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Default The Manhattan Getaway - by Lizzy (~BBW, Stuffing, Force Feeding, ~~WG)

~BBW, ~BHM, Stuffing, Force Feeding, ~XWG - The epic tale of Jenna and Sloan, and their exploration into feeder/feedee fantasy.

The Manhattan Getaway
Also includes Second Chances and Chances Are

By Lizzy

Trees flew by rapidly, my forehead pressed against the train window. The sun had barely broken free of the night, the ground lightly coated with dew. The train was racing on its way to Pennsylvania Station in New York City from Boston. I was excited, yet held a measure of trepidation. I felt dishonest, but then again wasn’t I? I said I was visiting my older sister, reconnecting, making some quality time – attending a show, trying out some good restaurants, doing some bar hopping, and taking in some shopping.

That’s what I told my husband, Vince. He had said it was a great idea. It was wonderful that Marianne and I would be doing some things together like we had when we were in college. Vince agreed I needed a break. I was much too stressed lately with work and keeping up with the kids.

“Take some time for yourself, Jenna. I’ll make sure the kids get to camp and everything. You have fun and I’ll see you sometime on Sunday,” Vince said earnestly, kissing me on my forehead.

I was surprised, believing he’d give me a hard time about going. But he was encouraging this, not out of character for him, though he rarely seemed to have the time for me most of the time. Perhaps this was his way of getting me out of his hair for a little while. So, early this Tuesday morning, I boarded an Amtrak for Manhattan. The only thing is that I knew perfectly well that Marianne was out of town on a business trip and I was actually only apartment sitting.

I was also not intending on spending my days alone. I was there for a purpose. I was meeting Sloane. Sloane and I started chatting five months ago. He was married also and we shared many of the same interests – movies, books, playing card and board games, and food. We both enjoyed sharing recipes which led into discussions about food and then getting fat.

I told Sloane I had been steadily getting chubby over the past seven years out of my twelve-year marriage to Vince. I explained that Vince loved to go out to eat. I used to argue to stay home and make dinner myself. I had little will power when we ate at restaurants and ate like it was my last meal, my belly swelling up like an overripe melon. But, Vince would insist. He never seemed to gain anything and that was the one thing he enjoyed doing together. I must say, I also enjoyed it. He worked so many long hours that the only time I saw him these days was over the dinner table, and that was only once a week now. He usually didn’t get home until after midnight most nights between working late and wining and dining clients.

Sloane, in turn, confessed his obsession with fat. His wife was very thin and he wished she would get fatter. He had fantasies of fattening up a woman until she could barely move. I admitted that I had similar fantasies where I would be force fed until I was busting out of my clothes. This talk moved from idle chit chat to erotic talk to reality – well, sort of. We had arranged to meet and spend some time actually sharing a few meals and talking about our fantasies.

Sloane and I had already set guidelines for our meeting – we would meet in a public place, and if we continued to see each other during my time in NYC, there would be no intercourse or touching without permission. There also would be frequent overeating, and total honesty – all fantasies need to be shared, nothing held back. We didn’t want to be unfaithful to our spouses; we just wanted to have some form of escape from the pressures of everyday while indulging in our deepest daydreams.

The train pulled in midmorning and I made my way downtown to Greenwich Village where Marianne lived. I unpacked, showered, and changed for my lunch date with Sloane. The weather was cool for the end of September – temperatures in the fifties. I dressed in layers – lacy white camisole under a light blue chambray shirt and a simple khaki skirt that I zipped and buttoned securely in the front just under my belly button; all of this was under a medium weight denim jacket. I adjusted myself in front of the mirror one last time, grabbed my handbag, and went out to see Sloane.

Think the Marlboro Man and you’ve got Sloane Hemmington in a nutshell – tall, dark moustache and hair, just minus the cowboy hat and horse. He stood outside the small eatery in Greenwich Village taking a few final drags out of his cigarette waiting for me to arrive.

“Hey, good looking,” Sloane greeted me, pumping my hand enthusiastically. “You look even sexier in person.”

“I’m sure I can say the same for you,” I replied.

“I guess we can go inside now,” Sloane said, “I’ve reserved a table near the window.”

The place we had chosen was a rather small establishment serving good, plain English fare. Sloane ordered a shepherd’s pie while I went for the bangers and mash. While we waited for our meal, he told me a bit more about his childhood, his wife, and family. As we dug into the hot food, I told him about my four children, my job, my house, and my husband.

I felt my belly filling quicker than I expected with this wonderful comfort food, but than the chef had really loaded up my plate. My meal consisted of a mound of mashed potatoes smothered in a thick onion gravy, and six succulent pork sausages piled on top of a china plate. I covertly pulled at the waistband of my skirt, trying to loosen it a bit.

“So, tell me more about your fantasies,” I prodded Sloane, who was engrossed in eating and watching me eat.

“Well,” he chewed and swallowed. “When I met my wife, she was beautifully plump – 235 lbs of perfection. Then she got pregnant with our twin sons. Oh, did she blossom! Her belly and butt swelled up like no tomorrow. I’d watch her just eat with such a frenzy when the cravings began. She fattened herself up with cakes and pies and big, long hero sandwiches that I used to make special for her.”

“So, what happened?” I asked.

I had just finished my lunch when the waitress brought over a two-tiered tray of finger sandwiches, scones, and hunks of sponge and chocolate cake. Sloane began to put clotted cream and jam on a scone and then offered it to me before he continued. I stifled a belch and continued to eat what he offered me – my belly feeling distended and overcrowded.

“She gained somewhere around seventy pounds and then some after the birth,” Sloane began. “So, she was well over 300 pounds. I was so enamored with her lovely new body. I’d spend hours after our lovemaking just caressing all her curves and new rolls of flab. But she was far from happy. She went on a fitness kick. She lost all the weight and then some more. She shrunk herself down to a scrawny 140 pounds. I was flabbergasted to say the least.”

“Oh, my, that must have been terrible for you,” I responded.

During his narrative, he kept me eating at a steady pace, handing me one scrumptious morsel after another. I breathed deeply, trying to handle what I was filling my belly with. I glanced across the street and caught sight of the red neon sign glowing in the window of the Mexican restaurant across the street. It said: BURSTING. I rubbed my eyes and looked again. It actually read: BURRITOS.

“I love her and respect her decision, of course, but I was disappointed. So, ever since then I’ve had these dreams of wanting to feed a woman like that or watching her feed herself – you know really packing it in until she was waddling, growing deliciously fat. Her hips and ass spreading and her belly expanding – really increasing in size. I’d love to be part of that process for someone,” Sloane said.

Sloane leaned back on his chair with a wide grin on his face. “Well, well, well,” he commenced. “At least, I can say that you’re helping me live out a bit of my desires. Can you lean back a bit?”

Glad at being able to stop eating for a few moments, I quickly complied – leaning back. My belly was rounding out nicely underneath my tightening chambray shirt – incredibly tight. “Yes, you are becoming plump. How do you feel?” he asked.

“Quite full, thank you. It’s getting a little difficult to breathe, I must confess,” I answered, rubbing absently at my corpulent belly.

“You have a lovely belly developing there. So how does it feel to have someone helping you stuff yourself?” he asked.

“It’s nice to be admired even though I’ve gained quite a few extra pounds,” I said. “I enjoy the attention. I miss it at home. My husband puts so much time into the kids and his job that there is very little left over for me. I feel almost invisible at times. I’m not sure if he’s put off by my weight gain or not. He never says.”

“You are a truly gorgeous woman whose beauty is only enhanced by your size. I think you’d be even more exquisite if you put on even more,” Sloane said, seductively.

“Well, with all this flattery, I think it won’t only be my belly that gets inflated,” I laughed.

“I love your wit, Jenna,” Sloane replied. “But, truly, tell me more about some of your fantasies.”

“Oh, you know, the normal daydreams like being a harem girl being fattened all day eating lots of grapes and sugary desserts, bathing in a big bathing pool full of rose petals or bubbles and being fed more until I can see the top of my belly on the water’s surface,” I replied.

“That does sound very sensual,” Sloane smiled, pouring me another cup of Assam tea.

“And then fun stuff where I get locked into a bakery or restaurant and get to eat all the “forbidden” calorie-laden delicacies that I used to deny myself. Devour everything until I burst out of my clothes,” I continued.

“On that note, do you think you can handle a little more in that striking belly of yours?” he asked.

I gave it a pat. It was solid and I was feeling some internal pressure, but I was game if he was. I may never have this opportunity again, I thought to myself.

“I think I could try,” I replied.

“That’s what I like to hear,” he answered. “So, what would you like to have?”

“Could you order me an apricot crumble? I’m going to the ladies' room for a moment. I’ll be right back,” I responded.

“Definitely. Coming right up,” Sloane said.

I walked slowly to the bathroom in the rear of the restaurant. With my overly filled tummy, the bathroom seemed even smaller than it was…being that it was the size of a shoe box anyway. But I managed. I did what I had to do, splashed a little water on my face, and reapplied my lipstick. When I walked out, my apricot crumble floated on a sea of creamy custard. My smile faded. This was going to be a difficult task being that I was already so bloated. I’ll just have to see how good of an encourager Sloane truly was.

My spoon gingerly delved into the dessert, taking a small spoonful.

“How is it?” he asked.

“Tastes divine,” I replied. “I can’t believe I’m really doing this. I’m usually such a control freak. It has taken such a long time to just work up to this where I’m allowing someone else to call the shots.”

“Well, I would have thought your husband did a lot of that considering the way you’ve described him,” Sloane responded.

“Oh, Vince tends to be very controlling in business and at home. I just mean that maybe because of that…I tend to hold back a lot. I really don’t let people in and see who I really am,” I replied, slowly swallowing the custard.

As I ate, Sloane was very heartening. “Mmm…I bet that tastes so good…you’re getting such a pretty tummy…oh, eat some more for me, luv…”

And I ate every last drop, even though my belly was aching and I could have sworn I heard it creaking from the pressure inside it.

“Ohhh,” I mumbled.

“What’s the matter, luv?” he asked.

“Sorry. I’m just feeling a little tired and woozy after all of this. I really need to get back to the apartment,” I said to Sloane. “I’m so disappointed because we were having such a good time. But I’m so incredibly stuffed, Sloane, and suddenly so exhausted.”

“Oh, don’t fuss. We can get together again. I’m here a few days, too. Let me pay the check and see you home,” he replied.

Sloane quickly paid the check and hailed a cab. I felt a bit off center as he took a seat next to me.

Story continued in post 2 of this thread

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I awoke in semi-darkness. I could see a lamp lit on the far end of the room. Wait a minute! This was not my sister’s apartment. I wasn’t sure where this was. I went to get up, but discovered that my hands and feet were bound. I was spreadeagled on top of a large bed. I jerked the rope, but it held fast. I knew I was in trouble. I was really frightened.

“Don’t fuss, luv. You’re alright and safe,” Sloane voice said from the corner of the room. “You’re my hotel room. You won’t be harmed.”

“What happened? Why have you brought me here?” I demanded.

“I thought it would be more exciting this way. I put a little something in your apricot crumble to make you sleepy. You said you wanted to live out your fantasy and you will. I’m going to feed you until you’re nicely fattened. You’ll be so chubby, even more beautiful that you are now,” Sloane explained.

“You can’t do this, Sloane. I’ll be missed,” I said with as much confidence I could muster.

“Not until Sunday, your hunger should be satisfied by then. You’ll be ripe and ready to be sent home to your hubby,” Sloane replied with a smile. “And I’ll be sorry to see you go. But I’m going to so enjoy seeing you swell up like a tick.”

“Sloane…Sloane,” I began, my mouth going dry from fear. “Really I…we can’t do this…please.”

“Don’t worry. I just want you to be happy. I want to fulfill your wildest dreams. You will feel such pleasure and we’ll go by the rules we set down. Just relax and enjoy this,” he said, rubbing the top of my belly, an inch of which was exposed since my arms were stretched way over my head, pulling my shirt upward slightly.

“You said you never let yourself really go,” he said. “I want to give you your chance to allow yourself to be force fed by me.”

I looked at the clock. It read Tuesday 9PM. I must have been asleep for several hours. My belly was a slightly puffy from earlier, but had regained most of its previous shape, but not for long, I surmised when I saw the boxes of snack cakes he had in the corner of the room, and the large refrigerator which I’m sure he had liberally stocked for me. He intended on making me huge!

For the next two hours, he had me continuously consuming the boxes of my favorite cookies and cupcakes. I was helpless. I was prevented from speaking by the nonstop supply of food stuffed into me. I was constant munching away, growing larger and larger. I was gasping and groaning as I witnessed my belly blowing up like a balloon. He didn’t rub it. He didn’t touch me. He just observed with satisfaction.

“I can’t hold anymore!” I cried. “Ooooo…I’m way too full…I think…I think I’m going to pop!”

“I want you to ask me to rub your belly for you, to free it from its prison…unless of course it emerges on its own accord,” Sloane said. “But even then, I want your belly more sizable before it’s touched.”

“I’m not going to ask you to rub my belly, Sloane,” I said stubbornly. “I want you to let me up.”

“You may reconsider…given time,” he stated.

“Sloane, I’m tired of this game. Okay, fantasy over. I’ve been force fed. Let me up,” I demanded, getting irritated.

“We’ve barely begun. I want to take good care of you and that lovely fat belly of yours,” he said prodding my full belly, amused at my predicament. I opened wide to inhale, only to have another large chunk of cake pushed inside.

After a few more pieces, Sloane cleaned me up and left me to try to sleep, my belly aching - so swollen I could barely breath. But, I wasn’t giving in to him. I wouldn’t give him that satisfaction.

