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Default Bre - by Stuckagelover (]~BBW, Bondage, Stuffing, ~SWG)

~BBW, Bondage, Stuffing, ~SWG -Freed kidnap victim returns to a sorority gone mad in a socity without law or rights

by Stuckagelover

Bre was a cute little girl, nice face, clear skin, tiny button nose, eyes as bright as stars, and a smile that could light up a room. However, as you started to move down you saw her tiny little double chin. Then it moved down to her breasts which were larger than the average woman but looked huge because she always wore a bra that was too small andmade them flow over. It also cut into her fat back giving her cute little back rolls.

Then there was her belly, it was a tiny little pot belly, with two cute little rolls that would jiggle ever so slightly. It was made worse by her extremely tight jeans which suffocated her waste and gave her anexpansive muffintop, which embarrassed her like no tomorrow.

But none of these features held any merit to the size of her butt. It was a giant bubble that sagged ever so slightly onto her doughy thighs. It must have been 3 feet round and would jiggle with every motion she took, she hated it. Her thighs would rub together whenever she walked but would never chaffe. Amazingly she didn't have a trace of cellulite on her thighs nor her butt. This was Bre.

She was nervous on this day because it was the first day back to college and she was nervous. It had been a month since the worst night of her life, a month and a half since the most embarrassing day of her life, and three months since she was kidnapped. Now she would see her sorority and face them with her head bowed.

Let's start with her kidnapping, Bre was driving through the forest after finals was over back to her mom's cabin. Suddenlya man jumped out of the forest into her driving path, she swurved to avoid him and fell into the ditch knocking her unconscious. When she awoke she was bonded to a chair sitting upright in her bra and panties, the same man appeared."You will be my pig for the next month, you called your mom and told her you were with your boyfriend for the month and have also gained the freshman 15".

"What! No I never will agree to this, you criminal" she said.

"You already have" he said.

Suddenly she was overcome by an everlasting hunger and her captor brought in a mountain of Twinkies, cakes, sodas, ice cream, and anything fatty.

That night she cried herself to sleep. This was her routine every day for the month of June and she grew fatter and fatter to the point she is at now. On the last day she was unbound and her captor stated to her "Now, you are done. I've placed a GPS chip in you and I will monitor your movments but will not ever interfere in your life you are free to do as you wish. However if you tell anyone I will hunt you down and kill you. Bye my pretty, adieu my love"

Then everything went dark and she was in her mom's house.

There was a text on her phone from her bestfriend " ay how we're going to the water park you better be there."

She awoke groggy and rifled through her draws for a bikini. When she found it she wasn't so excited, it was a medium and her new voluptuous figure must be a large or even a dreaded extra large. She pulled the tops *straps over her shoulders and wrestled with the clasp in the back and finally got it clasped in the back.

Bre took a step back and admired her breast dreamily" damn my tiddes look good all the hot boys are gonna be all over me."

Moving to the bottoms she slowly pulled them up knowing that it would be a struggle. They suddenly stopped at her thighs and the war began, she pulled and pulled and all the meat on her bones jiggled furiously. Finally they got over her butt and immediately wedged into her cracks and her enourmous cheeks bulged out and jiggled with every movment. Her pot belly hung over her bottoms and sagged a bit swaying in the wind. She burst out in tears

"Maybe I'll just wear a swim skirt and cover my big ass" She threw on her rope and headed downstairs, she looked out the window and saw her friends waiting in their car.

Her mom turned around she was sitting at her desk to see her daughter. "Undo your rope girl let me see my beautiful sexy daughter"

Bre nervously untied her rope and opened it up. "Oh my I'm sorry hunnie your boyfriend was right you did let yourself go I hope you lose it before you go back to college"

"I'm sorry for disappointing you mom" she sulked out of the house in shame a tear rolled down her cheek.*

She hoped in the car and they took off laughing and joking like old times having a great time. As they approached the water park Bre got nervous "what will they say?"

Once inside the girls went to the changing area. They all quickly discarded their robes except Bre she just stood shocked as if she saw a ghost.

"Come on girl, whatcha hiding in their" they said.

"I have a confession" she said. The she remembered what the man said and quickly tried to come up with a lie

"Whatever it is it doesnt matter, girl" they said.

