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Default The Ex-Girlfriend, 1-5 by Fatchicklover (~BBW, Eating, Explicit ~Sex, ~MWG)

~BBW, Eating, Stuffing, Explicit ~Sex, ~MWG - Girl becomes a plumper and super-stuffee to cash in on a unique proposal.

The Ex Girl Friend
Chapters 1-5
by Fat Chicklover

Chapter One

Beth called him up knowing he probably would be drunk. She just knew he would be out partying and that he would come if summoned. He arrived at her door looking sexy as always.

"Took you long enough!" she questioned.

"Am I worth the wait?"

"You sure are!"

With that their lips met, and as they passionately kissed they tore off each others clothes, until she suddenly stopped.

"Whats wrong?" he asked

"Look at my stomach, I've gotten so chubby since we broke up!"

Chubby was barely what she was. At 5'7" and 150 lbs. she was hardly flabby.

"Look at me, this is probably why you broke up with me"

"Yes it is...because you aren't big enough for me."

"What do you mean??"

"I love fat women. My motto is the bigger the better. You just are not big enough for me"

"Really?? so if I ate all the time and didn't watch my weight you would get back together with me."

"Of course baby, you know I love you, its just, I mean, well I think you would look super sexy with some meat on your bones..."

"How much meat?"

"I dunno, maybe 300 400 more pounds??"

"Are you kidding me?"


"Well, I do love to eat, and I love you and can't stand the thought of not being with you, it would be nice to eat whatever I want when I want, I just dunno...i would engulf you and make you my slave which would be pretty kinky...

"How about this..." he interrupted. "When you reach 400 lbs. we will get married..."

"Well this idea is starting to turn me on , and I can see its starting to turn you on as well, so yeah I'm in...besides the thought of eating anything at anytime is so exciting to me!!! so lets get started on this new diet? you better keep me full all the time!!!"

"you know I will but first, lets get back to where we were..."

After a night of love making, Beth started her new life. She started eating whatever she wanted whenever she wanted it. She would get drunk all night on the most fattening beers. She started a ritual of eating at least one pint of Ben and Jerrys ice cream a night. She would always be snacking on something, chips, cookies, chocolate, anything her loving boyfriend brought home for her.

And of course he made sure she was full every night, with one of his 7 course meals. Beth loved her new life. she was completely pampered by Randy. At 7 shrp the three hour dinner would begin. Beth would always clean her plate. Sometimes she would need a little help, but Randy was always there to feed her or massage her bulging belly. Then came one fateful morning...

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Default Beth gets ready for a dinner she will never forget

Chapter Two

"Wake up Randy" Beth yelled, "look at my jeans!!"

With googly eyes he looked at his beauty and smiled.

"I can't get these jeans to button, in fact its almost impossible to get them over my fat ass!!"

Beth's overeating and drinking had caused her butt to grow to huge proportions. It was an amazing sight. He was so turned on that he ripped the jeans off of her and they made love for several hours. Then, Randy told her that this was just the beginning and to sit tight cause he was making her breakfast in bed.

Beth put on her panties and a tank top and half-dozed, eager in anticipation for what she correctly suspected was going to be a very big meal. He awoke her with a huge feast...a bowl of scrambled eggs, a plateful of pancakes drapped with tuns of butter and syrup, another plate of waffles, with two plates of bacon and sausage, flanked by a loaf of toast and some whole chocolate milk to wash the meal down...and her eyes lit up with pure excitement. She dug in with great passion.

Randy could not believe his eyes. He knew that Beth loved breakfast foods, but this was a sight to be seen. She devoured the eggs and the pancakes right away. Her panties looked like they could burst at any moment. About half way through the waffles she started to slow down...

"I don't know if i can eat any more baby...I'm so stuffed!!!"

"Of course you can," Randy cooed in her ear, "we cant let all of this food go to waist now??"

With that he started to massage her bloated belly. A few minutes later she started to eat again. Randy would help her, making sure that all of this food would go into her belly. Her panties and bra started to split at the seems but within a couple of hours she had finally finished everything.

"Thats a good girl, now you are ready for your reward!!"

With that Randy ripped the remains of her bra and panties off and started to kiss and caress every new inch of her beautiful body. He found her love stream and started to kiss and lick it until she reached the heavens with mind blowing orgasms.

