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Default Coming Into My Own (1-4) - by MK3 (BHM, BBW, Eating Fantasy, MWG )

BHM, BBW, Eating Fantasy, MWG - One author's fantasy about getting fatter, then meeting a growing girl who likes it that way - and more

Author's note: Sorry about the length. Had to post it somewhere as I'd worked on it here and there for a long time.

Coming Into My Own 1-4
by MK3

A year and a half after I graduated from high school at 157lbs I sat in the basement of my parent’s house with 6 freshly warmed Poptarts and a gallon of milk. It was 2 in the morning and I had gotten out of bed just for this.

I was ravenous when I woke up and in 30 minutes time I had eaten all 6 pastries and drank half a gallon of milk. I sat there uncomfortably full but excited at the thought of how much I might weigh with all that food in my body. I slowly got up out of the chair, rubbing my taut belly and struggled up the stairs and into the bathroom. Looking the mirror the reflection showed back an image of a 19-year-old guy looking 12 months pregnant but as I would soon find out it was my body at 193lbs.

I wasn’t really that big but after gorging all day on this last day of school and now having eaten this nighttime meal, that’s was certainly the highest reading yet. I was actually in the mid-180s when I let things settle but that seemed to be a rare occurrence lately. Soon enough I was back in bed dreaming of just how big I would become over this Christmas break.

Over the next month, the Holiday season brought a nearly endless supply of food. The possibilities of massive weight gain seemed endless because of this and a couple key factors. For one, I had time to myself to eat anything and everything I wanted. During the daytime everyone in the house was at work or school and I could drive out and eat fast food, eat 2-3 bowls of ice cream, several bowls of cereal or gorge myself on any number of other things around the house.

The best thing of all was my mother’s Christmas cookies, 12 dozen of them, all different kinds, and sitting out on our sun porch. The number meant more to me not because I planned to eat them all but because if I ate them it would be less noticeable. As time would show I’d eat my fair share of cookies, bowls of ice cream and Hershey’s syrup straight from the bottle. Add to it that I was skipping from fast food restaurant to restaurant some mornings ordering 4-5 breakfast sandwiches, at other times eating 5 to 6 grilled cheese sandwiches, 10 custard yogurts and it was safe to say that I had never eaten more in my entire life!

After New Years I found myself, feeling the results of being 20lbs heavier. In just over one month I was set to return to school at 206lbs. My slightly chubby body of a month earlier, a far cry from the skinny young man I was in high school, had now grown to the point of being clearly overweight, not that I was willing to admit anything.

Despite my 42” waist I still wore my 36-32 jeans. I was still living each day out like I was 160-170lbs. That innocent bit of denial however, would lead me through an experience over the next 3 months that would change my life forever.

On January 19th I returned to University. I had taken a number of classes that I knew I would have to do well in. One of them was a photography class, something I always wanted to try but had no experience in. I showed up the first day feeling awkward in my overstuffed clothing. There were only 5 other people in the class and as I sat on the high stools they had around or work desks I felt like all eyes were on the roll of fat pouring out over my waistband.

My shirt, still a size large was tight and I knew that but these chairs and how I had to sit made it ride up. I couldn’t decide if I should keep pulling at the shirt to cover up or just pretend I didn’t notice. I didn’t have time to worry about it anyway though because in a matter of minutes I was completely overwhelmed by the cost of the equipment I would need to purchase. The awkwardness I felt walking in the door was increased all the more when our instructor gave us the syllabus and our first assignment. I realized it, more than anything, that I couldn’t take the class because of the cost and I dropped it the next day.

The problem with that was not that I wouldn’t get my money back, no harm done there, but, I needed to pick something else up to replace it in order remain full time and stay on my parent’s insurance. It was that fact that forced me to make a decision that turned out to be life changing. The alternate class I picked up was one of the phys ed. classes I needed, fitness and wellness.

I actually thought the class would be bookwork where they would talk about what exercises targeted certain areas and cover all the ins and outs of nutrition. Being in denial about my weight, I hadn’t even thought about how it might look being obese and in that class and I didn’t think anything of it. Well, day one for me was actually the third meeting for the class. I felt like an idiot right from the get go because everyone else had on track pants or sweats and I showed up in jeans. I felt even worse 5 minutes later when she said we had to weigh in!

