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Cool Yin
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Default Michaela's Bet 1-9 - by Cool Yin[~BBW/~BHM(multiple), Eating contest, Stuffing. ~MWG)

~BBW/~BHM, Multiple. Eating Contest, Stuffing, ~MWG - three people with big appetites tackle a challenge

Hi guys. I just found your library and the stories were great. Thanks for the efforts. This is my first post here and I hope you like my story.

Michaela’s Bet

by Cool Yin

Part 1 Michaela and the guys

24 year old Michaela had a nice dinner this Friday evening. She cooked herself a large Pasta meal with many noodles, 3 eggs and lots of cheese sauce. She had to fill two very full plates to eat all of it. She drank 3 cans of coke to it and as desert she ate a 1/6 gallon of chocolate pudding. She was a rather big girl: 5.7 feet tall, black hair, brown eyes and she weighed 204 lbs right now. She stuffed her belly since a few weeks because she wanted to gain some more weight. 270 pounds was her dream weight.

Usually she could eat much more but today she didn't want to stuff herself to near unconsciousness like the last days because she was appointed to go to a rock concert with 2 guys she met at a bar last weekend and she didn't want to spend the concert just resting in some corner. A famous heavy metal band was playing in town and it turned out that just her like these guys she were big fans of the band.

She dressed herself in proper style for the concert. As a real rocker chick she had to put on her Leather clothes. But first was the bra, which wasn't really easy because her breasts have gotten bigger with all the stuffing from the past weeks. She had gained 10 pounds in 2 weeks and her usually tight bras were now definitely a number too small. But there was little she could do and so she jammed her massive breasts into their prison. Her leather trousers were a literally bigger problem. Her stomach and ass had also grown and when you buy leather clothes you buy them to fit exactly. But it all didn't help and she forced her legs and even her ass into the black leather. With a lot of force she buttoned up the 5 steel buttons that were placed where usually a zipper is. The last of them was quite painful, but she enjoyed the sensation of her squeezed fat. The trousers were quite expansive and of high quality so she knew there was no risk that they could ever pop. She decided to just were a Black band T-Shirt because she was tired of stuffing her fat into small clothes and getting dressed took already much more time than planned anyway. She put on her Black leather boots with 2.5-inched heels and went to her car. She took 3 Maxi Snickers bars and another can of coke for the ride and drove away.

After a 20 minute drive she arrived at the address the guys had given. When she got out of the car she could clearly feel the tight clothes doing their job. She could tell that the steel buttons and the bra would leave a nice pattern on her fat flesh after a night full of wild dancing.
The house was quite big and nice apartment house. She rang the bell with the name the guys had given and the door soon opened. She went into their apartment and it was a cool, somehow student looking place. There were Beer cans and Pizza boxes and other stuff on the floor, but all in all it was tidied up and far from being a dirty place. Each of the guys had his own room and the big living room had stylish furniture, a big flat TV screen and there was a mixture of metal posters and modern art paintings on the wall. She was quite happy about that sight because she had been afraid of some kind of dirty small flat. Michaela took a short pee from all the coke and the saw that the bathroom was very clean, too.

Then Lars got a can of beer for each of them, they sat down in the living room couch, chatted and started to drink their beer. Thomas and Lars were normal built guys about the same age as she; Lars was about 6 feet tall and had a small stomach while Thomas was a bit taller and more muscular. Michaela assumed they weighed about 170 pounds.

While they were chatting and drinking their second beer Thomas’ mobile rang. After he finished talking he said:

"Michaela, Lars, I have bad news for you. It was a friend of me who is always the first at the concert gate and it seems that the 2 of the band members are unable to play because of a smaller accident so the concert was cancelled."

The bet

The good atmosphere was ruined for the present. They were talking about what they could do for the evening and decided that they should go into a bar and get themselves drunk. But before they started Michaela decided that now that she wouldn't jump around and dance all evening she could just as well keep on feeding herself.

"Guys, before we go get me something to eat. I am starving."

They went into the kitchen and when Lars opened the fridge he was quite disappointed.

"No surprise. Only beer and more beer. We eat external when we eat here we just order Pizza. The only thing we have is this cheesecake. It was a present from Thomas' sister who visited us yesterday. It is from a supermarket and plastic packed so you don't have to worry that it is old. But I don't think that is what you like"

"Are you kidding? I love cheesecake. I will eat the whole thing in no time."

