle stopped moving, she let out a gasp of shock. 133 pounds! She ran back to the mirror and groaned. She wasn't "bouncy," she was, in her eyes, a fat pig!

With her jaw set in determination, she walked to the closet and pulled out her spandex exercise outfit. She knew she could squeeze into it, even if some of her spilled over the waistband. It did. The halter top was fine, though her cleavage was protruding a bit more than usual. The waistband, however, cut into her belly, and a roll of blubber oozed out between the pants and halter top. She turned a bit, and saw that her buns -- still nice and firm, but more protruding and "spongy" than previously -- were stretching the material tight.

When she had looked through the entire grocery store and saw that Mark was not there, Valerie was steaming. Where had this guy disappeared to? She simply HAD to find him! She stomped out to her car without having purchased anything. As she drove home, she passed a McDonald's. That was it! This guy was attracted to fat women. . . maybe he hung out at fast food joints looking for them! She would change her strategy and look for him at McDonald's!

Val finished her chocolate shake and looked around McDonald's once more. No sign of Mark, and her Big Mac meal had vanished. Well, there were plenty more fast food places in town! She wouldn't rest until she had found him. Burger King. . . Arby's. . . Wendy's. . . Subway. . . Hardee's. . . Blimpie's. . . Burrito King. . . KFC. . . she stopped at each. And, while searching for Mark, bought and ate something at each.

Toward the end, she was so stuffed that she didn't want to eat anymore. She just wanted to go home and lie down. But she wanted to do a thorough job, and began fantasizing about what she would do when she finally found Mark. She would wait until he saw her, then take an enormous bite, sticking her belly out as far as it would go, with a look of ecstasy on her face. When he came over, all excited, she would tell him off and demand an apology! That would teach him to approach women with his odd fantasies!

But, alas, here she was at the counter of Jack in the Box -- the last fast food place in town -- and she had not seen him. The girl took her order for a double cheeseburger, fries and a coke, then remarked sarcastically, "that outfit is a bit too tight, isn't it?"

Valerie looked down and, as usual, only saw her enormous hooters straining the bounds of her top. But she could feel her belly protruding as if she were six months pregnant. She slapped her hands on it in embarrassment, in a subconscious attempt to hide her bare fat, but only succeeded in causing a muffled "slap" to reverberate throughout the restaurant.

Valerie struggled to finish her cheeseburger, but it was tough now that the counter girl had pointed out how bloated her stomach was. She leaned back and heaved a sigh. Why, oh why, had she spent all day stuffing herself and looking for Mark? All day?

She looked at her watch in panic. It was after 3 pm! Jessica and Tommy would be home in a few minutes and find a locked house! Of course they had their own keys but they expected their mother to be there. She drove like a madwoman all the way home, tearing into the driveway and noticed Tommy and Jessica sitting on the front porch. She jumped out of the car, but pulled up short when her gurgling stomach protested against the rapid movement. She smiled weakly, and walked toward the door, trying to cover her bulging belly so that neither of them would notice. It didn't work.

"Hey, you've grown a mommy tummy," Jessica commented.

"Boy, she's right. You're getting fat mom," Tommy affirmed.

"Yes, I've gained a few pounds, but I'm going to start working out more. I'll be skinny again soon." Valerie replied

After both Jessica and Tommy had gone into the house, Valerie pulled the waistband of the tights down to her crotch so that her belly could get some air. She began tracing light circles on it with her hand, then closed her eyes and began rubbing it while her other hand found her wet pussy.

Within minutes, she was in the shower having one orgasm after another.

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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

Chapter 2

Valerie broke her promise to her grown kids. . . she did not start working out more. Somehow, she just never got around to getting in the car and driving out to the health club. But, she told herself, she was being good about her diet. She was honestly mystified why her weight had climbed three pounds (to 136) in the past week. In reality, she had been snacking absentmindedly, and had consumed more calories than she realized.

Today was once again shopping day. Valerie didn't want to repeat what had happened last week, when she had gone on an eating spree at every fast food joint in town. She had heard that it's better to go grocery shopping on a full stomach. . . that way, you don't let your rumbling stomach do any "impulse buying." That sounded good to Val, and she called for a large combination pizza to be delivered. Better to be safe than sorry. . .

After four pieces, she was starting to get full and, since she had just drank the last of the diet coke, she considered stopping. But a familiar tingling had begun between her legs, and she impulsively grabbed a fifth piece. She was sure that there was something else to drink down in the basement refrigerator!

After rushing down the stairs, Val found several six packs of Michael's beer in an otherwise bare fridge. She didn't usually drink beer, but it sure sounded good with pizza.

She stuffed the rest of the pizza in her mouth and twisted off the bottle cap. before she had finished chewing, she began drinking. One swallow followed another, and Val began to become giddy as she felt the liquid filling her stomach.

Before she realized what she was doing, she had drained the entire bottle. She belched loudly and put her hand to her belly, which was straining the material of her jeans. She needed more beer! She reached for another bottle and within 10 seconds had guzzled it. She closed her eyes and leaned forward against the doorway of the refrigerator.

She pushed her belly out as far as it would go, wishing that it was even larger than it was. She began to lose herself in an erotic fantasy until she was brought back to reality when her jeans burst open with a large "snap." With a feeling that was a combination of dread and ecstasy, Val realized that she didn't have the willpower to stop gorging herself. Giggling, she grabbed the remainder of the six pack and rushed upstairs.

As she neared the top of the stairs, Val was cursing her pants. The zipper had begun to unzip (which was a relief!) but was digging into her distended and sensitive belly. She stripped them off and practically sprinted over to the pizza, which she set in the middle of the living room floor. After stuffing another two pieces of pizza and one beer into her stomach, Val pulled off her panties and began fingering herself to one orgasm after another. She continued to eat, lying on her back completely naked, and soon polished off the entire pizza.

Val tried to sit up, but couldn't manage it. She was just too full. She slowly rolled onto her side while holding her belly with both hands to keep it from shifting too much. As she struggled to her hands and knees, she noticed that there was still one more bottle of beer to drink. She grabbed it eagerly and with each chug felt a surge of liquid hit her heavy, hanging belly. The bottle was empty too soon! Val dropped it on the floor and closed her eyes.

Without being conscious of it, she had begun to sway gently back and forth. As she slowly came out of her alcohol induced fog, she realized how heavy her tummy felt as it hung down. She smiled and began swaying with more gusto. She was enjoying the feeling of her boobs slapping against each other when her stomach gurgled loudly. Val giggled. Her tummy was asking for more beer! She struggled to her feet, staggered for a moment, then raced to the basement refrigerator.

Val opened two beers and set them on the floor. On her hands and knees, she drank the beers slowly but steadily. She hadn't been this drunk since her college days, she thought to herself as she continued to swallow. And she had NEVER been this full before. She felt as if she had swallowed a bowling ball, her belly was so heavy. Except that bowling balls don't make "sloshing" sounds. Val finished the second beer and groaned as she began to lie down. Her breasts began flattening out on the floor, which felt nice, but when her belly touched the floor she flopped onto her side with a gasp.

She couldn't stand to put any pressure on her stomach after all the beer she had consumed. She was so wasted that she just wanted to go to sleep, but she had to piss before she exploded. She staggered to the bathroom as fast as she could while holding her bulging gut to keep it from being jostled. When she had relieved herself, she crawled to the shower. She sat on the floor of the shower for almost an hour, letting the water wash over her while she cradled her bloated belly in both hands. She was too drunk and stuffed to move, but was content in a hazy sort of way, daydreaming about Mark and wishing that he was there to make love to her.


Val tried twice to get out of her car before she realized that she had neglected to unbuckle her seat belt. She was still really buzzed, and shouldn't have driven to the grocery store. But she couldn't just lie around the house after stuffing herself. . . after all, the whole reason why she had consumed so much pizza and beer was so that she wouldn't be hungry during her grocery shopping!

And, after five minutes of wandering through the aisles, her strategy seemed to have worked. She was completely unable to focus on what she needed to buy, and her cart contained only a couple of random items. Maybe she should go home and sleep after all. Val was pondering this question instead of paying attention to where she was going, and she bumped into the back of a young man. He turned around. . . and it was Mark!

Mark's grin showed his genuine pleasure at seeing Val once again. Val, however, was so stunned that she appeared to be in a hypnotic trance.

"Hello, Valerie! How are you?"

"Um. . . I'm. . ."

Mark laughed, and Valerie began to blush. He grinned sympathetically and moved toward her. "It's good to see you again, sweetheart. I've been looking for you."

"I’'m not your sweetheart," Val slurred. "I don' wanna talk t'ya."

"You don't?" Mark looked sad, but put his hand gently on the side of Val's belly.

"No," Val whispered. "You talked t'me 'bout eating 'n'getting fat. Now lookit me."

"What do you mean? You look just as thin as you used to. Maybe your loose sweatsuit is hiding your tummy." Mark smiled.

"Yeah. It is." Val pulled up her sweat top to reveal her protruding belly.

Mark slipped around behind Val and put his arms around her. "Oh my. You do seem to have a nice little tummy here."

He began to gently rub her belly while nuzzling her neck.

Val opened her mouth, intending to protest. Instead, a soft "ohhhh" escaped her lips. The hands she had been dreaming about were now massaging her stuffed belly. She was having trouble keeping her eyes open, and finally gave up, closing her eyes and leaning back into Mark's body. She would have fallen if he had not been there to hold her up.

"I'm so proud of you, Val. You've been eating and getting fatter, haven't you."

"Yes. Oh yes I have, Mark." Val turned her head toward Mark and opened her lips. Their kiss lasted several minutes, with Mark moving his hands all over Val's newly-rounded body. An occasional shopper walked by, examining the couple with amusement or disgust.

As they ended their kiss, Mark patted Val's belly, and commented "I do believe that I detect beer on your breath, my dear."

Val was flustered, and began to stammer a denial, but Mark came to her rescue. "It's OK, Val. I knew you had been drinking beer even before we kissed. I felt it sloshing around in your pretty little beer belly. See?"

He began lifting and squeezing her bare, protruding belly, and she again leaned back against him with a moan.

An elderly woman passed by and stared at Val with disapproval. Val should have been mortified, but instead she was even more aroused. She pushed her belly out as far as she could, and smiled at the woman. Val's stomach was beginning to gurgle a bit with all the attention it was getting from Mark, and when she belched it finally drove the old woman away.

Mark gave Val's belly a final gentle slap, put his arm around her waist, and said "come on."

Val was unable to resist and let herself be guided to the cookie and snack section.

"What is your favorite kind of snack?" Mark asked.

"I looooove those Marshmallow Twirl things. Y'know, the fudge cookie things."

Val felt like two people in one body. She wanted to protest that she was too full to even THINK about eating anything else, yet she also wanted Mark to fill the cart with fattening treats that she could eat while he made slow, passionate love to her. She felt a little disappointment when he only put four packages of the cookies in the cart. After picking up a gallon of whole milk, they left the store and headed to Val's car. Given Val's blood alcohol level, Mark insisted on driving.

By the time they reached Val's driveway, Val was as horny as she had ever been. Yet she was having second thoughts. She had never cheated on her husband. But when Mark pulled up her sweat top, leaned over, and softly kissed her belly, Val's decision was made. Michael had ignored her for so long that she needed some attention and affection.

When Mark ripped open one of the packages and put a Marshmallow Twirl to her lips, Val never looked back. The sensation of opening her mouth and letting someone feed her gave her a thrill she had never known. She opened the car door and said "C'mon. Hurry!"

Lying naked on her bed, Val couldn't believe how stuffed she was. She had just finished the second package of cookies, and was drinking from the gallon milk jug, letting the liquid fill up the few empty spaces in her stomach. Mark was busy between her thighs, tonguing her clit and massaging her belly. Val was experiencing an ecstasy she hadn't thought possible. But she just couldn't eat any more.

"M'done," she gasped.

"Oh, sweetheart. Look at the cookies we still have left. Don't you want your belly to get even bigger?"

"Yes. . . yes, but I'm too full."

"Well, OK. I guess we're finished." Mark stepped off the bed and started walking toward his clothes.

"Wait! Come back!" Val pleaded and slowly spread her legs.

Mark smiled. "Only as long as you finish all the cookies. Here, I'll help you out a little."

Mark opened the third package and put a cookie to Val's lips. She closed her eyes and let him feed her. As the chocolate began to melt on her tongue, she had an enormous orgasm. Her whole body twitched and her hips bucked violently, which jostled her stretched stomach a bit painfully. After that first orgasm, Val settled down and steadily ate one cookie after another while Mark sucked one of her breasts and fingered her clit. Her orgasms were mercifully smaller, which was easier on her belly -- which felt as though it were going to explode.

When the package was empty, Mark held the milk jug to Val's lips. "D'want milk. Too full."