I had no idea what was going on at this point but I was positive that I was about to reveal just how big I had gotten to a whole class of strangers! I know they had no idea how small I was before but I was in panic mode. The only thing that saved me from total embarrassment was the fact that our instructor did it herself. She also screwed up the calculations when she moved the weights and recorded me at 186lbs, something I certainly didn’t object to. After class that day I found out this was a real gym class. I felt like I was screwed.

The next day of class we had to test out on all these different physical activities; running a mile and a half, bench pressing, doing sit-ups and push-ups. As expected my results on everything to be pretty low. Watching my big body run the track in front of all those other girls in the class must have been something to see for my professor but it was all I could do to push myself to do well. I used to be a great distance runner in high school and even at +200 I did manage to outrun one of the other guys, who really wasn’t in bad shape. He certainly wasn’t as big as I was.

Nevertheless, when all was said and done it was a miserable morning. Walking off to my next class my face was beet red, my swelling body was covered in sweat and to top it off I was insatiably hungry, the last thing I needed after feeling so awkwardly out of place in class. Worse yet, I knew I couldn’t drop the class and pick something else so I was stuck. After a day like this I did something I shouldn’t have and skipped my government class. I had to eat something.

I spent the rest of the afternoon eating in my car; stopping at three different Burger King’s to pick up cheeseburgers and milkshakes. It wasn’t that I was finishing everything and then moving on but again, it was because I was in denial about letting others know how big I was and how much I was eating, even strangers. I couldn’t bring myself to order 7 cheeseburgers and two chocolate shakes but I could get 2 or 3 from each place.

Of course my body was beginning to tell the story for me. Right around that time I even had someone in church say something to my mom, even though I was sitting right beside her, about how big I was getting. It didn’t stop there though. My eating habits after that class became more stable but certainly didn’t help my situation. In order to alleviate my hunger after class I began packing candy bars and eating them in the bathroom before going to my next class, usually 2 but sometimes 3 or 4.

By the time mid-term came around I had ingrained that habit into my day and adding that to my binges in the afternoon I found myself at 217lbs, wearing largely a new wardrobe and feeling pressure from my professor every day. She was constantly reminding me that I need to get out running but my excuse was always about how freezing cold it was outside. I’m sure it didn’t help that situation that up until a week and a half earlier the top of my disproportionately large butt was sticking out of the top of sweats.

I mean, for as much as I hated to hear the comments, I knew my body was out of control. Everything on my body was swelled over. I hadn’t seen my ribs in months, my belly had begun to sag and fold, leaving a constant crease and my chest had grown noticeably large, bigger than anything I’d ever seen on a man my size. Still, I took her comments as nagging more than anything forgetting all about her mistake at the beginning of the semester and never really checking out the grading criteria for the class. As such I spent the next 3 weeks gaining more weight, closing in on 225lbs. It wasn’t until there were just four weeks left that I realized I had a problem.

Up until this point I had gotten nearly 100% on every test we had in class. All my assignments were turned in and my attendance was almost perfect. I had skipped the water aerobics day, which she was pretty pissed about, since nearly half the class didn’t show up but that was a small knock against me. My performance thus far had been perfect academically and despite my continued gain I kept up in class with most of what was asked of us.

It was at this point that our professor reminded us that we had our weigh-out and fitness test in 4 weeks as well as our final exam. As I said, the whole weight mistake had slipped my mind completely to this point. Now, at 225lbs, I realized that she had me down as being 186 at the start of the semester! I had four weeks to lose a significant amount of weight or according to the syllabus I could potentially lose 40% of my grade.

I panicked and thought maybe I could still drop out of the class. I knew I wouldn’t get my money back but if the drop date hadn’t passed I could at least avoid the whole confrontation and avoid a possible failing grade. As it turned out, the date for dropping the class passed a week earlier. Now I was definitely screwed.

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Default Coming Into My Own cont...

I spent the next 2 weeks trying to sweat the weight off in class and trying to eat better to no avail. I didn’t gain a pound but I didn’t lose any weight either. It seemed for every bit I worked harder in class, I ate a little bit more afterward. With two weeks left I gave in and found myself on the final day weighing 231lbs.

We did all the same tests that began the semester where I succeeded before, despite my size. This time I failed. At the beginning of the semester I did 54 push-ups in a minute and 32 sit-ups. At the end of the semester I did 5 push-ups and 8 sit-ups. It wasn’t really that I was that much weaker but in doing push-ups my chest and stomach weighed down so heavily that it was hard to maintain any form. The sit-ups were nearly impossible just because physically my belly and chest couldn’t squeeze far enough before they pressed hard against my thighs.

