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Jake (JMJ)
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Default Alien Takeover (Parts 1-7) - by Jake (aka JMJ) (~BBW, Alien magic, Intrigue, ~XWG)

~BBW, Alien magic, Intrigue, ~XWG - all she wanted was a unique job, what she got was inter-planetary in scope

Alien Take Over
Part 1 - 7
By Jake (JMJ)

[Author's Note: Hello all. It's been awhile since I last started a story. Thankfully I have a little bit of free time again so I can start writing. This is just the start of a new story I'm working on, a prequel to an idea that me and a few other writers have been tossing around. This is the first part. Hope you all enjoy it.

Addendum: Here is an updated version of my story. It seems Desiree has started following a whole new lifestyle that is causing her some problems.

I appreciate all the kind words and I am trying to continue this story as quickly as possible. It's just I want to create a very descriptive and detailed story and that is going to result in a long project, both in terms of work and content.

Keep the comments coming and thank you all again.

Jake (JMJ)]

Part One

Desiree Shalla enters the small little house without knowing what to expect. She had sent her resume through the fax number she had found in the want ads. The ad had basically said a secretary was needed for a small ad agency, but she didnít expect the agency to be this small. It was only a one story home and Desiree could tell that this company had opened not too long ago.

Entering the reception area Desiree greeted the receptionist warmly but did not receive a warm greeting in return. Before Desiree could identify herself, a middle aged woman walked past the receptionist and shook her hand. She gestured Desiree to follow her which is just what the leggy blond did.

Woman: You must be Desiree. My name is Angela, itís a pleasure to meet you.

Desiree: Itís nice to meet you. Iím really happy that your company is giving me this opportunity. And so quickly too. I only sent my resume to you guys two days ago and already I have an interview.

Angela: Well Desiree we here at Omega Adís feel that things should be done fast and efficiently. Thatís our policy and we stick to it. Ha-ha.

Desiree: I see. So will you be interviewing me?

Angela: Not me personally, my boss Mr. Alexander will be the one who will decide on your fate. I think youíll do fine so I wouldnít worry about it if I were you.

Desiree: Thanks Angela, I hope you're right.

Angela leads Desiree to Mr. Alexanderís office and the large gentlemen quickly shakes her hand. Heís about forty years old or so with a heavy set build and a dark beard that provides him with a sort of lumberjack look. He escorts her to a seat and goes through her resume as she nervously twiddles her fingers.

Mr. Alexander: I see here that you went to SUNY Albany. One of my neighborsí kids is going there next fall. Thatís a good school.

Desiree: Yeah, it was a good school Mr. Alexander. I did a good job there too, graduated with a 3.2.

Mr. Alexander: Good, thatís very good Desiree. So, why are you interested in joining our small company?

Desiree: Well sir, I want to get into the advertising industry, and I thought that I could start out being involved in every aspect so I could learn the necessities to become a good representative for firms later on in life.

Mr. Alexander: I see. I understand, you want to use us and then drop us the second you think you can find something better?

Desiree: No that isnít it at all sir. I was just sayingÖ

Mr. Alexander: Iím just joking around with you. Donít worry, I know you want to learn and if we can help you do that then I really want to. What do you think about starting today?

Desiree: Do you really mean that? You want to hire me right now?

Mr. Alexander:
Of course I do. I can just tell that you have ambition and that is something you need in this business. Granted, as one of my secretaries you arenít exactly going to help procure sales, but you should get a basic understanding of how things work and what you can do to further better yourself. Does this sound good?

Desiree: Oh Mr. Alexander thank you! Thank you so very much!

Mr. Alexander: Not a problem at all. Iíll get my other secretary Janet to help you get settled. Angela will point you in the right direction.

Desiree: Thank you again Mr. Alexander. I wonít let you down!

Mr. Alexander: I have no doubt youíll succeed on all your big dreams.

Angela: Right through that door Desiree. Iíve already told Janet to expect you. Congratulations and welcome to the team!

Desiree: Itís good to be a part of it.

Desiree walks out of her new bossí office and heads through the small double doors to find Janet standing there with open arms. Meanwhile, Angela and Mr. Alexander are having a very private conversation about Desireeís real role within Omega.

Angela: Sir, you hired her very quickly. Why would you possibly do that? She canít possibly be the one we are going to use for the project?

Mr. Alexander: Of course she is Angela. I wouldnít exactly be a good overlord if I didnít think things through now would I? Besides, Iím obviously going to test her responsiveness to the treatment before I go full blast with it. Remember, for our takeover to be perfect, we need the majority of the humans to be submissive slaves. One way to do that will be to break them down, and seeing as how our little friend is in pretty good shape, I think making her fat will illlustrate how to lure people into becoming obese humans responsive to ďourĒ food providers. Yes, hiring someone like her may just be the way to do things.

Angela: But sir, we donít have anything to do with the food industry! All we have right now is this little ad agency.

Mr. Alexander: In due time Angela, in due time. First however, I need you to set me up with a one of our tape recorders. I think Desiree could use her first test. If she passes, then we are going to further increase our control over her.

Yes my lord. I will bring a device for you right away. Please let me know if your plan works.

Mr. Alexander: Of course Angela. That is all.

Desiree and Janet were getting along well as Desiree was just doing minimal work and getting acquainted with the computer systems at Omega. She had just received her password and Dictaphone when Angela came by with her first real assignment.

Angela: How is it going Desiree? Are you enjoying your first day?

Desiree: Yes I am Angela. Everyone is so nice here and that little deli down the street has the best Caesar salad Iíve ever had. Iím really glad to be working here. My apartment was starting to get a little too expensive and I was really thinking about moving out.

Angela: Well thankfully that doesnít need to happen now. Tomorrow youíll just have to come in first thing and fill out a few forms to make everything official, but again, welcome to the team. Here is your first assignment. Mr. Alexander wants to see how good you are at dictating reports. This tape isnít a major assignment, but he just wants to see how long it will take you to do it. Donít worry, take your time. Itís only about fifteen to twenty minutes of him talking about his car and you have till five to finish anyway. I think two hours is more than enough time for you to get it done. Take care Desiree and Iíll see you tomorrow.

Angela bounced away as Desiree clutched the black tape with a look of concern. She had only done dictating twice in her life before and neither time did her projects come out all that well. If she messed up this time, it could be the shortest job she had ever had in her life. With that being said, Desiree popped it in and prepared to get the report finished.

The tape itself was indeed what Angela had said it would be, Mr. Alexander was rambling about how nice and affordable his new Mercedes was. Desiree was finding it rather easy to keep up with what he was saying and hoped things would remain this simple as she typed away on her keyboard.

Typing the message about the Mercedes wasnít what Mr. Alexander was really interested in, it was Desireeís response to the REAL message subliminally being sent into her subconscious. The other message stated: ď Desiree, I see that you like to wear nice clothing. Tonight, I want you to go home, do things that you normally do, go to the gym, eat dinner, shower, all of those good things, but I want you to pick out a nice pant suit outfit to wear tomorrow. If you do not currently own one, you are to go out and buy one. If you have to buy one, I want you to leave the price tag on it when you walk in. You are not to remove the tag until either Angela or myself mention that it is still attached to you. That is what you must do for me.Ē

Desiree finished the report and handed it to Mr. Alexander who reviewed it and gave her the thumbs up. It only took her an hour to finish and Mr. Alexander was impressed. He gave her another minimal assignment and sent her on her way. Desiree finished her task and left for the day. She had to go to the gym and then get some dinner. There was something else she had to do, but for some reason she felt a pant suit would be an appropriate outfit to were to work in the morning.

