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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!
Default Lindsay's Weighty Moments (1-7) -by Bob Orlich (~BBW,Eating, Romance, ~SWG)

~BBW,Eating, Romance, ~SWG – adult reality creates adjustment issues for a blossoming young lady

Lindsay’s Weighty Moments
By Bob Orlich
(An interesting but never completed oldie - anyone wanting to adopt and finish it?)

1 – Introduction

Lindsay was a popular girl going into her senior year in high school when I met her. She was attractive, thin but athletic. She had wavy dirty blonde hair past her shoulders, a better than average face with medium blue eyes and a tall 5’9” body. Her arms and legs were long and toned from years of swimming, and she had a flat stomach with small, but pert B cup breasts.

Despite carrying only 123 pounds on her 5’9” frame she had a butt, unlike many thin white girls. She was very active when we met. She swam, played water polo and had a job that involved a bit of walking. While she didn’t have the large breasts that many guys drool over, she was quite aware that she was hot because of her long lean legs, toned body and flat stomach that made the most of her B cup breasts.

She enjoyed being thin and hot —relishing the attention and popularity it got her. While she didn’t outright look down on girls with other body types, she was quite vocal about how those girls should try to lose weight and get in shape.

Lindsay dressed to flaunt her assets, namely her long thin but shapely legs, her flat stomach and small waist. She regularly wore tight and flowing miniskirts that showed off her legs. And being just a bit of a tomboy she fancied wearing men’s levis jeans, with a 28 inch waist that was comfortably loose on her, and crop top shirts showing her flat tummy.

Since she had a figure that the media (and most people in general) put out there as an ideal, she greatly enjoyed shopping for clothes to show her body off. She liked being able to slide her body into a figure hugging size 4 dress or comfortably buttoning up some size 4 shorts and finding that clothes fit her great off the rack. Being a swimmer and having a toned body she had a large collection of bikinis too. It’s not that she was vainer than most girls, it’s just that she knew she had a body type that the media put forth as an ideal of beauty. This being the case she bought into it fully, and couldn’t see why other girls would let themselves lose shape.

I ended up dating Lindsay for a couple years after we initially met one summer at work. While dating her things changed for her physically, and she realized it was harder to keep an “ideal” figure than she was accustomed to; and I learned that I liked chubbier girls, big boobs, and especially virgin weight gain. I follow this introduction with a series of short stories capturing poignant moments when Lindsay realized it was a struggle to maintain an unrealistic ideal figure

2. Beginning the Dating Game

As I started dating Lindsay it was clear from the beginning that she enjoyed showing her body off for me, and of course to other girls to basically say “I am hotter than you.”

She said she had a great body because of diet (she was a vegetarian) and exercise. She was also very aware of her weight, as she seemed to weigh herself somewhat frequently. I enjoyed exploring her body, and she enjoyed it too proudly asking me to “feel how tight my stomach is,” or by sensually sliding out of her figure hugging skirts and dresses.

We started dating maybe 6 months after we’d met at work, just as summer was beginning. We both worked in food service, vending, in a theme park. Lindsay got a promotion that summer. As a result she didn’t have to be out walking around for work as much; instead she was back in the food production stations, where sodas, popcorn, ice cream, churros, etc. were kept and prepared for sale. This promotion, coupled with the fact she had no swim practice over the summer, was one of the first changes that ended up having an effect on her figure.

Being around the food service area most of the time was tough for Lindsay. She’d often complain that she had to resist the casual snacking most everybody fell into. Slowly she broke down without completely realizing it and took to snacking on the various food products. At first, it was a handful or two of popcorn and a soda, and then it was half a churro, and so on.

She consciously stayed away from the ice cream, since the fat content was on the package, but since all the other snacks were really just as unhealthy and fattening avoiding the ice cream really didn’t help that much. She really had a taste for the churros, which are Mexican donuts, and got up to the point were she probably was eating 2-4 a shift, just not all in one sitting so she really didn’t realize how much she was eating.

It took awhile, but the extra fattening food intake combined with her reduced activity level did start to have a visible effect a couple months into summer. It being summer Lindsay and I were at the beach a bit, so she was often prancing around in a bikini, and when she wasn’t in a bikini she was generally in some small shorts and a belly shirt or tank top.

I’m not sure about anyone else but I really noticed her slight gain, since it wasn’t too visible in full clothes, except in a couple of tight dresses. Slowly week by week it seemed her stomach just got a little softer, and she developed a small pooch of pure chub on her lower belly. It was exquisite the way it you could see it gently hang down when she was on all fours in a bikini or panties and the way it way it lightly pressed against the waistband of her jeans or skirts. The thing that struck me was that, for Lindsay, it was as if her slight belly chub just popped up all of a sudden one day. Until then she hadn’t noticed.

We’d spent a weekend traveling along the coast from beach to beach; all weekend long I found myself excited by her small pooch that formed whenever she sit down, and how her shorts were no longer loose on her waist. Lindsay for all her focus on her figure really didn’t seem to be aware of this small new bit of flab.

We visited with a girlfriend of hers, Jaime, who Lindsay told me was a pretty girl herself. For the record Jaime was a pretty girl. She was a pretty-faced blonde who was almost as tall as Lindsay, but built with a more natural hourglass shape, including some lovely D cup breasts. They spent some time catching up and looking through some picture album that had some photos of a female exchange student that stayed with Jaime.

Jaime remarked that the exchange student loved going to the beach even though she had “these cute fat rolls.” Both girls seemed to delight in pointing out that the exchange student was out of shape, even though she looked like she was maybe only 25lbs overweight. Girls are definitely their own toughest critics!