When I left class that morning my size hit me for the first time. I went to the bathroom in the basement just to cool down for a bit since I had been sweating like crazy and looking in the mirror I saw a different person. My face was round and puffy and as I wiped the sweat off my brow the fat of my double chin creased against my thick neck line. I pulled down my shirt over what I realized was a partially bare mid-riff that had probably been sticking out most of class.

My gut looked huge but worse was my chest. You could see I had large breasts perched at top my stomach as my nipples pressed outward and my t-shirt sank in a bit between them. I knew when I was at home I would hold them and they were actually bigger than what my hands could hold. Their presence was always noticeable more than anything on my growing body because my breasts more than anything would jiggle and bounce with my movement. For that reason I did my best to hide that part of my body. What I couldn’t hide in this mirror, especially on this morning, was my lower body.

Up until my parents bought me 36 waist jeans at 190lbs I was in complete denial. At that point I made a comment about how I didn’t need them because my mom said “If you need a bigger size than that we’ll go get some.” When I tried them on I actually had to squeeze to get them on. The 36s barely fit from day one. After I hit 210 they were done. The seat of those pants had been stretched so far that the seems began to split. It seemed all my pants at that point had a “seat” in them. My ass had been the biggest part of my body since I had begun gaining 4 years earlier.

Wearing clothes several sizes too small forced everything to stretch out and as such, even after being washed, there was a huge space in the rear of my jeans and my track pants always stretched out to fit my butt. On this day I realized even my size large track pants were too small. An elastic waist band had only gotten me so far and looking in the mirror I would have guessed that was 5 pounds ago. My butt filled out every inch of the back of those pants, the material stretched tight against my butt cheeks. The size of my ass filled everything down to the crotch and to compensate the waistband had been pulled further down in the back. It could have been worse but the small of my back was revealed, my love handles spilled out and you could see the very top of the crack of my ass.

It wasn’t a surprise to me that my butt was that big, I measured it and admired it all the time as my favorite part of gaining but at 55” it never looked so big fully clothed. These revelations hit me all in that brief moment and as I left the restroom I could feel the burden of every last pound of corpulent fat weighing me down, rubbing between my thighs, shifting with each weigh transfer. As I grabbed the handrail to walk up the stairs I could feel my belly being lifted back and forth with each step as it rested on my thighs.

Tired, still sweating and suddenly self-aware I left the building wondering what I was going to get in this class and more than anything, what this all meant for my life. The rest of the day I just sat at home in my room eating checking my body over and over again wading through wrappers, used dishes and a host of emotions.

A week after finals I had been feeling more calm and levelheaded about everything. I had settled into how I felt about everything. It’s surprising to think that this weight had been there the whole time but I hadn’t seen it or felt its impact until a week earlier. Four years of steady gain seemed to appear out of nowhere and affect me every moment I was awake. When I was 140 pounds I thought 180 would be huge. When I was 180 pounds I thought 200lbs would be fat. At 200lbs I thought I was a little chubby but still relatively thin. At 230 I thought I was plump. At 231 I was not only plump, not just fat, but bursting out my clothing, struggling to tie my shoes, walk up flights of stairs and even squeeze into a bathtub.

I was obese, fat to everyone I knew and now to myself. With just one weeks passing I eclipsed 235lbs and on that day I received my grades with an F in fitness and wellness. It was fitting. I had gained 25lbs in 15 weeks and for all my professor knew it was 46. Despite keeping up with some of my exercise, my testing at the end was way off and I had gained 8% more body fat.

That report card closed a huge chapter in my life and opened a whole new one. This was the first official day of the rest of my life, living as an obese 19 year old male. If you would have told anyone when I was 15, 5’9” 118lbs that five years from that point I would weigh over 230lbs no one would have ever believed it and even on that day not many would believe. Of course I looked every bit that big. My body was enormous. If I stood in front of my classmates from high school they would say the same but would they say it was me? With my face puffy, my cheeks swelled outward and a double chin pressed against my thickened neck, probably not. With all of this, the summer came and the page turned.

That summer was the beginning of a new time in my life. I found a different job, choosing not to work at the high school again ike I had in summers past. I got a position at Mary Ann’s donuts. It sounded like a nightmare to my mother but a dream come true for me, a safe home from questions about my weight gain. After all, I was over 50lbs heavier this year than I was at the end of last year.