Mark simply smiled and tipped the jug. Val began drinking slowly. When Mark opened the last package, Val knew with certainty that she could not eat any more. It just wasn't possible. But she ate everything that he put to her lips. She didn't have the strength or willpower to resist. After the last cookie, Val worked on draining the gallon of milk. Mercifully, she finished the last swallow.

She tried to sit up, but couldn't manage to move even an inch! It took a great effort even to move her hands to the sides of her bulging belly.

Mark got between her legs and said, "Just relax, sweetheart. Enjoy the sensations you feel."

He then made love to her, being careful not to put too much pressure on her amazingly distended belly. Val was in nirvana, feeling the new sensation of being made love to with a stomach stuffed beyond belief.

Val's alarm clock woke her up at 2:45. Mark and all evidence of the feeding frenzy were gone. All the evidence, that is, but her stuffed belly. She struggled with great effort to her feet and looked at herself in the mirror. Anyone would have guessed that she was very, very pregnant. Her stomach was still very tender, and almost hurt a little bit. But the sensation gave Val a pleasure that she couldn't fully comprehend. In fact, she was getting wet. Her hand started toward her crotch, but she hesitated. The kids would be home soon. She should get dressed.

As she put on her sweats, which weren't as loose as they were this morning, she smiled to herself. She should be rewarded for showing such discipline, and she knew the perfect thing to reward herself with. She enjoyed her ninth beer of the day immensely.

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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

Chapter 3

Michael shook his head as he looked at Val from the doorway. She sat slouched on the sofa with her feet up on a stool, wearing nothing but her panties. A soft roll of blubber spilled over the waistband of those panties, and Val was absentmindedly fondling it with one hand. With the other, she was holding the TV remote, flipping through one channel after another. Michael walked toward his wife and handed her the beer that she had calmly ordered him to fetch for her. She accepted it with a grunt of thanks, and continued changing channels.

Michael said, "Goodbye, dear," received no response, and walked out to his car to return to work.

The past few days he had been coming home for lunch, just to keep an eye on Val. She had been acting so strangely lately. He realized now that he had been neglectful of her, and now felt terribly guilty about it. But, after all, his neglect wasn't due to disinterest, but to the fact that he was working his butt off to build something for her and the kids! He wanted them to have security and the comfort he had never had as a child.

Now, he supposed, he had overdone it a bit. But he just couldn't drop this project that he was in charge of. If it turned out successfully, his future at the company would be secure for the rest of his life. . . He would just have to be as attentive and considerate to Val as time, and Val herself would allow. Man, but she was sure making it clear that he was out of favor! She basically treated him as a non-person, ignoring him and focusing only on the food that she was constantly gorging herself on.

“Man,” he thought to himself, “She is eating like a pig! And she really seems to be enjoying it, too.”

Frequently, he heard her moaning as she took bite after bite and occasionally he would catch her with her hand between her legs in an ecstasy he wasn't sure she had ever experienced with him.

To his shock and dismay, however, she didn't react well when he had tried to "join in." She made it clear with a look that he was intruding. As a matter of fact, Val had even been ignoring her own offspring recently. She hadn't even showed much emotion when Jessica left two days ago with Aunt Katie, Uncle Jack and their three kids to spend part of the summer at their farm.

The only changes Michael had noticed since their departure were Val's tendencies to quit wearing clothes almost entirely, and to let the housework slide as she spent most of her time lying around and eating. It was obvious that her occasional promises to start dieting weren't serious at all. As he pulled into his parking space at work, Michael vowed to be as supportive and loving as he possibly could until Val came out of this "phase" and things got back to normal once his project was completed.

Val looked up from the TV when Michael closed the front door behind him. She looked back to the talk show she was watching and heaved a sigh. She knew that Michael was really trying to be more attentive. Initially, she had made a point of ignoring him just to get his attention and to let him know that their relationship needed at least a little of his time and energy. But she didn't seem able to forgive him. Instead, she continued to ignore him, addressing him only when she wanted him to do something for her. She sighed again. Maybe it wouldn't have been a problem to forgive him if he hadn't made several blunt and disparaging comments about her weight.

The bottom of the beer bottle felt cool on her belly, and condensation from the warming bottle was pooling in her belly button. Val giggled and wondered how much liquid her newly-deepened belly button could hold. She sat up straight and watched water dribble out of the little cavern. She pushed her belly out as far as it would go, and drained the beer.

She patted her blubber thoughtfully. She knew that she should be exercising more. She thought that was the key to winning the battle of the bulge. She had promised Michael that she would diet, and several times had really tried to start. But those days were the worst. After a few hours, her stomach would start grumbling. The noises would become louder and more insistent, sounding almost as if her belly was angry with her.

Eventually, Val would succumb, gorging herself on anything she could find and listening with deep satisfaction as her belly grew quieter and then finally "took a nap" as Val jokingly said. She had discovered from experience that it was best to eat lightly but steadily to keep her tummy happy and avoid these gorging sessions, especially since they were accompanied by erotic thoughts of Mark -- thoughts that Val was trying, without much success, to prevent.

Val grunted as she lifted herself from the couch, then froze in surprise as her feet bumped against several bottles, sending them clanking and rolling along the carpet. She looked down and saw three beer bottles, two empty plates and a plastic container which, until recently, had contained an apple pie she had picked up at the bakery. Had she consumed all this since she had gotten up this morning? Well, that was OK. Today was the day that she had SWORN to go to the health club and work out. She would easily burn off all those calories!

Val stripped off her tight panties as she walked up the stairs toward her bedroom to weigh herself. This was going to be a daily ritual, as she watched the pounds disappear. If she kept close track of her progress, it would help prevent lapses. After weighing in, the next task would be to discover whether she could still squeeze into her spandex exercise outfit.

When the dial stopped moving, Val could hardly believe her eyes. 145 pounds! That was thirty pounds more than her "usual" weight. She gripped her belly in both hands and sighed. Losing this weight wasn't going to be easy. . .

Another thing that was proving to be difficult was fitting into her exercise outfit. She had resigned herself to the fact that her belly would be bulging out between her pants and halter top, but she was NOT ready to go out in public with her rear end showing! She tugged again, nearly getting the pants over her buns. But she just had to rest for a minute. She was getting a workout right here at home, just trying to corral her butt-cheeks in spandex!

She looked at herself in the mirror, turning to the side. Her buns bulged out ludicrously over the waistband of her pants, and Val honestly didn't see how she would be able to budge that waistband any further. For a moment, Val envisioned herself walking around the health club with half her butt oozing over her pants, feeling it wiggle and watching the reaction of the men. Val shuddered and came back to reality. She gave the waistband another tug. . .


Val was getting a pretty good workout jogging on the treadmill, considering the extra thirty pounds she was carrying. She had done her best to cover most of her belly with spandex, but each stride she took on the treadmill forced a bit more of her flab to ooze out over her waistband. She now had a roll of bare fat showing all around her midriff.

At least her butt was still covered, Val smiled to herself. It was a bit of a miracle, considering how much her buns were wobbling and shifting. She looked over her shoulder to view herself in the mirror-covered wall. She saw a curvaceous, plump figure she barely recognized as her own, which was being "followed" by two globes of shifting fat, covered by a blue spandex outfit stretched so tight that it was practically transparent. Val was mesmerized by the sight.

“Man, is my ass was getting big!” she thought. She looked around the room, and was disappointed to see that no one else seemed to be intrigued by this fact. Since she had arrived at the health club, she had received a few appreciative glances, but they were definitely rarer than they had been when she was slender. What was the matter with these guys?

Val stepped off the treadmill, noticing that several protuberant parts of her body took a moment to stop moving.

Val looked at the clock and discovered that she had only been exercising for fifteen minutes. She had already been on most of the equipment, but she couldn't seem to spend more than a minute or two on each of them. Well, she supposed that it wouldn't be smart to work too hard today. After all, it had been more than a month since she had gotten any exercise.

While she was trying to decide whether to get on the Stair-Master, she had a great idea -- why not change into her swim suit and go out to the pool? It was a nice sunny day, and she could work on her tan. Oh. . . and swim some laps too, since she was supposed to be working out this afternoon.

It's a good thing that a bikini ISN'T supposed to cover all of your butt, Val thought to herself. If the reality of gaining twenty-three pounds since she had met Mark in the grocery store four months before hadn't sunk in before, it certainly had now. Her bikini bottom, obviously a couple sizes too small now, dug into her fat all the way around her hips. The only way she could get it to fit at all was to ease the front down so that her belly hung over and nearly obscured it.

For a moment, Val almost made up her mind to go home -- she couldn't be seen in public like this. But then the image of Mark appeared in her head. Wouldn't HE love to see her bulging out of her bikini, she smiled to herself. With a renewed feeling of confidence, Val walked out to the pool, swaying her hips with a little extra energy.

Val looked over at the young man again. Sure enough, he looked away quickly. There was no question about it. He had been staring at her off and on for quite a while. She smiled to herself with satisfaction. At least one male at this stupid health club appreciated a little bit of extra weight on a woman.

Val thought that she would have a little bit of fun with him. She remained lying on the pool chair until she noticed that he was again glancing her way. Then she slowly sat up, pushing her belly out slightly. She put her hands behind her head and stretched lazily, feeling her breasts pushing outward against the tight fabric of her bikini top. She held this pose for a few seconds, then stood up.

She never looked toward her audience, fearing that she would scare him off. . . but she sensed that his eyes were glued to her. She began fiddling with her bikini top, frowned as if she couldn't adjust her boobs properly, then leaned forward at the waist to let gravity lend her a hand. She began to shake her tits back and forth while holding both bikini straps, flipping her long hair back over her shoulder to ensure that the young man had a clear view of her incredible cleavage.

She should probably ease off now, Val smiled to herself. She was sure the poor kid was ready to explode. But she just couldn't resist. The thought that she had at last found someone who might appreciate her small but growing rolls of blubber was making her extremely horny. She cupped both hanging breasts in her hands and slowly lifted them, feeling her breasts pushing up and outward over her bikini top. Just as her swollen nipples were about to pop over the edge of the material, she looked up to see what type of response she was getting. She was pleased.

The young man's mouth was hanging open slightly as he stared, and he clearly had an erection which he was making no effort to hide. Val doubted that he even had the ability to move at this point.

Val smiled at the youth and sat down slowly. Her boobs were doing their best to spill out of her bikini. . . something that the roll of blubber around her middle had already accomplished. The kid was fixated on her tits, Val thought, but she would teach him to appreciate the rest of her as well. Almost as if he could read her mind, the young man stood up and began walking toward her.

"Uh, hi," he stammered. "I hate to bother you, but I, uh, noticed that you don't have any sun tan lotion. It's awfully hot today and you could get burned pretty easily. Would you like to borrow some of mine?"

He could barely finish the last question he was so nervous. Val thought he was cute. Kind of skinny and nerdy, but cute. And his erect dick was pretty big, she thought to herself. She could tell that despite the fact that he was attempting to shield it with one of his hands.

Val smiled, and decided not to mention the fact that her bottle of sun tan lotion sat beside her in plain view.

"That's really sweet of you. Why don't you bring it over and give me a hand on the hard-to-reach spots." She winked, but he didn't see it. He practically sprinted back to his gym bag for the sun tan lotion and was back in a flash.

"Here. I'll get my face and neck, while you can start on my legs."

They smiled at each other and went to work. He hesitated as he reached her thighs, but her smile reassured him. As he neared her crotch, she closed her eyes and began to buck her hips slightly. Just then, her belly rumbled softly.

The boy laughed. "Are you hungry. . . um, what's your name anyway?"

"My name is Valerie. What's yours?" she asked as if she was in a dream.

"Curt," he answered. "I could buy you something to eat at the concession stand if you want me to."

Val sat up, letting her belly roll slowly over her bikini. "You read my mind, darling."

Curt hesitantly put his fingertips on Val's belly roll and began fondling it. Val's eyes crossed and she began breathing heavily. "What do you want?"

"It doesn't matter Curt. Just fill my belly for me," Val was almost pleading. He jumped up and almost sprinted to the food stand. He returned quickly with two hot dogs, two Milky Way bars and a large Coke.

"This is OK for STARTERS," Val teased. Curt's face fell as he feared that he had ruined everything. Val rubbed Curt's leg and said

"I'll finish this snack while you rub sun tan lotion on my belly. Does that sound OK?"

Curt smiled and nodded. As Curt began rubbing and fondling her midsection, Val found herself wolfing down the hot dogs. The feeling of having her small but growing roll of fat touched by someone who was practically a "worshipper" was triggering a desire to eat as much as she could as fast as possible. Before she knew it, the dogs were gone.

"Curt, could you hand me the Coke?" It was within her reach, but Val wanted Curt to hand it to her and to notice how quickly she had eaten. Val removed the plastic top and drank the Coke without stopping. It wasn't much liquid due to the ice, and Val was disappointed by the fact that she couldn't seem to feel it filling her stomach. She WAS pleased, however, when she glanced at Curt and noticed that he was staring at her, motionless, with his erection nearly ripping his swimsuit.