After our short trip Lindsay took me clothes shopping with her; she was just looking for some more jeans shorts. She didn’t find anything in the first couple stores we stopped in, but in the third she began trying on some shorts. This store had several styles she liked, so she just grabbed some size 4’s off the rack and headed to the dressing room. As she’d done previously she asked me join her in the dressing room to get my opinion, and I am sure to show off a little.

The first pair she tried had a slightly higher waist than most she wore, and she was able to get them on and closed without much difficulty—although there was no extra room at the waist. I realized I was a little excited by this, and the small pooch she had when she was bending over to put the shorts on. The next couple pairs were more the style, a lower waist, that she was looking for, so she proceeded to slide them up her legs to where the fit nicely over her hips and butt; however, the waistband didn’t quite come together so easily in the front.

Lindsay sort of unconsciously sucked her stomach in and did them up, only to promptly say they didn’t look right. The same thing more or less happened with the second pair only Lindsay seemed to be more aware that they were too tight at the waist. She looked a little flushed and said that different clothes makers size their clothes differently, and this maker always sizes them small.

Next she tried on the pair she’d fawned the most over, and like the two before this pair required her to suck in her stomach a bit. Since she liked these she studied them on her a bit more, and asked my opinion. I quickly said they looked good, primarily because of the slight belly roll they made above the waistband.

Lindsay wasn’t at all satisfied, saying they made her look fat. I offered to get her the next size up, but she just bristled that was a size 4, and that she didn’t like them much anyway. We left there pretty quickly after that.

Shortly after getting back to her house she weighed herself, and shockingly said “I’ve gained 8 pounds this summer! I thought I’d gained a few pounds, but not 8 pounds.”

I told her I really hadn’t noticed any gain, where she responded that she was doubtful, after all “you just saw that I couldn’t fit into new clothes in my size.”

She calmed down a little after awhile, and later remarked that her “clothes still fit even if they are a little tighter, and with waterpolo starting in three weeks I’ll get back into shape and loose the weight.”

3. Fall and Winter Pounds

After her late summer clothes shopping induced weight gain realization Lindsay calmed down and sort of forgot about it, so we were able to enjoy the last few weeks of summer. This of course meant she never put aside her old habits of snacking on fattening food at work and just generally relaxing. This resulted in a couple more pounds finding their way onto her body.

One day while at work I noticed that Lindsay’s small weight gain wasn’t just noticeable in the flesh, but that some clothes actually showed the effects on her figure as well. The work pant that she was forced to wear was a hideous navy blue with an unflattering cut that had a high waist, and a rather fitted look. What with the almost 10 pounds Lindsay had gained, so far mostly concentrated around her waist and on her lower stomach, her work pants began to look a little tighter on her.

Her pants closed a little higher on her waist, above her lower belly, than any she chose to wore, and this had the effect of making her chubby lower belly more pronounced looking as though she had a small pillow in concealed in the front of her pants. As she’d lean against the pelvis high food prep tables you could see her soft layer of belly flab squish around under her pant material.

Summer came to an inevitable end, and Lindsay did start back up with water polo. As with any sport, the first couple weeks were the toughest for Lindsay because she needed to get back into shape. The team did mostly swimming the first weeks to build up stamina and strength, and this did burn a lot of calories, so Lindsay did end up losing some weight, and her small belly bulge flattened some, much to my disappointment, as I was coming to like it.

All the exercise also boosted her appetite drastically, and Lindsay had a penchant for cheese sauce pastas, part of carbo loading she’d do for practice. After getting a month and a half or so into the three month season lap swimming was pretty much eliminated and skills and scrimmages were the main focus. This combined with the fact that Lindsay ended up a bench player meant that water polo wasn’t burning as many calories as it was at the beginning of the season; however, Lindsay did not adjust her appetite similarly.

Again Lindsay really did not take notice that over the last half of the season she ended up regaining what she lost at the beginning, so that by the time December came around she was back up around 130 pounds, and had her slight beginner belly back.

The holiday turned out to be a tough one for Lindsay as her appetite didn’t diminish much, she stopped exercising again, and went back to work with fattening snack foods she didn’t really resist. The combination of these three factors had a much quicker effect on Lindsay’s still pretty tight figure, than when she put on the first 8 pounds over the summer.

She ended up adding another 7 pounds in December, which put her at about 137 or 138 pounds, 14 or 15 pounds heavier than when I started dating her. Her December gain was much harder for her to ignore as most of her clothes, which were still predominantly size 4’s, started to get a lot tighter.

I noticed that where most of the first 8 pounds she gained went primarily to her belly, the 7 or 8 pounds she gained in December seemed to distribute more evenly onto her inner thighs, butt and belly. Again just as with the first bit of weight she added, her holiday weight gain seemed to be all soft flab that made her generally look softer in the flesh.

One night in early December we went out to dinner with friends, and on the way home Lindsay must have been feeling the waistband of her skirt constricting her because she said “I needed to stop eating so much because it’s eventually going to make me fat.”

I told her she looked great, which she did especially since she had a nice little belly bulge that her skirt was stretching to contain. She said “thanks, but I’ll need to be careful…I’ll know I am getting out of shape when my jeans don’t fit, since they won’t stretch.”

Neither she nor I knew it at the time, bit it wasn’t but a few weeks and her 28 inch waist jeans were getting very difficult for her to fit into. Nearing the end of the month her butt and thighs filled her jeans making them look tight, and once she had them buttoned she had a small roll over her waistband even when standing, and when sitting the size of her belly roll increased substantially straining even more against the waistband.

It certainly wasn’t only her jeans that she was outgrowing. One night just before Christmas I picked her up from work to go out to a party, and she had planned to change into a dress in the car.

When she got into the car she looked almost out of breath, and as she sat down I could see how large her stomach had begun to look in her unflattering work pants…it looked as though her pillow of belly fat had doubled in size! The elastic waist of the pants was stretched tight, and I noticed that they were not buttoned but had an oversized safety pin holding them together.

