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The Original Sabrina
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The Original Sabrina has said some nice things

@ Adrian- could you possibly use the word OLD one more time? I'm feeling positively like an antique here.

@ Dansinfool- Hi sweetie! The column was called "Say, Sabrina:" and I made it a point to answer every letter I received personally. I believed if everyone could take the time to write to me, the least I could do was to return the favor. Everything written about me was written BY ME. Much to BUF's dismay, I wouldn't let their sleeze writer do my talking. Another reason we had a falling out. I wanted to maintain my "nice" image and not be portrayed as a "nasty" girl. I understand that was the interest of many of the readers, but I maintained my style & it worked for me. Thanks for remembering me all these years, Dansin.
The ONE, the ONLY, the ORIGINAL:kiss2:
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