Three hours later I was awakened. I large funnel was attached to my head and a thick chocolate shake poured into my already full belly. I choked and gagged and tried to stop the flow. Sloane stood above me looking displeased.

“You’re going to hurt yourself. You either drink this, or I’m getting on the phone with your husband right now and I’ll tell him we’re having an affair,” he threatened.

My eyes must have gone wide. He said, “I work for your husband. You said I look familiar because we met at last year’s company picnic. I figured it was fate that when I recognized your picture from the website you and I are both members of. You couldn’t imagine the pleasure I felt at knowing we shared similar interests and I would finally get the chance to know you.”

He took the pipe out of my mouth. “He’d never believe you. Besides, you’d be fired,” I said, angrily.

“It doesn’t matter; I’m starting another job next week. Besides, you told me that your sister flew off to California on a business trip. I’m sure your hubby could pull the records on that. There’s proof that you were lying to him from the start. I also have pictures of you, which I will return to you when you leave if you are a good girl and get fat for me,” he retorted. “Now, Mrs. Roland, are you going to be a big girl?”

I had trapped myself - I had told him way too much. I couldn’t bear the embarrassment if this got out. I was going to have to do what he said. I nodded my head in agreement.

“Don’t look so sad. You’re really going to love the results. Now, drink up, my luv. I will pump up your stomach considerably and at your next feeding, you’re going to be nice and fat and prepared for rapid weight gain,” he said sticking the tube back in my mouth.

The frothy liquid pushed past my lips, down my throat, and landed in my already bloated belly. I kept swallowing faster and faster and the liquid continued to flood into me, forcing me to balloon, driving my inflating belly against my already constricting waistband. My legs were making swimming motions and my cheeks were puffed out as I tried to keep up with the flow. I felt my cheeks becoming flushed and sweat beaded up on my body. My stomach was being stretched, inch by inch, quart by quart. As I felt my once firm belly inflate impossibly, I started to feel an ebbing, a lust that started to come and go as I Sloane pumped me fuller.

Sloane prodded my bloating gut lightly as he continued to pour. I was getting really full and my belly that had been somewhat flattened was forced to curve out again. Although I wasn’t going to admit it to Sloane, I was beginning to embrace this incredibly hot feeling of being force fed. I felt my clit begin to throb as I sensed enlarging – a complete stuffed pig.
I looked on with a mix of dismay and enthrallment, as I plumped up. How much bigger? I wondered.

“We have to keep your belly full, don’t we?” Sloane said, cheerily. I was getting excited and began chugging down the thick shake more swiftly, much to the Sloane’s delight. Soon the first pitcher was empty and another was quickly attached. “You need all that nourishment, luv, and you know what happens when you get too much sustenance? You get very big, Jenna. And, that’s what’s happening to you right now. And, the weight will begin to stick and you’ll just get fatter. And, I’ll be right there with you pumping you fuller and fattening you to your heart’s content.”

I was moaning and dying to ask him to rub my gorged belly, but my mouth was plugged with the funnel. I kept guzzling, unable to stop myself now regardless of how much my good sense was telling me I wanted to. I was all too aware of how distended I was getting. I felt another button burst open on my skirt. Sloane eased the waistband down under my rising belly.

“You’re almost there,” Sloane said, encouragingly. It’s time to really go for it. Toss down that shake. You have room now. You’re free to eat the way you truly desire.”

I wolfed down the drink, unable to stop myself. I wanted his touch so bad now, but was only able to gaze at Sloane with pleading eyes as I continued to eat uncontrollably. Just when I thought I would explode, the flow of liquid stopped. I sighed, relieved when Sloane finally pulled out the funnel. Exhausted, I closed my eyes and attempted to sleep again. But, this was not to be. I felt my belly churning within about fifteen minutes later.

“Weight gain shakes tend to do that to you. You’re going to feel yourself begin to fatten a bit more,” Sloane explained, as he sat on a recliner and watched be from the corner of the room. “Are you sure you don’t want me to give your tummy a firm rubdown?”

“Sloane, can you rub…rub my belly?” I wheezed.

“Not yet, luv,” he replied.

I strained against my restraints, trying to keep my breathing steady as my stomach contents began to expand, pushing outward. My belly gurgled loudly as several servings of shake began to bloat out my already overstuffed stomach. I was too concerned with taking deep breaths in a vain attempt to relieve some the internal pressure, so I didn’t protest as Sloane looped a large tape measure around my waist and pulled it tight. My belly experienced a gradual tightening, which ultimately led to feeling as if I were going to burst. My deep breathing rapidly moved to panting, my cheeks puffing in and out.

Sloane stood by impassively and seemed to be counting every inch that my belly mushroomed. "Your belly will expand steadily and you will be able to accommodate more and more nourishment. Everyday you will grow fatter than the day before, as your stomach stretches bigger and bigger. "

Oh, I’m huge!”

When the bloating finally stopped, Sloane pronounced that I had added an extra two-and-a-half inches to my already vast size. He said it would be temporary, but tomorrow I would be filling the space with food. How my skirt stayed zippered, I’ll never know, although most of my belly had already pushed out, making the buttons on my chambray shirt pull tightly across my expansive belly.

“I want you to get fatter, Jenna – much, much larger. You’re already such a big, beautiful woman, but you need to get rounder and fuller,” Sloane said, eyeing my plump belly without handling it. “You’re going to be given the opportunity of a lifetime to really pig out and enjoy yourself. Your belly will mature, becoming more pronounced and then your midsection will begin to thicken as the pounds begin to bond to you. It’s exciting just thinking about it.”

I said nothing, but just glared at him as the good sense voice in my head re-emerged first in my consciousness. I was so angry at myself for having been taken in. I sensed that he wouldn’t hurt me and was telling me the truth, but I still did not like the feeling of being defenseless. And I was feeling so enormously fat; this just intensified my feelings of vulnerability. I had never truly allowed myself to depend on anyone else, including my husband. It was something we used to argue about. Now, I would have to depend on Sloane for all of my needs. I thought carefully about my predicament as I became drowsy despite the terrible ache in my belly – eventually falling into a troubled sleep.


At seven o’clock in the morning, I was awakened by my feeder. I was surprised my belly was still somewhat distended, but had deflated a great deal from only a few hours ago. I actually felt hungry. I figured I wouldn’t want to see food, but I felt hunger pangs and my stomach growled loudly to be fed. Sloane was on the ball. He was there and ready with breakfast: a pot of cream of wheat laced heavily with sugar, cream, cinnamon, and butter. Raised on several pillows, he began to shovel the food between my burgeoning cheeks.

In spite of myself, I was enjoying the thick, creamy cereal and ate heartily for Sloane. “See,” he said. “You are really turned on by being force fattened, Jenna. Admit it to yourself.”

I could admit nothing. I ate steadily, not slowing down. Mouthful after mouthful I felt my belly pushing out again. “That’s it, relax your stomach muscles. Yes, you want it. Be a greedy girl. Soon even your ass and thighs will enlarge to match your belly growth as it rapidly increases. You will bloom so hugely you won’t be able to see your feet,” he whispered into my ear.

I couldn’t believe I was getting excited. Sloane knew how to push my buttons. I’m sure he knew how wet he was making me, but he never let on.

“Come on, luv, faster...there’s much more where that comes from...I bet you feel your belly becoming full...I can see your clothing is starting to stretch tighter across your ever-increasing girth, luv...so sexy...”

I felt the weight of the cereal settling in...so heavy...making me so thirsty. Sloane smiled when I let out a large burp. “Oh, yes, you’re growing so rotund,” he said, moving onto the bed and straddling my huge belly. I coughed and sputtered as he pushed the funnel deep into my mouth. He produced a gallon of spring water that he began to hydrate me with – pouring it slowly into the funnel. I gasped...glug...glug...glug...the water flowed into me...I was expanding more. Sloane would pull back for short periods of time allowing me to rest, and then would begin anew.

“It feels good, doesn’t it?” Sloane would say. “You crave so much more now...soon you’ll be thinking about food all the time.”

I wiggled under him, feeling his stomach brush my sensitive underbelly. The feeling of bursting intensified and the container was only half empty. Then he stopped and switched over to a creamy weight gain shake, further flooding my belly, bulging fuller.

“When was the last time you really had the pleasure of being able to really eat? To feed until you felt as if you couldn’t handle another bite? Then you had to lie back to try to relieve some of the pressure...” My swallowing quickened. “...unfastening your skirt to free your growing, tight belly to have it caressed, and then to be persuaded to devour even more, ever conscious that it will compel your body into developing more fat, turning more ponderous...” He stopped again, pushing his thumb against my belly. I panted as he extracted the funnel from my mouth.

For the next two hours, I was slowly bloating up like a balloon, heavy with water retention and weight gainer shakes. My huge stomach rumbled terribly, sweat beaded my forehead. My shirt exposed glimpses of my bare belly, my white, lacy camisole urged upward long ago. Sloane dabbed my forehead with a wet washcloth as I moaned, my belly inflating drum tight.
I winced as cramps radiated along the sides of my belly, making me gasp for breath. Sloane then unbuttoned the remaining buttons on my chambray shirt and tan skirt and gingerly rolled up my camisole so it lay under my breast, exposing my bare, bloated belly that jutted out so completely round. Sloane prodded my inflated gut, pushing down into my flesh near the belly button and worked his way outward with me grunting and belching softly as his examination continued.

“I’m sorry. This shouldn’t have happened. Your tummy is severely overloaded. I think you also may be having a reaction to the creatine monohydrate in the weight gainer shake. They call it creatine water bloat. I heard it usually comes with continued use, but then again you’ve had so much food and it may have reacted badly,” he said, worriedly.

I felt bloated and unable to breathe. Even when I could get in a deep breath it felt like I was not getting enough air as my belly rumbled and felt more inflated. “What can you do? I feel like I could rip in half,” I gasped.

Sloane seemed to consider for a moment before answering. “I’m going to work your belly – really gently at first. Then I’ll relax the rest of you with a deep muscle massage – try to loosen you up. Your expanding belly needs plenty of pampering before becoming plumper anyway.”

“Ooooh…that hurts,” I complained.

He started stoking my sides with the heel of his hand…squeezing either side and pushing in and up meeting up at my belly button and then worked his way down again. I swallowed hard, trying to catch my breath. My belly felt even more distended and water logged. I took shallow breaths just to feel comfortable.

“Too…much…pressure,” I grunted, arching my back and thrusting out my ballooning waistline.

Alarmed, Sloane released my bonds and rolled me to my side and into a sitting position at the end of the bed. My belly felt unbearably swollen and heavy. It curved straight out from my breastbone, heaving forward, downward and to the sides. My belly felt like it weighed a ton as it throbbed on my lap, my legs spread as far as they could go. I've never been so enormously stuffed and bloated.

My belly squealed and popped with gas painfully trapped inside, and I would stare at it in amazement as it visibly expanded and fell. I wasn't just bloated, I was inflated, like a blow-up doll. Cramps weakened my lower back, and sometimes a sharp pain made me double over without warning. My wrist ached, straining as I leaned heavily against it. My other hand was kneading the underside of my inflated abdomen that appeared to have expanded three or four times beyond its regular size. Bu, Sloane persisted in manipulating my bulk - placing his palms on my upper belly, rotating flesh in small circular patterns, pressing firmly.

I was half leaned back on the bed now, panting, with my knees spread wide and Sloane standing between them. Sloane’s hands were still on my belly. They grabbed...rubbed it, stretching and prodding. He worked over my belly, my sides, and my thighs, pulling, grinding my flesh harder and harder. I felt slight twinges of pain and sweat roll down my back. Someone was moaning... was it me?

“Please don’t touch me!” I gasped. “I’m going to pop.”

Sloane wedged pills between my teeth and had me swallow them with a little water. “Take it,” he ordered. “It’s simethicone. It will help reduce your bloating and gas.”

Pressure…more pressure…I’m cramping up with gas…feel so mammoth now. As the pressure increased, I pushed my belly out as Sloane’s fingers ground into me…my flesh compelled upward, still pressing and rubbing in a circular pattern. Visions of me as a human balloon clouded my vision…completely inflated…moaning. I found myself on my back again. My belly was poking out and up, thrust up higher than the rest of me. I know it’s really not but I felt so incredibly stretched and blown up. I writhed under his ministrations; waves of nausea nearly overwhelmed me.

His hands worked on my thighs now…deeply massaging my muscles and kneading and stretching the huge mound above them. Until…“Ohhh! Buuuurrrrrrrrrppppppppppppp!” I finally belched, explosively. "Phhrrrruuuuu! Ohhh! It feels like I'm going to explode!" I moaned as a wave of
cramps hit me again. He rolled me onto my enormous belly. I was making small grunting noises as he pushed down on my buttocks, grinding my belly into the bed. I strained, concentrating on breathing deeply as he instructed me to do. I strained as I felt a loud gurgling sound deep within my gut and then I let out an even bigger belch. As the gas began to dissipate, I could only moan as the pressure inside my overfed gut decreased.

Beads of sweat stood out on my forehead which Sloane wiped away with a wet washcloth. I allowed him to pull off my skirt and shirt, so that I lay clad in only straining bikini underpants and the white lacy camisole which he had pulled under my breasts like a tube top. As I lay on my stomach, he massaged my back, sides, buttocks, thighs, calves, and feet for more than an hour. In no time I was moaning in pleasure. He had magic fingers, seeming to know every soreness zone, as well as erogenous, I was never aware of before.

Eventually he positioned me on my side with my knees up, so as to get to my expanded belly, which was still very distended, then he turned me to my other side to get the left side of my bloated belly. For a long time he gently rubbed my 218 pounds – probably more now – until the pressure ceased, leaving me an exhausted lump. I must have dropped off for awhile because it was almost one in the afternoon.