Desiree arrived at the gym promptly at 6:30 and stuck to her strict cardio regimen. After an hour on the treadmill she was drained and had to give it up. Walking into the locker room, she noted thankfully that no one else was in there at the moment which allowed her to study her figure in the mirror. She stood 5-10, and didnít weigh much more than 120 pounds (something that still upset her), but she was well proportioned, especially below the waist.

Poking her rear with her index finger, Desiree was glad that it was finally starting to firm up. While she had been working out extensively since she had been in college, her buttocks had been the one area that never wanted to tone up. Now it seemed that this was all changing and for the better, new job and hopefully a better body.

Once she finished showering and got in her car, Desiree did something she had no reason for doing; she drove to JC Pennyís to pick up a pant suit. She had no idea why she was doing it, she just felt it would look good to wear to work tomorrow. Even stranger was that upon arriving home she didnít dare fumble with the price tags at all; she just left them on before she finished up on some reading and went to bed. She had to get used to getting up early for work again and reading was a sure fire way to fall asleep.

The next day at work Desiree strolled in at nine on the button in her new black pant suit. As she walked past the receptionist, she couldnít help but hear the snickering that seemed to be directed at her. Desiree just shrugged it off and headed to Angelaís office. The older woman smiled as she sat down and noticed the tags hanging from the sleeve of the suit top. Angela however said nothing and just allowed Desiree to fill out all the forms first before finally deciding to say something.

Angela: That seems to be the last of them. Welcome officially to Omega Desiree. Wait, what is that on your sleeve?

Desiree: What, what are you talking about Angela?

Angela: The tag on your sleeve, is that the price tag? I think you left the price tag on the suit.

Desiree: Crap I think you are right. This is really embarrassing. You have a pair of scissors I could use?

Angela: Sure Desiree. Here you go. Well, have fun today, Iím sure Mr. Alexander will be by to give you a new assignment too. Talk to you later.

The second Desiree left Angelaís office, Angela immediately walked to her bossí office to tell him the news. He was already taking out the recorder to make a tape when Angela walked in.

Mr. Alexander: Morning Angela. I take it you met with Desiree already. Was she wearing a pant suit?

Angela: Yes my lord. She even had the price tags still on the suit. I must say, whatever did you tell her to do on that tape?

Mr. Alexander: Basically I told her she needed to wear a pant suit to the office today and if she didnít own one that she needed to buy one and keep the tags on them until either myself or you told her to take them off. This is good.

Angela: So she is susceptible to the subliminal messages. What is the next step my lord?

Mr. Alexander:
I think it is time we start changing her eating habits. I think we are going to have fun with this girl before all is said and done. Notify the staff that Desiree must not be made fun of until I say it is ok. Now, itís time for me to put this plan into effect and see how fat this human can get.

[Continued in post 5 of this thread]

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Scott M
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This is really good. I'm anticipating where this goes.
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Default Great Start!!

I hope you continue your wonderful story very soon! BUT PLEASE don't be one of those persons who starts a story with out completing it. I can't wait to read more!!! PLEASE continue it as soon as possible. Thanks
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JMJ's other stories rock.

The bakery was my fav.

Please continue!
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Jake (JMJ)
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Default More of my story

Part Two

Mr. Alexander pops in a new tape and begins recording his next message for Desiree. Knowing full well that it may take sometime before Desiree puts on significant weight, he decides that he is going to try a slow process for a month, just to gauge how long it takes her to put on pounds. He grins evilly as he records his new instructions for his human victim.

Desiree had just finished her first cup of coffee when Mr. Alexander called her into his office. He seemed to be in high spirits as he handed her his next assignment, a dictation on a new type of underwear for men. She set out to get her assignment done as quickly as possible to impress her boss.

Mr. Alexander had put a very good message on this tape. Aside from describing how the new underwear line would bring comfort to guys, the subliminal message would also alter her lifestyle. His message was clear:

“Desiree, I’m glad you wore that lovely pant suit today. My only problem is that you aren’t filing it out as much as you should be. My task then is for you to enjoy yourself for the next month. You are to avoid any type of exercise and indulge on all the tasty treats you have been avoiding. Every morning you are to go to the donut store and buy two donuts for breakfast. Lunch is to be a meal from any fast food restaurant, with dinner being anything you wish it to be. However I do think snacking on pastries, and then two bowls of ice cream before bed will be acceptable. Add to this constant snacking throughout the day and you will be set. This is what you must do for me over the next month. Oh, and one more thing, you are to keep up all outward appearances while this is going on. I hope you make me proud.”

Desiree played the tape about 4 times before she finally had her report finished. It had taken her two hours but it was finally done. She had tried very hard to get it done before Mr. Alexander had gone to lunch but sadly that was not to be. He had left after 11:30 for a business luncheon and wouldn’t be back until after two. That left her with about two hours before he would be back. She was just about ready to ask Angela for more work when she heard her stomach rumble loudly.

Normally, Desiree would be able to control the urge to eat but for some reason she was craving a Big Mac. She hadn’t had one in over four years but it seemed to be all she could think about. Even when she sat back in her desk chair she had those juicy patties, salty fries, and special sauce on her brain, making her mouth water more and more as each second passed. Before she knew it, she was back in her Camry driving off to McDonalds to get lunch.

Once she had arrived at her destination, Desiree frantically ran out of her car and made her way to the front counter to get lunch. She patiently waited for her turn before finally getting to the front of the line to place her order. The food couldn’t come fast enough for her as she grabbed it and sat down at a table. Picking up the burger, she licked her lips and took a bite, the greasy juices mixing with the ketchup as they ran down her throat, creating a plethora of flavor.

Desiree moaned from the feeling as she took another bite, the flavors even stronger this time around. Never before had she felt this good from a meal even though she had eaten Big Macs before.

It didn’t take her long to finish her lunch and when she was finished she went back to work to turn in her report. There was still about an hour left before Mr. Alexander got back and for some reason Desiree was still hungry even after he Big Mac and fries. She decided that she would hit the vending machines up for a light snack.

Unfortunately she only had a ten dollar bill on in her purse and seeing how she didn’t feel like getting nine dollars in change, Desiree went ahead and bought a few Snickers, Heresy’s chocolate bars, as well as two bags of Doritos. She wasn’t one to snack but for some reason she couldn’t resist, junk food just sounded so good to her right now. Mr. Alexander had apparently done a good job when he picked her out because she was very receptive to the subliminal messages. He would be very proud when he found this out.

The rest of the day was uneventful for Desiree as she continued to do some dictations and snacked. Mr. Alexander reiterated his previous message in the following recordings, always telling her to snack and over eat. Desiree complied and finished off all her choices from the vending machine before the day was out and immediately made a bee line to her car to do some food shopping.

At the market she was not satisfied with the selection of fruits and vegetables and wanted something with more substance, particularly ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough especially. The only problem was that the trip to the supermarket took away from her gym time, but Desiree had no desire to attend the gym tonight. She just went to the supermarket, purchased several snacks: cookies, ice cream, hot pockets, and all other types of goodies that only 8 hours ago would make her gag. Yesterday was officially the last normal day of the rest of her life.

Desiree went about her normal routine of waking up the next morning. taking a shower before getting dressed. Her stomach was still a bit unsettled from last nights binging. Two bowls of ice cream, not to mention some cupcakes befopre bed and her poor tummy was out of whack. Even still, all that food in her stomach wasn’t going to deter her from getting breakfast. She quickly finished getting ready and then into her car and onto work.

