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Default Torn Seams - by Anonymous (parts 1 & 2) ~BBW (Multiple), Stuffing, ~XWG

~BBW (Multiple), Stuffing, ~XWG - Student falls for two girls and stuffs them both to determine a "winner."

Torn Seams

by Anonymous

Ahh, what a bad situation. I am absolutely torn between two of the sexiest girls in the country. My choice of girl will no doubt affect the rest of my life.

Now Mindy's classically beautiful. She's blond and has a really pretty face with a nice rack, high C-cup at least, and great legs. She's about 5'5" and 115, not fat, not even chubby, but her cute butt has enough fat to jiggle a little when she walks. She always wears short shorts that drive me crazy. Her dark legs are slightly soft, and they also wiggled ever so slightly when she walked.

Mindy turned me on instantly. She's really nice, maybe too nice. She has a high, cute voice; sexy as hell. But then there's Elizabeth.

She is very pretty by any standards, but didn’t have what most people would say was the perfect body. I'm not an FA, but I find fat just as sexy as thin; skinny, however, is bad. Elizabeth is about 5'3" 165, and has a nice big belly. Her tits are at least 34Ds, held up by her tough bra. Every time she breathes deep, her chest balloons out, making a very hot image. Her long black hair goes perfectly with her deep black eyes and her chubby cheeks. Her belly presses against her stretch material cotton shirts, and you could see the outline of her belly button, which is quite large, and turned me on almost as much as Mindy's jiggling ass.

I can't complain at all about Elizabeth's ass either. It's notably larger and softer, and it shakes even more than Mindy's. Her flabby thighs are often exposed by her short, tight skirts. And the best of all, to go along with her big sexy belly, she has a big sexy appetite.

I could tell that she was trying to lose weight and didn't like her fatness, but her hunger was too much for her to deny. I would just love it, when in 5th period, her belly would loudly rumble, and I would fathom the amount of food she would eat when that lunch bell rang. She would be one of the first one in there and usually the last one out.

Mindy's appetite wasn't too different. She wouldn't eat quite as much as Elizabeth, but it would be close. They were pretty good friends too, and because they would sit next to each other, they didn't realize how much they were eating. I would eat with them, forcing myself to eat a lot as well, then I would comment on them being malnourished. They would both let out a little feminine burp and giggle.

I debated with myself for months on which one I would like to have. Who was better? Meanwhile I would occupy myself by getting dangerously close to both of them. I would greet both of them by grabbing their hips, or, in Elizabeth's case, soft love handles. One day, I knew that the story would come out good no matter what, and I resorted to flipping a quarter. It landed and bounced several times from side to side, and eventually landed on its side. Mr. Washington winked at me. I thought about committing myself before I tried it again. The coin would bounce, head to tails repeatedly until it finally landed on its side again. Well, if this wasn’t screwy, what was?

On Monday, I got up and looked at my watch. Monday the 13th; damn I hate Mondays. I crawled slowly out of bed, inspired by the thought of seeing Mindy and Elizabeth again. And it was worth it.

However, today, a strange thing happened; a very strange thing indeed. I was walking down the hallway, and I grabbed Elizabeth's love handles and squeezed them twice, gently. She turned around with a gleam in her eye and pulled my face right up to hers.

"Hey there sexy," she said seductively.

My leg muscles oozed. She then quickly began kissing me insanely, sucking my tongue incredibly. I couldn't complain, not at all.

Then, grumble grumble. "Ooo. My tummy needs some food, just a little to hold off until lunch. Could you buy me some?"

I nodded eagerly. "Yeah, hot stuff, I got some money. Let's go. I'd hate to see you waste away," I said affectionately, squeezing her soft belly flesh.

"Ohh you're so sweet, but honestly, do you think I'm fat?"

"You're very sexy."

"Mmm, yeah. But, do you think I'm fat?"

"You're VERY sexy."

“You think so?" she giggled. She took her hand, gently placed it on her belly and slowly rubbed it in circles. Her belly grumbled again, "Now, its time to eat. I'm SOO hungry."