At the donut shop I worked with a couple of slightly older women and two girls my age. My embarrassment over my weight was tempered by the fact that Joan and Mary, the two older women, were bigger than I was. On the other hand both Alison and Candice, the girls my age, were gorgeous with just a few extra pounds on Alison and Candice looking like a super model with an extra 20 pounds thickening every part of her body. Despite the polar opposites of my coworkers I felt comfortable from the first day and leaving at 2 in the afternoon with a couple donuts in my belly and 4 in a box had me feeling like this was the place I wanted to be.

Despite what my mom feared most about the job I assured her that, as my elder coworkers said, everyone who works at a donut shop gets sick of donuts after awhile and I assured her that I wasn’t going to eat that much anyway. I tended to get sick of donuts pretty quickly so as much as I was excited about gaining weight I thought this wouldn’t really do much. However, day in and day out it seemed like the girls were always having me taste this or that.

It made sense since the mornings where spent baking everything but every time it happened I’d get this look from Joan like “here they go again.” It never seemed like I ate that much because it was pieces and parts or sometimes simply batter. After two months though I needed a new uniform. The changes in my body were quite noticeable and weighing myself in early August I realized I had passed 250lbs! Being big already a few pounds weren’t anything to catch my attention but when my work shirt began to ride up and my slacks became hard to button I knew I had issues.

I think Ali and Candice thought it was funny but I felt embarrassed. The only comfort I got from their comments about how I looked was the fact that they’d put on weight themselves. I guess they’d both been there for awhile before me. Candice started working there a year ago and Alison’s Mom was the owner, Mary Ann’s sister and she’d been helping out here and there since she was a kid. She’d started working there full time two years earlier but it seemed like, if working at a donut place hadn’t caught up with them before, it was starting to now. With how beautiful both of them were, obviously I was consumed with the thought of what this might mean.

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Default Coming Into My Own pt3

Part 3

Two weeks after I got a new work polo Candice showed up with a nice clean top herself. It may not seem like something worth noticing but our shirts had flour stains on them that left the ordinarily navy blue shirts slightly grayed out. Her’s was spotless and looking over her even with just a glance it was obvious that her chest had gotten bigger, her breasts pressing out far enough beyond her stomach to hide what was probably a bigger midriff as well.

If she looked gorgeous before she looked more amazing now. The weight she added to her hips and butt hadn’t provided a need for new slacks yet but what she had on now was packed as tight as possible. The fact that you could see her panty lines through the fabric was an amazing turn on and being such a beautiful women she knew how to work her features, something added weight didn’t stop. Watching her walk through the shop that day was something to behold.

Ali seemed to be going the same route save she already had the beginnings of a double chin when I started. She was more modest so she didn’t flaunt her features as much but that couldn’t hide the fact that every bit of her more pear shaped feature was being magnified day by day. Neither one of them were big by any means but with their curves growing along with their slightly more plump bodies I could only fantasize about what they could look like.

As the month closed out it was time for all 3 of us to go back to school full time. Alison and I both went to Akron so we hung out on campus fairly often. She became more like a sister to me during that time than a potential girlfriend. I was way too big for her it seemed anyway yet she never got enough pleasure from patting my stomach after we ate in the food court, something I thought was embarrassing.

Candice went to school at another local University and all 3 of us got to hang out together fairly often. Candice had a new boyfriend by October and that pushed her to lose the 10 pounds she’d gained in the summer. Alison, with her connection to the shop, and I, with my love for the camaraderie there, continued to work at Mary Ann’s on off days and Saturdays.

On an otherwise nondescript day in mid-November Alison came into the back while I was making batter for the cake donuts and said I needed to come out and meet someone, one of the guys that worked there before I had. I already knew his name, Jonathon. Ali and Candice always talked about him, though Candice only knew him for a month or so. Ali said she’d had a big crush on him and actually, he was the last guy to work there before I came. I guess you could say I was his replacement.

It was weird because my stomach dropped when she said he was here. He had quite a reputation at the place. When I turned the corner and saw her give him a hug my heart sank as well. She was like a sister? I guess not. I really was beginning to like Alison a little more than in a friendly way. What I hadn’t failed notice beyond the hug was the fact that Jon was a big guy! He was probably 320-330. He was also quite bit older, probably in his late 20s early 30s.