She didn’t quite make it straight to work. First, she had to make a stop at the donut shop. Walking in she was overwhelmed by the smells emanating from the back. Sweet sugar, honey glaze, chocolate frosting, all those wonderful aromas made choosing only two donuts very difficult. In the end she went with a chocolate glazed and a strawberry jelly filled kind. She struggled but was able to keep the two goodies in the bag until she got to work.

In her mind she knew something was different but she couldn’t control herself. Besides, she was sure that Mr. Alexander would want to know that she was eating a nice breakfast, but she couldn’t understand why that would matter.

Mr. Alexander carefully noted her actions that day, as he would for the remainder of the month. Each day he would re-record that same message but would substitute the time remaining for her to complete his tasks. She was surely following his instructions to a T because her clothes were already starting to get a bit snug. He watched her like a hawk as each day her business outfits would seem to shrink.

It wasn’t much, perhaps maybe five pounds but it was definitely a start. Mr. Alexander knew that she first had to adjust to all of the calories she was now putting into her body, plus the fact that her metabolism would have to slow down after years of exercise. Human physiology may not have been his strong point but even he knew it would probably be a few more months before she really started packing on the pounds. He just had to decide what his next step would be for his pet project. Nevertheless, he was still looking forward to seeing this “attractive” blond become a mass of human obesity.

He came up with his next idea later that day. He knew that Desiree had undergone a nice little change, but he now wanted to see how well that change had taken hold of her. To do this he decided to see which food she would be willing to eat exclusively. Granted, no one in their right mind would eat only one type of food all the time, but Mr. Alexander knew that his prey was not in her right mind. He made another recording and told Angela of his plans. All that was left was to give Desiree the tape and then wait for tomorrow’s lunch and she how she answered Angela’s question.

Desiree stumbled through the next day without doing much work. She was feeling sluggish lately, the lack of exercise combined with all the junk food she was eating was turning her into a lazy slug who had no energy to do anything but eat and go to work. She wanted to go to the gym but felt that it was unnecessary, she had been going to the gym for so many years that a break now would do her good. Her only real concern was when to head to lunch and satisfy the hunger she had for a double quarter pounder with cheese. It wasn’t noon yet but getting an early jump wouldn’t do anybody any harm.

Angela however trapped her before she could get out and contrary to getting yelled at, Desiree was being asked if she could be treated to lunch. She quickly accepted the offer just so they could leave and head out. Angela held the door for the growing woman, an evil grin on her face as Desiree walked by. Angela was eagerly awaiting Desiree’s answer to the ever important question that would leave to even more pounds being packed on.

The question itself would have to wait for a moment. Desiree was too busy focused on her meal to even hear anything Angela was saying. It took the end of the burger for Desiree to finally look up and acknowledge her co-worker. Angela was only slightly annoyed at being ignored but eventually decided to just keep with the plan.

Angela: I see you enjoyed that burger. I never knew that McDonalds made food that good.

Desiree: (Stifling a belch) Oh, excuse me. Yeah Angela, I would normally agree with you but lately I’ve found that McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s are making great food! I can’t get enough of it.

Angela: Wow, maybe I should start coming here more often then. Then again burgers aren’t my favorite food. If you were to say now chicken, then we I’d have to be here all the time. Chicken is my favorite food, I could eat it for hours on end. Good thing its healthy too, otherwise I’d weight a ton. Ha-ha.

Desiree: Tell me about it. I feel like such a slug lately, I have no energy to do anything anymore but go to work and drive home.

Angela: I’m sure you will be ok hon, you just have to get used to working, it’s a big transition from just taking college classes. Once you get adjusted, you’ll be ok.

Desiree: Hopefully that’ll be the case. You’ve got to try these fries, they are almost as good as that burger. I’m thinking about getting another burger, how about you?

Angela: I’ll pass Desiree thank you. Can I ask you a question before you get another burger?

Desiree: Sure Angela, I’ll answer your question first. What is it?

Angela: I was wondering, are hamburgers your favorite food? What I mean is, if there was only one food you could eat, what would it be?

Desiree: That, that is a very strange question. I don’t think I have an answer to that. I’m sorry Angela, I can’t answer that.

Angela: I think you can Desiree, think harder. Think about it, one type of food everyday. That can’t be too hard to figure out can it?

Desiree: One type, just one type? I mean, I love pastries, and I know I could probably eat donuts all day, but I could also eat cakes all day, and maybe even ťclairs all day too. I don’t think I could limit it to just one pastry.

Angela: I see. Alright, go get your burger Desiree, but get it to go, we have to get back to work you know.

Desiree: (With a unsure look on her face) Ok, I’ll get it to go. I’ll be right back Angela.

Angela made sure not to prod the human anymore the rest of the car drive to ensure she wouldn’t suspect anything. The girl had shown a small amount of resistance to the messages but then again, perhaps she was just being honest: maybe she really couldn’t just pick one type of food. Mr. Alexander would have to use his ingenious to figure this out to ensure that the plan went through with out a hitch the rest of the way.

Mr. Alexander listened to Angela’s report and just smiled. Unlike his servant, he did not sense resistance in the human as was ready to go about with the next step. For the next two months Desiree would eat nothing but pastries for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He would keep the same instructions such as no exercising and no discussing of her eating habits outside of work. Mr. Alexander went about making his next tape which would once again change Desiree, this time for two months.

Desiree just didn’t understand it. She’d been at work for almost two months and while she loved the money and the people she had met she hated what was happening to her relationships with her friends. She couldn’t do anything on the weekends and had been blowing all her friends off due to her lack of energy. What made things even worse was that she couldn’t seem to stop eating, especially pastries.

Everyday she found herself at the local bakery, ordering donuts, cakes, cookies, pies, etc for her daily sustenance, and then repeating this task the following day. While she never complained to others, deep down she didn’t like not exercising, but she resolved that for now she just needed a break. Once her energy levels got back to normal she figured she’d be ok. She just wished that the washing machine in her basement would get fixed soon, it was shrinking her out of her wardrobe!

Unfortunately for Desiree, it wasn’t the washer that was causing her tightness, it was the weight she was putting on. At first her metabolism was able to control the incoming calories but now that fail safe had been destroyed. All the food she ate now was starting to manifest itself into “unseemly” fat. Granted, it wasn’t much more than 15 pounds but it was all fat. Her stomach had lost its muscle tone and had just started to curve out a bit with the hints of softness.

Her breasts had also gotten a bit softer and less firm compared to when she first started working. The real problem was further down below the waist. Her behind was always her trouble area, but now it was accumulating inches faster than any other body part, giving her permanent panty lines with whichever pairs of pants she managed to squeeze into. There was also a slight jiggle to her booty and an increasing sway that accompanied her walk, a sight that sent chills down Mr. Alexander’s spine, that is of course if he really had a spine.

Desiree was unaware of the increase in weight, but if Mr. Alexander didn’t do something about it soon, Desiree was bound to catch onto the fact that she was indeed porking up. He knew he would have to act fast if his race was to enslave the earth.

[Continued in post 8 of this thread]

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Default Excellent!!!

Another EXCELLENT chapter!!! And THANK YOU so much, for posting another chapter relatively quickly. Some take so long to post additional chapter, and I tend to lose interest. I hope you can post them as frequently as possible. Your very talented!
I can't wait to read what happens next!
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Thumbs up

best story on here so far man...i registerd just to tell u that.....hope to read more very soon.
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Jake (JMJ)
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Default Part 3

Hello all. I know it's been awhile since I last posted, but life has been busy, especially with the last case that I had to work on (boring lawyer activities). I hope you all enjoy this latest installment, Desiree's gain has been slow so far, but after this chapter, things should pick up a bit more. Enjoy it everyone.

