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Default AR14: Fat Celebrities - Without Their Fame - by Matt L. (XWG, BBW, Magic)

~BBW, Magic, ~XWG - a view of what some lives could be with a few differences of fate

AR 14: Fat Celebrities - Without Their Fame

by Matt L.

(For prior story click here)


Neala sat thumbing through a celebrity scandal sheet as Leah waited on a plump young lady buying earrings as a gift for her sister-n-law. The young lady was handed the earrings, as Leah looked over her glasses, "These earrings will be a big surprise."

The young lady giggled, "That’s so cool. I can’t wait to see them on her."

Leah purred, "Oh, they’re worth the weight."

Once the young lady made tracks out of the antique store, Leah strolled over to Neala and took a seat.

"What are you reading about?", Leah enquired before sipping her tea.

Neala giggled, "Says here that Britney Spear’s manager is concerned about Britney’s fondness for fast food. Especially now that she hurt her knee and won’t be up for exercising for a while."

Neala neatly folded the magazine and placed it on the counter. "Like Britney would actually get fat. She has a personel trainer, that’s not going to happen."

Leah nodded her reply as Neala continued, "I can see by Britney’s shape; she could really put on the weight if not careful. If she wasn’t a pop star and didn’t need to watch her shape, she’d be a cute chubbette all right."

Curiosity infringed upon Leah’s mind. "Would you like to see for sure?", Leah asked.

Neala smiled, "That mademoiselle would be fun. But how?"

Leah escorted Neala to the backroom and they stood in front of the huge mirror with oak trim. Leah placed two folding chairs for them to sit on and upon refreshing their teacups; they gazed into the mirror.

As the mirror at first became cloudy, Neala brushed up along side of Leah, "Tell me, are we going to see a few other fattened celebrities as well?"

Leah nodded, "Why not? I’m anxious to see how the slim and famous behave out of their arena and size 4 wardrobes."

The mirror cleared and the friends watched......


"Are you finished sweetie?", Britney asked her two year-old daughter seated in her highchair. She placed the jar of baby food on the table and lifted her daughter into the air.

"Almost time for momma ta go ta work", Britney cooed to her baby as she made tracks to the tiny bedroom located in the low income housing project where they nested.

After Britney placed her daughter into her playpen, she turned to the mirror and frowned at her reflection. "How come I’m still so fat?"

Actually Britney at 175-pounds to be exact, wasn’t fat at all, but just mildly chubby. Slender until giving birth two years earlier, Britney never lost the 50-pounds she put on during her pregnancy.

Britney’s hand caressed her full cheeks, littered with the hint of acne. She next traced her small double chin with her fingers and then stepped back away from the mirror. Snapping off the rubber band that held her brownish-blond mane in a ponytail, she watched as her hair flowed over the top of her shoulders.

Cute dimples appeared in her swollen cheeks as she smiled, "I guess I’m still pretty enough."

Dressed in a ratty flannel shirt which she wore unbutton exposing the tube top underneath and gym shorts that barely fit, Britney closely scrutinized her body. Her upper arms and breasts were indeed large, but modestly firm, most of the soft fat claimed her belly and below.

Britney missed her flat tummy; her big protruding belly was a problem for her. Pouring over the waistband of her gym shorts, her belly was completely round and pudgy. Even sucking in her gut didn’t help; her belly was out there. Her waist was flabby with a thick set of rolls, the biggest one lying over her child baring hips.

Britney paused for a moment as she shook her belly, "Why won’t you shrink!"

Her fingers deeply fading into the cushy, soft fat of her belly. Wiping her hair from out of her eyes, Britney then turned sideways and covered her mouth.

"Uh oh, not good", Britney remarked as she noticed her butt looking much more bloated than usual. Her behind seemed to drop lower as well, plopping over her plump mushy thighs. Her saddlebags that had a meager portion of cottage cheese strained the fabric of her shorts, causing an exaggeration of their size. Standing on the scale, Britney discovered she had put on an additional five pounds.

"This is why my butt is bigger", Britney replied as she squeezed her inflated rump.

Britney went back into the kitchen, her belly jiggling as she moved. Finishing off the baby food, Britney looked through her cabinets for something else to munch on. The cabinets were empty with exception to some moldy bread and stale taco shells. Britney then opened her fridge and pouted. In her fridge was a lone half-empty carton of milk. Slamming the fridge door shut, Britney grabbed another jar of baby food and thus spread out over her second hand sofa. Kicking off the pillows, Britney open the jar and slowly began to eat. Lying on her back, Britney enjoyed a large spoonful of baby food then began massaging her husky thighs.

"Maybe eating this stuff, I’ll lose weight", Britney giggled as her fingers roomed over a tiny patch of cellulite.

Taking another helping of her dinner, Britney squeezed her flabby thigh, "Wow, like so spongy."

She then caressed her bulging belly, pushing her fingers deep into the fat. As she gulped another helping, Britney heard a knock on her door, "You all come on in, the doors open."

It was her best friend and babysitter, Amy Jo Rustrin. Amy Jo was a pretty gal, whose dark brown hair was set in curlers that accented her chubby face. A year older than Britney, Amy Jo was dressed in a colorful sundress that tightly clung to her well-fed 200-pound body. Amy Jo commented on Britney’s dinner and Britney explained, "I’m so broke, there’s nothing here to eat."

Amy Jo accompanied Britney into the bedroom, where Britney polished off the baby food and then got dressed for work.

"Why not ask Horace for sum cash? Don’t he pay ya child support?", Amy Jo asked as she hopped upon Britney’s bed.

Britney removed her clothing, "You know Horace ain’t got no real job. Matter of fact, only time I see him, he’s usually looking for a loan or fer attention."

Amy Jo laid over the bed, "I wish you’d end all ties with him. Maybe he’s your baby’s daddy, but he ain’t no real man."

Britney stood facing the mirror, looking at her chubby body as Amy Jo added, "and stop sleeping with him!"

Britney tugged on the waistband of her ugly granny style underwear, her belly jiggling as the fabric snapped back. "Who’d want a big fat girl like me? Horace is all I got."

Amy Jo argued back, "Hey, hey, hey! I’m fat, even fatter than you. I got a boyfriend and he treats me so nice. There’s someone out there fer you."

Britney put on her white blouse, "But Carl Lloyd is a special case. He met you when you were thin. I ain’t ever gonna meet a nice guy looking like a blimp."

Amy Jo climbed out of bed and approached her friend. "Oh Britney, you’re a very pretty girl, you know that? You have beautiful eyes and a cute nose; I’m sure many fine young men would find you attractive."

Britney held her big belly, "But look at my belly, my butt! I’m way too fat!"

Britney whined, "I wish I was still 125-pounds, I was sexy then."

Amy Jo tried to reason with her friend, but couldn’t reach her.

Then things seemed to swirl and reality changed

Within a few minutes Britney was in her uniform, and though couldn’t see it, looked stunning. A dark blue blazer was worn over her white blouse with a dark blue skirt hanging just below her pudgy knees. Britney combed back her hair and Amy Jo put it into a bouncy ponytail. Britney’s face radiated an unique beauty with a dash of cosmetics and her body looked better kept in her stylish uniform. Matter of fact it complimented her form, especially her full-sized derriere.

Britney was employed at a small family style hotel, working the front desk on the midnight shift. She didn’t mind working the late shift. It was slow during those hours and Britney mainly read and munched on whatever leftovers the kitchen provided. Of course she made frequent stops to the candy machine, located right there in the lobby.

A few years earlier Britney worked the day shift, leaving when she became pregnant. She had recently returned. A few employees would make fun of the weight she put on, of course behind her back, but not Jim.

Jim worked the afternoons as a janitor and fell in love with Britney the moment he laid eyes on her. Though back then, Britney had a different attitude and only spoke with Jim when she had too. She thought Jim to be just a janitor, she wanted a man who could provide more for her or at least looked cool. That was Horace, who looked cool, but was fired from one job after another. Britney slowly ensured a comfortable friendship with Jim, but otherwise kept her distance.

It was closing in on one in the morning when Jim walked into the hotel lobby with a bouquet of roses. Six altogether, pink and red in color. Jim was on the average side of handsome, but looked sharp in a red stripe shirt and gray slacks.

Britney removed her eyes from the romance novel, "Wow! Who’s the flowers for?"

Jim tilted his head, "They’re for you?"

Britney raised her eyebrows, "But it’s not a holiday or anything?"

Jim handed Britney the roses; "Does a man need a holiday to bring flowers to a lady? It’s a beautiful, moonlit summer night. The perfect time to bring a beautiful lady flowers."

"Beautiful?", Britney thought to herself. That word, "Beautiful", made her feel fat and awkward.

Britney walked around the counter, "I could use a break, want to join me outside for a candy bar?"

Within minutes the pair was outside and strolled around the hotel’s courtyard. "I really shouldn’t be eating chocolate. My butt is starting to get bigger and bigger", Britney giggled.

Jim took a bite from his nestle’s crunch, "You look fine to me."

Britney’s hand flowed over her paunchy belly, "Remember how slim I was? I was used to be so beautiful."

Jim smiled, "From where I’m standing, you look simply gorgeous right now."

Britney didn’t like being referred to as gorgeous or beautiful or attractive. In her mind she was fat, frumpy, sloppy.

"Know what Jim? I better get back to work, thanks for the flowers. Have a good night."

Jim held his hand to his heart, "Yeah, goodnight."

