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Default Dan & Steph - by Zarbon (~BBW, Feederism, ~XWG )

~BBW, Feederism, ~XWG A long story of a girl and her conflicted feeder boyfriend . . .

Dan & Steph
By Zarbon (aka JustJoe85)

This story begins over the Internet where a 19-year-old Daniel is searching through profiles on Faceparty.com, an on-line community web site a friend had put him onto. He had been on it for a few months and only bothered to contact a few people that he liked the look of by looking on their profile. Dan liked bigger girls, and favoured between 170 – 200lbs but could go a bit higher or lower for the right girl and had done in the past.

He found a girl called Steph and was attracted to her profile by her picture. She had short black hair, dark eyes and a lip piercing so he opened up her profile. She was 18 and lived in the north of England while he lived in the Midlands.

The more he read the more he liked her as they both listened to punk rock and similar subdivisions or rock and watched a lot of the same TV. He also saw she was a size 14 and 5”4 so she would be a bit on the chubby side if a little slim for his taste.

He decided to send her a message just saying hi and to check out his profile and maybe they could chat. He didn’t think too much of it as he had done this in the past with girls he saw some potential in and they either turned out to be not interesting or not replying to him.

The next day he checked his E-mails and looked on the web site to see she had replied and left her messenger address; it turned out that she was online and they started chatting. It turned out that nesides being chubby she was a student and single. Daniel wasn’t a big student fan but 2 out of 3 wasn’t bad. Daniel only intended to be on the Internet for a few minutes but ended up staying on for hours, getting to know Steph, then he had to go as he had his shift at the pub he worked at.

About a week later the 2 were talking over the Internet when Daniel, or Dan as he was known asked if Steph had a camera.
“Ye I do, u?”

“Yep, u up for it?”
“1 sec, let me just make myself beautiful…ok done lol” replied Steph as they opened up the cam link.

They didn’t do much just wave and basically check each other out as they had only seen a few pics of each other. Steph was quite complimentary to Dan as she liked the tall, dark and hansome kind of guy, which Dan was as he stood 5”11 and was half Chilean on his dad’s side so was dark skinned. Dan complimented her back in kind as she looked better then her pics and maybe her face looked slightly chubbier.

They carried on chatting with their cams on when they were online and as they both had a lot of spare time they were on quite a lot. A few days after that they were chatting and Dan asked if she had any other piercings and she replied saying she had 7 in total; her lip, 4 in her ears, her belly button and her left nipple. Dan liked the sound of that and asked her to show him them. She put her lip up to the lens then her right ear, which had 2 piercings in the top and 1 in the lobe like her left ear. She then went to stand up and lift her t-shirt to show her belly but she hesitated.

“Arnt u gonna show me the other 2?”

“Well im not getting my tit out for u for starters, but I am a little shy about my belly”

“Don’t be, whats the worst that can happen? Its not like I know u…well if u know what I mean”

“Ok but don’t be mean,” typed Steph as she stood up and lifted up her black ghost busters t-shirt to show Dan a flabby belly. Her jeans were loose and hanging low revealing her knickers, which had some design that he couldn’t make out over the cam link. Her belly flab was starting to hang over the knicker line and wobbled as she stopped right in front of the camera.

“Ur not that bad babe, I thought u would be huge the way u were talking”

“Ur sweet, thx D. so u don’t think I am fat? I have a bit of a complex cus I guess I put on a little weight recently”

“Nah Ur fine Steph, I like a bit of meat on my bone! lol J”

They carried on chatting but Steph made Dan show himself off for the cam so he just lifted his T-shirt like she had to show a slim, average body that Steph said she liked but seemed a little too enthusiastic about what Daniel knew wasn’t anything too special.

A few days later Steph was going on holiday with some of her College friends as they had just finished their final college exams and had nothing but free time. Dan found he missed Steph while she was away as she was becoming a big part life as he was investing a lot of time with her.

The 2 weeks dragged for Dan but he was delighted to see her name pop up when she came back online a few days into July.
“Hi Dan im back! U miss me babe?”
“I did actually, so tell me all about it” typed Dan and he watched her type page after page about how much she had drunk, how her friends copped off with random blokes and plenty of other little stories. Dan didn’t really have a lot to tell her as he had just been working or gone over to friends and have a smoke. Another big bit of news was he had a hair cut, instead of having it short and spiky her had it shaved off, only leaving a Mohawk.

Steph asked to see it and they turned on their Cameras and Steph loved the new hair style; Dan loved what he saw as Steph seemed a little bigger from what he could make out, it might have been wishful thinking but she seemed a bit fuller to him, along with being slightly burnt. They were talking for longer then Dan realised and he had to leave mid conversation because of work.

Even though they weren’t going out or anything, they hadn’t even met, but Dan started to have feelings for her. At work girls would flirt with him for cheap drinks and he used to take full advantage of it, getting more then his share in the alley at the back of the pub. But he hadn’t been out there with a girl for weeks now, the longest since he started working there.

When he had spoken to Steph she hadn’t mentioned any guys and she said nothing happened with her on her holiday, maybe it was time to push things forward with her as he liked her more then just a quickie around the back of the pub.

The next time he turned on the Internet she was already online and after a quick chat Dan decided to go out on a limb
“Steph I know u didn’t hook up with anybody on Ur hols, but when was the last time u did? Its weird cus I was thinking about it and since we have been chatting I havent been with anybody”

“Well now I think about it no I don’t think I have, its strange that”

“How about me and u finally meet, when I get a day off I can get the train up or something”

“Let me think about it ok, I will get back to u tomorrow ok”

“Why r u off now?”

“Ye I will speak to u tomorrow babe, Cya”
“Cya,” Dan typed but she was already offline before he could put it in. Dan felt like a right jackass for messing it up, something that he hadn’t ever experienced before. He went off to a mate's house shortly after and drank more then he usually would and spent a weeks worth of weed cash on a 1 night binge with his friends. Dan used to sell a little at the bar for a bit of extra cash but stopped after his manager found out, but he was best friends with his dealer so was never far away from it.

The next day, when checking his E-mail he saw Steph was online and she started a conversation with him.
“Hi Danny boy, sorry about being such a bitch yesterday and turning off so quickly but I needed a little time”


“Well I have decided that ye I do want to meet u, but I have to tell u something first ok”

“What is it?”

“Well u know on my profile it says I am a size 14, that’s isn’t exactly true. And when I showed u my belly button piercing I wasn’t being to honest then either because I was sucking in my belly. I am like a size 18 now cus I gained a lot oif weght on holiday”

“Oh there is no need to worry about that Steph, as I said before I like a bit of meat on my bone and anyway I think u look well fit from what I can see”

“Right ok then sweet, im so glad ur being so cool about this. I have been feeling guilty about hiding it from u, it’s the only thing I have lied to u about”
They talked some more and Dan was over the moon as she was bigger then he thought and would be nicely in his ideal weight range for a girl of his choosing. They arranged to meet that weekend and Dan bought a day ticket to go and see her later that day.

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Default Dan & Steph - 2

Dan didn’t know Manchester too well so she was going to meet him off the train when he got there and before Dan knew it he was standing up by the train doors as it approached the platform. She would meet him under a clock as she had seen it on some film before and Dan spotted her before she saw him. She was wearing more makeup then she usually did from their cam chats and it looked like she had her hair done too, as it looked crisp and fresh.

There was a crowd so he couldn’t see her body yet but once he did he smiled. She was wearing a black vest with necklaces and wristbands. She turned slightly giving Dan a semi profile view of her and he could see her belly trying to burst free from the tight vest her belly was bigger then he had seen on the camera that day as it rolled out and looked to hang in front of her. She also had love handles, which were starting to peek out from under the vest, as was he belly. Her boobs looked to be roughly CC, maybe D cup. She had on some loose jeans, which was why she was a size 18, as they didn’t look too figure hugging.

Dan estimated she was about 160lbs give or take when she was in reality 162lbs after weighing herself that morning and feeling like a right heifer before meeting such a hot and sweet guy who actually seemed to like her.

They finally met in person and there was an awkward silence for a second before she hugged him and he felt her body and how there was practically zero definition to her body, just soft flab. As soon as they finished hugging they started chatting after Steph broke the ice by asking how his journey was. They soon headed off to go and get a drink, as it was a very hot day, even for Manchester. Dan paid for the drinks and was glad that he was paying northern prices, as it was 1 of the cheapest rounds he had ever bought.

They stayed for a few before Steph took Dan around the city centre and when she went to walk hand in hand he didn’t pull away like he normally would as firstly he was in a city where nobody knew him and secondly he didn’t even have the urge to pull away from her. They went and had a pub lunch and they used Steph’s student card, which was no longer valid for further discount even thought he paid again.

“So you said you don’t mind bigger girls, well you didn’t phrase it like that but whats up with that? Most guys I know only go for the skinny girls, not chunky girls like me.”

“I don’t know really, it’s just not much of an issue for me really. I don’t like skinny, skinny girls because there is nothing to hold on to and I feel like I can snap them in half just by hugging them. I know you were worried about your figure when we were arranging this meet up but I pretty much find your figure ideal. I like a nice and full belly and skinny girls are usually flat chested, another thing I like to grab a hold of.”

Steph blushed a bit at the compliment and gave him 1 back, saying that she liked the way he looked in the flesh too. For their lunch Steph had fish and chips and Dan had steak and chips. Steph wasn’t shy about eating and finished her meal minutes ahead of Dan, who wasn’t eating slowly. Dan left his peas and the steak fat on the dish and Steph asked if she could finish off. Dan assumed she wanted the peas as she had eaten hers but not only did she eat the peas but she chewed on the steak fat before swallowing it down. Dan wasn’t a fan of that but he was glad to see her happily consume pure fat.

“Sorry about that, Dan, most people find it well nasty when I do that.”

“Nah it’s cool with me, so how about a little dessert?”

“Ok go on then,” said Steph and she ordered a chocolate sundae while Dan had a little ice-cream thing. Hers was easily twice the size, but they finished about the same time.

After their food Dan noticed her flabby belly looked firmer and bloated after her drinks and food and he got a glimpse of her actual belly when she stood up and her vest rolled up a bit. It was now late afternoon and they went around town a bit more, stopping in at the odd music shop or clothes shop that she thought he might like and he ended up getting a T-shirt in a medium, while in the same shop she was looking at the large and XL t-shirts before leaving without anything.

“Well what do you want to do now, I only have a few hours left on this train ticket and can’t afford another”

“I know you have been buying everything today, how about another drink and it’s on me ok”

“Sweet” said Dan as they walked hand in hand to the first pub they had been to. She got the drinks while he found them a place to sit and she came over with a pint in each hand and 2 packs of crisps in her mouth. She got BBQ flavour and Dan didn’t really like them so she ended up having them both promising to get him some more next round. Dan ended up going for the next round but she gave him the cash and he got 2 more packs of crisps and they both enjoyed a bag each.

Dan thought about all she had consumed that day; 3 packs of crisps, she was on her 5th pint of beer, she had fish and chips and she had his peas and steak fat along with breakfast and would probably have something for dinner too. No wonder she was putting on weight, and Dan was glad of it as he could see her being another 20 or 40, maybe even 50lbs bigger and she was on the way.

“What are you thinking about, you have a serious look on your face?” she asked, slurring her speak a little as the 4 and a half pints were catching up with her

“Nothing just about the day, what we did and what you ate”

“Oh so you think I’m a pig or something?”

“No nothing like that, I like it, I like a girl who isn’t afraid to eat or have a drink”

“Well that’s me”

The next round Dan got her a coke while he had another pint as he could drink quite a lot and had staggered his drinking through the day with food too. They chatted a bit longer and had another round after that and Steph left with a pack of crisps under Dan’s instructions to help absorb some of the booze. At the train station they had 10 minutes to kill but Steph needed the toilet so came back with just a few minutes to spare as she took the time to make herself up again and be fresh for the kiss she gave him as the train pulled up and just as she thought she had gone over the line her returned it back until the train doors were about to close.

They both had a lot to think about on their journeys back home, be it train or bus but they both smiled all the way. They both still lived at home but went right up to their rooms where Dan went to bed even though it was still kind of early, but watched TV instead of sleeping while Steph called her friends to tell them all about it.

Now they couldn’t wait to meet up again and instead of just chatting on the net they started calling each other too, but not too often as it wasn’t free where the Internet was.

Dan couldn’t come up for another 2 weeks as his days off were filled with prior engagements and he needed to wait until he was paid until he could go up again. The next time he did he killed 2 birds with 1 stone as there was a band he wanted to see play up there and so did Steph, he came up at just gone noon and they had lunch and a few drinks. He was loving her in her snug pink t-shirt with some logo on and her black trousers, which looked to be the same size, too tight. It might have been that her clothes were tighter but her belly looked bigger and she looked wider.

