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Default FA Playland

People...I have been to the promised land and it is GOOD.

Just got back from a Disney Resort Vacation and had my eyes re-inserted into my head and my jaw re-attached. For a true FA like me, it was an absolute paradise--and I imagine the FFAs would rejoice , too! Fat everywhere you look down there. Unbelievable.

HUGE tigh or swinging bellies on men of all ages (my wife likes to estimate how many puppies they will have in their litters). But the women? My god it was beautiful! Plump thighs, plump arms, ample and bouncing bottoms...but the bellies. My god!

And being an FA, it was a joy to see these gals EAT like pros all week long! Their was a certain wild abandon to their consumption--in the parks and at the buffets (the Wonderland of any FA). To see women from 170 to 470 taking trip after trip to the buffet table: true bliss! They often absent-mindedly caress their burgeoning bellies while they wait in line and consider what to fill their plates--and subsequently their bellies--with.

Not one of these gorgeous women is shy about their girth, either: half shirts, short-shorts, tight tops. One of my favorite sightings was in line at one walk-up restaurant. There was a 25ish girl in line with her MUCH bigger husband, and she had a belly and an ass that had clearly not been around when she bought what she was wearing. She was very pretty, too. She gazed at the menu and rubbed her adorable belly, up and down, side to side. She seemed to be realizing that she was fat and only going to get fatter in this relationship.

Two best sights of the week: a woman 300+ sitting at the pool in her leopard print one-piece gazing off into the distance and rubbing her hand continuously back and forth over her HUGE belly AND a woman at MGM outside an Italian restaurant on a park bench. She was pretty, and very fat, but the true glory of the moment was that the "seat" of the bench was bent like Robin Hood's bow.

Fringe benefit? My wife, who just dipped below 200 on the South Beach Diet had a moment of weakness on the first night and then threw in the towel and ate well--very well--the rest of the week, "stuffed" every noon and "stuffed to popping" every night. Maybe being around all that glorious FAT lossened her up a bit....
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I totally know what you mean man. Like, I was at this huge waterpark about a week ago, and man, I kid you not, that is where it's at. I mean, there was no eating involved, but there was less clothing, and that's a plus. The best was this one cute little burnette, probably about 20-21. She was wearing this light blue two piece that was obviously tight, but the best part was that she not only had a very round belly that protruded and hung over the entire front of her bottoms, but that her suit looked like a thong stretched over her backside. I had to hide behind a towel to conceal my... enthusiasm.


P.S. Congrats on the wife throwing in the towel. My girl has dieted down from a sweet 160 to about 110, and shows no signs of stopping.
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In a world fraught with disturbingly malnourished stick figure women whose heads look entirely too large for their bodies, we should all thank a higher power for this wondeful site.
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