"Don't be a showoff. That is one big cheese cake." replied Thomas.”

Now Michaela was angry: "You guys have no idea what I can eat. I could eat anything that the two of you combined will eat - plus that cheese cake."

Thomas and Lars looked at each other and tried not to laugh too hard:

"This is ridiculous. Don't claim stupid things."

"You are ridiculous. I could easily outeat the two of you." Michaela replied angrily.

Now Thomas and Lars had enough:

"Well Missy, if you think your stomach is so tough then you won't chicken out from a bet, won't you."

"Definitely not. How about a BIG bet?" Michaela was quite turned on now. This was much better than the concert she thought.

Lars replied: "Sure, if you are so keen on losing we can do this. But we are not interested in money. We would rather want you. We like bigger girls, so we think your body is really hot and you have a pretty face. So we want your body for tonight for our if you should lose."

Michalea felt a bit flattered about the compliments and she was turned on by the guys, but she knew better than to show it: "Well I want nothing from you guys, but I can always need some money, especially since I happen to need new clothes. So if you are so sure of yourselves than each of you has to bet 500$ to make it a deal."

Lars and Thomas looked at each other and agreed pretty fast. They were both completely empty because they planned to lunch at a McDonalds near the concert hall before the concert started as their lunch. There was no way that they could lose this bet and even if something ridiculous would happen, 1.000$ wouldn't mean a financial problem for them. Furthermore they were completely turned on by Michaela's ego and stomach.

Thomas then summaized the rules of this bet:

"So there will be an eating contest Michaela vs. Lars and me. Lars and I will be choosing the food that will be eaten and Michaela has to eat the exact same amount that Lars and I are eating plus this whole cheesecake in addition. No one is allowed to visit the toilet once the eating has started. If anyone should puke, he is automatically disqualified and loses. Of course the loser will have to pay for all the food. If you should win, we will give you 1.000$ and if we win you will become our personal whore for tonight. Do you really agree on this, Michaela?"

Michaela didn't hesitate for a second: "I never say "no" to easy money. That is an easy call, I am all-in."


Now both sides were amazed how great this evening turned out. Thomas and Lars thought about what they would do with her and Michaela wondered if she could really win this. She was hungry and knew that the two underestimated her, but after her dinner and the deserts her stomach was far from being empty.

Thomas decided that they would call Pizza service first. Lars ordered 4 family pizzas with double bacon, triple extra cheese and corn, 4 big chocolate ice cream packs and 4 extra large cokes, in each case 1 for each of them and 2 for Michaela.

When she heard the order Michaela became really hungry and while they were waiting for the delivery she began eating the 1st 1/8 of the cheese cake. It was a really big cheese cake. It was very massive, had a twelve inches diameter, was 3.5 inches high and on top of that was a big load of cream. She started with an extra big bite to provoke the two.

Lars said "Well, I think I can speak for Thomas, too, when I say that we both are very turned on by this. As he said we like big girls and we also like to see them stuff loads of food into their belly. And it is apparent that you have the same fetish. Nevertheless we are not going to let you win this one."

"Well, guys, you are not the only ones who want this" and she slapped her belly. "but if you really want me, you don't even have another choice but to outeat me."

After finishing 3 from 8 pieces of the cake the door bell rang. Now the fun could begin.

The Pizza tasted delicious and Michaela felt great. She could not eat as fast as the two guys combined but it was close. After finishing the 3rd quarter of the first Pizza and 3/4 of the first Coke she really had to open her trousers. They may have been tight before but now they were starting to make it difficult to breath. She unzipped the first metal button and a slippery mass of fat gushed out. As might be expected the button left a nice imprint on the fat skin. The guys were making comments if she already was full, but she just smiled at them and smacked her belly again.

After each of the guys had finished his 3rd quarter Michaela was just about to finish the 1st quarter of her second Pizza. Thomas then decided that they would soon need new supplies and Lars ordered again, this time at a Mexican Restaurant. He ordered 20 Tacos, 5 for them, 10 for Michaela, 4 giant pots of extra hot Chilli con Carne (1/1/2), 20 donuts and 4 new large cokes.