I struggled, but couldn’t get up. I was just too fat to move. Sloane came over and helped me to the bathroom. I felt slow, almost sloth-like, as I took a long time to urinate and wash up in the sink. When I came out again, he supported me as he had me walk a bit around the suite of rooms he had rented out for his stay in Manhattan. The bedroom was right next to the bathroom, and an alcove enclosed the large Jacuzzi tub. The living room was spacious and right next to it an open kitchen with large refrigerator, stove, microwave, and mini- bar.

He sat me in a recliner near the window with a lovely view of Central Park. Sloane lowered my chair completely and set the back in its farthest reclining position. He stopped to massage my gut as he went into the kitchen to prepare our lunch. “I’m just going to bring you in some chicken soup and sandwiches. We won’t do the shakes again. And we’ll take it easy. Too much too soon and your belly will burst open like a balloon. I’ll just keep you gaining steadily…enjoying your fantasy, ok?” Sloane said.

“Sloane?” I called after him.

He turned and came back to my side. “I’m hungry,” I said. “I want you to help me to eat.”

A smile lit up his face. “Are you sure?”

“I’ve been thinking. I came here to live out something that has been a fantasy of mine for a long time. I want you to fatten me up, Sloane. Just take it easy on me, please,” I replied.

He immediately went into the kitchen and brought out our lunch. The funny thing is that I actually felt it rumble in hunger this time. He must have stretched my stomach more than he thought. He cut the sandwiches into quarters and began to feed me.

“How do you think your husband will react to your weight gain?” he asked me.

“He probably won’t even notice,” I said between bites. “I could balloon up twice my size and as long as I could make a decent appearance at a dinner party, he would care less.”

“That’s it, Jenna. Swallow those down…eat…feed that belly… Oh your poor belly is rumbling. It really needs to be fed. Come on. Eat up…Go on. Just one more mouthful. You know you want it. Think about how good it tastes. Mmm…you can’t get to twice your size if you won’t eat…” Sloane encouraged.

"Umf-hmph," I mumbled.

I finished my lunch feeling stuffed to the point of being uncomfortable again. He slipped behind me and slowly massaged my belly. “Yeah, now you are filled up. That's what it will take…you're going to learn to love that stuffed feeling because that's the way I desire you to eat,” Sloane said, tapping my round belly filled to capacity.

"I can't move!" I sighed happily, rubbing my firmly distended middle. My engorged belly rounded out, pushing my camisole upward and my bikini underwear firmly underneath my new girth.

Sloane smiled and outlined his plans for me for the week. But his plans were to change the next day when I received a surprise call from Vince early in the morning on my cell phone. He said he’d be in Manhattan on business next Tuesday and I should extend my stay and meet him at the Waldorf Astoria at seven in the evening. Sloane was overjoyed, saying that now I could eat my way through the Big Apple.

Story continued in post 3 of this thread

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Early Thursday morning, we boarded the ferry for Staten Island. It was a relatively short trip; we then took a cab to the zoo. After a walk through the zoo, he took me to the pizza demonstration first. Then after feasting on samples there, Sloane took me to the next booth and then the next…and the next. At first, I couldn't feel anything, and then I began to sense pressure on the inside, as I was becoming bloated. As I ate, my belly began to really enlarge until the t-shirt Sloane bought me began to ride up and stretch to translucency.

When I started to slow down and complain about being full, he’d pull me into the bushes to massage my abdomen. "I think you are not full yet, not there at all,” Sloane would say.

I had the feeling that I was getting tremendously bigger. I also suddenly felt the need to fill up every last crevice of space in my larger belly. So, I began to gulp down the food greedily as fast as it came. An ominous gurgle from my belly forced me to slow. "Ooooo!" I groaned. "I really overdid it. I feel like a whale!"

I looked several months pregnant with food. My belly was blown up bigger than the night before. I moaned as I held it and Sloane guided me from the shaded grove. When we got into the shelter of the bushes, he did something unexpected. Not only did he rub my belly, but also my nipples which were already quite erect. I whimpered feeling electricity flow into my groin making me momentarily forget the bloating sensations of my overinflated belly. He sat me down on a log, my legs spread wide so he could sit in between them, pushing up my shirt. Sloane then began to suckle my full breasts as he stroked my big belly.

I stifled a moan, so as not to attract attention and bring anyone to interrupt us. I felt I was being sucked dry, and I was incredibly excited as he twisted, teased and milked me hard, the suctioning noises becoming more distinct as he and I became more sexually aroused. I was aching, my skin stretched to the limit of its elasticity. He pulled the sweatpants that he had bought me down further to get at my underbelly, not stopping the teasing of my tits. I shook as I became keyed up. A rustling nearby stopped him. He heaved me to my feet and I pulled up my pants over my bloated belly. It was impossible to tug down my shirt. It had become a true belly shirt, my belly sticking out proudly.

Sloane helped me walk slowly through the zoo, into a cab, and back on the ferry. The remainder of the day was spent with me tied down on the bed, except that my hands were roped down to my sides where I could cradle my swelling belly. I had straps across my chest and legs, and across the top and around my belly. As I was being blown up with the rich food Sloane was feeding me, he would suck on my breasts, causing me to get excited and eat more lustily, unaware of how swollen I was becoming. His lips at my breast lapped away as I enlarged.

“Your belly is starting to feel stuffed and tight, isn’t Jenna?” Sloane whispered. “Yes, I can see that. You know you’re not going to be able to fit into any of your clothes because you’re getting too fat.”

I was so full that my bloated belly looked like a beach ball, straining my skimpy sweatpants. I could barely breathe and only wanted to lie still on my back and rub my big, bloated belly, but Sloane had other ideas. He left for a moment and I heard the water running in the Jacuzzi. He untied me and helped me roll to the side of the bed, half carrying me to the water.

“All those clothes I bought you are straining to hold you in now, aren’t they?” Sloane said, as he helped me out of my clothing. “And what’s going to happen when you have to go and meet your hubby in your old clothes? Every nuance of each pound will be seen…that is, if you can even fasten your buttons.”

He lowered me into the warm, bubbling water clad only in my bikini underwear. “Your belly should feel soothed soon…and then time for more feasting, luv,” he said, rubbing my expanded abdomen. “Nothing fits, and still I bet you’re thinking of food, aren’t you?”

Sloane never required any answers. He began applying a thick layer of a sugar rub into my belly and breasts. The tiny, coarse granules enveloped in dense oily fragrance danced over my nipples and sore belly. When I was moaning in pleasure, he started to pop chocolate truffles in my mouth – one at a time.

“Your belly is growing, can you feel it?” Sloane asked. “With piece after piece…I bet I’m going to have to go out and get you a girdle or one of those pretty corsets and lace you in forcefully…harness your emerging fat…just so you can close the zipper of your pants. Won’t your hubby be all shocked if he were to see you like this…blimping…porking out…pants snug in the seat…waistband cutting off your circulation…belly pouring over…But he won’t will he?”

I was moaning - my belly buoyant in the bubbling water. I was so turned on by his words, his fondling of my breasts, and his soft caresses of my plump belly, I could barely control myself - still eating and lost in pleasure.

“You’re going to keep him in the dark…all laced up…barely breathing…your fat squeezed…restrained in boning and laces…are you going to be able to breathe, I wonder…or are you just going to burst from your lacing…fattened flesh exploding outward…” Sloane whispered seductively into my ear.

I wanted him so badly then. He was pouring water over my body, washing me clean. I lay back with my eyes closed. Then – I gasped as he abruptly came behind me, seized me under my arms and hauled me from the water as if pulling in a net of fish from the ocean. I shivered from the cold of the marble floor. It wasn’t until then that I finally could comprehend my predicament. Simple breathing had become grueling – my stomach stretched outward to such enormous proportions.

I groaned, feeling the pressure that the bubbling water had been masking.

“You’re becoming a true hungry fat girl now,” Sloane said almost accusingly, compelling me to eat more. My already tremendously swollen belly was hastily expanding. He placed his hand on top of it and patted it lightly. “You look like I inflated you…so big now…so much fatter…one more bite and you will burst…”

One more truffle was popped into my mouth, but luckily I did not burst – although I felt I would at any moment. He hovered above me then knelt over me, barely able to wrap his arms around my beach ball-sized belly. I belched softly, so stuffed full, not able to move. He was then on me…kissing and licking my belly…working his way up to my breasts…then I felt his fingertips stroking my clit.

“No…we can’t…” I gasped.

“We won’t…we promised no intercourse…but your belly is swollen like you ate a watermelon whole…you must be suffering terribly from the intense weight…so heavy…I just want to lessen some of the strain…” he said, plunging his fingers deep inside of me.

My body shuddered all over…his fingers working their magic and his lips pressed to my breast. I was in agony…my belly so tightly packed, but also the intense delight at what he was doing to be was almost more than I could bear. I cried out for him to hold me…to push me to my limits…to move me faster…then ecstasy was reached as I climaxed again and again…so strongly. Exhaustion hit me fast. I had to be carried back to the bed. I remembered nothing else.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

We toured the other boroughs…Queens, the Bronx, and then left them entirely to visit the vineyards on the tip of Long Island. I was treated to wine and cheese tastings, a festival in Queens where we must have sampled every food stand, and a few seafood restaurants at City Island in the Bronx. I was coached, stuffed, coerced, and compelled to eat as much and as often as my budding belly could manage. Sloane, himself at times looked quite bloated as he tried to keep up the appearance of joining in…thinking quite rightly that it would look strange if only I was eating. So, he would order something he deemed suitable at every place, his belly rounding out…moaning faintly as he endeavored to rub away some of the tenderness.

My belly jutted out more and more…barely deflating. I had no idea how much I was putting on since Sloane refused to bring in the scale until my last day. I just knew it was considerable since my clothing could no longer be persuaded to close. I took to wearing the stretch pants and large over shirts Sloane had been providing me with since Wednesday. My belly was kept expanded, stretching the limits of my clothes. On Sunday, when I had finally pushed the last plate away consisting of a seafood au gratin and was pleasantly stuffed, that we left to make our long trek back into Manhattan, but not before visiting a Ben and Jerry’s for an ice cream sundae for me to eat in Sloane’s hotel room.

Story continued in post 4 of this thread

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A visit to Chinatown was planned for Monday; Sloane had planned a surprise for me. We went out for a huge breakfast, or I should say I did. He ordered two hungry-man breakfasts and only ate a few slices of buttered toast. So, I had two 3-egg omelets with cheese and vegetables, two stacks of pancakes, sausage, bacon, toast, orange juice, and coffee. I ate and ate, devouring everything until I sat back, groaning in contentment. How did I stuff all that food into me? Sometimes my gluttony surprised me. I felt so wickedly bloated. Reclining in my chair I stared down at the straining buttons on my shirt. I sighed, knowing that I would have to move shortly. Sloane was up at the register paying the check.

My belly had been arduously stuffed with food at breakfast and yet I still experienced faint hunger pangs. My fingers massaged my round belly.

"You look so sexy sitting there,” Sloane whispered into my ear as he helped me from my chair. “Your poor stretched belly has become larger. And is that a groaning I hear? Could you possibly be still hungry? I’ll take care of that later. Right now we’re late for an appointment.”

We entered a massage and skin care center near Chinatown. Sloane had set up appointments for a massage for the two of us. We were taken into separate rooms. I instructed to remove all my clothing and to lie face down on the table under the fresh, crisp linen on the table. After disrobing, I lay down on my back first, but then remembering the instructions flipped over onto my huge belly. It felt as if I had put several pillows under me which raised my backside up slightly, but it was only my belly swollen from a filling breakfast.

A pretty older blonde woman came in. She was very light skinned and looked almost of Nordic descent. The woman introduced herself as Pia, and told me that her parents were actually Finnish. Pia herself had a very broad and powerful build with big hands and long fingers. She quickly set to work on me, pulling off the coverings, exposing my naked flesh. Pia started at my head and neck, working her way down my back. Her probing fingers finally came to rest on my upraised behind. She startled me when she mounted the table and straddled me. Balanced on my belly, I soon found myself grunting as she roughly kneaded and squeezed my backside.

“This is good,” she said to me in a thick accent. “You have good muscle tone.”

Then I felt her slightly nudge the sides of my belly. “Mr. Sloane said you have been well fed,” Pia said, admiringly. “Oh, you must be uncomfortable with all your weight on your stomach. Why don’t you turn upright?”

Groaning with effort, I rolled over, and then pushed myself up on my elbows to watch Pia go to the other table to retrieve the heated lavender-fragranced oil. Pia had me lie down again. I retrieved the sheet, pulling it over me. My heavy belly created a perfect round curve against the sheet.

Pia pulled down the sheet again so it just covered my sex and legs. She expertly prodded my belly as if appraising it, measuring it with her hands and eyes. “Your tummy is very firm…or should I say full. Mr. Sloane must have just fed you,” she assessed.

“Does Mr. Sloane bring his girls here often?” I asked her, taken back by her comments.

“Only one before…a long time ago. She had been just starting to thicken. After several visits over many months, she slowly expanded. I loved working her as she swelled with fat. Mr. Sloane knows how much I enjoy working on truly ponderous bodies. He should know, he was so deliciously fat at one time,” Pia replied.

“He was?” I asked.

“Why, yes. He weighed over 350 pounds before he was forced to lose weight. He said his wife put him on a diet. And, the poor man lost all that lovely poundage,” she explained. “Not that he isn’t attractive now. I still like to give him a happy ending massage. But it’s you that is important right now. Tell me if there is anything that I’m doing that makes you uncomfortable. Mr. Sloane wanted me to give you a full treatment, but I won’t if you decide as we go that it’s too intense for you.”

