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Default AR11: Toby and Serena - by Matt L. (~BBW(Multiple), Magic, Romance, ~~WG )

~BBW(Multiple), Magic, Romance, ~~WG - A FA with a girl under pressure asks for help, and get's it big time.

An Alternate Reality Story

AR11: Toby and Serena's Story
by Matt L.

(For the previous installment of this series please click here)

This story is the property of Matt L. and is reposted with his permisssion. His e-mail address is writer59@aol.com, he'd like your comments sent to him.


Leah handed the college age young man a cup of coffee and then took a seat behind the display case. "You’re Toby, right?"

Toby nodded, "Yeah, I’m a friend of your niece, Ursula. She told me to see you about a problem I’m having."

Leah smiled, "Yes; Ursula called me and told me something about your girlfriend."

Toby nodded, "Yes ma’am."

Leah nodded, "Give me your hand."

Toby complied and held out his hand for Leah to hold. "Your girlfriend was a cute little butterball until recently. Some friends persuaded her to lose weight and seek out other male companionship. You really love this young lady and she still cares for you...."

Toby interrupted, "Oh man, at least that’s great to hear!"

Leah continued, "But her friends are pressuring her to date others."

Leah let loose Toby’s hand and Toby explained, "We were very happy. I mean ever since we first met, we were an item. Serena is the kindest hearted, thoughtful young lady I ever met. Beautiful too. I mean she did have a few gripes about being chubby, but I thought she was very attractive. Anyways, last year a few of her friends talked her into losing weight. Not that I minded, I mean I love her thick or thin. But now that she dropped 100-pounds, they're trying to get her to date other guys. Serena has always been happy with me, it’s just her friend’s think she can do better then settle for a guy who works as a building engineer."

Leah grinned, "I understand. Maybe her friends have the wrong standards. I sense you’re a loyal, faithful young man and will give your lady love the proper respect and attention."

Toby sipped his coffee, and then replied, "Yes, I love Serena. I would do whatever I could to make her happy."

Leah stood up and softly patted Toby on the cheek. "I’ll help you Toby. I think her friends need a wake up call too."

Leah walked over to an antique cabinet and fumbled through the draws. Upon finding a bracelet with unique charms attached, she wrapped it around Toby’s wrist. "I’m going to lend this to you. This will alter the realities of whom you wish. Use it on your girlfriend, but first use it on her friends."

Toby blinked, "Alter their realities?"

Leah smiled as she looked over her eyeglasses and sternly remarked, "Use it to change their lives as if they were heavy themselves and on your girlfriend."

After Toby thanked Leah and left the antique store, he couldn’t wait to test the bracelet out. Walking by a fast food restaurant, Toby noticed a young couple talking as they stood before entering. The young lady was about 18-years old and couldn’t have weighed more then 140-pounds. She had long blond hair, a rather cute round face and still dressed in her cheerleading uniform.

Toby listened as the young lady told her boyfriend, "I can’t go in there, the food is so tempting."

Her boyfriend chuckled, "Are you dieting again?"

She nodded, "Yeah, I’m at my max weight for cheerleading. The coach already warned me about getting too heavy."

Her boyfriend touched her shoulder, "You look beautiful."

The young lady disagreed, "My thighs are getting so chunky and I’m afraid you’ll think different of me if I got fat."

Her boyfriend took her by her hand, "No I wouldn’t. I’d love you even if you were 250-pounds."

The young lady giggled, "I love to eat so much, I wouldn’t be surprised if I became that heavy if I didn’t diet."

Her boyfriend asked, "Tell me the truth, you hate dieting?"

She shook her head then chimed, "Yeah I hate dieting! If I weren’t pressured into staying thin, I’d be a good size gal all right!"

Her boyfriend ran his fingers through her hair; "You’d be beautiful as a good size gal."

The young lady laughed, "I wonder what I would be like if I never had to diet?"