"Ok" she said while undoing her robe."As you can see I packed on the pounds and gained the freshman 15, I know your going to just humiliate me and ridicule me, please go easy" she said tears streaming down her face.

To her surprise she was surrounded by consoling friends "Girl, you look amazing. All volumptious, all the guys are going to be all over you.

"boy were they wrong.*

They left the changing room and head outside to go find some chairs and tan. While walking around Bre accidently bumped into a lifegaurd knocking him into the pool getting him wet.

"Oh I'm so sorry, let me help you out" she said.

"No, how about you watch where your fat ass is walking you pig!" He responded. Bre took off running, thighs rubbing together everything jiggling. They found some chairs and sat down, Bre tried to forget what just happened.

"I'm gonna go get a soda " she said. She walked over to the snack shack and then rembered the machines were behind it. As she rounded the corner her heart sank. It was the lifeguard she knocked into the pool and all his attractive lifeguard friends.

"Look its that pig that knocked me into the pool. Let's teachher a lesson." he erxclaimed.

They grabbed her and pinned her down, then the guard went to go get some duct tape from the supply shed. He came back and they tied her hands and feet up and duct taped her mouth shut. Then they stood her up.

"Let's get a good look at this pig" they said grabbing her belly roll. They pinched and jiggled her fat belly making rude comments. They were taking pictures and posting them to facebook.

"Turn her around." He demanded. "Oh she has a huge ass"

They spanked and jiggled it then each of them signed their name on one ass cheek and wrote fat ass on the other.

"Hey I have a good idea let's give her a hanging wedgie back her. No one will find her and we will tell her friends she came home with us " and with that they hoisted her up by her binkni bottoms and hung her from a nail in the wall. All she could do was scream into her gag.

After that terrible humiliating day she left town not wanting to be seen and went back to her college dorm. Once there she ran into some of her fellow sorority girls

"Hey Bre good to see you where having a Tri Peca party tonight and you have to be there" they said. They gave her the information and they went their separate ways. Once at the party Bre was with other girls all similar to her size. The sisters stormed the room with some guys from another fraternity.

"Hey piggies time to strip down to your slices we're gonning to play a game and the loser has to do some extra work." They said.

"Oh no" thought Bre "THE FAT TABLE"

They all stripped down "ok pigs step on thw scale and then head over to the table of judgments."

Like sheep or pigs they all followed orders. Bre was toward the end of the line and could her the numbers being yelled out."134,145,132,142,139....."

She was next. "152, looks like your in last place".

Looking over she saw girls walking away in tears ith black circles on their bellies,boobs,arms, legs, and the words fat, worthless, pig, piggy, cow, foodwhore, oinker,etc.

She jumped up and sat down on thw washing machine her bellyforming two rolls. Girls began to circle, write, and comment on her body. They circled her belly her ass and thighs they wrote piggy on her forehead and fat ass across her butt. Bre got up and walked away and was slapped on the ass it jiggled for the longest time.

The girls stood in line waiting for orders from their sisters. "Ok piggies good job, you all cooperated very well, you must get your weight down to the number marked across your fat stomach. Also you must tone all of the areas
circled. Good luck. As for the loser will Bre step forward."

Nervously she stepped forward. "Since you lost you most get on the stage and do "152 sit ups since that is your weight, for every sit up you can't complete you wil be forcefed a donut."

Bre walked up to the stage all her fat jiggling. She got into position and began."1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10....and. that's it you pathetic pig. So that's 142 donuts you have to eat tie her up."*

As she was fed it reminded her of her month of June. The last donut was crammed down her throat they poured soda, and milk in her hair. frosting,jelly, and powder surrounded her mouth, her belly was tight and bloated.

"Final weight. 160. Good luck losing it tubby." They pushed her out the door and she ran home crying. Laying on her bed in tears as the storm roared, the man who ruined her life peered in smiling. And here we are one month later, Bre 15 pounds skinnier but nowhere close to her goal. Her new punishment for not losing the weight having to wear a bikini every where and be force fed each night by her soroity sisters. She was Tri Peca's new pig girl.

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Nice story but too fast paced for me. Needs some more meat on the bones so to speak.

Also what's with the funny layout, also might want to proof read it some more before posting.
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