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Default Game of Scones - by SoFlaFa (~Romance, ~BBW, ~Feeding, Stuffing)

Chapter 1

In days of old, when magic filled the air, there was a king that ruled a large and powerful kingdom. He was a fair king. He did not believe in tyranny or violence. The people loved him and they praised his name. However, the king found himself without one very important thing, a queen.

For years Sir Abbot the hand of the king struggled to find the proper match for his highness, Lord Michael. He brought the most beautiful and noble women from many lands to meet the king in hopes of gaining his affection.

One Friday morning began like any other. Sir Abbot met the king in the throne room and requested permission to present the king with eligible noble ladies.

"Again?" Said Lord Michael.

"My lord, I do this only because I believe it will one day make you a happy man." Said Sir Abbot

The king sighed, "as you wish, bring them in."

A stunning woman entered the throne room with her father only steps behind her.

"My lord, I present you with Lady Margaret Eldridge." said Lord Abbot. "She is the daughter of nobleman Henry Eldridge of Dunkirk. He is the largest property owner of our neighboring kingdom and he would love nothing more than to have his daughter the honor of your courtship."

Lady Margaret was tall and thin, she had beautiful golden hair that ran the length of her back. She had the eyes of every man in the kingdom upon her as she approached the castle that morning.

"Lady Margaret," said the king. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Yes lord, you may ask me anything you wish." She replied.

Lord Michael smiled and said "my lady, I wish to know, what do you desire?"

"I desire nothing more than to please you my lord." She replied.

"No my lady," said Lord Michael, "what do you desire for yourself. Please, pretend you are not addressing the king. Pretend you are addressing a close friend in private quarters."

Lady Margaret smiled confidently "Well your lordship, to be honest, I desire to be the envy of every woman in this kingdom and the next. I desire to be the most powerful queen this world has every seen."

"I see," said Lord Michael. "And one more question. "If today we held a feast in your honor, to celebrate your birthday or any other day of celebration, and I told you that you may be served anything your heart desires in the banquet hall, anything, what would you request?"

Lady Margaret was confused. She looked down in deep thought and stumbled as she spoke. She found this to be a strange question.

"Your lordship," she said. "I would not request anything in particular. I am not one with a keen tongue sire. I eat what is present and often that includes lamb or chicken."

"But my lady," Lord Michael quickly responded quickly. "What if you were absolutely starved and looking to indulge for that particular moment?"

"Indulge? My lord, I do not indulge. It is not very lady like to indulge oneself in anything that may affect a svelte and lean figure. To be honest my lord, I usually only eat when my bed maiden reminds me I must do so." She replied with a perplexed look on her face.

Sir Abbot had heard Lord Michael ask this question before, and each time he was just as confused as the last.

"My lady," said Lord Michael. "I thank you and your father for making the journey to the castle this fine day, but I must ask you to leave and return on a safe journey to your homeland."

Lady Margaret was upset. She turned around and stormed out of the room.

Sir Abbot approached the king, "My lord, I have several more for you to meet."

"As you wish," replied Lord Michael, "but I do not see this day ending any differently than the rest," he replied.

Sir Abbot returned with another woman. She lasted several minutes less than Lady Margaret. As the next two hours passed, Lord Michael had spoken with over 15 women. None of which were to his liking. They all appeared to him to have the same boring and vain manner among each of them.

Lord Michael became very frustrated "is that it Sir Abbot? May I return to the duties of my kingdom?" He exclaimed.

"Yes sire," Sir Abbot replied timidly, "my apologies, I do have one more girl, but I will send her on her way. She is not up to your standards and I am not sure how the matchmaker included her in today's throng of women."

"And why is she not up to my standards?" Lord Michael replied.

Well, she is, how should I say it, a larger woman who is not as thin as a noble lady should be , and her father is also a lesser nobleman. Actually, he is a baker, but the finest baker in our kingdom, nonetheless.

"A baker?!" Lord Michael exclaimed.