They went over to her house as she had forgotten her phone and wallet but Dan didn’t come in as her family were in and it was too early for all of that. When Dan thought they might end up not doing anything again until the end of the date Steph took him back into town and to the cinema. With her student card they got in cheap but it wasn’t the film they went for. In the back row they sat for the almost all of the 2 hours the made out. A couple of minutes after sitting down she got up to freshen up and came back with popcorn and a drink, as it was hot. They both shared the drink but she had about 90% of the popcorn after they had finished making out and rested for the end of the film.

They still had a few hours to kill before the gig so walked over to where the gig was being held, a small dodgy looking pub outside of the city centre but in walking distance. There was a pub upstairs with very cheap beer and downstairs was the room where the gig was going to be held, an underground black cave, with no natural light and the smell of beer and sweat. It was a great gig venue for the type of band they were going to see as just over 50 people were seeing the band so it was meant to be dirty and underground.

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Default Dan & Steph - 3

After a few drinks in the bar they decided to go and get a bite to eat as the gig was bound to start late and missing the warm up wouldn’t be so bad as they had never heard of them. They went to subway where Dan got a 6 inch meatball sub meal and Steph went mad and got the foot long steak and cheese not realising she had gotten twice as much as Dan. With Dan getting up for their drinks in the self-serving thing Steph started eating and only finished her sub seconds after Dan. They refilled their drinks and left for the show.

“Hay Dan you forgot your cookie”

“I’m alright thanks babe, you have it, we have to keep your belly full don’t we.” Said Dan. Steph looked a bit quizzical about his statement, was she really eating too much around him? She thought he liked a girl with an appetite? She was a bit confused but she sipped her drink along side him as they walked back to see it still hadn’t started.

As they could still talk she decided to pull him up on the whole cookie thing. She stood by him while he ordered and he noticed that he had gotten a pack of crisps along with the drinks.

“Who are these for?”

“You, don’t you want them?”

“Would that be a surprise? What did you mean back there about ‘we have to keep you belly full’ or whatever you said?”

Dan hoped he wouldn’t have to deal with anything like this and she would naturally gain the extra weight without him having to say anything.

“Well the thing is I like your figure, you know that right. But I think it wouldn’t be a bad thing if you perhaps gained a little more”


“I sound like a freak I know, but I could see you maybe a little heavier, it would allow you to fill out in all the right places”

“Are you serious? I can tell by the look on your face you’re serious but this is a joke. You want me to gain weight while my parents and ever guy I have been with want me to lose weight.”

“All I’m saying is that I can see your belly being a bit bigger, a bit more grabable and your arse too. Its not like you don’t like eating, I can tell that from what I have seen. Tell you what I don’t want to pressurise you into something like this, but it could be great. The gig is about to start I think, tell you what have a think about it, I swear I wont care if you say no”

“OK” said Steph as they enjoyed several hours of people scream indecipherable lyrics to a seemingly non-stop belting of guitar and drums.

“Wow that was great!”

“I know they rocked!” they talked a bit about the gig before they got back to the inevitable bombshell Daniel had dropped before the gig

“I have a few questions, how much do you want me to gain?”

“It’s up to you, but I can see another 2 stone on you”

“Really! I weigh 12 stone now so you can see me at 14 stone, this is bizarre. Right, well I can’t think or anymore questions really. I suppose I do enjoy eating and have been putting on a bit of weight lately anyway.”

They talked about it all the way to the train station where he had enough time to kiss her goodbye before jumping on. She told him she would give him an answer the next day and Dan couldn’t wait.

Dan logged onto the Internet earlier then he usually did in the hope she would be on and ready to give him an answer. Luckily she was and she opened the chat.
“Right I thought about it practically all night and I have decided to go for it”

“J Sweet, I bloody love u lol”

“Only on a few conditions though, firstly I weighed myself this morning and I am just over 12 stone which is 169lbs if I have my maths right”

“…Ye that’s right, 1 lb over 12 stone is 169lbs”

“Cool, well I will put on 1 stone to start with and see where thing go from there. I think that’s 183lbs, man that sounds fat!”

“183, may as well round it up to 185 babe”

“…True, ok I will pork my way up to 185lbs as long as u are willing to do something for me”

“Name it”

“U have to tone up; do sit ups, press ups, whatever really. I want u to get in shape if I am going to get out of shape for you.”

“U have a deal, so u ready to get started?”

“No time like the present, what do u have in mind?”

“Go downstairs and get the unhealthiest food you have, chocolate, cookies, ice cream whatever u have”
“K brb” entered Steph, trotting off downstairs. She came back with a pack of biscuits and a hand full of mini lunchbox chocolate bars. Dan got her to eat them in front of him on the Camera and for the next few hours she kept on getting up for food and stuffing it in her mouth for her new boyfriend. It was kind of a novelty and she was enjoying eating all the great food. When Dan went off to work she carried on eating even though she felt full as she wanted to grow into what Dan wanted her to be, thus what she wanted to be: the perfect girlfriend.

At dinner that night the family, consisting of just her and her 2 working parents were having lasagne, which was a family favourite and maybe a reason to go to explain why they were all a bit chubby, excluding her dad who was rail thin. Steph had her usual portion and happily ate it but before her mom put the other half in the fridge for leftover she asked for seconds. Her original portion was big enough to feed her but her mom cut her off another slice, not thinking much of it. Steph forced it down and felt stuffed, hot and sweaty.

“So do you want dessert or are you full enough from your dinner Steph?”

Thinking of Dan and not her personal comfort she accepted afters and slowly consumed her full bowel of ice cream. Steph didn’t eat another thing that night but she felt like she had done enough to get on the right path to reaching her goal of 185lbs.

When they talked the next day Steph told him about all she had eaten the day before and how she had eaten 2 bowels of cereal for breakfast. She happily stuffed most of the remaining junk food into her belly while talking to Dan, so when her parents got home and looked in the cupboards and found them depleted they called Steph down.

“Oh that, I had some friends over, its no problem is it?”

“I suppose not but in the future don’t let them eat us out of house and home. It looks like I had better go food shopping then, see you later on Stephanie”

“Wait a sec mom, can I come too? Let me just turn my PC off and I will be with you” suggested Steph, jiggling upstairs to tell Dan she would be gone for a bit getting more food.

Steph hadn’t been food shopping with her mom in years but was willing to go for her new cause. They picked up standard things like fruit and Veg, bread and milk. When they got to the cereal isle her mom got a box of Shredded Wheat and another box of Wheat a Bix, which her dad and her mom liked respectively.

“Hay mom can I have some Coco Pops instead”

“Umm ok sure” she said putting the third box in the trolley.

“Look its buy 1 get 1 free, here lets get some Sugar Puffs too, they are free after all,” said Steph and her mom nodded and let her daughter put her second box of cereal in the trolley. When they reached the biscuit isle instead of 2 packs they ended up with 3 as there was a buy 2 get 1 free offer but all 3 packs were king size. A similar thing happened when they got to the chocolate bar section and again Steph piped up when they got to the crisp department.

“They do 3 for the price of 2 here, look if we get these 2 24packs we another for nothing”

“Will we eat all…36 packs of crisps thought Steph? I know you are trying to save money but that is a lot.”

“It will be fine because they will last and when my friends come over they can have crisps instead of everything else. Come on mom please!” she begged putting her hand together until her mom loaded all 3 giant bags into the trolley.

When getting ice cream Steph’s mom was looking at low cal ice cream and diet ice-lollies. But Stephanie was grabbing 2 tubs of chocolate ice-cream under the buy 1 get 1 free guise and then getting 3 boxes of ice-lollies by claiming they would last for ages and it was really hot.

The trolley was filled with far more junk food then it had ever been and the bill was larger then usual too even thought they took advantage of most of the shops offers.

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Default Dan & Steph - 4

Once back home with all the food put away Steph put the remaining lasagne in the microwave, eagerly awaiting her dinner. Thanks to her having seconds the night before there was less for them that night so her mom thought what she could add to beef up the meal a bit as she was quite hungry herself.

“How about chips mom, I will run over to the chippie if you want?”

“Go on then, I am too hungry to wait to cook some oven chips” she replied giving her daughter a £2 coin.

1 large bag of chips would be more then enough but Steph got 2 normal bags which was a lot more chips then they needed. Her mom hassled her about it when she got back saying it was too much food but Steph pleaded ignorance as she eyed up her plate as it was piled high with chips and lasagne. She dug in which gusto and found by the end she was stuffed and so where both of her parents whom both couldn’t finish. Steph decided to offer to finish them off and was literally sweating by the time she forced the last handful of chips into her mouth.

“I take it you don’t want dessert then sweetie”

“Not right now, I feel stuffed,” said Steph hauling herself up to her room where she took her t-shirt off and lay on her bed rubbing her belly.

The next day was the 22nd of July and she woke up weighing 172lbs and then 171lbs after going to the bathroom. She tried not to push herself to where she was the night before as it was painful so instead maintained a steady pace of snacking on junk food throughout the day and eating more then her share at meal times like double big breakfasts and seconds at dinner followed by dessert.

She found she was gaining at roughly a pound a day so by the 31st of July she weighed 180lbs after eating a lot the night before, making up for not getting that much eaten the day before that when out with friends.
“Hay baby, 5 lbs to go and im done!”

“Sweet, so how do you like the difference?”

“Dunno really, I feel heavier, flabbier and rounder because my clothes are getting tight on me.”

“So is it as bad as u thought it might be?”

“Nah not at all, it’s been fun if anything because I have found I love chocolate more then I realised. I am not so much a fan of feeling so heavy and sweaty but that might be down to the heat I think”

“Looking forward to the next 5lbs”

“Ye it should be fun. Anyway how are you getting along with ur work out?”

“It’s been hard but I feel good, strong and healthy. I did 40 press-ups this morning and 64 sit-ups and then I did 3 laps of the park. I am bloody knackered and my ankle is killing me but it feel better for it.
They carried on chatting about the changes in their bodies and each couldn’t wait until the met up again, which would be in a weeks time. After their talk Steph went downstairs for something to eat and saw her dad reading the paper at the table

“Hi dad, just getting something to eat”

“Ye I guessed so, hay Steph here take this” he said pulling out a few pages from the middle of the paper I circled some jobs in there you might want to look into because your not a student anymore so me and your mother aren’t going to fund you mooching around the house all day”

“Oh ok dad” she said, taking the paper in 1 hand and 3 ice-lollies in the other. She saw he had circled part time stuff like waitressing and jobs in clothes shops but when she saw a part time job available in the muffin shop in the new shopping centre in town. A few weeks ago she wouldn’t want this job as she thought she might end up eating loads and putting on weight. Now that was the plan so she called up and got an interview the next day.

She dressed in her best jeans and her biggest T-shirt, which was once baggy and now fairly snug around her belly as were her once loose jeans. She could smell the shop from around the corner and introduced herself to the girl behind the counter, who would be giving her the interview. She looked like she had a bit of a belly, but the apron kind of hid it from Steph. They did the very informal interview behind the counter while still serving people, as there was nobody else to cover after the other girl quit. Steph’s interviewer was called Ellen, 23 and had brown hair tied back in a ponytail and greenish eyes. The interview wasn’t too hard and she needed somebody to start as soon as possible so she got her first job with ease and felt really proud of herself.

Within a few hours she got the hang of the job as the till system was easy and there were buttons for each item of food so she didn’t need to learn prices. She had to put on a uniform though, an orange and white striped top, a cap and black trousers. As she didn’t have any trousers with her she got to wear her jeans and when changing into the top in the tiny room in the back she found it kind of tight so asked for another.

“Sorry Steph but that’s the only 1 we have, I will get head office to send down some more, can you wear that for the day though because it might be more hassle then its worth if you get caught working here with no uniform at all. Steph agreed and suffered in the tight top, not being able to breath out for the entire day. By the end of the day when they were closing up Steph asked what they did with all the leftover as they had a gimmick of freshly cooked food daily.

“Oh we just end up throwing it out most of the time, why do you want some?”

“God ye, how much can I have?”

“All you want but be careful Steph, the girl who used to work here took food home at the end of the day and she put on loads of weight. She told me she ended up putting on like 40lbs in the time she worked here, that’s her top your wearing now, don’t worry its clean.”