With that information to ponder, she poured oil liberally over her hands and then started kneading my breasts…rubbing and tugging at my erect nipples… pressing down on my food-filled abdomen, toward my equally swollen lower belly. Then she stopped, worked a lever on the side of the table and I felt my legs spreading apart as the table split so that my legs were opened very wide and my backside stuck out just over the edge. Then another level dropped my legs down a few inches. I felt pressure in my belly as it was forced to jut forward slightly.

Her thin fingers gripped my stuffed belly which rumbled slightly. I was embarrassed that even though it was so rounded, I was still hungry and looking for more. She only smiled and applied pressure to this sides, squeezing it between her fingers…compressing the flesh. I started grunting like a stuck pig as she rolled me out, attempting to flatten me out.

“Feel good?” Pia asked. “I bet Sloane has really been working on you. Were you amazed that you could swell so fat? You have grown round and soft.”

I grunted and groaned as the pressure increased. Then I gasped as I felt her tongue trace a line down my bloated belly. “You are ripe…just beginning to blossom,” she said. “Do you want the full treatment?”

“Yes,” I panted.

She moved between my plump thighs and separated my labia with her fingers. I moaned as I felt her pull away its fleshy hood, fully exposing my clit. “I bet you’ve never had a woman do that before have you?” Pia asked. I shook my head no. “Then you don’t know that only a woman knows how it is really done.”

Soon her lips were around my clit and began to gently suck on it. I was soon in ecstasy as she expertly worked me to multiple orgasms. Then my legs were pushed back together, I was turned on my stomach again, and Pia finished my massage with long, gentle strokes.

“So, you liked your massage?” Sloane asked me after we left.

“Yes, I did very much, thank you,” I replied. “Did you like yours?”

Sloane smiled. “I always enjoy my massages here. I come here every once in a while. It’s a good stress buster.”

“Oh, I agree,” I added.

We arrived at our first destination in Chinatown a little after two o’clock in the afternoon. We were ravenous. The restaurant which specialized in dim sum was quiet now, having just completed the lunch rush. Rolling carts with many large bamboo baskets began to come in our direction. We filled our plates with shrimp dumplings, vegetarian dumplings with tofu and pickled cabbage, pork dumplings wrapped in thin wheat flour wrappers, and a variety of fluffy buns filled with barbecued pork and other meats with vegetables. And, then there were pot stickers, shanghai steamed buns, spring rolls, and Char Siew Sou, which were a baked flaky pastry with sesame seeds and honey and filled with barbecued pork and onions.

I ate steadily for an hour, washing the rich food down with cup after cup of oolong tea. Before long, I began to feel full and looked down. I had swollen quickly from stuffing myself with every morsel they served me, plus what must have been almost a gallon of tea I poured in my expanding body also plumped me up. Sloane rubbed my belly appreciatively. He seemed awed by its size. I think I was truly staggered by how much food I could now take in and how round I could grow.

“Let’s overstuff that belly of yours…really so much you can put into it,” Sloane encouraged. “Come on, Jenna, I know you're still famished. And, you’ve been such a greedy girl. See they are bringing out the perfect cure for your hunger."

I watched as the servers brought in more food, including desserts. My belly quivered in anticipation, as my mouth watered. As Sloane piled my plate up high yet again, my frenzied fingers took hold of the chop sticks, methodically spearing the food, plopping it in my mouth, and swallowing.

Soon I had to pause, since my continually swelling belly pressed me away from the table. I was forced to shift sideways. As my demanding lower belly swelled bigger and bigger, my bulging flesh tortured my pliable clothing. My now massive lower belly bulged and had again transformed my already rotund belly into a colossal weighty sphere.

“Come on now, fill that fat belly….look how immensely fat…so engorged…and so much farther to go…” Sloane began.

I reached over my belly for more food. I continued to stuff myself fast and furiously, demolishing all that was in front of my eye as Sloane whispered verses of encouragement. When I was finally able to pull myself away, I had to hold myself with both arms and squeeze, hard, to relieve the pressure on my aching gut. My pants were stretched to the limit, and my shirt was showing huge gaps between the straining buttons.

Sloane inspected my greatly distended torso with satisfaction, patting my roundness the way a farmer pats his prize-winning pig. I had a significantly overstuffed belly and was totally bloated. I felt my belly stretched tight, almost constricting my ribcage.

“Come on, luv,” Sloane said, holding a spoon to my lips. “You haven’t tried the congee…come, come, it’s just rice porridge with big pieces of mango and lots of sweet condensed milk… “

Groaning, I clenched my hands against my distended belly as Sloane, still smiling in amusement, crammed more and more food into my mouth, my frenzied fingers working furiously to rub my expanding girth. But why was he swelling me so immensely fat when he knew we were so far away from the hotel? As I gasped my belly pressed me back, forcing me to spread my thighs, trying to relax my throat and stomach muscles as the flow of food, gushed into me. I was groaning helplessly as I continued consuming the rich porridge.

I ate and ate until I collapsed back, gasping in pain. After I consumed most of the food, I moaned in anguish and sprawled back. My skin was stretched tight as a drum. My belly ached from the all the food I had been compelled to eat. My fingers desperately gripped my obscenely expanded belly; I was so bloated with food. My shirt was open in several places where the buttons had given way.

Sloane gave me a peck on the cheek and rose to go and pay the hefty check. Through my food-induced haze, I did spot Sloane’s well-rounded middle spilling over his tight jeans. I was glad he was able to overindulge as well. Pia was right. His body would look even better with more weight.

My huge body felt too fattened to move. I hauled my ponderous weight up, grunting with the effort. Sloane moved me quite slowly to the door, into a cab, and back to the apartment. His reasoning for fattening me up became quickly apparent upon our return to the hotel. With my body being so blown up and immensely fattened to its corpulent state, I was totally under his influence. Candles were lit, soft music was played, and the Jacuzzi was filled with water and rose petals. After removing all my clothing and lowering me into the frothy bubbles, he joined me.

For hours afterward, he caressed and pampered me from head to toe. He sucked my breasts and rubbed my belly until I was in the throes of passion, and then held a vibrator to my clit to send me absolutely over the edge. He did this again and again, until I was pressing up against him, clutching on to him, feeling his shaft harden against my inflated belly, and then watch him as he pleasured himself to climax. He was keeping to our agreement, but I could tell it was just as hard for him as it was for me.

Story continued in post 5 of this thread

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Vince called to check in with me early in the morning, reminding me to be prompt. He was bringing my evening wear and we would be going out at 7:30 that evening. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I liked my fuller figure, but my belly had grown so big. I confided in Sloane that I didn’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t, and I knew I wouldn’t, be able to fit in the evening attire Vince was bringing with him.

Sloane took me out after another big breakfast to the department stores. I settled on an incredibly tight waist cincher, lavender garter belt, and nude stockings. He then bought me some lacy bikini underwear in a larger size. When we passed the bath department, Sloane had me stop near a scale. After removing my shoes, he had me step onto it. It registered 239 pounds. That was a 21-pound gain! No wonder my clothes didn’t fit properly!

“Hmmm…only 239…well you need to gain one more pound to get you to an even 240 pounds before I can return you to your husband this evening. Come on, I have a plan,” Sloane said.

We stopped off at the hotel room to drop off my packages and then headed for the subway on our way to Coney Island in Brooklyn. After a visit to the aquarium and a ride on the Cyclone, he took me to the planned destination – Nathan’s. Sloane plopped me down at a table facing the beach and he came back with a tray brimming with hotdogs, sodas, and cheese fries. Then he went up for another tray and then another. My stomach quickly responded to this new onslaught of calories by swelling anew.

“Your belly is getting so huge!” Sloane said, massaging it so I would keep eating.

Before long I was engorged, having ingested nearly twenty hotdogs, several servings of fries, and about 3 liters of cola. Sloane pressed on my straining flesh, pronounced me full, and then we set off again for Manhattan.

When we got back to the apartment, Sloane put me on the scale. He then had me drink nearly a gallon of heavy cream standing there, until the numbers announced that I was a steady 241 pounds. The rest of the afternoon was spent with Sloane pleasuring me and trying to reduce my belly size with vigorous belly massages, so I would be able to secure myself into my clothing.

About 6:30, I attempted to push my resisting flesh into the cincher. So that it would close, Sloane had me put it on backwards with the little hooks and zipper to the back, laying on the bed and holding my breath as he pulled and stretched the fabric and boning. When that didn’t work, he had me hold onto the shower rod and suck in facing him, as he tugged and pulled the cincher closed.

I could barely breathe, but I was secured. My old pants did close, but my seams were straining and my belly still was quite round. I kissed Sloane and hugged him close. He promised he would come to Boston soon. And, after a tearful goodbye, he put me in a cab to meet Vince at the Waldorf Astoria.

The hotel room Vince reserved was fancy and spacious, not that he would have accepted anything less. He barely gave me a look, giving me a peck on the cheek and telling me that he laid out my clothes on the bed and to dress for dinner. While I was getting dressed, he asked how my trip was, what I did, and so on. I answered, not elaborating too much – sticking closely with the story my sister and I had hatched last night on the telephone to maintain my cover.

He told me that we would be meeting his clients in the bar, but he had to make a phone call or two before going down. Vince asked me to go down to greet them in the bar area and he’d meet me downstairs in a few minutes. I kissed him and then went downstairs.

It wasn’t until a few months later that I was told about his phone conversation:

Vince(irritated): "Sloane, you told me that you could do the job."

Sloane (surprised): "She’s hiding most of it from you. She’s up 22 pounds."

Vince (sounding more relaxed): "You didn’t have sex, right?"

Sloane (steadily): "I did what you told me to do…no intercourse, but I did what I had to in order to get her to eat as you instructed."

Vince: "Good. I’ve wanted her to get fat for ages, but I’ve gotten very impatient. I’m glad you gave her a push in the right direction. But don’t make yourself a stranger, I may have to have you transferred up to Boston, if she doesn’t have a mind to gain anymore…or not fast enough."

Sloane: "As always, it would be my pleasure."

Vince: "Good. Your check is in the mail to cover your expenses and a little extra for your trouble."

Sloane (slightly sad): "Of course, sir."

Story continued in post 12 of this thread

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Wow! I so enjoyed this.
You always have this amazing ability to think yourself under the skin of your characters, to be able to experience and describe every last tiny sensation of gaining weight .
Not only that but the classic short story's form was brilliant too.
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Default re

I really did enjoy this story.
The Characters came to live and I liked themtone of the story.
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Thanks, guys. Glad you enjoyed the story. I am currently writing a sequel which I'm hoping to post by next week.
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Originally Posted by lizzy View Post
Thanks, guys. Glad you enjoyed the story. I am currently writing a sequel which I'm hoping to post by next week.

Waiting for your sequels is as exciting as waiting for the pizza delivery girl bringing an extra-large pepperoni-sausage-extra cheese-pepper pizza and garlic-cheese breadsticks.

The anticipation, the expectations are so nice and so unbearable, all at the same time..

Thanks for all that you do to turn us on.

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Waiting for your sequels is as exciting as waiting for the pizza delivery girl bringing an extra-large pepperoni-sausage-extra cheese-pepper pizza and garlic-cheese breadsticks.

The anticipation, the expectations are so nice and so unbearable, all at the same time..

Thanks for all that you do to turn us on.

Thanks, hon. Love the simile.
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Koldun can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesKoldun can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

I really like your stories Lizzy. Not too many people that I've felt compelled to read all the tales of, but yours definitely...
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Second Chances -Parts 1-3

Part 1

“What do you think you’re doing?” Vince asked, curling his lip in disgust.

“Just finishing lunch,” his wife, Jenna replied, looking up from her plate of leftover stew in surprise. Vince hadn’t been expected home until close to six.

Vince stormed into the kitchen putting his Coach briefcase on the center marble island. He quickly observed the empty Tupperware – nearly licked clean.

“Stand up and hold out your arms,” Vince demanded.

Acquainted with Vince’s infamous temper, Jenna swiftly complied, standing very straight. It would have been difficult not to spot how well defined Jenna’s belly was under her stretchy top. Since returned from New York City three months ago, she had packed on another thirteen pounds which brought her weight gain to a whopping thirty-six pounds in seventeen weeks. This brought her current weight up to 253 pounds.

Vince had not allowed her to buy new clothing to replace the clothes that were now too tight or couldn’t get around her larger expanse. He had given his reasoning as “hoping she would gain some sense and shed the weight.” He felt her lack of appropriate clothes would give her “some food for thought” as he put it. “When you’re bursting out of the last of your pants, you’ll be forced to go on a diet, Tubby,” Vince had said with venom.

But she had defied him – not that she could help it. Her appetite and sheer capacity pushed her to eat more and frequently overeat – always craving more.

Vince started his daily tirades about her weight gain the evening she had met him at the Waldorf Astoria after her week long stint in Manhattan being stuffed to gills by her feeder, Sloane. Vince had some very important clients he was entertaining from Egypt and he wanted Jenna to accompany him. She had graciously acquiesced as was her custom when Vince asked her to business-related functions. Although her secret hope had been dashed that he actually wanted to see her and have if not a romantic dinner – at least a pleasant one to themselves.

So, tightly she laced herself into a corset so she would be able to fasten the evening dress Vince had brought her from home, which made it difficult, if not impossible, to breathe, let alone eat. Jenna was pleasant and held up her end of the conversation, but her lack of appetite was noticed even by one of Vince’s clients. “You’ve barely touched your meal,” he said.

Jenna had answered, “I must have gotten caught up in all the pleasant conversation.”

