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Jake (JMJ)
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Default Computer Gain - by Jake - (~BBW (Mult.), Magic, Eating, Revenge, Lesbian Sex, ~XWG)

~BBW (Multiple), Magic, Eating, Revenge, Lesbian Sex, ~XWG - jealous co-worker gets revenge on boss who crosses the line, but with a twist

[Author's note: Hello again everyone. This is one of my earlier works that I recently retrieved off of my old hard drive and figured I should post it here. Hope you all enjoy it. - Jake (JMJ)]

Computer Gain
by Jake (JMJ)

Shannon Morel was your average girl, went to a good high school and college, and had a nice job as an accountant. She was very bright, but that wasn’t the reason for her new position. It was her, well, performing oral sex on the head of the Board of Directors. Shannon felt that such action was the only way to get the raise and promotion over her competition. That and the fact that she was far sexier then the frumpy losers around her.

Shannon was very attractive by conventional standards for her height. Standing only 5’1, Shannon weighed in surprisingly at 115 pounds, but most of it in her breasts. They were simply tremendous. Her blond hair pretty much came just a tad below her shoulders, but nonetheless it framed her beautiful face. This drove her co-workers mad, but if she was a nice person they probably would have gotten over this. However, she was a royal pain in the ass and walked all over everyone. No one knew what to do, but one woman in the office finally decided she had try to do something.

Michelle Sanders was 47 years old and had been working at Miller’s Accounting for 9 years. She was bright and had a good portfolio, but this did nothing to get her that promotion. Michelle was enraged at the latest turn of events and sought out to gain some revenge. She searched the web all night for something to do, and eventually, Google came up with a response for revenge that she liked.

She has discovered E-Gain, a sort of curse that would cause the receiver to gain the amount of weight in the subject of an email. Michelle didn’t believe it so she decided to test it. Michelle knew that just yesterday she weighed 140 pounds, so she typed in 5lbs as the subject and sent an email to herself. Before she sent it, a little pop-up came on the screen and asked her if she wanted an immediate gain or a prolonged gain. Michelle didn’t know what to do so she clicked immediate.

She then sent the mail and looked in her email for a response. When it arrived she opened the email message for a response. A blue flash occurred and she read her mail. She clicked out of the e-mail and got up real quick and laughed.

“To think this would actually work” she thought to herself. As she walked to the kitchen, she felt her pants get a little snug. Smiling, she walked to the bathroom and got on the scale. The scale read 145, a five pound gain. She couldn’t believe it, the site worked!

Michelle grinned and rushed back to her computer. She glanced over at her address book at found Shannon’s email address and went back to the website. She composed another email and this time typed in 30 lbs. The pop-up appeared again and she clicked immediate once again. Thankfully, the site sent the mail anonymously, so Shannon wouldn’t be able to figure out who sent it.

Excitingly she sent the mail and headed off to bed. This should be fun she thought.

Shannon got up the next morning and smiled. At only 27 years of age, she had a good life ahead of her. Looking out the window of her 7th avenue apartment, she was still shocked to believe that she had a fabulous apartment and over $200,000 in the bank. Life was good, and all she had to do was “cheat” just a bit to get herself there.

She showered and then changed into her khaki slacks and blue blouse, trying to be as casual as she could be on this somewhat chilly Friday. Getting into her car she realized she only had a half day and thought that once getting in she’d send out a couple of faxes and leave an extra two hours early. She was in for a surprising day.

Shannon sat in her chair and quickly sent out three faxes to her clients and got on her computer. She searched the web and went to the Gap website and browsed through some of the new fall fashions. Before even seeing the first set of outfits, her screen flashed to notify her that she had new mail. Upon clicking the little mailbox, her screen flashed blue as she read the email.

Shannon barely even looked at it and quickly deleted it. She didn’t even read the mail at all. However, just by opening it she got what she needed. Shannon called her secretary and told her that she’d be leaving a little after ten for some family business. Grace her secretary jotted down some things and hung up.