That was all Toby needed to hea. He made his wish and wham! There stood the same young lady, now at 278 pounds! Her face was much rounder with puffy, chipmunk cheeks and wide double chin. Her pretty face sparkled with just a little makeup and her hair up in a bouncy ponytail. Her stout body was dressed in a blue sweatshirt and gray sweatpants, flattering her spacious figure. Her upper arms were big and her breasts doubled in size.

The young lady’s huge belly looked cute and cuddly and her waist was as thick as her hips were wide. She now had an enormous bubble butt that pointed into the air and her pudgy thighs looked very sensual. She opened the restaurant door and took her boyfriend by his hand, "Lets take our food to go, and then you can feed me at home."

Her boyfriend smiled, "You read my mind."

They happily entered the restaurant together as he wrapped his arms around her stout waist. Toby marveled in delight, "This is too cool!"


There were four of Serena's friends pressuring her to lose weight and seek out other male companionship.

Athena Scolpolis was a conceited young lady, whose whole family was heavy, except her. Athena had a long curly mane of dark black hair and showed off her slim figure in trendy outfits. Athena kept it a secret, but at one time she had weighed 200-pounds. Brandy Treon was a constant dieter since high school when a guy dumped her because she started to get chubby. Brandy had long, wavy brownish-red hair, gorgeous face and trim, hourglass figure. Denise Furgerson, who was also Serena’s older sister. Denise had the body of a supermodel and the mind of a genius. Denise was a mother of two young children, but worked as an executive for a multi-million dollar company. She had short blond hair, always kept in a stylish fashion and a slim figure. Ruth Cartier was a brown hair, attractive beauty whose face was cover girl beautiful. Ruth felt slim females were superior to heavy females and was probably the main teaser of Serena on account of her weight.

Athena Scolpolis stood with her sister Annie outside a trendy clothing store. Annie was a cute gal, a few years older then her sister. Her wavy, short black hair was set in a style that flattered her round, pretty face. Annie’s pear shaped 340-pound body looked delicious in a purple blouse and navy blue slacks. Athena was about to enter the store, but her sister blocked the entrance with her body. "No way Athena, this shop has nothing in my size. I’m not going waste my afternoon watching you try on garment after garment."

Athena smiled; "You wanted to go shopping, didn’t you? This is where I shop."

Athena’s trim figure was in a snazzy gold and green top and designer jeans that accented her curvy shape. Athena patted her sister’s thick waist, "If you actually watched your weight, you could look as beautiful as me. Then you’d be able to wear such stylish clothes."

Annie snickered; "We’ll see Athena. I can see in your face you’ve put on a few pounds. It’s only a matter of time before you put the weight back on with a few extra pounds as well."

Athena lied, "No way!"

Athena wouldn’t admit it, but she had indeed put on a few pounds. "It’s only a little water weight," she rationalized to herself.

Annie grinned, "It’s in our genes, every member of our family is heavy, except you. You’re putting the weight back on all right. By next year you’ll be well on your way to sharing outfits with me."

Athena became angry; "No way I’d ever be fat again!"

Her sister tried to calm her, "Take it easy. I’m big and beautiful; you’ll be just as peachy once you’re fat again."

Toby just sat in his car and watched as the sisters continued to quarrel. "I’m slim, single, and sexy!"

Once Athena made that comment, Toby smiled and wham! There stood a 425-pound Athena! In this reality Athena never lost the weight, but remained heavy. Athena’s face was still very pretty, but extremely chubby as well. Her pudgy cheeks dominated the circler shape of her face and she had two double chins. Her curly black mane was now short and set in a bob hairstyle and her obese body was dressed in a pink hooded sweatshirt and gray sweat pants.

Athena’s upper arms were exceedingly big and her breasts were gigantic. Gravity caused her enormous belly to hang downwards and her thick waist looked bloated. Athena’s hips were broad and covered by a layer of fat. Her spacious butt spread sideways, but laid on top of her chunky thighs. Because of her huge flabby body, Athena was no longer conceited, but now rather modest about her appearance. "Why are we here? This shop has nothing in our size."