Ali was so glad to see him again that despite my brief feelings of being hurt I couldn’t help but smile. When we actually sat down to talk he was a really nice guy. It turned out that he had quit at Mary Ann’s because he got a job as a stockbroker in New York. He was even engaged and only a few months from being married. The whole situation turned out to be quite a blessing and kind of threw me for a loop. First of all, it revealed to me that I liked Ali, quite a bit more than I thought. Second, she either liked big guys or Jon had put on a lot of weight in the last year. Third, I realized a few days later as Ali asked me to taste more batter, something I’d tasted a hundred times by now, that “look” the older woman Joan gave me those first few weeks told me, even then, that I was being fattened up.

After 5 months at the shop I was 267lbs and stepping on the scale, seeing that number brought me back to the realization that two years earlier I saw, when messing around with a BMI chart, that 267 was the point at which I would be considered morbidly obese. If things had changed at the beginning of the summer toward an unknown end, they had certainly turned toward a more positive bend now!

A week later I found myself telling Ali how I felt from the day I met her till know, realizing in a classic moment how she’d felt the same about me, and asking her out. By the end of December we were boyfriend and girlfriend and happy as could be.

The new year started off on a high note. Not only had I found a great girl in Ali, I had found someone who accepted me and loved me for who I was and actually for what I was, a really big guy! After the holidays broke I was pushing 300 at a quicker pace weighing somewhere around 285. Through last fall and the latter end of the year Ali had put on 25lbs herself. It just made sense that eating out all the time, if she liked my body and encouraged me to eat more that my love for her supple perfectly rounded butt, wide hips and thick thighs, would translate to her being able to eat more of what she wanted.

By the time summer came around we were both gaining toward new ends. I was actually over 300lbs and had been for a good month come May and Ali was I’d guess, somewhere near 200lbs. When we both started back at shop that month we both wondered if Candice was coming back. We talked and hung out a couple times in the fall, the last time in December after she broke up with her boyfriend but since then she’d taken off a semester of school and moved to Columbus to stay with another friend going to the University down there. By mid-month though she was back and Ali filled her in on everything, how her and I had been dating, some of the romantic things we’d done and how much she had missed Candi’s company.

Candice looked great coming back through those doors and it felt like home again. She was probably around the same weight as when she left last summer, maybe 5 pounds heavier. So she had gained back the 10 she’d lost in the fall and a few more on top of that. However what the summer brought was something a little extra.

With Ali and I dating Candice seemed a bit more the odd one out these days. They still joked around all the time, teasing me, and being as good of friends as ever but sometimes Ali and I would be talking as boyfriend and girlfriend and it she’d be on the outside for a moment. The dynamic changed a bit but the warm feeling of coming into work each day with a smile on our faces stayed the same. The only thing that really changed was the little innocent feedings from last year. Now it seemed like everyone was in on it.

Maybe I didn’t like donuts as much but my appetite, which grew insatiable with my increasing size, didn’t let up for the batter we made day in and day out. I was eating far more than last year and now both Ali and Candice were involved as well. It became a sport of sorts on occasion with Ali and Candice shoving spoonfuls in each others’ mouths and on days when we three were left alone it became batter fights at 4am. It got pretty crazy before the end of the summer but the effect it had on the atmosphere at the shop was noticeable. We always had a blast and it seemed like the place was more cheerful because of it. It affected me in the waistband as well as I gained a ton of weight over the summer.

I had to weigh over 350 but the scale I had at home stopped at 325. Ali said she was over 200 and most of it had gone to her thighs and butt. Seeing her in her panties and bra around that time was amazing as the flesh of her butt and thighs rubbed together, stretching and pulling the fabric. When she sat on my lap nearly naked it was the greatest feeling in the world, her soft flesh pressed against my crotch. We couldn’t get enough of each other and it showed in the way we acted at work and elsewhere.

Candice had put on a lot of weight as well, somewhere around 35lbs. Her hourglass figure ballooned out at every inch. Even with the gain nothing stopped our food fests which brought on some issues for Candice. As a result of all this I overheard Candi and Ali talking, Candi complaining about how her chest had gotten way too big for her current DD bras but she couldn’t find anything bigger without special ordering them. I guess normal stores don’t carry cups sizes bigger than that. What she had done about it I wasn’t concerned with bought the thought turned me on and the result was evident on August 25th, Jon’s wedding.