The guys finished the Pizzas and the coke pretty fast but when they started the Ice cream they lost some tempo and Michaela could catch up a bit. Nevertheless the guys finished first and had a 15 minute break to rest their bellies. Then while Michaela still had left the half of her 2nd Ice cream pot the bell rang and the new food was delivered.

The guys waited the 5 minutes until Michaela has finished, partly because they were gentlemen and partly because they needed a break, and then they started the next load together. For Michaela, however, there was no break and she was already sweating and her stomach started to hurt. She had to unbutton a second steel button and the result was same. Soft flesh escaped from its prison with a button stamp and the pattern of the trouser's belt part was clearly visible on the freed fat.

(Continued in post 4 of this thread)

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I loik it.

It has good imagery and a good pace.
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I love it! Can't wait to see if she succeeds!
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Cool Yin
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Default Michaela's Bet 4-6 [BBW, Eating contest, Extreme Overeating, Stuffing. WG]

Part 4: The decision

She didn’t feel like more Coke so she asked the guys if she could have beer instead for this round. The guys had no problem with the idea of a drunken Michaela.

She greedily gulped down 3 cans in 2 minutes, but after 30 minutes Thomas and Lars had already finished their Tacos while Michaela had only eaten 6 of them. Her stomach was aching bad and made watery sounds nearly permanently. Lars remarked that now would be the time to order new food if Michaela indeed planned to eat up all that stuff. Michaela was really unsure but just like before she didn't show any weakness. With a full mouth she replied: "Stop talking. I told you that I will eat anything that you two eat, so just order as much as you think you can eat and the same for me."

Thomas called a friend and gave him some dollars so that he would fetch their order from McDonalds. They knew that this had to bring a decision so they ordered more than they could ever eat. 28 Cheeseburgers (7,7,14), 12 Big Macs (3,3,6), 8 packs of French Fries with mayo (2,2,4), 4 big Milk Shakes (1,1,2) and 1 litre cokes for them while Michaela preferred more beer instead.

The guys then ate the Chilli con Carne but lost speed again during its second half. Nevertheless their edge was too big and when they had finished their Donuts Michaela had only consumed half of the 2nd Chilli Pot. The guys leaned back in their chair, breathed heavily, held their stomachs and watched Michaela gulp down the masses of food with amazement. That way they could rest their somachs for 30 minutes and when Michaela started her 19th Donut the door bell rang again and the final delivery arrived. J

ust when Michaela finished the final Donut Lars came back from the stairs with 4 plastic bags of food. Again there was no time for her stomach to digest the food. Michaela groaned when she thought of the food because her belly was in real pain by now. She burped regularly and the watery noises her stomach made grew louder. She was so full that she could hardly move. Not only have the guys underestimated her stomach capacity, she has also underestimated them.

But despite the long break, the guys had their problems, too. They combined ate still much faster than Michaela, but they needed to take breaks more regularly in which they rested and watched Michaela consume anything that they have also eaten. After both had eaten 5 Cheeseburgers, 1 Big Mac, 2 packs of French Fries and drank their Coke Thomas quit and went out. Lars had another 30 minute break but eventually Michaela finished even this load. Now that it was 1 on 1 Lars lost his speed advantage. He just ate a few Cheeseburgers and drank the Milk Shake before he also quit. Michaela cheered her victory with a big burp and Lars was about to give her his part of the money when Thomas came in and reminded the two of the remaining cheese cake. Michaela thought at the cake in the refrigerator with disgust. She hadn't forgotten it, but hoped that the guys would have.

Thomas served Michaela the remaining 5/8 of the creamy monster and Michaela started to eat mechanically and slow. She couldn't believe that she was able to hate eating such a sweet thing so much. But she thought about the money and she didn't want to lose to the guys. Well, she had no problem with the ante: in fact she wanted to get kinky with them, but she just didn't want to lose an eating contest. Each of the pieces took her long to consume, but after an hour she was finished. She had never felt so sick in her life, but the feelings of her victory were overwhelming.
Thomas congratulated her and gave her the money while Lars took a deep bow and praised her before he gave her his part of the ante, too. They couldn't believe they lost, but they were amazingly excited by the way they lost.