"I'll finish these candy bars while you get something a little more substantial for me to eat, OK Curtie? And see if they sell beer here." Val rubbed her tummy, slipping her fingers under her bikini.

Curt sprinted to the concession stand as the candy bars disappeared. It took him two trips to carry back everything he had purchased. Three cheeseburgers, a mini-pizza, half-a-dozen candy bars and two large beers.

"Is this enough, Val?" Curt asked anxiously. Val couldn't help but laugh at his earnestness. He was really trying to please her. It was almost like having a slave, she thought to herself with satisfaction.

“It's fine, Curtie. Move that small table over here and set everything on it so I can grab what I want. You can finish putting sun tan lotion on my front, then start on my back."

Val reached back and untied her bikini top, holding the cups so they stayed on her breasts until she had leaned back. The material's hold on her tits was very tenuous to say the least and Val was curious to see what Curt would do once his hands had started her udders rolling and quivering.

Curt was very careful at first to avoid touching Val's breasts but eventually, as he began "accidentally" touching them without Val objecting, he gradually forgot about the sun tan lotion and gave himself up to the enjoyment of kneading her twin globes.

Val's eyes were closed most of the time, opening only when she finished a food item and had to glance over at the table to select something else. She was enjoying the sensation of filling her belly at her leisure while a "worshipper" massaged her body.

Fortunately, they were blocked from the view of the other swimmers and sunbathers, Val thought to herself. Someone COULD have seen what was going on, but they would have had to stare through a maze of tables and chairs to do so. Val and Curt were fairly isolated and had a little bit of privacy.

Val wasn't sure, though, that she wanted to go all the way with this kid. She was enjoying this, but it just wasn't the same as with Mark. Curt was too wrapped up in his own pleasure to worry about whether he was making Val feel good.

Val took another bite of a Twix bar and felt Curt's mouth close around her right nipple. He sure was breast obsessed! He had hardly paid any attention to Val's love handles or belly rolls. Val opened her eyes and smiled as she saw only the top of Curt's head as he earnestly sucked and squeezed her tits.

"Oh well," she thought to herself. "He's a sweet boy, and he did spend a lot of money on this food. I'll give him what he wants and start teaching him to appreciate a chubby woman." She grabbed another slice of pizza and stuffed half of it in her mouth. In a moment, the other half followed it.

After swallowing, Val tapped Curt on the shoulder and said sweetly "Curt, could you do something for me?"

Curt just nodded his head rapidly.

"Could you lay your head on my tummy and listen for a minute?"

Curt stared at her for a minute with a puzzled look on his face, but did as he was told. Val reached for one of the sixteen ounce beers and began guzzling it as quickly as she could.

"Whoa!" Curt laughed as he heard and felt the beer pouring into Val's stomach. "You sure can put away the beer!"

He was silent for a moment, then said "I'll bet you can't drink the other one that fast." He had intended it to sound like a friendly challenge, but both his voice and his crotch clearly showed that he was as horny as hell. Val knew that Curt was trying to get her drunk, but that was OK with her.

"I bet I can!" Val said teasingly. She lifted the second cup and began chugging. Curt grinned and began rubbing her belly with his right hand while his left reached inside his swim trunks. He just couldn't resist. Val's post-beer belch and Curt's orgasm were simultaneous.

After belching again, Val couldn't resist giving him a hard time. "Hey, what happened?"

Curt reddened and mumbled something that Val couldn't understand.

Just then, Val noticed that a couple of people across the pool were staring at them. She quickly covered her boobs with her bikini top and began tying the string behind her. "Um, Curt. . . I guess we oughtta call a halt to this. We did let things get a little outta hand."

All of a sudden, she realized that she had been gorging herself while half nude IN PUBLIC! She WAS letting things get out of hand. She wanted to be in her car and driving home. She swore to herself that she wouldn't let something like this happen again and that she would avoid the pool on her future trips to the health club.

Curt said "Yeah, I suppose so. But it would be fun to do this again. Maybe in private somewhere."

He grinned uncertainly at her.

"Naw, don' think so, Curt. Let's jus' consider it a one time fling an' let it go at that." She was starting to feel the effects of the beer, and was clumsily trying to gather her things to leave. As she was bending over to put her towel and other personal items in her gym bag, she was conscious of the fact that Curt was staring, mesmerized by her swaying, hanging tits.

Instead of being aroused, however, she was slightly annoyed. How could she have let herself get all hot over this little geek? She stopped to put a T-shirt on to reduce the amount of flesh that he could stare at.

As she turned to leave, she gave Curt a faint smile and told him goodbye.

"Bye, Val. Thanks for, um, everything today. Say, um, you know what? I work at the Burger Barn out at the mall. You know, it's a place in the food court. You've probably eaten there. Stop by sometime. If I'm working, I'll be happy to sneak you some free burgers. You know. . . for old time's sake." He grinned.

"I don't think so. Thanks for the offer, but I really don't pig out like this ever. Today was just. . . well, I thought it'd turn you on. It was a kind of test t' see how you'd react. I'm studying this kinda thing for my thesis at the university. A study of male-female attraction and. . . well, it's kinda hard t'explain."

She wondered if he bought any of this, then suddenly didn't care. How could she have done something like this in front of so many potential witnesses? "I gotta go now, 'kay?"

Curt accepted the rejection fairly gracefully and left, only looking over his shoulder once to get another look at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. And she had let him squeeze her boobs and suck on 'em, and he had even cum in his shorts! He grinned and thought that the odds were better than even that he would see her at Burger Barn. Her story about research was total bull! She was totally into eating, and he thought the idea of free burgers just might tempt her into the food court. He grinned all the way to his car.

Val left the pool almost as pleased as Curt. She had managed to get rid of Curt without a messy scene and no real harm done. And she had worked out for the first time in several weeks! This was the start of her serious training program!

What Val wasn't aware of while she was pondering these things was the fact that she was absentmindedly taking bite after bite out of the third cheeseburger that Curt had brought her. . . or that the three remaining candy bars were waiting for her in her gym bag. . .

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Chapter 4

Val grunted as she tried to complete her 10th sit-up. She managed to touch her knees with her elbows, then collapsed backward and lay on the ground, breathing heavily. She couldn't believe how out of shape she was! She had spent the past few days at home trying to do some stretching exercises and calisthenics, and had actually managed to control her eating.

She had begun weighing herself regularly, and she had fluctuated between 144 and 146 -- the same weight she had been before the embarrassing incident at the health club pool. She covered her eyes with a hand and sighed. How could she have forgotten herself and let some geeky twenty year old suck on her tits while she stuffed herself? Oh well. . . what's done is done.

Val grunted as she hefted herself to her feet. She still wasn't used to carrying around these extra thirty pounds. I guess it's time for my daily weigh-in, she thought. As she pushed her breasts aside so that she could see the numbers, she let out a surprised gasp. 148 pounds! Val groaned.

"Another all-time high," she said disgustedly. But how could this be? She had been doing her exercises religiously, and had really been watching what she ate. Val looked at herself in the full-length mirror. Could she detect any additional fat? She placed her right hand on her gut and jiggled it. After a moment, she patted her left hip, feeling the padded flesh vibrate as her hand struck it. No, she seemed the same. . . but the scale never lies, she thought grimly.

The problem, Val thought, was that today was the day she had sworn to dress up in REAL clothes and go to the mall to do some necessary shopping. For weeks, she had run around the house naked or, at most, wearing a bathrobe. To go out, she had worn loose sweats or, for a change of pace, her very stretchable spandex exercise outfit. But the last time she had worn the spandex suit, she noticed that it failed to cling to her hips and ass. She had overstretched it, and now it was ruined.

Now, she stared in dismay at the pile of pants and dresses which no longer fit her. She had weighed 115 pounds for so long that her wardrobe was all an identical size. Even more alarming, Val discovered that none of her D-cup bras fit anymore.

"Time to bite the bullet and REALLY get a dose of reality," she said out loud as she pulled the tape measure out of a drawer. She was in for another shock when she discovered that her 148 pounds translated into measurements of 41-27-39. And, as suspected, the tape measure revealed that she now required a DD-cup bra.

"I guess I'll have to resort to my baggy sweats again today," she sighed. Then she had an idea. Almost certainly she had saved some of the clothes she had worn when she was pregnant all those years ago. She had even worn pants for the first five or six months! She would be squeezing her buns into a pair of jeans in no time! But Val knew that digging through the storage closet in the basement would be thirsty work, so she grabbed a beer to keep her company. By the time she found the box containing her maternity clothes, she had started her second bottle.

Unfortunately, Val hadn't saved any of her nursing bras, so she would have to remain braless. She did, however, find a pair of jeans that she managed to pull up over her butt. The zipper closed without too much difficulty, but she had to suck her gut in to get the snap closed. After accomplishing this, she drained the rest of her beer and walked upstairs.

Looking at herself in the full-length mirror, she briefly considered pulling her T-shirt out of the pants so that it would partially disguise her recent weight gain. She couldn't believe how her belly pushed out against the front of her jeans! And with her butt pushing in the opposite direction, those jeans were under considerable pressure. But she finally decided that she would leave the shirt tucked in. She kind of liked the way it clung to her rounded belly, clearly revealing the slight depression of her belly button. She did have to lose weight, she knew that, but she DID look darn sexy. She smiled to herself as she gently patted her tummy.

Val was walking slowly, and with as little "sway" as possible. When she forgot herself and walked at her usual brisk pace, she could not prevent her bra-less boobs from bobbing and jiggling. It felt kind of nice, and Val enjoyed the attention she was receiving from mall shoppers -- both men and women. She had to get down to business now, though. She wanted to buy some gifts for her two kids who were spending some time this summer at their aunt and uncle's farm.

She did miss them terribly, but she was also enjoying this time alone. It had been a long time since she had been "independent" and able to spend a lot of time doing whatever she felt like doing. Unfortunately, she thought to herself as she felt her belly pressing against her jeans, she had spent too much of that time gorging herself. . .

Val walked into the mall's toy store and strolled around, picking up an item here and an item there. She was really enjoying shopping for things for her kids, but her enjoyment was occasionally interrupted by a low rumbling that emanated from the depths of her belly. She hadn't eaten much today, and her stomach was growing impatient. But Val decided that she would make a real effort to diet and be able to fit comfortably into these jeans within a week or so. It was ridiculous that the jeans the same size as she had worn when four or five months pregnant should be tight on her!

Val examined some battery-powered race cars, her belly grumbling and moaning occasionally. All of a sudden, she became aware of the fact that a teen-age boy was staring at her from the other end of the aisle. She glanced at him and he looked away quickly. She smiled wryly to herself. She certainly got a lot of attention when she went without a bra!

She decided to ignore the kid, and leaned down to take a closer look at a fire engine that she thought Tommy might like. As she leaned over, the pressure on her jeans was too much, and the snap loudly popped open. Val straightened up immediately and stared angrily at the teenager, who was giggling uncontrollably. The expression on her face must have warned the kid what he was in for, because he took off at what was almost a run.

Val shook her head, sucked in her gut, and re-snapped her pants. She decided to put the fire engine in her cart, and walked to the doll section. She saw a cute doll that she thought was perfect for Jessica, and began to bend over to get it. She stopped when a hand touched her arm.

It was a pleasant looking older lady, who said, "Which one do you want dear? I'll get it for you. A woman in your condition shouldn't be exerting herself so much. . . at least not when you're wearing pants like that. Don't you think they put too much pressure on the baby?"

Val snapped at her, "I'm not pregnant, I'm just fat!"

Val abruptly bent over to get the doll, again putting an unacceptable amount of pressure on the poor snap. The "pop" could be heard all over the store. After the red-faced old woman had left her alone, Val sat on the floor, slumped over. Within moments, her belly growled louder than it had all day, sounding almost like an angry dog warning an intruder that he'd better back off.

"All right, fine!" Val gritted her teeth as she struggled to her feet. She was pissed. Pissed at these stupid pants that were too tight. Pissed at her stomach, which she blamed for her embarrassment in the toy store. "If you want to keep unsnapping my jeans, that's just fine with me! Let's have a blast! We'll do it right!"

Her belly loudly growled back at her. She buttoned her pants, paid for the toys, and headed toward the Karmelkorn stand next door. When she got there, she saw that they sold corn dogs -- that sounded good. She ordered two of them and a small coke. She wolfed down one dog before the surprised cashier had even returned her change. She finished the second while she took her bag of toys out to the trunk of her car.

On the way back into the mall, Val's stomach growled insistently, causing her to quicken her pace. Damn it, she would force her gut to quit rumbling if it took all day! And if she got fatter and fatter, well. . . that would just serve her stomach right!

Her next stop was at the mall's candy shop. It had large, clear plastic bins along the wall filled with a colorful array of different types of candies. Val scooped out a pound of M&Ms and nearly the same amount of jelly beans. After paying she put both bags in her purse, feeding off the candy as she began her round of mall eateries.