“Well, we mustn’t put you off enjoying your dinner,” Vince had laughed, putting a dinner roll to her lips. Although his face was all smiles, his eyes were shooting her daggers. She took his offering, swallowing it with a half smile.

Jenna busied herself cutting her chicken cordon bleu into small pieces as the men spoke of business dealings. Vince eyed her urgently. Jenna sighed inwardly, plastering a smile on her face and put the first of many morsels in her mouth. Vince smiled almost triumphantly and continued his discussion, ignoring her presence at the table almost entirely.

"I must be almost done being of any use," Jenna thought to herself.

In the meantime, Jenna played the role of the demure housewife leaving the business talk to the men as she struggled to keep her breathing steady as she felt her belly swelling becoming tightly girdled…squeezing…no place to go. Jenna felt like a balloon stretched to the ends of its elasticity, but still being inflated. Luckily, the waiter began to clear the table, saving Jenna from the last few painful mouthfuls. She was finally able to excuse herself and take refuge in the ladies room.

In the stall, Jenna huffed and puffed, trying to readjust her undergarments. But it was useless. If she loosened it, she was sure to bust out of her dress. She looked at her watch. "Dinner couldn't last too much longer," she thought.

Upon her return to the table, Jenna was horrified to discover that Vince had taken the liberty to order everyone dessert and brandy. Jenna was glad for the cordial which she drank quicker than she would normally. It dulled the pain of the bloat. It gave her the vigor to tackle the velvety chocolate mousse. But the dessert was soon finished and the dinner was finally at an end.

She was barely able to hold off her groaning. Soon as the elevator doors closed with just her and Vince inside, she leaned against the wall, both hands wrapped around her midsection as she moaned in agony. Looking around as if to see that they weren’t being observed, Vince helped Jenna from the elevator and half-carried her into the hotel room.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Vince demanded.

“Help…I need you to help me out of my girdle…”Jenna cried.

“Crap! How much weight have you put on?” Vince asked, unzipping her.

As Jenna unhooked herself, her flesh poured out.

“What have you been eating while you were staying with your sister?" Vince exclaimed. “How did you get so fat?” He had put his big hands on her belly and gave it a good shake. It barely moved, it was so tightly packed – a full day of eating.

That twenty-two pound gain caused her so much grief. Vince was on her case constantly asking how much she ate on a particular day…how much exercise she had…how much of a pig she was becoming.


Now, she stood before her husband as he marched around her, inspecting her inflated middle, poking, and prodding her. She hadn’t meant to eat the entire two-quart container of beef stew, but she’d been starving herself for most of the week and had barely lost a pound.

“You’re really porking out like the fat piggy you are,” Vince said, grabbing the rolls of fat squeezed from the waistband of her tight jeans. Jenna pushed down the faint feeling of desire that surfaced in her as he continued to grab and gyrate her unyielding flesh.

“Just how fat are you planning on getting, Jenna?” Vince asked. “You’re a real plumper – blowing yourself up like a giant balloon.”

“Vince, I…” she began.

“You know,” Vince cut in, beginning to pace before her, “I’m through with this! You want to fatten up, then I’ll help you. I’ll feed you so full you won’t be able to walk. Sit down, now.”

He pushed Jenna roughly into a seat. He grabbed a long loaf of Italian bread, teaching off the end. Vince then stuffed the end fully into her mouth.

“Mmphfft...” Jenna gulped, the bread jammed firmly into her mouth.

“Now, you’ll eat every bite,” Vince said, barely giving her time to finish before pushing the whole loaf into her face.

The scene resembled some sort of depraved cartoon – Vince on one side and she on the other with the bread in between…him pushing the bread into her…crumbs covering her chest…cheeks horribly swollen …chewing…more of the bread pushed into her gaping mouth…belly swelling…feeling the back of her head pushed against the wall as she slowly devoured every bite…her head bobbing back and forth…clutching her inflating middle.

When she finished, she could only cry, “Please stop…I’m too full…”

“I’m just giving you what you want, Tubby…a good stuffing,” he growled, pulling out a container of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, beginning to spoon it into her mouth. “Don’t you enjoy swelling so fat, darling girl? Don’t you like your big belly?”

“Too much…really stuffed…full,” Jenna managed to plead between mouthfuls.

Amazingly, he stopped, but instead of putting it away he stuck it in the microwave and melted it to a liquid state. Coming behind her, he roughly tilted back her head, making her consume every drop. Jenna sat there, gripping her sore belly.

“I’m leaving you!” Jenna cried.

“Don’t be ridiculous. I’ll cut you off – you’ll be penniless - remember the prenuptual agreement you signed,” he snapped. “I’ll take the children away from you. I’ll show the judge how much of a good for nothing you’ve become – a pampered piglet. Now get your corpulence onto that treadmill, now!”

Jenna sniffled, but complied knowing her back was pushed up against the proverbial wall. He turned the treadmill up to 5.5 and had her jog, her hands clutching her swollen underbelly. As she ran huffing, puffing, and red-faced, Vince turned away from her, hiding his swelling hard-on. He half closed the door, unzipping his pants. He watched her struggle as he masturbated.

Vince finally had to close the door as he climaxed, shooting loads of sperm.
He hastily cleaned up, shouted into Jenna to get off the machine, and get serous about her diet. He then picked up his cell phone, looking through the phone numbers, chose one, and pushed dial.

“Hello,” a deep masculine voice responded on the other end.

“It’s me,” Vince replied. “I require your services once again.”

“Things aren’t going as you expected?” the man asked.

“No, Sloane, I’m greatly disappointed in her lack of growth,” Vince began. “I was more than pleased when she displayed your results to me. But she has not continued your work.”

“Have you encouraged her to eat more?” Sloan questioned.

“Of course, I have,” Vince snapped. “After that first evening when it appeared she was dieting, I began to cajole her and even pushed her harder to diet – a little reverse psychology. Jenna always needed handling. She did exactly the opposite, as I suspected and started putting on weight. But she has only gone up another thirteen pounds or so.”

“You know with normal activities she won’t put on the weight as fast?” Sloane asked. “Perhaps you’re pushing her too hard.”

“No, I don’t think so,” Vince answered. “I think she actually requires a harder push – that’s where you come in. I’m transferring you to Boston. I’ve already arranged for an apartment and will pay your moving costs. I’ll give you the pay scale we had agreed upon when you preformed this service a few months ago and I will send you a bonus schedule for each – shall we say twenty pounds acquired. This, of course, is in addition to our normal salary in the company.”

Sloane just shook his head. The man was so cold. The fattening of his wife was just another business dealing for him, not the pleasurable experience if should have been.

“Will you be bringing your wife and sons with you?” Vince asked.

“Ah…no. We’re legally separated…things haven’t worked out,” Sloane explained sadly.

“Sorry to hear that,” Vince said. He wasn’t sorry. In fact, he was elated. This way Jenna would have Sloane’s undivided attentions. “So, how soon could you get here?”

“Oh, I’d say early next week. I just have to tie up a few loose ends here,” Sloane replied. “Has it ever entered your mind that perhaps she doesn’t wish to gain any more weight?”

Vince chuckled. “Her desires are immaterial. She’s my wife and I desire her to be an immensely plump one at that. I want you to make sure this happens. I’ll be moving around my schedule so I won’t be at home much. Take her out. Do whatever you deem necessary to ensure the final outcome. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” Sloane answered and hung up.

Story continued in post 13 of this thread

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Ten days later, as Jenna was shopping at the grocery store she ran into Sloane. Sloane’s cart was filled with beer, chips, prepackaged salads, and a bag of potatoes, a roast beef, and some canned food items.

“Sloane!” Jenna started. “Oh, my lord!”

Sloane gave her a hug. “You look so good. How have you been?”

In fact, Sloane was shocked by her appearance – her face pale, eyes had lost their sparkle, and her hair had somehow lost its luster. Jenna was still appealingly plump, but she looked sickly and drown. This was not the happy woman he had left back in NYC. She seemed a shadow of herself.

“Oh…fine,” she replied. “What are you doing in these parts?”

“My division was just transferred here. I moved into my new apartment yesterday – just picking up some supplies,” Sloane said, pointing to his full cart. “Say, why don’t you come for dinner tonight. I’m making a roast.”

“Oh, I don’t know, Sloane. You see I’ve been watching my weight…” she began.

“Oh, no pressure,” Sloane cut in. “Just a friendly dinner – promise. I wouldn’t want to force you to do anything you didn’t want to do.”

“I remember a time when you did,” Jenna said with a sly smile.

“You had said you wanted to so something like that when we corresponded…I’ll do whatever you want…even eat the entire roast if that’s what you desire,” Sloane answered, not quite believing what he just suggested.

Sloane had been overweight when he had met his soon to be ex-wife, Julia. As they dated and his happiness increased, so did his waistline. Two years after their wedding, he had ballooned to almost 350 pounds. Then Julia had gotten into a health kick, dropping all the baby weight and then some. She insisted that he do the same. It took well over a year before he took off the weight, bringing him down to a slimmer 195 pounds.

Meeting Jenna had not only made a lasting impression on his mind, but also on his waistline. It brought his weight to 218 pounds. This weight gain did not go unnoticed with Jenna. She noticed that his belly was a bit pudgier and his waist had thickened. She nearly blushed when she realized that she had been gawking at his midsection.

“Well, Vince will be attending a cocktail party in town tonight,” Jenna mused. “I think I can make it…yes…yes…I’ll be there.”

“Fantastic,” Sloane replied, writing down his address for her. It was only five miles from her home.


Jenna arrived at Sloane’s apartment around seven o’clock that evening. She stomped her feet, kicking off the loose snow from her brown, leather boots. She rang the bell and was buzzed in. Jenna slowly walked up the narrow stairwell of the old apartment building to the second floor. Sloane greeted her with a hug and took her coat. His eyes immediately took her in, moving up and down her form. She wore a tight-fitting chocolate-brown skirt, knee-length boots, and a chunky apricot-colored sweater- her belly poked out just enough to be visible.

He took her on a brief tour of the place. Mostly everything he owned was still back in New York in a storage unit, but Vince had given him some money for furnishings – a small kitchen table with two chairs, sofa, coffee table, and computer desk – all picked up the day before yesterday from IKEA. The futon bed and large, oak cedar chest holding most of his clothing were the only two things he brought from home other than a few boxes of books and some personal items.

At the conclusion of the tour, he showed her into the living room and poured her a glass of Merlot. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons was playing in the background. Sloane left her alone for a few minutes to put the finishing touches on their dinner – occasionally calling to her from the kitchenette.

Jenna spent the time strolling around his living room, sipping her wine and browsing the bookshelves that were built into the walls. The shelves were lined with pictures of his sons as well as detective novels, a book on the history of food, assorted cookbooks, a few fitness related books, one on fly fishing, and a few travel guides about Rome, Paris, Boston, Germany, travel in the US Midwest, and England. Otherwise, there were a few stray boxes half-opened lining the bottom shelves.

“Dinner’s ready!” Sloane called into the living room.

Sloane had thrown a plain linen tablecloth across the small round table and place a vase of Jenna’s favorite flowers, yellow roses, at its center. A heaping bowl of mashed potatoes, brown gravy, plain green salad, parker house rolls, and mixed steamed vegetables joined the roast beef.

"I know I shouldn't eat, but I'm so hungry. Perhaps a little won't really hurt,"
Jenna said to herself.

Jenna ate with great enthusiasm, finishing the large portions Sloane had doled out for her. His plate also was piled high with the rich, well-seasoned food. Her stomach, not used to the weight of a good dinner, began to visibly swell, protruding sharply from under her sweater.

Sloane’s own belly began to pooch outward, becoming rounder and more pronounced – his chinos feeling increasingly constrictive. He made sure his eating matched her own so she didn’t feel that she was being deliberately fattened for the slaughter – which consequently was exactly what her husband had in mind for her. But he put those thoughts to the back of his mind and concentrated on how much better his meal was when Jenna shared it with him.

They chatted gaily – so engrossed in conversation that they didn’t notice that between them they had devoured most of the roast beef and all of the fixings. Sloane became slowly aware of this only when he discovered that he was having difficulty leaning forward – his belly a fat, tight ball.

Jenna was similarly affected, except she didn’t feel her waistband digging into her expanded middle since her button had never been fastened on her skirt. It had been held shut by a rubber band that had expanded with her.

Sloane felt wickedly bloated. “You know, Jenna, I’ve been worried about you,” Sloane began, leaning back in his chair, absently rubbing his overstuffed belly. “Are things going alright with Vince?”

Jenna’s eyes lowered to the floor. “Well, things have always been rather complicated when it comes to Vince. He’s a man who knows his own mind. You can’t have a different opinion especially when it comes to things at home. It’s always been his way or no way.”

“Don’t you have a say in what goes on in your own home at all?” Sloane asked.

“Not since I gave up my job to raise our four children. According to Vince, I’m not entitled to an opinion since I don’t contribute monetarily to the household," Jenna stated.

Sloane shook his head. “That’s terrible, Jenna. I had no idea.”

“I’ve gotten used to it. But I have been working on putting my career back on track,” Jenna said cheerfully. "He doesn’t know that I’ve secretly gone back to work for the magazine I used to work for before Vince and I were married. I’ve been working part time writing articles under a pen name so Vince wouldn’t find out – that is, until I’m ready to tell him. I just need a little more time.”

“Are you planning on divorcing him?” he asked.

“Yes, but I need to have some money put aside for a good lawyer. I know Vince will fight me for the children just out of spite. He’s an incredibly wealthy and well-connected business man,” she answered.

“Is it all on the up and up or is he involved in something unsavory?” Sloane asked - his interest peaked.

“I’ve had my suspicions but can’t prove anything. . . I really don’t know anything about his business dealings other than accompanying him to an occasional company function. Anyway, enough about me… what have you been doing with yourself?” she asked.

