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Default China Doll - by Anonymous (~BBW, Explicit Sex, ~XWG)

~BBW, Explicit Sex, ~XWG -The ancient secret behind skinny Asian women is revealed... and broken wide open

China Doll
by Anonymous

I have been dating Mai-Li Fat for over two years. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever met, and her name is music to my ears. But, there is a problem; the poor girl just doesn't live up to her name. I love Mai-Li - she is gorgeous - but she is so very thin; like most oriental women she is thin and attractive, but she could be fat and gorgeous. I have tried many times to encourage her to eat but she seems very apprehensive. I thought that I would never get her to gain any weight until I met Mr.Lee.

"Henry, I want to make a special dinner for us tonight. Could you go to Mr.Lee's and pick up some special ingredients for me please?"

"What are you making for dinner tonight Mai-Li?" I asked her.

"It is an old Fat family secret, but I need those special ingredients from Mr.Lee, so could you leave soon?"

"I'm on my way honey, I'll see you when I get back." I walked out the door and followed the directions that Mai-Li gave me. It took me into a small shop located in a back alley deep inside in Chinatown.

The sign said, "Mr.Lee's," so I went in. "Hello, Mr.Lee, are you here?"

"Yes, hello there, young man. I am Mr.Lee. How may I help you, young man?"

"My girlfriend sent me here for some special spices for her dinner tonight," I told the old man.

"May I asked your girlfriend's name?"

"Of course, her name is Mai-Li Fat, do you know her?"

"In a way; I am an old friend of her family's. How may I help you."

"Could you please find these things for me?" The old man read down the list; with a slight smile, he told me to wait, and that he would be right back. As I waited for the old man I began to look around his shop. It was filled with the weirdest assortment of curios I had ever seen. I marveled at the bizarre objects, until I came to an old painting. The painting must have been from the ancient Chinese dynasties; it was of a princess of what appeared to be the Ming Dynasty, but something more intrigued me about the picture.

The princess in the picture looked exactly like Mai-Li, except she was enormous - she was the fattest Asian women I had ever seen - and she took my breath away. She was the exact picture of how I wished Mai-Li looked. I was fascinated by it, and when Mr.Lee came out of the back room I asked him about it.

"Ah yes, the Jade Empress. What do you wish to know of her?" The old man asked me. I immediately asked him to tell me everything he knew of her.

"She was the daughter of the emperor and future empress of the Ming Dynasty, but she was vain and conceited. She felt herself to be the prettiest woman in all the land.

"One day, she was out walking among the peasants when she met a slightly large woman. The sight of the woman made the princess laugh, and she insulted the poor woman, calling her a fat cow, and an ugly stump. What the vain princess failed to realize, was that this was one of the many daughters of the Dragon King.

"When the Dragon King heard how his daughter was insulted by a mere mortal woman, he cursed her saying: "Foolish and vain human princess, you dare to insult the daughter of the Dragon King? You will be punished for your insolence."

"Please, almighty Dragon King, do not kill my daughter," begged the Emperor.

"Your daughter will be spared, only so that she will live with the fate she has brought down upon herself."

The princess quaked when the mighty Dragon King spoke. "Princess, who dares insult this daughter of mine, receive your punishment. You who dare call others fat shall now be that which thou hast insulted."

With these words the thin princess exploded into a mountain of fat flesh. Where her once flat stomach had been was now a bulge of fat, her chin and check bones washed away under a sea of fat which rippled through her body. When the King was done with the princess she weighed more than the bricks in the Great Wall.

"Who will ever love me now? I am nothing more than a living pillow."

After this day the princess became a recluse, living inside the Imperial Palace. She ate night and day, gaining and gaining still more.

"Over the next years many suitors came to seek the princess' hand in marriage but all were repelled by her massive girth. But one day, a stranger came from a far away land and married the princess, creating a new dynasty. But that, is another story."

"That was a great story... but what does that have to do with my girlfriend?" I asked Mr.Lee.

"You see, young man, the princess is your girlfriend's ancestor, and the curse of the Dragon King is still part of her. You see, in the new dynasty the princess was worshipped for her size, and all women in China emulated her; soon the whole country was as large as she.

This made the princess very happy, and she forgot all about the curse, which infuriated the Dragon King. So he created a counter-magic which keeps all women of Chinese descent from gaining weight. After he did this, the princess became unhappy until, that is, she realized her husband still loved her, and loved her even more because of her weight - not in spite of it. And so she was happy until the day she died.