Shannon grinned and then grabbed water out of her mini fridge. As she sipped it, she thought to herself that her pants seemed a little more snug then usual. Thinking nothing of it, she finished up a little more of her work and became engrossed in the fall fashions. At a quarter to ten, a loud snap and pop awoke her from her searching stupor. For the past 45 minutes, she had felt her clothes getting tighter but thought it was the way she was sitting. As she glanced down, she was shocked to see that her blouse had unbuttoned it self at the top near her breasts and also that her pants button was no longer on her pants, but instead on the keyboard.

She stood up and saw that her pants were also unzipped a bit revealing a new found chubby belly that wasn’t there before. Gone was her thin waist and that was replaced with a little bit of flab. She almost fainted as she turned her head to see that her butt had also swelled up and the seams on the seat of her pants were straining to keep her flabby butt in place. Not truly believing this, Shannon grabbed the sweater off of her coat rack and wrapped it around her waist. That is tried to wrap it around her waist. Not accustomed to her weight, Shannon couldn’t get the darned thing tied.

Grunting, Shannon just put it on to cover up the gaps in her blouse. She shut off her computer and walked out. Grace her secretary got up to say something but Shannon just sped by her. Michelle was just coming out of the kitchen with her coffee when she saw Shannon sped past her. Michelle saw that Shannon’s ass had definitely grown a bit and smiled. She knew that 30 pounds was no-where near enough to get back at Shannon. Those emails were going to have to keep on coming.

Michelle plotted the whole weekend on what to do to Shannon. She didn’t want to make Shannon gain anymore weight rapidly, fearing Shannon would eventually figure things out and not read her emails anymore. As she accessed the site once again, she looked into the prolonged gain, and saw that she could actually formulate how long it would take Shannon to gain weight. After debating all weekend, Michelle finally decided what to do. 3 months, 180 pounds. Michelle could not wait for this to occur.

Shannon meanwhile stepped on the scale in her apartment and groaned. Furious at the reading, she threw it against the ground, breaking it. There was just no way she weighed 147 pounds! No way! Shannon looked in the mirror and examined her naked body. Her face was somewhat rounder, but not too noticeable. She realized though that when she looked down a small double chin formed.

Her breasts also were fuller, definitely going up another cup size. They however were beginning to sag just a bit, but that might have been because of her being braless. Her belly had begun to droop a bit as well, as it had filled out and gotten chubbier. Poking it, she could barely feel the muscle that had once been there. As she turned sideways and glanced at her butt, it appeared that it had gained as much of the weight as her breasts.

“Well, she thought, looks like I’m like the other women in the family and become an hourglass.” She slowly walked away from the mirror and jumped into bed. She’d have to buy a few bigger outfits tomorrow until she lost this weight.

Monday rolled around and immediately Shannon had to go to a meeting. Her presentation was flawless and she actually relaxed a bit for the first time since Friday. Her outfit however was a loose fitting pair of slacks and a somewhat baggy sweater. As she got back to her office, Grace asked if she could see the new fall line Shannon was bragging about from the Gap. Shannon smiled and told her to come on in.

Grace was similar to Shannon, but only she tended to be an apple shaped figure. Her belly just simply never got trim no matter how hard she exercised. Because of this she just never bothered to go the gym much anymore, this is why the past few months she put on a few pounds. At 5-1 and 130 pounds she wasn’t fat, but she wasn’t skinny either. Shannon liked Grace but never really associated with her outside of work.

Grace and Shannon began surfing the web and enjoyed the fall fashions. Shannon went to the fridge and grabbed a banana and Grace sat down in her chair. She notified Shannon that she had mail and Shannon told her to check it. Just as Shannon turned towards the screen Grace opened the mail, both women catching the blue light. The E-mail was blank so Grace just clicked out of it and deleted it. Shannon thought the light was familiar but didn’t really put much thought into it.

The girls continued browsing until a little after 1, when both agreed it was time to stop. Grace headed back to her seat and quickly ordered in. Shannon didn’t want to admit it, but she was really hungry. Glancing in the fridge, she saw that she didn’t have anything good to eat. As if it were second nature, she got up and drove to McDonalds. This was the first time since college that she’d be eating here.

