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Default The Big Secret - by Stuffa (~BHM, FFA, Feederism, Explicit ~sex, ~XWG)

~BHM, FFA, Feederism, Explicit ~sex, ~XWG - Mutual secret-keeping vanishes in a fantasy evening

The Big Secret
by Stuffa

Laura drove home from her job, thankful that the long project was finally over. She was sick of getting home after 10:00 every day, even if it had its payoffs in money and certain things at home. For the last few months she had been following this grueling schedule, working from seven in the morning until late at night. She was often too tired to do anything other than bring home takeout for herself and Steve. And she never finished the takeout – she was too exhausted.

Early on in this schedule, she had noticed several strange things going on around the house - although she never finished her dinner, there were never any leftovers to take to the office, there were immense amounts of garbage tucked into the enclosure that held the cans, Steve was always sleeping in the recliner when she got home, and he had put on a huge amount of weight.

She pretended not to notice these things, though, because the sight of her mate's belly swelling into the bulging mound that she saw from the top of the recliner excited her. She had always liked her men fat, and was going to do anything she could to encourage him.

When Laura had pulled into the garage this evening, she saw that there were at least half a dozen pizza boxes stacked partially hidden, waiting to go out in the trash. She grabbed the bags of groceries that were in the front seat with her, and dragged them into the kitchen, returning to the car several times to get the rest. She had decided that as a special celebration for the end of her project she was going to cook a fancy meal for Steve, a huge, fattening meal, and force him to eat every bite.

Looking into the living room, Laura saw that Steve was indeed passed out in front of the television in his recliner, belly spilling over the waistband of his sweats, t-shirt riding up to show the spreading love handles that jiggled on his sides. His chins rested on his chest. She smiled to herself, thinking that her little feedee was going to get the surprise of his life tonight!

Laura slaved in the kitchen for two hours, making some of the Italian dishes that were her specialty, a huge lasagna, loaded with cheese and dripping with grease from the fatty sausage she had stuffed in the layers, a whole "family sized" platter of chicken parmesan, smothered in cheese, and fried in pure butter, a large bowl of pasta with meatballs made from the fattiest beef she could find, garlic bread soaked in butter, and a special dessert selection for later.

She went into the living room, and gently woke her husband, telling him that it was time to get up, and time for dinner, and that he had better enjoy it, because she had worked terribly hard to make a special "end of project" treat for him.

"I know you're terribly hungry" she said, helping him out of the chair. "You really should eat something during the day, while I'm gone. It's not healthy to not eat, darling."

Steve couldn't say anything - he thought he had kept his binges a secret from her, thinking that she wouldn't understand his needs, his desire to be fed until he was enormous. Now, after stuffing himself all day, he was going to have to do it again. The thought was exciting, but terrifying, as he had already celebrated his wife's coming home with dozens of doughnuts, four pizzas, and two gallons of ice-cream. Although he had slept some of it off, he was still so full he could hardly move.

"I'll be right back, dear, just have to change into some appropriate clothes for a lady" said Steve, as he turned and waddled towards the bedroom. Laura watched him go, his belly swollen over the top of his pants. He returned shortly thereafter, dressed in a new outfit she had bought him, black pants, size 60, and a white, button down shirt, size 6x. They fit him a little snugly, but he expected that, as the labels in the pants and shirt read 54 and 4X. Laura didn't want him to realize exactly how fat he was getting until she had time to help him grow into the gorgeous man she dreamed of.

They sat at the table, and Laura started filling Steve's plate. "Now, I know that I cooked an awful lot, but see what you can do, and we'll freeze the rest. Except for the pasta and the bread, you have to finish those - they won't freeze well at all. Now, dig in, I'll be with you in a second."

Laura finished piling Steve's plate high, and picked up a meatball to pop into his mouth. The whole meatball was a little too big for his mouth, making his cheeks appear even more swollen as he tried to chew it. Laura grinned down at him as she turned to get a few more "treats" to make the dinner go better.

Steve chewed in ecstasy as his wife moved away - her stuffing the meatball in his mouth was almost like what he had fantasized, and the mounds of food on his plate were like an invitation to gorge. He savored the thought of cramming all of the food on the table into his bloated belly, stuffing himself completely, but then thought of Laura, she would never understand his gluttony, his desire to become fat, she would leave him if he got too big.
Steve sighed, and decided to just make the most of tonight, to hold the fantasy as long as he could. He began eating quickly, wanting to finish as much of the plate as he could, so that he could get more without her noticing.