She undid the pants even before she had gotten her other clothes ready. When she did this her belly instantly spilled forth into to two soft sensuous rolls. This got my full attention, along with the red line around her waist from the too tight waistband. Lindsay saw my attention turn to her stomach rolls, and half-heartedly sucked tried to suck her stomach in, and defensively said “I look out of shape mostly because of how I am sitting, but I know I’ve gained some weight.”

I stammered “so you may have gained a little, but you look great. “

“I don’t like it, my clothes don’t fit right…I am going on a diet right after the holiday.” My heart sank some, but for the moment I was still buoyed by her new curves.

4 – Adjusting to the Yo-Yo-Game

Lindsay wasn’t too jolly over Christmas, as she was reminded almost daily of her weight gain by most all of her wardrobe. Most of her clothes fit her pretty tightly, or barely at all. This was the first time I’d seen Lindsay remain relatively sour over her current shape. A couple times as she dressed in front of her full length mirror she’d remark to me how she “was sorry she’d let herself gain weight and begin to get out of shape.” I quickly learned there was nothing I could say to really change her mind.

The holiday gifts she got turned out to be very convenient as most were clothes, in larger sizes 5/6’s and some 7/8’s and a couple pair 31” waist jeans than she’d previously worn. She didn’t react as badly as the first time I’d seen her confronted with going up a size or two; although, she made it well known that at the beginning of the new year she was going on a strict diet, so that she could wear all of her clothes.

She didn’t look nearly as out of shape in her new clothes because they fit her better, hiding her new softness.

Unfortunately Lindsay was serious about the diet, and I ended up spending January watching her basically starve the pounds off her body. She lost the weight pretty quickly, and was down to 130 pounds before the end of the month. I was pleasantly surprised when she decided to stop at 130 pounds…she was comfortable at that weight. Her larger clothes fit a bit loosely and she could get into her smaller size four clothes and 28” jeans without too much trouble.

Lindsay had changed jobs and hadn’t gone back to as bad a diet as she had in December, but slowly over February and March her will power to avoid fatty foods waned, and by spring break she’d probably put back on 5 or 6 pounds.

For whatever reason the extra weight seemed even softer on her stomach and inner thighs than before. She didn’t seem to notice that she’d gained back some of the weight she’d lost as she’s sort of fallen into the habit of wearing her larger clothes.

Lindsay had made the choice not to join the swim team that year, which of course kept her out of swimsuits longer and kept her lounging around, losing muscle tone. As spring wore on she gradually put on more weight—most of it ending up on her inner thighs with the balance on her belly.

At some point Lindsay realized she was gaining weight again, but she seemed to sort of ignore it choosing to enjoy her senior year instead. I’d catch her sucking in her stomach, or adjusting her shirt or skirt as to hide her small belly rolls from me and anyone else who might be looking.

There was no hiding her larger, and much softer thighs though. I could see a pronounced jiggle to them when she walked around in her panties and they now touched lightly when she stood regularly.

Lindsay’s belly had gotten a little larger and softer too, where it was to the point that her 31” waist jeans were no longer loose, but actually pushed up a small belly roll whenever she sat down. She hadn’t weighed herself in awhile, but I figured she had to be up around 140 pounds since it was the largest she’d been.

One night we were going out bowling with some friends including a couple girls that Lindsay and her best girlfriend, Courtney, seemed to consider friendly rivals. I guess this got in Lindsay’s head because she decided to wear her favorite old, sexy jeans with the 28” inch waist. I hadn’t seen her in them in awhile, and I was blown away with how packed into them she was.

The shirt she’d chosen was a loose fitting, flowing top that hid her waist (and the undoubted rolls she had above the waistband) pretty well, but the jeans were tight around her butt, and really tight on her thighs. We went out just cruising around and ended up shooting pool and bowling. Each time Lindsay would bend over to shoot or bowl the ball I’d marvel at how strained her pants looked. For as tight as the waistband had to be Lindsay hid her discomfort well.

What she couldn’t totally hide was the rip in her jeans that appeared along the inside of her left thigh sometime late in the night. I noticed it, but am not sure if anyone else with us did. I couldn’t believe how her soft thigh flab would ooze out of the couple inch long tear, especially when she’d sit down. As we got into the car to go home Lindsay half broke down and sort of sobbed “could you tell my pants ripped? “

I tried to play it off saying I hadn’t noticed, and that they were old. “They’re my favorite pants, and now they’re too tight and destroyed! I knew I was too fat to wear them.”

I tried consoling her to no avail. Once, we got home Lindsay took them off and judged they couldn’t be repaired. This left her sad and focused on her figure.

She confided “I wish the flab I’ve gained on my thighs went to my chest instead.”

It was a little surprising, but for the weight she'd gained her bust hadn't gotten any larger, which left her looking "fatter than she really was since she had small breasts."

I tried more directly letting her know I thought she looked great and was turned on by her new softness…she just wouldn’t believe it for a second unfortunately. She ended up weighing herself, and disgustedly reported that she was up to 142 pounds.

She didn’t instantly declare the need for diet like I expected, but she reasoned that nobody had probably noticed her ripped jeans, and that she just said “I need to get back into shape before the summer and before someone notices. It was easy to lose the weight before so I’ll just do it again.”

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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

5 - the Yo-Yo Continues

What with a spring formal dance just a few weeks away Lindsay found extra motivation to diet, especially since she had to go dress shopping before the dance.

About a week after her jeans splitting incident, a week filled with some pretty serious dieting that might have seen her drop about 4 pounds, she forced me to accompany her dress shopping. I think she invited me less to show off this time, than to get my opinion of how she looked (or would look after losing a few more pounds) in the dresses. She seemed to be cautious of “revealing to even her close girlfriends that she was not in her best shape,” as she put it.

