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Default Auirora


Aurora staggered into her dormitory, and collapsed on her bed, making the bed sag. Her already large stomach was overfilled and overgorged. The hefty amount of food and drink that was in it was glopping, slopping and sloshing around, making a liquid like noise emanate from her stomach. On top of all this, she was hiccupping uncontrollably.
Aurora was 20 years old, 5’9’’ and weighed a hefty 360 pounds. She loved eating and gorging on almost anything sugary or fattening. She had been purposely feeding herself since the age of nine, making her belly fat layered and very soft. However, tonight, it was stretched to absolute limit.
The evening had started like any other one, filled with dinner, coke, snacking and homework. Aurora had a plan in mind. She would sneak to the cafeteria when everyone was asleep. Then, she would try to unlock the door and have a feeding frenzy. Her first part of the plan worked, everyone was asleep. However, the door was locked. She heaved her bulk against the door, and not surprisingly, it opened. Not believing her luck, she ran in and found the shelves stocked with all her favorite foods, fudge, bagels, chocolate bars, thick cakes, and even three 16 piece pizzas in the warmer. Aurora let out a gasp of joy and started stuffing her face with everything that came into reach, her stomach expanded, her jeans split, but she still gorged. Finally, she swooned to the coke dispenser and drank the tap dry. Lucky Aurora, for she did not know that the best was yet to come.
The next morning, the rude trill of the alarm clock woke Aurora from her food induced torpor. She heaved herself out of bed, and looked down. Her stomach had completely digested and turned all her gorge into 95 percent belly fat. Her stomach, now growling noisily, was the same size when she gorged! Delirious with delight, she ran to her wardrobe to get dressed. Many of her shirts were intentionally small, to show off a good two inches of her fat stomach, but when she put the largest on, it rode up and displayed everything to her deep well of a bellybutton. Aurora shrugged, and put on a pair of jeans, two sizes too tight. The jeans were attached to her legs like sausage skin. The button, straining against the pressure dug deep into her stomach, forming thick love handles and a 3inch overhang. Aurora, happy, and positively starved, skipped as fast as a 360 pound girl could.
There is not much to discuss during breakfast and lunch, Aurora simply outdid herself time and time again. During lunch, on her 5th heaping plate of delicious and fattening fried chicken, the overburdened jean button ripped and her swollen stomach flowed outward. During dinner, I deemed it fit to make my entrance into her life. I had no trouble finding her, she was the only girl who had a table all to her self, stacked high with pizza crusts and crumbs. I sat down and waited for her to notice me. I am not an ordinary guy however, I can make things happen at my will, the forces of matter and the atoms obeyed me. I could make a feast out of a blade of grass. Aurora finally finished her meal and looked up, hiccupping uncontrollably, hands resting on her swollen and gorged stomach.
“Hello Aurora, how was the day?” I said innocently enough
“Hic, It went very, hic, well, thanks for asking, hic,”. I decided to press further,
“How does your stomach handle all that food? You can sure put away a lot.” She brightened up and started talking.
“Hic, I really don’t, hic, know, hic. My belly, hic, just swells, hic, and turns all, hic, the food, hic, into fat, hic, that mostly, hic, accumulates in, hic, my fat stomach!” she said proudly. With that, she lifted her shirt, gripped the swollen mass by its sides, and shook it, making that familiar glopping, and slopping noise. She then struggled upward, grabbed handfuls of fattening, twice deep fried candy bars. After about 20 handfuls later, her gut could not handle any more.
“ HILP!!! I ate way too much today… HILP!!!” she muttered as she tried to put one more bar in her mouth. I decided to get to the point.
“Aurora, how would you like to have a supermarket all to your self to gorge on?” She grew so excited, her hiccups went away.
“ OH, I WOULD LOVE IT! I would do anything to do that, what is your cost?”
“Nothing!” Aurora looked fit to burst, which was a feat, since she was already very swollen.
“Good!” I said, “Tonight, at 10:00 go to the local Eat-Mart. Everything will be set up for your fun”. Aurora, however, looked a bit confused.
“Wait, wait, how will you unlock everything, how will you stock everything just the way I like?” I smiled a sardonic smile,
“The same way I set up the cafeteria for last night’s gorge. See, I can reassemble things into anything I please. I will make you a feast as to feed a whole army of girls.” Aurora, got the idea and agreed.