Sloane told her the narrative of his current situation – leaving out that he was hired by her husband to beef her up, of course. He told her that his wife would be maintaining custody of his two sons and he would have visitation. They were being very cordial about the whole thing. It was something that they had both wanted for a long time.

Sloane then asked Jenna if she would consider accompanying him to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. He told her about that there was an exhibition by Stefano Arienti called The Asian Shore he thought she would enjoy seeing. After consulting with her mini-date book, she saw that Vince would be occupied and her kids, John (age 14), Devon (age 10), Meghan (ages), and Andrew (age 5), would be in school and involved in after-school care or the sports program – so she agreed.

With that decided upon, Sloane served the cherry pie Jenna had brought for dessert. Jenna felt a sharp stab of pain as the rubber band holding together her skirt suddenly snapped. Jenna's stomach appeared as if it had been pumped full with several quarts of fluid, a round ball. With the skirt loosened, she felt herself widen flowing forward. Slightly embarrassed, Jenna excused herself to his bathroom were she was able to pin her skirt partially closed.

Meanwhile, Sloane suddenly realized his stomach was stretched tight and beginning to ache, so distended from the massive quantities of food he had just consumed. Sweat was beginning to appear on his brow and ran down his face from the pressure that was mounting inside his filled abdomen.

“What’s the matter, Slim, full already? “Jenna teased, reentering the room. “I hope you have room for some more pie. I baked it especially for you.”

Knowing full well he had reached his limit, Sloane turned and shuffled over to the coffee table anyway and cut himself a handsome slice of the luscious pie. Jenna found herself enjoying the spectacle of Sloane trying to force more into his obviously overstuffed belly. She looked on in awe as he wolfed down yet another slice – his belly pumped up like an over inflated beach ball. He then began to burp feverishly.

Sloane excused himself, staggering slightly as if his newfound weight threw him off balance. He collapsed on the sofa rubbing his swollen belly, which swelled over his belt. For the first time in a long time, Sloane was stuffed to capacity. He was painfully bloated, well past comfortably full. He found the pressure strongly arousing, especially when Jenna placed her hand on his belly. He blushed furiously, which set off a long string of grumbles and groans from his belly as well as a string of belches. Knowing Jenna was watching filled him with extreme lust, which made him pant quite hard and moan softly.

“Oh, you poor baby. Let me help you,” Jenna said, pulling up his shirt and exposing his poor, overfed gut. His belly had positively ballooned. He looked pregnant…ready to drop. Sloane attempted to suck it in, but couldn’t ...it was so pushed out with his overindulgence.

He shivered as she raked her manicured fingernails across his chest. Jenna placed her fingertips just below Sloane’s ribcage and massaged in circles, pushing down firmly. His massive belly was rock hard; he breathed out heavily as the fullness of his stomach suddenly revealed itself to him. He closed his eyes and groaned in a mix of pain and pleasure, holding his sides with both hands. Jenna began kneading his belly, pushing down firmly in the middle and working her fingertips outward toward his sides. Jenna saw that Sloane was getting very hard; he was enjoying this as much as she was.

Jenna unbuttoned the top button of his jeans and his belly expanded outward, pushing the zipper partly down. Sloane let out a low, seductive moan as Jenna’s hands began to explore him, pushing his zipper all the way down. His face suddenly contorted in despair as he felt the enormous pressure in his belly develop to an unbearable crescendo. Jenna’s fingers worked quickly. Her palms pressing into his bloated flesh…compelling it to…Sloane finally let out a tremendous burp.

She smiled, quickly sliding off his blue jeans. He lay helplessly, so colossally turned on, unable to move…totally at her mercy…finally. He closed his eyes as he again felt her hands caressing his tender, bulging abdomen. A feeling of warmth rushed through him. His breathing increased as she straddled him on the sofa…her stuffed belly brushing his. He tentatively reached out. His fingertips scraped the outside of her bulky sweater. She pulled the sweater over her head, revealing an incredibly stretched out camisole barely about to contain her inflated girth. She became excited as she felt his manhood expand even fuller under her clit.

“Please, please, Jenna,” Sloane begged. “I’m dying. I’m so stuffed and so turned on by you…I love you…I feel like…like…I could literally burst…”

She pulled herself off his lap, pulling off his black, boxer briefs. Lifting her skirt, she impaled herself on his engorged shaft. Sloane gasped, as felt his shaft engulfed in a moist, tight vise. “Ahhhggrrrrr…” he yelled. “Ooohhhhh…please, Jenna…faster…ahhhggrrrr…”

Sloane clutched her swollen belly, making her moan in unison with him.

“Slim, you’re getting so fat. Do you want to be able to truly eat, to stuff and stuff until you lie back with your massive belly up over you so tight and stretched and ready to swell bigger?” she asked him as he moaned, his eyes squeezed closed, his head moving side to side. "You need your food now don’t you, baby… and you need your fat belly bigger...”

“Oh…oh…ohhhh…yes…” Sloane whimpered.

“Why did you ever let yourself get so thin? When you always knew you were meant to be rubbed…caressed…” she whispered, seductively, feeling him tremble more violently underneath her, “kissed…by your feeder…”

“Naahhgggg…oh…oh…oh…ahhhrrrrgggrrrr…” he yelled as he climaxed, tears streaming down his face, his breath ragged.

Jenna leaned forward, kissing him full on his quivering lips, still straining from his intense orgasm and gasping from the weight of his conspicuously overfed bulge. She left the room, clearing away the food, and went to his bedroom, bringing out a pillow and blanket. Sloane was still rubbing his belly when she returned, drowsily, breathing deeply, laying on the sofa in all his engorged glory. His belly was full and round, swollen to at least twice its normal size. She lifted his head to put the pillow under his head and covered him with a light blanket. As she went to leave, he reached out and lightly touched her wrist.

“I’ll be back tomorrow,” she whispered, leaving him to a peaceful and exhausted sleep.

Story continued in post 14 of this thread

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After dropping the kids off at school on Tuesday, Jenna raced downtown to meet Sloane in front of the museum. She nursed a cup of coffee between her gloved hands, her breath forming soft, whisping whirs in the bitter cold.

Sloane arrived fifteen minutes later, chowing down on chocolate donut. His leather coat open, revealing a thick flannel shirt underneath. At closer inspection, Jenna could see a sizable rounding of his belly. He had been gaining much more weight that she thought…or perhaps he was just still a little puffy from last night. He kissed her, hugging her close. She gave him a good poke in his belly, smiled at him slyly, and led him to the ticket window.

They spent almost two hours at the museum, followed by a decadent lunch at a local bistro. They strolled around town window shopping for the rest of the afternoon, snacking on hot pretzels and roasted chestnuts. They had an early dinner at the chain, Legal Seafood. They ate quickly since Jenna had to get back to her kids’ schools by six to pick them up from their after-school clubs and activities.

Sloane ate his entire meal with great speed as did Jenna. Both were good and stuffed in no time, but Jenna did make sure Sloane finished not just the cheesecake that he ordered for dessert, but her slice, too. She watched as he struggled to fit it all in, his buttons beginning to strain on his flannel shirt.

Jenna decided that he needed a small nudge to inspire him, so she took off her shoe and reached her leg across the table, her foot coming up to rest between his legs, her toes pressing roughly against his scrotum. His eyes bulged slightly in surprise. He then bent forward to shovel in everything as her toes massaged his sac, poking his underbelly. By the time he was done, he nearly staggered from his chair, he was so full. They made a date to meet on Friday to go to a movie in the afternoon.

Later that night, Jenna had brought in a bucket of KFC for the kids, helped them with their homework, and saw them up to bed. She had just finished floating around in her bubble bath for awhile and was just about to retire to the bedroom with a saucy romance novel, when Vince got in from work. She gave him a peck on the cheek and attempted to brush by him, but he grabbed onto her wrist and pulled her to him. He grabbed her, pulling her into a savage kiss. Disgusted by his savagery, she pulled away from him. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled off her robe, exposing her naked belly and breasts.

Vince could tell that she had put on some weight…but very little. It was time to give her a stronger push toward Sloane. She’d eat for him. She had before.

“You're getting so fat, Jenna… and some of it isn’t even intentional any more, you're just starting to eat and act like a good little fatty, a food addict.... thinking of food more and more, aren’t you?” he said pushing her onto the overstuffed sofa.

“What the hell is the matter with you, Vince?” Jenna said, trying to move away from him, but he pushed her back down into the sofa.

“What size pants are holding you in now, Piggy? Stuffing your fat face these days, hon? Thinking about food all the time, nearly bursting out of your fat lady clothes…risking ripping seams now?” he pointed at her accusingly. “You need to diet. You’re turning into such a porker, Jenna. Such a fat pig.”

He surprised her when he flipped her over his shoulder and brought her kicking and yelling up to their bedroom. Vince threw her down on the bed.

“You’ll be staying here the next few days…a little deprivation is good for the soul, Jenna,” he said, as he backed out, locking the door.

She banged furiously on the door, demanding that he let her out. He warned her not to frighten the children. He would see her again on Friday…if she was a good girl. Vince chuckled to himself as he left her there, rolled up in a ball on the other side of the door, defeated.

"When she gets out of there, Sloane should have no problems fattening her up, and good. She'll probably gnaw off his arm,"
Vince thought.


Wednesday and Thursday went by in a blur. The only thing that came through the door was several liters of bottled water during the day. Apparently, Vince intended on keeping her well hydrated. So, Jenna chugged the water…every single bottle he sent in to keep her belly full and try to forget about her hunger pains.

Bottle after bottle, the water quenched her thirst, ballooning her belly as she filled herself to the brim. She burped raucously, sitting for hours holding her rumbling, gassy belly…terrible hunger pains…trying to forget her discomfort. Then more bottled water would arrive to replace what she had drunk. She defiantly tore off the plastic cap, brought it to her parched lips, and emptied the water into herself.

The spring water surged into her mouth, fattening her cheeks. Then it was empty, and she would repeat with another bottle. Her belly began to expand again…so full and round…bloated with water. She could hear sloshing sounds emanating from her bloated belly. She drank down another bottle and then another…drowned the damn hungry cries…her belly continued to expand…pressure inside…belly forming an overinflated beach ball. Then Jenna let out a tremendous belch…stood and rubbed her belly. She was glad she wasn’t wearing any clothing other than her bathrobe for her buttons were sure to have burst under the strain.

Then blessed sleep…forget about food…if only for a short while…


Friday morning came and Vince opened the door, leaving it unlocked. He went in. She was sleeping fitfully, looking strained. He left her a note on the bed that he was flying to Vancouver on business and wouldn’t be returning until the following week. He told her to make the most of their time apart by hitting the treadmill. He was sure that this would push her over the edge. He was looking forward to seeing his extremely fattened piggy wife upon his return from Canada.

Jenna came awake very groggy and light headed. She saw the note, cursing him out loud. The house was empty. Vince must have already dropped the children off at school. Her demanding hunger forced her up and into the kitchen. She opened up the refrigerator, peering unsteadily inside.

She was famished. She pulled out chicken, leftover mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, plump sausages, Yorkshire pudding, creamed spinach, quiche – and then her feasting began in earnest. She ripped into the food, shoving it into her gaping mouth…so hungry…becoming wickedly bloated…more food then leftover pie…wedges of cheese disappeared…belly straining…agonizingly bloated…more…more..more…

Jenna was in a food frenzy. She began to breathe heavily. Her swollen belly stuck straight out, swelling to more than twice its size. Jenna couldn’t stop until everything edible was jammed into her belly. A pitcher of lemonade she sucked down…belly blowing out further now…She stretched her belly more eating pop tarts, brownies…her skin stretching beyond its limit.

Suddenly, she was on her hands and knees in front of the refrigerator crying in pain, her belly severely distended. Her binge at an end, brought her back to reality…the painful reality that she had blown herself up so fat that she couldn’t stand. Her sides cramped…her belly jutting outward, a colossal sphere. She was nearly sick.

She crawled on her hands and knees to her room. She called Sloane, said she had taken ill and wouldn’t be able to meet him until possibly tomorrow. Then she called the babysitter and arranged for her kids to be picked up from school at 6:00. She knew she was in no condition and she knew she had a few things to do. After only the slightest exertion of picking up the phone and making her calls, she was exhausted… puffed up…drowsy. She dragged herself up the stairs, crawled into bed…cradling her sphere of bloated flesh…She would sleep for a few hours and then dress and go out and do what she should have done long ago…

Story continued in post 18 of this thread

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Originally Posted by Koldun View Post
I really like your stories Lizzy. Not too many people that I've felt compelled to read all the tales of, but yours definitely...
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Mmmmmmmm, Lizzy stories are delicious.
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Excelent work.
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Part 2

Early Saturday morning, Jenna dropped her kids off with her parents for the weekend. Actually, she made plans for her parents to take them for the week. They would be dropping and picking them up from school and their afterschool activities. She told her parents that she was going on a much needed holiday to think things out regarding her marriage. They had known for some time that she and Vince had been having problems. They weren’t surprised. They had never liked him to begin with and never understood their daughter’s affection for him. After taking a good look at Jenna, her mother mentioned to her father how a break would do Jenna a “world of good.” She looked terrible – not the weight gain, but her washed-out looks and the strain seemed to be showing on her.

Before going to meet with Sloane, Jenna made a stop at the bank and then went to the magazine to drop off a story she had been working on…of course unknown by Vince. She spoke with Keith Jacobs, the editor, telling him that she wanted to accept his offer of a full-time position with the magazine. Mr. Jacobs shook her hand enthusiastically and told her that her starting date would be sometime the following month.