"Guys, I need to rest now, help me walk over to the Couch so that I can lie down and wallow in my fat."

"Don't you have to go to the bathroom and puke?" asked Lars.

"And waste the whole food? What a question. I will never, ever puke."

Part 5: A new bet

The guys didn't hesitate and stabilized her when she walked on wobbly legs to the couch. She lay down on her back and unbuttoned the last 2 steel buttons of her trousers. She just lay there like in trance, held her belly and breathed heavily while her stomach noisily tried to handle the masses of food. The guys sat down next in the armchairs and chatted a bit, but most of the time they watched Michaela and listened to the gurgling sounds of her stomach. She lay for more than one hour without any movement before she sat up and spoke to them. It was already nearly midnight.

"Guys, you have been such nice hosts, fair losers and you were a way better competition than I had expected - you have truly tested my limits. So I will allow you to massage, squeeze and rub my belly even though you lost your bet. If you do a good job I'll allow you more than just that."

She lay down again and they didn't hesitate. Michaela was incredibly turned on by this. After 20 minutes of massaging, squeezing and caressing she was so much turned on that she wanted to eat again:

"Guuuys, bring me the remaining fast food. You like to see me eating and I want to finish all of it for you."

Lars warned her that this wouldn't be healthy, but Michaela was so horny and greedy that she didn't listen:

"I tell you what. My stomach is endless and I could win another eating contest right here, right now."

Lars just shook his head and made his way to get the food. But he came back without any food and Michaela got angry. She wanted to know where her meal is.

"Well, if you are so keen on a second eating contest, we can arrange this. On Fridays our neighbour John always has to work very long and I just heard him returning from work. He is a friend of us and I think he is a guy who can easily eat much more than you."

Michaela's stomach still hurt and she was overfilled, but Lars found the right words to provoke her and so she took the bait. She had such a big ego that she thought she could eat more than anyone, especially a pencil pusher who works until midnight on Fridays. And she was so horny that she completely ignored the masses of food that were already stuffing her belly:

"Okay, bring it on, then. I'll eat more than him. My stomach can take anything. But this time we will bet high and not for childish stuff like last time. This time I want $ 5.000 if I win."

The guys wondered if Michaela lost her mind. They went to the kitchen for a short time and discussed the offer. They decided to accept the challenge because her bloated belly looked like a single Donut would make it burst.

Lars said "We accept your challenge, but this time we don't want something easy like last time, too. If you lose you will have to serve us tomorrow night as a whore. That means that we will sell your stomach, pussy, tits and ass to each of our friends and our neighbour’s friends for a whole night and keep the profit. Of course we will take care for your safety and make sure the guys will wear condoms."

Michaela was so sure of herself that she didn't even think for a second about what she was doing. She felt unbeatable and thus she would probably have accepted any ante. This time she announced the bet:

"Okay, bring him here and I'll eat anything he eats plus a half gallon of Chocolate Ice Cream. Same rules as last time: He chooses the food, no breaks for anyone that last longer than 5 minutes and no toilet visits. Puking means disqualification and we have agreed on the ante. And bring him here fast, I am starving."

Part 6: John

Thomas was ecstatic and went to get John. In the meantime Lars pinched and squeezed Michaela's belly some more. Her belly was round and Lars could clearly feel all the food that was stuffing it. Each time he increased the pressure during his message her belly reacted with gurgling. He felt her fullness, the stomach was extremely stretched. When he tried to button up the trousers to see how far her belly has grown there were at least 3 inches missing even though Michaela held her breath and sucked her stomach in. When she then breathed out she looked like a XL woman in S trousers. He wondered how she could accept such a bet and still hope to win.

Michaela was tipsy from the beer, incredibly horny and greedy for satisfaction: she pulled down her leather trousers and directed his other hand down her panties. When he massaged her solar plexus with one hand and rubbed her pussy with the other one Michaela got more and more turned on. She was moaning from the pleasure and her whole body started to shake. Her stomach juggled, her legs vibrated and her tits bounced up and down. Soon her pussy started to shake, too. She had an exploding orgasm. She breathed heavily and lay back to the couch exhausted.

The orgasm was one of the best she ever had in her life. But it also costed much energy and she wasn't as ecstatic and confident about the contest like a few minutes ago anymore. She could recover from the orgasm for only 2 minutes while Lars kept on rubbing her belly.