Quickly ordering a number two large with a coke, she drove back to her office to eat her meal. Passing by Grace’s desk, she barely registered that Grace was easily going through a personal deep dish pizza and a side of breadsticks. The meal left her satisfied as she gulped down the last bites of her second cheeseburger. Burping she disposed of the bag and remnants and got back to her work.

It was like this all week long. Shannon just simply couldn’t get enough of fast food. Every day she went to a different spot, Arby's, Wendy’s, Taco bell, u name it. This was just not her style. Licking the grease off of her fingers from the Wendy’s fries, she glanced over to her secretary’s desk and saw Grace finish off her sub from Blimpies.

“Hmm, that might make a good dinner.” Shannon barely registered that her formerly loose pants were already getting snug. Patting her belly, she couldn’t wait for dinner.

Michelle had not gotten the privilege to see Shannon for two weeks after sending the email. She had so much work that she never really ventured from her cubicle. That and the fact that no one really saw Shannon leave her office no one was spreading gossip either. Michelle was anxious to see Shannon but figured it wouldn’t be anytime soon.

Yawning, she figured since it was still only 9:30, she’d get a cup of coffee. Walking to the kitchen, she saw that someone had brought in donuts. Smiling she turned back to the coffee and poured it. Upon turning around, she was shocked at the sight in front of her. There was Shannon, in an outfit that was ridiculously tight, stuffing a donut into her mouth. Michelle couldn’t believe it, Shannon was, well, plump.

Her face having not gone through that much change but with her mouth full of food gave the impression that she had a double chin. Below the neck was a different story. Her breasts were clearly sagging and overflowing her almost visible bra, and her poor blouse was gapping at every button as soft white flesh began poking through these gaps. Obviously her belly was pushing out which was apparent by the bulge in the upper part of her skirt.

Shannon gave the pleasantries to Michelle and grabbed another donut and walked away. As she did, Michelle got a clear look at her ass and could not believe it. It was huge! The skirt was so tight Michelle wondered how it didn’t explode. Her panties were wedged into each cheek which caused Shannon to pick at them. Michelle could not believe that she was getting this plump. Michelle just wondered though how long it would take for Shannon to realize how flabby she was getting.

Shannon rose out of bed with some difficulty. The past month and a half had been brutal on her. Aside from work, she really did nothing else. Her nights and weekends were spent gorging and then sleeping in the next day. The excess food had taken its toll on her body but she didn’t seem to realize the change. Scratching her flabby belly, she looked around and saw that her place was a mess.

Remembering the last two nights of Grace’s binging made her shudder. Shannon couldn’t believe how fat Grace was now. Last night Grace stuffed herself so much that the button on her pants popped open and caused her belly to break free. Shannon stood there shocked as Grace continued to eat. Disgusted, Shannon popped the remaining donuts into her own mouth as Grace finished off her chocolate layer cake.

Thinking back, Shannon shuddered and started cleaning up the room. Her poor athletic shorts were strained to the max and were barely containing her newly fattened ass. Thinking it was just the wash; she shrugged it off and finished cleaning up.

Once done cleaning, Shannon felt her stomach rumble and decided it was time for some breakfast. It was going to be a busy day for her; she had shopping to due, mainly for clothes. The past month her clothes had been shrinking in the wash and it was costing her a bundle to keep buying larger sizes so they wouldn’t shrink so quickly. Devouring the left over cold pizza, Shannon got changed. Her bra was not cooperating so she decided to go without one. After putting on her former oversized sweater shirt, she wiggled out of the tight shorts and grabbed a pair of sweat pants. Straining to grasp them, she almost fell over, but regained her balance and finally got them on.

Looking down, she was stunned to realize that they had shrunk enough that they no longer needed to be tied at the waist. What she didn’t notice was that her belly now hung out from underneath the shirt and was pouching over the waistband of the pants. Grabbing her car keys she headed out to do her shopping.

Things at work were picking up. This tended to catch up with Shannon who was now always out of breath and sweating profusely just walking up two flights of stairs. Shannon was horrified by this latest predicament and began counseling Grace, confiding that she needed to get back in shape. Grace, now enjoying every pound that she had gained, simply laughed and told Shannonthat joining the gym would probably help.