The shopping turned out to be a mix of pain and pleasure for me…pain because I just don’t like shopping, especially for hours! The pleasure came fully from the fact that Lindsay was trying on dresses that were too small for her, as she planned on losing some more weight by the time of the dance. She definitely didn’t seem to enjoy the experience as a whole, and I’ll never understand why she just didn’t select dresses that fit her.

She grabbed only size 5/6 dresses, and as she was used to flaunting her body the styles she was primarily interested in were the body hugging dresses. At just under 140 pounds most of the body hugging size 5/6 dresses showed every curve of her softer, heavier body. All Lindsay had to do was go with a couple sizes higher and the dresses would’ve fit comfortably and still been beautiful. But her ego apparently wouldn't permit it.

At one shop she tried on a simple, short body stocking type red dress with a low back that accentuated her hips and belly, at another shop it was a mid-length blue dress with some frills that was difficult to close the zipper on. She finally settled on a classic short black dress with a modestly low back.

The dress was quite tight around her belly where you could see the crinkles above and below from where her round looking belly was pulling at the fabric. Lindsay was aware of this, but kept observing herself with her stomach sucked in as best she could. “This dress will look real good on me when I’ve lost just a little more weight…my legs look good in it don’t you think?” What could I say but of course, all I wanted was to do was get her home.

Lindsay’s will remained strong up to the dance and she probably lost 3 or 4 more pounds, but her dress still fit her pretty tight and she had some nice curves—hips, butt and little belly—in the dress. The dance wasn’t bad we all had a pretty good time, and then had a better time at the after party. Plenty of booze to go around and we all just enjoyed ourselves.

As school drew to an end Lindsay got a job with a beauty supply store where she could wear her normal dressier clothes. She left behind her ultra strict diet that had seen her get down to around 132 lbs around the time of the dance, but she didn’t fall back into really bad eating habits. I think the fact that it was summer had a lot to do with it. She always liked tanning and looking good in her bikini. She had bought several new bikinis for the summer months.

One thing she hadn’t picked back up though was any regular exercise, and while she wasn’t at her heaviest, her body looked much softer at 132 to 135 lbs. than I remembered it looking before. Her butt in particular seemed a bit wider, and considerably softer and her inner thighs still had a bit of a wobble to them. Her perfectly flat stomach never reappeared that summer, much to her disappointment and much to my liking. I enjoyed fondling her small rolls, soft belly flesh every chance I got. Lindsay didn’t enjoy it, even though it was obviously a big turn on for me. She kept her weight down in the low to mid 130’s all summer leading up to college.

We both ended going to the same place along with a couple friends, including Jaime from up the coast. We got an apartment with some friends, and began our college experience. Lots of personal growth was just on the horizon, especially for Lindsay.

(Continued in post 8 of this thread)

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outroducin has said some nice things

i like it!!!!!!!!!....very realistic, keep it up i love reading it.
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Default Great Story

I love this story. I first saw the pieces on the Curvage site. I am looking forward to the college years.
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I love these stories with some slow gains.... NIce writing, Bob!
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brucejedi has said some nice things

Terrific story. I, too, and waiting to hear about a possible freshman fifteen...
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The Id
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Somehow this one escaped my notice, but it's a rather good piece of work! Bravo to you sir!
"This won't take long. Unless they're doing the Hokey Pokey, in which case it might take a while."--The Lobe

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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

6- New Semester and More New Lindsay

The freedom and excitement of college and sharing a place with friends right off campus was a very persuasive element in our lives as we began the semester. Lindsay and I shared a three bedroom apartment with Zoey and Mark; neither were together with anyone when we moved into the apartment. We all moved in a few weeks before classes began to get jobs and get settled.

It didn’t take but a few days and the realization of our freedoms began—lots of hanging out, partying, sleeping extra late. Generally, we were just living the good life. We also had to get used to cooking or at least getting food for ourselves. Lindsay ended up eating plenty of pasta, mac’n’cheese and top ramen, chips, soda and other quick easy foods. Also, there were plenty of fast food places around campus, including a DQ, so Lindsay was able to satisfy her Blizzard ice cream cravings easily.

Getting oriented to a new place, new friends, start of school, partying and getting a job didn’t leave Lindsay any time for exercise, which she really hadn’t been getting on a regular basis for sometime now. Also, she was so occupied she didn’t focus as closely on her diet for the first couple of months. She started to fall into some bad habits of having a snacks or ice cream late at night while studying. As mentioned, She developed a penchant for DQ Blizzards. She justified having so many of them by getting the lowfat yogurt, but she of course loaded it up with things like heath bar or fudge.

There were plenty of parties to go to when she wasn’t studying, and alcohol was available most places. Partying was a real release for Lindsay. It was for her like most girls a chance to gossip and compare themselves. It seemed Lindsay and her girlfriends discussions were generally either about boys or about other girls at the party or in their classes. Besides Jaime, who lived in the area but went to a different school, and Zoey our roommate Lindsay became good friends with Anne who she shared a number of classes with. Jaime

I’ve already spoken of, Zoey was a 5 foot 7ish lithe girl with a cute face with green eyes, plump sexy lips and strawberry blonde hair. She had no breasts to speak of and a boyish body. She was much more reserved and quiet than Lindsay. Anne, while shorter than Lindsay at 5 foot 6 inches tall, had a similar figure to Lindsay’s…thin somewhat toned, small perky B cup breasts, a flat stomach (flatter than Lindsay’s even when they met), and a defined waist. Anne’s medium brown hair was cut right at her shoulders.

