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Default AR18: Misty and Ginger - by Matt L. (~BBW (Multiple), Magic, ~SWG)

~BBW (Multiple), Magic, ~SWG – Misty and Ginger visit the beach and more than sand flies

An Alternate Reality Story

AR18: Misty and Ginger
by Matt L.
(For the previous installment of this series please click here)

This story is the property of Matt L. and is reposted with his permission. His e-mail address is writer59@aol.com, he'd like your comments sent to him.


It was at the far end of summer as Leah’s protégé Misty along with her new entourage of Chicago friends decided to spend a day at the beach. Misty had just enrolled at a local community college, thus befriending Ginger Fisk and Walt Aston.

Ginger was a vibrant young lady who had previously ventured through Leah’s mirror and discovered that feminine beauty had nothing to with body size. Ginger’s long, wavy brown hair cascaded over her shoulders perfectly framing her gorgeous face. Since the year following Ginger’s reality being altered, she managed to add a few extra pounds to her already well nourished figure. However, at 245-pounds, Ginger carried her weight well and looked absolutely stunning.

Walt was a nice guy with curly red hair and lanky body. A little shy, he befriended Misty when she asked him the way to the cafeteria. A casual conversation followed and they have been friends ever since. Originally their plans for that Saturday afternoon was to go sight seeing downtown, but when Misty got a word that a certain guy she had her eye on was going to the beach, plans were changed. After all, Misty was the alpha female.

Reaching the beach the friends laid out a blanket and turned up the radio as they removed they’re over garments that exposed their swimsuits. Misty was in a dark blue swimsuit with white stripes down the sides, while Ginger’s choice of swimwear was a hot pink bathing suit with padding to keep her large belly in check. Walt just wore his dad’s short khaki slacks that made his legs look like beanpoles.

Ginger tested the water and upon her return, asked Misty, "When are we supposed to meet up with your squeeze?"

Misty rubbed sun tan lotion over her thighs, "I haven’t a clue. Parker told me he was going to the beach around one and it’s barely noon, so we have a little time just to relax."

Ginger smiled as she reclined on her back, "Yeah; Ryan told me he might join us later in the afternoon. Pam and his sister Gretchen might tag a long as well."

Walt nodded as he checked out a female lifeguard, "Cool."

The lifeguard was a tan, slim beauty with long blond hair. Her neon orange bathing suit amplified her curves and drew attention to her ample bust and small, round behind. The friends watched the lifeguard as she slowly walked by and a snooty look appeared on her pretty face as Walt waved at her. She lifted her chin and contemptuously smiled at the two well-fed females and the skinny young man.

Walt turned to the girls; "I was just being friendly."

Ginger raised her eyebrows, "I think we we’re just looked down upon."

Misty stood up, her arms folded over her bust, "Who does she think she think she is? Just because she’s slim, doesn’t make her superior."

Walt was true to his character and logically spoke his mind, "Since she’s slender, naturally she’s not going to mesh well with you two. Not implying that her attitude is justified, but she belongs to a certain clique. I mean, she wouldn’t want to socialize with me either, because I’m not what she would call cool. Though I think if she actually got to know us under different....."

Misty interrupted Walt; "Do you always have to be a diplomat? She’s like, beyond rude."

Walt wasn’t aware of the earrings Leah had given Misty, but Ginger was,

"You thinking what I’m thinking?" Misty nodded as a cold chill zapped through her body and the lifeguard’s reality was altered. No longer a slim 122-pounds, the lifeguard was now a rather tubby 200-pounds.

The neon orange bathing suit was a tight fit and exposed the large rolls that clung to her thick waist. Her big belly poured downwards straining the fabric of her suit and her wide hips rendered her a very pear shaped figure. The lifeguard’s upper arm’s were now excessively beefy and her generously well-endowed bust was far from firm. Her hefty, oversized butt pushed outwards, dangling over her flabby, enormous thunder thighs which included plump, swollen looking saddlebags. The lifeguard’s face was still pretty, but much rounder with pudgy chipmunk cheeks and fat double chin. She wasn’t aware of the change, for it was her reality.

Walt as well accepted her as always being heavy and remarked, "I never realized that there were heavyset lifeguards?"

Misty smiled, "You think she’s cute?"

Walt noded his head, "Oh yeah. She’s a babe."

Ginger tried to coax Walt into her approaching her, but to no avail. Walt was much too shy.

Misty sat back down, "Then how are you ever going to get a girlfriend? You have to talk to them first."

Walt grinned; "I spoke to you the first day we met. We became friends, isn’t that a step in the right...."