Shannon smiled and said that she hated the gym because it was only for the obese and the fit and she was never very athletic, but it would have to do for now. Grace chuckled as Shannon nonchalantly reached over her desk into her candy dish and began snacking once again. Grace grabbed a few “kisses” as well and popped them into her mouth. Her rotund secretary kept reaching for more and more until Shannon finally told her to leave some for her boss.

Grace blushed and just waddled back to her desk. Shannon looked at Grace and couldn’t understand how she had gotten so fat so fast. Her ass due to her height barely fit into her desk chair and Shannon noted that the armrests wee gone to allow her hips to overflow the sides.

Grunting, Shannon noted that she might have to do the same, seeing as how these chairs were just so small. Drifting back to her work, she opened up her mini-fridge and began pilling in the left over Chinese food as she did her business reports. She had no recognition that Grace's amazing gain was reflected in her own corpulent body.

Two weeks passed and Shannon was still feeling tired. She went to the gym every day and worked out hard, seeing as how she always came home drenched in sweat. Closing the door of her Lexus RX300, Shannon couldn’t help but think that her clothes were once again getting painfully tight. Cursing at herself for putting them in the dryer, Shannon walked into the empty gym. Thinking it would be best to work out after work; this meant almost no one would be in the gym. Quickly punching in her id number, she went over to the exercise bike.

The past two weeks Shannon had to keep adjusting the seat because it always seemed to get smaller as the days passed. Pushing it all the way back, she plopped her fattened rear-end onto it and began pedaling. Her flabby hips overflowed the cushion and her larger stomach and breasts blocked her view of the display panel.

After only a few minutes however, Shannon began to get much winded and almost couldn’t keep going. Struggling for the water bottle she had brought with her, she shifted over to the left and the bike began coming with her. Not wanting to fall over, she tried stopping her exercise and grabbed her water. Once off the bike, she looked at the seat and saw all the sweat she had left on it.

Not wanting to piss anyone off, she grabbed some nearby paper towels and wiped it all off. “Whew she thought, I guess I really worked out hard today!”

She failed to see that the display said 4 minutes on it. Walking to the empty aerobics room, Shannon decided to do some cool down stretches. As she sat down, she felt the waistband dig even further into her oversized belly. Not wanting to hurt herself, she decided to do this at home.

Getting up was a hassle and Shannon barely got up without using up all of her energy. Feeling that she had actually accomplished something today, she grabbed her bag and walked to the locker room to take a shower. Only one person was in there, an older woman who just smiled at Shannon as she began changing out of her soaking wet attire. Fully nude, she hopped into the closet shower and turned the water on full blast.

As the hot water rolled down on her, she began to lather up. For the first time in awhile, she felt good about herself. The steam really was getting to her and as she washed her breasts, she began to stroke her nipples, slowly at first but then getting faster and faster. They immediately got hard and Shannon pondered masturbating in this public shower. Believing no one would know, she tied the curtain to the hook so that way no one would be able to peek inside.

Dropping her hand to under her belly, she was shocked to feel something there that shouldn’t have been, her stomach. Thinking it was the steam, she lifted her growing apron up so she could have easy access. With some maneuvering, she hit the spot. After several minutes she climaxed, sending waves through all of her new fat. She finished up the shower and stepped out. Much to her relief, no one was around so she was safe.

Waddling over to her bag, she dried off and got ready to go back home. All this working out had gotten her appetite back. However, when trying to put her bra on, it simply wouldn’t go on. Grunting at it, she figured she could go braless again, but then saw that she had brought a white t-shirt with her and since she wasn’t totally dry, she’d have her nipples sticking out.

Cursing at her self, she decided that she’d just have to take another shower when she got home. When trying to get her jeans on, she discovered that they didn’t want to go up past her thighs. With a hard tug, she got them above her hips and with some much needed sucking in, got them buttoned. She lifted up the sweatshirt but dropped it and it fell to the floor. Bending over, Shannon finally got the clue she needed as to why her clothes no longer fit, her jeans split at the rear and the button popped off. Looking in the mirror, she received the shock of her life, she was fat!