Beth loved the feeling of being stuffed and having her love please her while she couldn't move. Randy massaged her to sleep and whispered, "get a good nap honey, cuz this is only the beginning, just wait till dinner!!!"

Beth smiled half sleeping, knowing that she had better clear some room for tonight's feast...

Beth awoke to find her loving boyfriend cuddling her and playing with her new tummy. It was actually relatively small for now, but Randy knew it would not be long before it was huge.

"Good morning baby, did you enjoy your nap?", said Randy

"Mmmm Hmm, but for some reason i'm so hungry!!!" Beth replied.

"Good, while you were sleeping I picked you up some lunch and some snacks that should hold you over till your big dinner."

Beth looked over on the table and saw 4 huge turkey subs about 5 bags of chips and several boxes of cookies and other of favorite pasteries.

"You sure know how to please a growing girl!!!" exclaimed Beth.

"Eat up skinny, we wouldn't want you to lose any precious pounds."

Beth got up and wondered over to the couch. While she did this, Randy couldn't help but notice how her tank top had started to rise over her belly. It almost looked like a sports bar. Also her panties were digging deep into her flesh. Randy was so turned on at this sight, he could not wait to feed her huge Italian dinner he had planned.

After she finished her lunch, Beth took another small nap and then took a shower. When she got out, she was having a hard time finding clothes that would fit. She stepped on the scale to see just how much she had gained since she started this diet. The scale spun to 180. She could not believe her eyes. 30 pounds in just under a month. At this rate she knew she would be marrying the man of her dreams in no time.

"Randy, the undies i brought in here are really tight, would you bring me some clothes that will be more loose fitting??" Beth asked sexily.

"Sure thing babe" replied Randy. He grabbed his favorite pair of her undies and his favorite tank top of hers along with a pair of jeans.

"Here you go babe, and dinner is ready!!"

"Just in time, because I'm starving!!" Beth still found it hard to put these clothes on, for they were so tight. Especially the panties and jeans, for most of her weight went to her butt and thighs. She looked in the mirror and admired her new body. She loved every new inch and she knew that Randy would love it too.

She exited the bathroom and was shocked to see how much food there was. First, there was a huge bowl of salad covered in the most fattening Italian dressing. Second, there was a gigantic platter of chesses, meats, and Italian breads. After that were very large bowls of pasta, one fettuccine alfredo and the other just plain spaghetti with meatballs. She didn't know how she would eat all of this, but Randy was not done setting the table.

"Hey babe, hope your hungry. I am going to feed you so much tonight you are going to pop right out of those tight clothes!!" With that he set down a huge tray of lasagna, along with a huge tray of veal parma and chicken parma.

"Honey do you really think I can eat all of this??" inquired Beth

"Of course you can baby...I'll be here to feed and massage you if you get tired."

"Ok" with that she dug in with gusto. Within a few minutes the salad and cheese and meat plate was gone.

"Mmmmm...that was so good, i am so lucky to have such a good cook"

"Thank you baby now start on the pastas." Beth ate and ate and ate. Randy couldn't help but notice how sexy she looked stuffing her mouth full of food. He also realized that her stomach was starting to protrude her jeans and touch the table a little bit. She finally finished the pasta and half of the lasagna and chicken parma but she was getting full.

"I can't do it love, I'm getting so full!!"

"Yes you can baby, just sit back and relax" Randy started to massage her belly. It was hard as a rock. He saw that at any minute her buttons on her jeans were about to pop off.

"A few more bites and you'll have a lot more room to put food. Beth looked down and saw her jeans were starting to strain. She reached for the button, but randy grabbed her hand.

"NO, no, thats a bad little piggy, you know you have to eat your way out of those jeans." Randy chastised.

Beth got angry at this. "Fine, I'll show you, "she said.

Beth started to shovel the rest of the food in her mouth. She had only half of the veal left when it happened. Her buttons shot across the room and her stomach flew out of her pants.

"I just can't eat anymore honey...I'm sorry" sje said with a sigh.

"Nonsense," Randy said...he helped his bloated beauty to the couch, but when she sat done her jeans split right down the butt. He massaged her huge stomach and then he fed her the rest of the food. "Thats a good girl, " Randy sexily cooed. Beth was in so much pain.