She first ordered a big sausage egg and cheese biscuit, which she wolfed down quickly. I then got her some milk which she guzzled ravenously. Thinking that that would hold her, I began to walk away. She stopped me abruptly and put her hand to her soft belly. "Does it look like I'm satisfied or what? Now stop fooling around and buy your girl a decent meal!"

I spent $15 in all on her "decent" breakfast; I might need to get a better job if I wanted to keep this up. We would find out how things turned out.

I was clearly reminded of my second lover when I once again stared obviously at her jiggling butt going down the hallway. Mindy! Please, God, I hope I picked the right one. Later that night I went to sleep after taking a few sleeping pills and woke up to the alarm on my watch.

Monday the 13th. Damn I hate Mondays. Monday?! What happened to yesterday? Oh God, it must've been a dream, but what a dream. Whew, maybe now I'll get to think more about my choice.

But when I arrived at school, my choice was already made. Mindy came walking down the hall and struck a position where her breasts and butt stuck out in either direction and her skimpy outfit exposed much of her skin. She wasted no time talking and immediately began to kiss me.

"Whoa there, hon. Why so eager?"

"Oh, I've missed you so much. I just needed a taste of you to get me back to life." Once again, I didn't complain. Oh she was great. I don't know how we hit it off without talking, moreover, I didn't care. We spent the rest of the day cutting classes and fooling around. I also bought her some food, not quite as much as I did Elizabeth in my dream yesterday, but she had a hearty meal. She complained of being full so I rubbed her small tummy.

"I'm getting fat, I need to start dieting. My butt is starting to get jiggly."

Starting to? "No no! You're perfect, don't diet. You'll lose all of your sexy curves. I think you have a cute butt anyway," I encouraged.

"Yeah, I guess; I don't like those anorexic models anyway. But tell me right away if I start to get fat."

"Don't worry, I won't let anything bad happen to you."

"Mmm, those were some good cookies. Got any more money?"

"I got plenty for you."

Mindy sensuously downed several more cookies before school let out. I continued to rub her small, yet soft, little belly.

"I gotta go, sexy, but I'll call you tonight," she smiled at me and walked off, walking in a manner to show her jiggling behind. What a day.

Tuesday, 14th. Back to my Mindy. I greedily awaited my sweet beauty to walk down that hallway. I was surprised when Elizabeth grabbed me from behind and hugged me tight so her breasts pressed firmly against my chest. She was wearing some tight jeans that came up to about her belly button and a shirt that exposed ever so slightly the bottom roll of her pale belly. She obviously didn't wear many two piece bathing suits out for tanning. The tag of the jeans was sticking out and read 16. It wasn't too tight, and it held her belly in well without much hangover.

"Hey girl, what's up with you?"

"Just waiting for my sweetie to fill me up like yesterday."

"Huh?!" What? She didn't have the same dream, did she? Or was Mindy's day a dream?

"You know, yesterday, when you spent 15 bucks on food so I wouldn't bother you for money. Now let’s go buy me some more food. I'm getting ravenous. I had 3 eggs, a bowl of cereal, toast, 4 waffles and some milk; I can't believe I'm still hungry. I must just be growing taller, but I can't help to think how fat I will get if I keep this up. I don't want to loose my girlish figure." Soon after, a low grumbling came from her hungry belly.

"You like my new jeans? I bought 'em last weekend. All of my other jeans shrank in the washer. My size 14, I mean 10, wouldn't even come up above my hips. Think how much of a waste that is, but I bought these nice and loose so they should be good for at least another year." Grumble grumble, "Ooops, there it goes again. So whatdya say?"

"Sorry, I can't. I’m waiting for Mindy."

Then, with surprising strength and quickness, she threw me to the ground and sat on me. "What? Mindy? Listen up bud. You will buy me some food, or I'll rob your student account for more food than you would imagine." Man, she was a heavy sexy piggy. "So, NOW what do you say to breakfast?"