The next day the reality of yesterday’s events horrified Shannon. After bursting through her clothes, she stepped on the scale to establish how much she now weighed. She grew frustrated after a few moments of just continuing to move the bar over more and more. Once it got past 250, she just stopped doing it. She was just so ashamed of herself.

She told herself it was time to take her two week vacation until she could figure everything out. Calling in the next day, Shannon resolved to get rid of all the junk food in her house and eat healthy for once. She’d go to the gym twice a day and keep to a strict diet. She also bought larger clothes to hide her weight, only extra baggy sweat suits for her now until she lost at least 50 pounds. It wouldn’t be easy, but she had faith in her willpower.

Spells however can’t simply be countered with working out and a diet, especially when the person is now used to being lazy and an over-eater. Shannon’s willpower broke down only a day later and her appetite came back with a vengeance. She quickly forgot her diet and began pigging out; thinking one minor setback wouldn’t kill her if she worked out hard. This was harder then expected, as Shannon would get winded immediately and wouldn’t push herself as hard as she needed to. This resulted in the pounds come on even quicker.

Shannon’s appetite was so large now that she was even gaining more then the spell called for. Shannon would eat incredibly large breakfasts, skip lunch but snack all the way from twelve until five, then cook an incredibly large dinner and then hit the gym for about ten minutes of actual exercise. Afterwards, she’d head home but snack a bit before going to bed. All of this large eating took its tool on her already fat body.

When the vacation started, Shannon was 270 pounds, and after only the first week back she was 292. Her larger clothes had already gotten tighter and when she saw herself in the mirror at the gym the last Thursday, she had had enough. Working out was doing nothing for her, so she was too depressed to even go to the gym anymore. Now all she did was cook, eat, and watch TV. Only three days after quitting the gym, Shannon passed the 300 pound mark. She made no attempts to get ready at all, she just schlepped around in her sweats. The apartment was a mess but Shannon didn’t care, her life was ruined.

As fate would have it, Grace dropped by Thursday night with bags full of goodies. Struggling to answer the door, Shannon groaned as she dutifully waddled to the door, her heavy thighs rubbing together with each slow step. Grace was pleasantly surprised by the person greeting her. She couldn’t believe how fat Shannon had gotten. Shannon’s sharp facial features had softened, replaced with a double and now almost third chin, puffy cheekbones and dimples.

Below the neck, Shannon was the embodiment of a person who had done nothing their entire life but stuf themselves. Shannon’s breasts sagged down to just above her stomach as they hadn’t been encased with a bra in weeks, and her stomach rolled out from underneath the sweatshirt to overload her pants and touch her thighs. Her tree trunk thighs strained the thin fabric of the sweats and her cellulite could be made out through the material.

As Shannon led Grace into the apartment, Grace saw Shannon’s now titanic ass. Those poor butt cheeks so desperately wanted to be free from their tight confines, and they bounced up and down with every step. Grace was actually getting turned on by her boss’s fatness, something which had happened before. Shannon waddled to the kitchen and plopped down in one of her kitchen chairs, the poor wood groaning in protest. Grace said she’d start dinner as Shannon went through some of the other snacks.

As Grace cooked, Shannon gave the look over of her secretary. While not as big as Shannon, Grace wasn’t exactly thin. She was no longer overly pear shaped but now fat all over. Her ass still took up most of her body, but her gut was catching up. Her fat apron hung down rather far, coming just above her knees. It jiggled every time she stirred the pot of potatoes, the smell causing both women’s mouths to water. As she leaned forward, her huge breasts threatened to dive into the water. Shannon continued to devour her snacks and soon the two packages of Oreo cookies were gone.

Suddenly, the chair could take no more and Shannon ended up flat on her large rear end. Grace twisted her neck around and saw her boss laid on the floor crying. Grace wobbled over to help Shannon up but Shannon refused.

Shannon: Look at me (sob) Grace! I’m huge! I’m so fat.

Grace: Aw, you aren’t that big. Don’t cry, I think the weight suits you well to be honest with you. I mean look at you, you have a beautiful face, and your body is magnificent!

Shannon: Thanks Grace but I don’t think you can cheer me up.

Grace: Oh really? How bout (puts her hand on Shannon’s stomach and begins to rub it) if I do this?