Misty interrupted Walt; "We met because I approached you. Remember I was looking for the cafeteria?"

Misty turned to Ginger, "I was new in school and Walt escorted me to the cafeteria. We got to talking and have been friends ever since."

Ginger playfully pushed Walt into the sand, "That’s so sweet. See, you actually spoke to a girl and nothing terrible happen."

Misty deviously grinned, "I think we should pants him? This way at least he’ll draw attention."

Walt stood up as Ginger giggled, "Yeah, I like that idea. What if I went to get us some cola’s instead?"

Ginger briskly nodded, "Yeah, I’d appreciate that. We can always pants you later."

Misty was in total agreement and as she handed Walt a few dollars, winked, "You better talk to a chick before we leave or you’ll be running around without your shorts."

Ginger giggled, "Yeah Walt, everyone will see your naked butt."

Walt turned a bright shade of red and nervously mumbled a few incoherent words as he started his hike towards the refreshment stand.

A few minutes later Ginger noticed a crowd of males lingering around two females. One female just sat on her beach towel looking bored; well the other young lady was soaking up all the attention. The young lady on the beach towel had long frizzy brown hair and a body so skinny, she must have been a size negatives two. She was a potentially pretty enough gal, but her thin body in a dismal black bathing suit looked rather boyish. Her chest was flat, her hips narrow, her butt excessively tiny and her thighs bony.

This young lady couldn’t have weighed more than 100-pounds. It was easy to see why her friend was basking in the reverie of the males. Her friend had long flowing blond hair with brown highlights and her diamond shaped face was of an unique beauty. A little top heavy with a flat tummy, she was in a yellow bikini that accented her curvaceous 125-pound figure. They were both no older than twenty; yet one young lady was bursting with confidence, while the other one sat on the beach towel reeking an aroma of self-consciousness.

Ginger nudged Misty in waist, "What do you think of that?"

Misty turned and glanced over at the young ladies that were barely forty yards away.

"Hmmm, that’s not fair", Misty remarked as she sat up and tossed her vibrant mane over her shoulders. Ginger nodded, "Yeah, that beach babe is getting all the attention while her buddy is being ignored."

Misty scrutinized the skinny gal’s body, "She’s so the twig. Maybe if she had an actual figure things would be different."

Misty’s earrings glowed and the skinny gal’s reality was altered. She now had a solid, voluptuous 160-pound figure that looked dazzling in a light purple bathing suit. Her beautiful brown mane, brushing over her shoulders was a shade darker and her exquisite, round face was lightly enhanced by cosmetics. Now amply endowed, she also had a modestly plump belly and authentic childbearing hips. Her heart shaped derriere was large but firm, as were her thick thighs. The aura of confidence emerged in her face and she stood and rightly flirted the guys.

Misty noticed how the gal in the yellow bikini didn’t cotton to competition and tried to steal the spotlight. She would talk over her friend, interrupt her and practically flung herself on the guys. Misty grinned as she decided to bring her down a notch. With the blink of an eye, the girl in the yellow bikini’s reality was altered. Her long flowing blond mane was now straight; dangling over her shoulders it was minus the brown highlights.

Her face was still gorgeous, but rounder with puffy cheeks and a small double chin. The yellow bikini still remained, but now appeared tight on her bloated 145-pound figure. Her breasts were a tad larger, but not as firm and her pudgy potbelly poured downwards. A tiny noticeable roll circled her waist and a soft layer of fat coated her hips. Her bikini bottoms that once flattered her small bubble butt was now strained by the size of her wide, swollen behind that slid over her big chunky thighs.

Misty watched as both gals now had equal opportunity with the guys and flirted with their favorites. It was nice to see the girls with smiles on their faces as they strolled with the guys into the direction of the refreshment stand. The gal in the yellow bikini’s belly jiggled as she moved and her friend remarked, "Maybe a one piece bathing suit would be more appropriate for you?"

The chick in the yellow bikini scratched her big potbelly and giggled, "Yeah, I haven’t been watching my figure lately."


A few minutes later Walt returned without the soft drinks, but with the expression of rejection on his face. The girlfriends turned to one another, then back to Walt.

"What happened to you? A bully toss sand in your face?", Misty humorously asked.

Walt plopped down on the blanket and looked away from the girls.

Misty tapped his shoulder, "I was only kidding, what happened?"

Ginger crawled on her big belly around Walt and looked him straight into the eyes, "We’re your friends, you can tell us. What’s wrong?"

Misty repositioned her body and laid across the blanket in front of Walt as he opened up to his friends. "I saw a former girlfriend who acted as if she didn’t even know me."