A few hours later she was walking down the street toward the book store where she had promised to meet Sloane. She opened the door of “The Poet’s Hut”, her senses assailed by the strong scents of roasted coffee beans. She looked around and saw Sloane on the left, waving at her. She smiled, and walked briskly to the table he was holding. He rose, planting a kiss firmly on her lips.

“I was about to go up and order something. Would you like a coffee and something to eat?” Sloane asked.

Jenna suddenly realized just how hungry she was, so she asked Sloane to choose a sandwich for her to go with her coffee. He smiled at her and lumbered out of his seat to fetch them some lunch.

Man, Jenna thought to herself. I don’t know if it’s my imagination or what…but Sloane really seems to have put on more weight than I thought.

When Sloane approached the table a few minutes later with two steaming mugs of coffee, several sandwiches, and some cake, Jenna looked closely at the fact that his jeans were now skin tight - the material stretched tautly over his now beefy thighs. His brawny chest sported a layer or two of extra padding, and his belly was exquisite – a plump ball-belly rounding out more as he sat just opposite Jenna.

She was surprised at herself that she hadn’t noticed the change in him. She guessed that it was so gradual that she had missed it, being so close to him now. But what she was sure of was that he would soon be moving away from this new stage of plumpness and would shortly be approaching a rounder, more globular shape … increasing in size and weight … until he truly ballooned … FAT beyond a doubt. And she found herself looking forward to it … desiring to be part of his fattening process. She wanted so badly to see him full … brimming … bursting … so much more than she ever wanted to fill herself. She found him so sexy. So alluring. So enticing. His corpulence drawing her in … pulling her helplessly toward him.

Jenna took a turkey and havarti sandwich on a baguette while Sloane tore into the warm pastrami on thick rye bread. She ate slowly, almost with a kind of precision – arranging the cheese on the meat so that she would get an equal amount with each bite and chewing exactly the same number of times with each minuscule bite. Sloane had wolfed down another two sandwiches, becoming all the time more satiated – so absorbed listening to the poetry being read, the succulence of his repast, and the loveliness of his companion that he was nearly mortified to accept his ignorance of Jenna’s haze which - must been going on for some time before he finally took notice.

He suddenly became aware of her pallor – so washed out with almost an inner exhaustion which illuminated her very being. Sloane was so angry with himself that he had been so oblivious to her distress. He put his hand on her arm. She looked up startled, finally brought out of her stupor – at least somewhat. Sloane discerned that she remained somewhat withdrawn in her countenance, but she smiled kindly, looking at him amorously. With that longing look, Sloane felt a stirring deep within himself. If he didn’t know it before, he knew it at that moment. He was head-over-heels in love with Jenna.

Jenna pushed the three slices of pie in Sloane’s direction.

“Really, Jenna, I’m stuffed,” Sloane said, patting his swollen gut.

“Stuffed?” Jenna said, reflectively. “Not quite yet, I think.”

“Well,” Sloane remarked. “If you promise to smile more, I’ll eat it all for you.” He slipped a hand underneath his shirt to unbutton his jeans and proceeded to eat everything on the table. His aching belly jutted out and Jenna did have a satisfied smile across her face.

Story continued in post 24 of this thread

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Very nice job, Lizzy! I can't wait to hear how Vince is going to take this ...

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I can't wait to hear more.
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Thanks. Working slowly. Hope to get out the rest fairly soon.
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Love it! Please write more soon
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Sounding great so far can't wait to read more.
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Part 3 - Final installment of the story

The next few days passed in a blur for the two of them. During the day, Jenna would busy herself either working at the magazine or walking around town waiting for Sloane to return home from work. Tuesday afternoon Sloane got out early so they went on a nature walk, driving outside the city with Jenna toting a backpack brimming with sandwiches, cookies, and soda. They stopped at a picturesque spot and they ate an early dinner. Sloane was fed like a prize hog. He was utterly stuffed like the unfortunate Thanksgiving turkey…more and more food was put in front of Sloane, spooned into his mouth, offered, insisted…he peered down at his ballooning paunch. His belly had puffed-up resembling an overinflated, sphere. When he stood up, he inhaled, attempting to suck in his belly, and then ever so slowly exhaled. His belly pushed harder and more firmly against his straining jeans until Sloane felt the snap give way with a gratifying bang. He grunted attempting to refasten it with little success; it kept popping open.

After such a large dinner, he felt beyond bloated. Why did I eat so much? he moaned, gasping, his belly a solid ball of fat. Walking became labored for Sloane as he struggled to keep up with the lighter Jenna. As they walked Jenna would reach into her pack and feed Sloane the tasty sweets, and Sloane tried to eagerly devour all she offered…his belly swelling…larger and larger…

Jenna took the greatest pleasure in watching him begin to waddle holding his overstuffed belly and then relished the look of amazement on his face as he remembered they had cycled 2 miles from where they parked the car. She tried to be deaf of his grunting as his knees brushed against his hugely, distended belly. The last mile was punctuated by Sloane’s continual huffing and puffing. With Sloane red faced and sweating, they finally got to the bike rental place. Jenna returned the bikes while Sloane slowly made his way to the car and got in on the passenger side. But rather than get in on driver’s side, she opened the passenger side and pulled the lever on the side, reclining Sloane’s seat.

“Ooof!” Sloane exhaled, holding his underbelly.

Jenna straddled Sloane’s legs and pushed herself firmly against his swollen belly. Underneath her she felt the bulge expanding in his pants. She moved against him, gyrating her hips…his bugle becoming a thickening rod.

“Oooh," Sloane moaned, holding his belly, puffing his cheeks with air and slowing letting out, "I feel like I'm going to explode."

Jenna helped him off with his pants, pulling hers off as well. She couldn’t believe how swollen Sloane’s belly had become and how turned on it was making her. He grasped her full breasts and brought them to his mouth. She moaned as he latched on, sucking wildly as she softly caressed his underbelly and sides. He sucked in his breath as she mounted him, moving up and down his dripping shaft. Sloane’s legs began to shake sending his body shuddering as he felt her orgasm with him. Exhausted, Sloane lay back rubbing his big belly as Jenna dressed, moved into the driver’s seat, and drove back toward the city.

That evening Jenna kept Sloane quite full. Sloane tried to get Jenna to eat more, but was unsuccessful. In the back of his mind, he remembered that he was hired to overfeed her, but this fact and his other responsibilities got further and further away from him as the moment overtook him – the wonderous food being poured into him and being sexually satisfied over and over again.

After a consuming a filling chicken pot pie the two of them had baked together, Jenna stuffed him full of éclairs and cream puffs. His belly stretched, growing larger and more pronounced under his shirt. Soon the silk shirt was overstuffed with his growing middle, riding upward – seams groaning and creaking. She deftly massaged his gut, opening his pants and pulling down his zipper.

“Tell me how fat I’m getting,” Sloane said, eyes closed.

“Getting tight in there?” Jenna asked, feeding him more.

“Ah-huh,” he mumbled, shaking his head, his mouth gapping open – trying to swallow the sweet treat inside. Stuffed and full, he could hardly breathe he was so engorged.

“Looks like you’ve been gaining more than a little weight, haven’t you?” Jenna whispered in his ear. “becoming really porky.”

Sloane’s belly rumbled almost in response. Jenna laughed, patting Sloane’s great belly.

“I expect you want me to blow up like a blimp,” Sloane replied, chewing slowly. He leaned back in his seat, rubbing the round sphere on his lap. She poked and tickled his belly, causing raucous laughter followed by a string of belches from Sloane. He took a few more bites she offered and then put up his hand. His stomach was unyielding; it had stretched tremendous taut. It trembled with enormous internal pressure. It rumbled precariously …he had finally attained his absolute limit.

Slowly Jenna slipped her hand inside his pants, coming to sit between his beefy thighs. He felt himself being pulled down and then the most delicious lips embracing his cock. He sighed, quickly becoming lightheaded. And, that was only the beginning. She made him orgasm again and again, until he was shaking, totally spent.

Friday and Saturday was spent almost entirely in Sloane’s apartment. They rented movies, ordered in Chinese, Thai, and then Mexican food to satisfy their hunger – when they were not having sex. When Sunday finally arrived both Jenna and Sloane were depressed.

“But, I’ll be back darling,” she told him, rubbing his big belly. “I’m just getting myself together and then I’m telling Vince it’s over.”

Sloane had gained a whopping 32 pounds in the past three weeks. He was bursting out of most of his clothes. He was bigger and said he felt tremendous. He knew that it was coming time where he would have to be honest with Jenna and tell her what he had been hired to do…just not yet. He needed to talk to Vince first.

Vince threw down his winter coat, rubbing his frozen fingers. The temperature had dropped quickly and the snow was beginning to fall. He was glad that he had arrived back in town today. Another day and he may have been stranded in an airport somewhere when the weather turned. He stamped his feet, letting the snow fall away from his thick boots.

He called Jenna’s name…then again. No answer. The kids weren’t here either. He thought something had gone amiss when he heard light footsteps on the staircase. What he saw…he couldn’t believe. There was Jenna thinner than when he had left. He felt rage welting up inside him.

Jenna saw his face and stopped in the middle of the staircase. “What’s the matter, dear?” she asked. “Is there something wrong?” Jenna really didn’t care. She just wanted to get down the steps, get past him, tell him she was leaving him, and get back to Sloane’s apartment. She had been surprised. Vince was home much earlier than she suspected.

“Yeah, you should be bursting out of your clothing by now,” he replied, hotly. “I guess Sloane didn’t do the job he was hired for. What did he take you out to the health club to slim you down?”

Jenna’s jaw dropped. What does he know about Sloane? What the hell is he talking about?

“Yes, Honey Bunny, he’s not only my employee, but I paid him to fatten you up. Apparently, the imbecile is more incompetent than I believed,” Vince shot out.

“I don’t believe you,” Jenna responded.

“Believe what you want,” Vince replied. “I can show you the canceled checks to prove it. I guess if I want something done right, I’m going to have to do it myself.”

He grabbed her, pulling her with him up the stairs toward the bedrooms. She kicked at him violently, trying to pull free of his hold. But, he was too strong for her and took her up the stairs, throwing her onto their bed. “You’ll stay there until you start gaining some extra poundage. I want you fat, beautifully fattened,” Vince exclaimed.

“But, I don’t understand!” Jenna began, vexed by his duplicity. “First you make fun of me because I’m getting too heavy, and now you say you want me heavy?”

“I said it so it would push you to go the opposite direction. That’s why I hired Sloane. I knew you were a fatty in the making…interested in the cooking, eating, and all that weight gain fiction you looked online. Sloane was perfect. I just don’t understand where the hell he went wrong. He was supposed to make you put on weight and failed miserably,” Vince said.

He paced the floor, threw up his hands in frustration and walked out the door, locking it behind him. “I’ll be back!” Vince yelled in to her.

“Damn!” Jenna cursed herself. “I fell for it again. Why won’t I ever learn!”

Sloane shivered. He attempted to wrap his winter coat around himself, but his bloated belly prevented this. He knew he would have to go out to buy a new coat – just not right now. It was snowing hard now and he was lethargic from all the eating he had done since Jenna had left. He was worried about her…so he ate. And, he was depressed…so he ate more. He missed Jenna. And, he also realized that he might just lose her. He knew he must tell her…tell her everything.

He sat back in his recliner, stuffing more of the smoked turkey leg into his swelling belly. Burping rowdily, Sloane lay back, his whole body feeling overstuffed due to the copious amounts of beer and food he just consumed. He jumped when the door bell rang. She must have left him…know other reason she would have braved this terrible weather, he thought to himself. This brought both a measure of joy and dread. He told himself that he would tell her…tell her now before he lost his nerve…before he lost the buzz the beer was giving him.

He walked, unsteadily toward the door and opened it. It wasn’t Jenna…it was Vince.

“Holy crap!” Vince pronounced, poking Sloane hard in the belly.

“Ooooph!” Sloane staggered backward as Vince entered, slamming the door behind him.

“That’s where my money has been going! To pad your fat gut,” Vince exclaimed.

“What are you doin' here,” Sloane slurred slightly.

Vince grabbed the front of Sloane’s shirt and pushed him across the floor and launching him into the recliner. Vince took in the scene…the half eaten food…bottles of beer laying around the place…and Sloane’s newly fattened form. He was disgusted…and furious. “So, Fatso, you’ve been stuffing yourself mightily big. You look like you could burst open.”

Sloane belched loudly, trying to get up, but Vince pushed him down into the chair again. His eyes went wide as Vince began ramming food into his mouth. He grunted, unable to move, Vince’s knee against his chest. When Vince finally let up, Sloane was panting, groaning, holding his truly distended gut. Vince slowly lifted up Vince’s flannel shirt revealing his straining belly. It was tight. Vince began to massage it in a circular motion covering all sides. Sloane could barely catch his breathe before Vince began feeding him again. He suddenly gagged as a tube was pushed down his throat. Oh, my word, the keg!

The small quarter keg of Heinkein was barely touched. He had mostly been sucking down bottles of beer. But, now, Vince had hooked him up to the keg. “Fatso, you’re fired. You couldn’t even fatten up my wife right. I’ll show you what fattening really means!”

The beer poured into his hapless gut…blowing it outward…he was being pumped to overflowing…he was now too huge to move…to protest…more and more was being pumped into him. Sloane begged Vince to stop, but Vince showed no sign of stopping it…as a matter of fact, the intensity increased as the lever was twisted higher. Soon his body was practically dwarfed by his massive belly. He was sure that he would burst. Sloane ran his hands around his stomach as it arched outward. The flow finally stopped.