“Don’t worry about me Ellen, I’m not too bothered about my figure and neither is my boyfriend.” She didn’t want to say she wanted to gain 5lbs quite yet as she hadn’t told anybody about it yet even though all her friends notice she was getting fat and seemingly didn’t care. Steph filled a bag with brownies, muffins, cookies and other chocolaty treats. She said goodbye to Ellen and took her food off home. But before going in the house with a bag full of baked goods she decided it might be better to hide it from her parents as they were getting a bit weird about her eating as it was. She hid the bag in the back garden before coming in the scout out the house. Her mom and dad were in the living room so she went back out and smuggled the bag up to her room without anybody seeing. She hen sat on her bed and joyfully half emptied the bag before being called for dinner. Before going down she cleaned herself up to keep it a secret and then sat down to burgers and chips. Steph’s plate was filled with food, almost as much as her parents combined as she was out eating them at all meals and always asking for more. She told them about work and they both looked at each other thinking she might end up getting fatter from eating all day at work too but she said she wouldn’t and she would defiantly not bring any home.

After dinner she got dessert herself as she wasn’t offered and through the evening kept on getting refills of ice cream. She easily finished off the remains of the ice cream before finishing her food from work.

She was in work 4 days a week for a few hours each day but she always made sure she took a bag of food home and always snuck it up to her room. In the first few days she found she was eating less food around the house thanks to being out and being filled by her work food but by the end of her first week she was again catching up on her original food intake from home.

Before she knew what was happening it was the 7th of August and Dan was on his way up. She wasn’t working that day so could see him so she decided to weigh herself and see if she had reached her target which she hoped she had. When it stopped on 189lbs with her in just her underwear she gulped thinking that she had done wrong. But it occurred to her she had overshot her target and Dan would be happy about it. The fact she was 13 and a half stone was a good thing to her as she hopped off the scale and squeezed into some clothes. Everything she owned was too tight but she went for a tight white vest and some jeans that now looked like they were designed to be tight fitting not baggy, how they used to be. While doing her makeup in the mirror she looked down and saw her belly hanging over her belt buckle and her vest had rolled up a good few inches. She pulled it down and it popped back up and she giggled, making her belly jiggled.

“Man I’m a real fat ass” she told herself out loud before tucking her vest into her jeans to keep her gut from hanging out even though she could hardly breath in the tight vest.

She headed out to meet Dan and he looked very happy to see her when he came over and hugged her and kissed her before saying hello.


“I’m 189lbs, I beat the target!”

“Wow you look gorgeous, come on let’s get out of here,” said Dan, taking her out of the train station. They went for a drink and lunch and they chatted about her weight gain, how good she looked and how much she enjoyed it.

“Ye, this morning I was looking at myself in the mirror and looking at my belly especially, and I didn’t feel ugly”

“Great, I think your one of the most good looking girls I have ever seen.”

Steph blushed a bit and thanked him. “So what do you want to do today?”

“Well looking at you right now I know exactly what I want to do,” said Dan with a dirty smile

“Me too, come on my place is empty,” said Steph.

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Default Dan & Steph - 5

They headed over to her place and kissed on the way to the lounge. They made out on the sofa and then they went up to her room there they finally got around to getting it on. When they were done they both felt like it was the best sex they had ever had even though Steph wasn’t too experienced. Dan was in the best shape of his life so could work harder for longer and Steph was bigger then ever and her nerve ending felt more sensitive then they had done before.

They couldn’t stay in bed for too long as he parents would be back soon so they redressed and went back into town. On the bus trip back they got to talking about how good it had been.

“You were the best ever Steph, and I’m not exaggerating. And I am so glad you beat the target but I was wondering what next”

“What will I stop gaining and diet or carry on porking out”

“Ye, you said you were 189 right? Well you may as well round up”

“What up to 190 or 200?”

“Well I think 200lbs is a nice round number”

“Well I can’t see myself dieting now but when will it stop Dan? Will I just keep on raising my limit?”

“Its honestly up to you babe, I love your figure now but I wouldn’t mind there being a bit more of you, just a bit more of a gut” said Dan grabbing a handful of belly flab

“Right well I will be 190 in no time at all, and 195 isn’t much of a round number. I could go to 200lbs I suppose, will you like that?”

“Dam right I would”

“Ok, just as long as you keep up the workouts and get a proper 6 pack because at the minute you only have a 4 pack”

“Man I think I’m falling in love with you” he smiled as they went and got some food, 2 pub lunches for Steph and Dan’s steak fat and peas.

When Dan went Steph felt like she was missing him already and went over to work to pick up some leftovers, which she finished on the trip back home.

She woke up thinking how much of a difference 10lbs would be on her already fat body. She decided it wouldn’t make a difference of any real note so went downstairs for a big breakfast before work just 2 bowels of cereal and some toast for the trip.

Work was easy as even when she had to cook the food it was already pre-packaged and there were buttons on the ovens for each thing so nothing would be burnt or undercooked so they wouldn’t get sued. She had started snacking during the day to help pass the time but to prevent being charged she kept what she hadn’t taken home of the previous shifts leftovers and ate them throughout the day. She was having pretty much all of the leftovers now so she would eat so much at home but even so she was eating more then she should be and she felt the weight come on daily as her thigh thickened and rubbed when she walked or how her belly bounced when she moved. Even how her second chin was growing and how her boobs filled her bras to the point of her overflowing. She felt she was getting fatter but she didn’t care, if anything she liked it as she was reaching her perfect weight just how her Daniel wanted her to be. And if she did this for him he would get fit for her and she loved him being in shape as he was so strong and could throw her down to the bed before mounting her.

She watched the scale go up daily. 192, 193, 194, 196, 197, 198, 199, 200 fully clothed, 200 naked, 204 clothed 205lbs. Dam she had passed the limit already and to make things worse she was too fat for all of her clothes and Dan wasn’t there to enjoy it. She literally could only go out in a pair of old joggers and 1 or her dad’s old baggy T-shirts. At breakfast with her family she was in her robe eating her second bowel of cereal when her dad dropped a huge wedge of cash in front of her.

“Honey I’m not going to make a big deal out of it but here this is to get some new clothes ok”

“You guys are the best” Steph thanked them and hugged them and went to get dressed so she could go shopping.

She went on her own as she didn’t want her friends seeing how big her new clothes would have to be to fit her, anyway she hadn’t hung out with then for ages anyway, they found it weird that she was getting so fat so fast.

She went into town and started clothes shopping getting some huge clown size jeans that fitted loosely and then a whole bunch of new t-shirts and tops that ranged from fitting to down right baggy. She also got some work trousers, which were also baggy and a few other things like underwear that she could fit into a bras.

With a new wardrobe and cash left over she knew it would go on food but wanted to get all of her bags home first. She changed into her new gear and went to the café not too far away and she took advantage of the very cheap prices and had 3 large fry-ups. She was becoming a regular and knew the people there by first name terms now

Dan came up pretty much every 2 weeks and would be up the next day so she went home and used all her beauty potions and lotions to look her best for her man.

When he arrived and saw she was 205lbs and looking better then ever he told her about it and she felt like it was all worth while. She didn’t really think that she had gained 35lbs under his request and was well over 14 stone, something she never thought possible. Again she took him home and as they went to her room he could feel how loose her clothes were as he took them off her.

“Hay a little room to grow Steph” he joked but she stopped and looked at him.

“I don’t know, I didn’t think I would be getting much bigger really, why do you want me to?”

“I think you look beautiful”

“Ye but you didn’t answer my question”

“OK let me see you,” said Dan getting her to strip to her underwear. Her boobs were huge and formed an impressive cleavage in her new D cup bra. Her arms were round and flabby and had no muscle at all. She had a cute double chin and her cheeks had gown chubby and make her already pretty face that much cuter. Her love handles were hanging over her hips and looked really flabby as the knicker band dug into them. Her thighs were getting cellulite and looked really meaty as they were obviously so big that they rubbed at the top. Then came her fat arse which she turned and showed him, it took had cellulite and was much wider then he remembered it to be and saggier as her bubble butt was turning into a fat arse. Her belly was probably out of proportion with the rest of her and her fattest bit as it had some red stretch marks either side of her belly button but her stomach was far from tight as he could lose his hand just by touching the softest flab he had ever felt. She wobbled and jiggled with ever move she made while turning and getting undressed and hung down over the top of her knickers. She was now defiantly fat and she looked near perfect to him, so he told her so.

“Near perfect, why whats wrong, am I too fat now? Or what?”

“Well I can see you just a little bigger babe,” said Dan approaching her and grabbing her gut

“How much bigger, I feel pretty big now Dan.”

“You are, you have been so good to do this for me and I love you for it. But maybe 5, 10 more?”

“You love me for it, ok then I can do a little more. I won’t hassle you about it, you just tell me when I am big enough ok, just as long as I don’t get too big to leave the house or something”

“I bloody love you so much,” said Dan as he lifted her girth by her arse and throwing her onto the bed before having his way with her.

Before her family could come back they left and after hearing about all she consumed everyday via their chats he wanted to put her to the test. In a not too far away newsagents they stopped in to see what they could get her to eat. Knowing she was a chocoholic Dan used his thrifty shopping skills to find a 2 for 1 offer on some chocolate that was about to go past its sell by date.

They were normal sized bars of pure milk chocolate and were going at 2 for 40p, Dan spent just over £15 on all 36 bars and a drink to help wash them down. They couple went to the park and sat on a bench and started to see just what she could do. The first 5 went down with both of them focused on each bite but after that they got to chatting and she just kept on getting a new one out of the bag when she finished 1. She was eating slowly and after 2 hours she was pouring with sweat, breathing heavily and was covered in melted chocolate.

“Bloody hell Steph there are only like 2 more left. You’re a machine.”

“I can’t eat any more Dan, its too much sugar, its too rich.” She moaned.

“Well ok, lets get you cleaned up because I have to get my train soon.” He suggested as he helped her clean herself up, which was mainly her licking her fingers and then using her clean hands to wipe it all off her face before licking her fingers clean again. On the way to the train station she did end up eating the last 2 bars as she wanted them out of the way and she felt much better now she wasn’t as hot and covered in sticky melted chocolate.

They kissed and made out a little on the platform and Dan could feel how full she was because her gut was massive and for the first time firm. On his way home he thought how lucky he was to firstly be with such a cool and hot girl and secondly she was willing to actually put on weight for him. On her way home she thought how lucky she was to be with such a sweet, fit bloke. All she had to do was let herself go a bit and hell she was having fun so it was all good even though she felt sick from eating so much chocolate.

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Default Dan & Steph - 6

Steph got on the scale first thing the next morning and knew 210lbs was just days away and that was 15 stone. If she was going to put on a little more then 16 stone was a very real possibility and 16 stone sounded huge to her. She did the maths and found it was 224lbs so she would probably have 225lbs as her sort of next limit, which was just over 16 stone, ouch. She decided that before work she would go and see some of her friends for a drink because she missed them and she wanted to know what they thought of the new image. She wouldn’t say it was deliberate but she wondered if she would be treated differently.

“Hi girls over here!” shouted Steph as 3 of her mates walked into the pub.

“Hello Steph, long time no see. So how have you been, you look…”

“I know I have put on some weight, its not that bad is it?”

“No, no you look great babe” they reassured her and all smiled as they sat. When she got up to get the drinks in they all looked at each other open mouthed in shock at how fat their formally chubby friend had gotten herself.

“So Steph” one of them said after about 20 minutes of catch up chit chat, “How did you let yourself go so much?”

“Well I don’t know, I got a part time job at that muffin place in the new shopping centre so I have been snacking there and just not watching what I eat. Why do you think I have gained that much?”

“Its not that much but it is something, what about that guy from Birmingham your dating, how does he like it?”

“He is ok about it” she lied, not wanted them to know, just yet. They carried on talking but Steph had to go to work so kissed them all goodbye and hoped they would hang out more.

When looking at them all sat down, seeing nothing but maybe a slight bit of chub on their bellies she saw just how small they were compared to her mighty girth and in a way she pitied them for missing out on such a good thing; having the best guy ever and being able to let loose and eat whatever you want whenever you want. At work she snacked, at home she had her 2 dinners and afters and then her work food before more snacks and bed, just how she spent nearly every evening.

It would be just over 2 weeks until Dan could come up again and Steph wanted to look perfect for him so didn’t slow her eating and maybe increased it as her hunger was going mental and she found she couldn’t go an hour without snacking. She flew past 210 in a few days and at over 15 stone she felt sexier then ever, often spending time in the morning and at night while changing to check herself out in the mirror, pulling handfuls of flab, jumping up and down and watching herself jiggle. She knew the bigger she got the more Dan would like it and so she liked it. She stopped thinking about where to stop and just enjoyed the ride no matter what how many looks she got from the general public or the frowns from her parents and friends.