Then they heard the door opening and Michaela quickly pulled her trousers back up. John entered the room and Michaela was shocked when she saw that man. He was about 35 years old and looked good. But he was big. He was way bigger than she had ever expected: he was 6.7 feet tall, with very muscular arms, long blond hair and he had a round stomach. She assumed that he weighed at least 290 pounds. Furthermore he wore old jeans and a dirty T-Shirt. Michaela had to learn that not only people in offices worked until midnight, but also self-employed motorbike mechanics with a well filled order book.

"So you are the girl that will be our whore for tomorrow night after I outeat you?"

"Yes, I am that girl…" Michaela was visibly shaken but soon regained her self confidence. "But you won't succeed. My stomach is an unfillable, unsatisfiable, unsatiable black hole." She punched it quite hard to emphasize her words, but her belly reacted with watery sounds and she had to burp loud and breathe heavily.

She was embarrassed but John didn't pay attention to her. He noticed the open buttons of her undersized trousers and the belly fat that leaked out below her small T-Shirt but he had no interest to know why. He was a man with a lot of experience with women claiming to be able to take anything. Only the matter changed and this was just the first girl who claimed to have an unfillable stomach. But in the end he knew they'd all beg for mercy.

Thomas repeated the rules to John and then put 2 family Pizzas with Pepperoni and Onion on the table.

"These two were meant to be my dinner,” said John. “I ordered them via mobile from work where I didn't had time to eat since lunch, which was 11 hours ago. But I am so friendly to share them with you until the real food arrives. Thomas, after that appetizer I want to eat at least the second family pizza. Order it extra hot spiced with triple Pepperoni, Onion and Chilli sauce. Furthermore I want two extra big super-hot Sichuan Village Inferno Noodle Menus from Master Yin. And tell him to make them extra spicy. For drinking you will get each of us 8 cans of beer and we will share a bottle of Jim Beam. For desert we have 1/2 gallon of chocolate ice cream. Order that now.”

Michaela was terrified from these words. When she thought about these masses she felt her fullness again and didn’t believe she could ever win this. She wondered how she she could be so dumb. Her stomach was already aching before the eating started. But nevertheless she decided to give it a try. She would eat until she collapses or her belly burst and wondered if losing maybe was what her sub consciousness wanted when she accepted that stupid second bet.

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Yay! More!

though, less of what she eats and more of how she looks... would be better. for me anyway.
just a fan-service request ^.^
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Cool Yin
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Default Michaelas Bet 7-9

Cool, I can add threads here. Thanks for the positive replies. I am always happy about more FEEDback ; )

Part 7 - Hot and Spicy

John wasted no time and started to eat the Pizza so blazing fast that even Michaela could not keep up. Each time she swallowed she felt her stomach cramping and rebelling against the new food and each time she ignored it with gulping down another bite. He finished his Pizza quick and a few minutes later Michaela finished, too.

Michaela’s face was already pale from the pain in her belly and by now she was truly worried about her health. She was looking like a fat pregnant woman. Her stomach was stretched like never before in her life. It was perfectly round and when she touched it, she could feel the hardness of the stuffed food underneath a layer of fat. To create some more room in her stomach she had to sit buckled. The guys liked the way she had positioned herself because her tits were lying on her expanded stomach and thus looked even bigger than before.

John kept on being aggressive: “I am still hungry and don’t want to wait for the slow delivery services. Lars, what do you guys have here?”

“Hmm, we don’t have much. Ah, wait: Purely by chance we have some fresh stuff from McDonalds here. I can warm it up for you in not time.” Thomas answered. John commanded him to do it fast and the two finished the Cheeseburgers, Fries, Big Macs and Vanilla Shakes before the delivery service came.

She then used the 10 minute break before the 1st delivery came to lie on her back and stare at the wall with open mouth, heavy breathing and not speaking a single word. She held her belly with both hands and unlike last time she lay like that her stomach even towered her huge tits. Usually her enormous white, round tits were the peak of her body when she was lying on her back but now her stomach topped them by more than 1 inch.