Week followed week and Britney tried to keep her distance from Jim. Sure she was flattered by his attention, but she didn’t know what he was up to? Why tell her she was gorgeous, when she wasn’t gorgeous? Not only that, but Jim was just a janitor. Maybe he was a top shelf kind of guy, but a janitor? No way.

Jim continued to flirt with Britney, asking her out, remembering her birthday was a card and key chain for a gift. Still no dice on her part. That was until one day as Britney told Amy Jo, "Jim told me that he wanted to give me a break at home. You know? Clean my apartment, cook me dinner. The whole nine yards."

Amy Jo eased back into Britney’s soiled sofa, "And you told him no?"

Britney nodded, "Yeah I told him no. What does he want from me?"

Amy Jo leaned towards Britney, "You’re so over reacting. From what you tell me he’s a very nice guy. You better not lose him; nice guys are like scarce."

Britney tapped her belly, "He is a very nice guy, but he keeps telling me I’m beautiful, what’s he after?"

Amy Jo giggled, "Oh man, you are so naive. Maybe he actually finds you attractive."

Britney folded her arms over her ample bosom, "But I’m fat."

Amy Jo shrugged her shoulders, "And so what does that have’t to do with anything?"

Britney brought up Jim being just a janitor and Amy Jo had an answer for that as well. "Does he show up for work everyday and on time? Does he work hard? If he was in a different occupation or cool looking, would you still find his nature appealing?"

Britney stared at her friend, "Well, yeah. Like I said, he’s a very nice guy."

Britney then smiled, "Actually he is sweet. The other day this old couple lost their...."

Amy Jo interrupted Britney, "Then go out with him. Snag him and don’t let him go."

Britney glanced over her thick thighs, "But I feel so uncomfortable with my size. I’m not attractive enough to date someone."

Amy Jo pinched a roll of fat that circled Britney’s pudgy waist, "Get over it. He knew you when you were slim; he’s comfortable with your size, so you should be too."

Needless to say, Britney took Jim up on his request and he arrived over at her apartment on that very Saturday afternoon. Amy Jo took Britney’s daughter with her for the day, so the couple could spend their time together without being interrupted. Feeling self-conscious about her body, Britney down played her appearance, wearing her trademark flannel shirt and baggy sweat pants

Jim arrived promptly at one in the afternoon with a shopping bag full of groceries. "I’ll clean your kitchen first Brit, then work on the living room, okay?"

Britney’s shook her head, "Yeah, okay. What do you want me to do?"

Jim let loose a tremendous belly laugh as he fumbled through the shopping bag and removed a few candles and a box of imported chocolates. "I’ll fix you a nice, warm bubble bath."

Jim handed Britney the chocolates and made his way to the bathroom, candles in hand. Within a few minutes Britney was in the tub, surrounded by candles, munching on chocolates, while Jim was cleaning the kitchen.

The first couple of roaches kind of unglued his nerves, but by the time the kitchen was given the once over, he was used to the little villains. Britney laid in the tub, bubbles up to her chin as she went to town on the candy.

"So I’ll start my diet tomorrow", she thought to herself with a bold smile. By the time Britney was in her bathrobe and in the living room, Jim as vacuuming the carpet.

"Hey Britney, give me a few minutes, then you can lie on the couch and watch TV."

Britney ran her hand through her moist hair; "You shouldn’t go to all this bother."

Jim grinned; "It’s no bother at all, Brit. Just relax and I’ll have supper ready in an hour."

Britney acknowledged Jim with a slow nod and retreated to her bedroom and dressed for dinner. She figured on looking nice for dinner, after all Jim was going the whole nine yards for her, she might as well meet him half way. Britney went through her clothes and pouted. All her nice garments were leftovers from when she was 50-pounds lighter. Britney had no choice but to wear a yellow T-shirt and green sweat pants. The items fit upon her figure nicely, but couldn’t hide her big belly, thick waist, healthy thighs, nor plump behind.

"I look so fat", Britney remarked with a sour expression upon her pretty face. Britney wore her hair up and used just a hint of cosmetic’s to compliment her sweet facial features.

Britney was about to doze off as she watched TV, When Jim entered the living room, "Hey Britney, ready for supper?"

Britney stood, catching her bulging belly with her hands, "Yeah, I guess."

The kitchen table was arranged in a fancy style with candles and flowers. Britney giggled at the sight then took her seat. Jim served her a steak and baked potato, freshly baked rolls with butter, a tossed salad and wine. Britney snickered, "I haven’t eaten like this in a while. You’re spoiling me and I’m gonna get fatter."

Jim opened the wine and poured Britney a glass, "None of that kind of talk. Just enjoy your meal."

They conversed as they ate, like old friends catching up on lost times. Once the main course was over, Jim escorted Britney into the living room for dessert. On a plate was a huge slice of cherry pie topped with two scoops of ice cream. Jim handed Britney the plate and took a seat next to her on the couch.

As she began to eat, Jim picked up Britney’s legs, removed her socks and began massaging her feet. Britney spoke as she nibbled, "My gosh Jim, if this became a habit, I wouldn’t want you to leave."

Jim nodded, "If I knew you better Brit, I’d gladly massage your whole body. Even give you a sponge bath."

Britney raised her eyebrows as she gobbled up a piece of pie, "Oh wow."

Jim paused for a minute, "I didn’t mean to be too forward."

Britney smiled, "No, it’s not that. I just wouldn’t want you to see me naked. I mean, I’m way too fat."

Jim removed the plate and fork out of Britney’s hands, "Don’t talk like that, Britney. Even if you were heavier, your beauty wouldn’t change."

Jim proceeded to feed Britney, who just leaned back and enjoyed. Once Britney devoured the pie and Ice cream, Jim fed her the remainder of the chocolates as they watched TV.

"Oh yeah, I can get used to this", Britney giggled, finally starting to relax and recognize Jim was telling his truth as he thought it..

She then wiped her mouth and added, "What are you doing next Saturday?"


Jim arrived home from work and making his way through the living room greeted their four children. The oldest one, whom he adopted, informed Jim, "Mommy’s in the kitchen."

Jim slowly opened the kitchen door and saw the love of his life over the stove. Britney’s long blondish-brown hair curled at her shoulders and perfectly framed her sweet, chubby face. The added pounds that came with being a full time housewife and mom didn’t hinder her beauty. Her facial features looked all the more splendorous with inflated round cheeks and plump second chin.

Jim went unnoticed as he crept around Britney’s luxurious behind and slowly maneuvered himself to the chocolates that sat in the cabinet. Jim briefly paused to take in Britney’s beauteous appearance before removing a large piece of chocolate from the box. Jim leaned over Britney’s backside and as she twisted her head, Jim fed her the chocolate. Britney rolled her eyes and smiled as she wrapped her arms around his waist, pulling Jim into her embrace.

"I thought we we’re going to save the chocolates until tonight?", Britney giggled.

Jim shook his head, "Yeah, I know. Just that you look so cute, I couldn’t help myself."

Britney tightly squeezed her love, "But you’re still going to feed me tonight after the sponge bath?"

Jim grinned, "As soon as we get the children in bed."

Jim tickled Britney’s flabby waist to free himself, but she charged back, pressing him into the fridge as they engaged in a deep, long kiss.

Since marrying Jim, Britney’s life progressed upwards. Jim went to school and in a matter of time became a hotel manager. They moved to a middle class neighborhood and into a fine frame house. Britney’s weight continued to soar with every birth, but she slowly accepted the fact that a woman’s size has nothing to do with being attractive.

Jim gazed at Britney’s face, and then his eyes soaked in her plus size figure. Britney was dressed in a cherry red sleeveless top and black spandex that snugly fit her 270-pound-body. Her husky upper arms jiggled as her ample bust bounced over her enormous belly. Large rolls circled her expansive waist and a soft layer of fat covered her extremely wide hips.

Britney’s colossal bubble butt was equal to the size of her belly and sailed high into the air, over her chunky mammoth thighs. Jim griped her biggest love handle and he gently pulled her into his space. Massaging her fatty waist, Jim looked upon his love with come-hither eyes, "You’re so beautiful."

Britney giggled,

"Yeah, I know." Then a smiled appeared upon her pretty face, "I’m gorgeous."

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It was a cold November evening as Kristen Dunst stood near the harbor entrance on the lonely New Jersey dock. The drizzle was mixed with snowflakes and the cold wind off the ocean caused her to shiver. Though dressed for the weather, her eyes flashed towards the white van parked near by and she considered waiting in there. The dark blue wool cap that covered her head exaggerated her round moon like face and her red hair dangled over the collar of her winter jacket.

Kristen wore her extra large jacket open, exposing the sweatshirt that barely contained her big belly and worn out blue jeans that clung to her healthy size butt and thick thighs. Kristen’s 200-pound body was solid, with exception to her pudgy waist, which was a tad flabby. Her pretty face was bare of cosmetics, though on the rare occasion when she would smile, make up couldn’t do justice to her natural glow.

Kristen’s chubby cheeks had their own signature rosy red hue and her double chin was plump and wide. She fumbled through her pockets and removed a candy bar as she saw the headlights off in the distance. Kristen gobbled up the chocolate in a hurry and as the car pulled up, she picked up the suitcase that sat near her feet.

Two men left the car and approached Kristen. Both in dark clothes, the taller one was unshaven.

"That the money?” the taller man asked as he pointed to the briefcase.