210lbs, 215lbs, 220lbs and on the day Dan was coming up 223lbs just shy of her once limit now target. She looked disappointed when he arrived that she hadn’t done it but he made her feel better and he looked better then ever as he had a new haircut and wearing nice jeans and a cool T-shirt. They went for food, sex and more food and drinks. Their time together was always spent the same way and Dan loved it, as his girlfriend was so into him he couldn’t help but be into her. When leaving he grabbed her belly with both hands, he wobbled and giggled it in front of everybody

“This is coming along nicely, it is looking better then ever babe”

Steph was a little embarrassed by the public display of flab affection “Hay get off you, not here. Anyway I can’t wait to see you again Danny boy” she said as they kissed until he got on the train.

She waved hi off and thought about what he had just said; ‘coming along nicely’ right maybe she should pork up a little more. At nearly 16 stone she felt fat and wasn’t sure how much more she was willing to gain, but she would know when she reached her limit. 230 was close so maybe 240lbs, that would be a good high and she would be huge by then, he couldn’t help but love it. But 240lbs didn’t have the same ring as 250lbs of flabby fun, but that was just under 18 stone and that sounded huge.

“I wonder how it feels?” she said aloud, heading off for a snack.

September was days away and on the 1st he was asked to have a meeting with his supervisor, it must be good because he was working hard and had been there for ages, maybe it was a pay rise.

“Hi Dan, thanks for coming in early for this chat”

“It’s fine, whats it about?”

“You have been here for a good while now and your work ethic has been great, apart from that 1 problem we have sorted out”

“Right” he smiled

“Well I have been asked to run another bar on the other side of Birmingham. It’s the same franchise but they need somebody to replace the guy who quit. I was wondering if you were up for taking my place as the bar supervisor?”

“Umm ye sure”

“It pays better and you have more hours. But without me it means you will have to be here like everyday pretty much and be the 1 who does the staff training and all that”

“Oh right, no that should be OK, do I have to do all the paper work and pay and the orders and all that?”

“No the manager does all that he its only in every now and again for the books and stuff so you will be in charge or the whole building”

“Well ye I am up for it defiantly”

“Ok lets go through the contract,” said Dan’s old boss as he got his promotion.

The next day Dan was talking to Steph online as she snacked on a pack of cookies.
“So ye I am gonna be the supervisor, I get more money and get to boss people around so it will be great!”

“Cool im chuffed for you baby”

“Bad news is that I have to be there almost every day so getting up to see you will be hard, but im sure we can sort something out”

“L Oh no, I can’t wait to see you and show you how fat I have gotten for you, my belly is bigger then ever”

“Man I really want to see it in the flesh, I will get back to you about when I can come up ok. I have to go now Steph I need to get changed and get into work.”

“Ok Cya x x x”

“L8r darlin’”
Dan went off to work thinking how much he wanted to go up and see her, she was just lbs from being perfect for him 225, maybe 230 would be perfect on her. Steph stayed at her PC until she finished the cookie and hauled herself up for more food. She was only in a too tight top and a pair of snug jeans. She was 20lbs lighter when she bought her clothes so they were getting tight again. She actually had her belly out but nobody was in so who cared. She fitted in as much snacking as she could before work and getting in her tight uniform. She had a new top a few weeks ago and it was already tight on her so would move onto the bigger 1 in the room in the back. Now weighing 226lbs she felt great and eager to pass 230 as soon as possible so she could set her sights on her next target.

It was mid September and Dan still couldn’t get away from work to go up and see her but planned to in the next week, maybe the week after. He just chatted to Steph when they were both off work as she had gotten more hours to help fund her food bills as she was spending pretty much all of cash on travel and food. She now clocked in at 240 and a half lbs and felt surprisingly good with it. Her parents had stopped giving her dirty looks for over eating and now saw he multiple meals as standard now. She hadn’t seen her friends for ages now but she didn’t feel too close to them anymore, as she was experiencing things they couldn’t fathom. But at over 240lbs she was bulging out of her biggest things and could help but walk the streets with her belly hanging out. It now swelled over her belt buckle and hung to her genitals when standing and filled her lap when sitting with her bulky spare tires. Her boobs had swollen to E cup and her thigh rubbed so much she was in a slight bit of pain when walking any real distance along with being out of breath. Her extra chin was huge and she now found she was in a constant battle to keep spots at bay by the sheer amount of fatty, greasy food she was consuming.

“2 weeks I cant w8 babe!” she texted him back after he sent her a message from work after organising a bit of time off.

She felt nervous and excited so went for food to calm herself down a bit but she had eaten the house dry so asked her mom if they could go shopping. Steph now went on every trip and as they walked the isles she pulled what she wanted off the shelves and she literally filled the trolley to the top with chocolate, crisps and loads of other fatty foods. There was no negotiation about it she had what she wanted and she wanted a lot. At dinner she was now eating the same as her parents or more because she had most of the bread or other side dishes she requested along with an evening long dessert.

She weighed herself daily and happily watched it go up and up as she past 245lbs then alarmingly quickly to 250lbs fully dressed and then 252lbs naked and when going to meet Dan she weighed 255lbs dressed and felt really proud and couldn’t wait to show him.She got into her 1 pair to fitting jeans and her biggest t-shirt, which was far too small for her and rolled up to her cleavage.

“Man I am too fat for my clothes” she said aloud as she left her room after getting her bag and checking her makeup.

“Right, yes you could do with some new clothes I suppose, here take this cash, I can get more from the cash point for the bills. Have fun sweetie” said her dad who heard her and saw his daughter’s gut hanging out. She kissed him and waddled off out.

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Default Dan & Steph - 7

“Hi Dan, over here!” shouted Steph as she was standing in a different place then usual and Dan couldn’t see her. She came jogging over, sending waves across her body from her knees all the way up her bulging thighs, across her massive hanging gut which was wobbling around for all to see. Her boobs flopped up and down and even her double chin wobbled. She came over and hugged him, sending him back a pace and if he hadn’t been working out probably to the floor.

“Wow you look, wow!” said Dan as she kissed him with a smile knowing she had done good and done just like he wanted.

“Man she is massive!” he thought in his mind as he grabbed her love handles and felt just how big they were.

“I’m 255lbs Dan, that’s over 18 stone! Do you like?”

“Ye, you’re a vision babe!” he said after a moments pause. He knew it was too good to be true. She happily put on weight for him and got to a perfect size but then she went ahead and overshot it by a lot and was now too fat, and what was up with her going out with her belly hanging out and wearing such tight clothes?

She filled him in about the cash her dad had given her and Dan spent the next few hours clothes shopping with some fat girl, just how he wanted to spend his day off. They stopped off for lunches, plural and did more shopping before more food.

Dan looked at his watch and saw they had a just over 3 hours to kill but luckily they couldn’t go back to her place as he parents were in.

“Hay Dan I was thinking you know when I ate all that chocolate, well I struggle, do you recon I could eat more now I am bigger?”

“Oh good she doesn't want to mess around with him” he thought.

“Lets find out” he said back as they went to a food shop and looked around for cheap chocolate but didn’t find any. She took him to a few more shops but nothing in the city centre was cheap until she remembered the cash and carry just outside town. Soon they had bought 2 20 boxes of chocolate bars and then they found a bench on a green and she started.

They talked and chatted about his job and her life since she got fat and what she like to eat and where she liked to eat and all that kind of stuff.Soon the first box was gone and the second went almost as quickly and madly she didn’t look that bad for it. She was sweating a bit and breathing heavier then before but she had a smile on her fat face and licked the chocolate off her fingers like what she had done was nothing. Her gut was so full it was fully exposed on her lap and the rolls had formed 1 big belly, which Dan just had to touch. Maybe 255lbs wasn’t so bad, her gut was amazingly big, but her thighs were huge her tits clearly sagging under the weight and now she had a fat face and spots. Even her hair had grown out a bit and looked greasy.

They still had 1 hour left so they went for a drink and they held hand all the way there and in the pub they practically made out on the sofa they were sitting on as she really missed him that month.

Upon departing Dan shook her belly, which was now a bit softer and smiled and they kissed before he got on and sighed out of relief to be away from his huge girlfriend.

On Steph’s way home she thought about how weirdly he was acting. Maybe it was her; maybe she was too fat now? But he didn’t say anything and he smiled when he held her belly. Maybe she wasn’t big enough? He looked a little disappointed and he hadn’t seen her for like a whole months and she had only put on like 1 lb a day, he might have expected more of her.

Well next time he will be impressed with her and he said it would probably be another month until he could come up so in 30 days she would be 285lbs if she carried on like she was, maybe a little more. That’s over 20 stone, wow that was quite a lot, but it’s only a number and 285 isn’t much of a round number, 290lbs was rounder and of course 300lbs was rounder then that but 300lbs was kind of big and well over 21 stone. She decided to aim for 300 if possible and she knew she needed to eat more to gain faster so she went home and ate more dinner and she ate more dessert and snacked even more.

Dan was glad to be out of there and have a whole month until he had to see her again, hopefully she would have gotten the idea as he was a little cold with her at times and hopefully stop eating so much and slim down a bit.

Dan had his 20th birthday early October and Steph said she had a present for him and couldn’t wait to see him. He told her he was busy with work but would be there for the day after Halloween.

Dan spent less time on the PC with her and more time with his friends and as he was earning more cash and had the bar to himself he had once again started to his little sideline of selling the odd bit of weed. He found he had enough cash to get his own flat and as he was 20 he knew it was time to move out. Dan didn’t tell Steph about it as she might want to come over and she may not have lost the weight yet. He wanted to see her first and check her out before he did anything. Dan was all moved into his tiny little bed sit by the 20th and was loving living on his own as it allowed him to sell from his flat instead of work where there were cameras and witnesses.

He hadn’t spoken to her in about 2 weeks as he hadn’t had his broadband installed yet so only had the odd phone call with her but her called her to say he was on the way on the first day of November.

He was in some new jeans, a black hoodie and a T-shirt as it was now longer winter but he couldn’t see her anywhere until he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around expecting Steph at about 240lbs and looking hot as hell instead he got Steph weighing 293lbs and looking huge.

“Bloody hell Steph, your massive!”

“I know, you like?”

“I didn’t expect this”

“I will take that as a yes, come on its been 2 months and the house is empty, lets go” she said as they got the bus and held hands as they sat next to each other, well Dan crushed in and Steph hanging out the side of the seat. She was wearing a white T-shirt which was tight and clung to her huge gut which filled her lap and when standing hung past her genitals when standing. She also had on a pair of very ill fitting dark blue jeans which seemed to just about hold in her bulk and looked painfully tight on her as her back fat, love handles and gut poured out.

As he checked her out her saw that her clothes were so tight that when she sat her top went up and her jeans down and her arse was defiantly on show if the seat wasn’t in the way. Even while sitting he Dan noticed that she seemed out of breath and the things he didn’t like about her face due to weight gain the last time her saw her were now even more extreme. She had spots, greasy hair, which she had obviously just had cut and he guessed it was especially for his visit as it looked like she wasn’t into a regular beauty regime anymore. Her face was much fatter too, which was bad for Dan as he like chubby girls who had thin faces, not obese girls with huge double chins.

The trip was over in a lash and she took him off the bus and towards her house. He noticed now she had a waddle due to the sheer size of her thighs and when they got to her house she seemed out of tired. She went in first to check it was empty and waved him in, they stopped off in the kitchen first and she offered him something but he declined as she snooped around the kitchen seeing the bin near over flowing with junk food packaging.

She came out of the fridge with a pack of sausage rolls and put all 6 in the microwave while she got herself and Dan a beer. Dan necked his and got a second before her food was done and then they headed upstairs to her room. The average size staircase seemed a lot smaller with her leading the way as her wide hips just missed rubbing the walls and the stairs creaked under her weight.

Once in her bedroom Dan was amazed again as just like her it was very different. Before is was relatively clean and tidy, apart from a bit of mess and a black thong on her bed side table that for some reason he clearly remembered. This time around her floor was literally covered in disguarded clothes and even more so empty food wrappers and dirty plates. There were several stacks of plates that she had eaten from dotted around her bed and by the sheer amount of empty chocolate bar and crisps wrappers her huge weight gain became obvious. He sat on her bed while she finished off her sausage rolls.

“So Danny boy, we are all alone in my bedroom and my parents won't be back for hours”

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Default Dan & Steph - 8

Dan finished off the last of his beer and prepped himself for mounting the wale and getting it on with the biggest girl he had ever done before. He was sort of still up for it but not because he was that sexually attracted to her, more out of curiosity. Dan smiled and she approached after licking her fingers.