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Default 2nd section

9:55 PM- The Eat-Mart

Aurora at the eat mart in her baggiest clothes and with a stomach fresh from munching. Everything inside was dark, but Aurora just needed to wait. Suddenly a few lights went on and Aurora gasped, piles and piles of food were unwrapped and spread across the whole Market.
“James”, she whispered as she grasped her belly tightly, “you were right, this is a fat girl’s paradise. Farewell, James, you old schemer, this will be a night to remember!!!!!!!!” With that said, she ran toward the food and started to eat.
First, she dove into a barrel of assorted meats and cheeses, tossing out the whole barrel. She stuffed them down her throat and continued on. Right! Left! To! Fro! She picked up amounts of food. Having a towering armful, she ate it all. Aurora licked her lips, patted her slightly distended stomach, and continued. Everything at this time grew larger than life. She smacked a sausage the length of her on a piece of bread and threw down her throat, catapulting her gut out some 5 inches. Then, Aurora grabbed a pitchfork, and gathered cheeses, chocolates and pure blocks of fat. She then spun the fork and swallowed them all whole. Aurora made it to the fudge pile. It was the thickest, most fattening fudge of all. Aurora grabbed a shovel and started shoveling it to another spot for easy eating. Higher, Higher, the mountain rose. It became too unstable and started to collapse, realizing this danger, Aurora puffed blindly away, catching chunks of the fudge in her mouth. Without realizing it, she ran straight into a gigantic cake of Tiramisu. It all went down into her belly. Now, at this point, her belly was extremely large and swollen. Just then, a gigantic doughnut hole fell toward Aurora. She swallowed it whole, making her stomach leap two inches. Amazingly, Aurora struggled to her feet and kept eating her way to the ice cream dispenser. When she got there, she immediately turned the spigot on full and lay with her stomach upward, letting the stream flow through her mouth. The dispenser exhausted itself, depleting its 5 gallon supply. Aurora seemed to have more energy, for she heaved herself up and gathered a string of 100 German sausages soaked and fried in fat. As she ate them up, her weight became too much and the plank she was standing on snapped. She fell into a gargantuan pitcher of her favorite Orange Soda. Aurora swam and let all the fluid flow in her. Finally, the whole thing was gone and she was floating upward in a large carbonation bubble. Her stomach was stretched to amazing proportions, but I could see one more feat left.
The bubble burst and sent Aurora plummeting downward she landed with a squelch and catapulted a gigantic hot dog up in the air, Aurora put both hands on her stomach, and opened her mouth. The hot dog went in whole. This was where she seemed to have reached her limit. Her stomach exploded in size, blasting away her restraining hands. She looked dazed. Her hands were perched on top of her massively swollen gut. She hiccupped massively and rolled on her back, allowing her stomach to slosh fluid-like on top of her, she then broke into dazed song.
“Aaaaaa, store is a veritable smorgasbord, -orgasbord ,-orgasbord, after the doors are locked…. HILP!” During this time, she had rolled over on her stomach and rolled upright. However, the gargantuan counterbalancing weight of her massively swollen gut threatened to knock her over again. Aurora rushed, and to my great surprise, pulled down a whole pile of chocolate chip cookies, about 150 of them. There, her stomach won and she collapsed heavily on them. She looked down at the cookies, and forced them all into her mouth, making the massive hiccup. I now go back.
“Eeeeach niiiightt, when the lights are out, there’s Fatty Fo-od, found on the ground, ALL AROUND!!!!” She bore her stomach, which had swollen even more, a pure look of ecstasy on her face.
“That’s where a Girl can Glot….Glot….Glot…..GLOT!!!!!!” Between each “Glot”, Aurora, staggered to a towering pile of Fudge, eating it down to nothing. However, before the last Glot, she staggered into the most massive pile of all, it completely enveloped her. For a moment, nothing happened. Then, the pile began to shiver, then slowly shrink and shrink. When all was said and done, Aurora was at the bottom of the heap, her stomach rolling out in all directions. She tried to get up, this time, she couldn’t. She collapsed on her stomach and started to slowly drag herself to my home, eating the remains of her gorge all the way.

