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Old 12-23-2005, 01:51 PM   #1
WG Story Drone
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Default Story: The Life of An Ex-Jock - Part One

BHM, Dining: The start of a new multi-part story: in which a former jock meets his first FFA . . .

The Life Of An Ex-Jock

Part One

Brad walked up the stairs to his dorm room. Looking down at his watch that read 5:12 AM he thought to himself: Damn, that party ran late, and what do I have to show for it? Brad was tired of coming to bed alone. In high school he had been the biggest ladies’ man on campus. Being the star quarterback of the most victorious football team in the county had earned him massive popularity, and his intimidating stature excited all the females who saw him. Standing at an impressive 6’3” and a bulky 230 lbs, Brad was definitely a jock prototype. His messy black hair, his chiseled six pack and massive hairy forearms gave him authority to strut around the school as if he were king, and he had no problem courting all of the hottest girls at the school.

But after graduating, like most football players, Brad had nothing much to keep him occupied besides waiting for his football-scholarship funded college year to start. His parents paid for everything he needed, so he didn’t really want to get a job. Instead he spent the majority of the summer hanging out with friends and laying back and watching T.V. Because he didn’t need to condition for football as much as he did in high school, Brad went to the gym progressively less and less.

Arriving at college had brought a huge change on Brad’s physique. Not only did the regular effects of the laid back lifestyle and constant partying take its toll on Brad’s muscles, but the football team was also heavier and more powerful than Brad, which gave him incentive to gain more weight and work out more and more, and his middle never fully recovered from the sudden gaining. His pecs and arms still stayed about as toned as they were, but a small layer of fat could be seen over the muscle, and there was definitely a noticeable stretch of belly where perfectly formed abs used to be. All in all he packed himself up to a solid 245 within a year.

He didn’t seem to mind much about it though, but his lasting relationship of one year wasn’t too pleased to see the transition when they saw each other on vacation after a long time apart. She broke up with him on the spot. Brad slummed into depression for weeks and couldn’t provoke himself to do much more than lay around his dorm and go to parties like the one that had taken place earlier that night.

Once inside, Brad collapsed onto his couch with nothing but an undershirt on. He patted his small gut and said, “Man...I’m really not that fat. I mean, guys bigger than me are getting chicks left and right... So what’s wrong with me?”

He fell asleep and had a great dream of himself and a girl pleasuring each other. When he awoke he found a note lying on his chest. He opened it and read it to himself:
Dear Brad,

I want you to know that I’ve been watching you for a while. You seem like a very nice and sexy man but I just can’t gather the courage to confront you face to face. I was wondering if you’d be interested in a blind date at that new restaurant down the street from campus tonight. Meet me at 8:00. I’ll be wearing a red dress.
Your Secret Admirer
This is too good to be true, thought Brad as he went to the mirror and spread shaving cream over his stubble. I should wear something that doesn’t show how fat I’ve gotten.

He stood looking in the mirror at his bulky frame crammed into his once manageable 34” waistline. He sucked in his belly as much as he could and quickly fastened his belt around the middle before letting it out with a sharp *hgumpf!* of the slightest pain. Oh well, at least I do a pretty good job of sucking it in... I just won’t eat anything from now till eight and I’ll be fine.

When 7:30 rolled around, Brad threw on a baggy dress shirt and did his little belt trick and then he was off. He decided to drive to the restaurant instead of walk, with his hopes up on bringing back somebody in the passenger’s seat. He entered the restaurant and was instantly greeted with the oncoming aroma of wonderfully prepared food. Having starved himself all day, Brad felt his stomach gurgle and hoped that he would just get to eat soon. The waiter pointed out the girl in the red dress when Brad asked him and Brad was stunned by her beauty. He had dated hot girls before, but none like this.
She had the look of natural beauty, not the kind that most women work for with hours of poking and burning and scraping themselves, but the kind personified by a natural air of dignity and poise. Her brunette hair tussled back and forth as she glanced around the restaurant expectantly, and her navy blue eyes instantly lit up when she saw Brad standing in the entrance.