"Oh my lord I am sorry, I will not let a mistake like this happen again. Next time the women will be more appealing." Sir Abbot said as he begged the king's forgiveness.

"Don't be silly," said Lord Michael. "Send her in at once."

The door opened and in walked a woman with her father. The guards at the door giggled as she walked by.

She was very plump and had the most beautiful face Lord Michael had ever seen. She had jet black hair and walked very confidently down the foyer towards the throne. She wore a very tight fitting dress, accentuating her large breasts and very round belly.

"My lord," said Sir Abbot. "Allow me to introduce Lady Adeline Green and her father Ethan Green, the largest and most successful baker in our kingdom.

Ethan Green spoke abruptly "my lordship may I apologize and begin by telling you that I have 3 other daughters, all of which I believe may be more to your liking."

"Nonsense," said Lord Michael. "What you have brought me here today may be one of the most beautiful women I have laid eyes in all my days."

"Lady Adeline," the king said with a smile. " This ghastly man Sir Abbot has brought me dozens of women every week and they all seem to lack any connection with my sole. I have spent many years looking for a match, so I apologize if I am direct. So can I ask you a question and will you promise to answer it honestly without any care of my opinion?"

"Yes my lord, honesty is not a short coming of mine, ask away." she replied. It was obvious that she was very attracted to king. However, she also had a very confident aura about her and did not appear that she would place any facade between her and the king.

Lord Michael paused and then began, "what is it you desire in life? What makes you happy, and what makes you truly excited?

"Well my king," she said as she smiled and looked towards the ground. "I know my father will not be pleased, but you are the king, and you asked that I answer you honestly."

She thought she would be much more nervous saying this out loud, but she felt very comfortable and at ease with the king. Something told her there was no reason to hold back.

"My lord, I desire everything. I hope that does not confuse you, let me elaborate. What I mean is, I believe in greed and excess. I have eyes as wide as the sky that desire all that I see, and I have a belly that knows no limit or satiation. I am a true glutton, a hedonist, and a debauchee."

Sir Abbot rushed towards lady Adeline to remove her from the throne room immediately. It was obvious to him that she was speaking nonsense and the king would be angry at her ramblings.

"Stop!" yelled Lord Michael. "Sir Abbot, leave this room at once. It appears that in all your years you have not failed me. You have brought me a woman that presents herself like a true queen. Now as I said, leave this room at once!"

Lord Michael then turned to Adeline's father. He had his head buried in his hands from embarrassment. "Mr. Green, please raise your head at once. You have raised an amazingly beautiful daughter with a one of a kind personality, are you aware of that?"

"No my lord," said Mr. Green.

"That saddens me sir," replied Lord Michael. "I do not believe you knew what a precious gem you had in your household."

"Lord Michael smiled towards the man, "with that said, would you sir, do me the honor of courting your daughter for the time being. I promise to treat her with respect and courtesy."

Mr. Green looked very confused, but nodded. "Yes sire, nothing would make me happier."

"Thank you sir," replied Lord Michael. "Now please leave us, I would like to speak with your magnificent daughter alone.

Lady Adeline blushed and grinned towards her king. Could it be that for the first time in her life, speaking her mind about her deepest desires was met with understanding and excitement rather than confusion and disapproving looks?!

Lord Michael stood up from his throne and approached Lady Adeline. He knelt down and kissed her hand. He then looked up and smiled. "My lady, I am so very glad you came to greet me on this beautiful afternoon. Would you do me the honor of accompanying me to the banquet hall? It's almost time for lunch and I would love to talk with you and dine on some of the most delicious food this kingdom has to offer."

"Lunch, my king?" she smiled and laughed, "I thought you would never ask!"
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Chapter 2

As Lord Michael began to escort Lady Adeline from the throne room, she stopped him and turned to her King to ask a question.

"My King?" she said softly, "may I ask thee a question that I have pondered since I first entered the throne room?"