Sloane lay prone, unable to move or believe what was occurring. Suddenly, Vince pushed the recliner into a sitting position, putting an incredible pressure on Sloane’s swollen appendage. Vince pulled Sloane violently to a standing position. He would have fallen forward if Vince weren’t in front of him, supporting him. He was so woozy. Then he found himself in almost a fireman’s hold…and then BANG…BANG…SLAP…SLAP….no…Vince had him over his shoulder…his body protesting…his belly churned as the first burp emerged. Then another and another…Vince was forcing the burps from his powerlessly bloated figure.

“Beefing up,fatso? Winter's What? Cat’s got your tongue? Now open wide,” Vince commanded. Sloane shut his eyes, as he stood there being manhandled and fed mouthful and after mouthful after all the beer was gone.

“Please, you’ve made your point. My belly…it aches…I’m going to burst, please stop!” Sloane begged. His groaning increased…almost gaining its own rhythm…as he was forced to swallow. Vince’s hand rested on the top of Sloane’s taut, bloated abdomen.

More? I can’t take much more of this! Sloane’s mind screamed.
He chewed mechanically. When the food was finally gone, Sloane lay back puffing. Thinking his punishment was over. But for the next four hours, Vince viciously slapped and poked his overfull belly. He would be slapped in the face and paddled until his ass was raw and body shaking. And, then he passed out.

The snow fell almost continuously for the next three days. It was one of the worst winter storms in recent years. And, Jenna felt it harder than ever before – the isolation… the loneliness… the hunger… the desolation…

Her mind reeled for days thinking about Sloane’s betrayal. She tried to deny it was true, but knew she was only deceiving herself. It all fit. She had been a pawn …first Vince’s perfect little marionette… then Sloane’s play thing. She was tired of it all. But, Jenna knew that this wasn’t the worst of her worries. She had stupidly underestimated her husband yet again. She was locked up and it had been days since she had heard anything in the house. Jenna had refused to give in and bang on the door, calling for Vince. She knew that it had been useless from the last time, only angering him. She should have looked for a way out when she had the strength. Her limbs were shaky and becoming weak from hunger.

The beer filled his belly, pushing his already distended middle into a massive ball. It moved through him at an alarming rate, rushing into his feeble body. Sloane wanted desperately to call out, but his mouth was stuffed wide open with an inflated, red ball…a thick tubing running through it…conveying the frothy liquid to his overnourished, throbbing gut.

Terrible gurgling whimpering came from his stretched lips as he was forced to consume more and more. His mammoth belly ascended before him, blocking his view of his tormentor. Vince had been with him for several days, working him into a frenzy…stuffing him so full he was afraid he’d explode. His belly was unyielding…stretched tight as a drum, expanded… globular and rigid, pushing out in all directions. Sloane couldn’t speak, even if he wasn’t gagged. So full…he hadn’t been able to sit upright. The strain was extreme. The elastic on his sweatpants was stretched practically to its breaking point.

A long, thin finger poked him hard. Measuring tape was unceremoniously wrapped around his swollen belly and pulled tight. Vince patted it, pulling the tape away. “Poor fat Sloane,” he laughed. “You’re looking a bit bloated…swelling nicely…feeling a little light-headed?”

Again, Sloane felt the flow start again into him…his eyes bulged. Vince snarled appearing more engrossed as a look of terror materialized on Sloane’s face as his belly was being blown up like a balloon. Too much cold…too fast…swallow…swallow…swallow.

When the container was empty, a deep throated moan escaped Sloane’s dry lips. His belly was way beyond a towering sphere, dangerously stuffed. He looked ready to pop, breathing deeply through his nose.

Hovering over Sloane Vince asked derisively, “Are you full yet?”

What happened I can barely recall, Jenna thought. I remember eating a terrible amount of food, but how had I grown so tremendously fat?
Jenna snapped out of her food induced haze for a moment. She struggled to her feet, holding her bloated belly with both hands. With her jaw set in determination and attempted to rise. Impossible. Her swollen belly growled louder than it had all day, sounding angry.

Now she remembered vividly. Vince came in earlier that day…bringing with him a Thanksgiving dinner – turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole…she had eaten to appease him, secretly hoping to be able to sneak out when Vince’s guard was down. But, the combination of little sleep, the copious amounts of food, and the tryptophan in the turkey did its work too well. She felt like a blob…sluggish…weighted down by her newly rounded belly poking from beneath her t-shirt. Jenna held her distended belly as Vince playfully caressed it. He smiled wickedly and pressed his fingers firmly into her bulge causing her to belch and moan softly. “My, oh my, how plump we’ve become,” he chided.

But Vince had not stopped at simply feeding her until she was so listless, she could barely move…he intended on keeping her that way. His plan was to transform his wife - permanently. She wouldn’t be able to leave him…go anywhere for that matter. He left her for a short time, and then pumped her up again only two hours later, with a large pot of leftover mashed potatoes Jenna hadn’t consumed from her previous repast. He forced food into her until her belly looked ready to burst from the strain.

Over a period of several days, he was successful in stuffing her with every scrap that was in the refrigerator and cabinets. Compelling her to wear jeans that were way too small even a few months ago, she hung over the bed…panting – belly pouring out the top of pants – cutting off the circulation in her legs. At times, Vince would walk her over to a food-laden table. Her hands automatically began to shovel in the food. As she would lean over the table, the pressure on her jeans would become too much and pop open…the zipper sliding down. He would put his hands on the fullest part of her belly, rubbing it in a circular motion until it softened…then it would all start up again. Other times she would be made to sit up for an evening feeding still round from the many earlier…food forced into her mouth. Jenna’s face would be turning shades of scarlet and her arms were flailing against the sides of her ballooning belly. Later, she would groan in agony, sprawling back against the headboard of the bed. Her belly grown so wide. Her skin aching from all the food pushed inside her.

One morning Jenna thought she had her chance to get away. Vince had left the door open a few feet. He had miscalculated how full she was… thinking her unable to get around. Over several days of being stuffed like pig, her capacity had increased. At times, she craved the food…actually hungry for more between feedings. But, today was her chance. She took her chance, squeezing through the opening…and then getting…stuck! Her perpetually engorged stomach just was too large to drive through the narrow gap. Jenna pushed and shoved but she was just too big to fit and could go neither forward nor backward.

“Looks like you need to smear some lard on you to pull you out,” Vince snarled, slapping her hard in the face. “Where do you think you were going, huh?”

He could have just opened up the door, but instead decided to take advantage of her predicament. She felt a tightness in her gut as it rose like a ball of dough and push forward as he stuffed her with pie…pumpkin, coconut custard, and finally boston crème. Her space became more limited as she grew…legs kicking uselessly…trapped…struggling to keep it all down and make room for so much more…

Sloane’s eyes fluttered open. He was lying on his side in his own bed. He was alone. He didn’t remember passing out or when that was. But, it was morning now. Beams of light shown through the parted blinds, blinding him. He held his arm over his face and tried to rise. His belly hurt. When he looked down, he saw that his gut was enormously enlarged. Moving side to side, he was able to get his feet over the side of the bed. But when he got up, he only managed to fall on his knees, grasping his belly in pure agony.
After a time, he was able to crawl to the bathroom. Pulling him up on the sink, he caught sight of his reflection. He was startled at what he saw: several days of stubble on his face and a stained and dirty sweatshirt straining to hold in his bloated belly which felt as if it were the center of his very being. He moved his fingers along his expanded girth. The sides sloped outward and rounded out before him. He touched his sides which throbbed dreadfully from its rapid growth. He hugged himself, but realized he couldn’t even come close to reaching all the way around. He had grown too fat, too fast. Sloane was just grateful to be able to take a breath without feeling his sides stretch painfully. He touched his side again and gazed down the slope of his stomach. It rounded out…actually…projected out before him.
His mind began to clear. He knew what he needed to do. He had to get to Jenna. He had to save her from Vince’s wrath. But, how long had he been here? Would he be too late?

He staggered back from the mirror, holding his big belly. He was still quite dizzy. Vince must have spiked his food. If he had the strength he would probably have laughed from the irony. Sloane had once spiked Jenna’s drink to get her back to his hotel room when Vince had hired him. Now, the tables were turned…boy…were they ever!

He tried buttoning his pants…useless now from his recent growth. He ripped them off and opted for sweatpants and a tee-shirt. Panting from his brief exertions, he grabbed his car keys and wallet from the side table and left his apartment in search of Jenna.

At the same time only miles away, Jenna was grabbing for car keys, too. Vince had carelessly not properly secured the lock. He lay fast asleep at the side of her bed – exhausted from stuffing his wife with tremendous amounts of food the night before. He had ordered her to shovel portion after portion into her mouth as he yelled out, “That’s it you fat pig! Eat like the prized hog you know you are! Eat! Eat! Eat!” Then he fed her mounds of ice cream and what seemed like gallons of soda pop until she was begging him to stop claiming that she would explode at any time. But, he did not get angry. He simply stuffed more into her until the food was gone. Then, patting her blown out belly mocked her for being so piggy over the past week. He pushed lightly on the sides of her blown up middle, trying to gauge how large he had made her that night. Jenna just moaned, unable to move.

“Yes, yes,” he crooned. “You are becoming ever so plump. I told you that you could now enjoy as much food as you desired. I don’t want you feeling hunger. I just am doing my job as a good husband – making sure you’re sheltered, clothed, and properly…well, let’s say well fed.”

She clenched her fists trying to push out the images of the night before. Her belly was vastly stretched – excessively swollen. The roundedness of her abdomen was now very noticeable in her sweatsuit, which was visible extended across her expanse. She clutched her belly, exiting the house silently and as quick as she was able to move. She wobbled shakily to the car, got in and drove toward the bus station.

At that moment, the bus station was first in her mind. She would go to the clinic later. What could they possibly do for her? Tell her not to eat so much in the future? Or sneer at her stupidity? She pushed the thoughts out of her head for the moment.

The bus station was close. She got out of her car and went inside. She pressed in the locker combination and opened it quickly. Jenna retrieved 2 envelopes and a small duffle bag and then returned to the car…but not before depositing the larger envelope into a mailbox on her way out.

Three days later, Jenna drove down the road and stopped in front of Sloane’s apartment complex. She had been discharged from the hospital only that morning. Her doctor’s diagnosis was not too difficult to predict - severe abdominal distension and expansion with the addition of a relentless case of bloating, cramping, and a good measure of constipation. All called for several days of a liquid diet, plenty of fluids, cleaning enemas, and rest. Vince had not tried to see her. Then again, he wouldn’t be able to from his prison cell. The hospital had contacted the police and she pressed charges of spousal abuse. But, that wasn’t what was holding him in jail at the moment. Information had been leaked to the government of his shady dealings with solid evidence of fraud.

It was a good thing that Jenna had been able to collect the information and drop it in the mail just before her stay in the hospital. She would be protected. With the order of protection in place and the fact that he was being held without bail, would keep her and her children safe. She had called her parents. They were hysterical, barely able to believe what had happened. They would keep the children while she got back on her feet.

She had it all planned out. Step one would be to go to the bank and pull out as much money as possible to hold her over before the government or Vince froze their assets. Step two would be to visit the attorney and begin divorce proceedings. Jenna knew there would be a delay especially with Vince’s other legal hassles, but she was sure she would now have no problem with getting the divorce – money would be another problem. Step three would entail starting the job she already secured with the magazine and looking for an apartment. If she lived frugally, she should be able to support herself and the kids. But, before any of this, she had to confront Sloane.

Jenna was about to ring Sloane’s bell when someone opened the main door to leave the building. She caught the door before it closed and walked purposefully up the stairs to Sloane’s apartment. She banged at the door. The door opened. Jenna gasped. Sloane’s belly mounded out in front of him through the soft flannel shirt that had once been loose on him. The hard round swell was so stressed it was if a medicine ball had been shoved into his enormous belly. And, Jenna didn’t think he could possibly close his pants. His ass which had always been well defined looked as if it had been blown up with a bicycle pump. Both orbs were now well-rounded and plump – two corpulent melons.

Sloane was flabbergasted at seeing Jenna. He knew he had gained a tremendous amount in the two short weeks they had been parted. He felt like a prize hog. He had never been so aware of his plumpness. Love handles swelled over the top of his pants in addition his extremely prominent gut. Sloane flinched as Jenna reached out to tug his shirt up, revealing the rest of his ballooned belly. The skin on his ball belly was tight and almost had a shine to it. He’s such a pig! I can see he’s been busy unmercifully stuffing himself all morning, Jenna thought to herself.

“I’m so glad to see you’re okay,” Sloane began. “I went over to your house, but it was empty. I need to tell you a few things…”

“I need to tell you only one thing,” Jenna cut in. “We’re through.”

“Please, Jenna, please listen. I can explain everything,” Sloane pleaded seeing her mouth set in a thin line – already knowing it was too late.

“Vince told me everything. How could you? How could you lead me one like that! You’re disgusting and I want nothing to do with you,” she said, turning her heel to leave.

Sloane put a hand on her shoulder. “Jenna, what you don’t know that I wasn’t really working for your husband. I’ve been working for the FBI assigned to investigate your husband’s suspicious business practices. That’s why I was asking about him a few weeks ago. I’ve been trying to collect information on him. But, some new information has come to light and he’s going to be put away for a long time. You’re free of him.”

Jenna shook her head. “I wish you had leveled with me. Of course some information has come out. I put it out there. I was the one to tip off the FBI to begin with. I’ve always been uncomfortable about his dubious methods. You could have told me.”

Jenna put distance between herself and Sloane. “You used me. How could we have a trusting relationship with this between us? It’s over and you know it.”

She turned away from him and walked out of his life.

Story continued in post 29 of this thread

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I particularly liked the decisive and strong finish, Lizzy. Good job!

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