“Wait a sec babe, how about you strip off and show me just how much you have grown”

“Oh, ye sure, I can’t wait to show you how good I have been and how big I have gotten for you Dan.” She replied while peeling her T-shirt off and then dropping her jeans and letting her body roll out from its confines. Her stomach was still the fattest part but now her hips had broadened to help support her added fat. Her blubber looked almost liquid like under her pale skin that was surprisingly sparse of stretch marks considering her huge weight gain in such a sort amount of time.

All of her body looked unnaturally flabby as Dan expected a slight degree of flesh under her fat but there appeared to be none. Her thighs were now so flabby the cellulite came all the way around and under her huge weight her legs looked like they were starting to bow. She was still in bra and knickers so he couldn’t see much of her huge arse under the titanic pair of knickers she had on and her bra must have been made of titanium as it held up her massive E cup cleavage, which in Dan’s opinion would have flopped down onto her gut without the bra’s help. She was truly was wobbling, quivering mass of pure fat and Dan was astonished that he had an erection. Steph soon spotted it and she got onto the bed, wobbling with each thudding step.

48 minutes later Dan was rolling up a joint on the side of the bed and Steph was laying back in her bed, totally naked. With her new, added body mass her nerve ending has been heightened so she could enjoy the experience even more and it had been 2 months which helped her enjoy the marathon all the more so. Steph was sweaty and had previously been panting from all the effort even though Dan, who too was tired from the experience, had done nearly all of the work. He still couldn’t believe how much he had enjoyed it with such a fatty, maybe it was because he was in such shape or it had been 2 months from him too since he had had sex but her was ranking it up highly in his all time top shags.

“So Dan, I guess you like my new body then”

Dan turned to her to reply “I have to be honest Steph, when I first saw you off the train I thought that maybe you were too big. But as soon as I saw you strip off and get into bed I was converted and all doubt went out of my mind. I have never been with somebody of your size but I really enjoyed it.”

“Me too, it was the best ever. I was kind of worried on the bus journey here that you might have not liked my weight cus you were so quiet. I am so relieved that you actually like what I have done for you. I am just like 1lb under 21 stone and 300lbs is only 7lbs away, so what do you think Dan?”

“I was surprised I could find somebody so fat so sexy but I think you should stop and try and keep under 300lbs babe. I saw the walk from the bus to the house was hard and the stairs took it right out of you. I think it’s in the interest of your health to stay under 300lbs babe, what do you think?”

“I kind of agree, I get so tired so fast and am sweating all day sometimes. I have loved getting so big, its been fantastic fun but it is beginning to become a bit too much now, its losing its novelty getting fatter ever day.”

“OK then its agreed, so what do you think about my body?” asked Dan, flexing his biceps and doing some muscle man poses.

“I love it, your definately the fittest guy I have ever been with and I was perfectly willing to left myself go a bit for you to get this bod. I think its best I try and stop gaining now though, my clothes are too tight, I am hella unhealthy and my friends, family and the general public think im a freak. Hopefully when I stay at this weight my friends and family will accept it’s the new, real me”

“Sweet, well lets get out of here cus I don’t want your parents walking in on us” suggested Dan as they both prepared to go out by having a wash, getting dressed and getting a snack for Steph.

Walking through the city centre Dan noticed for the first time that people were actually staring and pointing at Steph just because she was fat, and maybe because she was wearing tight clothes which didn’t help things. He felt kind of angry about it after a while but she seemed to block it out and they got on with their day together.

They were going to go to the movies and make out in the back but Steph didn’t want to as she learnt days before that the seats were so tight she could barley endure a film left alone have room to manoeuvre during a make out session. Dan bought cash with him and suggested maybe he would take her to get some new clothes, but that wasn’t too much of a popular idea as she had outgrown nearly all of her favourite shops and was now forced to buy new gear off an American plus size web site. They just ended up in a pub for beer and pub lunches. Even though she was no longer gaining she still had a huge appetite to satisfy.

They stayed there for a good while before they headed off to smoke the joint Dan had rolled earlier on that day. They ended up in an alley but it didn’t take long to smoke between them and then off to another pub for drinks and pub snacks. When it came to their goodbye at the train station that night they hugged and kissed and Dan groped her arse, love handles, tits and finally her belly and the last thing her said was that he loved the new her but to try and keep under 300lbs.

Dan and Steph son got back into regular contact with each other after spending such a great day together and they talked on the net whenever Dan was in and Steph wasn’t working. To keep under 300lbs she knew she should quit her job at the muffin place and her parents agreed to help her out with cash while she looked for a new job. They were glad she was leaving the job that they blamed for making their one and only daughter the fattest member of both her mom and dad’s sides of the family. She was now free in the days and this was when Dan wasn’t working so it worked out well but she needed cash to get clothes that fitted of the net, and start to get her social life back now she wasn’t so into her eating.

The first few meeting with her old friends were a bit weird as they couldn’t believe how fat chubby Steph had gotten but they got used to it after time and she just became ‘the fat one’ which she kind of always was but not to such an extreme degree where she roughly doubled their weights. To make some cash she tried a few different jobs like giving out flyers in town and working in a few shops but they weren’t for her so she decided to look for a real job and thanks to a friend of a friend she got an interview to work at a nearby pub to her house as a bit of a part time glass collector. Being around beer and having a mindlessly easy job seemed to appeal and the cash went to good use as she had lots of things to buy including the upcoming Christmas presents she would have to buy.

Dan was back in his flat working nearly every day from mid afternoon to early in the morning and during the day he would have people pop in for a bit of weed. He only made a bit of cash off it but he used the money to nearly pay his entire rent at the end of the month. Occasionally her had to do a bit of dealing at work as lots of his customers weren’t about during the day but as he was the boss and he knew where the cameras were it was easy enough to get away with.

With Dan working 24-7 he struggled to get any free time and when he had some he just felt like sleeping but as the weeks went by he missed seeing Steph and at the start of December he bought a ticket to go up and see her.

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Default Dan & Steph - 9

He spotted her as soon as he got out from the train platform and was glad to see she hadn’t gone mad and gained another 30+lbs again although she did look maybe a little thicker.

“Hi Baby I missed you so much!” said Steph and she plodded over to him and knocked him back a bit with her weight like she had the last time they hugged.

“You look great, so did you manage to keep under 300?”

“Yes but I am close now, 298lbs but I’m still under 300lbs just like I said, so like my outfit? I just got it from the states the other day” said Steph, doing a little spin for Dan modelling her new threads; a very daringly short black skirt and a white shirt with a black tie. She had defiantly started to look after herself a bit more as he face had cleared up a lot and she looked and smelt clean and fresh.

“Yes you look hot, I have been doing my press-ups for you too though babe. So whats the plan then, the usual?” asked Dan and Steph smiled and nodded, making her fat double chin even fatter.

They did as they always did they went to her house, had sex, left for the pub, drink lots and then Dan would go and Steph would be eating and snacking for the most part. Before Dan went he decided to give her some cash as he had plenty and she had been complaining that she didn’t and he also promised to come up and see her over Christmas some time, but hopefully before new years. They parted and Dan couldn’t wait to see her again and Steph couldn’t wait to get something to eat.

In the month since she had seen Dan she had grown to just over 300lbs but in the week up to his visit lived on salads and had a lot of fibre to help shift the weight and get her under 300lbs so she wouldn’t have to lie to him. Once she left the train station she went right to an all you can eat place she found on her weight gain quest and stayed there for literally hours, coming home stuffed to the gills, smiling and anticipating the remains of a slightly stale chocolate cake she had up in her room by her window.

The build up to Christmas was a lot of work for Dan, he had to get presents for people, and also run a bar over Christmas and new years which was not too easy to do all at once. But on his mind was his girlfriend and now he was getting under pressure from his mates for her to come down and meet them and up north Steph was under similar pressure from her friends to meet the love of life.

“Come on Dan, when are we going to meet this Steph you have been seeing. If its not soon I am going to start thinking she isn’t real mate”

“Baloney Matt, she is real you jackass. She cant come down cus I am at work all the time and she works too so its not too easy, you get me mate”

“Ye sure Dan, its been months now. Im sure you can both get a day off”

“When I do I go up to her. Ahh forget it man, its not like your getting laid that often is it.” said Dan to one of his best mates as they enjoyed a lunchtime spliff before work.

“So Steph when can we meet Dan, he looks so fit in those pics you showed us”

“Well he said he would try and come up over Christmas but he manages a bar so cant get much time off.”

“If we don’t meet him soon we will think your making this whole relationship up and the pics are just some random guy off the net that you have never met.”

“You lot just think I couldn’t get a guy that fit cus I am so big. Well I met him when I was slimmer.”

“And does he mind you gained?”

“Nah, not at all” she told them, still not admitting to anybody she intentionally got fat for him. “You wait and see when he comes up” she told them while gathering the last of her fish batter on her fork as she finished off her pub lunch with her friends who were just on sandwiches.

2 weeks into December Steph had gone a bit mad and basically not stopped eating to get over her temporary diet. She now weighed 312lbs and she knew there was no way she would be able to diet over Christmas so she decided to just see what happened and let whatever happen, happen.

“Hay Steph I am going shopping, do you want to come?”

She knew if she agreed she would end up buying 100% junk food but she did agree and she ended up doing just that.

“Look its buy 1 get 1 free on those Christmas cookies, lets get 6 packs” or “Mom if we get all 8 flavours of ice cream then we get 4 more for free, come on its Christmas” on nearly ever single unhealthy item of food she pulled a few into the trolley and it was full before they had done half the shop. He mom tutted know her daughter was off the wagon and paid for the trolley of food before getting it in the car and getting another to get all of the other things they needed along with more junk food for Steph.

In the build up to Christmas Steph started to re-neglect her friends again as her eating started to fill her spare time and other then work she was either in her house eating or out eating. After buying so much food Steph’s mom was amazed she needed to go out again before Christmas day as her bloated daughter her porked her way through it all.

She decided to go food shopping without Steph but as she got her bag to leave Steph came waddling into the kitchen and noticing her mom with her bag in hand asked where she was going. With a sign she said food shopping and Steph invited herself and after getting dressed in more then the joggers and skin tight shirt she wore for Dan a while ago they left and came back with a burnt out credit card and an over burdened car.

On Christmas day Dan went back home and gave the gifts to the large extended family her had as they came to visit as it was his family’s turn to do the Christmas dinner that year. He just got a few items of clothes, aftershave, socks and a few vouchers, and felt a little angry that he had spent more then her had gotten back. The day was boring as there was nobody really her could talk to much but he got saved when he had to go out to work in the late afternoon and happily stayed there until early boxing day morning where he would be working again.

Steph’s Christmas was more enjoyable as she got up early to get a huge pile of gifts as she was an only child and her parents had money. She got lots of DVD, CDs, vouchers and cash to spend on new clothes that fitted. She was then treated to breakfast, brunch and then Christmas dinner, which even for her was a lot. Her portions as a rule were tripled but today she had like 5 dinners to herself and then dessert went on for ages, and deep into the afternoon.

Family came over and she gave her pitiful, and obviously cheap presents and happily took more back from them. Then until about 1:45 when she went to sleep that night she ate. Whenever anybody got up she asked for them to bring her a snack and she was seemingly never sitting down a she kept on waddling of to the kitchen for ‘a little something to take the edge off’. She spoke to Dan just before bed and he said he could come up on the 28th if he called in some favours. But after looking down at her bloated gut and knowing she had gotten huge since they had last seen each other she decided to try and put it off.

“Nah babe, don’t worry about it, we can see each other after new years if it’s easier for you. Its ok with me Dan, honestly”

“Really, that would be great, well how is the 15th?”

“Perfect” she told him, hoping she could get down to under 300 by then. They carried on chatting but both were tired so called it a night.

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Default Dan & Steph - 10

The idea of slimming down was soon forgotten and she just kept on putting it off and doing something she hadn’t before, avoiding the scales. New years came up fast and Dan was working it all but she wasn’t and was over at a friend’s house getting ready in the evening. She went over there in her outfit recently purchased from her new favourite web site; some black trousers and a white vest along with some tight accessories like wrist bands and rings.

“Hay Steph, you look great, those trousers are really slimming, and look you have all your piercings in too.”

“Thanks babe” said Steph kissing her friends check as she went in. “I thought I would make the effort and its been ages since I have had all my piercings in cus the lip 1 gets in the way when I eat. Look I even put my belly button one in too” said Steph lifting up her top and showing her friends her massive gut and the little metal bolt through her belly button.