Val saw a pastry shop that was noted for its gigantic cinnamon buns. She ordered one, along with a large milk, and sat down on a mall bench. It was soft and warm, covered with gooey frosting and cinnamon. She devoured it rapidly, then drained the milk without stopping. When she stood up, she inhaled, sucked her belly in, and then slowly and steadily exhaled. Her belly pressed harder and harder against her jeans until Val felt the snap give way with a satisfying pop. She refastened it with a grunt and reached into her purse for a handful of M&Ms. Val began walking again with a growing sense of excitement.

“What could I eat next?” she thought. She halted abruptly. She had almost walked past an ice cream shop! Just then her stomach growled, though not as loudly as it had twenty minutes ago.

"I'll tame you yet, my pretty!" Val muttered softly, doing her best imitation of the Wicked Witch of the West.

She ordered a double scoop of mint chocolate chip and waited impatiently for the girl to get it. Though she was intent on the ice cream being scooped out of the containers, and wished that the scoops were a bit bigger, she eventually noticed that the girl was glancing occasionally at her boobs. Val realized with embarrassment that her nipples were very erect and were practically cutting through her T-shirt -- no bra was there to contain their enthusiasm. She lifted her purse, holding it in front of her chest to hide her arousal.

Val walked along, looking for another source of food with which to punish her belly for its unwillingness to leave her pants fastened. As she licked the ice cream cone, the image of Mark's erect phallus suddenly entered her mind, and she couldn't help but imagine that she was licking and teasing it.

A wave of desire rushed over her, and she suddenly wanted to see Mark again. She NEEDED to see him. She had been trying to diet and control her appetite, but now that was over. She wanted to eat, and eat, and eat, filling her belly until it stuck out round and fat, as if she was nine months pregnant. Val stuck the ice cream cone in her mouth, biting off huge chunks of it. It was gone by the time she reached a "pizza by the slice" joint. Just as she was ready to order, she noticed that there was a grill across the way. She jogged over to it, her pants snapping open before she had finished her first step. She didn't bother to refasten them, and was barely aware of the fact that her breasts were swaying and bouncing wildly under her shirt.

"I'll take, huh, a double cheeseburger, huh, huh, and a large order of fries, huh, and do you have milkshakes?" Val could barely get her order out, she was breathing so hard.

"Um. . . yeah, we do." The boy was having his own troubles speaking. He was staring at an extremely beautiful woman who was flushed bright red, fairly plump (her pants were so tight she couldn't even button them!), with huge, bra-less knockers. And those nips! Man, they were huge! They were practically bursting through her shirt!

"Well, I'll take a large chocolate milkshake with that. And I'll be back in just a minute to pick it up. I, uh, have to take care of something else first." With that, Val sprinted back to the pizza stand and ordered three slices and a large Coke. She took the pizza back to the grill and picked up her burger order.

"Here's your order ma'am. Are you sure you can eat all of that stuff?" Val was indignant, but just stood and stared at the young man, eyes flashing. It was hard to pretend to be angry. She WANTED him to talk about how much food she was eating. She WANTED him to question whether she could finish everything she was carrying.

"I didn't mean to be rude or anything, ma'am. But I think you ought to know that your, um, your pants are unzipped."

Val's knees almost buckled and she suddenly felt flushed. She tried to say something, but wasn't even conscious of what words she would have uttered if she HAD been capable of speech. All that came out was a mumble. She began walking slowly away, but soon quickened her pace when she saw a secluded bench partially obscured by a fountain.

She set the food down beside her and began wolfing down the pizza. Slice followed slice rapidly and, at one point, Val both heard and felt her zipper gratingly come undone a bit further. When she had finished all three slices of pizza, she began taking swallows of the milkshake. Too thick, she thought to herself. She switched to the Coke, steadily sucking on the straw until she was getting nothing but air. She tossed it aside and belched, suddenly aware of how much pressure there was in her belly. She could feel it protruding, round and firm, pushing outward over her unzipped pants.

Val started to get wet as she reached for the burger, devouring it with large, slashing bites. When it was gone, she began draining the milkshake. One swallow after another, though the last few began to hurt. Too much cold too fast, she thought, and began stuffing warm french fries into her mouth.

When they were gone, Val reached beside her and was surprised to find that all the food was gone. She breathed out heavily and the fullness and weight of her stomach suddenly revealed themselves to her. She closed her eyes and groaned, holding her belly in both hands. A feeling of warmth and well-being rushed over her. She wanted Mark to be there. . . to feed her something else, and to tell her how beautiful she was. . . to caress her belly and tell her that he wanted her.

Val noticed that she had begun rubbing her crotch. Her fantasy about Mark ended abruptly. She didn't want to be a public spectacle again, like she had at the pool! She collected the pile of wrappers around her, and tried to stand up to take them to a garbage container.

"Oomph!" She leaned back again, and tried it again, more carefully. Man, she was stuffed! She waddled gingerly over to the trash receptacle and tossed the paper in. She held her purse over her unzippered jeans and reflexively reached in it for some candy. She found only a few pieces of candy remaining and with something that was half laugh and half grunt, tossed them in her mouth. She shook her head slightly. A pound and a half of candy on top of everything else she had eaten today!

Val found a ladies' room and entered a stall. Mmmmmmmmm. She leaned forward and was amazed at how full her belly felt. She supposed that she should try to get her jeans zipped up and buttoned. She stood up and tugged, but got no movement whatsoever out of the zipper. She then tried to get both parts of the snap to reach each other, but it was a hopeless cause.

It wasn't just the fact that her belly was larger now. . . it was also the fact that it was so full of food that she couldn't suck it in even for a moment. She tried, but didn't come close to accomplishing her goal. When she relaxed, her full belly lurched outward slightly and her left hand lost its grip on the snap. Val sighed and untucked her shirt, covering the top of her jeans as best as she could.

Though she wanted to go home and lie down for a nap, she decided that it would be best to buy at least a few things that would fit her. . . until she lost this weight, she added almost as an afterthought. All of a sudden, she halted. She was staring at the food court.

(Continued in post 15 of this thread)

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mollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot pics

This has always been my absolute favorite story. I don't suppose anyone knows if there might be any more to it? Pretty please?
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SoftBellyLover has said some nice things

This is amazing story! I love the image of her laying on the couch only in her panties with that big round belly. And the Pool scene...Wow! Nothing is hotter than a plumper in a bikini that fit 3 sizes ago! Here's some encouragement for Chapters 5-8!!!
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mdy73 has said some nice things

So interesting story, i'd like to see next chapters...
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Brit_FA can now change their title

I love the way she's sometimes active and sometimes passive, bringing her closer to a real human being than some characters in these stories, who can easily be (in this sense only) one dimensional. I also have a thing for auto-erotic weight gain, particularly since I'm married to someone who doesn't like herself much. I love her though, which puts me off some of the stories featuring coercion, which is a real turn off for me.

That's not supposed to be a criticism of course, since we're all different, and these are essentially, in the main, fantasy stories.

Thanks for all the great work on here. Since I'm totally blind, access to text is something I value very much, and regretting having no access to pictures would be about as pointless as it gets.
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I remember this story and it was great...thanks to the poster...one of the better stories i have read and thoroughly enjoyed...thanks again
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If I remember correctly...there was no more after this. I searched the internet for four years and came up with bup-kiss on this one. However, I would most definitely like to see more, if there is anymore. One of my two favorites. Matt L's Destiny being my other favorite.
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Wow that kinda reminds me of something out of Kevin Coastner movie. Man what an emotional wreck.
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Browniestuff has said some nice things

someone could always continue the story if we can't contact the author...
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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

True - and we have no idea who he/she may have been.

Are you volunteering? If so, send me a proposed plotline either via PM or to Observer_writer@yahoo.com
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Browniestuff has said some nice things

i'll put some thought into it. if i think i've come up with something good i'll email you.
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Default Val Part Five (BBW, WG, Intrigue, Romance, ~MWG)

Chapter 5a - by Browniestuff

Val stood there, in all her engorged glory, gaping towards the mall’s food court. She was as full as she’d ever been. Filled to bursting, both out of her stretched clothes and out of her own skin, her mouth hung open as if begging to be filled with more. Except it wasn’t open with hunger, but out of shock. There, across the food court sat her husband, Mike.

This in itself was not out of the ordinary. After all it was late afternoon and he could very easily have come here after work. What seemed odd was that sitting across the table from him was a woman of delicate beauty. She sat leaning forward towards Mike, her pink lips stretched tight in a carefully placed adoring smile. Framing this smile was a small, button nose, a well proportioned chin, high, rose colored cheek bones and gorgeous slightly slanted eyes. Auburn hair fell back in a ponytail and landed in cascading locks on her neck and shoulders. Her hair bounced as she laughed sycophantically at something Val’s her husband had said.

Mike however, looked somewhat uncomfortable at the woman’s mannerisms. He was sitting stiffly; as he had done the first time he and Val had gone out. The difference here was that he was somewhat squirmy. He was shifting restlessly on his seat and tugging on his tie. The sun, coming in from the Mall’s large sky lights, letting the brilliant light from the nearly setting sun beam in, showed sweat beading its way down his forehead and into his closely trimmed beard.

As Val stood there the two stood up, her husband gathering the important looking papers that had covered the table. Once the papers were once again snug inside Mike’s briefcase Val began a sigh of relief that quickly turned back into shock. The woman with her husband had approached him, very closely, and kissed him on the cheek. He did not stop her. Together they turned away from Val and walked through the doors leading to the parking garage.

It wasn’t until a young boy holding his Mommy’s hand pointed and laughed loudly at Val’s appearance that she snapped out of the trance she had sunk into. She suddenly remembered that she was standing in the food court, her stomach barely holding onto the gross amount of food she had forced into it, her pants unbuttoned and unzipped, and her shirt pulled down to unsuccessfully hide her necessary alterations to her clothing. Still, there was suddenly a torrential storm raging inside her mind.

The events of the last several months swirling and colliding, causing her to wince and smile, moan and whimper. How long had it been now since that fateful day when, feeling so unloved by her workaholic husband she had gone to the grocery store and met Mark. Ever since that moment, when he had asked her for a “small favor” her life had changed. She began eating for the pure, sexual, pleasure that it gave her. She began drinking to escape from the confusion and emptiness that was filling her life. Then there was the time Mark had made love to her. That seemed almost like a dream. She remembered feeling loved, attractive, confident, and cared for. She felt like herself again.

Mark had made her feel so good about how she looked with her big fat belly. He had kept stuffing her with cookies and she felt at peace, loved. And every time after that when she stuffed herself, the feeling returned. The time at the Health Club stood out like a beacon in her memory. The first time she had gorged herself in public with that young man. While he had been a disappointment, she realizes that she honestly didn’t care that they had been so sexually active in public, IN A HEALTH CLUB!

Now, however, everything felt wrong. Seeing her husband with that other woman filled her mind with contradictions. She was a wife, a mother. What had happened to her that she was now standing here like this? In her confused state she turned and began walking toward the entrance closest to her car. As she walked she began feeling more and more aware of her belly and the mess she had made all over her shirt from her sloppy eating.

Feeling dirty, she turned into a store and bought a new outfit, one that hid her food induced curves and would provide her some discretion until she could get home… or maybe to a hotel. She didn’t think she could confront Mike just yet.

As she left the store she stuffed her old clothes into a nearby trash can, as if by doing so she could forget the events of the last few hours.

Turning away from the trashcan and toward the mall entrance again she bumped into someone. Still feeling somewhat groggy from shock and not wanting to bring more attention to her pregnant like belly she meant to simply mutter a hasty “Excuse me,” and quickly hurry away. Instead a very familiar and strangely steadying voice cut through her weak apology.

“Hello Val,” said the man. Looking up into the man’s face Val let out yet another gasp of shock.

“MARK! What are you doing here?”

“Looking for you of course. What is that horrible outfit you’re wearing? It does nothing to show off your body. You need something a little tighter, something to show off those gorgeous curves you’ve been working on for me.”

“Looking for me? Working on for you? What do you mean? Are you stalking me?” Val questioned, confused.

“I prefer the phrase ‘looking out for,’” Mark explained. “And yes for me. This all started as a favor for me didn’t it? Don’t you remember the first time that we met? The first time you bumped into me I could tell immediately that you were unhappy, so unhappy. I knew that you were lonely, felt unloved and unattractive. What I asked you for was even more for you than for me. I wanted you to let go. I saw the potential in you and knew that if you could only let yourself explore new horizons that you could find happiness… with me.”

“But how could you know that? And why would you do that? Even if I was feeling unhappy, I’m married, I have children! How dare you try to take me away from them?!” Val demanded.

“Take you away? I’ve been trying to free you! Can you honestly say that the last few years have been good? The last few months anything but fantastic? Think how much fun you’ve had, how great you’ve felt. Do you actually regret the fun we had? Think about the confidence you’ve felt, the power, the excitement when you felt attractive and sensually in control with that young man at the health club.”