"My Lady, you may ask me anything and everything you wish to ask," said Lord Michael.

"Why is the throne of the Queen look so different than the throne of the King up there upon the steps? Said Lady Adeline.

Lord Michael smiled, "oh my dear, I'm sure you're inquiring as to why it's so much wider than the throne of the king."

She kept a straight face, " no my king I," she paused and gave her king the most devious of smiles "I was wondering why it was so small? What kind of real Queen could fit in such a cramped and confined space?"

Lord Michael's jaw dropped in delight, he felt a rush of butterflies through his stomach, he then felt a massive erection coming on.

"My Lady, I think we'd better hurry along to the banquet hall at once. We wouldn't want your lunch to get cold."

As the walked down the hall they couldn't help but smile at each other and laugh. They were beyond attracted to each other at this point.

They soon reached the banquet hall and paused after they walked through the entrance. Before them sat a large table that must have been at least 100 feat long. There was no one else in the room but the two of them as Lord Michael had arranged.

Upon the table was an endless array of dining options. Huge stuffed turkeys, several roasted pigs, cooked hens, roasted quail, piles of mashed potatoes, a dozen assorted custards and pies, several quarts of gravy, several liters of wine, and most importantly several gallons of heavy cream.

Lady Adeline's eyes lit up like most women do when they see a beautiful dress or a room full of gifts from their suitor, "my Lord, I must say, it does appear you know how to serve a lady a moderately decent lunch." She quipped.

They sat down next to each other on the same side of the table. Lord Michael reached over and tucked a satin napkin in the neck of her tight dress. He then leaned over and whispered in her ear "my lady, if this napkin finds itself even close to the description of clean after our meal, I will find myself extremely insulted." They both laughed as they looked into each other's eyes.

A servant entered the room, "Lady Adeline, how may I help you begin."

She hesitated, "dear sir, I know it is not customary, but I would much rather prefer the king feed me himself."

The servant shuttered at such a ridiculous statement.

"My good sir, please leave the room. I would love nothing more than to attend to our guest myself," said the King.

The servant looked bewildered, but nonetheless he turned around and left.

The King looked towards Lady Adeline, "so, what shall we begin with?"

"Lord Michael, you are a king, I trust that you will know best what it is I desire," she said in a soft and sensual voice.

Lord Michael walked to the very head of the table. "Well my Lady, you looked completely starved, so may I suggest the stuffed turkey as it is the most fattening protein I kind find at this table. I must also suggest we drown the turkey in gravy as it will magnify the delicious flavor at hand. He layed the food on a very wide and beautifully decorated plate.

"Oh my Lord, delightful!" She said as she clapped her hands together and smiled.

Lord Michael then walked over to the roasted pork. "I want you to know that I personally instructed the chef that made this pork to choose only the largest and most ripe boar this land has to offer," he said as he slowly sliced the thick slices of pork onto the plate.

Lord Michael then walked to the other side of the table. "My lady, I must tell you, I would not feel right if you were not to try the most moist and mouth watering mashed potatoes this world has to offer." He then took a large ladle and plopped a huge portion onto another section of the plate."

As Lord Michael worked his way back towards Lady Adeline he stopped in front of a huge bowl of rich custard. Lady Adeline moaned and then smiled as he dipped the ladle into the custard and brought it to the plate.

The king placed the massive plate, which took two hands to carry at this point, in front of Lady Adeline. He then picked up two goblets and filled them each with wine. He handed her one and raised his own glass for a toast.

"My Lady, I am not sure what makes me deserve the privilege of your company this afternoon, but I would rather dine with no other."

She smiled and turned to him, "my lord, there are many men that can rule a kingdom like a king, but I have never met a man that can truly feed a woman like a Queen."

With that they began to dine. Lord Michael enjoyed his small plate of pork and chicken, and Lady Adeline began to make a small dent in the pile of deliciousness in front of her. She moaned in approval with almost every bite. In this kingdom like many, food was not scarce, but there was no one that had access to anything that tasted even close to the food prepared in the King's kitchen.