I didn't resist after that. I took her and bought her as much food as I could afford.

"More," she demanded, rubbing her swollen belly. It tried to hang out onto her lap, packed full of french fries, fried chicken, rolls, milk, and some candy, but the jeans came up slightly too high to permit such a luxury. She seemed to ignore it, simply asking for more food. The food sat well in her large tummy, and somehow she was not filled. I gave her more food than I would eat on an empty stomach, much more than after a large breakfast like she had, but she still begged for more.

"Whoa there. You ate me out of all my money. I got nothin’ left."

"Well, I clearly can't go without food. You don't want me this size forever, do you?" she was definitely referring to her height, but the more affected dimension would be her width if she kept this up.

"Without food - that's 20 bucks worth in there." I patted her belly gently. She acted surprised and pulled my hand away, very embarrassed. But she still tried to hide it.

"Are you calling me a liar?" She asked with a devious grin in here eye. "I not satisfied yet; listen to my tummy rumble." She rubbed her belly gently, but sucked it in as if to create an illusion for herself. She was obviously very hungry, if she was this concerned about her fatness but couldn't resist eating an unfathomable amount of food.

"You DO know that my dad is rich? Here's 40 bucks; now then, if I finish 40 bucks more of food, then you owe me an apology, and you pay for my meals for the rest of the month. Got it?"

"Ye-yeah. Whatever you say."

"We'll be waiting here." Man, she was going to gain weight on this routine, especially with the greasy fatty foods in the cafeteria.

"Yeah, uh, 18 chicken tenders, 4 orders of fries, 3 cookies, 2 burgers, 2 cokes, 2 whole milks, 2 chocolate milks, and a pint of this mint ice cream." That should keep the piggy busy. And that's only 28 bucks worth. I took the three large trays of food out to her and placed them on the table. She was chomping at the bit.

"This is it? Ha ha, you are so beat." She smiled and her mouth was watering a lot. I was kinda hoping that she would be right.

I sat next to her and placed my arm around her waist. I gently put my hands to her belly and felt its deep growling. How could she possibly be so hungry? She was pigging out, mowing through the chicken tenders. "MmmmmmMMM! That is so good. Oh, thank you SO much; this is just what I was looking for."

Then she guzzled down a coke and a milk. I could feel her belly getting heavier. My dick was rock hard. Then she began to groan with both satisfaction and pain. No way she was gonna be able to finish the meal comfortably, but she would certainly do it if she wanted to win badly enough. I began to gently massage her big belly, but I tried to keep it inconspicuous and did so very gradually. I didn't offer any help though as I couldn't afford this much.

She worked her way through the cookies, moaning slightly, and then ate both of the burgers. She inhaled deeply, sucking in her big belly. She quickly exhaled and, in an explosion of fat, the jeans exploded, the button flew off and her belly sprawled out onto her lap. The zipper was forced all the way open. Her fat loosened up and became very soft all of a sudden. She looked very embarrassed, "Oh, my, um, darn size 10s. Why do they…"

I interrupted her by poking her in the side a few times. Then I pointed down to the tag which was sticking out underneath her love handle. "I know….I just can't, I can't stop eating. It's so good and, and I love it; I really hate myself." She started to cry.

"Shh shh, none of that. You know what? You are so beautiful. I wouldn't change you for the world. Now, if you can't help yourself, why fight it? Why are you so concerned with other people’s standards. To be honest with you, I think you're a little too skinny. Look at this, skin and bones," I grabbed her big roll and shook it gently.

"You really do think so, don't you? Well, I love you, and if you don't want me to get skinny, then I will just do what I've been doing." She easily wolfed through the rest of the food and the other $12. Well, I definitely need to work overtime tonight. My paycheck is just going to cover the food for the rest of the month.

Ok, good day. So Elizabeth IS the one; I guess I just have to accept that. Ah, gotta get a good night's sleep.