“Nice…well come on up me and the others are still getting ready” she said as she and 5 friends did hair, make-up and then they all apart from Steph tried on different outfits before going out at 9:30. They had been drinking before they went out and with several shots, beers and bottles of Alco pops in them they were all drunk as midnight approached and the hunt for a new years kiss began.

All of her friends found guys or guys found them but Steph had no offers other then some cheap Es, which she shared with the girls and spent the count down alone as Dan did, thinking about each other. Dan did get a little peck from a few girls behind the bar but nothing serious. Dan was behind the bar until 4:00 and then stayed for a few hours to clean up a bit and put the takings in the safe. Steph came back the most sober of her friends as her added girth helped her absorb the alcohol. Although she didn’t remember getting back to her friends’ house or much after the 2 Es she had she knew she had a good time and a hang over to match.

She left before most of her friends got up and walked back home and went straight to bed feeling like crap. Her mom woke her up at 3:30 in the afternoon with a stack of toast to ‘help absorb all the booze from you belly Stephanie’. She ate the toast and did feel much better from it so got up and went downstairs for more food.

Steph came down in her robe but her dad was out visiting people and her mom was in the lounge so on each trip to the kitchen from then on, and there were a good few that day she walked around with her robe open and in her room she was just un her undies while sitting up in bed eating and watching TV. Her mom came up and brought her lunch and dinner in bed and dessert and another 3 desserts as she just kept on asking for more and said she felt ill from the night before and her mom just couldn’t say no to her cute, chubby face.

Other then the toilet and kitchen she didn’t get out of bed and really enjoyed her day of laziness. While Dan was at home, still tired from the night before and selling quite a lot of weed to almost his entire client list as they all had some cash for Christmas and what they hadn’t spent on new years they were spending with him.

The 15 days until Dan was next visiting went in a blur of chocolate, cake, crisps, donuts, pie and ice cream for Steph her scales at home only went up to 23 stone which was 322lbs and she was past that. Ignorance was truly bliss for her but as the days past and the visit grew dangerously close she got a bit worried what he might think about her getting so fat. She spoke to him over the phone and net but after faking a problem with her cam at the start of December he didn’t know what she looked like.

On the big day she got up weighing 345lbs, 5lbs shy of 25stone. She didn’t have anything that fitted that she could leave the house in and she hadn’t since a few days after new years when she went to work and food shopping in her tight new years outfit. She had been calling in sick since so was stuck for something to wear. Her vest was too tight and just rolled up her belly and she couldn’t get the black trousers anywhere near to her hips. She had no choice but to either cancel or get him to come to her house on his own from the station as her parents were out all day and they would go there anyway.

The call was quite mysterious but Dan agreed and got the bus over after calling her again to remind him what number it was and where to get it. She watched him walk up the drive and got worried what her would think of her but came down to let him in and he was baffled by what had happened as he thought she would be around 300lbs not 45lbs fatter. She was only in her biggest pair of knickers and bra and she came over to him and hugged him and kissed him to say hello but he didn’t respond and just frowned.

“I know Dan I have put on weight”

“Yes you have”

“Oh come on don’t be mad with me you know you don’t mind, you like big girls”

“I’m not mad just a bit confused I thought you were going to stay under 300lbs, how big are you now?”

“I don’t know, my scale only goes up to 23 stone. So come on Dan, be honest what do you think?” she asked leaning against the wall as the effort of just standing was a burden

“Well you’re much fatter then any girl I have ever been with for starters, how are you? I bet its hard being so heavy, how are you coping carrying all that around with you.”

“Its surprisingly easy” she lied “other then walking far I feel the same as I did at 300lbs, so come on, is it all that bad?”

“Well I am just worried about you Steph, that’s why I didn’t want you getting over 300lbs, for an 18 year old its not too healthy. But as your coping with the weight then there isn’t much for me to worry about I guess.”

“Umm yes”

“Ok well I think you look great, your tits are huge, your belly looks so god dam massive and it’s still so soft and jiggly. Come on let go upstairs and give your new bod a test drive”

Steph’s face went from sad to ecstatic and she waddled off up stairs with Dan following close behind. He saw just how wide her arse had gotten, her waddle was bigger and so was she so her hips brushed against the walls as she made her way upstairs. Her room was probably even more of a mess then the last time Dan visited as she had been living and binging almost exclusively in there but her wadded through the mess to her very worn out looking bed and clambered on top of her huge body.

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Default Dan & Steph - 11

It was 12:50 when he arrived and by 1:30 they were lying in bed since both couldn’t hold off their excitement at each other’s presence after such a long time apart. There was silence apart from Steph slight wheezing as they lay together, all until her belly started growling.

“I guess I’m hungry” she smiled

“Right, well I would suggest we go out but you can’t can you. So what are we going to do for food? Oh and by the way when are your parents back?”

“OK let me just call them to see when their back first, then we will sort out food.” Said Steph, grabbing her mobile in her fat hand and poking carefully at the tiny buttons with her chubby fingers.

“Hi mom, ye its me. I was checking when you guys were coming back………oh right that’s great, see you then…love you too bye”


“So they wont be back until like 11:00, they are going right from work to my aunt and uncle’s place”

“And they didn’t invite you?”

“They know about the clothes situation with me. So it looks like we have the place to ourselves, what do you have in mind?”

Dan smiled but turned her down as she kissed his neck “I need to refuel if you know what I mean, lets get you fed. I can pop to the chippie over the road if you like?”

“If your paying ye sure, but Dan remember I’m a big girl so don’t come back with like just 2 or 3 little bags of chips right.”

“OK, how much shall I get you?”

“Well the other day I had like 6 bags of chips on my own with a few sausages and stuff like that”

“Wow, no wonder your so bloody fat. Right I will get you a fest fit for a queen, be right back”

Dan pulled his clothes on and jogged over to the conveniently close fish and chips shop.

“Yes mate I will have 9 bags of chips, 4 battered sausages, 4 no 5 scallops, some mushy peas and 2 Donna kebabs thanks”

“Yikes mate, you having a party or something?”

“Kind of ye” said Dan who eventually hauled all the food back to her house where she was still in bed. Her eyes lit up with all the food Dan had bought her and she started scarfing the food as quickly as she could. Handfuls went into her mouth as quickly as she could swallow them and as soon as her mouth was empty she had another handful waiting. She finished a bag of chips in the same time it would take him to eat a pack of crisps and she had a lot of stamina and just kept on going until she was finishing her 8th bag when she began to slow and she still had 2 battered sausages and a kebab to go after her other bag of chips.

Dan watched fascinated at his bulging beauty as with some deep breathing, belly massage and determination she powered the last bag of chips down and after a little breather she took out the battered sausages and then finally inched her way through the kebab.

“Wow Steph you ate it all in 1 sitting and I didn’t even have to help. So that’s how you got this fat, gaining so much so fast seemed impossible but so did eating all that on your own”

“I am so stuffed!” she moaned, now on her back and holding her gut, or what she could of it. “I bet you think I’m a fat freak. Nobody else can eat all that or would even try”

“Well I have never seen anything like that before babe”

“Oh great now you find me disgusting, I always mess things up with guys”

“Hay slow down Steph, I didn’t say that its just I found what you just did kind of amazing that’s all. I love you and your belly and if you need to eat that much to fill it then it’s all good with me. Just as long as you feel good at your weight then I am behind you and by the sound of it you can carry on eating like that for a good while yet and still be healthy enough”

“Oh ye I umm still fell the same as I did at 300lbs or so. So you aren’t weirded out by what I eat? And if I get bigger?”

“Well if you eat like that you will no doubt get bigger but who cares right, just as long as you’re healthy. You have my blessing to carry on eating all you want and weigh whatever the hell you want to weigh.”

“Great, I would jump on top of you right now if I could move” she joked and they made out a bit until she felt better and was able to have him on top of her again.

The afternoon went by so quickly and it turned into evening and night very quickly and they never left the room apart from the toilet and Dan going down to get her more food. Dan left at 9:30 and got home feeling much better after a non-stop sex session with his girlfriend. Steph just stayed in bed, feeling great after such a fantastic day with her boyfriend.

She did have something niggling in the back of her head, the fact that Dan said she could carry on eating just as long as she felt healthy. She didn’t feel that healthy and how could she at just under 25 stone at 18 years old. She lay there in her filthy room but her doubts melted away as she looked at the pile of cash on her bedside table that Dan had given her for Christmas. Cash isn’t the most personal thing but he couldn’t get her clothes or anything so it was more practical as she could get clothes and food, the 2 things she spent money on.

Steph got some new clothes in the next few days and went back to work and almost doubled her hours to make up for taking time off and on busy times of the day she helped out behind the bar, just pouring the odd pint here and there but she really enjoyed it with the only bad thing being the lack of room back there, especially when she had to pass by somebody as she was just so huge.

Other then that she was enjoying it and after a talk with the landlord she started doing more hours and becoming a barmaid, even though she was responsible for collecting glasses still. Her friends started coming to the car more often and it soon became their local because they could all hang out and Steph could slip them the occasional free drink. Things were going great as she had more cash from working more hours and less spare time to sit around the house eating all day. Even though she was still overindulging her gain slowed down in a matter of a week after Dan’s visit and she loved it because standing up so much was killing her and getting fatter wouldn’t help.

Dan was happily working both jobs back down in Birmingham but only had 1 thing in the back of his mind, Steph wanted to come to Birmingham next time they met. Dan managed to put it off until the start of March but agreed to a long weekend with her. He didn’t want to be seen with such a fat girl in the streets of his hometown so he had to try and keep her in the flat. It was a long time off though so he put it out of his mind just like she had put her lack of fitness out of hers and just carried on carrying on with their day-to-day lives.

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Default Dan & Steph - 12

January ticked by and February soon went by too and it was the first of March before Dan knew it and he had big Steph coming down from Friday afternoon till Sunday night. He didn’t know if she had gotten even bigger and would thus be more of an embarrassment to him but when he saw he come waddling through the gate her knew she had gained more weight yet again.

Steph now weighed 383lbs but had no idea that she had grown to well over 27 stone. She was in a denim skirt to just above her knees and she had on a blue t-shirt, which looked tight around her huge tits and belly.

“Hi I missed you so much, come here and give me a hug”

“Ye me too” said Dan, giving her a quick hug before pulling back. “Come on lets go back to my place the taxi rank is just outside.”

“Oh ok, right back to your place hey?”

“Ye come on, I’ll get your bag” said Dan as he hurried her to a taxi and off to his place.

“It’s a shame you couldn’t show me around Birmingham, but at least we have your flat and we will be alone all weekend”

“Ye, come on in, its on the top floor” Steph moaned but she went on up not wanting to show her lack of fitness to Dan in case he worried she was getting too fat. Luckily the staircase was strong and wide and she managed both staircases without a rest. Dan’s flat was small but quite nice and after settling in they went right to bed. Steph stayed there until the next morning sending Dan to get food, enough food that he hoped would last the weekend but only lasted the first day. She emptied his fridge, freezer and cupboards in a eating rampage and didn’t seem too bothered about it when he told her there was no food left, she just expected him to get her more.

“So whats the plan for today then?”

“Don’t know babe, more of the same I will go and get you some food and stuff and then we can ...”

“Hay Dan do you smell that?” she interrupted “I smell chocolate?”

“Oh ye the Cadbury Factory is only down the road, a mile or so”

“Your kidding, can we go? Please!” begged Steph. Dan thought about it and it would be a good way to kill a few hours and it was very unlikely he would see anybody there. After getting her some breakfast while she showered they ate together and went on the bus for both stops to the factory, as it seemed too far to bother walking for Steph. Even though it was over £10 each to get it Dan had no problems paying for it to keep her off the streets while being out of the flat.

The tour was actually alright but Steph was looking forward to the shop at the end where she intended to spend the cash her parents gave her for her ‘weekend away with the girls’ that she told them she was going on. She had £50 from them and spent it all on chocolate along with some of her own money. Even though Dan was strong he struggled with all of the weighty bags that Steph had filled with bar after bar, box after box and novelty after novelty of solid chocolate.

“Wow that was great Dan thanks for taking me, I can’t wait to start snacking on that.”

“No problem Steph. I was thinking we drop this stuff back off at the flat and then me and you go food shopping, get you so much food that you’ll burst”

“Sounds like a plan, Dan”

The couple took the bus back to the flat where Dan had to stand next to Steph who struggled to wedge herself in the tiny seats, as there wasn’t room for him to sit as well. He just balanced some bags on the little room left because there was just so much chocolate to carry.

They dropped the food off and Steph had a few bars before they went off food shopping. Dan decided to take her to a very cheap supermarket out of the way where hopefully nobody would see them. The couple filled up a trolley in minutes as Dan told her to get anything and everything she wanted. It was all surprisingly cheap and hard work to get it back to his flat on the bus and with such a fat girlfriend.