Kristen nodded, "You got the goods? I’ll give you the cash."

They paused and smiled at one another, then the shorter man grinned, "Yeah we got the goods, they’re in the trunk."

Kristen stood with her hand over her hip, her pudgy belly pouring downwards.

"This better be top shelf, I’m not buying second rate crap", Kristen informed the men.

The taller one scratched his head, "Yeah; we got bootlegged versions of Spiderman 2, I Robot and a few others."

Kristen shook her head, "Let’s see ˜em."

The three walked to the car and the shorter man opened the trunk and then opened a large cardboard box. Inside the box was hundreds of bootlegged DVD’s.

The taller man lit a cigarette, "About the cash, chubs?"

Kristen handed him the briefcase; "You have a problem with beefy females?"

The tall man laughed, "I don’t. Maybe we can have a beer afterwards and get to know each other better?"

Opening the briefcase, the tall man threw it over Kristen’s head in rage, "What the hell! It’s %$^^$ empty!"

Kristen took a step back and removed a badge from her pocket, "Sorry dope head, no beer for you tonight. You’re so busted!"

The white van’s door flew open and four federal agents approached Kristen and the men. Once in handcuffs the men were led away by the agents. Kristen watched as her hand glided into the box and removed Spiderman 2. "I’ve been meaning to see this one."

She tossed the DVD back into the box and giggled, “I’ll wait to see it on my day off."

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Fetching her morning coffee, Christina Aguilera took her seat behind her desk and proceeded to look over her agenda for the day. Her vibrant long blond mane hugged her shoulders, displaying her beautiful chubby face and her round butterball figure looked scrumptious in a peach colored silk blouse and blue skirt.

At nearly 300-pounds, Christina was a true role model for the plus size woman. She sparkled in class, style and confidence. Christina was perfect in her duties as a high school guidance counselor and was a popular teacher as well.

Mrs. Wilson entered Christina’s office. "Your first appointment is here Ms. Aguilera; may I send her in?"

Christina glanced over her papers, "Right, that’ll be Hillary Duff. Send her in."

Mrs. Wilson exited the office and Hillary entered. A senior at Washington high school, Hillary was not a troublesome student, but often mixed it up with the cheerleaders, mainly her nemesis, Heather Fallon.

Christina glanced over at Hillary and invited her to take a seat. Hillary’s blondish-brown hair was short and set in a raggedly ponytail that drew attention to her swollen cheeks and her double chin was wide and thick.

Her 245-pound figure was husky, dressed in an open blue blouse that covered her soiled pink T-shirt and tight jeans. Thick rolls of fat circled her flabby waist and her big belly poured downwards. Her hips were extremely wide and her spacious behind jetted outwards over her roomy thighs. Hillary sat with a blank expression, her hands resting between her thunder thighs.

Christina lifted her head upwards, "Mind explaining what happen in the cafeteria yesterday?"

Hillary nervously adjusted her bra, her large breasts uncomfortable in a bra too small for their size.

"Yeah, like I was just minding my own business and Heather starts this crap with me", Hillary explained as her hands relaxed upon her lap.

Christina raised her eyebrows; "Actually didn’t you start the brawl?"

Hillary lost eye contact with Christina’s , "She had it coming."

Christina leaned in towards Hillary; "Throwing pudding into a girl hair doesn’t settle anything."

Hillary laughed, "Made me feel better."

"I need the details Hillary", Christina told the student. "What transpired?"

Hillary folded her arms over her bosom, "Heather knows me and Toby are like, you know, seeing each other. I saw her flirting with him, so I asked her to like, stop. After all, she can get any guy she wants, why pick on my guy."

Christina questioned Hillary, "And you can’t get any guy you want?"

Hillary nodded her head, "I’m fat, fat chicks aren’t popular."

Christina leaned back in her chair, "Go on with the story."

Hillary scratched her bulging belly; "There’s not much to tell. Like I said, I asked Heather to leave Toby alone and she made a nasty remark, so I tossed my pudding in her hair."

Hillary mildly chuckled as she smirked, "Best pudding I ever bought."

Christina couldn’t control herself and laughed at Hillary’s remark. Within a minute Christina regained her composer and took Hillary to task.

"Let’s forget the pomp and circumstance and talk like friends, okay?” Christina remarked as she stood and walked over to Hillary.

"I’m going to call a spade a spade."

Hillary nodded her reply as Christina continued. "Toby is not your boyfriend, you have a major crush on this guy, but you haven’t even been out with him."

Hillary was about to comment, but Christina interrupted her, "Let me finish Hillary, you’ll get your chance to talk in due time."

Christina’s full sized bubble butt jiggled as she paced the hardwood floor, "Point is, you became Jealous when Heather flirted with Toby and that’s why you tossed the pudding in her hair."

Christina stood above Hillary, her arms crossed over her large bosom, one eyebrow raised. "Care to comment?"

Hillary pouted, "Yeah, I guess so. But I hate her, she’s slim and beautiful and popular."

Christina’s fingers gently lifted Hillary’s chin, "If you listen to me young lady, you’ll be just as beautiful, just as popular."

Hillary squeezed a plump roll that lingered around her spacious weight, "You’re not going to tell me to diet?"

Christina took a step back, "No Hillary, I’m not going to tell you to diet."

Christina placed her hands upon her hips, "Look at me, I’m heavier then you, would you call me unattractive?"

Hillary nodded her reply, no.

Christina then advised Hillary; "All you need to do is dress more in style and do something with your hair. Remember Hillary, you’re responsible for your own happiness. If you look good, you’ll feel good. You’ll gain self-confidence and you’ll lose a great deal of your jealously."

Christina took a seat on her desk; "I was just like you at one time. I was a mess and felt inferior to slim chicks too. I tried every diet on earth and after every one of them failed I decided to work on myself. I dressed better, tossed that chip off my shoulder and made something of myself. Maybe I’m not a size 4, but who gives a crap. I’m beautiful at my size and have a steady guy who loves me as is."

Hillary stood; "Well I guess I can try." Christina giggled, "Trust me Hillary, follow my advice and you’ll do very well."

Hillary thanked Christina and made tracks to the door, though not without Christina asking her to stop for a second. "Hey Hillary, between you and me?"

Hillary nodded and Christina whispered, "I think you’re just as pretty as Heather, so don’t be jealous."

Christina paused for a second and then added, "Trust me, I've seen how she eats. Heather’s going to blow up like a balloon before she’s twenty-five."

Hillary laughed.

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Saturday was by far the busiest day of the week at the, "Beautiful Babes" beauty salon located in Newark, New Jersey. Customers ranged from the elite to the working class, young, middle age and old. The clientele was mainly female, from Gucci chicks wanting to look posh for Saturday night, businesswomen ready to score a major transaction, young ladies anxious for the prom and various other members of the feminine gender. A few metropolitan males frequented the shop as well.

Mrs. Kruger the salon’s owner entered the back room and approached her newest employee, Jennifer Lopez. Mrs. Kruger was an ageless looking woman whose bleach blond hair was always set in a preppy hairstyle and whose fashion was nothing less than dignified. "Let’s go girl, Mrs. Munson is waiting for her nails to get done."

Jennifer removed her eyes from her movie star gossip magazine and smacked her gum. "I was just reading about Catherine Zeta-Jones."

Mrs. Kruger nodded, "I’m sure she doesn’t have to wait to get her nails done."

Jennifer stood and smiled, "You know I’m going to be a movie star one-day."

Mrs. Kruger lightly giggled, "Yeah, sure. What happen to your audition for Another World?"

Jennifer twisted her neck and checked out her rear end, "They said my ass was too big."

Jennifer did have a big butt and husky thighs to match. Though at only 145-pounds, she was slender until her behind and thighs, where majority of her weight settled.

"I think I need to go on a diet", Jennifer remarked as she tossed away the gum and reached for a donut.

Mrs. Kruger opened the door, "You diet? You’ve only been working here for a month and all I’ve seen you do is eat."

Jennifer polished off the donut in two bites; "Yeah I know, there’s got to be a better solution then dieting. Dieting bites."

Jennifer then took her seat and began taking care of Mrs. Munson’s nails. Jennifer buzzed a mile a minute to Mrs. Munson, talking about her future career and her weight problem.

"Yeah, so you know I tried slim fast, but that didn’t help."

On and on she went, Mrs. Munson just politely smiled. Another young lady, Natalie Shubert, who was getting her hair done suggested aerobics.

Jennifer turned her head and flashed a wide smile, "Nah; I tried that once, didn’t work. Aerobics only increased my appetite and made my butt bigger."

Candace Brown-Tyler a twenty something socialite who was getting her legs waxed mentioned liposuction.

Jennifer cringed, "Ouch, that got to hurt."

Mrs. Kruger politely remarked to Jennifer, "Maybe our clients would prefer discussing something other than you?"

Jennifer grinned, "Aw, they don’t mind."

Jennifer continued to chatter away about herself, and not only at the beauty salon, but after work as she ate dinner at a local greasy spoon diner.

The waitress leaned in, listening patiently with her elbows on the counter, not really giving a damn, just hoping her phony interest would bring her a big tip.

"So the only thing keeping me back from star hood is my big booty and thighs", Jennifer remarked as she polished off her cheeseburger. The waitress nodded and smiled through out the entire conversation.

Of course Jennifer controlled the entire conversation. "I’m thinking about trying out for another soap opera after I lose ten pounds. Maybe a TV series too?"