As Lord Michael finished his lunch, Lady Adeline was only getting started. They spoke of many topics and made each other laugh frequently as she ate away.

As she neared the end of the plate Lord Michael could see she was slowing down. He couldn't help but notice her take her left hand from the table and rub her own belly as if to encourage it to hold more and more.

She took a deep breath and then smiled at the King. "Are you almost full my lady?" Lord Michael said quipping with her.

"Full my Lord?" She said as she looked at him with a blank stare before smiling, "full is something of fairy tales, like wizards and dragons." The both laughed heavily.

Lord Michael could barely control himself at this point. He had another massive erection and did not want to stand at the moment, but he saw Lady Adeline had just finished her plate.

"My Lady, I am impressed, you have shown me an appetite I have yet to witness," he said as he picked up the plate.

He looked down at her belly and it was very much distended, resting in her lap as it stretched the fabric of her dress.

"My lady, should we allow the servants to begin to clean up?" Said Michael as he held the plate.

"My Lord, I am deeply sorry, but I have yet to try half the food at the table," she said as she motioned for him to head back down the table.

Lord Michael was astonished. He had truly met the woman of her dreams. Lord Michael was a fair and just king, but deep down inside he had an insatiable desire to be with a woman, a particular woman with particular desires. A woman that knew no boundaries of lust, greed, and appetite.

Michael walked around the table and filled the plate again, but this time higher.

"My lady, I must say your appetite is nothing short of erotic, so please continue until you are truly finished," Lord Michael said as he rested the plate in front of her.

She continued eating. At a slower pace, but she still savored every bite. The King sat next to her. He began to rub her back in a consoling manner and she stuffed herself bite after bite.

The fabric of her dress was now stretched intensely against her perfectly round belly.

Lady Adeline caught Lord Michael looking down at her belly. He looked up and locked eyes with her. She had mash potatoes and gravy on each corner of her mouth. He looked over at her plate and there was not a morsel left.

"Touch it," she said as she stared at him with the same devious look he saw earlier that day.

"I want you to touch it my King."

Michael reached over and placed his entire hand on the side of her belly and pressed gently. It was firm yet soft at the same time. He could feel a mass of food and wine sloshing about inside.

Without thinking Lord Michael reached over and grabbed a gallon of heavy cream. He poured it into an empty goblet before her.

Their eyes remained locked as he raised the cream towards her lips. "My lady, your appetite appears to be almost as indescribable as your beauty," said Michael. "I must insist that we cannot not end such a wonderful feast before you indulge in the heaviest cream the kingdom has to offer."

She smiled from ear to ear. She was tired and stuffed beyond her own belief, but she motioned him with a smile and a nod to bring the goblet to her lips.

She drank the entire goblet gulp after gulp. The king was in awe!

Suddenly her dress ripped in a loud tear and her stuffed belly fell inches further into her lap. At the sight of this Lord Michael leaned in and kissed Lady Adeline. They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed each other deeply in an erotic frenzy.

As they continued, Michael reached down and began rubbing her belly all over. It was so huge and distended, like nothing he had ever felt. He then brought his hand below her bellow and between her lap. She began moaning wildly over and over and moments later she came in a loud erotic cry. Her whole body was throbbing in his arms and he felt her belly and breasts jiggle wildly.

They both stared at each other for a moment and smiled. "Well my lady," said Lord Michael, "I must admit, that was quite a feast. Now I think it would be best if we send you upstairs right away for a long nap. You have much to digest and much reason to relax."
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Chapter 3

Lady Adeline awoke from the deepest of sleep. She found herself completely nude in a wonderfully soft white linen bed. It was massive and had four posts. Above it was translucent linen draped in the most beautiful manner.

She did not remember how she got there, but she did remember the feast that led to her falling into the most drowsy food coma of her life. She felt wonderfully relaxed in the beautiful massive bed. She rubbed her belly and sighed softly. Only days before she could have never imagined being stuffed with delicious food by a wonderful King in a beautiful castle.