Jake (JMJ)

Part 3

Mr. Alexander was able to bide his time as he altered his messages to include purchasing clothing two sizes larger than she was used to buying. This helped because now her clothes fit her properly so he had some time to come up with his next little plan.

He was stumped though, the pastry idea was working well but he didn’t want her to continue eating just pastries because that wouldn’t be fun. Mr. Alexander wanted to enjoy this assignment and see where it took him. He just had to think of something to do that, something that would give him a little bit of excitement before this ended. Mr. Alexander for the first time was unable to think of a course of action.

Angela however would come up with the course of action for Desiree. It was a Tuesday in the break room and the two co-workers had just settled down for lunch. Angela was sitting there eating a sandwich from home (grilled chicken and lettuce) while Desiree sat with a black and white cookie and s slab of black forest cake. The two chatted for a bit, discussing work and life in general. Desiree made it clear to Angela that she was enjoying work but was still feeling sluggish all the time.

Angela: Des, maybe you just need a little change of pace here. As I understand it, one of the models was supposed to show off a new line of swim wear we were promoting, but she got the flu. I think Mr. Alexander would have no problem if you sat in for her.

Desiree: Me in swim wear? I don’t know Angela, I haven’t been to the gym in like three months. I would look hideous.

Angela: Don’t be silly, most women would kill to have your body. Besides, it’s just this one time. We really need your help Des.

Desiree: Ok Angela, tell Mr. Alexander I’ll do it. Maybe that will liven things up and get me active again, lord knows I need it.

Angela: Sure thing Desiree. I’ll tell him after lunch, now finish up your black and white cookie.

Angela and Desiree made small talk the rest of lunch as Desiree went about demolishing her desserts. Angela almost ran to her boss’ office after the meal. She wanted him to be pleased with her actions, but unfortunately he was not.

Mr. Alexander: Angela, why did you tell her she could model in a bathing suit? That draws unwanted attention to our plans. If she looks in the mirror and sees her soft stomach poking out, what is that going to do to our plans?

Angela: But I just thought it would be fun and allow us to gauge how much weight she has put on! I mean, I am sure it’s over 15 pounds, but I want to see how it really looks on her!

Mr. Alexander: Look Angela, I am going to let her do this, see how she looks. The shoot is tomorrow, but I’m going to schedule a fake one for her to be a part of in the next month or so. She’ll wear a bikini and you will get to see all of that flesh spill out of a too tight outfit.

Angela: Thank you sir.

Mr. Alexander: One more thing Angela. If you ever do this again, I’m going to make you pay. I do not like my authority to be challenged by your ideas. Do I make myself clear?

Angela: Yes sir. I will inform the human that she will be in the ad.

Desiree wasn’t all that excited to hear that she would be appearing in the swim suit ad. She was nervous and scared and told Angela so when she found out the news. Angela of course told Mr. Alexander who welcomed this new development much better. He decided he would include in his message that whenever Desiree felt nervous or thought about the ad itself, she should eat a hot fudge sundae. He didn’t care if it was at midnight, if it was at 3 am, she would either have to buy a hot fudge sundae or make one.

It was a strange request and probably wouldn’t have meant that many sundaes, but of course Mr. Alexander decided to have all of his “employees” remind her about her involvement in the ad every day. He wanted her to really squirm about having to do this.

Desiree glanced at her alarm clock and struggled to her feet. It was 3:34 in the morning and she had just been dreaming about the photo shoot. She was stressed at the thought of being that vulnerable in a swim suit and needed a hot fudge sundae to calm her down. For the past two weeks, every single time she thought about the shoot, Desiree would go to Carvel to get a large hot fudge sundae. If it was later at night, Desiree would just simply go to her freezer, pull out her vanilla ice cream, grab the hot fudge and whipped cream and made a nice sized hot fudge sundae.

Normally, Desiree would hate the thought of eating this last at night, especially ice cream, but once again, since starting work, she found herself altering her eating habits. She made quite a funny sight, sitting there in her tight pajamas, her stomach rolled out over the waistband of the bottoms, the bunny rabbit on the seat of her pants stretched out and almost unrecognizable, and chocolate stains emanating from the edges of her mouth.

Desiree finished off her snack and threw the bowl in the sink before making the trek back to bed. She just hoped no one would bring up the touchy subject again, like they had been just about every day. Des found herself running out of work at almost every minute to get a sundae. It was even getting to the point where the workers at Carvel would see her come in and just start making the sundae. She didn’t even need to tell them, they just knew. While she did hate that, it did make things easier and faster and allow her to get back to work, but she still felt like a pig after getting back into work. Maybe tomorrow would be a better day.

Angela and Mr. Alexander had instructed their followers to keep pestering Desiree with questions regarding her upcoming photo shoot. They were very pleased to see that she was succumbing to the pressure and gorging on sundaes at every moment.

Finally, however, it was the day that Angela had been waiting for. Desiree was going to get into her swim suit and show their race just how susceptible her race was to the subliminal messages. Both had guessed she was putting on a decent amount of weight, but now would be the chance to see the results up front.

Desiree did not disappoint. The entire day of her shoot, she spent it running back and forth to Carvel to get more and more sundaes. The shoot was supposed to take place at 12, and already by 11 she had eaten four sundaes. Her outfit had little dabbles of fudge on it, and her mouth was covered in the sweet gooeyness. It would have been better for her superiors if they had seen these happenings, but unfortunately they were trying to figure out the proper way to conduct this shoot as to not arouse suspicion. It took them some time, but eventually they figured out what to do.

Mr. Alexander decided that he would remove any mirrors so as to ensure that Desiree would get no opportunity to view herself in a skimpy bikini. While he could easily plant a message that would forbid her from looking in a mirror, he did not want to even offer up a possibility of her discovering her fleshier body. He simply had the mirrors removed and then had Angela pick out the smallest and flimsiest suit they had available. With the tiny black swimsuit in place, Angela and Mr. Alexander ordered their “photographer” to be ready to take several pictures of the ever growing human.

After struggling for a few minutes trying to get the size four bikini on, Desiree walked out and the jaws on both aliens literally dropped. In the three months she had been working for Omega, she had gone from a very athletic and toned attractive young woman into a now still attractive but pudgy woman. Her outfit wasn’t helping , but it wasn’t emphasizing her increase in weight by that much.

As she walked, her newly softened stomach jiggled ever so slightly, bright little stretch marks starting to form due to the sudden weight gain. The bikini bottoms would occasionally slope down under her belly, causing her to constantly try to pull it up. Her breasts were also overloading her top, stretch marks appearing near where her nipples would be, only further proving she was putting on weight and showing absolutely no signs of slowing down.

While her upper body was displaying the tell tale signs of binge eating, it was nothing compared to what was going on below the waist. Her thighs had gotten soft, no longer toned and sleek. The backs of those thighs were starting to develop little pockets of cellulite, a problem most women in her family suffered from. As might have been predicted, her rear end was the area that was accumulating the most fat, swelling out and pushing out further and further with each pound that was gained.

Her hips too had widened, love handles gentling pouring out over the waist band of the bottoms. If that wasn’t enough, her bikini had wedged into her growing butt crack forcing her to constantly pick at it. This was pretty comical to the aliens as they watched her lumber around unaccustomed to her larger physic. The estimated twenty pounds was in fact much closer to thirty and even that little change was drastically altering her life.