A rather insidious looking man with dark sunglasses took a seat next to Jennifer. His dark hair was streaked with blond highlights and gold chains were wrapped around his neck. He wore his colorful Hawaiian shirt open and his shorts were straight from the Gap.

The insidious young man held out his hand, "Hello, I’m Benny."

Jennifer sipped her cola; "I’m not interested."

Benny yelled over to the waitress, "Bring me a burger, fries and a coke."

He removed his shades and upon placing them on the counter, lit a cigarette and turned to Jennifer. "Too bad sweetie, I could help."

Jennifer tossed a handful of fries into her mouth and spoke as she chewed, "Don’t think so."

Benny leaned backward and scanned Jennifer’s plump derriere hugging the stool.

"I’m so sure Hollywood is looking for large ass women to be the latest rage in the industry." she said.

Benny regained his composure. "Yeah, but what happens as you age? You’re only what? Twenty-two, twenty-three? You know that thing is only going to get bigger."

Jennifer sipped her cola then drew a breath, "Okay, you have a point?"

A sly smile engulfed his slippery face, "Of course I do."

Jennifer asked what it was and Benny knew he captured her curiosity. "I’ll tell you after I eat. I never do business on an empty stomach. Can I buy you another cola?"

Jennifer took Benny up on the cola and a slice of cheesecake and an order of fries before he finally finished his meal. Jennifer was overly anxious and Benny could tell, so he lit an another cigarette and played his prey to his advantage. " Tell me a little about yourself?"

Jennifer squinted, "I thought you were going to fill me in on something that could help me lose weight?"

Benny bobbed his head and passed Jennifer a second slice of cheesecake, "I do. Be patient and enjoy the cheesecake."

As Jennifer polished off the cheesecake, she privileged Benny with random details about her life. Ten minutes later Benny decided to reel her in.

"You finished?", Benny asked.

Jennifer tilted her head, "I guess? Anything else you want to know?"

Benny snapped back, "I meant eating. Are you finished eating?"

Jennifer quickly leaned away, "Yeah, I guess."

Benny tilted his head, "I was just wondering, you know? Cause you really put the food away. That’s a shame, because with your appetite, within a couple of years you’re going to become a blimp."

Jennifer sat in shock as Benny continued, "I look at you and say, what a pretty face. Too bad as the rest of your body starts matching your big ass, your face will fill out too. You’ll barely resemble yourself once you balloon and your face becomes just as fat."

Benny scrutinized Jennifer’s body dressed in a black T-shirt and dark blue spandex. "Your butt and thighs really make you look sloppy and I can see a little tummy bulge action too. I’m sure your belly is going to plump out next."

Jennifer planted her hand over her tummy. Though her tummy wasn’t exactly flat, it was far from pudgy. It only looked inflated due to the big meal she just digested and the tight spandex slacks.

"By next month, maybe another, you’ll have a full-fledged potbelly all right. Man, I’m sure your cheeks will start filling out by then and you’ll have a decent size double chin too."

Benny lit another smoke, "Just think as you pile on the pounds, how much larger your thighs and ass are going to get."

Jennifer glanced over her thighs as Benny told her, "By the time you reach 30; you know gravity not going to be so kind."

Jennifer looked up towards Benny, "Are you through?"

Benny nodded, "Yeah, I’m finished."

Jennifer spitefully replied as she shook her head, "I’m out of here. I’ve met many creeps, but you’re absolutely the nastiest man I have ever met."

Benny wily smiled, "If I’m so nasty, then maybe I shouldn’t help you. Weight 300-pounds before you’re 30, I don’t give a cra[."

Jennifer paused for a brief second and then turned to Benny, "Okay; I’m sorry for insulting you, but you really made me feel uncomfortable."

Benny smiled like a cat in heat; "I can get you the most powerful diet, slash, weight lost pills in the country. I mean they’re outrageous. You can eat whatever you like, as much as you like and still not gain weight and even actually lose weight if that’s the case. And in your case...."

Jennifer interrupted Benny; "They’re illegal, aren’t they."

Benny played with his gold chains, "Illegal, black market, call them what you want. Of course if you’re not interested in them, fine with me. But please see me in a couple of years, I want to see how large you’ll be and what your face is like chubby."

Jennifer’s hand slid across her husky thigh, "Okay, I’m interested. How much?"

Benny sat upright, "They usually go for $25.00’s per bottle, but I’ll only charge you $20.00, because this is your first purchase. You get 100 pills in each bottle and take one a day to maintain your weight, two if you want to drop the pounds."

Jennifer asked when she could buy the pills and Benny told her, "Meet me here tomorrow about the same time."

Jennifer nodded and stood as Benny remarked, "Do me a favor and wear a tube top or something tomorrow, okay? You have a nice rack, why hide them?"

Jennifer rolled her eyes, "I’ll see."

Benny took a slow drag from his cigarette, "You know a tattoo would look nice on your set, do you have any tattoos?"

Jennifer grabbed her purse and sarcastically replied, "Ah, no. But thanks for asking." Benny nodded, "Well if you ever want one, I know a guy who’ll tattoo you for practically nothing."

Jennifer strolled towards the door; "I’ll keep that in mind."

Once she arrived home she changed her mind and decided against meeting up with Benny and buying the pills. The guy heinously reeked in repulsiveness. Why associate with such a foul character? Not only that, but the pills were illegal.

However, the next day during her lunch break at the shop, two things fell into her lap that changed her mind. Jennifer had just finished her meal and as she glanced over a movie magazine, she became aware of what she ate and what the popular actresses looked like.

"I’ll never look like those chicks with my appetite." Jennifer looked over her thick thighs and then compared them to the movie stars she admired.

She then thought about her lunch, which included a large subway sandwich, a bag of chips, 2 jelly donuts and a milk shake. "Man I’m going to blow up like a balloon if I don’t watch it."

Needless to say, that evening Jennifer met Benny and bought the pills. Jennifer didn’t stay long; she considered Benny bad news and after exchanging the cash for the goods, barely spent five minutes of small talk with him, then was on her way. The pills did work and 50 days later Jennifer had dropped 20-pounds. Now the fetching young lady only relied on one pill per day to maintain her sharp 125-pound figure.

Most of Jennifer’s weight still catered to her rear and thighs, but they were now less roomy. Jennifer went to every available casting call on the East Coast and though she only received a meager portion of actual film work, quit her job at the salon. It was a good thing too, since her vanity and arrogance began to irritate Mrs. Kruger, several of her co-workers and a vast number of customers.

Benny knew in advance that once Jennifer slimmed down that a bottle of pills would last her longer. So Benny charged her an extra twenty-five dollars. Jennifer didn’t care about the price. All that mattered was that the pills worked. Jennifer did a couple of car commercials, worked as an extra on, The Days of Our Lives, and had a small role on the television series, Law and Order. Jennifer wasn’t front-page news yet, but she was turning heads.

Finally some movie producer noticed Jennifer in one of her commercials and sent her a script. The part was just a minor role in some art film, but Jennifer was excited by the possibility that this film could be her big break. Jennifer had taken her last weight maintenance pill a week before the audition, but since her figure was in check, there was no hurry in seeing Benny. After all, if she suddenly began putting on weight, she knew where to find him.

Jennifer was a smashing success at the first audition and was given a call back for later in the week. Things were looking up for Ms. Lopez who returned to the, "Beautiful Babes" beauty salon, not as an employee but as a client. A tough to please customer as well. Jennifer demanded her nails done a certain way, wanted the best hairstylist in the shop and complained about too much ice in her cherry cola. Jennifer ignored her former friends and treated Mrs. Kruger in a condescending manner.

Natalie Shubert leaned over and whispered to her hairstylist, "Jen might have high-class looks, but her attitude is in the gutter."

Once Jennifer received her facial, had her hair styled and nails done, she approached the shop’s apprentice, Julie Contraire. Julie was a pretty young lady, just out of high school with short blond hair and a modestly plump figure.

"Julie, run outside and fetch me a cab."

Julie looked over to Mrs. Kruger who assured her with a nod that it was okay.

"Anything to get that conceited chick out of my saloon", Mrs. Kruger thought to herself. Jennifer pranced in front of the mirrors, admiring her attractive face and shapely figure from all angles.

"Nice work ladies, but I’m a vision of beauty to begin with", Jennifer purred.

It was now two days before the call back and Jennifer was at a fancy boutique shopping for lingerie. Jennifer was looking over a few items when from clear out of the blue, she became ravenous with hunger. Jennifer began to tremble and felt weak in the knees. She stepped outside to get a bit of fresh air and to regain her composer. She reminded herself that she had already eaten earlier in the day and that later on in the evening she was going to have a modest dinner.

Jennifer bit her lip and closed her eyes, backing up against the boutique’s window. Devoured by the desire to feed, Jennifer raced across the street to a little cafe. Taking a seat, Jennifer didn’t even bother to look at the menu and promptly ordered an avaricious meal. A beef sandwich with a large order of fries followed a few biscuits with creamy butter on the side.

Jennifer was on her second cherry coke when she next ordered a hamburger and onion rings. Once she consumed the burger and rings, garlic bread and cheese sticks were gobbled up. Jennifer reclined in her chair and blew her bangs out of her eyes. Sipping her third cherry cola, she patted her tummy and was delighted with her nourishment.