The only sounds that came from her in that time were her hiccup, some burps and the aching sounds from her overfilled stomach. She noticed a little vicious circle that really amused her: whenever she hiccupped her stomach shook a little bit, made watery noises and forced her to burp. And that again made her gasp which caused new hiccups. She gave up any attempt to show fake signs of confidence and strength, but decided to eat until she collapsed.

John wondered how she could possibly imagine to beat him if she was already that filled from only so little food. But he wasn’t the type of man who cared about a woman’s health. He would never do anything without agreement to a woman, but if she wants it, she can have it. Little did he know about what Michaela has already devoured this evening and neither the other guys nor Michaela had an interest in enlightening him.

The first food that arrived was the Pizza and the Whisky. Lars cut the pizza for the two and served each of them a beer. Michaela slowly sat up and began to force the hot food into her belly while John was still hungry. Unlike John she wasn’t used to eat such spicy things and that added to her discomfort. With each 1/8 piece of Pizza they drank a double Whisky. He finished the Pizza, the Whisky and three cans of beer quickly while Michaela had eaten only half of that.

She was sweating from the spicy food, tired from all the eating and exhausted from her heavy orgasm. Furthermore all the alcohol she had been drinking this evening, by now she had more than 4 litres beer plus the Whisky, began to show results. She could easily withstand a lot of alcohol, but of course even she was drunk from such an amount. It didn’t matter too much since she wouldn’t be able to walk because of her belly anyway. Like in trance she kept on eating the hot Pepperoni Pizza. John rested his belly for 20 minutes and before she could finish her meal, the Chinese Menu arrived.

“Hurry up, woman; I don’t want this to take all night.” John said to her.

Michaela increased her pace and finished 12 minutes later only to immediately stuff the next, even bigger and spicier load into her.

Part 8 - A second decision

Master Yin rarely gets demands that his Sichuan Inferno Food needed extra spice and so he made sure the customers would never complain about that case again. Each of the noodles tasted like a Jalapeno Chilli Pepper and the plenty actual Chilli Peppers in the menu were far worse than Jalapenos. Even John, who regularly ate overly hot couldn’t eat this stuff quick.

He trained himself in eating the spiciest stuff and thus he expected to have a clear advantage over his female opponent by using such fiery stuff.B ut as a matter of fact it was a bad own goal from John because he thought that his female opponent was in a normal condition. But he still had his senses together while Michaela was totally numb from this evening.

If Michaela wouldn’t have been so distracted by her drunkenness and if her belly hadn’t already ached like hell even without the hot spices attacking it she would have had comparatively bigger problems eating it.

After 2/3 of the first menu and the rest of the beer he had to pass eating any more of that stuff and couldn’t believe that the woman was actually able to eat it.

Fortunately for him he could choose the food and that gave him the right to change the food even in the middle of a self-chosen meal. But the damage was done, his stomach was hurting. He started to eat the ice cream very fast but had to quit and leave the apartment to visit his bathroom after finishing off half of the ice cream.

Michaela gulped down the remaining cans of beer and with tears in her eyes from the extremely spiced food she also finished the same amount of the Chinese cannon ball that John had eaten. Her makeup was a total mess by the few tears but for the greater part by the sweat that this feast produced. Her eye shadow was blurred and her lipstick tarnished. There were blurred food leftovers all over her face.

She was close to victory but there was still the gallon of Ice cream that John ate left plus the half gallon of it that she so carelessly bet to eat more than John. Lars mixed the remaining gallons of Ice Cream together and put it on a big plate. She was so sick of eating. She had already consumed more than what was widely considered endurable for a human stomach.

She had read a lot about extreme eating because she always wanted to participate in a big event and compete with the best eaters. Thus she knew she had reached a sector that was accepted as the absolute limit, even among these competitive extreme endurance eaters. That made her proud, but her belly missed no chance to show her why this was the limit: it rebelled against any new food with heavy pain, grumbling, hiccupping, burping and threatening to puke. But she still suppressed all of that.

She lay on her back and commanded the guys to feed her with the remaining Ice Cream. They were too amazed by her to think about the bet and so they started too feed her with big spoons.

When John came back to see if Michaela would win she had swallowed 1/3 of what was left and thus more than John has eaten. Thomas and Lars fed her and watched her eating amazed and hypnotized.