"Randy, I cannot believe that i ate all that food. I think I am going to burst!"

"Let me relieve some of your tension beautiful. You deserve a big reward. With that randy removed her pants and the rest of her clothing. There wasn't much left of the jeans and the tank top looked like it was about to burst at the seems as well. Randy made love to her for several hours while he massaged her gigantic belly. Beth loved every minute of it.

"You are so sexy baby, I love every new pound you put on!! I love you so much. Do you like your new body??"

"You know i do!!" with that Beth pushed Randy to the floor and fell right on top of him...

"Do you like being smothered in all of my glory??" Beth asked

"Mmmm Hmm" Randy mumbled under her new weight.

"Good lover, now, whats for dessert?"...

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More please more.
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Chapter Three

When Beth got up in the morning she realized that most of her clothes did not fit, and could not get any of her jeans over her fat ass. She noticed that all of her panties were so tight that they dug deep into her skin. Most of her bras still fit all right, but she knew it was only a matter of time before she outgrew them too. Her tank tops rode up her bulging belly constantly.

"Geez, babe, you've become such a little piggy that you have nothing to wear," said Randy, with a rock hard boner as he watched her try pair after pair of jeans on.

"Yeah, I guess you're taking me to the mall to buy some new clothes," she replied.

Beth put on the one pair of sweatpants she had that would fit and found an oversized t-shirt and the couple went to the mall. Randy purposely parked the car by the food court, knowing that Beth would want to stop before and after they went shopping. And that is exactly what she did. Before they even started to shop, Beth got a one-pound burger, a large order of chili cheese fries, four monster chocolate chip cookies, a large brownie hot fudge sundae, and a 64-oz. chocolate shake for, as she said, while they shopped.

"Easy, my beautiful piggy, you don't want to outgrow those clothes you're wearing right now, do you?" kidded Randy.

"Are you supposed to be encouraging me to gain or what? Come on, let's shop!"

Beth's parents were wealthy, so she bought tons of new clothes. She bought lots of jeans, some she could wear now and some she knew she would grow into in a couple of months. They then went to the Gap so she could get some new tank tops and t-shirts, but soon found that they did not have any that would fit her. This excited the couple. They finally found that fat girls' store and Beth got all she needed.

"Hey, babe, I'm getting so hungry! Will you go buy me some lunch while I finish shopping and pay for all of this?" cooed Beth.

"Sure thing, babe. Hope you're hungry!"

"You know I am, so don't skimp on any food!"

As Randy was leaving, Beth looked for a hot dress to wear that night. She wanted something that would hug every one of her new curves, for she knew that tonight would be a very special night. When she weighed herself that morning, the scale read 197 pounds. She wanted to surprise her lover later that day by reaching her first big milestone on her new diet. She also realized that she was halfway to her goal of getting married to the love of her life.

After a few minutes of searching, she found a very sexy red dress that clung to her every curve. She knew this would drive Randy wild. She then found some sexy lingerie to wear later as well. She paid for everything and headed to the food court to begin her lunch.

When she arrived there she could not believe her eyes. She saw Randy talking to a huge, huge girl; she had to have weighed over 400 pounds. She walked up to Randy and slapped him in the face.

"Hey, what was that for?"

"How dare you Randy! I can't believe that you would do this to me!"

"Babe, let me explain, this is Susan, she's a feedee too. She saw me buying all of that food and was wondering what I was doing. I explained everything to her. You know I would never do anything to hurt you," apologized Randy.

Beth looked over at the table he pointed to and saw mounds and mounds of food.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, babe," cried Beth. "I didn't mean to get so jealous."

"Listen, Beth, you are one lucky girl," said Susan. "I've been looking for years for someone like Randy. You better treat him right, because if you don't, someone like me will surely swoop him up in a second."

"Listen, you tramp, this is my man and no woman will take him from me. I will make sure of that."

With that, she grabbed her man and sat down at the table, which held tons of food there. Randy had bought two coney dogs, two Philly originals, another large order of chili cheese fries, four huge slices of pizza, five donuts, five more cookies, and a double hot fudge brownie sundae.