She rubbed her eyes and noticed a young girl sitting in a chair at the other end of the room. "Uh, madam, can I help you," she said as she starred across the room from her horizontal position.

The lady stood up quickly. "My lady, my name is Alice, I am your chamber maiden. I am here to serve you."

"Oh," said lady Adeline, "well it's so nice to meet you dear. I hope not to trouble you too much."

"Nonsense my lady," she insisted, "it gives me great pleasure to serve you, and I insist you do not withhold any request or desire from me."

"Well my dear," said Lady Adeline, "would you mind bringing me that pitcher of water over there? I have just awoken from the most wonderful sleep and I am parched."

The bed maiden approached the pitcher, then turned to Lady Adeline before picking it up, "my Lady, I apologize, the king requested the pitcher be filled with heavy cream. I can still fetch you fresh water from the kitchen if you wish."

Lady Adeline gave a big smile, "no my dear, the King already appears to know me very well, the cream is just the right thing to quench my thirst at this moment." She motioned to the bed maiden, "fill that large goblet with cream and bring it to me my dear."

The bed maiden filled a large goblet with at least a pint of heavy cream. She brought it to Lady Adeline who had propped her head up with her hand as her elbow pressed itself into the white linen sheets.

She gulped down the cream in only a few seconds and used her other hand to wipe her mouth. "Another my dear," she said. The bed maiden refilled the goblet for her and delivered it quickly back to the bed. She once again drained the goblet in only a few large gulps.

"Another my sweet dear," said lady Adeline as she motioned to the huge jug of cream. This continued for several minutes until the jug was empty.

"My lady, I see you are parched, shall I fetch another jug of cream to bring to your bedside?"

"Yes my dear," said Lady Adeline, "and please, to save your self a trip from now on, I would begin keeping several gallons of cream on hand with you at all times. I tend to become parched and I find that water simply lacks the taste and fulfillment that I so much require.

"At once my Lady," said the bed maiden as she left the room.

Lady Adeline rolled to her other side in bed. She rubbed her belly and looked back up at the beautiful draped linen above. She giggled to herself at the realization that despite the massive feast from earlier, she had already found herself hungry once again. How could this be? These thoughts soon led to a tingling feeling below her below. Her own greed and gluttony made her very, very aroused.

The bed maiden came back through the door with a servant who placed several gallons of cream on ice against the wall. Behind her entered a servant pushing a cart. Upon the cart sat a large card folded in half. It was closed with the King's personal seal. Next to it sat a large silver dome that held a surprise of some king beneath it.

Lady Adeline opened the card and read it to herself, it was from the King. "My sweet Adeline, I hope you had a very relaxing nap. I had the most wonderful time with you at our private lunch banquet today, and I hope you did as well. It would be my honor if you would join me in dinner tonight. The King's kitchen has prepared the most delightful meals tonight. If you accept my invitation, please ask the servant to return the card to me at once so that I can prepare to meet you in the banquet hall. I have also had my personal servant bring you a little something to tie you over until we meet in 2 hours time. I hope it will suffice."

Lady Adeline was very excited to read such a sweet note form the King. She wrote a reply. "My King, nothing would make me happier than to join you for an evening meal. The last meal we shared was like no other I have ever had in my life. See you soon, your Sweet Lady Adeline."

The servant removed the silver serving dome and beneath it lied the little something the king had sent to help tie her over until dinner, it was a large, chocolate cake.

The servant took the card as if he were to quickly return it to the king.

"Wait sir, Lady Adeline said, "in addition to the card, I would like to send the king back a little something."

Without hesitation she picked up a fork and began to devour the chocolate cake on the serving cart as she sat on the edge of the bed. It was sweeter than anything she had tasted in her life. She motioned for the bed maiden to bring her a goblet of cream so that she may wash it down.