The waitress walked over to Jennifer and asked if she was in need of anything else? Jennifer glanced over at the display case and eyed a cheesecake. "Yeah, cheesecake", Jennifer happily replied.

The waitress nodded, "Sure, I’ll have your slice in a minute."

Jennifer sat upright, "Not a slice, the whole cheesecake." Once leaving the cafe, Jennifer visited the grocery store and bought various items to nibble on through the evening. Which she did until bedtime

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# # #

Morning arrived and Ms. Lopez had a hard time leaving the bed. Never before had Jennifer ever felt so fatigued. She wished she had a maid to bring her breakfast, for as she lingered under the covers, her appetite slowly increased. Jennifer finally managed to remove herself from the mattress and hobbled into the kitchen. Jennifer paused and took a deep breath before opening the fridge. Once she fridge was opened, Jennifer voraciously ate until full. One hour later Jennifer left the kitchen and entered the bathroom. After splashing cold water on her face, Jennifer wiped her mouth and glanced over her reflection.

"Oh oh!", Jennifer blurted as she caught the glimpse of her extremely puffy face. Her cheeks were inflated, her nose was swollen to almost twice the size and the tinge of a second chin emerged under the first. Jennifer stepped back and disrobed to examine her figure. Her body was so tremendously bloated that the waistband of her bikini briefs stretched to their limit and a minor tummy pouch erupted. Jennifer’s bra barely contain her bosom as the straps dug deep into her soft skin.

Jennifer was a mess as she hurried out of her apartment in search of Benny. Her gray T-shirt and light blue sweats looked shabby, her face void of cosmetics and her long hair tousled. The diner was only a short distance from her building and Jennifer arrived there within ten minutes. Jennifer approached the waitress who was doing her homework on the counter, "Hey Vanessa, has Benny been around?"

Vanessa Hutchinson was a very pretty, 19 year-old African American young lady with a slender figure and short hair. Working her way through school, Vanessa was not only a nice person, but knew a great deal about human character.

"Why’d you want to see that dirt bag?” Vanessa remarked as she looked up from her book, curiosity heavy upon her face.

Jennifer took a seat at the counter and checked if anyone was looking before adjusting her ridiculously tight bra. "I just need to talk with him, know when he’ll be around?"

Vanessa set upright and began chewing on her pencil, "I don’t know?"

Vanessa then turned her direction to the clock above the doorway, "I suppose he’ll be by here shortly. He’s here for lunch at around one, and it’s almost twelve thirty now."

Jennifer nodded as Vanessa left her stool and walked over, "Want a cherry cola?"

Jennifer brushed the bangs from out of eyes; "cherry cola would be fine. How about some pizza bread and maybe a slice of cheesecake?"

Vanessa giggled, "Hey, you’re doing the ordering."

Vanessa brought Jennifer her drink, "You look like you had a rough night, you been to a par-tee?"

Jennifer brushed back her hair then sipped her cherry cola. "No party Vanessa, I just didn’t sleep very well."

Vanessa leaned in towards Jennifer, "I know this is none of my business, but I’d keep my distance from Benny. Like the guy’s loser."

Jennifer half smiled, "Yeah I know, but it’s too late. Thanks for the advice."

Vanessa gently patted Jennifer on the hand, "Just watch yourself, okay? Your order will be up in a few minutes."

By the time Benny arrived, Jennifer was finished with her meal and nursing her second cherry cola. "Long time no see Chiquita, where have you been?"

Jennifer was to the point; "I need to buy another bottle of pills."

Benny slightly giggled then turned to Vanessa, "Hey sweet thing, bring me a burger, fries and Dr. Pepper."

Benny swung back to Jennifer, "Anything for you? A large order of....."

Jennifer maliciously interrupted Benny, "She has a name, and Vanessa is not your sweet thing!"

Benny raised his eyebrows and laughed, "Temper, temper. I didn’t know you’d have a short fuse when fat."

Jennifer folded her arms over her bosom; "I’m not fat, just bloated. It’s all because of your stupid pills too."

Benny grew serious, "Keep it down about the pills."

Jennifer slumped over the counter, her hand on her forehead; "Yesterday I ate like a pig!"

Benny contemptuously replied, "I guess I should have told you about the side effects."

Jennifer watched as Vanessa placed Benny’s meal before him, biting her lip, she needed to be fed again. "Vanessa, when you have the chance, could you please bring me another slice of cheesecake?"

Vanessa nodded as Benny told her, "Put the cheesecake on my bill, baby."

Jennifer tilted her head, "What about the side effects?"

Benny smiled, "There’s something in the pills, I don’t know the technical term that’s used. But I guess what happens after you stop taking them, something goes off in your brain, telling you you’re starving."

Jennifer squinted, "That’s why my appetite is so out of control?"

Benny nodded, "Yeah Chiquita, but there’s more."

Jennifer drew a breath, "Stop calling me Chiquita."

Benny smiled; "You wouldn’t be a Chiquita once off those pills."

Jennifer sipped her drink, "Yeah, no kidding. Chiquita means little one. What else were you going to tell me?"

Benny leaned in towards Jennifer, his eyes revealing his devious nature, "Because your brain tells your body it’s starving, almost 50 per cent of everything you eat is turned into fat."

Jennifer’s blinked; "I’ll blow up like a balloon."

Benny sat upright up and pushed the dish of cheesecake closer to Jennifer. "Yeah, with your appetite increased, you’ll become a blimp."

Jennifer didn’t want to give Benny the satisfaction of eating in front of him, so she politely asked Vanessa if she could have the cheesecake to go. "

So you want the pills or are you wasting my time?", Benny sternly asked.

Jennifer had no choice, "Yeah, give me the pills."

Benny wickedly smiled, "Thought so. Meet me in an hour in front of the grocery store down the block."

Jennifer shook her head, "Yeah, okay, fine. But I want your number so I know where to reach you."

Benny giggled, "Yeah, right. No can do. You can always fine me at here at around this time or usually around six in the evening."

Jennifer grabbed the container that held her cheesecake and stood off the stool, "I guess I have no choice."

Benny swung his head sideways, "No, I guess you don’t."

Jennifer played with a strand of her hair.

"See ya in an hour." Benny informed the bloated Ms. Lopez, "And the price went up, so you better bring a C- note."

Jennifer dropped her jaw, "A hundred dollars?"

Benny mildly chuckled, "Have you looked at your face? How puffy it looks? You’re still a beautiful chick, but imagine, just imagine how fat your face is going to look a year from now?"

Benny smirked, "Yeah. You stop in and see me then. Okay? But be sure you let me know who you are, cause I’m not sure I’ll recognize you."

Jennifer felt demoralized and agreed to the price. "Okay Benny, I’ll have your hundred."

Once out of the diner, Jennifer tore open the carton and began eating the cheesecake as she walked home. Across the street stood Candace Brown-Tyler who remarked to her friend, "Isn’t that Jennie from the beauty saloon?"

As Jennifer stuffed her face, Candace’s friend acknowledged the fact with a confident nod. Candace raised her eyebrows, "She’s really letting herself go."

It became a routine. Jennifer would meet up with Benny once at month at the diner and buy a month worth's of pills. Since she was only buying 30 pills at a time, Benny raised the price to $150.00. per bottle of 30. Jennifer had no choice but pay his price.

Nonaligned with Benny was Jennifer’s acting career. Winning over the director, Jennifer received the role in the film. The part as a waitress provided Jennifer with only four scenes, but one scene in particular was a solid five minutes in length and a gave her the spotlight. J

Jennifer wanted an edge to showcase her acting skills and so to get a better perception of waitressing, hung around with Vanessa at the diner. Of course Jennifer would leave any time Benny came around. Shooting for the movie was being done on location in New York City and there was two months of pre-production work and another two months before Jennifer was needed to film her scenes in the big apple. Jennifer kept busy in the mean time by appearing on a few soaps in bit parts and doing a couple more commercials.

Two weeks before Jennifer was needed in New York City, she met up with Benny at the diner and made arrangements for an extra supply of pills to hold her over until she returned to New Jersey. Jennifer knew shooting would last longer then the amount she had left and was afraid of running out.

Benny obviously complied with Jennifer’s wishes, but told her that she needed to wait until Saturday evening because he had just sold his last batch.

"Yeah, meet me here at the diner Saturday evening and I’ll have 30 of the pills for you", Benny told Jennifer as he glanced over her figure.

"You’re looking fine, you know that?" Jennifer didn’t even bother to reply. She just acknowledged the deal and left the scene.

Saturday night rolled around and Jennifer entered the diner surprised to find a new waitress working the evening shift. A very chubby gal with shoulder length red hair and a cute moon like face.

Jennifer took a seat at the counter as the waitress approached.

"Where’s Vanessa?" Jennifer asked as she squinted at the nametag, which read, Kristen.

Kristen smiled, "She’s been given the night off, I’m Kristen."

Jennifer nodded, "I’m Jennifer. Why not bring me a cherry cola while your up."

Kristen slightly tilted her head and paused briefly before replying, "Sure, of course. Anything else while I’m up?"

Jennifer rolled her eyes at the wisecrack, then anxiously waited Benny’s arrival. 45 minutes later, Kristen brought Jennifer her third cherry cola.

"This is the third cola I’ve brought you Jennifer. You’re either real thirsty or you’re waiting for someone?", Kristen asked.

Jennifer kept quiet and nursed her soft drink. Kristen leaned over with her elbows on the counter, her big butt in the air.