“The Health Club? You know about that? You really are stalking me! I should call the police. How dare you follow me around and watch me? What gives you the right to manipulate my life this way?!” Val demanded.

“It’s my right because I created it. This isn’t the life you had months ago. This new lifestyle of yours was created by me when I asked you for the favor of thinking of me every time you over ate.”

His eyes were staring into her own. She remembered all of it, every moment, and every emotion. For a moment she felt herself drifting back to a state where she was drunk, fat, and happy. Through her mind flitted images of every meal she had eaten since meeting Mark. The first ice cream binge, sitting in her closet eating containers of junk food without a thought, sitting on that bench here in the mall just a few minutes ago and filling her face in front of everyone.

Then the image of her husband kissing that other woman flashed through her mind. She stumbled away from Mark. “I… I can’t.”

“Yes you can Val. I find you so attractive, so sexy with your fat belly. I would love to feed you, make you grow. I would feed you, then pleasure you, give you anything and everything that your husband won’t give to you.”

Mark’s words echoed in Val’s mind as she staggered away. The battle raging in her mind now had those words stamped over them. It was the slogan of a side of her, a side that wanted to do nothing but eat and be pleasured for the rest of her life. However, the image of her husband walking away with that other woman nearly matched that other image. Her mind completely engaged she turned from Mark and walk away.

Soon she found herself in her car. Her hands were clutching her full belly. She could feel her belly beginning to digest her meal and empty into her digestive tract. She had to push the seat all the way back away from the wheel. She had to stretch her foot out to reach the petal and the steering wheel still pressed firmly into her belly. She found herself driving, she didn’t know to where.

Her body was on auto-pilot as her mind whirled between her new found hunger and freedom with Mark and her love and devotion to her husband and children. Night and day, black and white, sin and purity, Mark and Mike. She had talked to Mark. She needed to talk to Mike.

She shook her head quickly. She looked out the windshield and saw the lights of a motel across town from her house. She made up her mind quickly. She would stay here for a few days, exercising, dropping a few pounds as a sign of good faith for her husband, then go back to him and try to explain what the last few months had been about. Her kids were still with their uncle.

She was nearly waddling as she entered the lobby of the motel; the desk clerk looked up automatically as she must have always done when a customer entered. “Good evening welcome to Motel 7! How can I help you ma’am?”

She seemed to find absolutely nothing out of the ordinary with either Val’s appearance or her clothing. But then Val realized that this wasn’t exactly a high class place and the clerk must be used to having all sorts of wierdos come in.

“Yes I’d like a single room, one bed, doesn’t matter what size. How much for three days?”

After putting the figures into the computer sitting on the desk the clerk said “$120 dollars for three nights, which includes cable TV, internet, and a free all-you-can-eat continental breakfast every morning.”

“Is there a phone in the room?”

“There is, local calls are free, just dial 9 to get out.”

Val handed the girl cash for the room and grabbed the card key off the counter. As an after though she pulled an extra twenty from her purse and handed is the girl, “If I should get any calls, I’m not here.”

The girl took the money and nodded.

Val found her room and sunk down onto the bed, her belly resting on her lap. She pressed her palms against her eyes in an attempt to keep the images of Mark and her husband from swimming in front of her. Looking at the clock beside the bed she saw that it was nearly 7 o’clock. She picked up the phone, pressed 9, and then dialed her home phone number. It rang a few times and then the answering machine picked up. After a few moments silence she said, “Mike, I’m calling so that you won’t worry about me. I had to go visit my sister for a few days. I’ll be back soon. Don’t try to call me. I lo… I’ll see you in a few days. Good Bye.”

She put down the phone and choked back a sob, then, unable to any longer, pressed her face into the pillow and sobbed.


Mike sat in his office at five till seven, working on the project that was due the next day. He was finding it immeasurably hard to concentrate.

This just didn’t seem important anymore. Since he and Val had gotten married he had made his job his priority. He wanted his family to be financially secure, without ever having to worry about where the money for the bills was going to come from.

Now that seemed like the stupidest thing he could have done. He realized in retrospect that those years must have felt utterly empty to Val. Since she had gotten pregnant with their second child their sex life had all but stopped. With two children he felt like he needed to double his efforts at work to make sure that they would both have plenty in their college funds when the time came. He stayed at work longer and left earlier in the morning, working at home often late into the night.

Everything had changed a few months ago. He realized that Val stopped talking to him. Before then there had once been some semblance of a relationship between them. But that had gone. He noticed, after a time, that she was changing. He couldn’t put his finger on it at first, and then he began to put different pieces to the puzzle together. The change in the kinds of food that Val had been buying, the speed with which is vanished, the fact that Val had started keeping her closet door closed (something she had never done in their years of marriage) and the fact that Val had started drinking beer again.

He began watching her and he noticed that she had put on a very noticeable amount of weight. Maybe 15 or 20 pounds. This wouldn’t have been much except that Val had always been a svelte, yet well proportioned woman, with just the right about of curve in her bust and hips. He noticed that she now had a tummy, bulging over her waist band. Her hips were quite a bit wider and her breasts had swollen larger than he remembered. She was gaining weight.

At first he thought that it was just because she was depressed. This was the point that he realized just to what extent he had been neglecting her. He tried to talk to her and she ignored him. This was the point when the kids left for the summer to be with their Aunt and Uncle. It was also when he began confiding his concerns to his secretary, with whom he’d previously been all business. Little did he know that she was one who would want him if Val didn’t,.

At this point Val had stopped wearing clothes and a bra around the house. Mike would watch her playing with her new tummy fat and resting food on her stomach. He was amazed at the amount of food she could put away. It was more food than he himself had ever eaten in one sitting, even at Thanksgiving. He noticed that she seemed to get turned on by her gorging. At first he thought it was a little weird.

Then there came a night when he couldn’t sleep. He felt incredibly guilty about the way he had been treating his wife that he couldn’t sleep. He felt Val get up from their bed and head downstairs. Very carefully he got up and followed her. What he saw when he poked his head into the kitchen made him rock back on his heels.

Val was lying on the floor in front of the freezer with a gallon of triple chocolate ice cream open on top of her, sitting between her stomach and her breasts. Her night gown and underwear had been discarded on the floor. She lay there, spooning huge amounts of ice cream into her mouth with one hand. Her other hand was very busy. It alternated between playing with her belly fat and playing with her vagina.

Mike stood there and watched, barely allowing himself to breathe. He watched as his wife ate and fingered herself to a massive orgasm, the likes of which he knew she had never had with him. Finally she picked up the melted remains of the ice cream and drank it down.

Mike pulled back into the hallway and hurried upstairs to the bathroom. He would stay there until Val was back in bed. It was then that he realized that, far from being disgusted by the gluttonous act he had witnessed he was actually somewhat aroused. In fact he had a raging hard on. He thought about Val eating and it got even more intense.

He heard his wife go back to bed and quickly followed. Quietly, he spoke to her in the dark. He didn’t want her to know that he had seen her, but he was so incredibly turned on that he had to do something. He got in bed beside her and snuggled close, pulling her towards him and rubbing her belly. What he got instead of sex was a slap on the hand and a demand that he give her more room.

After this he didn’t dare try again. He felt guilty about his wandering, but of course, he thouht, Val had no awareness of that. He decided that he had deserved this kind of treatment and resigned himself to the long task of repairing their relationship. He didn’t realize that she was totally unaware of her sleep-gorging and sexual activity.

What followed were several months of following Val’s orders and looking at her expanding form longingly. Now, however, he had over the last week or so given up. He was making no progress in healing his relationship with Val. For the sake of theirt now grown children he wouldn’t divorce her, but he had needs. Watching her eat and grow had him perpetually aroused and he needed release. For this reason he had begun to respond to the advances of his secretary, Vickie.

Now, at nearly 7:00 on impulse he picked up the phone and dialed his home number, busy. That’s odd, he thought. A couple of minutes he tried again and this time he heard four rings, three beeps, and then the answering machine message that Val had recorded a few weeks previously.

Even over the slight static that the shoddy microphone had picked up during the recording he could hear Val chewing and swallowing as she left the routine “We’ll call you” message.

Mike pressed the * button and entered the code that would let him hear the messages. He sat still and listened “Mike, I’m calling so that you won’t worry about me. I had to go visit my sister for a few days. I’ll be back soon. Don’t try to call me. I lo… I’ll see you in a few days. Good Bye.”

He hardly moved. What did this message mean? She didn’t sound like herself, either the old Val that he had married or the aloof irritated Val of the last three months. She sounded distressed, almost on the verge of tears. She hadn’t been eating either, it sounded as though she was barely able to speak. Was she alright? Was she leaving him? What was going on?

At the same time as these concerned questions ran through his mind, another vein of questions also occurred to him. How could she leave? Hadn’t he been trying to make amends? Why didn’t she say ‘I love you?’ even though she’d started to?

All of these questions were cluttered and spinning in his mind when a knock sounded at his office door.

“Come!” he said loudly at his closed door.

“Hey Mike! Everyone else’s heading home, ready to close up shop?”

It was Vickie. He looked at her, not noticing that she had let her hair down out of its ponytail and had unbuttoned the top button of her blouse. Showing there was at least an inch of soft inviting cleavage, including a small mole on the left side of her bosom. Mike’s eyes were somewhat glazed over in worry and frustration with his wife.

Vickie softly bit her lower lip and closed the door behind her. She had been listening in when he had heard Val’s message and knew that this was her chance to finally get him into bed with her. There was something about the spread of his shoulders and his deep worried eyes that she could get lost in. It turned her on to no end knowing that behind the office door beside her all day long was such a man.

Vickie cleared her throat, hoping to get Mike to look up and see her, as she did so she began walking towards him, settling a sultry look onto her face and making her hips sway from left to right as she walked towards him. Mike’s eyes cleared from their focus on the past and possibilities and saw before him a woman who was both beautiful and clearly wanted him. She was neither his wife nor the mother of his children, but at this precise moment, he really didn’t care…

Neither did Valerie - she was zoned out in her own world of indulgence. Half in a daze, her stomach growling from neglect, she eased herself out of her motel hideaway and beat a path back to the food court at the mall.

(Continued in post 22 of this thread)

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mollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot pics

Wow, this a really good continuation! This has always been my absolute favorite story and you've done a great job of staying true to the spirit of the original. I can't wait to see more.
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Browniestuff has said some nice things

thanks so much mollycoddles. I worked really hard to stay true to the original author's writing style and add my own style to it. Your praise means a lot. I'm sure that I'll have part 6 finished relatively soon.

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tarquin has said some nice things
Default THE BEST weightgain story there is

Thanks - "Val" is the best weightgain story ever written. Style, content, description, characterization, plotting - AND it was very well written. Chapter 5 is just great, as good as the original, and it's not easy writing that well. Looking forward to the next several chapters! Red
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Browniestuff has said some nice things

i just wanted everyone interested to know that I have NOT stopped working on Val Part 6. This semester is giving me a really hard time so I've had to put it on the back burner for now, but I plan on working on it some this weekend. I'll try to have Part Six done for Thanksgiving! -Max
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Nalim has said some nice things

Originally Posted by Browniestuff View Post
i just wanted everyone interested to know that I have NOT stopped working on Val Part 6. This semester is giving me a really hard time so I've had to put it on the back burner for now, but I plan on working on it some this weekend. I'll try to have Part Six done for Thanksgiving! -Max
I am happy to hear that such excelent story does not end.
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luv_lovehandles can now change their title

good job i remember the original very good
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Britt Reid
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Chapter 5b - by Mollycoddles

Of course, Valerie by any rational standard should still be way too stuffed to even think about eating anymore. But somehow, here she was, standing at the counter of the Burger Barn, ready to order even more food ater adjusting to having seen Michael and Vickie together. .

The boy behind the counter didn't even bother trying to disguise his stare. His eyes were glued to Val's magnificent chest, before snapping down to look at her full belly, which bulged over her unzippered pants, causing her shirt to ride up. Then they traveled over her thunder thighs. He was stunned.

Val blinked dumbly at the menu; she was so full that she was having difficulty concentrating and the words swam in front of her eyes. She leaned forward slightly to get a better look, her loaded stomach pressing into the counter.

"Yeah, yeah, gimmie two –" began Val.


Val blinked at the smiling youth standing behind the register. Wait a second, she knew that face! It was Curt, the boy from the pool! Silently, she cursed to herself. She knew that he worked at the Burger Barn! He'd told her so himself. Why, he'd even invited her to stop by, to get some free burgers. Now he was going to get the wrong idea, to think that she had come to see him, when the truth was she just wanted to get some more food…

"It's me, Curt! Remember?" Curt apparently took her stunned silence for a lack of recognition. He grinned sheepishly. "You know…from the pool?"