Annie shrugged her shoulders, "I don’t know? Come on, we’ll go to another store. One that carters to us queen size gals." The sisters began to walk away and Toby drove off to visit Denise Furgerson.

As Toby drove up into the driveway, Denise’s babysitter was just leaving. Toby left his car then walked to the house and rang the bell. Denise had just arrived home from work and was still in her work attire, which consisted of a red blazer and matching skirt with an ivory colored blouse. Denise blinked as she opened her door and saw Toby standing there. "Serena isn’t here Toby. Anyway, why not just leave her alone. Let her find a guy who is more deserving of her."

Toby stood with his hands upon his hips, "You don’t like me?"

Denise replied, "It’s not that I don’t like you, I just think she can do much better then you. She deserves a man who brings home a hundred thou a year, you understand?"

Toby politely defended himself; "I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make Serena happy. On top of that, I’m honest and loyal."

Denise smiled, "Your virtues are nice, but they don’t take the place of cold hard cash."

Toby chuckled, "Aren’t you a little too materialistic?"

Denise purred, "My lifestyle is by choice. I don’t want my sister to end up a dreary housewife."

Toby nodded, as he replied, "What if you never went to college Denise? What if you were just a housewife? Wouldn’t you have different values?"

Denise shrugged her shoulders, "I suppose?"

Toby smiled, "I’m curious what you would be like if you were just a stay at home mom?"

Denise smiled as she closed the door, "Bye Toby; I have some papers from the office to look over."

Once Toby was back in his car, he thought to himself out loud, "I wish Denise was just a common housewife."

A cold chill zapped through his body and Toby knew the bracelet granted his wish. Denise was about to open her briefcase, when suddenly she found herself in the kitchen, making cookies. Her mind was empty of her business skills, but she was keen in cooking, housework and the other various skills of a housewife and mother. Denise’s dishwater blond hair was set in curlers and her chubby facial feature’s were all the cuter. Her cheeks were round and puffy, the width of her nose expanded just a tad and she acquired a slight double chin.

Dressed in a pretty pink blouse with short ruffle sleeves and navy blue spandex slacks, her 325-pound body looked very well fed. Her big upper arms lacked muscle tone and had a little cellulite. Her bosom only increased one cup sized and sagged upon the girth of her tubby, copious potbelly. Her waist was spacious with chunky rolls of fat wrapped around it. Denise had wide mammoth hips and the lower part of her body wasn’t in proportion to her top half. Her derriere was ponderous and pushed upwards over her bulky, colossal thighs. She waddled as she walked with her butt bouncing and her thighs brushing together.

She smiled as she planned dinner and briefly giggled about having another baby. Denise put the cookies into the oven, then after checking on her children, decided to have a snack before doing the laundry. Helping herself to a huge slice of chocolate cake, Denise made tracks to the living room and made herself comfortable on the sofa as she watched TV. Her heart was at ease; she was living in her own perfect world.

Brandy Treon worked as a hostess at her family owned restaurant. Toby entered the restaurant and was promptly met by Brandy.

"Table for one?" She smiled.

Toby nodded his head at the curvy vixen. "I’m just here for a cup of coffee."

"Very well", Brandy chimed. As she led Toby to his table, he glanced over her figure. Brandy was wearing a low cut, black dress that complimented her hourglass shape.

Toby took his seat and Brandy remarked, "I’ll send the waitress here in a few minutes. She’s waiting on more important customers."

Toby looked up at Brandy, "How many years have you been dieting?"

Brandy rested her hand over her narrow waist, "About five years, why?"

Toby smiled, "Isn’t it kind of hard for you to be working around food all day?"

Brandy chuckled; "You’re trying to play mind games with me because we convinced Serena to lose weight. Well it won’t work. Just so you know, I have strong will power."