Lindsay and all the girls spent the first couple months establishing friendships, and, the way girls do, establishing their social rank. Lindsay while a smart girl, continued to define herself by her body and her looks. She gauged her looks herself, by me, and by her friends—their comments, glances and all that. When we arrived at college Lindsay was still in good shape, by societal terms anyway. While her stomach wasn’t as flat as when we met, and her body had lost some of the muscle tone she had when we met, she still had a small waist with just a little pad of lower belly fat on an otherwise flat stomach; it was mostly only evident when she was naked or in some of her low rise pants and bikinis. Her long legs were still slender and shapely while just a little soft at the top of her thighs and her butt was still firm. Her weight was hovering just over 130 pounds.

Her new lifestyle over those first few months challenged her metabolism and had some (from my pint of view) good effects on her body, which I of course noticed everyday, and near the end of the few months Lindsay began to notice as well.

As with her previous weight gain, her lower belly was the first to begin to show the effects of her new lifestyle. The first pounds she gained went right to her lower belly causing her small pad of fat to form a small very soft pooch that began to jut out when she wasn’t sucking it in. Her little pooch was especially evident when she was sitting and when she was on all fours. It would form into a 1 to 2 inch squishy roll when she sat.

It was so inviting to fondle when we would cuddle, but I resisted as much as I could as it didn’t do anything for her, and I was afraid it would prompt her to diet again. Luckily, when I did touch it she had an almost autonomic response to stop my fondling. Most of her clothes hid it because of the way they were cut. Her stomach above it looked slightly softer but remained pretty flat, so most people couldn’t see too much difference. Unlike before Lindsay didn’t seem to notice her little new flab because of her other preoccupations.

It didn’t take but maybe a month for her to develop her little pooch, and as more time passed she continued to pour more calories from ice cream, beer pizza and other junk food into her body. As she wasn’t actively dieting, she wasn’t weighing herself, at least not in front of me, but I’d say the first month of college saw her gain 3-5 pounds, almost all in her belly.

Lindsay kept up her eating, stayed away from exercise and as a result the chub on her lower belly continued to accumulate. After another month, I guessed she gained another 3 pounds or so, still mostly in her lower belly. This began to complicate her ignorance of her gain as all her clothes began to fit tight around the waist. I caught glimpses of her adjusting her clothes, especially her tight, low-rise designer jeans to hide her flab, and she seemed to take to sucking in her little pooch, which would sensually jut out over her panties, whenever she felt my eyes or others eyes on her. This of course didn’t happen at the end of parties when she was drunk, or after the parties when we were having sex. She would relax and her little belly would just pop out, and jiggle seductively whenever she moved.

Lindsay continued to gain weight for her third month of college, probably another 3-4 pounds during October. Only this weight seemed to distribute over her butt, hips and thighs. Her face also started to soften, she didn’t develop a double chin or anything, she just had a softer look to her. This new weight which by Halloween I guessed left her somewhere between 9 and 12 pounds heavier than when we got to college; she was probably back up to 141 or 143 pounds, the heaviest she’d ever been.

As it had turned to autumn Lindsay was able to hide her gain under warmer and bulkier clothes, except when we’d go out to party, or when she was naked with me. It was obvious to me that sometime in October she realized she’d gained weight, but her immediate response was to continue to try to hide that fact from me and her friends. She bought a few news clothes items, that were a size up for her, now a 7/8, as a way to hide her new weight.

Dressing for as a slutty nurse for a Halloween party Lindsay wriggled into a white mini skirt, size 5/6, and a white bustier top. The skirt and top where a lot tighter than the last time she wore them, and the outfit didn’t completely hide her now somewhat rounded, soft lower belly, and very small love handles formed over the top of the skirt. She quickly checked herself out in the full-length mirror, and seeing that I had her in my gaze blushed lightly and then visibly sucked in her stomach. She pretended this didn’t happen and continued looking herself over carefully.

Sucking in her belly left her still looking pretty trim, especially since her upper stomach below her breasts had retained its sort of flat, toned appearance. I am sure that she also noticed how long her legs looked in the outfit, but I am sure the small love handles must not have escaped her attention as she said to me she thought she’d be too cold in the outfit, and promptly put on a white jeans jacket that covered her love handles and lower belly. She left it two-thirds of the way open to show off her breasts in a black bra and still flat upper stomach. We headed off to the party Lindsay still cunningly looking slim.

We enjoyed the party with our friends, including Jaime. Jaime seemed to always have time to party, and party she did. She really indulged herself in everything, drinks, food, guys, you name it. She was always dressed in some sexy party outfit or dress that showed off all her curves including her ample, and perky breasts. She was generally the life of most parties, given her looks and her party attitude. While Lindsay let her self go at parties, Jaime took it to a whole different stratosphere. She could out drink just about anyone at any party, and she didn’t seem to study at all which left her seven days a week to party. By the end of every party we were guaranteed to hear a loud Jaime, red-faced and bloated still going strong as we called it a night.

Lindsay and her girl friends took notice of this, and while enjoying Jaime’s partying, began to distance themselves from some of Jaime’s wilder events. They also began to comment to each other, behind Jaime’s back, about how she was too wild and how the partying was affecting her…bad work at school and starting to put on weight. While the comments were backhanded, they were true. Jaime didn’t even make it through the entire first semester at school, and her once perfect hourglass figure began to swell. Her breast got larger in only around 3-4 months, they were easily DD’s straining her bras, but they didn’t look as perky and began to sag heavily.

She seemed to add at least an inch of pure fat to her entire body, but her hips and stomach grew even more than the rest of her changing her hourglass proportions. Her face became soft, and all her clothes got too tight. Jaime had to have put on 35 to 45 pounds in just under five months. It seemed she just stopped caring about her looks, because she wouldn’t do herself up anymore. Lindsay didn’t just comment on Jaime’s looks to her girlfriends but me too.