"Oh, yes, of course I remember you, Curtie," said Val. She felt her cheeks going red from embarrassment and she shifted her purse in front of her crotch to hide her unzippered pants. "It's nice to see you again."

"It's great to see you again, Val," said Curt, "Did you—are you hungry? Did you want some free burgers? I mean, remember I said—"

"Yes, honey, I remember." Val was really beginning to wish that she'd heeded her original instinct to just go home. Now how was she going to get out of this?

"I just came by to get…" What had she come to get? She couldn't think of a plausible lie; she'd come here to get some burgers. Sighing inwardly, Val mumbled to herself, "Hell, why lie? I came here for burgers, might as well get some."

Turning on her charm, she said, "I just came by to get some of those delicious burgers you promised me."

She flashed Curt a dazzling smile and the poor boy almost melted right there. Good, thought Val. She was happy to see that this little twerp was still just as infatuated with her as ever. That should make it easy to blow him off.

"Just get the burgers and get out of here," she thought to herself.

"One sec, Val, I'll be right back," hecalled out.

Val watched as Curt ran to the back of the Burger Barn, where he tapped his fellow employees on their shoulders. Val's gut was throbbing and she groaned softly. This bloated belly needed some support. With a quick glance to make sure no one was looking, Val grabbed her growing gut with both hands and lifted it up, to drop it on the counter with a soft splat. She moaned again. She was soooo full! Why was she here, asking for even more food?

Val's belly gurgled softly in answer.

"Shh," hissed Val, "Are you still hungry? Do you want to explode?"

Her stomach only bubbled in response. Val was gratified to hear that its rumbles were no longer nearly as urgent as they had been before she'd started this latest insane binge. But even though her belly's growls were becoming quieter, it hadn't yet "gone to sleep." And Val was determined to tame this beast even if she burst trying.

She suddenly noticed that Curt was gesturing toward her. She perked up momentarily, moving her purse down to block her stomach from view (She breathed a sigh of relief at the fact that at least her nipples had gone soft again). Then she realized that Curt wasn't trying to get her attention; he was just pointing her out to his co-workers. A group of young boys were craning their necks to see her, openly leering.

Val waggled her fingers at the group of teenagers in a shy wave. She'd been embarrassed to run into Curt again, but seeing these boys stare at her with undisguised lust was filling her with renewed confidence. Plus, her sexual desire hadn't yet subsided after her most recent binge.

Pleasurable thoughts flooded Val's mind as the aroma of cooking burgers reached her nostrils. The thought of more food was enough to trigger the same old reactions. Val banished all reservations from her mind, as she felt her nipples begin to harden again and her crotch grow moist.

Curt rejoined her at the counter with a final wave to his co-workers. "Hey, Val, my manager is around, so I can't slip you anything for free here. But if you want to go around back and meet me in the employees' lounge, I'll be right in with some burgers?"

He grinned hopefully and Val almost laughed at his puppy-dog eagerness. She knew very well that being alone with Curt and a pile of food was a recipe for disaster, but the tingling sensations coursing through her body as she thought about eating even more overrode her better judgment.

"Sure thing, Curtie," she said with a mischievous wink. "I'll pop around back and wait for you."

She reached out and took Curt's chin in her hand, stroking it gently. "Don't keep me waiting, hun. I'm famished."

Curt started to stutter but Val just laughed and stepped away, turning to saunter through the "Employees Only" door next to the Burger Barn. How naughty! She'd never been into the parts of the mall that were off limits to the public and it filled her with ridiculous excitement. Just for Curt, she added an extra spring in her step as she walked, giving her bulging buns an extra bounce and causing her heavy, bra-less boobs to jiggle and bob even more.

The employee's lounge was a small, Spartan room with not much else besides a folding table and couple of plastic chairs. Val plopped down heavily in one of the chairs and was gratified to find that it did not break under her weight. Of course, It wouldn't, she scolded herself, I'm not that fat! Still, after all she'd eaten today, she had to remind herself that she wasn't yet an obese pig!

Sighing, she spread her legs and let her big tummy fill the space between them. She stroked the taught skin, wishing that someone was there to pet her belly, to give it the attention it needed. She knew that employees from all the food court restaurants shared this one break room, so she hoped that no stranger would walk in to find her like this, with her pants open and her monumental belly hanging out, horny as all hell.

The door creaked open and Val instantly sat upright, instinctively grabbing the hem of her shirt to pull it down over the open crotch of her pants. She sighed in relief as she saw that it was just Curt, entering with a tray of food. She noted with amusement that Curt had brought her about a half dozen burgers, as well as fries and a large soda.

Poor kid doesn't realize I've already been eating all day, she thought with a smirk, there's no way I'll be able to finish all that!

"Hi Val," said Curt, "I'm really glad you came by. I hope this is enough…I…I remember what you liked at the pool…We don't have any beer here, though, sorry."

Val laughed sweetly. "That's fine, honey. Just bring that tray over and let's see what you've got."

Curt walked over and placed the tray on the table. Val leaned forward, pretending to inspect the food. Now that she was alone with Curt, she was feeling the same exhibitionist pull that she had at the pool. Val could feel her hefty hooters swinging free as she leaned over and she had to resist stealing a glance at Curt's crotch. Surely he must be every bit as erect now as he'd been at the pool.

"That looks just delicious, sweetie," said Val, smiling. She picked up the first burger and took a large bite, chewing in an exaggerated, vigorous motion. If Curt had liked watching her eat at the pool, he'd go nuts when he saw her pig out now! Maybe she could even make him cream in his shorts again. Val almost giggled at the thought that her plump curves could have that power!

Curt fidgeted as he watched Val eat, but Val wasn't satisfied with just putting on a show. She was used to having her body caressed as she ate – from her dalliance with Mark at home to her poolside encounter with Curt, she loved to feel strong hands touching her growing gut as it grew fuller and fuller.

Curt must have understood intrinsically what was expected of him because, without a word, he reached out and touched Val's bloated tummy. Val continued to chow down, stuffing the last bite of the first burger into her mouth as Curt ran his hands up and down her bulging belly, gently fondling it. He looked at her nervously, but Val smiled and winked at the boy. She grabbed a second burger as Curt's hand began to travel north, up the slope of her swollen stomach to approach her titanic tits.

"Hmmmm," murmured Val dreamily, remembering her experience with Curt by the pool. She didn't at all mind the attention that this boy was paying her new curvaceous body, and she was pleased to see that her lesson on their previous meeting had stuck: Although Curt was focused on her large boobs, he was also careful to keep one hand on the side of her swollen belly, rubbing it tenderly.

"Why, Curt," said Val, smiling, "I do believe you've learned something about pleasing a woman."

Curt blushed and began to stutter. Embarrassed, he started to remove his hand, but Val firmly grasped him by the wrist and guided it back to her bloated stomach.

"No, sweetie, don't stop." She flashed Curt a disarming smile, then leaned back and closed her eyes as Curt continued to massage her gut.

Val was remembering something else now. At the pool, she had easily seen Curt's erection through his swimsuit.

This boy is pretty hung. Wwhat was she thinking? He was just a kid! She was literally over twice his age! But the kid was so attentive, bringing her all these snacks, worshipping her growing body like she was a goddess… Val couldn't help but feel aroused.

Val inhaled deeply and sighed as she felt a familiar warmth spreading through her. With her eyes closed, Val raised a third hamburger to her lips, tore off a chunk, and chewed vigorously. Her stomach gurgled – not in hunger this time, but in fullness. Val was completely stuffed, but the thought of eating even more, of filling her already stuffed tummy until it was absolutely huge, with Curt all the while lavishing his affections on her, was making her extremely horny. She could feel her crotch growing wet again.

Her thoughts turned to Mark and she sighed. If only he was here! He would know how to make her feel good.

But Curt was trying his best. And she was pleased with his progress. She wondered, as she swallowed another bite of burger and reached for her soda, whether she would go all the way with this boy this time.

"Curt, honey, could you do something for me?" She smiled sweetly and Curt almost seemed to jump out of his skin with excitement.

"Sure, Val, anything!"

"Could you help me with these jeans?" she cooed, stroking Curt's cheek with her free hand. "They're feeling a little tight after that big meal."

"Sure thing, Val!" Curt was trying to act nonchalant, but Val could tell that he was really nervous. It was kind of endearing.

She gave him another reassuring smile as she leaned back. "Just give the zipper a little tug, okay, hun?"

Obediently, Curt grabbed hold of Val's zipper tab between his thumb and forefinger and pulled it the remainder of the way down. Val smiled at the tiny clicks as it moved down. It was already mostly open anyway, but she sensed that Curt moving slowly because he was nervous about actually getting her pants off.

Cute kid, she thought, but he's going to need to build up some confidence if he's ever going to get anywhere with a lady.

Val almost giggled, imagining herself as this gawky teen's mentor, not considering he about the same age as her own son. Such was he hold Mark's spell had on her. He's lucky I'm here to show him how to do this
"Hmmm, thanks, Curtie, that feels a lot better," she purred, "but I think it would feel even better to get rid of these tight things altogether, don't you?" She winked and raised her butt off the chair.

Curt smiled awkwardly, but nodded in understanding. He grabbed hold of her snug jeans and began to pull. Slowly, the binding pants began to slide down Val's chubby thighs.

As the jeans came off, the room was filled with the aroma of Val's arousal. Thoroughly stuffed, she was so horny that she could barely sit still now. Val's panties, so tight that her blubbery stomach seeped over the waistband, was completely drenched and ready to come off. Curt blushed hard, but Val was in no mood to play coy anymore.

"Those too, baby," she said, raising her butt again, her soaked pussy coming close to Curt's face as she did so.

Curt nodded and, with shaking hands, slipped his fingers under the waistband of Val's underwear and pulled them down. Val wondered if this was the first time that he had seen a woman naked. It certainly seemed to be the case. In that case, Val was determined to give him an experience that he'd never forget.

She finished the third burger and mechanically reached for a fourth with one hand. With her other, she reached out and patted Curt's cheek.

"Mmm, Curties, I have another favor to ask from you," she cooed in her sexiest voice.

Curt nodded dumbly, spellbound.

Gently, she pushed his head down and his face between her legs. She had no idea if Curt would know what to do, but it didn't matter at this point. She wanted him down there. If he didn't know what to do, it would at least teach him what a woman wanted…and that was more than most men knew.

Certainly, she thought, it was more than Mike was up to doing these days!
Mike! That jerk! How dare he fool around on her!

She pushed that killjoy out of her thoughts as she made short work of the fourth burger. She was soooooo full! She looked at the tray and saw, with some mild concern, that there were still two burgers left – and then there were the fries and soda!

Oof, too much, she thought, I am definitely NOT going to finish this meal!

But she wasn't giving up without a fight, so she grabbed the fifth burger and forced it into her mouth.

Curt buried his face in Val's crotch, desperately searching for her clit. Despite his inexperience, it didn't take him long to find it.

"Mmmmm, yes, that's good, Curtie," sighed Val, as she raised the giant soda cup to her mouth. She began to drink and, unlike the time at the pool, this time she felt the soda filling her up.

This is almost a liter of coke, thought Val, there's no way I can drink this all without popping! She smirked to herself. That almost sounded like a challenge.

Curt was trying his hardest to pleasure Val, but, unfortunately, there was no way that a boy could measure up to the men that pleasured Val in the past.

He's no Mark, she thought, and he's no Mike either!

Momentarily, a wave of regret washed over her as she again thought about her husband, but she quickly banished those thoughts.

Now is not the time to start having regrets, she reminded herself. She remembered his cold comments about her increased weight, then thought of his infidelity, and found herself filled with new resolve to see this affair through.

The ice cubes bumped her face as she sucked down the last of the soda, feeling its icy sweetness fill what little room still remained in her overloaded stomach.

With a low moan, she dropped the cup to the floor. She squeezed her eyes shut and concentrated on the sensations coming from her stuffed gut. She began to buck her hips, breathing heavily, as an intense orgasm rocked her body. She almost shouted out, as even the slightest movement jostled her over-stuffed tummy, but she bit her lip. She didn't want anyone to come in and find them like this!

Val sighed in contentment. She was still for a moment, soaking up the good feelings from her orgasm, before she opened her eyes and looked down at Curt. He was staring up at her with a goofy grin, like a puppy dog eager to please.

"Was that…good, Valerie?" he asked.

His expression made Val want to melt. She stroked his face and said,

"Why, sweetie, that was excellent. I didn't know you were such a natural."

That was the honest truth. For all his bumbling, Curt had made her feel good. Who would have thought that this little nerd would be able to make her orgasm?

Val stood up and pushed the boy down into chair.

"Now it's my turn," she said, smiling. She squatted down in front of Curt, her jeans and panties still around her ankles, a broad smile on her face. Without a pause, she ripped aside Curt's Burger Barn apron. She fumbled clumsily with the boy's fly, still too woozy from her own orgasm and exquisite stuffing to exercise fine motor control.