The alien photographer started her out slowly, just taking pictures of her standing up, walking back and forth, etc. Angela and Mr. Alexander enjoyed watching her strut like a model and show off her ripening body as it slowly jiggled and bounced with each little step. Still, Mr. Alexander didn’t want to go all out in one day so he just allowed the pictures to be taken professionally, but that he still couldn’t help himself from having a little more fun.

Mr. Alexander: Very good Desiree. You are a natural at this, maybe you picked the wrong career?

Desiree: Thank you sir but I don’t think I’m cut out for this. I’m very nervous right now and I can barely concentrate on anything but walking in this bikini. No offense, but it doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

Angela: But you make it look good Des. Seriously, not many people could pull that off.

Mr. Alexander: Angela is right, you are doing a very good job under all this pressure. Is there anything we can get you? Water, soda, ice cream?

Desiree: Ice cream? I don’t know, eating ice cream wouldn’t be a good idea on this set.

Photographer: Actually, we only have like two more sets and that shouldn’t take long. If you want, we can have some clowning shots as a goof. Its up to you because I still have film left on this roll and you paid for the full two rolls.

Mr. Alexander: I have no objections to any of this. Come on Desiree, doesn’t a hot fudge sundae sound really good right about now?

Desiree: I, I really shouldn’t, but I’m so nervous right now. Alright, I’ll have a sundae.

Mr. Alexander: Wonderful! Angela, go get our lovely co-worker a hot fudge sundae. Make it quick too.

Photographer: Sounds good. I’ll finish up these shots while she goes and gets the ice cream. This won’t take longer than 15-20 minutes.

The photographer took a few more shots of Desiree posing over a beach chair, her breasts hanging down and shaking as she got into a seductive stance. More seductive poses followed, such as one shot of her turning around and thrusting her behind out to add emphasis to its size, and almost causing Mr. Alexander to choke on the gum he was chewing.

The “normal” photos were just about finished when Angela returned with two sundaes instead of one, the look on Desiree’s face showed that of excitement and fear, neither one dominating her mind frame as she just went about finishing her job. Once the pictures for the ad were done, the three aliens got ready to have some more fun with their prey.

Angela dropped the sundaes on a little table and brought a chair over for Desiree to sit on. While she was hesitating to make her way to the chair, subtle encouraging from Mr. Alexander and the alien photographer got her motivated enough to sit down and dig in. It was at that moment that Desiree threw caution to the wind and started to pig out, devouring that first sundae while in the background several snap shots were taken.

The camera man made sure to take pictures of Desiree eating at various angles, many displaying her swelling stomach as more food was crammed into it. He gleefully took shot after shot of her belly, breasts, and mouth as the poor human was subjected to all of the aliens evil plans.

Desiree made quick work of her first sundae but the second was not so easy. Her swollen tummy was packed full of several sundaes, not to mention all of the pastries she had already devoured throughout the morning. She sat back in her chair as her body tried digesting the ice cream. Unfortunately, Mr. Alexander was not going to let that other sundae just sit there.

Mr. Alexander: What’s wrong Desiree?

Desiree: I’m sorry sir, I’m stuffed. I can’t eat anymore of this sundae.

Angela: Des, I don’t mean to sound cheap but I spent money on that and I would find it a little rude for you to just leave it there.

Desiree: Angela, I’m sorry but I really can’t eat anymore. Really, I feel like I’m going to puke and I don’t think anyone would want a picture of that.

Mr. Alexander: I see. Well Mr. Photographer, do you have any suggestions for this predicament?

Photographer: I’ve worked with models like this before. She may be full, but I’ve found that a little lotion rubbed into their stomach will allow her to finish the sundae.

Desiree: Um, I don’t think that is a good idea. I’m sorry but seriously, I am full. No more, please.

Mr. Alexander: How about this Desiree, we’ll try his idea and if you still feel horrible we quit. However, if you do finish the sundae, we give you a bonus for your cooperation. Does that sound like a good plan?

Desiree: Alright I guess. I could use the extra money. Fine, lets just get this over with. Put the lotion on and finish this up.

The photographer gently rubbed the hand lotion on Desiree’s abdomen, the cold touch sending shivers down her spine and cause the taut flesh to jiggle ever so slightly, something that wasn’t lost on any of the aliens. With slow, circular rotations, the food started to settle and she discovered that she had more room to finish. With a strong gulp,

Desiree resumed eating the ice cream while the photographer finished off the roll, the last picture showing a hesitant and overly stuffed woman in a straining bikini eating ice-cream, dabbles of fudge smudged all over her lips and chin, and just a little whipped cream on her nose. With a loud belch, Desiree emphatically slammed the spoon on the table, a smile meanwhile forming on Mr. Alexander and Angela’s face.

They congratulated Desiree on a job well done as she struggled to her feet and wobbled back to the back room to get dressed again for work. The three aliens saluted one another as the human subject was showing that she really would fulfill their loftiest goals and provide a basis for the take over of the human race.

(Continued in post 16 of this thread)

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Smile great chapter 3 !

wonderful! I can just imagine what new types fattening foods they will be having her gorge on! I can't wait to read about the changes her body will go through, and the sizes she will grow into in clothes as well.
Thank you so muchfor continuing the story. I really look forward to reading more. I hope you can find time to add another chapter soon!
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Another great chapter, thanks for writing more and not letting it die. I really hope I get to read more soon....loved the ending by the way
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I miss this story, anymore coming anytime soon???
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Jake (JMJ)
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There will be more to this story. I'm unfortunately just going through a little writers block. It's not that I don't know where to take the story, I just need a few little plans for how to get Desiree to overeat in different ways. If anyone wants to offer suggestions I'm more than willing to listen and probably include some of them.

Thanks again and take care.

Jake (JMJ)
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well i dunno if this sounds dumb or not but i always thought the idea of a chewing gum to cause weight gain to be pretty good. I mean i have read it before but its always like rapid weight gain and seems so unrealistic. Maybe her eating only ice cream for a month would be good too or lots of candy like chocolate bars and ect. Anyways, hope i could provide some type of help.
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Default suggestions for alien story

Hi Jake, I just sent you a private message on some suggestions for your alien story. I though it would help to keep the suggestions a surprise to other readers. Please let me know what you think. thanks
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Default Story

Hello there. Had a little time to write this weekend, so I figured I'd post the next little section in this story. I am currently writing more, but I wanted to hopefully get everyone in the mood for this story. Again, comments are welcome. Thanks and hopefully everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day Weekend.

Jake (JMJ)

Part 4

Desiree’s bonus was not monetary unfortunately. Later that day, Angela, at the behest of Mr. Alexander, bought Desiree a simple sundress that was a size 5x.

At first, Angela had no idea why this would be ordered but Mr. Alexander had a new tape ready for Desiree. This tape instructed Desiree to start making trips to buffet’s every day for lunch and dinner, to go along with her other routine of two donuts for breakfast in the morning. Another instruction that was instilled into her subconscious was that from now on, Desiree had to wear the sundress every Friday. This was so the aliens could gauge just how much weight she was really putting on.

The only problem with the plan was an oversight that was made by Angela resulting in Desiree almost figuring out how big the outfit was. Granted, it was pretty clear that the sundress was way too large for Desiree to wear, but Angela had forgotten to remove the size tag which Mr. Alexander specifically told her to do. Luckily Desiree never saw it, but Angela had raised the ire of her boss. This was the final straw for him and he was now ready to get a little pay back on his associate.

Angela: You wanted to see me sir?

Mr. Alexander: Yes I did Angela. You were told to do something and you didn’t. I told you already that I would not tolerate any more mistakes.