The servant stood in awe but did not open his mouth to question her actions. Within a few minutes the cake had disappeared. She placed the card under the dome and asked the servant to bring everything back to the king at once.

Lady Adeline leaned back and licked the remaining chocolate off of her fingers. The bed maiden brought her a linen napkin. "My lady, I must help you begin dressing so that you may meet the King in two hours time.

On the other side of the castle the king was seated at a desk in his chambers, signing documents that needed to be sent to noble lords within the kingdom. The servant entered the room pushing the cart.

The King gave him a concerned look, "good sir, I told you specifically to bring the cart to the lady along with the card, what could go wrong with such a simple task?"

"My King," said the servant, "I did exactly as you asked." With that, he raised the silver serving dome and revealed the request card sitting on nothing but an empty platter of crumbs.

The King gave an immense smile and exclaimed, "my God, she is more than I dreamed of, she will be Queen sooner than I ever thought, I cannot resist her!"

A short time later the king headed down to the banquet hall. As he had requested, a feast was prepared that would easily suffice 50 men.

He sat down, poured himself a glass of wine, and waited. He had made sure they once again had the room to just himself and Adeline.

Her heard footsteps, then from the arched doorway at the far end of the hall, Adeline emerged. Her black hair flowed magnificently down her back. She wore a red dress that made her look like pure royalty. Lord Michael noticed the dress looked far too small for her as her belly protruded outstandingly in front of her. Her breasts poured out of the top as if they refused to be contained in this particular garment. He found great excitement while assuming that their lunch just hours ago might have already made her own personal wardrobe to small for her to wear.

"Good evening my King," she said in her soft sensual voice. "I see you have prepared a proper dinner for me." She walked towards him slowly as she inspected each of the 5 long tables covered in a massive selection of food.

She stopped as she reached Lord Michael. He stood up and kissed her hand. She gazed into his eyes, "so what's on the menu this evening my King?"

He stared back at her as he held her hand "everything."

"Mmmmm," moaned Lady Adeline, "my favorite."

Lord Michael leaned in and kissed Lady Adeline gently as he rubbed his hand around the fabric that cling so tightly to her huge belly.

He then led her over to the main dining table and pulled out a large velvet covered chair so that she may sit down.

As she slowly sat down, a small tear could be heard making it's way through the side of her dress where her belly put an intense strain on the garment. She gasped and stopped sitting halfway into the chair. She turned to Lord Michael and stared at him like a dear in head lights. They both began laughing for a second and then Lord Michael consoled her. "My sweet Adeline, please proceed. There is no concern to be had when something so magnificent appears to happen sooner than expected.

She agreed and continued to sit into the chair and with each inch she moved towards the seat, the tear became more intense. By the time her bottom reached the seat of the chair, her entire belly had poured itself onto her lap.

She looked up at Lord Michael and they both found themselves laughing again. "My Lord, I feel the dress provides me much unneeded constrain, would you agree?" Lady Adeline said as she looked down at the half mangled dress.

Without saying a word Michael leaned down and with both hands and one motion, he ripped the seam of the dress down the entire middle from cleavage to bottom. Her body jiggled as the garment came completely undone and her massive breasts came to rest upon the top of her belly.

Lady Adeline now sat completely nude in her chair. "Well then," said Lord Michael, "now you have all the room in the world to grow." She smiled back at him and patted the side of her belly with joy.

"All the room in the world to grow," she repeated to herself several times. She sighed with happiness as Lord Michael placed the first full plate in front of her.

The feast had begun.
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Chapter 4

A few hours had passed since their feast began. Lady Adeline still sat completely nude in her chair, leaning against the back rest with her gorgeous swollen belly on display before her.

She was perspiring from the stuffing that had just taken place. Lord Michael could see bits of food and lines of cream that had dripped down her chest and belly, he found himself incredibly turned on. She had consumed the entire variety of food on two of the five tables before her.

