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Default Back in the land of the posting

Hey guys... this looks different!

Just thought I'd stop by and let people know that I'm not dead of excessive toast consumption, or in the depths of despair or anything. Just been crazy busy, really - all the disasters a few weeks ago took some time to fix, and it's time I haven't been spending online. Thanks for all the sweet things you guys said at the time - it really helped. And I'm sorry to hear Mr J has been having troubles too - and I promise I will take you up on that recipe offer. Just as soon as I have time!

My dad does not have a brain tumor and probably does not have epilepsy, which is good. We don't know what he does have yet, unfortunately. My mom claims it's a severe case of "good excuse to stay home from work, read magazines and play golf" (he's not allowed to drive). He's been having a battery of neurological tests and we just have to wait and see I guess.

The mysterious water running down the bathroom wall was a leaking pipe joint somewhere in the roof space, which caused water to collect and then pour down through a tiny gap in the plaster at the top of the wall. Apparently we're lucky the ceiling didn't collapse on us - but it is fixed now, and we don't have to worry about the water damage as we're only tenants.

The boyfriend has an interview for a new job next week. He is convinced he will blow it - but then he always is! It doesn't start until the New Year - so we'll see what happens. Unfortunately he lost some weight from not eating, about ten pounds which means he's the skinniest he's ever been. And you can guess what I think about that. Usually he looks like a young John Cusack with slightly curlier hair; now he looks like a young John Cusack who's been on a starvation diet... I have literally bruised myself on him. But we have a deal that he's going to do his best to gain the weight back - he's medically underweight and even he admits he doesn't look well at the moment. So that could be fun. It may be the only chance I ever get to help my boyfriend gain deliberately, so I am going to make the most of it! (Don't worry - we are going to take it gently.)

As for me - I took on some private tutoring for extra money. So I am out a lot and when I'm here, I'm spending the time with my boyfriend (he needs a lot of support and encouragement, particularly where eating is concerned ). So I don't know how much I'll be on here, but please don't worry. We're going over to see my parents in December, now that I have been reassured that Dad is probably not at death's door.

I did gain a few pounds during the period of the worst stress, but then I lost a couple to end at just over 200... and since, as you know, I've been trying in a mostly-serious kind of way to gain a few pounds for my personal pleasure for a long time now, I'm not exactly displeased. It seems to have stopped again now my eating habits have returned to normal (normal for me, that is!). It's only five pounds or so, but I can just persuade myself that you can see a little extra roundness to my tummy and butt. Just a little extra squishiness. Only trouble is, I want another five pounds now...
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