"'Take my man.' I'll show her!" With that, Beth started to shovel all the food into her mouth. There was no way in hell she was going to lose her man and she was definitely putting on a show for him. She finished everything in no time.

"Come on, babe, let's go, I have a surprise for you at home," Beth sexily cooed in his ear. They got up and left, but not before she got a few more cookies and another 64-ounce shake.

When they arrived home, Beth threw Randy to the couch and gave him the best head he had ever had. Then she went into the bathroom to put on her new dress.

"Baby, come here," she said to Randy. When Randy opened the door to the bathroom, he could not believe his eyes. He saw his beauty in the sexy skin-tight red dress.

"Wow, you're amazing!" stuttered Randy.

"Thanks baby! I have a surprise for you." With that, she stepped on the scale. It came to rest at 199.

"Damn it, I was hoping it would be 200," pouted Beth.

"That's okay, baby, let's go out and celebrate. By the time the night's over, you'll be well over that mark."

With that, they went to their favorite bar. Beth drank nothing but Guiness pints all night long. She also always had an appetizer in front of her. First it was chicken fingers, then quesadillas, followed by the nacho grande, then potato skins, wing dings, and she finished it all off with the sampler, three of everything. After about 8 pints, she was wasted. The two lovebirds left the bar hand in hand. They got in the car and started to make out.

"Lets go home and make love, babe," cooed Beth.

"Not yet, I have a surprise for you!" exclaimed Randy.

"Mmmm, sounds exciting, but can we get some pizza before, I'm starving and I won't let you touch me until I burst out of this dress!"

"Oh, I don't think that will be a problem," Randy said excitedly.

They went back to Randy's after picking up two large pizzas with every topping and triple cheese. Randy put his hands over her eyes and led her into his apartment. Sitting on the table was the biggest cake Beth had ever seen. It was in the shape of the number 200. Next to it sat a two-gallon jug of ice cream.

"Oh my," Beth said, shocked. "Do you really expect me to eat all of that?"

"Well, you said if I want to make love to you I would have to feed you till you outgrew that dress, so let's get started, I'm horny as hell!"

In one hand Beth grabbed two slices of pizza stuffed them together and started chowing down. In the other hand she was shoveling cake into her mouth. She ate non-stop. Randy started to drool. She saw this and grabbed him and started making out with him.

"Not until you break on through, my sexy piggy!"

Beth ate and ate and ate. Randy could see that she was slowing down so he started to massage her belly; it was getting bigger by the second. He could tell that it was only a matter of time before her fat ass or her protruding belly ripped the seams of the dress.

"AWWWWW, I'm so full and this dress is so tight," Beth complained.

"You're almost there, my piggy, almost there!" Randy said, very excited.

When she was about halfway through the cake, she let out a huge belch and her dress split right up the seem.

"Finally!" She tore the rest of the dress off of her and attacked her lover. She still had a lot of food to eat but neither her nor Randy could take it any longer. She mounted him on the chair and started to ride his pole as hard as she could, the two shouting in pure ecstasy.

"Oh, baby, that was so hot!" exclaimed Randy.

"I know, I love you so much babe, now take me to the bedroom, worship me, and feed me the rest of this food. I want to become the fat girl of your dreams!" Beth sung into his ears.

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Chapter Four

Randy woke the next morning and realized that his growing piggy was not at his side. He walked into the living room and could not believe his eyes.

"Good morning, babe!" Beth cooed.

Beth was laying on the couch surrounded by McDonald's wrappers. There was everything: a couple of Egg Mcmuffins, a Mcgriddles, hashbrown containers, and a few breakfast specials. For dessert she was munching on a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. And to top it all off she had somehow found a way to squeeze into one of Randy's t-shirts. It was so sexy. Beth had about 50-60 pounds on Randy now and she made the shirt look like a tank top. It didn't come down over her belly, plus it looked like her boobs were going to burst through at any moment.

"Sorry, baby, but I was so hungry I had to go out and get breakfast. I didn't want to wake you," exclaimed Beth sweetly.

"It's okay, beautiful. I don't want my baby to go starving!"

"Why don't you come over and cuddle next to me. I could use a good tummy rub," Beth said as she sexily rubbed her belly.