"I drive my friends crazy all the time playing detective", Kristen remarked with a happy grin.

Kristen then looked Jennifer straight into her eyes, "I’m guessing you’re waiting for someone? A lover? A married man?"

Kristen stood up and began wiping the counter, "Tell me Jennifer, I’m right?"

Jennifer folded her arms over her bust, "Mind your own business and it’s Ms. Lopez to you."

Kristen slowly nodded, the smile still intact on her cute face,

"Sure Ms. Lopez."

Jennifer sipped her cherry cola as Kristen told her, "Since it’s slow; I’m just going to clean up in the back. You holler if you need anything."

Jennifer glanced over at Kristen with distain, snobbishly remarking, "Yeah, I’ll do that."

Five minutes later Benny finally arrived and Jennifer was more then a tad upset about being made to wait.

"What happened to you? You’re late!" Jennifer continued to unleash her anger as Kristen entered from the back room.

Benny looked over to Jennifer, who got the hint to shut up. Kristen politely asked Benny if he needed anything and Benny shook his head, "Yeah baby, good idea. I’ll have a burger and fries to go."

Kristen wrote down the order, handed it over to the cook, then returned to the back room.

Jennifer’s hand slid across her glass of cola, “You made me wait. Jennifer Lopez waits for no one."

Benny cautiously scanned the diner and seeing only an elderly looking couple seated far in the back, smiled. Jennifer kicked Benny’s shin to get his attention. "Ouch! What was that for?"

Jennifer turned down her voice, but her anger was still smoking, "When I speak I demand your attention. Do you know how long I have been waiting here?"

Benny lit a cigarette, "Simmer down, will ya?"

Jennifer raised her eyebrows, "Simmer down? I’ve been waiting for almost an hour, while that fat assed waitress annoyed the...."

Benny interrupted Jennifer, "Will you be quiet and let me explain?"

Jennifer pouted, "Yeah, all right."

Benny proceeded with his alibi, "The word on the street has me ratted out, so I had some difficulty supplying your order."

Jennifer planted her hand against her cheek, "Oh no. You did get the pills?"

Benny smiled like a cobra ready to strike, "Sure I did."

Jennifer flipped her beautiful mane over shoulders, "That’s fantastic."

Benny nodded and then told Jennifer, "We have to make the exchange here, I’m a little nervous about being followed."

Jennifer briskly shook her head, "Yeah, okay sure."

Benny patiently went into the details, "Go into your purse and grab the cash. Give me a hug and put the cash in my pocket and then when I hug you back, go into my other pocket and remove the bottle of pills."

Jennifer squinted; "I really hate to touch you."

"Do you want the pills or not?", Benny asked as he leaned into Jennifer’s space.

Jennifer bit her lip, "Unfortunately yes, I need them."

Jennifer stopped short of her embrace and inquired, "Will I still be able to get these pills from you?"

Benny reached over and hugged Jennifer, "Yeah, things might not be cool around here for a while, but I’ll get word to you as soon as I find another location."

Jennifer followed suit and embraced Benny, almost gagging from the heavy amount of aftershave.

Once the transaction was complete, Benny asked, "Where is that waitress with my order?"

Jennifer shrugged her shoulders as Benny added, "You know, she’s kind of cute, too bad she’s so fat."

Benny then smiled, "Get up and kiss me goodbye."

Jennifer squinted, "Kiss you? Are you that stupid to think I’d want to kiss you?"

In the back of the diner the elderly looking couple slowly left their table, as Benny’s face came within inches of Jennifer’s.

"You don’t want anyone to become suspicious?", Benny whispered. Kristen seemingly appeared out of nowhere and calmly approached Jennifer and Benny.

Jennifer sat with her hands on her lap, "Of all the cheap excuses to get a kiss. I’d never kiss a pig like you."

"Don’t worry Jennifer, the pig isn’t kissing anyone", Kristen remarked with her badge in her hand.

Jennifer’s jaw dropped and Benny bobbed his head as the elderly looking couple flashed their badges and waved their guns. They weren’t elderly at all, but undercover federal agents.

As was Kristen, who snickered to Jennifer before reading her, her rights, "I’m fat assed, huh? I can tell by your childbearing hips, you’d have a fat ass yourself if you didn’t survive on cherry cola."

Jennifer pleaded innocent, that it was all a mistake, whining that it wasn’t her fault. Agent Kristen Dunst wasn’t buying a word of what Jennifer was selling, though she let her have a few words with Vanessa, who had all the while lingered in the back room.

Jennifer’s hands were cuffed behind her back as a teary eyed Vanessa told her, "I’m sorry Jennifer, but I had to do it. Not only because you’re my friend and I didn’t want you to get hurt; but this low life, piece of scum needed to be taken off the street."

Jennifer turned away from Vanessa, who then gently placed her hand on her back, "I hope someday you’ll understand and forgive me."

Taken downtown, Jennifer sat in the interrogation room with agent Dunst for hours. Over and over again, Jennifer explained in detail everything she knew about Benny and why she was purchasing the pills.

Kristen roamed around the room, informing Jennifer, "You wanted to be a big movie star? You’re going to become big all right, but I seriously doubt any kind of star."

Jennifer shouted, "No kidding, I’m aware of the side effects! Now get me a lawyer!"

Kristen couldn’t help but mock Jennifer who was behaving like a brat, "A lawyer? You want a lawyer! I think in about 24 hours from now, given the choice between a lawyer and an extra large pizza, you’ll pick the pizza!"

Kristen slammed her hands upon the table, looking Jennifer straight in the eyes, "Are you really sure you know what those pills have done to you!"

Jennifer yelled back, "Yeah! I’m going to get big and fat!"

Kristen grabbed a folder and threw upon the table a bunch of photographs of other females who had misused the pills.

Kristen ran through the stories as Jennifer glanced over the photos. "This is Sonya, she only needed to lose a few pounds for a spot in Sports Illustrated, does she look anything like a swimsuit model now? You’re now looking at Paige, a RN from L.A., wanted to drop twenty-pounds to snare a wealthy husband."

Every one of the women in the photographs was obese. "Yeah, that’s Valerie. She’s still a rather pretty young lady, though she now wears a size 34! Diana, this is a cute one. Wanted to trim down to steal her sister’s husband."

Jennifer leaned back on her hard wooded chair and pouted, "What am I suppose to say?"

Kristen sipped from her bottled water, then shrugged her shoulders, "I wouldn’t know."

Jennifer leaned forward and rubbed her behind, "If I can’t leave, can I at least have another chair? This one hurts my butt."

Kristen giggled, "In a few months you won’t be complaining about anything hard to sit on, you’re going to have plenty of natural cushion."

Jennifer’s expression revealed the anger from Kristen’s insensitive remark. Kristen just soaked it in, "Your ass is going to get bigger then mine. “

Eventually Jennifer was awarded an attorney who managed a plea bargain. Jennifer’s testimony against Benny in exchange for five years probation. However, Jennifer wasn’t exactly coming home any time soon. Jennifer was admitted to the Jersey City Community hospital for a period of four months for observation and therapy.



It was nearly seven in the morning as Cameron Diaz R.N. entered Jennifer’s hospital room. Cameron’s soft blond hair was just long enough to dangle on top of her shoulders, and her gentle face was round and chubby. Cameron’s nurse’s uniform exquisitely enhanced her corpulent 225-pound body.

Dressed in a sea green top with white slacks, the uniform minimized Cameron’s husky upper arm’s, while at the same time complimented her big pudgy belly, thick waist and wide hips. Her large behind was broad and though not quite a bubble butt, pushed slightly outwards over her hefty thighs. "Good morning sleepy head!", Cameron giggled as she drew the blinds. Jennifer rolled over and covered her face as the sunlight flooded the room. Cameron folded her arms over her healthy bosom and smiled, "Let’s go Jennifer, you know the drill."

Cameron’s cheerful attitude was as irritating to Jennifer as nails scratching a calk board and Jennifer incoherently mumbled, "Go have yourself a cup of shut the hell up."

Cameron giggled as she removed Jennifer’s blanket; "I’m used to your hostile morning behavior Jennie, so I’m not leaving until you’ve showered, weighed, then dressed."

Jennifer rolled up like a ball, her face dug deep in the pillow, "It’s Jennifer, not Jennie! Now go away!"

Cameron placed her hands over her hips and firmly remarked, " I have other patients to deal with young lady. If you’re going to waste my time, you can just stay in bed all day, and that means you’ll get nothing to eat."

Jennifer rolled onto to her back, "You serious?"

Cameron knew what buttons to press, "Yeah."

Not that Cameron could be strict if she had to be, truth was, Cameron was actually closer to being a pushover than a hard ass. However, she couldn’t let Jennifer on to that. Jennifer sat on the edge of her bed and yawned. After blinking, she scratched her flabby waist. Brushing her incredibly long bangs from out of her eyes, Jennifer tilted her head and looked upwards at Cameron. "Okay, what do you want me to do first?"

Cameron smiled as she giggled, "What do we do first thing every morning?"

Jennifer stood up and marched to the bathroom where she removed her large hospital gown and took a shower. Jennifer’s long chocolate brown hair flowed downwards, almost reaching her spongy bottom.

Since off the pills for a solid month, Jennifer’s weight increased from a slender 125-pounds to a very plump 165. Jennifer’s attractive face had become fuller and a noticeable double chin was in development. Her upper arms and bust mildly increased in size with the major potion of her added weight being distributed below. Jennifer’s swollen tummy was soft and round, rolls circled her pulpy waist and her hips were significantly wider.