Curt seemed to be trembling, but Val wasn't beating around the bush. She roughly pulled down Curt's pants and underwear in one motion, releasing his throbbing penis. For a second, Val allowed herself to marvel at its size. It was a real monster for a boy this young! If she had regular access to someone this hung…well!

She licked the tip of Curt's erect dick, remembering how she had sucked on that ice cream cone not half an hour ago. She almost giggled. How strange was it that she imagined sucking dick while eating ice cream and eating ice cream while sucking dick!

Normally, Valerie would have balked at giving a blow job to someone other than her husband – and especially to someone like this little dweeb! But she felt that Curt deserved something for all he'd done. Besides that, she kind of relished the idea of swallowing some cum into her already full stomach. She was so far beyond stuffed that she almost believed that Curt's squirt might be enough to make her burst – but the idea had a strange pull now and she knew she had to push her limits to the utmost.

Curt whimpered, but his noises only made Val more eager. The older woman knew all about how to pleasure a man, so she immediately went to work, taking as much of Curt as she could into her mouth. Val was an experienced eater these days, so she was far from daunted by the prospect of getting a big mouthful. She worked his rod up and down, running her tongue along its flanks, sucking for all her might.

Val was dimly aware that if anyone walked into the room she would be caught with the Curt’s dick in her mouth – and her pants down, her big round ass pointed right at the door. But she was to wrapped up in the moment to care and Curt's squeaky noises of pleasure were urging her on almost as much as the aching yet sensual pain coming from her overstuffed stomach.

Finally, with a gasp, Curt ejaculated, filling Valerie's mouth with his warm seed. She swallowed it without missing a beat, feeling the salty secretion slide down her throat into her engorged gut. Despite her earlier fantasy, she did not explode, although her stomach ached more than ever.

Val wiped her mouth and stood up. Now that the last pangs of her monstrous orgasm were subsiding, she was increasingly aware that she needed to get out of here. She should never have let this get so out of hand; what if someone had walked in on them while they were in the throes of passion? She didn't even want to think about the trouble that could have caused.

Standing up, she hoisted her panties and jeans back to her waist. She considered trying to zip up her pants, but quickly dismissed the idea as futile. She was way too full to get them fastened! Curt leaned against the wall, dizzy and exhausted but grinning.

"Wow, Valerie, that was amaaaaazing," he sighed dreamily.

"Hmmm," said Val, distracted. She was pleased to hear words of praise for her abilities, but she needed to get going. She grabbed her purse off the table and slung it over her shoulder. "Thanks, darling. You weren't bad yourself."

She paused and reached out to hold his face.

"You keep doing what you're doing," she said, "And you're going to make some woman really happy."

Probably a lot of women, considering his head start, thought Val smugly. She wondered if she'd corrupted this boy with their secret meetings.

"You know, you can stop by the Burger Barn anytime…" began Curt, his eyes straying down to Val's enormous belly. She did look nine months pregnant. Val smiled, happy to see that Curt was beginning to appreciate her as more than just a pair of jumbo-sized tits.

"That's sweet of you," said Valerie, "But I really need to get going now, Curt. Let's not spoil this, okay?"

She started for the door but paused briefly. Then she stepped back and grabbed the last burger. She wasn't hungry in the least, but she wanted to impress Curt. They boy was already in total awe of Val's appetite, so she couldn't resist.

"One for the road," she said with a wink. "Oh, and Curt, honey?"


"Put on your pants."

And with that, the voluptuous vixen turned on her heel and sauntered out the door.
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Val - Chapter 6

Val felt pretty good all the way home, basking in the warm afterglow of her encounter with Curt. But by the time she got home, she had begun to feel guilty.

How could she do this? She was turning into a food-obsessed floozy. She'd already cheated on Mike once with Mark and…

Did the incident with Curt at the pool count as cheating?

Valerie shook her head. No, that was just fooling around. Nothing came of that, she rationalized. And that first encounter with Mark hardly counted either, she'd been drunk and not really all there… But this time, she had no excuse.

She remembered the leering faces of the other Burger Barn employees and suddenly felt sick to her stomach (The fact that it was overloaded with fattening goodies hardly helped either). Curt had obviously been bragging to his buddies about meeting Val at the health club. What would he say now?

The last thing Val wanted was for word to get around that she was some sort of easy lay. What could she expect next? Hordes of horny high school boys showing up at her door, looking for that legendary plumper who would give head in exchange for hamburgers?

She shuddered at the thought. Even worse, Val hadn't accomplished anything that she'd set out to do today. After her affair with Curt, she'd left the mall without buying a single new item of clothes, so now she was waddling up her driveway still clad in her too-snug maternity jeans. Val's belly was almost obscenely bloated after her day of gorging; it bulged before her like a big pale dome.

Whatever slim hopes she might have had earlier about getting the snap to stay closed had completely disappeared in the wake of her final burger binge. Now she was happy to leave the snap open and the zipper down, grateful for the extra room it gave her tender and distended tummy. She sighed, rubbing her free hand across the expanse of her swollen midsection.

"It looks like it's another day of sweats for me," she mumbled, opening the door. As she stepped inside, another thought hit her. She hadn't cleaned the house today! In fact, she'd been neglecting the housework for days.

Even with both Jessica and Tommy gone for the summer, it was starting to get messy. There was a pile of empty beer bottles near the couch, still left over from her morning drinking. She kicked one absently, grunting in annoyance.

"Whatever, I'll clean in the morning," she said to herself, dropping heavily onto the couch. Her stuffed tummy gurgled and moaned as her ass hit the cushions.

"Shh, none of that," scolded Val, "I've been feeding you all day, so I don't want to hear another peep out of you! Comprende?"

Her stomach burbled defiantly, but Valerie was too stuffed and tired to care. With a grunt, she stretched out on the couch and quickly fell asleep. She didn't wake up until Mike returned home that evening.

Mike looked over his sleeping wife with a kind of despair. She lay on the couch, snoring loudly, so soundly asleep that she barely stirred when he entered. She'd been binging again, he could tell. Her stomach looked huge and swollen, the pink skin stretched tightly until it turned a bruised red. Her jeans – weren't those similar to the ones she'd worn when she was pregnant? – were hanging open.

He'd made some cracks about her weight, about her butt getting wider these days, but he hadn't really meant it – and now he regretted his rash words. Had he really offended Valerie that much? She certainly seemed determined to eat her way into obesity.

He shook his head and left the room. He went to bed alone, but lay awake until Val stumbled in later that night. His gaining wife plopped down in bed next to him and promptly dozed off again without a word. Mike was feeling incredibly lonely now.

Val slept late the next day. She usually rose early, to prepare breakfast for Mike, Jessica and Tommy before they left for work and school, respectively. But Jessica was at her sister's farm for the summer and Tommy off with his buddies. Mike, well, that jerk could just fix his own breakfast for all she cared right now. After all, it was his fault that she had become like this. Him and his criticism, his strange distance, being at the mall with his co-worker, he'd driven her into the arms of another man, no, two other men! If he was so concerned with what she ate, then she wouldn't bother making them their usual breakfast.

Around 11, Valerie finally roused herself from a deep stupor. She had been having a lovely dream, fading now, but quite vivid. Mark had been here, feeding her full of her favorite marshmallow twirls, his warm body pressing against her back, one strong hand cupping her enormous breasts, the other poking marshmallow treats into her eager mouth.

Sighing, she sat up and shook her hair out. Her fat belly still puffed out after her binge yesterday, but when she sat in bed, she saw that her gut bunched up into three thick jelly rolls.

Despite her new-found love of eating, Val stared at her expanding tummy in horror. She poked a finger into it tentatively and groaned when she found that her entire first joint could disappear into the soft flab.

Val stumbled downstairs wearing nothing but her bathrobe and a pair of panties. She was shocked to see Michael still sitting in the kitchen when she entered.

"Oh!" she said, "What are you still doing home? I thought you left for work?"

Mike ignored her question.

"You're really letting things go around here," he said with a wave of his hand. Valerie sensed that he was talking about the mess she'd left sitting for the past several days, but was he talking about more?

Valerie shrugged off her bathrobe and started for the shower. Mike watched her depart, his eyes wandering to her larger backside clad in her tight teal panties. He noted that her ass really was getting huge!

It's starting to balance out her chest, thought Michael in bitter amusement.

"Are you ignoring me?" asked Mike, following her into the bathroom. Val shot him an annoyed look but otherwise said nothing as she stepped in the shower and pulled the curtain closed.

"Okay, if you won't talk to me, then you can listen to me," said Mike, "I know that I haven't been the best husband lately and… I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you. It's just that, well, it's been really crazy at work. I've been so busy that I haven't had time to give you the attention that you deserve. I know that's no excuse, but I want you to know that I haven't been doing this by choice."

Val stood, frozen, as the warm water cascaded down her soft body, listening intently to Mike's monologue.

"I know it may be hard for you to believe, but this big project at work… once it's done, there's going to be some real security for us. For me, for you, for the kids education. That was something I never had growing up and I wanted to make sure that my children didn't have to go through that. I know you're angry at me and that's why you're letting yourself go- "

Val's heart was almost melting until she heard that. Letting herself go?! Why, the nerve!

"- but I wish we could go back to the way things were."

Mike finished his speech and waited. Val remained silent. If he expected her to melt, then he shouldn't have made that crack about her expanding figure.

After a few minutes, Mike silently left the room. Val finished her shower in peace.

Valerie watched through the window as Michael left for work. His confession only made things more confusing. He seemed sorry for his neglect and Val wanted to believe that. But how could she forgive him while he continued to harp on her weight and consort with other women. Her hand absently reached down to her waist to fondle the thick roll of blubber that hung over the waistband of her snug panties.

He couldn't expect her to be as trim as she had been at 20, could he? She was twenty years older and had gone through two pregnancies. Of course, she was a little softer now! She sniffed in annoyance. How dare Michael criticize her size! At least Mark appreciated her.

Her thoughts drifted back to that mysterious man who asked her to think of him whenever she ate, who asked her to eat more after she was full, who had fed her marshmallow twirls and made slow passionate love to her in her own bed. That had happened, right? Sometimes it felt like some sort of beautiful dream.

She closed the curtains. In any event, one thing was for sure. She needed to clean the house and buy some new clothes. There was no way that she was going to get distracted today. Valerie knew that she couldn't go back to the mall – even if she didn't run into Curt, there were too many food venders there. The last thing she wanted to do was to get drawn into another day-long binge!

My eating habits are already hurting my once svelte figure enough, she thought, glancing at her plump rear end in the bedroom mirror.

Valerie threw on her sweatsuit. Since she'd forgotten to actually buy anything the day before, it was the only thing that fit her. She considered squeezing into the same jeans she'd worn yesterday, but thought better of it. If they were tight before my binge, I don't want to know how they'll fit now, she thought.

What she really wanted to do was collapse downstairs on the couch with another beer in her hand, but she knew she had to get some things done.

Maybe later, she thought.

"To think I gave up drinking after college!" she said to herself, patting her tummy. All those years of abstinence and it had taken hardly any work at all to grow a tubby little beer belly. She stretched the material of her sweatshirt tightly across her rounded stomach and smiled at the result. Mark was right; she did have a cute little tummy.

Valerie's stomach growled at her, a loud urgent sound. Val knew from experience that she was powerless against the desires of her growing tummy. She poured herself a bowl of cereal and wolfed it down, following it with a second and third. As she finished, she wiped some milk from her lips, recalling with amusement how she had used the same gesture to wipe Curt's cum from her lips just the day before.

Her belly bubbled again, telling her that it wasn't yet satiated, but it was quieter. Valerie felt herself gripped by the same desire that had gripped her during her feeding frenzy yesterday, a hunger to eat and eat and eat until she was plump and round, the perfect chubby princess to fulfill Mark's deepest desires.

Valerie spread her legs and ran her hand over her chunky middle. She could feel herself growing wet again, the familiar urge to masturbate rising. Her swollen nipples were tingling and standing erect, creating small tents in the fabric of her sweat shirt

Must buy new bras, Val reminded herself dreamily, and her fat boobs, too big for her largest bras, heaved as she began breathing heavily.

"Oh no," thought Valerie, "I don't have time for this."

But she couldn't stop herself, her hand strayed right for her crotch, slipping under her sweatpants and panties to find her moist, burning pussy.
Val realized with some combination of dread and ecstacy that she had reached a new level, a point of new return. Her promises to Michael and herself that she would lose weight were meaningless. She didn't want to go to the health club. She didn't want to exercise. And, most of all, she didn't want to slim down. Not while Mark wanted her sexy, chubby body.

Oh, Mark! Val's mind again drifted to Mark as she rubbed her swollen clitoris. But not for long, as suddenly Michael intruded on her fantasy. Val stopped in surprise. After thinking about Mark so much lately, why did she suddenly think about Michael, the man who had criticized her recent expansion so much?