Randy ran to the couch. He loved rubbing his growing girlfriend's sexy growing body. He started to play with her belly, noticing it was much bigger than the last time. He moved his hand down and grabbed her love handles.

"I finally have something to hold on to when we make love!" he said as Beth giggled.

He moved down more to her hips and ass. Beth was definitely a pear shape. Her butt had absorbed most of her gain. It was huge. He noticed that Beth had stopped eating, even though there were about five donuts left. He grabbed a donut and started to bring it up to her mouth, but she shook her head and said she was stuffed.

"Come on, my little piggy, there are only five more," whispered Randy into her ear.

"I can't, baby, I just can't!"

With that Randy moved his hands into Beth's crotch area and started to rub her clit.

"MMMM! That feels good..."

"Oh does it...its only going to continue if you eat the rest of these donuts!" Randy exclaimed.

He raised the donut to her mouth and she began to eat it. She started to lick his fingers after the second; after the third she reached around and started to play and stroke his love gun. When she finally finished the last donut she was completely stuffed and super turned on.

"Oh baby, make love to me now and do it hard!"

The happy couple started their day off right with a good love-making workout. Randy couldn't wait to go to the Chinese buffet for dinner and later play a special version of Trivial Pursuit.

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Chapter Five

It was Beth’s favorite night, Chinese buffet night. She loved going every week and gorging herself on every dish they had. She also loved the way Randy would serve, feed, and take care of her every need. They arrived at the restaurant and sat in their booth.

“I can’t wait till the day I can't fit in this booth!” Beth exclaimed.

“Neither can I babe, so let me see what I can do to make that dream a reality,” Randy said.

He went up to the buffet and started her off with a huge bowl of wonton soup. While she started slurping that down he got her a plate of egg rolls and a plate of fried dumplings. Randy did not stop piling the food on the table. By the time Beth finally finished the soup, he had huge plates of General Zso’s chicken, sweet and sour pork, sweet and sour chicken, and moo shu pork surrounding his bulging beauty.

“MMMM. Everything is soooo good. Baby, get me a couple of more dishes and bring back some more rice, egg rolls, and dumplings,” Beth asked.

“Your wish is my command.”

When Randy returned he loved the sight before him. Beth was shoveling food into her mouth with both hands. In one hand she had her fork, digging into the huge platers and in her other hand was either an egg roll or a dumpling. He noticed that her tank top was starting to rise up her belly as her belly button was exposed. When she started to slow down, Randy moved over to her side of the booth, unbuttoned her jeans and started to massage her growing belly. This turned Beth on and she continued to shovel the food in.

“Oh, I’m so stuffed!” Beth exclaimed as she finished off the last dumpling.

“Well, I hope you saved some room for dessert, because I have a big night planned for you,” Randy exclaimed.

He helped his bulging beauty to the car and they drove home. Randy had a big dessert planned. When they arrived Beth immediately could smell the cheese cake.

“OOOHHHH, you got cheesecake for dessert, give me it now!” Beth cried.

“Not so fast, babe. There is cheesecake but there are also many other treats. Sit down at the table, we are going to play Trivial Pursuit.

She sat down and started to set up the game. Meanwhile, Randy started to bring all the desserts to the table. He set down six different pies, a huge cheesecake, a dozen donuts, a box of cookies, chocolate éclairs, a chocolate cake, and a few pints of ice cream.

“Oh my, how am I supposed to eat all of this after the dinner I just had?” asked Beth.

“Don’t worry, if you win the game you won't have to eat half of this. However, if you don’t do well, most of this stuff will end up in your fat belly. Now this is how you play, this is your game piece." Randy handed her an empty pie tin. When you answer a question right, you will get a piece of pie that correlates to the question's color. When you fill the pie you have to get to the center of the board and pick up the card. You will win the game if you can complete the task that is on that card.”

“What if I get a question wrong?” asked Beth.

“That’s where all the food comes in. If you get a question wrong, you must pick one of the challenge cards and do what it says.”

“Sounds fun, let's play!” cooed Beth.

They began the game and Beth got the first question right and won her first piece of pie. But on the second question she landed on a sports question, something she knew nothing about, and got it wrong. She picked her first challenge card and it said eat two chocolate éclairs. Randy grabbed the éclairs and handed them to Beth and she ate them both.