Angela: Sir, please, please don’t terminate my existence! I have served the Empire faithfully my entire life! Please, please give me another chance, I won’t fail you again!

Mr. Alexander: Calm down Angela, I’m not going to end your life. You’ve been on this planet for too long, you’ve become like a human, whining all the time. No Angela, your punishment will involve our human subject. You know how she will be going to the buffet more? You are going to join her at her little buffet excursions.

Angela: I don’t mind sir. That is a suitable punishment for me. If it will help me atone for my previous mistakes then I will do it, with no questions asked.

Mr. Alexander: There is just one little catch. You are going to go to the buffet’s with our dear Desiree, but you will also be partaking in some of those feast’s she will be consuming. None of that I’m on a diet crap, you are actually going to eat hearty around her. I don’t want her getting the impression that you are only going to watch her stuff herself like a greedy pig.

Angela: But sir, if I do that, it’ll take me a glorgan to work off all that weight!

Mr. Alexander: Glorgan or not, you are going to do this. You want to work out that’s fine, but you are going to eat when you are around her from now on. It’s bad enough you have messed up with some of your assignments, maybe this will help you put things in perspective. She already has been told she will have company on her binges, and maybe be the sight of you putting on a couple of extra pounds will make her even more unaware of her own growth. Do I make myself clear Angela?

Angela: Crystal sir. I’ll take her out right away.

With a new eating buddy, Desiree seemed all too happy to start her gorging at the buffets. All those choices, all that food, the aroma’s made her mouth water whenever she took her first steps inside. Every time she walked in she immediately made a beeline for the platters of food, leaving Angela behind to get the two a booth for the gormandizing to begin.

Pasta, steak, chicken, salad, all these delectable items found their way to her ever increasing stomach and it responded by thrusting itself further and further out as each day passed. Angela found herself captivated by the sight of the human and found it almost impossible to concentrate on anything else. She purposely would leave work a little before five so she would have the car pulled around front for Desiree to just be able to hop in and get ready to go to dinner. The two women would then discuss the choices for the meal as they drove, Desiree growing increasingly excited as they made their way to each buffet.

Desiree had started becoming less and less aware of her growing weight as each day passed. It was almost as if being a glutton had always been her lifestyle. Every morning had become a routine for her now, wake up at 6 am, shower, put on her work outfit (which thanks to Mr. Alexander was nothing more than baggy sweats and a large t-shirt) pop two boxes of hot pocket breakfast treats, then putting on her make up and heading into her car by 8.

After she left her house she’d stop off at McDonalds first to grab a few sausage egg and cheese biscuits before devouring them and going to Dunkin Donuts for a dozen donuts and an iced coffee.

Work would start at 9:30 and she would really work hard for an hour before making her morning trip to the vending machine and picking up some snacks. At 12 promptly, Angela would call her up to let her know she was picking up her car and they were going to lunch. From 12:30 until 2 (and they were starting to eat past 2), Angela and Desiree would feast at the buffet before going back to the office where Desiree would digest her huge meal until four. That is when Angela would drop off a bag of double stuffed Oreo’s, all of which were eaten before 4:30. At five, the two ladies would head out for dinner, and at 7:30, Angela would drop Desiree off at home. There she would shower, put on a pair of oversized shorts and tank top before lounging in front of the TV with a gallon of ice cream until 10 pm. She would then go to bed to prepare for the same routine all over again. It was a life she was getting very accustomed to.

Mr. Alexander couldn’t have been more thrilled with the excellent progress Desiree was showing. For over two months, he had been watching Angela escort his human test subject to the buffet and the results were visible for the world to see. Her growth had forced him to take a few precautionary measures, the first being replacing her old chair with a sturdier one, one that also didn’t have arm rests which had caused her a bit of trouble when she tried squeezing her ever-corpulent rear between the plastic constraints.

He also removed some of the large mirrors in the ladies room so Desiree would only have a view of her now doubly chinned face and not the rest of her body. He also took the liberty of moving her old desk closer to the front (as well as moving Angela’s desk so the two women could chat) so that she wouldn’t get tired from all the walking. The alien leader was taking no chances with his pet, he wanted to ensure that her trip down obesity road was a long one that would only end when the “car” broke down from transporting her hefty body and they definitely hadn’t crossed that point yet.

Angela grinned at her tubby co-worker as Desiree slurped some milk to wash down the remaining remnants of cookies for her afternoon snack. Angela glanced down at Desiree in her sundress which she wore every Friday per Mr. Alexander’s messages. She realized it was starting to fit Desiree properly and wasn’t as loose as it used to be. Her breasts heaved as she took deep breaths to settle herself down from her recent binge, the gelatinous flesh jiggling ever so slightly with each rise. Her thick upper arms jiggled as placed the glass of milk back on her desk before she popped in another tape for dictation.

Desiree belched to get out some of the pent up gas, Angela noting that Desiree was starting to act like a stereotypical glutton. The expanding blond rose from her seat to wash up and Angela couldn’t help stare at her. The front of the dress was beginning to push out due to the presence of her stomach and breasts, while the back of her dress was showing the strains of containing her bloated behind, the dress shaking up and down as she waddled to the bathroom.

The alien cohort popped a chocolate into her mouth as the plus-two hundred pound human entered the bathroom, the sweet taste of chocolate almost encompassing the satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

(Continued in post nineteen of this thread)

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Smile excellent!!

Another excellent chapter. She is defiantly starting to WADDLE down the long road to OBESITY. I love the way you describe her changes. great details.
I Can't wait to read more soon.
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YES great follow up, id like to see her struggle a little more with the changes, or fight it a little more, but its you story, and they need to be your ideas to keep it intresting for you to write. Anyway, I hope i get to see another chapter sooner rather that later again from you.
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Default Part Five

[Author's note: Hello once again. It took me awhile, but here is the next installment of my story. Sorry if it feels a bit rushed, but I came up with some ideas and I just wanted to get them down before I lost track. I hope you all enjoy this chapter and again all comments are welcome.

Best wishes,

Jake (JMJ)

Part Five

The bloated blonde glanced over at her desk clock and realized she had been done with work for five minutes and this was delaying her time at the buffet. Grabbing her purse, Desiree pulled herself up from her chair, making a mental note to accept Mr. Alexander’s offer of moving her desk closer to the door, because as it was, lugging her growing body to and from the front of the office was becoming too strenuous.

As she slowly waddled to the exit, she took on her new look of slumping her shoulders as she walked, her bra digging in to her cushiony shoulders tightly. Angela had already gotten the car and Desiree did not want to keep her waiting. She gathered up her remaining energy and wobbled as quickly possible to meet her friend for the dinner date.

By the time they got to the buffet, Desiree was starving already and basically pushed past the hostess and waddled to her seat, her thunderous rear quivering joyously as it anticipated more inches being added to it. Plopping down, the chair squeaked in protest as her full weight bore down on the sitting apparatus, her thighs spread out to allow her growing stomach the space it would need to swell enough to provide the room for all the food she was about to consume.

She licked her lips as Angela walked over to the buffet for her, a large tray in her hands as she began piling more and more food onto plates for her co-worker, making a mental note of what foods she herself would get on her next trip up. The food didn’t last a chance, as the second it was put in front of her, Desiree grabbed her fork and dug in, juices from the steak dripping down her cute double chin.

By the time Desiree had made her way through the entrťes and was ready to get to the desserts, Angela could tell that the blimping blond was losing all of her old life; the subliminal messages were working like a charm. She could see that Desiree was really enjoying herself, a large smile constantly on her face as more and more food was lifted to her eager mouth.