At first I was turned on by Jaime because of her curves, and the first bit of weight she gained seemed to amplify her figure, but as her attitude changed I found I didn’t really even find her attractive with the weight she was gaining, proibably because she wasn't carinbg for her appearance at all. At the Halloween party where Jaime was dressed as a sexy devil, Lindsay commented to me that she couldn’t believe that Jaime was letting herself go…

”it’s a shame her hips and butt are looking fat. Doesn’t she look a lot less attractive than she used to?” I mistakenly answered that she did, as Jaime’s attitude was a huge turn-off; I only came to realize later that for Lindsay hearing this from me was confirmation that I liked thinner girls.

Lindsay had always been critical of other girls figures, and her recent weight gain didn’t have any effect on this. In fact, she seemed to dial up her comments about other girls, not only sharing them with her close girlfriends but with me on occasion. Along with her continued efforts to hide and deny her gain she seemed to use her reflections on other girls as a defense and reassurance of her own beauty. First glimpse I had of this was her Halloween night comments about Jaime.

Shortly after that we had a Thanksgiving party that Jaime came to as well. It was less of a drinkfest than most parties, and after the party a mostly sober Lindsay unabashedly noted to Zoey and I that Jaime was really beginning to lose her figure and looked very chubby. A couple weeks later while I was studying within earshot of a conversation between Anne, who had somehow avoided gaining any weight, and Lindsay begin to poke fun at a classmate who had “really gained the freshman 15…can you believe how round her beer belly is now…”

Anne joined in saying “she really looks out of shape, and I bet she’s even got cellulite on her thighs.”

“I know, she’s got no will power, there’s no way she’ll lose the weight..she’ll just get bigger I bet."

I couldn’t believe the harsh judgemental comments I was hearing from Lindsay, especially since she herself had probably put on 15 more pounds or so by this time, the first week of December.

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Default Lindsay's Weighty Moments 7 -by Bob Orlich (~BBW,Eating, Romance, ~SWG)

7 – Holidays

With end of the term finals coming up to occupy her Lindsay never really focused on her weight during this time. Since it was the first round of college finals for all of us it was pretty stressful. After the finals we had just a couple of days to temporarily part ways with new friends and pack for the winter break at home.

Back in our home town we went our separate ways to catch up with our families first, and then friends not too long after. Lindsay was looking forward to having a lazy winter break and getting a good tan to go back to school with. She got right to it. I called around 11am before I was going to head over to her parents house and she was just getting up.

“Can you bring over some lunch on your way” Lindsay asked. So I picked up some Mexican food, and when I got there, she was the only one home. She’d just thrown on a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. Lindsay was pretty hungry since she’d missed breakfast, so she went through her large cheese quesadilla with guacamole quickly. Knowing she liked churros, I had bought two for her, and she made no argument about finishing both of them. We lounged around watching some TV and calling friends, then made plans to go out to with some friends the next night.

Not long after lunch, around 3:00 in the afternoon, Lindsay was mindlessly snacking on some Christmas candy that her mom had put out for guests, since it was less than a week before the holiday. Her snacking and lounging continued until her parents came home. Since they’d had a busy day at work her mom brought home a deep dish pizza from their favorite shop. Despite the large size of the slices, they were over three inches thick, Lindsay easily downed two and a large coke.

It’s not like she had been on a diet before getting home, but I had rarely seen her eat with as little regard as she had this day. I really began to hope that Lindsay really meant to totally relax all of vacation, since tghat meant she would no doubt gain a bit of weight.

After dinner we went out and met some friends for a late movie. Lindsay had changed into a pair of loose cotton lounge pants and a light grey scoop neck top, over which she wore a mini button up jacket. The mini jacket didn’t cover her tummy, and despite the fact that her pants were loose, since they had a drawstring waist, Lindsay’s belly looked a little round from the weight she’d gained and the indulgences of the day.

We met up with Courtney, Tim and Michelle, friends from high school who had all gone off to different colleges, at the mall and first watched some forgettable movie and then got some drinks and started catching up at Starbucks. Lindsay had been friends with all of them, but best of friends with Courtney. They’d swam, played water polo and worked together, and Courtney was the nicest of the group. The stories we exchanged were all pretty much the same…challenges of school, freedom of being away from home, and college parties. After the shop closed we parted ways with plans to get together at a New Year’s party.

On the short drive to drop Lindsay off, my mind wandered to Courtney. It was nice catching up with her, and she was as attractive as ever, but I had expected her to have gained the freshman 15 like Lindsay. Courtney was maybe 5’7”, she had straight medium length blonde hair, blue eyes and a rather cute if somewhat plain face. She had a rather curvy figure with full C cup breasts, a noticeable waist and womanly hips and bum.

Courtney was never overly fit, and had never really been big, but was always sort of femininely soft. Back in high school her weight fluctuated regularly fluctuated 10 to 12 pounds, so my expectation was that she would easily have gained weight as a freshman in college.

As it turned out she looked as fit as I could remember her ever looking. She’d worn a low cut fitted v-neck sweater that exposed some great cleavage and some tight designer jeans with 3 inch heels that showed off her tight bubble butt. Courtney’s face looked a little thinner and while her butt was still as ripe as a plum, it looked a little smaller and tighter than I remembered. I don’t think Courtney’s increased fitness had escaped Lindsay’s attention either.

The next day Lindsay went Christmas shopping with her mom and sister, and I did my own thing with some friends. Lindsay called me early in the evening in a less than good mood. I assumed her mood was from spending a day with her mom and sister, since they had an affinity for bickering with each other after not to many hours in each others company.