The next morning…

I was sitting in the kitchen when a large crack announced that Aurora had arrived. I put down my newspaper and walked to see her.
“HILP! I’m back” she cried. She slowly lowered herself through the step. Even though there was a four foot drop, Aurora’s stomach touched it long before she did. A massive glopping sound was heard when she hit the floor. The immense amount of food in her gargantuan and massively swollen gut, made a shifting noise when she moved, or shook. She started to speak.
“ What a night! Never have I seen such eating. Everything was well ripened… Seasoned with the passage of time, and the heat of the day, Oh it was rich my friend, RICH!! HILP!!!” Aurora had thrown herself with her belly prone to me, she lay heavily against the counter wall, I made a motion wit my eyes, and massive doughnut hole fell to her stomach. It jumped out another two inches and settled back. She lay there, in a stupor, hiccupping massively now and then. I shook my head mockingly.
“ Why, you should be ashamed of your self, if would serve you right to have an acute attack of indigestion!” This seemed to bring Aurora back to her senses. She snorted with laugher, making her gut wobble and sway.
“My stomach can handle anything!” With that, she slapped her swollen belly from her bountiful and puffed breasts, to as far down as the swaying fat on her arms allowed. With every slap there was a erotic squelch and glop that came from her massively gorged stomach. I decided to bait her.
“Really, Aurora, your gut can’t handle anything, can it?”
“YES it CAN!” she declared and started shoveling Danishes down her throat. Her stomach, struggling against the over input of food, started to blotch red, sweat, and involuntarily shiver, all the while, growing and swelling in leaps and bounds. After an innumerable amount of pastries were devoured. Aurora sighed, patted her stomach and reached for a four gallon pitcher of cream. I watched in disbelief as she chugged it down, her gargantuan gut swelling larger and larger. Afterwards, she shoveled in more pastries, now added with the occasional box of cream puffs. When she stopped, I calculated that she stuffed two gross pastries, one gross cream puffs and over eight gallons of cream. I had to put an end to this. Naturally, a succession of large doughnut holes that I showed earlier came down. Aurora, simply leaned her head back and swallowed 10 of them, increasing her stomach’s girth by 10 inches, finally I sent a massive one, she swallowed it, but her stomach had had enough, with a great convulsion, it knocked off her hands and settled back. I stared at it, Aurora had gorged her stomach to ten times the size it was when I first met her, and five times the size it was after last night. A torpor hung over her, eyes glazed.
“Aurora,” I said, “ if you hadn’t been so dopey, I’ve made you a breakfast.” Aurora looked up. Straining upward, her newly overgorged Stomach gurgled and glopped as she tried to sit up. In font of hazy vision, she saw a table full of all her favorite breakfast goodies. She leaned back and gently patted her stomach, which made small gurgles with every pat.
“HILP! Hooray for me!” I, however wanted to still have fun.
“I hope you still have any appetite left,” Aurora nodded eagerly, “For your information there are 384 pounds in that peachy little gut of yours!” I continued playfully. I then gave the belly a light kick, watching it gurgle and squelch for 10 seconds. Aurora was solely interested in eating again.
“HILP! I never knew I ate that much. This HAS been a night!” She struggled to roll over on her stomach. Once, Twice, Thrice, amid great slopping, sloshing and glopping, on the fourth time she teetered over and slowly started to drag herself toward the new feast.

Do you want more? Answer via thread

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I'd say definetly continue with it.
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I like the emphasis you put on the hiccups.
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This is a great story, nice on the emphasis on the "godly" thing (I made a motion wit my eyes, and massive doughnut hole fell to her stomach)
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You should definitely continue this at some point!
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