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Default Expansion by Chubbyadmirer86 (~BBW, force feeding ~SWG)

~BBW, force feeding ~SWG -A princess resists her mother's attempts to make her chubby.

[Author's note: This story is set in a sci-fi universe I have created. That's why the names look strange and why the main character is literally a princess, not an ordinary girl. I did this so I could explore the character's set in this universe, but this is still a weight gain story.]

by Chubbyadmirer86

It was around mid day and a breeze was blowing in off the sea. For a moment I gazed down past the beach and out over the ocean allowing myself to doze momentarily. It was the soft sound of bare feet on stone that caught my attention. I saw one of my cousins standing in the doorway.

“This is a nice place to relax after a big meal, Kirsha,” she said to me.

“Feel free to pull up a chair,” I told her. She took one from the other side of the small balcony we were on and sat down next to me, facing the ocean.

“I take it you just ate?” I asked as she rubbed her belly.

“Yup. With your mother too.”

That spoiled the moment. A frown crossed my face at her mention and I asked her if there was any occasion.

“Not really. Though we did talk about you quite a bit.”

“And?” I asked.

“She wants to know why you’ve been drifting away from her. We also talked about you weight or lack thereof.” I turned towards my cousin when she said this

“I’m not ‘drifting away’ from anybody. I just want some time to myself, that’s all. And as for my thinness, its none of her concern.” I turned back to the ocean and closed my eyes.

“She is your mother, not to mention the Empress. Everything about you is her concern.”

My cousin, of course, was right. Being the daughter of an Empress has many perks, like the view I was taking in, but it had its down sides.

“You can tell her that my figure will fill out in time,” I told my cousin.

“True; just look at me. A year ago I was thin as a rail,” my cousin ran her hands over her belly, plump, and round and her hips, pausing on the part of her butt that spilled over the chair.

I eyed her figure as one eyes a new and expensive piece of jewelry on a friend.

“Though you sound like you don’t want it to,” she commented.

“Do I? Well that’s not true. I’d love to have your hips and thighs and that butt of yours. I just don’t want her to force me to get them.”

I mulled this over for a bit, than decided it was no lie. Growing up in a culture that values chubbiness, one learns to accept the natural curves of a woman’s body. I was no exception to this; my issues lay elsewhere.

“Is she still talking about that?” My cousin said as her smile fell.

“She’s done more than talk. Starting tomorrow morning I’m to start eating the heaviest, most fattening foods available and do so 4 times a day.” I kept my eyes closed while the sun bathed my face in light.

“I’m sorry Kirsha. Don’t worry you’ll get through this and in 5 years wonder what all the fuss was about.” At this my cousin took my hand and I looked into her eyes.

She must’ve felt I wasn’t at all happy and added, “Just look at the bright side. You get to lay in bed and do nothing but eat the best food in the galaxy all day, every day! Even I don’t get that privilege.”

“Wake up Kirsha,” was the first sound I heard the next day. I opened my eyes to see my mother’s face gazing down at me. She stood, hands on her broad hips, directly in the sun light. Her figure cast a shadow over the bed and engulfed me entirely. I turned over and closed my eyes again. My mother wasted no time in hitting the button that caused my bed to tilt veritically, dumping me onto the floor along with my bedsheets.

“That was rude,” I said getting to my feet.

“We have to talk”

“I’ll gain weight on my own time.”

“Your time is my time Kirsha. And that’s what you’ve been saying for the past year.”

“Maybe you’ve forgotten that I’m over eighteen . I'm my own person now and I’ll fill out in time.”

“Not the way you’ve been eating you won’t. Besides, Kirsha, I was twice your size at your age. And as a member of the royal family you are always under parental authority. ”

“I-,” before I could argue, my mother cut me off.

“You will eat,” she said pointing to a plate of food on a cart beside her. I hadn’t noticed this before and now that I had, the sweet smell of it filled my nostrils and made my stomach growl. Hungry as I was, though, I stood where I was.

“Maybe later, I’m not hungry,” I lied.

“Yes you are, I can hear you stomach rumbling.”

I silently cursed it for making so much noise. My mother stared at me until I relented and sat down on my bed, once it was lowered to the floor. She then stood over me until the plate was clean, which I made sure took a very long time. Finally, she left cursing under her breath how my slowness had disrupted her schedule.

My mother remained interested in doing this for only a few days. After that, she had servants bring the food and stand there while I ate it. About this time, I began to taste the presence of the ultra high calorie stuff used to make people gain weight quickly. That it to say, I ate food that tasted like paper, looked like clay, and felt like mud.

For the next two weeks this pattern continued, offset only by exercise on my part. Though I had to do this in my room since my mother had a guard posted outside to keep me from leaving as if I were a dangerous criminal! Then her strategy changed.