Once back Dan told her to get started and he was off for more food.

“Are you sure Dan, don’t you need me to help you?”

“Nah its ok, I bet your starving so you carry on and I will be back in a sec with more food” he assured her popping off to a much closer shop to get as much junk food as he could humanly carry on his own.

“Hi babe, you were quick, wow you got me loads here, I have only just started, so what the plan now babe?”

“Food and sex?” suggested Dan as they went off to the bedroom for 40 minutes and only to return both in just underwear to get something to eat as Steph was starving. Instead of letting her eat all of the mainly chocolate base food he had bought he called for a pizza, but did it without her knowing so the surprise of 4 family size pizzas was great. Dan had 2 slices and she had the other 30 greasy slices to help fill her up a bit before eating all the chocolate. At 10:00 Dan popped out to get them some beers and came back with a crate of beer and a bag full of on offer discount chocolate bars.

“More chocolate, wow you’re so good to me. I am going to end up so fat soon if I keep eating like this you know.”

“Ye if you keep eating you might start to get fat, oh no!” said Dan poking fun at her and poking her huge belly that filled her entire lap and rolled out to her huge love handles making her knickers invisible while her tits overflowed from her bra cups and still flopping to each side of her huge belly as she was sat back on the sofa, almost filling it on her own.

“Dan can you get me some more ice cream please”

“Definitely babe” he told her happily bringing her more food so she would get fuller and fuller and lose her desire to go out and leave the flat. That was his general plan for the weekend so he go up first thing in the morning while she was still snoring and again got as much food as he could carry. He then popped out again to a not too far away café to get her breakfast; a huge pile of bacon and sausage sandwiches. Her woke her up with them and she loved breakfast in bed. Dan then made her cereal, an entire box in a huge punch bowl he had at the back of his cupboards from some relative as a moving in present. It would be the first time he used it and Steph loved it.

“Dan you’re so crazy, a whole box of cereal at once, I have only just had those sarnies”

“Well eat up because there is still loads of food left and I cant have it or I will lose my figure.”

“So you need me to finish it all off then? Sounds like a challenge, but I’m up for it, how about you bring it through, I like eating in bed.”

“Sweet” said Dan, he knew if he had her eating and then them getting it on then that would fill up most of the day and he wouldn’t have to take her out other then going to the train station.

It went just as planned as Dan took his time with Steph and when they were done he was sat at her side bringing her in more and more food but by 5:00 it was running out and he knew he would have to probably take her out if there was no food left. He made a call when he was brining in the last of the food and when all 7 family size pizzas arrived Steph was amazed.

“Oh Dan, that’s arse loads of food. I was thinking once I had finished all this we could maybe go out to town, see Birmingham, maybe go to your work.”

“Really, oh I’m sorry babe. I thought you wouldn’t be up for it to be honest. I would send these back but I can’t do that and I spent too much to just throw them away. Tell you what get these down your neck as soon as you can and then after we will go out and do whatever you want.”

“Deal” said Steph tarring into the first pizza off the pile Dan placed next to her. She rolled each slice up by the crusts so they stayed horizontal as she lifted them up and then in 3 bites she consumed each slice, throwing the crusts back into the box. She didn’t seem to stop grinning as Dan watched her with amazing pace finish the first with ease and then the second and third with no thought. On the forth she had to take 4 bites to eat each slice and half way through the 5th she took a little breather to regain her composure, rub her packed belly and clean herself up a bit as she was covered in pizza toppings. She finished the 6th at about half pace and for the last 1 she just powered her way through eating it as a normal person would if they were fresh. After tossing the last piece of crust in the box and pushing it away she collapsed back onto the bed and moaned about being so full.

“You know Steph you didn’t have to eat them all if you were that full. Come here let me rub it better” he suggested rubbing her huge stomach and once again experiencing the rare thing of it being relatively firm instead of its usual pure flab state. It was now 7:30 although it did feel earlier and Dan knew he wouldn’t have to take her out. By 8:00 she felt much better and took and shower and cleaned herself up, dressed and packed. By that time it was nearly 9:00 and time to go to the station.

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Default Dan & Steph - 13

Dan finished his last day on payday at the end of May and had a piss up with his co-workers and friends to see him off as he was moving up north to ‘try something new as he felt in a rut.’ The fact they would be living together was a secret between them and Steph’s friends who were going to meet Dan for the first time even though they had spoken to him online and on the phone a bit when they were with Steph. Dan only had a week left on his lease so as soon as he was off work her went up to Liverpool to meet Steph and go to the 4 flats she had lined up for them to see. She had organised everything and even sorted out the bus routes to each place they saw.

The first place was a ground floor flat that was really nice but maybe a bit too much money for what they would be getting as the bathroom was kind of small and Steph could defiantly not get in the bath and the tiny shower cubical and little shower head meant she wouldn’t defiantly struggle to get clean every day. The next was a basement studio flat but really close to what Dan saw was the city. It was even smaller and Steph needed room to move so they turned it down. The third was kind of like Dan’s old place; the upstairs of a semidetached house a few miles out of town. The bath was too small for her again but she shower was big enough and even though the kitchen would be tight for the both of them they were both considering it. The final place was a dirty bed sit but it was the cheapest and Dan might have considered it if he was living on his own and just do it up a bit.

Steph had her heart set on the third place so they got in contact with the land lord and after getting Dan’s reference from his old land lord and checking his bank account gave them the contract a few days later and they signed it and had their own little love nest to move into any time they wanted. Dan then organised the moving van to take all his stuff up there and Steph had her parents drive her things there even though she didn’t really have that much. Her mom and dad looked it over and agreed it would do for their daughter and before leaving gave her a moving in present of £500.

“Mom, dad this is too much, I only just had my birthday”

“Don’t try to argue, now you're gone from the house we wont have anybody to spend our cash on,” said her dad with all 3 of them knowing her was talking about the food bill.

“You take this and call if you need anymore while you get settled in ok, and call us ok” he told her as she ushered them out to start her life alone. They wished her luck and told her they loved her and rove off, but within minutes Dan’s van arrived and she didn’t feel alone for very long.

Within days they were both unpacked, having loads of sex and job hunting. Dan didn’t have much trouble getting bar work and soon became the supervisor of a bar in the city centre. It was bigger then the last place he worked in but her was just the bar staff supervisor and didn’t have as much responsibility as he did in his last job when he was basically the manager too. The pay was just a bit better Steph found it harder to get work as her CV was good for any bar job but she was just so big that nobody wanted to hire her. After visiting well over 20 bars who were either not hiring or looking for somebody more experienced she widened her search and looked for shop work as they needed the cash after paying 2 months rent in advance along with them both not working for a bit and moving costs and loads of other expenses on top of that.

Music stores in town, bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes they all turned her down so eventually she had to settle for something she thought she would never do: working as a check out girl for Tesco. It was only ever going to be temporary and she had every intention to carry on looking for better work but she was a lazy girl and on the first day was pleasantly surprised about how easy it was.

It was mid June when she came in on her first day and since her birthday had been really busy with the move and everything so couldn’t put in the eating hours she once did. But she was still gradually getting fatter and turned up weighing 414lbs, over 29 and a half stone, but wearing the now tight clothes she had from her birthday. She firstly went to the manager who gave her the interview and he took her to get a uniform from the back. Luckily this kind of place did cater for the larger employee but the largest top they had did feel tighter then she would have liked. But luckily when the manager saw her with the t-shirt stretched so tightly across her belly he told her.

“Its ok Steph, we can order you in some specialist uniforms if you need them”

Steph had to grin at his comment and followed him for a little tour around the supermarket including the warehouse and his office and all of the different facilities they had for the stop staff. Soon she was taken to the tills and the till supervisor showed her the ropes. She slid through the very narrow door to get on her very tiny seat. Once sat down and the door closed behind her she had no room to manoeuvre her hips went from the door to the side of the till and her belly went right up to the till.

“Oh right, are you ok in there?”

“Umm well its kinda snug in here but I am ok ye” she replied while the older woman kindly spent far too long explaining the mind numbingly simple till system, scanner and how to operate the conveyer belt. She soon had her first till and after scanning all the items and putting it through on her card she had to open the till to put the receipt in but when she pressed the button it only popped open 2 or 3 inches before stopping at her belly. She looked at the customer and she looked back at Steph, both not saying anything. Steph had to push her seat back all she could and suck in her belly for the till to come out and yet again felt like a freak.

Every customer had to watch her do this every time she opened the till so after the first few dozen being slightly discomforting she got used to it and by the end of the day just accepted it as another side effect of being so huge and another thing to just put up with.

“So how was your first day babe?”

“Ye it was not to bad actually Dan” said Steph, kissing Dan on the cheek as she cam in a flopped down on the sofa. She then went on to explain what she did and about how she filled up her little station.

“So your going to stay there for a while then, until you get a better job”

“I think so ye, we need the cash oh and guys what. My boss said I could work the late shift if I want so we can spend the day together and then we can both work at night. Cus if I work days and you work nights then we will never see each other.”


“Ye and oh guess what I was talking to some guys in the warehouse at lunch time. Turns out we can take home all the food that goes past its sell by date.”

“Why would you want old food?”

“No its just the sell by date, the food is good for a few days after its just the shops cant sell it just in case.

“Well ye ok, I was just sat here doing some sums before you got back so here is what I came up with. I earn just under £1,000 after tax and stuff and you get just over £650 a month right?”

“If I do the night shift its more cash, I think its £750ish a month but I will have to check”

“OK well that’s £1750 a month between us right. Well rent here is £400 and that includes the bills like electric and gas and stuff. If we add sky TV, the phone bill and broadband that’s about £70 a month roughly right?”

“Something like that”

“OK so we are now £475 down, then we have travel costs to and from work with is about £5 a day for the both of us which over a month is about £125 so we are now at £600 a month.”

“Cool so we have over a grand a month to mess about with then”

“Sort of ye, if we add the cost of the draw and my travel down there then its about £1,000 a month to live on and I want to save about £200 a month for a rainy day so we have £800 a month to keep us entertained, clothed and fed. With you getting free food then we should have plenty of cash each month.”

“I love you, so how long till you have to go to work?”

“5 minutes babe, sorry but I will see you tonight and hopefully you will be waiting for me”

“Definitely” she told him while he prepared for work and left her alone to make her own dinner, something that she wasn’t too used to doing on her own. When Dan got back her was knackered after a long night’s work but he put the effort in with Steph, who had stayed up for him especially.

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Default Dan & Steph - 14

At work the next day she got transferred to the night shift starting next week and had a word with the guys in the warehouse to put aside some things for her out of all the stuff that would otherwise be either snapped up by the other members of staff or binned. On her break each day that week she came back and picked out what she wanted, it started off practically with bread and milk but by the end of the week snack food, junk food and stale pastries were on the top of her list and it was all she took home with her on her last day on the day shift.

Things were great with them. They spent their days together, mainly in bed and work was fine with the both of them even though working nights wasn’t too much fun on the long term. Dan met her friends and they liked him but still couldn’t understand why such a fit guy liked fat Steph. They even made some new friends with Steph hanging out with the warehouse guys on her breaks and the occasional drink before or after work and Dan had friends behind the bar who he socialised with out of work too.

Steph had been to the bar when Dan was working and everybody working there couldn’t understand why he was with such a fat arse and when he visited her work the other till girls didn’t know why such a fit guy was with her. Other then other people’s opinions of their relationship they were a great couple and enjoying living together and both spent their summer mainly in bed when they were together.

Their honeymoon period didn’t look like ending too soon and when Dan’s 21st approached in early October they were still sleeping together almost every day and they both were happily in love, kissing, hugging and holding hands all the time. 1 thing that had changed was Steph. She was taking care of herself by keeping her spots under control and getting her hair dyed and cut to keep nice and sexy for Dan. But as summer had turned into autumn she carried on gaining so the couple had to shell out for more clothes.

At first is was a pound or 2 a week when they first moved in but soon it was 3 after she got loads of fatty food from work. She gained 15lbs over July and nearly 20 over August. In September she gained just over 20lbs and was now eating a lot more and lot less healthily then she had when she had moved in with Dan. On his birthday she clocked in at 478lbs, over 34 stone and now wearing a second size of specialist uniform at work and also struggling to fit in her cubical so much that her belly was pushing the till just when sitting.