Jennifer’s big bubble butt pointed straight outwards and her thighs were thunderously thick. Not only were her butt and thighs larger than they were previously, they almost didn’t match the rest of her body. Out of the shower and dried off, Cameron helped Jennifer into a fresh hospital gown and then escorted her to the scale. Jennifer drew a breath before mounting the scale, then closed her eyes as she stepped on. Cameron wrote the weight down in Jennifer’s chart, "One-hundred and sixty-five pounds. Not bad Jennie...um, I meant Jennifer."

Jennifer walked back to her bed, "Bad enough; I’ve never been this fat."

As Jennifer climbed back in bed, Cameron grabbed a syringe, "You are lucky Jennifer, you could be much heavier."

Cameron rubbed alcohol on Jennifer’s arm and explained, "If not for the anti toxins we’re giving you, you’d probably be near 190-pounds by now."

Jennifer bit her lip as Cameron administered the injection. After the injection, Cameron brought Jennifer her breakfast. This included a glass of skim milk, a glass of orange juice, dry toast, four small pancakes and oatmeal.

Jennifer whined, "Can’t I have some real food?"

"We have already been through this", Cameron told Jennifer. Cameron sat down on the edge of the bed and began feeding Jennifer the oatmeal, "Because half of everything you eat from now on will be stored as fat, you have to watch your diet."

Jennifer nodded as Cameron fed her another spoonful of her breakfast. "Even with the anti toxins we’re giving you, you’re still going to pile on much more weight. The anti toxins can only do so much, so you need to diet."

Jennifer sipped her milk, "If I watch what I eat, how much more weight do you think I’ll put on?"

Cameron fed Jennifer another spoonful of oatmeal, "All I can tell you is, if it weren’t for this low fat diet and anti toxins, you’d probably end up in the 500-pound range."

Jennifer squinted, "So you really don’t know?"

Cameron slowly nodded her head.


It was mid afternoon as Cameron entered Jennifer’s room with a bouquet of flowers. The very chubby 205-pound Jennifer turned her eyes away from the TV and smiled, "Flowers, for me?"

Cameron placed the flowers in a glass vase and then placed them on top of Jennifer’s bedside table, "Here’s the card."

After reading the card, Jennifer discarded the card on the floor, "Get these flowers out of here."

Cameron knelt down and picked up the card, "They’re from your friend, Vanessa Hutchinson."

Jennifer folded her arms over her large breasts; "She’s no friend of mine."

Cameron pulled up a chair and sat next to Jennifer, "I thought you understood why she turned you in."

Jennifer clicked off the TV, "Bad enough she had me busted, do you know that director gave her my part in the his stupid movie?"

Cameron glanced over the card, "Yeah, she wrote you an explanation."

Jennifer pouted, "She can take the...."

Cameron interrupted Jennifer, "Now don’t talk like that."

Jennifer rolled over on her side; "Just get those flowers out of my sight."

Cameron stood up and removed the flowers from the room.

The months progressed and despite the anti toxins and ridged diet program, Jennifer’s weight still increased.

"Before you’re discharged Jennifer, I need to go over a few things with you," Cameron informed Jennifer with a happy smile that matched her tone of voice. Jennifer was putting on pale blue overalls that took exception to her big bulging belly, and twisted her head in Cameron’s direction, "

"Yeah, I guess."

Jennifer’s figure had become astronomically pear shaped. "Why not take a seat and I’ll give you the 411", Cameron remarked as she helped fasten the straps of the overalls. Jennifer nodded and parked her 280-pound body on the bed, the mattress sagging, due to her weight.

Cameron smiled, "First off, let me remind me you that you’ve been given your last injection of the anti toxin. Which means unless you stay on your diet, you’ll become heavier."

Jennifer nodded, "But I’m always hungry."

Cameron tilted her head, "I know sweetie, but you have to watch what you eat. You’ll still going to put on a few more pounds, but to what extent, depends on you."

Cameron then brought up the fact, that she still had a job waiting for her at the, "Beautiful Babes" beauty saloon.

"Agent Dunst spoke with Mrs. Kruger who said you could have your old job back, as long as you’re nice."

"What is she talking about! I am nice!” Jennifer shouted.

Cameron rolled her eyes and giggled, "Yeah, right."


Julie Contraire had just open the shop and was reading a magazine as the door opened and Jennifer waddled in with a box of donuts.

"You’re late", Julie remarked as she looked up from the magazine.

Jennifer smiled, dimples appearing in her chubby cheeks, "I know, I overslept."

Jennifer’s face was now tremendously bloated with big chipmunk cheeks, an increase in the size of her nose and, an excessively prominent double chin. Her tight blue T-shirt exaggerated the size of her hefty upper arms and enhanced the large rolls that circled her husky waist.

Jennifer’s overly plump bosom laid upon her gigantic belly, that slightly peaked out over her snug, black spandex slacks. Jennifer’s spacious hips were unusually wide and covered by a two-inch layer of fat. As big as Jennifer upper body was, the lower half of her body was even bigger. Her colossal bubble butt was completely round and broad, sailing into the air over her chunky, elephantine thighs. Julie folded her arms over her breasts and glanced over to the 395-pound Ms. Lopez,

"Mrs. Kruger gave you a whole list of errands and chores, so you better get started."

Jennifer bit into a donut, "Sure, Julie. Right away."

Julie raised her eyebrows and Jennifer blushed, "I meant, Ms. Contraire."

Jennifer walked to the back room, her enormous belly jiggling and her gigantic butt bouncing as she moved. After shoveling two donuts into her mouth, Jennifer began her first task, which was stocking the supplies. Within minutes the first customer of the day entered, movie actress Vanessa Hutchinson. "

"Good morning Ms. Hutchinson, please take a seat", Julie welcomed her. Julie disappeared into the back of the shop for a minute, then returned.

"Our girl will rinse your hair before we style it." Vanessa nodded as Jennifer entered from the back.

Jennifer smiled as she approached her former friend, "Hi Vanessa. I haven’t seen you in a while. I loved your latest movie, Anaconda."

Vanessa looked up at Jennifer, "Do I know you?"

Jennifer shook her head, "Yeah, remember...."

However, Vanessa interrupted the super sized Jennifer, "I’m sure you have an interesting story and I’m happy you enjoyed my movie, but I’d prefer not to socialize with the help."

Jennifer nodded and rinsed Vanessa’s hair.

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"What will I make for dinner?", Cindy thought to herself as she leaned up against the family station wagon.

Chewing her candy bar as she waited for her children, Cindy then surmised if she should either finished the laundry, or start cleaning the bathroom once she arrived home. Cindy’s figure was pear shaped and flabby, not too chubby from the waist up, from the waist down, Cindy was large and wide. At 230-pounds, her big potbelly poured downwards, stretching the fabric of her neon green spandex slacks and her hips were tremendously wide.

Cindy’s pudgy rear was littered with cellulite and so were her thick, spongy thighs. Cindy looked tired, bags under her eyes, lines on her forehead, though as her children approached, a smile blossomed on her face, that revealed her happiness from within. Her children piled into the station wagon and Cindy maneuvered herself behind the wheel. Home for Cindy is where the heart is.


Dressed in a gold gown with her hair styled in a fashion that drew attention to her exquisite face, Charlize Theron was escorted by her manager to the cat walk. At 200-pounds, Charlize was the ultimate plus size model. Her buxom breasts looked scrumptious in her gown that flowed over her curves with ease. Her waist was modestly thick, though kept in check with underwear that flattened her pudgy belly as well. Her wide hips perfectly enhanced her hourglass figure and her spacious derriere and luscious thick thighs held a unique elegance. She paraded down the runway with her head held high and her own signature stride. Providing to all the fact, feminine beauty has nothing to do with size.


"Equality properties, savings and trust", Jessica answered every call the same way.

"This is Jessica, how may I help you?" Cheerfulness echoed through her voice and a candy smile planted on her pretty face.

"Mr. LaSalle is in a conference, can I take a message." Jessica was hired as an accountant right out of colleg, though somehow she managed to end up at the information desk wearing a headset.

Max Columbus popped his head out of the employee lounge and called over to Jessica, "Hey honey, we’re out of coffee."

Jessica twisted her head in Max’s direction, "Sure thing..."

Max had vanished back into the lounge before Jessica could complete her sentence.

Jessica was an attractive young lady. Her pretty face was diamond shaped with high cheekbones and a modest double chin. Her beautiful blond hair was short and neat, professional looking, but not overtly trendy. Jessica’s 245-pound body looked snazzy in a colorful short sleeve dress that celebrated her ample figure. The vibrant dress was a mixture of blues, greens and purples in a wavy pattern that minimized her thick waist and wide hips. Her upper arms were husky but firm, as was her buxom breasts. Jessica’s belly was big and round, confirming her butterball shape. Jessica had the classic office butt, spacious and plump, it slid over her roomy thunder thighs, shaking with every step she took.

Jessica walked around her desk as Debra Madison entered the building. A Gucci chick with dark brown hair and size negative two body, Debra didn’t even look Jessica in the eyes as she walked by and told her, "Honey, would you mind bringing me a cup of coffee?"

Jessica was called honey so often, she was starting to think, honey, was her actual name. "Sure Debra, as soon...."