Yawn. Ho-hum!, Tuesday again. Enough of this crap; I think I see a pattern. The second I see Mindy walking down that hall, I'm going to stick my tongue down her throat. If it's all good, then I've got a pretty sweet deal goin’ on with someone with a whole lot of power.

Well, here comes that sexy girl now. Pray for luck real quick then start sucking her face.

"You had pancakes for breakfast didn't you?" She chimed with her high and cute voice. The words were music to my ears. Well, a 2-day rotation between Mindy and Elizabeth; it doesn't get much better than this

"Mmm, pancakes. The thought of food is making me hungry. What do you say to buying me a meal?"

"I guess, as long as you don't eat me to the poor house."

She grinned. "I just might. I'm really hungry; I had a small breakfast. Well, if you don't count the one I had an hour before that. But still. I'm famished!"

So, once again, I went to the school cafeteria where I would once again buy a sexy, hungry girl a ridiculously large amount of food. Well, I bought her some bacon and eggs to start off and we just happened to sit down next to Elizabeth.

"Hey, Elizabeth. We'll be eating together again it looks like.”

"Yeah, I'm really hungry. My belly's growling." Coincidentally, her stomach let out a deep, ringing roar. "You see? I guess I didn't eat enough for breakfast."

"I know what you mean. I only had 2 bowls of chocolate cereal. Oh yeah, and some oatmeal with milk and biscuits, but that's it. Mmm, this bacon smells good."

Apparently it was good enough for her to finish 8 strips within the minute. Then she quickly inhaled her eggs. Once again, I went back and bought a bunch of nice food and drinks for my precious beauty. Soon, a large pile of trash was in front of Mindy and Elizabeth. Elizabeth leaned back to stretch and her small shirt came up a good 8 inches, exposing her white belly. Mindy then started to pat it gently.

"What are you doing?!" Elizabeth was surprised, still feeling very embarrassed about her weight. She sucked in her belly obviously and quickly grabbed Mindy's hand away. "This is my tum-tum, you have your own."

"I know, I'm sorry, you just looked full. Whenever I'm full, I always like a nice belly rub. Thought you might enjoy one."

"Well, I guess, I am feeling kinda stuffed. But just this once."

"Ok." She started to slowly massage Elizabeth's flabby belly. Elizabeth was trying to hide her embarrassment and was sucking it in. "Relax, now doesn't that feel good?" Elizabeth started to relax. Her belly started to push its way toward its natural position. She started to sigh with pleasure.

"Ohhh, that DOES feel SO good. Mmm." Her belly was even more sucked in than I had thought. It began to ooze out from underneath her tight shirt and onto her fat thighs. Her love handles poured out over the sides of her short, tight skirt. Then after another 4 minutes of slight moaning, her love handles started to turn purple.

"Elizabeth, you look uncomfortable. Let me get this really quick; you're starting to turn purple." Mindy lifted her belly roll and gently undid the button.

"Oh, wow, I knew something was wrong." The reddish color left her belly and her hips and they returned to their normal pale white while her belly poured out even more. Mindy rubbed, squeezed and jiggled Elizabeth's belly for 5 more minutes before Elizabeth's belly started to rumble again. "Not again."

"Wow, Liz, I'm so jealous! Why doesn't my body do that? I eat and I eat and I eat, and what do I have to show for it? This." She poked her small belly, which was fairly rounded after being filled with food, but still very petite. "Now what you have is what I want. I'd kill for this," shaking Liz's belly a few times.

"What are you talking about? I'm the one who needs to be jealous. This is just a big sack of fat," she claimed, patting her belly, "But your flat stomach is so much more. I can't get any guys with this belly, and I can't even stop eating as much as I do. I feel so ugly. I outgrow all of my clothes really fast and I can’t go to the beach without feeling like all eyes are on me."

"No, no; you're beautiful. I feel ugly. I feel anorexic and just sickly. Malnourished. Whatever you want to call it. I just need a flabby belly, a big butt, some big thighs and a huge bust. It's always been my dream to be really fat, I just can't get there. My metabolism is too high; I can't help it. You have to teach me how. Tell me how to reach my goal. Help me."