Toby wished out loud, "You never had the will power, matter of fact you’re an overeater." Zap! Brandy became a 350-pound blimp! Brandy’s hair was now worn up, enhancing the roundness of her face. Though still an attractive young lady, Brandy’s face was very fat with huge chipmunk cheeks and whopper of a double chin. The black dress she wore barely fit her round butterball body, showing off the thick rolls that circled her waist. Her arms were big and flabby and her breasts were extremely plump.

Brandy’s immense belly pushed outwards and her hips were astronomical in width. She had a beautiful large bubble butt that bounced over her hefty tree trunk like thighs. Brandy smiled at Toby, "If you lost interest in Serena, you know I’m available."

Toby acknowledged Brandy with a thank you, then added; "I’m a one-woman man."

Brandy nodded, "Yeah I understand, Serena’s a lucky girl."

Leaving Toby, Brandy waddled over to the display case and removed a whole pie. Eating as she made tracks to the hostess station, Brandy ran into her father. "That’s the fourth pie you’re eating today! You better watch it young lady or I’m going to start charging you!"

Brandy spoke with as she ate, "Okay dad, but I’m just hungry."

Her father walked away, mumbling to himself, "You’re always hungry."

Upon finishing his coffee, Toby smiled and made tracks to visit Ruth Cartier. Toby remembered how Ruth would tease Serena and call her a little piggy. This thought was present in his mind as Ruth open her door, "What do you want?"

Toby glanced over Ruth’s slim figure clad in a stunning red dress that complimented her shape. It was in the middle of a dinner party when Toby arrived and Ruth’s home was full of friends and family members. Toby smiled, "Pretty dress, Ruth."

Ruth blinked, "Yeah, okay. So you’re here because?"

Toby snickered, "I didn’t think you could fit into a dress."

A puzzled look took to her face, "Why not?"

Toby turned sideways and looked directly into her house and saw that dinner was being served. "Because you’re a huge overeater Ruth."

Ruth lost her temper, "Go to hell! I’m not an overeater!"

Toby grinned as he calmly remarked, "Oh yes you are Ruth. You’re a big hog. Zap! Standing in the doorway was a 420-pound Ruth Cartier dressed in a pink pantsuit that looked like it was a size too small for her gluttonous shape! Ruth looked tired and frumpy with her greasy, short brown hair combed back in a matronly hairstyle. Her face was extremely pudgy with fat cheeks, wide nose and huge double chin.

No longer cover girl beautiful, Ruth was now a very plain, average looking gal at best. Ruth’s neck was thick and her upper arms were very husky. Her gigantic breasts sagged due to their weight on top of her immense belly that poured downwards. Her waist was bloated with several sets of large rolls and her spacious hips expanded beyond the doorway. Ruth’s rear was colossal in size and laid upon her bulky, enormous thighs. Her flabby body shook, as she turned sideways to enter her home, "I have to go Toby, dinner’s being served."

Then Ruth giggled as she shut the door. Her family members and friends didn’t seem to notice any difference in Ruth’s appearance or behavior. After all, in this reality, Ruth was always this way. Ruth used a serving platter as her plate and just piled on the food. Roast beef, ham and fried chicken. Cole slaw, mashed potatoes and green beans. Rolls with extra butter, ravioli and pumpkin pie.

This Ruth had no sense of social etiquette. She chewed with her mouth open, made noises as she ate and spoke with her mouth full. Ruth wiped her mouth with her sleeve and her hands on her shirt. She went for seconds before any one was finished with their first helping. Ruth burped out loud and smiled because she thought it was funny, but no one laughed.

After dinner and despite having company, Ruth decided to take a nap and retired to her room. In this reality Ruth was no longer the articulate neat young lady she had been, but was now a slob. Her room was a mess with clothes thrown all over the place and dirty dishes and glasses scattered about. Empty bags of potato chips and ice cream cartons littered the floor. Ruth laid in bed and scratched her enormous belly. It was only a matter of minutes until Ruth was out like a light.