Jessica stood alone; Debra was already in her office before she could finish her sentence.

Jessica strolled into the employee lounge and discard the old coffee grounds. Looking over at Max Jessica smiled with her eyes as well as her lips, How’s your day going?"

Max tilted his head, "Not bad, how about yours?"

Jessica was about to enter flirtation mode when Amber Sheridan walked in, "Max, how have you been?"

The sultry siren captivated Max and it was like Jessica wasn’t even in the same room. She made a fresh pot of coffee and stood idle, listening to Max and Amber converse about trivial employee lounge topics. After a few minutes, Jessica poured a cup of coffee for Debra and left the room without uttering a word.

Jessica brought Debra her coffee and Debra nodded, "Thanks honey, I appreciate it."

Jessica smiled and went back to her desk. Jessica rubbed her inflated belly, "Maybe if I changed my name to honey, people would notice me?"


Lindsey was working the cash register at Burger King and sneaking fries when nobody was looking. It was a slow evening and Lindsey could afford to be laid back during her shift. Her light blond hair was combed back, exposing her cute round face and her uniform likewise showed off every pound of her 240-pound figure. Her flabby arms jiggled as she rung up a customer who gave Lindsey a funny look.

"Hasn’t he ever seen someone with a mouth full of fries?", Lindsey thought to herself as she reached for another handful. Lindsey’s ample bust and copious belly strained her combination nylon and cotton uniform, and one of her thick rolls that circled her chubby waist partially snuck out between her top and slacks. Lindsey’s full-sized butt was as wide as it was large and slightly bounced over her husky thighs.

Within a few minutes her best friend arrived, looking marvelously beautiful. Lindsey blinked, "Oh my gosh! Hillary, I barely recognize you!"

Hillary Duff tilted her head and smiled, "Thanks Lyn, it was all Ms. Aguilera’s idea."

Hilary looked quite the dish with her hair set in a preppy hairstyle complimenting her beautiful round face and in a blue blouse and khaki slacks that flattered her full figure. "I was kind of hoping you might want to check out the mall tomorrow?"

Lindsey tilted her head, "Think I could use a fashion over haul too?"

Hillary smiled, "Hey buddy, thus far two guys asked me for my number and I’m being continuously checked out."

Lindsey happily replied; "I could use a makeover, sounds like a plan."


Elizabeth Shue yawned as she scratched her big potbelly. Checking out her reflection in the mirror, Elizabeth tilted her head and smiled. Her light blond hair was worn up, displaying her sweet face that was closer to oval shape than round, with swollen cheeks and a soft double chin. Elizabeth turned sideways, her hands never leaving her protruding tummy. Dressed in a pink bathing suit, she scrutinized her thick waist, then her big butt and husky thighs.

"I’m never going to be thin", Elizabeth thought out loud as she stepped on the scale. She giggled as the scale read, 178-pounds, then slipped on her fuzzy blue bathrobe.

"I’ve put back on four pounds." A few minutes later, Elizabeth tossed her last few cans of slim fast into the trash and walked over to the fridge.

"I’ve been yo-yo dieting my entire life." Elizabeth pulled out the chocolate milk and drank from straight out of the carton. She then removed a gallon of ice cream from out of the freezer and grabbed a soupspoon.

As she consumed the ice cream her mind went back through the years, "I was my heaviest around the time of my senior prom, 260-pounds, I think."

She enjoyed the ice cream as she relaxed with her feet up, "Then I was down to like, 160-pounds in college."

She glanced over her big belly and giggled, "After graduation I was back too nearly 200-pounds."

Elizabeth munched away on the ice cream as she remembered how hard it was getting back to 160-pounds and that she had already regained 18-pounds in two months.

She pinched a roll of fat that rested her over hip, "Why fight it?" Elizabeth engulfed a large spoonful as she imagined her shape to come. "Who care’s if next year I’m in a larger bathing suit."

Elizabeth finished off the ice cream, then scrounged the kitchen for something else to eat. Eyeing left over pizza, Elizabeth grabbed a slice.

"No more dieting for me", she chuckled. "If I’m supposed to be fat, I’m going to enjoy myself!"


Jennifer Gardner walked up the creaky wooden stairs with shopping bags in both hands. Her gorgeous brown mane was set in a bouncy ponytail that drew the hair away from her gorgeous, chubby face. Jennifer rang the doorbell and waited patiently as she glanced over her reflection in the window. Her ample 235-pound body looked outstanding in blue overalls over a pretty, green and blue striped shirt.

Jennifer’s upper arms and breasts were modestly big, but most of her weight catered to her belly and below. Her pudgy belly poured downwards and her spacious waist was flabby. Jennifer had extremely wide hips, a big shelf butt and large chunky thighs. She drew a breath and rang the doorbell a second time.

A few minutes later the door opened and Julia Stiles whined, "The door was unlocked, you couldn’t just walk in?"

Jennifer followed Julia into the kitchen and placed the shopping bags on the table. Julia’s short blond hair was parted on the side, hanging just above her shoulders. Her cute moon shaped face was an extremely pudgy, with swollen cheeks and triple chin. Dressed in a purple sweatshirt and blue spandex slacks, Julia had a completely round butter ball body. Her upper arms were quite large and her buxom breasts rode over her capacious belly.

Julia’s sweatshirt was nearly a size too small; exposing the beefy rolls that clung around her bloated waist, as well as the top of her copious hips and porcine belly. Her spongy looking hindquarters were wide and plump, not a bubble butt, but in no way flat. Julia’s thighs were gigantic and brushed together as she walked.

Jennifer was removing the groceries as the 325-pound Julia commented, "Are you up for cards tonight or a board game?"

Jennifer tossed Julia a candy bar; "I don’t care, either way."

Julia scrutinized Jennifer’s wardrobe as she munched on the chocolate, "Why do you always have to get dressed up? You make me feel like a slob."

Jennifer took a seat and began munching on some chips, "You never can tell who you will meet."

Julia giggled, "This is suppose to be ladies night remember? Where we can be ourselves and just pig out."

Jennifer nodded, "Right."

Within in a few minutes the next member of their group arrived, Melissa Joan Hart. Melissa just got off work and was still in her waitress uniform. Her blond hair with brown roots was combed back, revealing her chubby cheeks and thick double chin. A mild case of acne dotted her face, but didn’t remove an inch of her beauty. At 240-pounds, the uniform barely fit, showing off her big round tummy and huge behind. Her upper arms were large but solid and her breasts were modest in size.

Melissa’s waist was plump and her hips unusually wide. Her thighs were as flabby as they were husky, wiggling with every step she took. "Isn’t it about time you bought a new uniform?", Julia asked in a catty tone of voice.

Melissa dug her hand deep into the package of cookies, "Yeah, I know."

"I put on some weight. I wonder why?", Melissa added with a chuckle. Melissa removed her apron and her big belly poured downwards, "I think I’m in need of a girdle."

The friends laughed and then cleared off the table and conversed while they played poker and ate. Finally the fourth member of their clique showed up, Rachel Weisz. Rachel’s curly dark brown hair hugged her shoulders, framing her vivacious face. Her soft facial features held delightful chubby cheeks, a cute plump nose and small, yet delicious double chin.

Rachel’s 290-pound body was clad in a colorful cotton housedress, far from frumpy, upon her figure it looked simply resplendent. The short ruffle sleeves enhanced the size of her pudgy upper arms and the fabric stretched over her large breasts. Rachel’s huge belly was completely round and her waist was quite thick. The rolls that circled her waist ranged in size, the biggest one firmly riding over her generously wide hips. Rachel’s posterior was enormous, shooting high into the air, over her hefty thighs.

"Sorry I’m late", Rachel announced with a smile upon her face and the air of happiness in her voice.

"Took me a while to get the youngest one in bed", Rachel remarked as she sat down and joined her friends. Melissa handed Rachel the package of cookies and giggled,

"You have a lot of catching up to do." Jennifer handed Rachel the playing cards, "Your turn to deal."

Rachel grinned as she shuffled the cards, "The cards are all sticky. Who got the cards sticky?"

Julia sat on her hands, her pretty face smeared by the piece of pie she just ate, "Beats me."

Rachel began dealing the cards, "How bout a little seven card stud, high spade in the whole splits the pot."

Melissa tilted her head and smiled, "Anyone besides me have a taste for pizza?"

Julia giggled as she patted her humongous belly, "Like I really need pizza, but sure, I’m game."

Melissa’s hand slowly ran over her tummy, "I’m catching up to you."

Rachel glanced over at Melissa, eyeing her tight uniform, "You’ve put on weight?"

Melissa shook her head as she squeezed her pudgy belly, "Yeah, look at it!"

Jennifer dropped the top of her overalls and rolled up her shirt. "I’ve have a nice, round belly too!", Jennifer remarked with pride.

Rachel giggled as her hands massaged her large tummy, "My belly ranks up with yours!"

Julia grabbed a handful of potato chips, "So about the pizza?"

Jennifer nodded, "Yeah, pizza would be what my belly needs to catch up with Julia and Rachel’s."

Melissa laughed, "I just look at food and my belly gets bigger."

Rachel looked over her cards and through a quarter into the pot, "I open for twenty-five cents and count me in on the pizza."

The girls all tossed in they’re quarters. Julia stood, "I’ll order the pizza now."

Melissa raised her eyebrows, "I think you should order more than one." The friends all laughed together.

(For the next story in this series click here)

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