"I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that even though you will be fat that you will still be accepted. Well, I think you should reconsider."

"I KNOW that I want to be fat."

"Well, ok, I'll write down what I eat every day, and you should attempt to eat that much. Beyond that, I can only say that you need to be lazier and you need to eat more. But I really don't think that you'll be happy."

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you. I know that I'll love it."

"Not a problem. I'm flattered that you think I'm beautiful. (grumble grumble) Ohh me oh my. Hey, here's some money, go get us….." Elizabeth sent me to get a ton of fattening food for my two hungry beauties. Now this is a great day. This is going to be so fun.

(continued in post 2 of this thread)

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Default Torn Seams - part 2

The weekend, finally. I can't take 10 days of school without 4 days of weekend. What's today? Ahh, Elizabeth day. We had another ritual feeding at school. After school was out, I slept for a few hours and then went to Elizabeth's house. We went to see a movie. She wore a fleece sweater and a pair of really short cut off jeans. Her creamy white thighs were jiggling this way and that with every step she took. She ordered a big tub of popcorn, fully utilized the self service butter, and got a large coke. She finished it easily, and was hungry when the movie got out.

"Let's stop by McDonald's, I'm becoming very hungry." Her stomach growled through her fleece sweater. "Hope you have plenty of cash."

I pulled up to McDonald's and parked. "I'm getting warm, this fleece is pretty hot," she took off her sweater and left it in the truck. She was wearing a sleeveless, cutoff tank top, fully exposing her soft midriff. Her belly hung 3 inches over her jeans, and her love handles spilled over the sides.

"Hey, what happened to the belly tuck?" I asked squeezing her rolls.

"He he, you know what? I got too fat. The jeans would bust open easily if I did that. I just let my gut hang, is there a problem?"

"Not at all. How much does my piggy weigh?"

"This morning I was 177, that's 4 pounds this week. Not bad eh? My belly's 38 inches, 42 when sitting; I'll have to keep working on it, but it's a start. Now my belly's starting to get angry, lets go."

"After you." We walked eagerly to the counter; the place was pretty much empty.

"May I help you?"

Liz pulled her belly up onto the counter and began to rub it slowly. She continued to massage it and turn her head in different directions as if she was asking her belly for the order. "Yes, for ME, I'll take a number one, (grumble), ehh, make that two number ones, a number four, a twenty piece chicken nuggets, three large fries, two apple pies, and a box of cookies. (Growl) Oh yeah, and a large chocolate shake. And he'll have a Big Mac, and some fries and a coke."

"Will that be for here or to go?"

"I think we can eat our starters here," Elizabeth smiled.

We fooled around a little until our orders came up. "Mmmm, that smells good, thanks."

She took two trays and brought them to a big table out in the open; I brought the other three. I ate my meal while she went through a bunch of the food. Then I took the seat next to her and began to feed her. She was an animal and finished everything. I was massaging her distended belly; she was sitting there, smiling, proud of her gluttony. The McDonald's worker came over with a bunch of bags of burgers and fries.

"You guys want these, we didn't have a big night, and I'd hate to waste all of this food." He winked at me.

"Mmm, I dunno. Only if you give us drinks to wash it down."

"No problem, just don't tell anyone."

I helped Elizabeth stand up. She was holding her distended belly with pride. We took the many to-go bags and drinks and left. I thanked the employee personally.

As we drove home, Liz couldn't resist munching down a few fries on the way. We took the stuff into her garage apartment; hopefully her parents wouldn't find out. She laid the stuff out on the coffee table and then laid on the couch.

We were about to commence when she stopped and said, "Hold on, I need to get comfortable." She took off the skimpy jean shorts and her tight shirt. She sat there, with her tight bra and panties, fat everywhere. Her belly, which was distended just 20 minutes ago, and considerably firmer than normal, was once again soft. Her digestive track must be really trucking. She then leaned back, gently clutching her belly. "Let's rock."