"Your girlfriend is one of the few women descended from the Jade Empress who has this ability to grow, but she needs the proper herbs in order for the ability to manifest itself."

"You mean that one day Mai-Li will look like this?" I said as I pointed to the picture of the Jade Empress.

"No, my friend, one day she will grow larger than that, and she will grow into the woman of your dreams."

"What do you mean?" I asked the old man.

"My friend, it does not take much to see that you are a what you Americans call an FA."

"Well, I mean, I have been attracted to big girls in the past, but-"

"Do not be ashamed, my friend. Those women are rare and beautiful as any jade, and you have found some very precious jade indeed; but you must polish it, to make it sparkle."

"Thank you, Mr.Lee, for all your information - and advice."

"Soon, my friend, all your dreams will come true," he told me, as I left his store.

On my way home many thoughts raced through my head as I thought about the Jade Empress, Mai-Li, and the many possibilities that were in store for us.

When I got home I greeted Mai-Li happily, "Greetings, oh great Jade Empress."

"I see that you talked with Mr.Lee. I am glad that you did. Did he tell you the whole story?"

"Yes," I said to her.

"Did the story interest you? I hope it did; I was so afraid to tell you because I assumed that you dated me because of my small figure."

"Honey, I love you and I always have. I think that, if you would be happy fat, then I, too, would love you to be fat - not just for me, but for yourself."

"I am so glad to hear you say that Henry... because some of the herbs I had you get from Mr.Lee are the counter to the Dragon King's curse on all my people. Once I take these and begin to eat, I may never be able to stop eating and growing.

After my beautiful China Doll said this I practically shoved the herbs down her throat, and then the fun began. That was about 6 months ago, and since then she has blossomed from a seed into a flower. She has gained about 400 pounds in those 6 months.

It seems that she has an unlimited appetite; she has become the scourge of the local all you can eat restaurants and has even put some out of business. Her chins have multiplied with the months and her once defined figure has been long-since lost under a sea of warm beautiful fat. Her flat chest and her bony butt have been replaced by mountains of soft pillowy flesh.

She has grown so much that she now needs a special harness in order to get around the apartment. I have even taken a job at a local wholesale food market in order to keep my empress fed. Our love has never been better either; coming home everyday to my wonderful supersized China Doll, her beautiful brown eyes hidden under her many chins, and her beautiful brown stomach stretching over her mysterious hidden treasure.

"Mai-Li, I am home, where are you?" I asked as I walked in the door.

"I am in here Henry, I have some surprises for you." Mai-Li said from the bedroom, her silky voice enticing me.

"I don't like surprises Mai-Li."

"Come in here Henry, you will like these suprises, they came for me from Mr.Lee, today."

As I walked in the door I saw that the gifts that Mr.Lee had given her. The first was a monstrous black silk dress in the ancient Chinese style and the second was a vase holding some strange powder.

"Mai-Li, you look wonderful in that dress; how did Mr.Lee find a silk dress that big?

"It's magic Henry, and you want to know something else? This powder is magic too. Mr.Lee didn't say what the magic would do, but he said that it was something that we were sure to enjoy. Would you like to try it?"

"Well, I can't see the harm in it. Let's go for it," I said to her, eagerly waiting to see what the magic powder held in store for us.

Mai-Li sprinkled the powder all over herself; it was then that the magic of the powder was revealed. The powder caused Mai-Li to double in size, nearly bursting out of her new silk dress, which grew to fit her suddenly larger form. I stood there in awe, looking at my girlfriend, now weighing over 800 pounds. Her body folded on itself; her girth surpassed all the women in my fat girl magazines. She was a giant living mound of flesh, her arms and legs were completely lost under her weight.

"Am I now big enough to satisfy you now?" She asked with a sparkle in her eye.

"Well, let's see." With these words I climbed onto her stomach; it was like laying on a quivering sea of warm jello. I rocked up and down on it making, sweet love to her, pulling away the layers of cellulite that covered her sweet vagina. I licked her sweet mound; her constant eating had made her clit taste juicy and spicy. Her sweat was like a delicious topping.

As multiple orgasms swept through her body, she shook and it felt like an earthquake; it shook the entire apartment, down to the very foundation. Mai-Li gushed in buckets which I quickly drank up, her body still shaking like a mound of jello, she was all of my fantasies and dreams some true. After she finished orgasming and I shot off my load, she asked me if I was now happy with her.

"No, but we'll work on it." With these words I broke out a special tray of powder laced chocolates - but that is another story. Right now I must get back to my supersized China Doll.

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