With each passing moment, her face became a darker shade of red, showing the exertion from chewing so much food in such a short amount of time. Angela, surprisingly, felt bad and wanted to give her a break.

Angela: Hey Des, let me ask you a question, do you like this outfit I’m wearing?

Desiree: (still chewing her food) Mmmph. Yes, Angela, it looks really cute on you, a little big though, don’t you think?

Angela: (To herself) I said the same thing to our leader and he told me it was the right size. Probably gave it to me by mistake.

You say something Angela?

Angela: Oh nothing. Yeah, it is a little baggy, I’ll probably get this dress altered at the seamstress. I must say, I love the dress we got you, it looks so good on you!

Desiree: Thanks Angela, but personally I don’t like the material it’s made out of, because for some reason it seems to shrink in every wash. I mean, (gulp), when you guys first got me this, it was somewhat big, but now it’s not as big anymore. That washer in the building, I swear, it shrinks all my clothes! I’ve bought clothes in larger sizes so it would take a while before it got too tight, but I’m telling you, shopping in a plus-sized store when I’m this size isn’t fun because people see a girl who doesn’t belong in there and they look at you funny. Imagine what they must do to all the larger girls that go in there!

Angela: Yeah, I can only imagine what they think when a big girl goes in there.

Oh, they put out chocolate cake out! It smells delicious!

Angela: I’ll go grab you some, anything else?

Desiree: How bout some ice cream? And some cheesecake? Oh yeah, don’t forget the brownies, and whipped cream! Whipped cream is important!

Angela: I’ll take care of it, don’t worry about it, hon. I’ll be back with dessert.

Three Fridays later, Angela struggled to lift the large sheet cake out of her car and brought it into the office. It was Desiree’s birthday, so Mr. Alexander wanted to see just how far down the road she had come.

Of course, Desiree was once again wearing her sundress, only this time it was very tight, in fact now it looked like it was a size too small. She was totally unaware of what was going on, but Mr. Alexander had given her a tape that day to inform her that she was to eat as much of the cake as she possibly could.

By 3 o'clock, Desiree’s stomach was growling, though she had just gotten out of the Southern style buffet only an hour ago, the barbeque ribs still settling into her stomach. Even still, she wanted to eat more.

Angela had to cut the lunch short so she could drop Desiree off and still pick up the cake in time. She had to restrain herself as well because the truth was, the past three months had added a few pounds to Angela herself, close to twenty five. It was just so hard to keep yourself in check while being around the human; her love of food was rather contagious. If she looked down, she‘d realize that the outfit Mr. Alexander had gotten her was starting to become uncomfortable, and if things kept up, it was going to become unwearable quickly.

Desiree wriggled out of her desk chair with some effort, her legs trembling as she tried to find her balance. She was still getting used to carrying around all this extra bulk since she started working at Omega. While all outward appearances displayed her as an unremitting glutton, the back of her subconscious had a distinct suspicion that she was getting obese.

Her friends never saw her anymore, and as she sunk deeper and deeper into the alien’s plans, her appetite responded by increasing at an alarming rate. In fact, although he didn’t realize it, Mr. Alexander’s messages were really almost pointless when it came to eating. Desiree had become accustomed to overeating, and actually enjoyed stuffing her face and being lazy. As it was, her message for the day was a special one, a challenge that her stomach was definitely up for.

The challenge for dear Desiree lay with that same birthday cake: she was told to eat the entire cake by herself. Before she had gotten this job, that would have been a very daunting task, but now, her stomach growling with anticipation of the large feast, she was practically salivating as she saw the large sheet cake enter the office, its date already set with her own stomach. All that was left was the formalities of a happy birthday song and then it was chow time.

Mr. Alexander ushered in his tubby subordinate, noting the look of excitement on her fat face as she plopped her gargantuan rear in a chair, her hips overflowing the sides of the chair. All of Mr. Alexander’s underlings sang the Happy Birthday song to their human test subject, while she was barely able to prevent her instinct to just dive into the cake.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Desiree grabbed her fork and took her first bite of chocolaty goodness. As predicted, it tasted like heaven, and her taste buds practically exploded as she quickly swallowed what was left in her mouth and took another forkful of the baked goods. It was even better than the first and it wasn’t long before the fattened human stopped savoring the food and just concentrated on finishing it. She was too hungry to enjoy the meal; she just needed to sate the hunger pains that had welled up in anticipation of the baked feast she was working on.

Mr. Alexander allowed all of his co-workers to get back to work as just he and Angela remained to watch their prey glut herself to her heart's content, each bite contributing to the overflow of pounds that kept piling on, and it didn’t seem as though the dam would ever close.

As she moved towards finishing off the cake, Desiree found that reaching the cake was becoming more difficult to do. She was starting to have to strain to get to the table, her dress constricting her progress as it got closer and closer to maximum capacity. The cotton print dress was seriously in danger of bursting at any moment; the seams near her stomach and hips especially showed the signs of strain as small patches of creamy white flesh began to pop up at each pressure point.

Another problem for the blubbery blond was that as her stomach swelled with cake, it began to press into the table and pained her when she reached towards the food. Sensing this predicament, Angela suggested that Desiree move the chair sideways as to allow her easier access to the cake. With some effort, she shifted her seat and resumed stuffing her face, smeared chocolate and butter cream covering more and more of her face with each passing bite.

Glancing at his watch, Mr. Alexander saw that it was almost five and people were starting to clear out early for the weekend. He looked over at the cake and knew that it was just about finished; only a small piece remained. He was quite pleased with the progress she had made and was basically assured she was under their control.

It was then that Desiree’s ever increasing girth made its presence known with a series of rips that quickly caused both alien’s heads to turn at that exact moment to see that the inevitable had finally happened; Desiree had ripped the front of her dress along the seams of her stomach. Both just stared blankly at the massively swollen appendage as it displayed its prominence through the large tear, bright red stretch marks prevalent on all sides.

As if to say that she didn’t care, Desiree grabbed her fork and pushed the last bit of cake into her mouth, a look of satisfaction evident on her messy face. Her two chins jostled and jiggled as she chewed the food, her arms dropping to her sides as she tried to gather her bearings.

She finally pushed herself up (with help from Angela and Mr. Alexander) and stumbled around as she was still utterly stuffed and groggy from the massive amount of food she had eaten. Angela patted her on her cushiony back and told her she should put on her gift , which was another sundress, only this one was specially ordered, and would be comfortable to her current size (Angela lied and said Desiree had cake stains on her outfit).

Desiree thanked her friend and didn’t even bat an eye at the request, her head still a bit dizzy from the cake. As she slowly waddled to go get changed, both of her superiors saw that it wasn’t only her stomach that was now exposed, her titanic rear had broken free of its restraints and now her incredibly worn white panties were clearly visible for all to see, the poor cotton wedged tightly between her fleshy cheeks, pockets of cellulite and dimples indicating her tendency to put on weight on the lower half.

Grinning, Angela dipped her finger in some leftover frosting and licked it clean. She nodded at Mr. Alexander; the euphoria from the cake was only surpassed by the feeling of reaching a goal, but it was obvious that Desiree had only just started to tap into her potential, and neither of them was going to stop her from becoming the poster child for their takeover of Earth.

(Continued in post 24 on page two of this thread)

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Default Bravo!!!

Another EXCELLENT chapter!!!! I love the detail of Dessire's posture changing as she grows fatter. I hope this posture change will progress further and further as she WADDLES down that long road to morbid obesity. The way you show that she's more and more SEDENTARY as time passes. My god, what size sundress did they buy her now? I hope they have her wearing "circus tent" dresses full time soon. I love the details you include of her gradual changes. face, body, walk(waddle) changing posture,etc....