As the day came Ali was all excited. This man she had long had a crush as a child and young teenager was getting married and she was in the wedding party. Of course that meant I wasn’t going to see her much of the day and to add to that she had on a fairly ugly bridesmaid dress. It did show her curves well but the colors and frills were far from flattering. In her stead I took Candice to the wedding as a date. When I arrived at her house to pick her up I had known already what she planned to wear. Ali told me it was a fitted blue dress, something more of a pastel that they both agreed looked gorgeous on her.

Well, I guess that was about a month earlier because when she answered to door you could see a lot more than the flesh of her face. Her breasts were practically spilling out of the front of the dress. The size of her chest heaved out over the edge of each cup was amazing and surely as soft and inviting as Ali’s most inviting features, they distracted from the fact that the whole dress was skintight. As she walked to the car in her high heels the flowing skirt swung back in forth slightly out of time with her growing hips and her butt, showing those famous panty lines that drove me wild. At least she had panties on because anything less I would have lost my cool completely.

Candi always knew how to carry herself and it was a marvel to see a woman of this size walk and hold herself this way. She may not have been mine but a lot of guys would be dying to have her tonight.

The wedding went as one could hope, going off without a hitch. Soon enough Candi and I arrived at the reception. Here I was a +350lbs guy walking in this gorgeous woman. I’m sure many were jealous but I just couldn’t wait to have Ali back! After the toast and some introductions the wedding party dispersed and Ali and I could finally sit together, feeding each other cake and enjoying the dancing on the main floor. She was so kind to me and so good to me, getting up time and again to get cake for us and doing what she’d grown accustomed to, clothed or not, sitting on my lap feeding me.

As the evening came to an end I had the first thoughts about Ali and I and where I wanted to be with her someday. It was a beautiful thing to hold onto that moment and what the future would hold would only prove to be that much better.

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Default 4

Part 4

Well, as it turned out Candi decided to transfer back home and stay at the shop. Now with Candi cutting hours it did leave a void in the schedule and Mary decided to hire someone else. This time it happened to be a guy named Mike.

Mike was a good looking guy fresh out of high school and right away he fit in bringing a lot of laughs with him. He usually worked mornings after all the prep work was done so Ali, Candi and I’s little games with the batter remained our thing and as such we all kept putting on weight. Still, I think Candi felt a little embarrassed being around Mike as her sexy confidence seemed to disappear around him.

She had an amazing figure but, as any woman would admit being bigger, usually carries a stigma with it and you don’t know how other people will react to it. Ali and I were a comfortable couple but the 30lbs Candi had put on affected her being a young single woman. Still, if looks could kill her 40G chest slim waist and impossibly round 42 inch hips would take anyone out.

I know Candi thought Mike would be turned off by her figure but everytime I turned around he had his eyes on her and every chance he got to bump into her by accident he took it. Despite that Candi made an effort to lose some weight even asking Ali to go out on runs with her in the evenings.

Their runs became habit for awhile and it wasn’t really a bad thing because, no matter how big Ali got, staying fit was still important. The result of it all left me more than happy as I never would have thought a 53 inch butt could be so taut. There were nights when she’d strip down and sit on my chest her back facing me and her broad rear-end spreading across, pressing against me. It was like heaven on earth seeing her beautiful pear-shaped body.

Candi was toning up herself of course. She hadn’t lost much weight but she looked even better and both she and Mike noticed. At that point he couldn’t resist her anymore and asked her out one morning. It was perfect because we could double date now. Mike and I got along great as friends anyway so this made it all the better.

I suppose we made an odd pair though as my weight had really gone out of control racing toward 400lbs and he was no more than 170 and pretty much all lean muscle. What we had in common was the company of two fantasticly kind, funny, sexy women.

As the months went on we both, the two couples, began doing our own thing a bit more coming together at work to catch up, as our lives outside of the shop and our relationships got a little more serious. Lately it seemed, with my life settling into a groove I could finally look back on where I’d come from and see just how far I’d come. It was spring time again, two and a half years had gone by since that fateful day at University. These days I was beyond 400lbs, weighing in somewhere around 432 pounds.