Walt reclined in front of Misty and Ginger and thus began his story. "I guess we met in eighth grade. She was the new kid in school and was a little awkward and didn’t make friends easily, you know?"

Misty played with a strand of her hair as she asked, "What’s her name?"

Walt paused to roll over on his side and looked up into the sky before remarking, "Josephine Swartz, but I called her Josie."

Walt softly giggled before he continued, "Everyone else called her Josephine. She was this clumsy, little butterball with large pink-frame glasses and carried a Josie and the Pussycats book bag. We shared many of the same interests and I think I was one of the few people at school who didn’t tease her. We naturally became friends. She was so shy and self-conscious, you know what I mean?"

Walt sat up and briefly smiled, "She was my best friend and by the time we entered high school, we we’re a couple. At the start of senior year Josie began her first diet and with little success, her weight fluctuated throughout the school year. At graduation we planned to enroll in college together, but before classes started, her mom sends her away to some spa. It was a solid two years before I would see Josie again and man, did she change. She dropped a ton of weight, was wearing contacts and had that cute little bump on the tip of her nose removed."

Ginger scratched her big belly; "Did she treat you any different then?"

Walt tilted his head, "Sure, but she wasn’t rude. She just explained that ours lives were different now and that we could still be friends. I saw her maybe, four more times after that".

Ginger scrunched in closer to Walt, "Previously, when did you see her last?"

Walt raised his eyebrows, "Like, a year ago. Now she treated me like people used to treat her."

Misty stood up and snapped, "I hate that! Really!"

Walt looked upwards at the full figured beauty, "Misty, really. It’s okay. Please don’t start anything; I’m embarrassed as it is. She made me feel like a geek."

Misty looked down at the young man and drew a breath before speaking. "Walt, nobody deserves to be treated like that, especially a wonderful guy like you who befriended her and correct me if I’m wrong, was a geek herself."

Walt nodded as Misty vehemently continued, "What does that mean, our lives are different now? That you weren’t good enough for her just because she dropped weight, bought contacts and had cosmetic surgery? You’re the same person Walt, she’s different. She became the same sort of person who used to tease her. She’s no better then they are."

Misty stood towering over Walt with her hands over her hips, "Wait here!" Walt rolled over into the sand as Misty stormed towards the refreshment stand. Ginger yelled over to Misty, "Don’t forget the cola’s!"

Arriving at the refreshment stand, Misty spotted various people hanging around including a group of friends at a near by picnic table. Misty looked over the ladies and grinned when she realized which one had to be Josie.

Josie’s lavish brown hair was wavy and curled over shoulders and her face was extraordinary pretty. Weighing no more than 130-pounds, her slender figure did her blue and green bikini no shame. Josie’s friends all looked like movie stars with slicked back hair, trendy sunglasses and top of the line bathing suits.

"Josephine, I need to have a few words with you", Misty announced.

Josie’s friends were lost among themselves, not even noticing Misty, but Josie did, "Ah, it’s like Josie and who are you?"

Misty folded her arms over her ample bust, "I’m a friend of Walt’s and I don’t like the way you treated him."

One of the guys turned to Josie, "She talking about that skinny kid who said hello to you."

Josie nodded as she smiled, "Yeah, nobody important."

Misty glanced over at Josie, "Nobody important? You didn’t think that way a few years ago, Josephine."

Josie stood up, "Ah, listen tubby, it’s Josie."

Misty purred, "Tubby?"

Misty leaned over the table and looked Josie’s guy into his eyes; "Did you know Josephine used to be fat?" J

osie˜s friends glanced over at her, and a tiny chick snickered, "Really?"

Josie began to speak, but her voice lacked the confidence it had acquired and stuttered in a nasal sounding tone , "Y..y..yes. I was kind of chubby."

Misty stood upright; "I need to have a private conversation with Josephine."

Josie’s friends returned to their idle chatter as if Misty and Josie weren’t around.

"What happen to my voice?", Josie whined.

Misty grinned; "You have always had a whining sounding voice, just like you never had surgery to enhance your appearance."

Josie’s bump on the tip of her nose returned and large pink frame glasses replaced her contacts.

"Hey, how are you doing this?", Josie asked as she felt her nose then glasses.

Misty giggled, "You have always worn glasses, don’t you remember?"

Josie thought hard and shrugged her shoulders, "I think?"

Misty glanced over Josie’s slender figure, "You’re so slim, but haven’t you been yo-yo dieting for years?"

Josie bit her lip as she nervously replied, "I’ve been dieting since I was 17. I still have to watch what I eat."