Shannon: What are you ohhhh. That feels good, stop wait, DON’T STOP!

Grace: Hehe, how bout a cookie?

Shannon: No, I can’t, I oh yea, that feels so good.

Grace fed Shannon for over an hour, shoving cookies and all other goodies into her boss’s mouth. Shannon could not handle this and her sweats began to rip at the seams. Grace noticed this and finished ripping them off. Shannon shuddered as her secretary massaged her flabby inner thigh, making Shannon drop the cookie she had in her hand.

Grace helped her to her feet and led her to the bedroom, a package of Devil Dogs in her other hand. Grace was struggling though to remove Shannon’s clothes. They were just so tight and not budging an inch. To solve the problem, Grace used the nearby scissors and cut away the sweatshirt and then the bra straps and finally plucked her way through Shannon’s many folds of stomach and hip fat to snip the thong off.

Grace was very tender with her boss. She fed her for a bit with one hand and rubbed the nearest roll with her other. Shannon just enjoyed every sensual moment like she never had before. The mind blowing experience lasted for hours. During that time, Shannon licked cream off of Grace’s large breasts, and she also tasted Grace’s sweet juices for the first time.

Her huge belly jiggled as Grace’s tongue probed her lower regions, threatening to knock Grace out if it jiggled too hard. Shannon for the first time in awhile was actually very happy with herself and her life. Shannon’s orgasms lasted for short bursts but happened repeatedly. Afterwards, the two lay together cuddling, discussing what to do next.

Shannon: Grace, I never knew how good this could feel. I never want this to end. I can’t believe it’s because I’m so fat!

Grace: It doesn’t have to end. It can get better, and better, and better, but only if you want it to.

Shannon: Oh please yes! Grace, I want you to move in with me and get me so fat that I have rolls on top of rolls!

Grace: Hehe, well it’s too late for that, but how bout we work on that belly getting so big that it touches the floor when you are standing up. How do you like that idea Shannon?

Shannon: I like it, as long as your ass gets bigger and bigger. I love that thing!

Grace (thinking to herself): Oh, it’s gonna get a lot bigger, along with that great soft belly of yours!

One month later………

Right after getting off her vacation, Shannon resigned from her position but promoted Grace in her stay. No one thought much of it, seeing as how Grace had experience and was well liked. As it was, Shannon knew that Grace would need to make enough money to feed the two of them. When you and your girlfriend weigh a combined 700 pounds, you need food funds.

Grace waddled in from work to find Shannon sitting on their new reinforced couch, with cartoons strewn across the floor. Sitting in only her bra and panties, she waved her flabby hand at her lover. Grace smiled as she saw her 385 pound girlfriend going through a plate of chicken wings. Her huge belly now forced her legs far apart, and just dangling beautifully over the edge of the sofa.

Shannon’s breasts drooped down as well as to where her navel used to be, even with the strength of the bra. Her hips were now wide enough to cover most of the couch, her struggling panties smothered on layers of flab. As she looked over, she saw her former secretary’s ass knock over one of the chairs in the kitchen. While only gaining 45 pounds since their first love session, Grace was once again gaining in her butt. Those cheeks were so soft that Shannon couldn’t help massaging them and grabbing them whatever chance she had. She loved her new life and couldn’t wait until she was too fat to move. Life couldn’t get any better.

Meanwhile, Michelle plunked down at her desk with her coffee and Atkins bar, hoping to lose a few pounds. She was really annoyed that Grace had gotten promoted instead of her. She was certainly ready to quit when she got an email from Grace that she hadn’t checked.


I want to thank you again for your help with everything. You are worthy of a promotion and are getting one. I hope this makes you feel better for the recent events. Oh yeah, I hope you like this link, it’s so funny! Keep in touch.


Michelle clicked on the link and blue flashed across the screen, but Michelle paid no attention to it. She threw away her Atkins bar and quickly phoned the Chinese place down the street. For some reason, she was really hungry all of a sudden.

The End

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Tommy has said some nice things
Default nice story

very nice story....
Also Bakery story is great as well. I look forward to another chapter of your wonderful ALIEN story as well. so far so good!
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that was an amazing story. Now if only there actually was a website like that
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