I had moved into an apartment that didn’t really accommodate my size. I woke up every morning and struggled to move my huge body out bed. I found that sleeping to my side with my belly laid out beside me was most comfortable but my hips were so wide I usually ended up on my stomach with my legs sprawled out to accommodate my belly apron. It was an erotic sensation to wake up surrounded in so much flesh but it was a fight to get up and get moving is I heaved my massive jiggling body out of bed.

When I walked to the kitchen for breakfast, the first thing on my list each day, I could feel every inch of my soft body rubbing, squeezing and swaying as I waddled over to the fridge for milk and the cupboard for cereal, poptarts, pancakes or whatever I decided to make. Saturdays were my favorite because I had time to make cinnamon rolls and it wasn’t out of the ordinary for me to sit down and eat 12 of them in a matter of a half hour. The only thing that was left was hot frosting dripping down my double chin and the warm sensation in my gut.

By mid-summer this had become a ritual and my body had completely taken over my desires. I was over 450lbs and I’d come to be enthralled with my figure. My arms had gotten so much larger they rested like large pillows against my burgeoning chest. Everytime I raised anything up to my mouth the fat on my arms rubbed against my ample chest. When I was finished each morning I spent at least a half-hour showering. My body had become a world of it’s own. Having to wash under my chest, in each roll of supple flesh and lifting my enormous belly to soap myself down had become a chore unto itself each day.

I hadn’t been able to take a bath in 4 months because I was too large. The last time I tried Ali and I spent 20 minutes soaping my body down and running water to try and get me out. In the past two months I was forced to use a shower curtain to keep water in the tub because I had to take down the shower doors. My hips were too wide for me to squeeze in the shower let alone maneuver to wash myself. Some of my body was just too large for me to reach around and wash by hand so I had to let gravity do the work.

To wash off my now 71” rear end I had to turn around and let the water take the soap over and down every curve. The best I could do was spread my cheeks apart to help. When I was done I’d go through two towels just to dry myself off. It was all a far cry from when I’d wrap a single towel around my waist. Now getting dressed each morning looked more like putting on bed sheets. My shirts and pants were so much wider and it was always a shock to have things not fit these days. When I passed 475 in November that year I was wearing 5X clothing for the first time. The change was obvious but because my large size to begin with it was not nearly as noticeable as what had happened with Ali and Candi.

Since the spring both Candi and Ali had put on weight. I saw Candi a couple of times over the summer, one of those times at the beach. She was still as tan as ever, her face gorgeous but her waist was now dwarfed by her enormous chest. I couldn’t even venture to guess how large her breasts were but to say that each were the size of a cantalope would not be an exageration.

The fact that each was held up by a bare minimum of clothing, struggling to keep them from bursting out was a drama worth watching as each breast heaved up and out with each new step. With her hips expanding beyond her shoulders, her navel sunken deep into her tummy and too tight bikini bottom disappearing in between her butt cheeks she must have been somewhere around 275 pounds. It wasn’t a surprise to me to see Mike doing more watching from the sand than playing in the surf. To see a women of that size and build move was an image all to itself. Of course I sympathized with his fascination as Ali pushed beyond 300lbs.

Ali’s pear shaped figure had begun to fill out more up top as her chest and belly began to develop more and more. Her chest was now a DD and her waist around 45 inches. Her sunken navel and plump, taught belly fat highlighted her mid section as her stomach perched a top her hips with two massive love handles spreading over each hip. Still her butt was the focus and my fantasy. Her consistent gain had kept it firm as her body struggled to keep up with her expanded form and though she had cellulite her butt remained perky and was accented by stretchmarks only rapid weight gain could bring.

In fact just two weeks earlier she had split a pair of sweat pants when we’d gone out to grab a quick bite to eat. She was sitting down when they split, squeezed into her seat feasting on her 7th burger. It was perhaps the most erotic thing I’d ever witnessed. Add to it the fact that I had to walk behind her on the way out so only I could see the fact that all she wore underneath was a seemingly nonexistent thong. With the soft flesh of her huge ass rubbing back and forth, stretching each bit of fabric it was all I could do to not bend her over one of the tables right there.

That night was the climax of the summer as Ali and I spent the evening together trying just about every possible position we could where her increasingly mammoth now 62” butt was pressed against my face, onto my chest and into my crotch. The hours we spent till morning were consumed with gorging together and licking several canisters of sweet cake icing off every inch of each other’s body. Lying there the next morning an 800lb couple I couldn’t wait for more. My life was coming into it’s own.

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I liked this story a lot. I hope you decide to continue!
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