"My sweet Adeline, you have done it again. That is what I call a proper appetite. However, there is always room for improvement" he said as he leaned over and rubbed her bloated belly.

She giggled and smiled at the king, "my Lord, this morning I arrived at the castle not knowing what kind of man I was to meet. This evening I sit here in ecstasy having eaten more in two meals than I have in the last two weeks. I consider myself a lucky girl"

The King was struck with a sudden thought. "My lady, when you arrived at the castle this morning, did Sir Abbot weigh you?"

"Yes of course lord," she nodded.

"Fantastic! Do you remember what the number was?"

"Of course I do, I was actually disappointed to learn it was so low. The scale read 275 pounds exactly as I stood their in the nude."

"My lady, I bet after the indulgent display you have shown today you are well beyond that number!"

"Oh yes indeed, it would be very exciting to see what a wonderful effect your cuisine has had on me!"

Lord Michael stood up and lifted Lady Adeline's hand as if to help her stand. She was completely engorged, but she attempted to stand nonetheless.

As she grabbed the golden arm rests of the chair, she realized she was stuck. She had eaten so much delicious food and cream that her belly had grown several inches in each direction.

Lord Michael quickly summoned Alice the bed maiden from the other room.

Alice walked in and found herself somewhat in shock.

"Oh my dear Alice, do not be so alarmed, I simply had a second helping at dinner and I appear to be stuck," said Adeline as she motioned to Alice to come closer.

The king began laughing as Alice walked cautiously towards them, "yes, it was just a small second helping."

The king thought for a second how they were going to free her, then approached the dining table. He took a stick of butter in each hand and returned to Adeline.

He began to rub the butter around the sides of her belly to help lubricate the chair. A few seconds later, she was freed and she stood straight up with a little hesitation. The king looked down as he held her arm, the seat of her chair was dripping wet. She must of climaxed several times as Lord Michael help stuff her greedy face.

"Thank you," Lord Adeline said softly to the king. She then took his right hand which was covered in butter and placed his index finger deep into her mouth. "Delicious," she whispered.

The King and Alice then assisted Adeline in the short walk to the adjacent room where a massive counter weight scale stood. The King arranged the weights on the right side while Lady Adeline sat in a very large chair on the other side. The weight of the chair had been removed to allow for a correct weigh in.

He stacked the weights to equal 285 pounds and released the tether on the scale. Nothing happened, Adeline's side of the scale was still heavier. "Fantastic!" Shouted the king.

Lady Adeline smiled and clapped her hands together. She then rubbed the sides of her belly as if it were a trophy to be admired.

The King quickly added another ten pounds to the scale to bring it to 295 pounds. Once again, no movement.

The King's jaw dropped in excitement as he and lady Adeline made eye contact and smiled. "All this excitement is really making me work up an appetite," she quipped.

He grabbed one more five pound weight to bring the scale to 300 pounds. Adeline began to rise into the air on her side of the scale. The counter weights teetered back and forth. Within a few seconds the scale began to even out with Adeline's side slightly lower. This indicated that Adeline was an incredible 23 pounds heavier than she was before she had arrived at the castle.

"My dear, you have exceeded any expectation I could have imagined, 298 pounds! You are by far the heaviest girl in this kingdom and the next!"

Adeline gave a shrug and forced a smile, "I am delighted by king, but 300 is such a beautiful round number," she frowned.

She brought her hand to her chin in thought. Then she quickly motioned to Alice, "my dear, please head back to the dining hall and bring me the heaviest plate of deserts you can carry and a large goblet of cream,

The king looked confused, but he stepped back to observe. Alice returned a minute later with a plate stacked with scones, an entire pie, and a bowl of custard. She reached up and handed Adeline the plate as she sat upon the scale.

Adeline began to quickly demolish the assortment on the plate, bite after bite. Soon she had left only the crust of the pie. She then reached down and exchanged the plate for the goblet of cream.

Throughout this sequence of events Lord Michael kept a close eye on the scale. The counter weights became perfectly even and Adeline was truly over 300 pounds.