To get it open she had to suck in her gut all she could and hold the till open with 1 of the dividers that people use to mark off their food from the people in front and behind. Her customers and co-workers found this amazing, somebody so young could be just so fat but she didn’t care that much as long as she was sat down that’s all that mattered. With her new bulk came the equivalent of years of aging, walking became a chore and from the flat to the bus stop she would now have to stop and rest. Climbing the stairs to the flat was also hard work for her and she had to rest at least once on them too. Even in the flat she put off getting up until she either became desperate for the bathroom or peckish. Even sex was becoming a task for her but it was Dan’s birthday so she couldn’t really pull a headache.

On the morning of Dan’s birthday he woke up first to her snoring and woke up for a morning quickie. She agreed and just lay there while Dan screwed her, which was always a good way to start the day. They then got up, cleaned and dressed before Dan made her breakfast while she had a rest.

“So what did you get me babe?”

“Well only 1 thing, a watch, but its well cool and expensive so it should last you2 she told him, tossing the box at him from across the room.

He thanked her and they made out a bit before Steph wanted brunch. Right after brunch came a snack then lunches and then a snack before dinner.

“As it’s your birthday I thought I would take you out babe”

“Sweet, where are we off to?”

“A steak house, we need to save cash for your weekend down in Birmingham with your mates”

“Right, sounds like a plan love, come on get your stuff together and lets go, I can tell you're hungry”

“I’m always hungry these days Dan” she beamed with a coy smile before putting her arms out towards Dan for his assistance in getting up. She slowly waddled to their bedroom and made herself pretty and wore her best outfit, a very tight white blouse and some black trousers that were so tight she could only wear them unzipped. The blouse was enough to hide it just but she really wanted to wear the trousers as the pinstripe was slimming on her fat thighs.

“What do you think darlin?” she asked, modelling in the doorway for the birthday boy

“Nice but are you sure you want to go out in those trousers? I thought they were too small.”

“Nah they are fine, come on I am starving”

They got a mini cab there and they could only just manage to pack her in because her arse, hips and gut where just so huge and the doorway and seats were so small. She finally got in very ungracefully and was packed in tighter then she was at work. Getting in was bad but getting out was almost a disaster as her belly was wedged up to the seat in front of her. The cabbie suggested getting a fire engine to help cut her out but that was enough incentive for her to squirm and push that much harder to pop out and fall onto the pavement.

She was flushed red with embarrassment as there were people around to witness it but Dan helped her up and she waddled as quickly as she could into the restaurant. Again she had trouble with the seating, as there was no way she could sit in the armed chairs they had. The manager had to sit them in a booth instead and even that was tight on her belly forcing her gut to be cut in half with the bottom flopping in between her wide-open legs and the top rolling on the table.

Dan felt hungry and went for an 11oz steak and chips with a few beers throughout the meal. Steph had 4 starters a 32oz steak with another 4 side orders and she asked for the dessert menu. Dan was used to her pigging out but she quickly gathered an audience as soon as Dan helped her waddle in and when she began eating more people watched with sly glances from their own meals. They talked, and flirted a bit but when Steph was eating she was eating and would get so pissed off when she was interrupted mid meal.

When they were done Steph made sure she swallowed down the fat off both of their plates before calling over the waitress with the dessert menu in hand.

“Well it is my boyfriend’s birthday so do you guys do cake?”

“Yes miss, we can get your…boyfriend a slice of cake or we can do a small little cake for you 2 to share”

“Oh is that all there is?”

“Well we do a deluxe birthday cake too but only parties of like 6 plus order that.”

“Oh great we will have 1 and umm the sundae, the ice-cream, the sticky toffee pudding, and oh you know get me 1 of everything apart from the pecan pie, I don’t like that”

“Are you sure miss?”

“Yep and the birthday cake too”

“Certainly” she replied walking off Steph turned to Dan with a smile of anticipation and kept on glancing towards the kitchen every time the door opened in case it was her food.

Soon the waitress’s came out with all of her food and the entire birthday cake and they did the song for Dan. He took his slice and slid the rest over to Steph who was already finishing off her ice cream. She then cained each dish before tackling the cake and winning. Once she finished she felt full and ready to go home on a full stomach but now she had a full stomach she was wedged in yet again and couldn’t move on her own. Dan had to push in her belly fat with 1 had like she was with both of her and pull her fat wrist with the other to help slide her out.

Once up she found her belly was more bloated then she though and her blouse was so tight around her gut that the button were about to pop and gaps wee very visible in between each button. Now her belly was bigger it lifted the blouse up a bit and thus showed her fully open yet near bursting pinstripe trousers and white knickers beneath. She mustn’t have noticed as she suggested they carry on their night out and Dan didn’t as there was just so much of her to look at and he was by her side.

They went for a few pints and then a late night café, as Steph was peckish again. There was no way she could even think about sitting on those chairs so Dan helped her carry her food out and she ate it on a close by bench. Bacon and sausage sandwiches, chips, egg sandwiches and loads of different fried foods, most of which in a sandwich. After this with the beers her belly grew a little bigger and the blouse buttons were on the very cusp of popping off when she said she wanted to go home.

They got a black cab and even that was too small for her and the climb up the stairs finished her off. She just wanted something to eat before bed. They got back at 11:45 and she went to bed at 2:30 after snacking until falling asleep. Dan had an OK birthday but looking forward to going to Birmingham the next day for the weekend alone with his mates, a nice change from the same old same old with fat Steph.

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Default Dan & Steph - 15

On his weekend down in Birmingham Dan got high as a kite as his birthday presents from his mates seemed to be mostly booze. While Dan got wrecked Steph got stuffed as she had lots of time to herself in the day and chose to fill it with filling herself at all you can eat places across the city.

As the weather turned Steph got into hibernation mode and to anybody watching it looked like she was fattening up for a harsh winter. She pigged out in October, binged in November and gorged herself to silly proportions in December. All of which didn’t help anything other then her food cravings.

The now 574lbs Steph clocked in a 41 stone of fat and was practically housebound. She had used all of her sick days and holiday days a while ago and hadn’t turned up in well over a week as she woke up on Christmas Eve. She had grown so fat and eaten so much she didn’t have any clothes that fit as their food bill had grown so much their savings were fast disappearing just to cope. When Dan was about she spent all of her time in bed or being helped to the toilet and when he was working she was in the kitchen/ lounge feeding herself.

“Babe, wake up your parents will be here in a bit to pick you up to take you home for Christmas”

“Oh, I slept in too late, help me up babe” she grunted.

Dan watched her huge flabby mass wobble to the edge of the bed and swing her legs to the floor. She rested a second before Dan held her fat hands and helped pull her up to her feet.

“Where is that dress I have?” she asked, not being able to see the floor as he huge flowing gut which now rolled down to her overburdened knees was just too big, and then she had her massive, floppy tits hanging to each side of her belly.

“Its here babe, but I recon it’s a bit small for you now”

“Well lets try, I can't go naked can I”

“No” he sighed as he fetched it from the wardrobe. Dan struggled to get the circus tent up in the right direction but once he did he popped it over her head and helped her get her huge sagging arms in and pull it down her. The very unfashionable red flowery design was what she hated the most about it but she was just too fat for anything else. The dress was very tight on her arms, tight around her chins, tight across her chest, near bursting at her belly and over stretched across her hips and arse.

“How do I look?” she asked and Dan didn’t know how to answer. His girlfriend was covered in spots. Her hair was a mess and she seemed to be covered in a layer of grease from head to foot. She wheezed, her skin was blotchy, she was inhumanly lazy and far too demanding.

“You have looked better but it will have to do”

“Whats the matter with you Dan, still angry about what happened yesterday?” she asked referring to the latest of a string of arguments they had over the last few weeks. The last was about her demanding more food and Dan not being willing to pay for yet more food when she didn’t need it.

“Why do you expect me to forget and just to help you get out of bed, help you get dressed, help you in the bathroom and then feed you even more?”

“I can't do it myself can I”

“Maybe you will have to if I’m not around”


“I am fed up, pun intended, of being taken advantage of. I pay for everything and you spend everything. I look after you 100% and you don’t even say thanks. Why would I stay?”

“Because you love me,” she said to a very long silence

“We haven’t even had sex since my birthday, I doubt it’s even physically possible anymore”

“I can’t believe you are dumping me on Christmas Eve” she cried

“I have been putting up with it for too long now. I can’t stay in a relationship where I am so unhappy and you are killing yourself with food. It’s not good for either of us. I have been thinking about it for ages now and have decided that before New Years we should call it off, a fresh start for both of us.”

Steph wasn’t too happy about this and they argued for the next 40 minutes when Dan finally walked out on her after her emotional black mail, passive aggressive nature and every other trick she had under her hat failed. He went from madly in love to hatred and walked out just before her parents arrived, who hadn’t seen Steph for months.

She had to get up on her own to buzz them in and when they walked into the filthy flat, filled with food rubbish and their daughter so fat they didn’t even recognise her face. She started bawling when they walked in and she went on to explain what had happened right from the start. The novelty of the taboo in gaining weight deliberately then all the ups and down during her huge weigh gain and now how totally out of control she was. They packed up what they could of hers and packed her in their 4 wheel drive and off home where she would have to face family and her friends for the first time in months and 100s of lbs of fat.

Dan just went for a few drinks knowing it would take a while for her to leave. He got back to the flat a few hours later and called the landlord to say her was handing his month notice in on the flat. He had enough savings left but she had eaten into them a lot in the last few weeks but he knew he had enough to last him the move back down to Birmingham.

It was a weird Christmas and new years for the both of them. Steph was back at home crying into her weight watchers salad over losing such a great relationship. She was morbidly obese, barley able to move, unemployed, single and very depressed. Dan was working the busy Christmas / New Years period at the Liverpool bar where he had handed in his notice and relieved to be out of such a draining relationship. He had time to socialise and could just go out at the drop of a hat, not make it some big production like Steph did.

By the start of February Dan was back in a flat in Birmingham and working on another bar while Steph was almost over Dan and just managing to keep sane from her hunger pangs as she followed the diet her mom insisted on. She had already slimmed down to 533lbs She felt much better and could move a lot easier but was still just so fat. It was only a drop in the bucket and she was at the end of her tether already, but she had one thing in mind. To get slim again and then 1 day see Dan again just to show him. It seemed petty but it was keeping her going and that was enough.

Dan was back to his old ways on the rebound from such a big relationship and daily getting his leg over and finding sex so much easier with normal sized girls. He was catching up on missed time he had spent with Steph and loving every minute as he started working out properly again to look the best he could to get the best girls he could.

Time went by and on a night out with the girls Steph was celebrating her 21st birthday, after constant dieting and some minor plastic surgery to remove the lose skin from the dramatic weight loss she had managed to slim down to 327lbs, still huge but now so much slimmer and she felt so much better as she could now walk with relative ease. She was out with her skinny friends, breaking her diet to enjoy her 21st and indulging in far too much booze. She was having the time of her life but while at the bar with her mates waiting to get served she thought about Dan. She did so every now and again and just wondered what he was doing.

Down in Birmingham Dan was out on a date with a girl he had been seeing for a few months now. He was now 23 years old and she was 20 and worked in his bar. She stood 5”6, white, dyed red hair, freckles green/grey eyes and chubby. She was 148lbs when she started working there but when he asked her out she was up to 156lbs from what seemed like a natural. But now a few months down the line she now weighed 192lbs, wearing clothes she had long since outgrown and asking Dan for the 5th time that night and probably the millionth since he asked her to do it: ‘Are you sure you want me to gain weight on purpose?’

“Ye sure babe, I have told you so many times you would look so hot with a bit of extra flab on that skinny little body of yours.”

“Its just so weird though, gaining weight instead of losing it. Right well I am in your hands Dan, as long as you keep up what we did last night and this morning then I don’t care that I am giving up my figure.”

“Perfect Laura, you will be so sexy once I am done with you, now come on finish that chocolate cake, you still have your ice cream left and it looks like they might be closing the restaurant soon.”

“I am so stuffed, but I am having so much fun eating like a pig guilt free,” she muffled through a mouthful of cake.

[CENTER]The End?

Not quite - for sequel click here,[/CENTER]

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Wow. Not sure how to wrap up a story like this to give it a happy ending. I enjoyed the characters, but I want to see what happens to her and if htey ever get back together.
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I really enjoyed that
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I enjoyed the characters, but I want to see what happens to her and if htey ever get back together.
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Originally Posted by yuanyelss View Post
I enjoyed the characters, but I want to see what happens to her and if htey ever get back together.
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... possibly one of the saddest endings to a story i have read... great character development, just really wish it had ended differently... perhaps if Steph had decided to turn things around sooner, like after the birthday party bit, or if Dan had confronted her about it, in a different way... I can't say that I am completely surprised with the ending... it was incomming from a mile away, but really disheartens me.
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