After some more spoons she told them to stop and decided that she needed to take a break because the stomach pain became unbearable. She rested groaning while the guys caressed her stomach. They allowed time for a pause, then was over then and she had to start eating again.

But only 3 full spoons immediately caused a new and heavier belly cramp than ever. This time it felt really dangerous and painful, the intensity was comparable to a woman in labor. She still refused to believe that she would be defeated on the brink of victory and took another break. Another 5 minutes later she violently squeezed a handful of he own belly fat and instructed the guys to keep on feeding her.

She downed 10 full spoons but they caused even worse reactions than last time. She had no choice but to acknowledge her defeat. She murmured “I give up”, laid herself down on the couch and fell asleep immediately. Lars and Thomas decided to be fair. They wanted her to succeed: They woke her up and offered her to feed her with the remaining Ice Cream. She refused because she knew that either her stomach would burst or she had to puke if she took only one more bite. She had lost her bet.

Part 9- Aftermath

John was quite amazed by Michaela and left the apartment without knowing anything about her real capacities. He knew that it was close and that technically she had eaten more than him, but he was satisfied to be the winner and looked forward to the next night where he and his friends would have a lot of fun with that crazy woman.

Michaela breathed heavily, groaned and hiccupped while she slept. Furthermore her belly made truly sick noises. So the guys woke her up and offered her to get a doctor. Her short babbled response was that she only needed some rest and that they would never ever have to worry about her stomach. Lars then put a cow bell, which stood as decoration on the shelf, into her hand and said that she could ring it anytime she needed help. He kissed her on the forehead and wished “his little cow” a good night.

Lars and Thomas knew that Michaela’s sleep would be narcotic. So they kept on drinking beer for some time while they were chatting and listening to the loud sounds that their guest’s swollen stomach made before they went to bed, confident that she was healthy.

One hour after they left Michaela woke up and didn’t know what was up. She had a heavy headache, but that was nothing compared to the riot in her stomach. She touched her belly and it felt like someone had inserted a bowling ball while she was asleep. Then she noticed the bell in her hand and slowly remembered who she was, where she was and why she was feeling so sick.

After 5 minutes of concentrated breathing she rang the bell and Lars appeared quite fast. She told him to help her go to the bathroom and he had to use all his strength to get her on her feet and keep her there. She was tottering from the alcohol and had problems to keep standing because of the enormous amount of food in her belly. After they reached the room he offered to bring her a bucket so she could puke easier. But she replied that she already told him that she will never puke out any food and that she keeps this up no matter what the circumstances may be.

She thanked him for helping her and told him to go sleeping because she wouldn’t need his help tonight anymore. With much force she indeed kept her promise for the whole night, but had to experience other unnamed displeasing downsides and by-effects of such an overeating in several visits during the night to the bathroom. At 6 o’clock in the morning she finally returned from her last visit and fell into a long deep sleep.

When she woke up she saw the 2 guys sitting in their armchairs and watching TV.

Without a word she got up and walked into the bathroom. When she came back she wished them a good morning, but they replied that it was already early afternoon.

“Drat it” she replied, “That means that I have missed my breakfast. I need to make up for that loss. Cook me a double big lunch as a replacement while I drive home, take a shower and dress me in fresh clothes.”

“Are you sure that you want to start stuffing again so early?” asked Thomas. “You have been groaning, hiccupping and burping all the time while you were asleep and your stomach made sick watery noises nearly constantly.” he said. And with a smile he exaggerated “A few of the buzzing sounds were so loud that even the neighbours may have heard them.”

“I told both of you that there is never any need to worry about my stomach. It can take anything.”

To prove her words she held her breath, sucked her stomach in and buttoned up the fifth button of her trousers again. Then she let the air out. It looked abstruse because her belly overtopped the belt line by 2 inches. Yesterday it had been hardly one inch. Furthermore there was so much excess fat leaking over her trousers that some of it was still visible after she pulled her t-shirt down again.

Then she gave her belly some punches and squeezed some handfuls of fat hard several times. Her belly replied to each single action with loud gurgling sounds.

“Do you hear that? My stomach likes it. It is starving and just can’t wait for the next big loads. I’ll be back in 2 hours and if you want me to stick to my bet you better have a colossal meal waiting for me. I can’t afford to lose a meal only because I was sleeping too long.”

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