One night I had a dream and towards the end I smelled the sweet smell of my favorite breakfast. Sure enough when my eyes opened, there it was sitting on a cart at the foot of my bed. Not one but two plates of it. In my half asleep, but very hungry state I dived in and for a few minutes enjoyed the pleasure of a good meal. I didn’t catch myself until I was almost done with the first plate. When my mother came in some time later, she was not happy to find I hadn’t finished.

“So you’ve gone back to not eating?” She said crossing her arms across her ample chest.

“I’m full. I can’t eat the rest,” I lied. I could’ve fit the whole meal in, if I’d wanted.

“Your stomach could not have shrunk that much,” she said.

“I guess you’re wrong, Nashatya,” I said. Calling my mother by her first name always produced a reaction.

“My name is mother to you. And I don’t care how small your stomach has gotten, you will eat everything I send in even if it makes you nauseous.”

“You wouldn’t want me ruining the sheets would you?”

“I’m not going to argue with you again. Eat,” she said than walked quickly out of the room, her butt jiggling as she did. When she was gone I looked back at the food. It was very good. I couldn’t deny that I wanted to eat it.

Why are you doing this Kirsha? I thought to myself. I thought for a long time, but couldn’t find and answer and filed the though away in the back of my mind.

This continued for a week. I would wake up every morning to find my favorite food sitting in a heap on a cart at the foot of my bed. I couldn’t help but eat some and my enforced laziness (my mother had instructed the guard to stop me from exercising so I did little in the way of activity) ensured that I did gain. I didn’t actually notice anything until six days after this started. Around noon I was in the bathroom. Looking down, I noticed my hips covered the seat. This was new. I resolved not to eat breakfast anymore.

It was several days later that my mother called me into her dining room to eat a large dinner and check on my progress. As I made my way down the hallway, I felt my butt jiggle ever so slightly. When no one was around, I bounced it up and down. A slight smile came to my face, but was chased away by the thought that my butt was now big, meaning I was getting chubby. With a frown on my face, I entered the dining room and saw my mother sitting alone at the small table she used for private dinners.

“You’re late,” she said. I said nothing in return.

“Before we start eating I want to see what you’ve gained.”

“Sorry to disappoint, but I’m still thin,” I said not removing the frown from my face. My mother walked over to me and pinched some fat on my butt.

“I beg to differ.” She measured my hips, than my waist and bust. When I pulled up my shirt to have my waist measured, I realized that my abs had disappeared beneath a very thin layer of fat.

“Hmmm, not bad, but could be better,” she said looking at the results.

“I told you I was still thin.”

I was, by Tantulon standards, but I was no longer the rail that I had been three weeks earlier. We sat down to dinner. I picked at what was brought before me, leaving most. My mother remarked on this several times.

“Hurry up I have appointments to keep, “I’ve seen birds eat better than you.”

“I’m not hungry.” For once, this was true. Before I came to dinner, I’d drank about a gallon of water and was feeling too bloated at the time to eat much of anything.

With a long sigh she ordered my plates taken away.

Score one for me, I thought.

“I’m through with your stubborness, Kirsha. You will gain weight”

“I’m not one of your servants that you can command. I am my own person.”

At that she looked straight into my eyes and for a moment our gazes locked.

“Not in the eyes of the law, Kirsha.” I was about to point out an exception I’d heard about when she added, “Don’t even try to get technical with me. I’m not letting you out from under my thumb. You are my daughter and my heir; don’t ever forget that Kirsha”

“How could I when you keep drilling it into my head?” She paused for a moment.

“Do you know what people say about us Kirsha? They say you look like a famine victim. They say I must starve you for you to be so thin,” Nashatya said.

“As a matter a fact I haven’t. How could I locked up in my room like a prisoner?”

“Well your hearing it now. And I’m sick of it. I won’t abide by you ruining my image.”

“Ah so that’s what this is about. You and your image. Has it occurred to you that perhaps I don’t care? Maybe I don’t care what people think of me. And maybe I don’t like being force fed.”

Our eyes were still locked when I said this. For once, it was my mother who looked away first. She checked the time and pounded her fist on the table.

“I don’t have time for this. Go back to your room and stay there! If you think what’s being going on is force feeding, than just wait till I deal with you.”

She than left the room. I was left sitting at the table alone. For a moment I let what had just occurred sink in. It was the first time, my mother had lost her temper in front of me and would not be the last. Finally I got up and went back to my room.

About an hour later I was making my way back to my room, after having talked with my cousin and a friend for a bit. They both told me to ignore my mother’s threats. However as I entered my room, the sudden urge to lie down overcame me. The whole world suddenly became fluid and began to float and drift in front of my eyes. I reached my bed just in time to fall onto it and feel my self sinking towards sleep.