Standing behind the folding doors, Laura was pleased. She watched while Steve cleared his plate, and took seconds, piling it high just how she had done. As soon as he was done, she came back in, holding several bottles of wine and a small box. "Sorry I took so long, big boy, but I was trying to find this bottle that I got last year. You should have started without me, though - it'll get cold, and I really want us to pig out tonight, have a real celebration! Now eat, eat!"

Steve smiled and dug in, saying "I was just trying to be polite, waiting for you to come back." He took several bites and paused "It all looks so good, I think I could eat it all."

Laura smiled, and took the chance "I bet you can't, even. Go on, I dare you to try. If you can't eat it all, you have to help me re-do the bedroom."
Steve felt himself become erect at the challenge - here was his excuse to cram as much in himself as he could hold! His fantasy was coming true! He smiled back at his watching wife "You're on! I'll do anything to get out of re-doing that bedroom again."

He began to eat quickly, large bites of lasagna, soaking his garlic bread in the greasy sauce. Laura encouraged him to finish the plate quickly, and took it from him to re-fill it. Steve's eyes widened in awe as she cut half of the huge pan of lasagna for him, and placed it on his plate.

"A dare is a dare, baby." she said. "And you do have to finish it all, so why beat around the bush?"

Steve accepted the plate from her as if in a trance. Laura then opened the little box, producing a small bag of pot and a pipe. "This will help as you get full, dear. A good case of the munchies and you should be able to keep your side of the dare."

She packed the bowl as she watched him eat, his belly now visibly larger, pushing at the buttons of his new white shirt, and pulling them aside to show glimpses of the swollen flesh beneath. He had finished half of the plate, panting, when he asked for his pipe.

"Finish that on your own" she said. "Here, let me help you."

Laura took her fork, and cut a large piece of the chicken parmesan on her own plate, and held it up to his mouth. "Come on, baby, you took the dare, eat it... Just this little bite, and then I'll let you smoke and get hungry again."
With a shudder Steve opened his mouth to accept the chicken, feeling that more food would make his stomach burst. He leaned back in his chair, belching slightly. Laura moved closer, and put her hands on his swollen, fat belly, and began to kneed it. "Let's get some more room in there, hey babe? You've got a lot more eating to do before you can quit."

Steve savored the feeling of his wife's hands kneading his jiggling stomach, digging through the fat to massage his swollen gut. After a few sudden burps he realized that he had a lot more room for her food now, and that he could keep eating. Steve picked up his fork, and attacked his plate again, finishing what was left of the lasagna.

"Good job, baby." cooed Laura, pleased at the progress her man was making.
"Let me give you some more now." she said, and proceeded to fill his plate even higher than before.

She took the pipe, lit it, and allowed herself one toke before handing it over to her mate. "Here, baby, finish that, so you can get good and hungry for the rest of this."

The erotic way that his wife was talking to him, and the way the huge portions of food lay in his bloated stomach made Steve all the more determined to finish everything on the table. He finished the pipe, poured himself a glass of wine and decided that no matter what, tonight he was living his fantasy and stuffing himself until his stomach bulged impossibly and he could hold no more.

Plateful after plateful disappeared into Steve's enormous stomach, the buttons on his shirt now pulled almost off by the expanding girth of his belly. An hour ago he had given up and unbuttoned his tight pants, letting his gut rest firmly on his thighs, soft, warm, and jiggling with every bite, every move. Laura handed him the pipe again, letting him smoke and rest until the munchies hit him again.

Despite the huge amount of food he had eaten, Steve was hungry again, and picked up his fork to finish the last of the pasta and meatballs and bread. His eyes widened as he realized that he was so fully, his stomach so round and bulging that he could hardly see what was on his plate.

Laura, watching, realized what the problem was, and stood up to move in front of Steve's stretched stomach. She reached down and popped the top few buttons, running her hands over the quivering flesh squeezed into the tight shirt.

"How about you let me help you finish that last bit, dear?" she said. She picked up a fork then, and twirled it on the plate, gathering up a large amount of pasta, and told him to close his eyes and open his mouth for a surprise.