Liz was a machine. She just ate and ate. She would lean forward every once in a while to bring some food closer to her, during which her panties would pull down and I could see her ass crack. While it doesn't seem to be a very sexy action, it turned me on that she was so fat. Her flab poured onto her heavy thighs, her belly was getting firmer and firmer, fuller and rounder, but she kept going. She just had to eat. Subconsciously, she wanted to be the fattest woman alive, a feeling which she had never recognized until now, when it burst forth freely. She would go through french fries like a hot knife through butter. Burgers were mere meaty cookies. Over all, she ate 12 large orders of fries and 8 double meat burgers. Her belly was monstrous!

"Ohhh, mmm, feed me more!" she shouted. She couldn't get enough. She guzzled down the two large sodas; she had eaten everything. I kissed her again and again. I began to rub her belly down.

Was that…couldn't be….no way. Her belly was still rumbling. She smiled at me again, a devious, unsatiated smile. "You know what to do." I quickly ran to her pantry and poured her a punch bowl of chocolate cereal, 2 boxes, and just over a gallon of milk with a large spoon. I laid that down on the table and quickly ran to make something.

I started up 3 frying pans on the stove and whipped up two dozen scrambled eggs. I put some salt and pepper on them and brought them to her with a fork. She was slurping down the last of the milk. Her immense belly covered at least 8 inches of her legs. She quickly dug into the eggs with no remorse. She just wasn't going to stop.

I fixed her another punch bowl of cereal and put some Eggo waffles in the toaster. I stalled her with the cereal and eggs long enough to have 24 Eggo’s spread thickly with peanut butter and maple syrup awaiting.

She looked so sick. The seams on her panties were starting to rip. Food was spread on her massive breasts. She lifted them to her mouth and licked them clean. She saw the waffles and dug in. She was eating very slowly, but she was very determined. My God, how much food is in that belly? What, it’s only a 40 inch waist, she only weighs 180. How's she doing this? I guess with that extra food, her waist has got to be around 38 inches and she's gotta weigh damn near 187, 188. My piggy. You can do it, eat, eat!

I fed her the huge stack of waffles, which she loved. But my piggy could handle no more. She passed out after the last bite. She can't sleep here, she needed a bed or her back will be absolutely destroyed. Well, if I wasn't the weight-lifting football player I was, I would've been in a mess of trouble. However, I managed to lift her into the queen sized bed in her room. Lying down, her belly stuck out 6 inches above her massive breast. She had really gone all out. I laid down and rubbed her belly slowly and gently. 11:30. Oh, I'd better get to sleep before midnight. Who knows what crazy stuff will go on with these weird days.

I woke up, sure enough without a soft pile of fat underneath my hand. Oh Liz, how I miss you already. But all is not lost; Mindy is a great specimen herself. In fact, I followed the same routine with her as I did with Elizabeth. I went to the movies, where she had some popcorn and coke, and then I took her to the same McDonald's, where the same guy worked. Mindy struck him dumbfounded with her miniskirt and her cutoff shirt. Her stomach was still flat, but when she bent over, the smallest little belly roll would show. That was my hope and inspiration.

The employee was even more dazed when she ordered an enormous amount of food. She finished it all too, though not in the style which Liz had the night before. She was truly stuffed, her small belly rounded to a small arch. She looked at it with pride, wanting to grow a big, Elizabeth-like belly. And also very thankfully, the employee offered us the free food again with the same wink. "Oh no really, I'm absolutely stuffed."

"Mindy, it's part of the routine, Elizabeth would eat this much and more, believe me. Besides, you're still only at 8,000 calories for the day, Liz needs you at 10,000 if possible, 9,000 bare minimum."

"Oh, I guess. Getting fat is harder than I imagined. What can you do, though?" Mindy walked out of the McDonald's, obviously tantalizing the worker with each step. She swayed her hips widely from side to side with each steps. Her thighs and butt jiggled within small confines every time her heavenly foot hit the ground. I winked back at the guy, and he smiled.