“Now heres the kicker,” Randy said, “if you get the next question wrong you have to eat double what the next card says. If you get the question after that wrong it will be triple and so on and so on.

“MMMM, well if everything is as good as those éclairs I can't wait to eat the rest of those great desserts."

Beth got the next two questions right and had half her pie full. But then she landed on the sports question and of course got it wrong. She picked a card and it said eat four cookies. She scarfed down the cookies and rolled the dice. It again landed on sports and she got the question wrong again.

“All right, now everything's double,” exclaimed Randy.

She picked the card that said eat a piece of cake and a scoop of ice cream. Randy cut her two huge slices of cake and two huge scoops of ice cream.

“Oh, I’m so full I don’t know if I can finish this game babe,” Beth cried.

“Oh, come on, Bethy, you can fit more into that piggy stomach of yours. Here, roll again. Just get the questions right,” Randy said, while hoping that she would continue to get the questions wrong. He also noticed that her favorite tank top was getting very tight on her and that the button on her jeans was about to pop off. Beth got the next question right, but again got a sports question wrong. She picked a card and it said eat a slice of cheesecake. She looked at the cheesecake and noticed that it was cut into four pieces. She thought that was completely unfair, seeing that she was going to have to eat half of it so she decided to punish her lover.

She got up, grabbed the cheesecake and walked over to her lover. She kissed him and then plopped herself right on top of him, slamming her huge butt and her 230-pound frame right onto his lap. As she did this she split her pants and her buttons flew off.

“Oh my, you are getting so big, baby,” Randy gasped.

“If I have to eat half this cheesecake, I thought I should squash you. How do you like my newly expanded ass, babe?” Beth cooed as she wiggled her big butt over Randy’s lap and love gun.

“I love it babe, but it is a little small!” Randy tried to utter, but her weight was crushing him.

“Well, I’m sure this cheesecake will help it expand. Massage my tummy while I eat this,” Beth ordered.

Beth devoured the entire cheesecake as she continued to wiggle and bounce her butt on her lover. She got the next question right, leaving only the sports question right. She stood up and looked into her lover's eyes. As he tried to stand up she bumped into him and knocked him back into the chair. She sat back down on him and started to make out with him.

“Baby, you know I will never get a sports question right, can't I just go to the final challenge?” Beth cooed.

“No way, that would be cheating,” Randy said, hoping that all of these desserts would end up getting eaten by his beauty.

“Well, how about this? I do the final challenge and then we go to bed, you make sweet love to me and then feed me the rest of this cheesecake?” Beth sexily whispered into Randy’s ear.

“Okay, it’s a deal.”

Beth picked up the card and it read: You now have 10 minutes to finish this pie and eat an entire pint of ice cream. If you fail, your lover will handcuff you to the bed and force feed you the rest of this food and more.

“Come here and feed me babe, and you better make me eat all of this within the time limit.”

Randy walked over to his lover and started to feed her. He grabbed a piece of pie with his hand and started to stuff it in her mouth. Within seconds the piece of blueberry pie was gone and she was licking the rest of the filling off his fingers. He was shoving piece after piece into her mouth. When it was half gone he grabbed the pint of ice cream and started to spoon it into her. She started to moan in pleasure and in a little bit of pain. She reached down and grabbed her lover's penis and started to stroke it. After she was done with the ice cream she got down on her knees and ripped off Randy's pants. She sucked and sucked until he exploded into her mouth.

Unfortunately for Beth, this caused her to miss her 10 minute deadline. But it didn’t matter to Randy. As she started to eat the rest of the pie, Randy started to kiss and caress every inch of her body. He pulled away her chair and bent her over the table. He ripped off what was left of her pants and pulled down her panties. He started to lick and kiss her love stream. As he was doing this, Beth started to shovel all of the pies into her mouth. He then penetrated her from behind while she continued to gorge herself.

When she was about to peak, she grabbed her lover and threw him on the bed and mounted him. She loved being on top of him, her big belly spilling onto his and her ass making sure that he could not go anywhere. They made love for hours and when they were finally done she whispered in his ear, “Baby will you go get that cheesecake, all that love making has made me hungry. Grab the chocolate cake too, 300 here I come!”

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