Steve tilted his head back and opened his mouth, waiting for her to give him a bite. His plump face beckoned, mouth open, as Laura filled it with the forkful. He swallowed mightily, and started to open his eyes.

"Keep them closed while I feed you, dear." said Laura. Steve felt his erection press up against the soft full flesh of his gut at her words. His fantasy was coming true, even if his wife didn't know her part in it!

Laura smiled down at Steve, watching his hands as they ran slowly up and down his massive sides and stomach, digging into the bulging flesh every time that she filled his mouth. She knew he was aroused, and fed him faster, allowing him just enough time to swallow before she stuffed his face again. Steve moaned from pleasure as she fed him, chewing and swallowing as quickly as he could, feeling the heavy food stretch his stomach farther than it had ever gone before. He never wanted it to end, but suddenly Laura told him to open his eyes, and he looked up at her smiling face.

"You're done, baby, you finished the entire thing. I'm very proud of you." she said, running her hands over his belly.

"Now, let's get you up to bed where we can finish our little celebration." she said.

Steve tried to stand, and realized that he couldn't as his stomach was in the way. Laura saw his problem and gave him a hand up.

"Now, go on up, and get in bed, and wait for me. I've just got to close up the house and do a few things, and I'll be right up."

Steve sighed and turned to go up the stairs, definitely waddling, holding his massive stomach to keep it from jiggling too much. Laura watched him leave, and went into the kitchen where she had stashed an entire cheesecake, as well as several bottles of chocolate sauce and squirt creme for toppings. She brought her offerings upstairs where she found Steve already in bed, naked, with his massive stomach bulging, mounded hugely in the air. She knew that he couldn't see her over his huge belly, so she snuck up to the foot of the bed, and then slid her body up his chubby thighs, straddling him, teasing him with her body, pressing up against his gut.

Steve moaned, wanting to be in her after this incredible night, but she continued to just tease him.

"Oh, please, come to me!" he panted, but she continued to let his erection brush against her pussy, not letting him enter her.

"I will, on two conditions," she said, still teasing him.

"What, oh, what, I'll do anything." Steve panted, trying to heave his fat body around so that he could enter her. Laura slid down on him slightly, letting him enter her a fraction on an inch, and told him her conditions.

"Condition one is that you eat this cheesecake." she said. Steve moaned in pleasure, trying to get farther in her while reaching for the cheesecake.

"What else, Laura, what else?"

"Condition number two is something that is a little more long term," said Laura.

"Oh, please, anything, I told you, I promise to do anything!" grunted Steve, in between huge bites of cheesecake.

"Good," said Laura. "Here is your assignment. I want you to eat all day when I'm gone, stuffing yourself to bursting every single day. And then when I come home, I want you to let me feed you until you can't hold another bite. I'm going to really fatten you up, Steve, I want your stomach to touch both sides of the bed. You're going to be the fattest man in the world when I'm done with you, just a huge ball of fat. Do you understand?"

Laura let Steve enter her fully as she finished speaking, and he screamed through a mouthful of cheesecake, his pleasure intense.

"Oh, yes, Laura, I'll eat for you, ever day, oh, baby, I'll be so fat. I want you to make me fat, stuff me every day!" Steve screamed again as he felt Laura's body tighten around him at his words. They both came thunderously as he crammed the last of the cheesecake in his mouth, promising to be the fattest man alive for her, his feeder.

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Sometimes, when you come out of the closet, you might find that you'll never be able to fit back in....
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Stuffa has said some nice things

Just so's you know, this story was one of mine.

Needs polishing. Hmm.
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Britt Reid
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Thank you for decloaking. Credit for the story has been revised accordingly.

You say this story was "one of mine." Are there others we do not have?
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Stuffa has said some nice things

I know there were others on the old Dims board, but I'm not sure if they're linked to me or not. I'll check over there at some point.
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Britt Reid
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Well, it only takes ten seconds to look at your credited list. Here it is:


Bull In A China Shop [BHM]
Busman's Holiday [BHM]
No Use Crying Over Spilt Coffee [BHM]
Scott and Jennifer [BHM]
So Very [BHM]

My question is whether there are any others.
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Stuffa has said some nice things

That looks like the lot. Thanks.
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Default wow hot ^^

mhmm this is really a ncie sexy story ;-) i love the ways fo that girl ^^
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Default What a great story!

Every fat guy's fantasy ...
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