Val didn't know what to think, but she didn't want to stop. Her red hot pussy was demanding satisfaction, so she couldn't stop touching herself. Her mind swirled with thoughts of Mark and Mike, both men jostling for dominance in her fantasy.

With a throaty moan, the voluptuous woman rubbed harder and harder, pushing herself closer to climax. But it was only when her thoughts moved away from these men and back to the delightful sensations she'd experienced in being stuffed full of marshmallow twirls, that she was able to push herself over the top.

"Phew!" gasped Val as her orgasm subsided. She leaned back in her chair, still flushed from excitement. What kind of hedonist was she now? Did she actually find being stuffed so arousing that she didn't need thoughts of a man to get her off? She shook her head. If that was the vase, then she just knew that she'd soon gain even more weight!

"Well, Mike might not like it," she said, standing up, "But I know that there will always be one guy who appreciates it. Oh wait."

She remembered her affair with Curt. "I guess there are two."

But today was not a day to waste in idle fantasy. She needed to get some real clothes. And this time nothing would stand in her way! Val knew where there were some smaller clothing boutiques in a local strip mall; she wanted to avoid going back to the main mall today, both out of fear of running into Curt again but also because she didn't need the constant temptation of easy access to fast food.

She didn't think there were any restaurants on the way to the strip mall, so she should be able to make the trip without stopping to glut herself again. Hopefully…
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Val 7

Val felt like a mess in her sweatsuit. It was ridiculous, of course, but she felt like she could feel the disapproving stares of every stranger she passed, as if they somehow magically knew how she had spent her morning: in a lazy, drunken orgy of masturbation. She was a woman in the grip of strange and alien desires and she felt naughty and dirty.

She smirked slightly as she passed by a serious-looking businessman in a black suit and tie. If only he knew what was going through her mind, that this tubby woman waddling along in her baggy sweatsuit was literally so addicted to food that she masturbated to thoughts of eating. But he had no clue. No one on the street could possibly have guessed her strange new obsession.

She rounded a corner and nearly bumped into two teenage boys loitering on the curb. One looked up, bored, but quickly elbowed his friend in the ribs as Val passed. She could hear the one whispering excitedly to his friend; she made out the phrase “no underwear” as she walked away. She should be angry that some pimply little teenagers were checking out her rack, but the truth was that she was rather pleased at the attention.

Although still stunning, Val didn’t receive as many compliments at 40 as she had at 20. She wondered briefly if the two boys behind her might know Curt. Had he told everyone about Val, the pudgy housewife with the spectacular bust who fooled around with him at the pool and later gave him a blowjob at work?

She shook her head. They were just some punk kids. They’d probably ogle any girl they saw walking around without her brassiere. It wasn’t like they knew her sordid history. And besides, even if they did, what did it matter? They certainly weren’t going to be getting lucky. Val made up her mind that she would definitely NOT be having any more sordid little affairs.

She consciously pushed the thought of Mark out of her head.

Val spotted the store she was looking for, a small up-scale clothing boutique that she’d heard about from her girlfriends on occasion. She jogged over, her large boobs bobbing and bouncing with every step. Thank heavens that will soon be over, she thought. While she was rather enjoying the appreciative attention her bra-less boobs received from passers-by, running without support was no easy task!

As she stepped through the door, Valerie realized that this store was much fancier than she had expected. She usually bought her undergarments at the department store at the mall, but now that she was afraid to go back there out of fear of running into Curt again, she had to find a new clothing source.

“Can I help you?” said a voice. Val turned around and found herself face-to-face with a middle-aged saleswoman.

"Oh no, I just need to buy some bras," said Val breezily. She blushed brightly as soon as the words were out of her mouth. Why did she need to tell this woman why she was here? It was a quick in-and-out operation; she just needed to grab a couple… uh…what size was she now?

"Excellent, come in back and I'll do a fitting," said the middle-aged saleswoman.

"No thanks, I already know my size," said Val. "I’m a…uh."

She paused, feeling stupid. What size was she? She knew she was larger than a D; the fact that none of her old bras fit anymore told her that she had a bit of extra breast meat these days, but she didn’t really know how big she was. She’d measured at home and thought she might need a Double-D, but…was that right?

The woman smiled again. “I’ll bet you’ve never had a proper measurement, have you, hon? I used to just buy mine off the rack without a thought. Never imagined that a proper measuring would make that much difference. But believe me, it really does, especially for the larger sizes.”

Val nodded dumbly. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. I don’t think I’ve really ever been fitted. Does it take long?”

“Not at all, just step back here.”

“Do I need to take my shirt off?” asked Val nervously. “I’m, uh, not wearing anything underneath.”

“What?” The saleswoman looked surprised. Judging from her expression, she was the ONLY person who had seen Val on the street and not noticed her large nipples jutting through her shirt. “Nothing at all?”

“Well, I have a T-shirt on. But, um, I’m not wearing a bra right now.” Val replied, then laughed nervously. “I’m, uh, going commando today, I guess you could say. I don’t have any bras…that fit me right now, so I had to go without. I’m kind of in a desperate situation.”

“You’re not kidding,” said the saleswoman, “A woman of your size really does need adequate support! Going commando! You poor thing, I’ll bet they’re killing you!”

“Yeah, I’ve kind of been bouncing all over the place,” confessed Val. She remembered yesterday’s mall trip, when her unfettered boobies had jiggled and jostled wildly during her eating spree. She’d been certain that the teens running the food concession stands had noticed their movement. Just another reason that she was embarrassed to return there!

“Just take off your sweat top and raise your arms; I’ll pull this tape measure around your chest,” said the saleswoman.

Val did as she was told. She unzipped her sweatshirt and draped it over a nearby chair. She felt the tape measure constrict around her chest and she made a concerted effort not to think about this saleswoman judging her.

Instead, she tried to start a conversation.

“You know, feels kind of funny to have a stranger measuring my boobs,” she said. “You know?”

“What’s your name, honey?”


“Well, Valerie, I’m Charlotte. There, now we aren’t strangers anymore, eh?”
Charlotte laughed and Val had to laugh too.

Val felt a bit awkward as Charlotte pulled the tape measure around her chest, right below her hefty hooters. Mostly because, without her baggy sweat shirt, Val’s soft blubbery gut was now exposed.

“Breathe out, Val,” said Charlotte. “Empty those lungs so we can get an accurate reading. We want to make sure you get something as comfortable as possible.”

Val breathed out and Charlotte cinched the tape measure snugly around her chest.

“Very good, Val. Now, could you bend over for me? Keep standing, just bend forward at the waist and I’ll see if that makes a difference.”

“Okay.” Val leaned forward, a move made a little more awkward as she felt her prominent rounded tummy slap her upper thighs. In this position, Val was even more acutely aware of her newly expanded breasts; the twin orbs hung heavily from her chest, swaying back and forth ponderously as Val waited impatiently for the saleswoman to complete a second measurement. Was she thinking about how fat and disgusting Val looked?

No, of course not, Val told herself. Charlotte had probably performed hundreds of bra fittings for women of all shapes and sizes. She couldn’t imagine that the few extra pounds of flab around Val’s middle would be anything new to her, and definitely not so shocking that Charlotte would be revolted. She probably didn’t even think about it. And Val’s breasts, while large, certainly weren’t obscene. She’d seen pictures of women with much larger breasts in tabloid magazines and, in happier times, some of the pornos that she and Mike had watched together. But still, she couldn’t help but feel just a little self-conscious.

Heh, but wouldn’t it be funny to really see what Charlotte would make of these hefty hooters? Val felt a sudden pang of regret that she hadn’t elected to remove her shirt for the fitting, just to see the older woman’s face when she was confronted with this pair of fat udders. But it was too late now, it would just look weird if Val suddenly pulled her shirt off half-way through the measurements.

What was she saying? It would look weird no matter when she did it! Why was she suddenly fantasizing about showing off her tits to some stranger? Was this just another new wrinkle in her budding exhibitionism? Great, first she was screwing random teens at the mall, now she was going to start flashing old ladies. Get yourself together, Val! You’re acting crazy!

Charlotte pulled the tape measure around Val’s dangling boobs, eyed the measurements and then released. “Well, Val, from these calculations, it looks like you are a healthy Double D. Is that what you thought?”

“It’s bigger than I was,” said Val, straightening up. She had, in fact, figured that she was still a Double D. There was no way that she’d gained enough to pop herself up yet another bra size in the last few days, but it felt good to have professional confirmation of her suspicions. But to be totally honest, Val was mostly thrilled to have a chance to show off her new curves.

She wondered if Charlotte was impressed with her measurements. Most people would be. Curt would love it. She almost giggled at the thought; that poor little tit-hound would cream in his pants if he could see Val bulging out of her bigger bra.

“Well, as you can see, we have a range of items in your new size,” said Charlotte waving Val over to a display. Val grabbed a few good sturdy utilitarian-looking undergarments. She considered buying one that was a little more frilly – but what was the point? Mike wasn’t going to be seeing it anytime soon. And she certainly wouldn’t be doing anything more with Curt. Or Mark.

Oh, Mark. Where was he these days? Val thought back wistfully to that magical afternoon she’d spent with him. Without thinking, she added a lacy red bra to her basket. It was the ridiculous skimpy sort of bra that offered barely any support and mostly existed to, ahem, “showcase the goods” for a few minutes before being ripped off.

She tried to tell herself that she wasn’t buying it for Mark. How would she show it to him? Wear it around town and hope that she bumped into him? That was ridiculous; there was no way that she could wear that silly bra for extended periods of time. Her back would be killing her!

Speaking of which, she really needed to start wearing some support – and soon! She turned to Cahrlotte. “Hey, do you have a changing room? Since I’m…uh..you know not wearing a bra…I thought I could wear one of these home.”

“Sure, it’s in back.”

Val waddled to the changing room, pulled off her shirt and hefted her billowing boobs into one of the simpler, sturdier bras. It fit just right!

“How is it?” called Charlotte’s voice.

“Much better! Wow, that does look good! Feels good too!”

Val laughed and tugged upward on the bra straps, causing her bountiful boobs to bounce slightly. She threw her shirt back on and then proceeded to zip up her sweat top. The sweat top compressed her chest just a little, but it was still obvious that she was one stacked mama. Val stroke one last pose in the mirror, admiring her new voluptuous curves, before leaving the dressing room.

"How many do you need?" asked Charlotte as Val met her at the register.

"Oh, just a couple. I won't be at this size very long. I'm going to start exercising more and reduce a little. It's not easy for a girl to carry all this upstairs weight," said Valerie.

Honestly, she had no intention of making any effort to lose weight. After listening to Michael's lecture this morning, she'd made up her mind. She was going to live her life the way she wanted to from now on instead of wasting her time trying to please a man who had no appreciation for her curves.

She had a sudden image of herself, fat and stuffed, sitting on the couch at home, munching on pizza and downing yet another beer, her bathrobe open and her bloated belly hanging over the waistband of her panties. In her fantasy, Valerie slipped one hand under her swollen belly and into her panties, moaning softly as she touched her wet crotch. It was surprisingly similar to the scene this morning after Mike had left for work. Mike would have flipped if he could have seen her! In fact…

“Honey?” The saleswoman’s voice jolted Val back to reality. She was holding out a pink paper bag with Val’s purchase.

Embarrassed, Val thanked her and grabbed the bag before leaving. Val hoped that her sudden arousal hadn’t been apparent to the other woman. Had her naughty nipples been acting up again? Well, didn’t matter now, because she had a bra on to hide them, thank goodness! Val was relieved to have dealt with that particular problem.

As she walked, Val thought back on the idea that had come to her in the store. Val had so far tried to hide her increasingly frequent binge-and-masturbate sessions from her disapproving husband, though, of course, there was no way that he couldn’t have know about her eating just from her increasing weight and expanding waistline.

But he didn’t know the real pleasure that she got from eating now, did he? He hadn’t caught her fingering herself as she ate. But now she almost wished he had. What a sight that would be! She laughed inwardly. It would be hilarious to throw that in his face! That would really teach him a lesson, to catch his wife giving herself more pleasure with a beer and a pizza than he ever had in bed! It would be fitting and hilarious and….hot, actually.

Val imagined how Mike would react, the shocked look on his face, when he opened the door to see Val splayed on the couch, one hand between her legs, another shoving cookies into her mouth. He might yell in anger or insult her size, but she would ignore him, grunting softly with exertion as she worked her magic. What a scene!

Val instantly knew that she had to make this fantasy a reality. She knew what time Mike was due home from work today, so she made a mental note to make a scene for his benefit. In fact, a simple finger job wouldn’t be enough. To really get his attention, she could use a vibrator. She had one at home in the closet, but it would be funnier if she could find a really big fancy one, one that would make Mike blanch to see her using it.

She made a mental note to stop by an adult boutique before she went home today. But first, Val needed to buy some proper pants that could fit over her buns. She saw a small clothing store ahead. That was her next stop.
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