Christmas came and went with all too much speed. Lindsay continued to indulge her appetite, although not nearly at the rate of her first day back. Luckily there was plenty of junk food around, so most of what Lindsay ate was pretty fattening. Even with her fast metabolism, which I think had slowed a little with her lack of exercise and yo-yo dieting over the past year or so, a little more weight seemed to be sticking to Lindsay. Lindsay wasn’t oblivious to the weight she’d put on anymore, but was in a solid state of denial. All of her clothes were pretty tight on her waist now, and her extra weight was becoming more obvious. Her mom, who was a MILF in her early forties, seemed concerned about Lindsay’s eating habits and on a couple of occasions politely scolded Lindsay for her junk food consumption.

A couple of days after Christmas, I went over and met Lindsay at home by herself at late-morning. She was wearing a little pair of boy boxers and a light blue tank top, since it was rather warm. She was in a playful mood, relaxed by a week at home and away from studying.

“I just finished painting my toenails ,” Lindsay announced so I followed her into the living room to watch some TV while she let them dry. Her boxers and tank top were small and rather tight on her, since they had been her favorites from when she was thinner. As she sat curled up on the couch with her long legs pulled in toward her, her tank top rode up over new little love handles that spilled softly out over her waistband. When she’d sat down her small tank top had ridden up and she’d failed to tug it down as was her habit, so she sat there with two enticing belly rolls visible between the bottom of her shirt and shorts, her lower roll had to be sticking out 3 inches or so.

I had little desire to watch whatever was on TV, and just watched her as we chatted with the TV in the background. Remembering how slim she was and how flat her belly was only 4 or 5 months before, I couldn’t help but become aroused, especially since I knew we had the house to ourselves for the day.

Lindsay caught me looking over her body, and she must have noticed my gaze fixated on her belly, since she adjusted her tank top as best she could. Moving over toward me she seductively pursed her lips and said “my nails are dry and we’ve got the whole house to ourselves for a few hours.”

“Ah, the present I’ve really been waiting for!” I replied. Both of us were extra horny since it had been about a week since the last time we were really alone enough for sex. Kissing her vigorously, I slide my hand along the soft skin of the outside of her thigh. My hand came to rest at her hip, fondling her little love handle. She moved to undue my pants and I started to take her shirt off. She sat back on the couch with her legs under and gazed around to make sure we couldn’t be seen inside the house.

“Let’s go right here” I suggested. Lindsay was as into as I was and slowly removed her shirt. I just about burst seeing her fuller breasts filling her push up bra and her paunchy lower belly straining at the waist band of her shorts. I stood up and quickly removed my shirt and pants. Sitting back down Lindsay leaned into me on all fours. I kissed her as I removed her bra. Lindsay leaned back again cupping her fuller breasts, apparently they benefited from her weight gain too.

“Man you are a sight,” I whispered to her. She leaned back in and I stroked her back down to her shorts, and then gently slipped my hand between her back and the waist band of her shorts and panties. I slowly stroked her ass pulling her shorts down a little, and then leaning back slightly caught a glimpse of her soft pudgy potbelly hanging down escaping the restrictive waistband of her shorts. At the sight of her belly bigger than I had ever seen it before, I asked Lindsay to let me enter her from behind, which she generally enjoyed as well.

She spun around and popped her ass in my face. I roughly pulled her shorts and panties down, and then squeezed her juicy ass. Even when she was model thin she had a bit of an ass, and although it seemed most of the weight she put on ended up in her belly, her ass looked wider and softer than before. I slide her panties all the way off and then caressed her inner thighs spreading her legs slightly. Mostly her legs still looked long and lean, just less toned than when she was exercising regularly, but the very top inner part of her thigh was definitely looking a little pudgy. While stroking her I lightly squeezed her inner thigh feeling the pure soft fat ooze between my fingers.

Entering Lindsay I put a hand on her shoulder and cupped her right breast, feeling its extra size. As we began to get into it I couldn’t resist running my hands down to her hanging belly and feeling it jiggle. I marveled at how soft and round it had gotten. Lindsay became totally absorbed in the sex, and didn’t notice in the least that I increasingly focused on fondling her soft belly fat. Massaging and gently squeezing it, I held it up and in with both hands, and releasing it to feel every soft pound of fat in her belly sag down four or five inches pulled by gravity. The pent up sexual desires fueled even more by Lindsay’s seemingly new body led to some of the best sex we’d both had.

The next day it was not only warm again, but pretty sunny too. Lindsay called, “hey Courtney is coming over today and we are going to get some sun by the pool, do you want to bring us lunch and then take a swim?”

“Sure,” I fired back. I showed up a little after noon and the girls were out back laying out by the pool. I sat down the pizza I had brought and then sat down to get some sun myself. Taking a slice Courtney cooed “ mm Filippos, its been too long since I’ve had a good pizza.”

Judging by Courtney’s slim figure, I figured she’d probably not had any pizza for awhile. That’s not to say she didn’t look good, just not a soft as she used to look. We chatted mindlessly while we all picked at the pizza, as I thought Courtney only had a slice—probably trying to maintain her trim waist. Based on the prior weeks events I figured Lindsay was good for at least three slices, but she held back eating just one and picking at a second.

Lindsay was wearing some small string bikini she’d left at her parents, since she’d forgotten to pack any of her new bikinis. She looked great in it, her slightly larger breasts filled the top out better and the bottoms even while tied to fit her expanded waist dug slightly into the soft pudge she’d added on her belly and hips. After lunch we all dipped in the pool, just messing around. The pool was just about chest deep, so I had an eyeful of Courtney’s buoyant breasts bouncing around in her bikini top.

Lindsay got out first and I followed her, while Courtney stayed in and actually swam a bit. After toweling off, I was ready for a repeat of the day before and started to oil Lindsay up for another round of tanning. I thoroughly enjoyed massaging the oil into her legs and then moving up to her chest and waist. As I slowly moved my hands to work the oil into her belly, Lindsay visibly sucked her stomach in, which struck me given the events of the day before. Nevertheless as I oiled her stomach her couple inches of soft belly fat lightly rebounded to my rubbing. I moved on to do her back as well, at which time Courtney came out of the pool, “you two need to get a room.”