"You don't really think I can eat all that, do you?"

"Oh sure, I'll feed it to you. You don't even need to lift a finger. Just lie down and be hungry."

"Done and done." Her parents were out of town, and I fed her right in the middle of her living room. "Ohh my tummy," she complained.

"Oh, none of that. Toughen up a little. Are you here to eat, or to whine?" She smiled at me and kept on eating.

"Oh no, hold on, I can’t break this skirt, as much as I would love to. It's too expensive. It would be a waste."

"Mindy, as soon as you outgrow this skirt, you'll never be able to wear it again."

"Oh, you're right. I forgot about that. Then bring on some more burgers." I slid food past her lips as half an hour rolled by.

"Just one more box of fries. Come on, it’s not much, you can take it."

She rubbed her swollen belly, "I can’t take any more."

"Oh yeah you can, remember, do you want to stay a skinny girl all of your life?"

She moaned, and then pointed to the fries and then to her mouth. She ate the fries slowly, very slowly. After she finished about half of the box, the seams to her skirt ripped. Her belly came forth slightly, expanding more. This gave her just enough room to finish the fries. "Ohh. Mmm. I did it."

"Yes, you did; soon you'll be my prize piggy. Oh, yeah, and I gotta tell you, today you consumed 14,836 calories. You had broken 10,000 long before we even went to McDonald's."
"You sicko. Well, I guess that means that I have some energy left to expend on something."

She took off her cutoff shirt and removed what was left of her skirt. She took off her bra, letting her large breasts sit in front of my face. We made out for a while; I fondled her breasts. Eventually, she removed her panties. It wasn't hard for me to accept her invitation for sex. It was the best, well, I guess the only sex of my life to that point. I would have never guessed that she would've been the first. She didn't seem to be anxious to have sex at other times, but I don't care, she is so sexy, so beautiful, and I love her so much. She's angelic. Oh no, 11:55, I'd better get to sleep.

After 3 months, both girls had gained considerable amounts of weight. Elizabeth weighed a whopping 247 pounds while Mindy tipped the scales at 158. Both girls had joined the swim team, and I enjoyed watching them swim, especially Liz who had to wear a very small bathing suit. Her gelatinous belly and ass stretched the fabric to extremes. Since fat is less dense than water, her bouyancy was incredible, and she actually didn't suck too much at swimming. Mindy was pretty good, and she did well at her events.

Another three months gone, and it was graduation day. Thank the Lord, he sure does work miracles. All three of us would be going to Stanford, making me happy every day of the year. All of us had scholarships; Elizabeth even had a full scholarship, which would leave us considerably more money for food. Mindy and I spent our summer at home, and during July on the beaches of California. She looked great in her two-piece swimsuit.

Meanwhile, Liz's insanely rich father sent us to Hawaii for June and the first part of July. It was hard to find Liz a two-piece, but when we did it was perfect. Her breasts pushed the very limits of it while her flabby ass shook as she took each earth-moving step. Her belly jiggled freely as her lumbering, but powerful, thighs pounded the ground with her massive weight.

Mindy's weight continued to grow slowly; she weighed 183 at the end of our California visit. Her gains began to slow, despite her immense appetite.

Liz found Hawaiian food particularly delicious, and she wowed plenty of the other natives and tourists. She was at an earth-quaking 284 pounds after the cruise back to the states. Her parents were in a good humor about it. She would love to tempt me by putting on her jean shorts from the beginning of her visits and totally destroy them at a buffet.

At age 24, Mindy's weight stopped at 234 pounds. She was still very sexy, and we got married. Liz's weight, on the other hand, was at 450+ at 24, and was still going up. She has special genes, literally, and is donating her stuff for testing. She will never die of fatness, and I'm making sure that Mindy gets in on this.

I married Elizabeth as well, as barbaric as it may seem. But I loved neither more than the other and I would never get tired of our double days for the rest of my life.

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