I woke up with a tube in my mouth, almost going down my throat. I tried spitting it out, but could not muster the energy. My limbs were like concrete. My mind was in standby. All the energy had drained from me; I barely had the energy to make out that two figures stooped over me, but before my mind could start working, I fell back asleep.

I woke up again to see one of the faces came in close to me and told me something about this being the only way. Only way to what?! Why couldn’t I move? Then something came sliding down my throat. It was cold and syrupy and I could just barely sense a bitterness to it. It flowed slowly into my belly and sat there like cement, a heavy wet cement right at my very core.

Then the fog began to lift from my brain. I made out a face: my mother. Pieces came together, a puzzle inside my head putting itself together. Dinner, mother, weight gain, unhappy, than it hit me and I realized Nashatya was making good on her threat to force feed me.

My temper rose and I reached up with one hand to pull the tube from my mouth. I swung my other hand up into the jaw of the servant (the other figure with me) on the other end of the tube in my mouth. I made contact, but it wasn’t hard enough and he grabbed both my hands and held them down across my chest. The tube never moved and the whatever it was kept flowing, my belly expanding like a balloon.

Pain began to blossom and as I began to feel nauseous, I heard my mother order the whole thing stopped.

“I told said you would gain weight and I meant it,” was all she told

“You selfish wretch! I won’t forget this, I’ll-”

“Go ahead and scream, but you will gain weight.” Then she walked out of the room, the servant following close behind her. I yelled every curse I knew at her retreating form. When she was gone I settled down and rubbed my aching belly.

The drugs she used on me must still have been in my system because after about ten minutes, the world became blurry and I sunk back into a deep sleep. I was awakened by my cousin’s voice. The sun shone in from the window and across the bed falling on my cousin’s lap. My belly felt much better and I felt a hand resting lightly on my shoulder. I turned my head and saw my cousin, her form half obstructed by my hair.

“Hi Neva,” I said a smile crossing my face. Sitting up I asked how long I had been out for.

“Twelve hours. I’m sorry about what happened last night.” Then it all came back to me.

“So have you come bearing another message from my mother?” I said putting an edge into my voice.

Neva recoiled slightly at the accusation.

“No, I’m on you side you know that. I am here aren’t I?” I looked around the room. I knew many people who claimed to care about me; none were in the room with the exception of Neva.

“Sorry. After that, that, violation last night-” I said after a moment.

“You don’t have to justify yourself, Kirsha. You have a right to be angry.” I felt a valve open within me and pour out anger and frustration.

“That woman who calls herself my mother has no right to drug me and stick a tube halfway down my throat! First she tries to feed me like an animal being fattened for the slaughter. Then she confines me to my bedroom, with a guard no less. Now this? She’s gone beyond strict and into repressive!”

“We both know she’ll only get worse if you don’t give in,” Neva said.

I glared at her for a moment, but could not dispute her logic.

“I refuse to let her steer my life wherever she juoly well pleases.”

“Maybe so but you can’t go toe to toe with her. She’s like a concrete wall in front of you,” Neva said.

“A wall she may be, but there are many ways to get around a wall,” I said.

“What are you talking about?” Neva asked.

“Well, if I can’t stand toe to toe with my mother than why bother?”

Neva still didn’t get what I was talking about. “Think of all the fun we can have when my mother’s not looking.”

“Anymore than we’ve already had?” She said with a smile. For the first time in several weeks I laughed.

“I’m sure we can manage.”

Neva left a little while after that. My head was buzzing with thoughts of adventure and debauchery. My mood effectively lifted, I changed my clothes and told the guard that I was hungry. When the heap of food was placed on my lap, I ate like the princess I was. My mother was surprised enough at the news to take a minute to stop by and see for herself that I had decided to eat. Upon her entering the room, I belched loudly and patted my full belly.

“This really is the best food in the galaxy,” I remarked.

“After all this time, I find it hard to believe you’ve suddenly changed your mind,” Nashatya said, a rare expression of surprise crossing her face.

“You know what they say, if you can’t beat’em, join’em,” I said cryptically.

The less I told her about what I was thinking, the better. When I said nothing more, Nashatya left the room, flush with success.

Over the next several weeks, I watched my butt expand and my hips widen. My belly became bloated and heavy. My breasts nearly doubled in size. When my weight stabilized, I showed off my newfound curves with brand new clothes that hugged my body. Neva was the first to give me a compliment and also remarked that I now was nearly as chubby as my mother. I was now officially curvy.

(to be continued)

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2 years later, no conclusion? That's a bit disappointing.
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I am shocked that it wasn't a sequel to this story. It has a lot of Potential to be a great story
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