Toby couldn’t wait to see Serena. Since he changed reality and the four vixens that pressured Serena to lose weight were never slim; it was a cinch she wouldn’t have lost weight. Serena would still be the bright eyed and bubbly, 225-pound beauty she had always been.

Arriving at Serena’s home he ran up her stairs and knocked on the door, before remembering she had a doorbell and pressed the button. Serena’s mom lit the porch light and opened the door. In a cordial tone of voice she asked, "Can I help you young man?"

Toby blinked his eyes; "You don’t recognize me Mrs. Argont?"

Mrs. Argont shrugged her shoulders, "No, sorry. Do I?"

Toby thought it was worth a shot and told Mrs. Argont, "I’m Toby Wolsworth, a friend of Serena’s. Is she by chance at home?"

Toby realized that something affected his relationship with Serena when he altered reality, but didn’t have a clue about what it was? Obliviously by her mom’s reaction towards him, they were no longer an item. Mrs. Argont’s eyes grew wide and a beautiful smile touched her sweet face, "You’re here to see my daughter! Oh my gosh!"

Mrs. Argont quickly hugged Toby and kissed his check, "Serena is so shy and awkward, I never thought she would ever attract a young man. You do like my daughter?"

Toby confidently acknowledged the fact, "Yeah I do, very much so."

Mrs. Argont then told Toby, "My you’re such a handsome young man, and intelligent too I’m sure."

Toby thanked Mrs. Argont for the compliment, then asked if he could please see Serena. "Serena’s not home; she’s at her usual Saturday night hangout, Bergman’s Ice Cream Shop, reading some science fiction novel."

Toby thanked Mrs. Argent for the information and was off to the ice cream shop. The ice cream shop was packed solid with people and it took him a few minutes to scope out the place until his eyes settled on a young lady sitting alone at a table. She was in the middle of her second banana split and reading a Star Wars paperback novel.

Toby was amazed at the change in Serena’s appearance. Serena was no longer 225-pounds, but 355-pounds. Her short blondish-brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail that enhanced the roundness of her face. Serena' facial features were all the more chubbier with rosy apple cheeks and a prominent double chin. The black frame glasses she had on made her look like a cute librarian or a brainy businesswoman. Though something was lost when the glasses kept sliding down her nose.

Serena's butterball body was dressed in an olive green turtleneck sweater and faded over size jeans. Her upper arms were huge, her breast almost doubled in size, her belly was humongous and her waist was abnormally thick. Serena’s spacious hips were gigantic in width, her butt was so large it actually spilled out over her chair and her beefy thighs were exceedingly large.

Toby thought Serena just as beautiful with the added weight and slowly approached her. Serena’s eyes never left the paperback as she devoured the banana split and before Toby reached the table, had asked the waitress to bring her another one.

"Hi Serena, do you remember me?" Toby politely addressed his love.

Serena looked at Toby and tilted her head downwards as she blushed, "No....who...who are you?"

Toby knew at that instant that Serena’s behavior was changed as well. No longer bubbly, lighthearted and outgoing, Serena was a shy, timid introvert.

Nervously Serena began eating faster as she asked, "Where do I know you from?"

Toby pulled out a chair; "Do you mind if I sit down?"

Serena adjusted her sweater, "No....no…Please do."

Toby sat down and explained who he was and where they met. "I’m Toby Wolsworth, we met two years ago when we were seniors at Oak Lawn High School, remember?"

Serena shrugged her shoulders and began rubbing her huge belly, "No, I’m sorry I don’t remember you."

Toby thought maybe he could use the bracelet to alter this reality and he wished very hard. Thinking to himself, Toby imagined that Serena was still his love and zap! All things were corrected. Well at least close enough. A 400-pound Serena stared back at Toby with love in her eyes.

"Feed me my sweet," Serena purred as she handed him a spoon.

Toby smiled back at his honey, the reflection of love in his eye’s, "My pleasure."

[Click here for the next installment in this series]

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