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Fatgirlfan does more than just post hot picsFatgirlfan does more than just post hot picsFatgirlfan does more than just post hot pics

I'll chime in and tell my story which sounds similar. I remember liking fat girls as long as I can remember. When I was 8, our family spent time with another family that had a fat teenage daughter. I remember thinking to myself I like her, she is fat and cute. When I hit puberty, my thoughts of fat girls being cute changed to fat girls are hot! I had one thin girl friend. Right out of high school. We went out because I already knew her and she was somewhat familiar to me. I could not get beyond a platonic relationship with her because I liked her, but I did not find her sexy or appealing. When I had my first fat girl friend---well
I knew what I was looking for in a girl and I knew I would only be satisfied with a fat girl.
Summum nec metuas diem nec optus.
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