Misty smiled as she informed Josie, "I think you stopped dieting because the more weight you lost, the more weight you would put back on."

In the blink of an eye Josie’s reality was altered! Josephine Swartz was a 275-pound butterball shaped young lady, dressed in a tight pink one-piece bathing suit partially covered by a white T-shirt. Her short hair was in pigtails that accented her round, pudgy face complete with chubby cheeks, broad nose and fat double, double chin. Her large breasts laid upon her soft, enormous belly and her flabby upper arms were quite chunky. Rolls circled Josephine’s thick waist, the largest one lingering over her spacious hips. Her big behind was as plump as it was wide and her thighs were gigantic.

Josephine stood in a moment of transition as her mind joined her hefty body in her new reality.

Misty purred, "Aren’t you an acquaintance of Walt Aston?"

Josephine felt intimidated by the fetching Misty, who looked as beautiful as the day was long. No longer smug, Josephine blushed as she struggled to pull her T-shirt over her bloated belly, "Yes, I know Walt. Why?"

Misty grinned; "Walt is a good friend of mine. He talks about you all the time."

Josephine nervously swung her hips from side to side, "Aw really?" Misty chuckled as she reached over and took Josephine by her arm, "I know he’d love to see you. Let me bring you to him, Josie."

As Misty lead Josephine to Walt, Josephine giggled, "Nobody calls me Josie, except Walt."

A few minutes later Walt eyed Misty walking towards him with Josephine on her arm. Walt wasn’t aware of the change in the reality; thus Josephine had always been this way to him. Misty let loose Josephine’s arm as Walt approached her.

Walt smiled as he tilted his head, "Hey Josie, I’m happy to see you."

Josephine adjusted her T-shirt over a thick roll of fat, then replied, "Yeah Walt. It’s fabulous to see you too."

Misty watched as Walt and Josephine strolled off together arm in arm. Ginger approached Misty, "Aren’t you sweet? I know Walt will appreciate having his love back in his life."

Misty nodded, "Yeah, I agree. Josephine is back to normal."


The afternoon progressed and once Ginger’s boyfriend Ryan arrived with Gretchen, Pam and a few other friends, Misty decided to take a stroll in hopes of running into Parker. She politely excused herself, wrapped a beach towel around her chubby waist and made tracks towards a crowd of people off in the distance. Perhaps Parker was socializing with them?

Misty caught a glimpse of Walt with Josephine sharing a soft drink as they walked along the beach, arm in arm, outrageously giggling. It was some time since Misty had a beau to call her own; maybe love could smile upon her as with Walt and Josephine.

Getting closer to the crowd, Misty noticed that the group of people were in all shapes and sizes. This put Misty at ease because this was the first time she was in a bathing suit since becoming a big beautiful woman. Matter of fact, only two chicks in the group were slender, the other four ranged from modestly plump to very pudgy. Huddled around a grill was Parker with a male companion and instantly their eyes met. Parker was a good-looking young man with short blond hair and small beer gut.

Parker smiled and turned to his pal, "Mind starting up the burgers without me, I see someone I know from class."

His friend looked and spotted Misty, "You want to talk to her? Sure, I can see why. She’s kind of cute."

Parker nodded as he walked away, "I’ll introduce you later."

Misty stood as Parker approached her. Tilting his head, Parker grinned, "Funny seeing you here, Misty. Want a cola?"

Misty pointed into the direction of her friends, "Yeah; I’m here with a few people. I would love a cola."

Once Parker brought Misty her cola, he suggested they take a walk. Misty was all for it.

"Are you surprised to see me?" she asked.

Parker playfully tapped Misty’s upper arm as he chuckled, "Yeah, happily surprised. I always wanted to see you outside of school, but hadn’t a clue if you would be keen on the idea."

Misty sipped her cola, "You could of, like asked?"

Parker dropped his head, "I know. But I didn’t know if you were involved with someone or anything."

Misty tapped her soft belly as she giggled; "I haven’t been involved with anyone since I’ve become chubby."

Parker took Misty’s hand, "That doesn’t say much about the chumps you associate with. Just because you’re not a certain dress size doesn’t make you any less appealing, it’s their loss."

Misty grinned. Parker and she were going to get along just fine.

The couple walked the beach for nearly an hour before tracking back to Parker’s beach party. As they wandered back to his friends, Parker noticed someone he didn’t expect to see. It was his ex-girlfriend, Penelope Fairchild. Penelope was a rather spoiled brat whose dad owned several automotive shops all over Chicago and a few suburbs. Penelope was quite the high maintenance fashion vixen with a curvaceous figure and beautiful face. Her long black hair was streaked with brown highlights and brushed over her shoulders and her shapely figure looked stunning in a dark red string bikini.