Lindsay shot back, “we got a whole house!”

We laid out for about another hour before we decided it was enough and Courtney had to get going.

As Courtney left I mischievously looked at Lindsay in her bikini bottoms and big t-shirt, and blurted out ”we probably go an hour before your parents are back right? Let’s go shower.”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Absolutely,” I responded pulling her into me as I squeezed her butt. Kissing I slide me hand up the small of her back and then began to take her shirt off, when Lindsay broke away some.

“I’m thirsty, let’s get some water first.”

“Okay, but lets be fast.” I followed Lindsay to the kitchen where she took a cold pitcher of water out of the fridge, and poured a tall glass. I moved in from behind her, brushed her damp hair to the side to kiss her neck, and putting my hands on the front of her hips pulled her butt into me. I slowly slide my hands up the front of her shirt caressing her soft belly and gently squeezing the pudge on her stomach.

“Stop, I’m trying to drink” Lindsay blurted out twisting in my arms. I stepped back with a sinking feeling.

“You’re all horny because you’ve been watching Courtney bounce around in her bikini.”

“What are you talking about, I am horny because of you just like yesterday,” I reflexively answered. I knew better than to get into any argument with her, especially if we were to have sex.

“I was watching you all afternoon,” a half truth, because I had found Courtney’s curves appealing too.

“I saw you checking her out.”

“I was just talking with her, I wasn’t checking her out…I was fondling you most of the afternoon,” I protested.

“You were just playing with my fat, like you were right now.” Now I should have just stopped talking because there was no way I could come out alive, let alone win.

“I was just feeling your body.”

“Yeah my fat body.”

“You’re not fat.”

“Fatter than Courtney…I used to be thinner than her…but I’ve gained weight and she’s gotten in shape.”

“So what if you’ve gained a little weight.”

“See you admit I’ve gotten fat, and gotten a big stomach.”

“That’s not what I said, you don’t have a big stomach…besides your little potbelly is cute.”

“Cute, what…it’s disgusting…did you see Courtney’s flat stomach…which is not fair because she’s still got big boobs even though she’s lost like 15 pounds. I’ve probably gained 15 pounds!”

“You look hot, you’ve got some good curves… your breasts are bigger, and you’re not fat.”

“My breasts are not much bigger, and my stomach is fat now…I can’t believe I’ve gained weight.”

“Well you still look hot, whatever you’ve gained.”

“You’re just in denial like I’ve been…its time for me to face it I am not thin anymore.”

I was stunned she only seemed to be realizing the degree to which she’s softened at this moment, she must have had some powerful mental block about it. Lindsay started to push past me walking toward the back bathroom, “I’ve got to stop it. I’ve been eating too much and not exercising…my mom and sister even commented on my figure. It was so embarrassing running around in a bikini with Courtney. All she could talk about was how she’d lost weight, and I look fat.”

I followed her at a distance watching her strip off her shirt as she headed into the bathroom. “You can’t even say anything because you know its true, I’ve started to lose my figure.”

I stammered for a response “a little weight doesn’t matter you still have a great figure.”

“No I had a great figure,” she said stepping lightly onto the scale. I paused at the door to the bath, feeling safer at a distance.

“Ohh,” Lindsay aspirated cupping her hands to her mouth as she looked at the reading on the scale. Focused she stepped off for a silent moment and then back on again.

“Oh no, I can’t have gained that much,” Lindsay meekly muttered in utter disbelief. Her saddened eyes caught mine as she headed toward me.

“It’s not that bad,” I said trying to buoy her spirits, while hugging her. “I’m almost 149 pounds…I’ve gained 19 pounds since the summer.”

“Weight is just a number, you look sexy.” “You’re just saying that, I know I look best around 130 because I don’t have the boobs to pull off more. I’ve got to lose weight.”

I weakly uttered my last plea,”you don’t need to lose any weight, you carry it well.”

Lindsay’s eyes sort of lit up, “I had a great figure before, and I look fat now.”

She pulled away and walked into her room stopping in front of her full length mirror. She scrutinized her body in the mirror--running her eyes up her legs, twisting to see her ass and then lightly probing at it with her hand. She frowned as she ran her hands over the slight love handles at her waist.

“I’ve gotten so soft” she lowly said as she felt her stomach bending forward “and big” she said clutching one of the two fat rolls that formed as she leaned forward. Standing straight up she poked at her belly watching it jiggle. I thought for a moment that she was going to cry, but she turned to see herself in profile. She sucked in her stomach and then relaxed letting it out, “my stomach still looks fat even when I suck it in.”

I thought I would have been more aroused by the show she was putting on, but as she was so upset my desires were tempered. Lindsay began continued her posing in front of the mirror, fully judging every curve, and pound of her new figure. Plopping down in front of the mirror, Lindsay blurted out “look at these disgusting rolls,” as she grabbed her belly pudge in her hands.

“That’s disgusting…I have no right being in a bikini. Don’t worry,” she said “I am going on a diet right away, before I completely lose my figure. I am going to work out to, to get myself toned again…I’ve let myself go for long enough.”

“Look if you want to lose weight, that’s fine, but I still think you look hot.”

“I know my ass and legs aren’t bad yet, but if I don’t do something they’ll end up fat like my stomach too. See this little jiggle at the top of my thighs…not there before!”

She was resigned to getting back in shape so I relented, and let her shower before her parents got home.

(to be continued)

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Really enjoyed this - my sort of gain on a girl, those first and most delicious "weighty moments" - thanks
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