“Hi, I’m Jen,” she said.

“I’m Brad,” he said.

“Wow, I hope my note wasn’t too awkward.”

“No, no, I was relieved!”

“About what?”

“That girls still found me sexy.”

“What’re you talking about? You’re probably the best looking guy on campus!”

“Yeah, once upon a time,” Brad said, quickly thinking that he shouldn’t bring up his weight issue right away.

“What do you mean? I think you’re very, very sexy.”

“Well, I’ve kinda been letting myself go.”

Shit, that’s it, she’s never gonna go on a second date with me now, he thought.

“Oh, well that makes you all the more desirable...in my opinion,” she said with a slight twinkle in her eye.

They continued their conversation pleasantly, and when the waiter came Brad couldn’t help but notice that Jen ordered a very, very large portion of food. He didn’t think that she would be able to finish any of it with her small build. He must have shown his surprise because after the waiter left she said:
“Oh, I’m just starving!”

When the food arrived, Brad quickly scarfed down his meal, for he was feeling the hunger pain of going without food for a whole day.

“Oh dear, I’ll never be able to finish all this,” Jen said, after taking about four bites of her baked ziti. She motioned to a mound of spaghetti with meatballs, a loaf of garlic bread, a large dish of fettuccini alfredo, and another huge plate of something Brad didn’t recognize. “Can you take care of all this Brad? I promise I’ll pay and give you a present if you do.”

Brad quickly began eating the table full of food in front of him. He didn’t want to give up one of the best chances he’d had in a long time to get some. Plus, it was a free dinner even if she didn’t commit, so there couldn’t be any repercussions from it. The more Brad ate the more intent Jen’s radiant blue eyes sparkled with delight at his company. In return, Brad ate as fast as he could without choking himself, hoping to get Jen back home to his dorm room as quickly as possible. After about ten minutes, all the food was gone and Brad leaned back in his chair and let out a huge belch. He rubbed his incredibly full belly which now definitely showed signs of stress even though he was wearing a baggy shirt. He quickly sat back up, worrying that he had disgusted Jen and had ruined his chances with her. On the contrary though, Jen looked like she was having the time of her life. She quickly paid at the front desk, and together she and Brad left the restaurant, hand in hand. Brad led her to his car, still sucking in his new potbelly. They drove back to the college and ran up to the room, still hand in hand. Brad checked to make sure his roommate wasn’t there and locked the door behind them. Jen leaped on Brad and they collapsed onto the bed together. She removed his shirt and for a while just sat on top of him and looked at him.

Brad, feeling a slight bit uncomfortable, said, “Yeah, I know, I need to start goin’ to the gym again.” He looked down and patted his growing gut with his right hand and nonchalantly started to rub it.

“Oh, No!” Jen said, “That’s definitely not it! In fact, to be completely honest, I’ve always been attracted to guys with a little bit of belly. Not like, obese, immobile freaks, but definitely someone like you...with rippling biceps to even it out.”

Brad was slightly taken aback by this statement, but quickly responded.
“Well, then you wouldn’t mind if I did this now would you?”

And with that he reached down and unbuttoned his pants, and stuck his fat, hairy belly as far out as he could, pushing the zipper and forcing the elastic of his briefs to cut into his skin a little. Even as he did so, he now realized just how fat he had gotten since he arrived at college. He had this round ball of just, flab sitting in his lap...and he realized too at that moment that he loved having it there.

Apparently Jen felt this way, too, for she leapt on him yet again and with her slim stomach pushing against his bulging one, and she kissed him for an extremely long time. He took her in his powerful arms and they stripped of all their clothes and...

(To Be Continued)
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Thumbs up Life of an Ex-Jock - Part One

Just had to say love the story... have had fantasies like this myself. Looking forward to more...
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Old 12-27-2005, 07:08 AM   #3
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Loving the story, but the cliffhanger was a bit cheap. =P
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Old 04-03-2010, 04:16 AM   #4
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The cliffhanger, it seems to me, makes it a little difficult to pick up the story from its
abrupt ending ... *scratching head*
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