He tethered the scale once again so Adeline could be lowered. She stood slowly as Lord Michael approached her. He grabbed her in his arms and kissed her deeply.

Lady Adeline looked him right in the eye and lowered her hand down between the King's legs, he had a rock solid erection. "My king," she said as she winked at Lord Michael and smiled, "I have only known you a short while but I am sure you have become to realize that I am never satisfied."

The King paused and let his smile dissipate. He stepped back from his embrace. "My Lady, if you are insinuating what I think it is you are, I must remind you that only the Queen can share a bed with the King of this great land."

Lady Adeline lowered her head in disappointment, "I apologize sire, I know that only the true Queen of this kingdom may bed the King."

The king took her hand and smiled once again, "and that is why we should go back to my chambers at once!"

She laughed and took the kings arm, "you really had me for a second there."

Lord Michael helped her waddle the short trip down the hall to the King's chambers. He looked over every few seconds to catch a glimpse of her belly and breasts rippling with every step she took.

When they entered his chambers there were candles lit throughout the room. Lady Adeline was overwhelmed by the romantic setting before her.

The King disrobed and approached her. The began to kiss wildly. He lowered her down onto the bed. He buried his face in her massive breasts and then entered her below her belly slowly.

They made love for the next hour in a frenzy of lust. The King grabbed tightly on her belly as he thrust deeper and deeper. Eventually they both screamed in elation as they climaxed in each others arms.

They fell asleep i the King's bed excited about their future together.

In the coming weeks the feasts did not end. Lady Adeline ate every meal with the King and she did so to absolute excess.

In the coming weeks she had continued to pile on the weight daily. As their wedding was being arranged, her bridal dress had to be measured and prepared at the last minute as it would obviously not fit for long.

They had a beautiful wedding with a massive feast like none other. Although her excessive consumption was a sight to be had by many, the noble people embraced their queen.

Years began passing and Queen Adeline's gluttony had only increased and she quickly outgrew the Queen's throne as she had foreshadowed during her first visit to the castle.

Their frequent feasts also now took more than one chef to prepare. Several servants also had to be on hand because Lord Michael could not manage to keep up with her consumption.

One day Queen Adeline decided that walking was not only difficult, but not necessary for a true Queen. Lord Michael had a large bed on wheels constructed so she could be moved from the dining hall to the bedroom with ease.

Her most recent weigh in was a spectacular 715 pounds and the King and Adeline found themselves happier than they had ever dreamed.

One day as they returned to their royal chambers after a massive lunchtime feast, Queen Adeline found herself exceptionally horny.

She lay on her side on their massive royal bed which was over 20 feet wide. Her colossal belly spread out before her, it was a beautiful product of their epic love.

Adeline picked up a goblet of cream and drank as she still lay relaxed on her side, this was astounding in itself considering the lunch she just ate could have fed the entire kingdom twice.

She then began to finger her belly button which had only grown deeper and deeper over time. She had acquired a curious sexual stimulation inside of it that magnified her arousal and both she and Lord Michael now enjoyed this orifice more than any other.

As Adeline continued to drink her goblet of heavy cream, Lord Michael slowly entered her deep and luscious belly button with his dripping wet cock. With thrust after thrust she moaned louder and louder. Over time it had only seem like their sexual encounters had become more and more intense.

With several final thrusts inside her mass of fat, Lord Michael watched as his Queen's belly rippled violently about. They climaxed together in complete ecstasy.

As Lord Michael lay completely relaxed next to his Queen with his hand on her belly, he pondered a question that had never before crossed his mind.

"My Queen?" He said.

"Yes my King?" She replied.

"I can't believe I have never asked you this after all this time, but is there an ideal weight you wish to attain?" Said Lord Michael.

"Of course!" Replied Adeline as she smiled and reached back over for her goblet of cream, "the answer is more."

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Great story! Hoping that there's more to come?
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