Penelope left the group and approached Misty with Parker. Penelope smiled with poison on her lips, "Hi Parker, who’s your friend?"

Parker looked at Misty then turned his attention to the minx as he introduced the females. Misty felt a tinge uncomfortable about being around such an attractive young lady, especially an acquaintance of Parker’, though as Parker gripped Misty’s hand and admitted that Penelope was his ex, she felt a little at ease.

Penelope looked directly at Misty as she told Parker, "We just broke up, I didn’t expect you to hook up with somebody so soon."

Parker acknowledged the comment with a soft, "Well, now you know."

Penelope raised her chin in an arrogant manner as she replied to Misty, "You’re a lucky girl, Parker is quite the catch."

Misty nodded as she read Penelope’s mind. Seems Parker dumped this chick because she was self-centered and condescending among other things. Penelope also wanted Parker back in no uncertain terms. He was a top-notch young man who would do whatever it took to please her. The catch was, Penelope wanted all his attention focused on her. This meant no time with friends and his family, thus Parker sent Penelope on her way.

Back at the beach party, Penelope flaunted her figure and flirted to wit’s end with her ex beau. Misty sat and sipped her cola as she mingled and got to know Parker’s friends, though her heart was set on getting to know Parker. Misty saw Penelope as the competition and needed to even things out so she could have a fighting chance. Penelope’s bikini was much too flattering for her curvy shape; thus Misty rearranged Penelope’s flair in fashion.

Misty covered her mouth as she chuckled, because now Penelope was wearing a dorky looking light blue bathing suit with a picture of a sailboat on her tummy. Misty watched as Penelope adjusted the suit over her small rear, since the one piece bathing suit was a size to small for her body, it kept riding up her butt, exposing her cheeks.

Misty hated the way Penelope would play with a strand of hair as she mingled with Parker. Surmising that Penelope’s hair was way to perfect, Misty altered Penelope’s hairstyle as well. Penelope’s hair was now a tad dull and lackluster. Minus the brown highlights, her hair now just laid over her shoulders. Finally Parker made a break from Penelope when she left to powder her nose.

Taking Misty by the arm, Parker quickly escorted Misty away from the beach party. "You have to believe me, Misty. I didn’t even invite Penelope, she just showed up."

As the hurried away from the crowd, Misty calmly remarked to Parker, "Don’t worry about it. It’s not like we’re an item."

Walking towards the refreshment stand, Parker explained, "I broke up with her, but she still thinks I like her. I don’t Misty, honest. She’s not for me."

Misty nodded as Parker continued, "If anything, I would like to get to know you better. Not to be too forward, but there’s something about you that I like."

Misty replied in a bubbly tone, "I’d like to get to know you better too. Why not we talk over hot dogs?"

Parker scratched his head, "Yeah, I’d like that."

Upon buying a couple of hot dogs, Parker and Misty sat down on the bench and spoke for a solid ten minutes. However, Misty noticed Penelope walking towards them. Misty smiled as she saw Penelope wave hello to a middle aged man who was with his four children. Instantly she scanned their minds and discovered that this man was an employee of Penelope’s dad. He was a single father whose wife had left him and their children a while ago.

Misty decided to alter Penelope’s life a final time. What if Penelope took up with this man after his wife left him and they started a life together? What if Penelope was in love with him and his children and enjoyed her role as step mom?

With those thoughts, Penelope’s life was altered. Now at 195 pounds, Penelope joined the man with the kids and settled into her new life. Her face was completely round with chubby cheeks and small double chin. Her upper arms and bust were slightly bigger, but she now had a huge potbelly, thick waist, extremely wide hips and big, flabby thighs, which included spongy saddlebags.

Penelope had a spacious bubble butt as well, that pushed outwards then sunk over her husky thighs. Misty watched as Penelope was full of smiles looking after the children and modestly showing the middle age man a pint size portion of affection. Parker had never known Penelope now, and Misty mentioned the family sitting near them.

"Isn’t that sweet Parker? The way that woman dolts over her kids?"

Parker nodded, "Yeah, seems like a happy family."

Misty nudged up against Parker’s shoulder; "I would like to have a big family someday."

Parker laughed, "Hey! I think we should date a while first before agreeing on our future together."

Misty grinned, "Sounds like a plan." Misty reached over and took Parker’s hand and Parker smiled.

(For the next tale in this series click here)

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