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Default Stuffing Experience

I'm sure many can relate, but this was a first for me. I'm not much into "stuffing" myself, but I can see how others enjoy it. Maybe after this experience, I'll come to enjoy it more.

Anyway, we went to an all you can eat Casino Buffet the other night. I put down 3 large plates and then I was sitting there talking and I decided to be a little gluttonous and see "the other side". I ended up eating two more extremely filling / fattening plates of Mexican, Chinese and Pizza. By the time I was done, I did what i fantasize seeing a women do...unbutton the pants and let my now massively (sp?) full belly expand. I have a 33' waist but I'm sure it was about a 38' by the time we got up to our hotel room. I was pretty uncomfortable but it was cool to feel /see.

My gf was even a little amazed at how full and round my belly was. I even woke up the next morning and was still full and slightly rounded. So I guess the tables were turned on this FA / stuffer!
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For sure I can relate

Since moving abroad to Europe (Germany, on border with France) I have gradually increased my daily intake of food to now where I can pretty much eat non stop for up to 5 hours. When I first came here I was amazed at the food culture - very good food and lots of it!
For e.g. a typical day would be a small quick b'fast home (toast or yoghurt), then at work pastries, often we take 2 or 3 each, followed by lunch that can easily last 2 hours. This would range from pizza or pasta to massive steaks, or the "Jarret" (knuckle - over a kilo of spit-grilled pork & fat) and we ALWAYS take dessert. Some colleagues stop there, i.e nothing else for the rest of the day but I always take another full meal for supper as my gf loves eating too.
By 11pm we are normally to be found slumped on the sofa with belts open, rubbing our fat bellies and a huge smile on our face.

Now I have started walking almost every evening, not to lose weight as that's not gonna happen but to keep it a bit real. And it improves my appetite
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