PLEASE continue it as soon as you're able to.
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this is a very interesting read
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Coop can now change their title

Please continue!
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Not that I'm not enjoying the story, but I do have a question. In the first three parts there was a lot of description given about the specifics of the gain, then in the next two parts it seemed to become more abstract, relying on the reader's imagination to fill in the gaps as they pleased. Both are good styles to use, but the shift has left me a bit confused. Was there a specific reason, or did you just feel like a change?
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Default Alien Takeover - continued

[Author's note: Hello again. Sorry for the delay everyone. I give you the second to last part of this story. I hope everyone has enjoyed it and again I have appreciated all of the feed back.

While after the next part Desiree's story will be finished, the aliens will still have other people to influence as they continue their quest.

Thanks again everyone.

Jake (JMJ)]

Part Six

The cold weather was in full swing that January, but Desiree was still using her fan inside her apartment. She was constantly sweating and any sort of physical activity would leave her out of breath. It was a good thing she only lived on the second floor because even that little walk up one flight of stairs left her drained and craving a cold refreshing drink.

Desiree attributed her fatigue and body heat to all the hard efffort she was putting out at work as well as the weather keeping her sluggish. Grunting, she pulled up her sweat pants and slowly waddled to the kitchen, placing her rear in a chair as she waited for Angela to get up to her apartment.

On this particular Saturday, the two friends were going to hit up the breakfast at IHOP, before returning back to her apartment to watch a few movies from Blockbuster. Desiree was happy that Angela was such a good friend because she really got lonely sitting in her apartment all day long when she wasn’t at work. She had completely alienated herself from her old friends and when she had tried to call them they just ignored all of her calls and never called her back. They were tired of her not calling them, and after over 9 months of it, they were through with her.

Desiree drowned her sorrows in endless gallons of Rocky Road ice-cream, it was the only thing that could assuage the pain of being lonely. Just thinking about it made her want to raid the freezer but she decided to hold out, Angela would be there soon and then she could enjoy all of the savory treats; pancakes, sausage, omelets! The thought alone was making her mouth water.

“Angela better get here soon”, she exclaimed as she just stared at the clock, her stomach growling as she kept on waiting for her friend.

Angela finally arrived and helped Desiree waddle into her car, the oversized blond was struggling to lift her flabby leg into the front seat of the Ford Explorer. Thankfully for her, Mr. Alexander’s messages were becoming more descriptive, telling Desiree that she still was thin, that the feeling of jiggling all through her body was just her imagination, etc…

Even still, Desiree could tell that something was different now since she had started working. She would have to be brain dead to not think something was off. Her thighs rubbed together, showering took longer and was much harder now that she had less room to maneuver in there, and she had a few mishaps with chairs getting stuck to her rotund rear end. As it was, it was becoming more and more of a hassle for Desiree to get around these days.

Angela and Desiree feasted on mounds of food, the poor waiter having to make several trips to accommodate the two ladies. While they ate, Angela made several mental notes, particularly the realization that Mr. Alexander was going to have to instruct Desiree to sit in two chairs from now on, one chair was probably not going to hold up under her increasing weight. She also noted that it was probably time to start bringing in sturdier furniture in her apartment too, there was no way that it would hold up for much longer at the rate Desiree was growing.

These steps had already been taken at work, but if measures weren’t taken for the other aspects of her life, a chair collapsing or an injury would ruin everything. The two aliens would have to confer on ways to keep the game going to provide the proper study for their race. For now, Angela was content to watch Desiree shove another large portion of home fries into her greedy mouth, little bits of potato smeared on her second chin, a dangling reminder of her gluttonous ways.

The ladies never did get around to watching any movies that day. Desiree was too stuffed after two hours of non-stop eating to move so the two had to sit at the table and wait for her food to digest before moving. By the time they had left, Desiree was already starting to get hungry again and told Angela to forget getting movies and to stop off to get a snack. This “snack” consisted of five extra value meals from McDonalds and a McFlurry, washed down by 64 ounces of cola. When Angela asked if Desiree was still hungry, she answered with a loud belch, the alien female finding the response befitting of the globular woman.

Angela and Mr. Alexander were discussing what the next step would be in his office one day. Since starting in July, Desiree had gone from a somewhat athletic woman to a gluttonous ball of fat. While they were pleased with the results, they were fully aware that the plan wouldn’t be able to carry on for more than a year. With all the renovations done to their office to make things accessible for their pet, the extraterrestrials knew that her life at home was becoming too difficult for her to manage.

Angela observed that Desiree’s hips would brush the frames of the doorways whenever she walked, chairs were way too small for her now, her sofa was groaning under her increasing girth and her shower stall was becoming too cramped for her to bath efficiently. All in all, the pounds that she had added were making normal everyday activities strenuous on her. Both knew that it wouldn’t be too long before her apartment would be inadequate to accommodate her growing needs.

Mr. Alexander: Things are developing rather nicely Angela. It is pretty unbelievable to think that just a few simple suggestions all those months ago have turned her into THAT.

Angela: Yes sir, your plan has worked and its not surprising. We’ve long assumed that the human mind is susceptible to subliminal messages and this just proved it.

Mr. Alexander: Once we are finished with her, we can relay the instructions to other groups and our takeover can begin. Only a few more months of testing and then we can start implementing our rule.

Angela: Mmm-hmmm. That (chomp) will be a fabulous day sir. All for the empire!

Mr. Alexander: Angela, what are you chewing on?

Angela: Just a candy bar, it’s a Snickers.

Mr. Alexander: Snickers huh?

Angela: Yup, and let me tell you sir, this is something we need on our planet! Chocolate, peanuts, caramel, it’s delicious!

Mr. Alexander: Is that so? Maybe I’ll make a note of that when I file my report to the high council. In the meantime, this is the last tape we will be giving Desiree. I’ve already begun construction of our “storage” area for our faithful employee, and it will be finished in a few months. Until then, I’ve arranged for Desiree to clean out all of her belongs and you will be obtaining a new roommate. Your home has already been remodeled for her comfort, and I’ll think you two will get along rather well.

Angela: Whatever is good for the Empire my lord. I’m sure she will have no problem living with me and her days will be full of feasts. She can’t resist food anymore and I will continue to keep food within her reach. I’ll make sure the house if filled with all of her favorite treats.

Mr. Alexander: I’m sure you will Angela. Please give her this tape so she can be properly instructed. We are close to the end and we must continue to play our hand properly. For the Empire!

Angela saluted her leader and walked out of his office to deliver the last tape to Angela. Mr. Alexander smiled as he watched Angela leave. With her mind preoccupied by carrying out orders, Angela was unaware of just how much she herself was eating during her meals with Desiree. If that wasn’t bad enough, she was also getting comfortable with a day filled with sweets and snacks and had found herself eating at home even when she wasn’t with Desiree. Her current pair of jeans literally looked like they were painted, every bulge visible to the naked eye as she moved towards her destination.

While she had put on her fair share of weight below the waist, it was clear that Angela was destined to become more apple shape than her human counterpart. Her stomach was bulging over the waistband of her skin tight paints, the button underneath undone to allow her to sit down in some comfort. Breasts sagged down to where her waist used to be and bounce feverishly as she picked up the pace. While still weighing over 150 pounds less than Desiree, the 230 pound Angela was no longer skinny. Mr. Alexander sat back down at his desk and put his feet up, reveling in the realization that everything was going according to plan.

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Default Keep up the good work

This remains very interesting and I can't wait for more, great story.
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