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Default Potions - by Mithrandrir001 (aka Toby115) (~BBW, Magical Science, ~MWG, ~MWL)

~BBW, Magical Science, ~MWG, ~MWL - introducing a world where weight is as manageable as hair color

by Mithrandrir001 (aka Toby115)

The weather outside of the San Fran Library was perfect, but 18-year-old Connie Nizza and her best friend, Alexia Reynolds (who everyone called Alex), were bookworms, especially when it came to chemistry.

Connie was 5’8” tall and weighed about 135 pounds beautifully placed upon her Italian, hourglass-shaped body. This was probably caused by the fact that she was a dancer. Her long, brown with blonde highlights hair was always nice and full, resting on her muscular shoulders. Alex was an inch shorter and was about 70 pounds heavier than Connie, which wasn’t so neatly positioned upon her Texan, bottom-heavy body. Her long, mousy blonde hair was just below her shoulder line. But their lives were about to change.

While going through the science section, Connie found a book called How to Use Chemistry to Lose and Gain Weight, and eagerly brought it to Alex.

“Alex, take a look at this!” she exclaimed.

Alex got up with some difficulty, and waddled over to her.

“What is – Oh my?! Can this really work?” she asked.

“I’m fairly sure; we can give it a try. I have the materials to make these potions,” said Connie.

“Wait, did you say potions?” asked Alex.

“Yeah, I want to give this a try. If it works I'll gain some - and if you want you could lose siome. ” said Connie.

“Hey, it’s your body. Do what you wish,” said Alex.

“Okay, here’s the plan. You meet me at my house and bring a change of clothing, preferably something that is too small for you. And bring something for me, because I plan on gaining a little bit,” Connie said.

“How much is a little bit?” asked Alex.

“Oh, about as many as you are losing. Afterwards, we’ll skip school and go to the mall and try out our new looks. Then that night we change back and continue our lives,” said Connie.

“Well, what if I don’t want to change back?” asked Alex.

“Then we will have to make it a gradual change, okay?” said Connie.

“Fine,” said Alex.

“Good. Meet me at my house tonight, around eight o’clock,” Connie said.

Alex showed up at seven-thirty instead. She ate dinner with Connie’s family, and then they headed off to her room.

“So, what kind of clothes did you bring me?” Connie asked.

“I brought you a baby blue t-shirt, denim blue jean short shorts, and some larger lingerie.”

“Wow, these look great! I never knew fat people had such stylish clothes!” Connie exclaimed.

“Yeah, well, you learn how to stylize when you weigh over 200 pounds.”

“Oh, speaking of pounds, let’s get to work. First, we need to decide how much you want to lose, which will decide how much I gain. How does 50 pounds sound?”

“No, not 50,” said Alex.

“Fine, you decide,” said Connie.

“I think we should decide our weight by adding the difference of our parents, the heaviest minus the heaviest, the skinniest minus the skinniest,” she said.

“Okay, well my mom is obviously heavier than my dad. I think she weighs about 230 pounds.”

“My dad weighs about 200 pounds. So the difference is 30 pounds. Not bad, but we need more,” said Alex.

“Why do we need more?” asked Connie.

“Because you need to live the life of a fat person, even if it is for a day. 30 pounds is worse than your 50-pound idea. Now, how much does your dad weigh?”

“About 225 pounds,” answered Connie.

“Okay, my mom weighs exactly 165 pounds. So the difference is 60 pounds. That means I’m losing 90 pounds, while you’re gaining 90 pounds. Oh, I can’t wait to start!” Alex exclaimed.

“Oh, joy,” Connie said sarcastically.

“Hey, this was your idea, not mine. We can call this off anytime,” Alex snapped.

“No, we’ll do it. It’s just the fact that I’m gaining 90 pounds that I have to explain. I would be more comfortable with 50, but oh well.”

“Okay, now we need to find out how much we weigh. Connie, you go first.”

Connie stepped on the digital scale and the numbers sprang up to 135.

“Now it’s my turn.”

Alex stepped on the scale and the numbers went up to 205.

"Wow, that’s 5 new pounds that I’ve gained," Alex thought. “Okay, then let’s get started.”

The whole process took about an hour, but they finally got their potions. Alex’s potion was a bluish-black color, while Connie’s was a reddish-black. They poured the amount needed for a 90-pound loss/gain into two test tubes and drank the whole thing. At first, nothing happened. Then, Connie started to feel bloated. She was wearing her pink dancing leotard, so her poundage showed through. There was only one problem. She didn’t gain much of anything.

“Alex, what happened? Why did the potions stop?”

“I don’t know. The same thing is happening with mine. Hand me the book.”

Connie complied and Alex re-read the instructions. “It says nothing new. We did everything that the instructions told us to do.”

“Here’s the scale. Let’s see how much we weigh now. I’m first, seeing I was first last time.” Connie stepped on the scale and it read 140 pounds.

“A whole 5 pounds. Looks pretty good on me, don’t you think?”

“My turn,” said Alex. She stepped on the scale and it read 200 pounds. “I’m very disappointed with these potions."

“I’m not. Look at my new curves, my enlarged cleavage, my rounder ass, it’s a dream come true for me. The only problem with this new weight is that I think I have a small potbelly, but I could get used to it.”

“Well, I was hoping for more drastic results. If I wanted to lose 5 pounds, I would have gone to a gym,” Alex said, sadly. Her watch went off. “Oh, it’s time for me to go. I’ll see you at school. Oh, can I borrow some of your potion?”

“Sure you can, if you leave me some.” And so, the girls who would have switched places parted ways for that day.

When Connie woke up the next morning, she noticed that she had a problem getting out of bed, but didn’t think much about it. She also noticed that her small potbelly was larger, but thought that maybe it had been a trick of the light. As she showered, she had to keep running her hands over her body to remind herself that she had drank a fattening formula last night with Alex. That’s when her brain kicked in. She turned off the shower and ran to the full length mirror that was in the bathroom closet.

“I am bigger,” said she, quietly to herself, “Better call Alex.”

She then got on the digital scale and it shot up to 145 pounds. She quickly dried off and ran back to her room for the clothes that Alex got her, then remembered that Alex had taken back those clothes. Realizing that she was running out of time, she quickly put on a pair of denim blue hip huggers, small white t-shirt that pressed her C-cup size breasts into an even tighter position in her white bra that was designed for a B-cup, and an even smaller bright yellow t-shirt that hugged her every bulge. The shirts were too small to cover her small potbelly and the small rolls of fat that were starting to overflow the edges of her jeans. Her bra was starting to cut into her soft, tan skin.

She quickly picked up her cell and speed dialed Alex’s cell number. She had to wait about a minute before Alex’s happy voice answered, “Hey, Connie, how’s it going?”

“Not good. Really not good. Have you weighed yourself lately? Because I have and I gained another 5 pounds.”

“Yeah, I have weighed myself. I’m down to 195 pounds.”

“What am I going to do, Alex? My clothes are barely fitting me and if I gain anymore, then I’m screwed. Can you bring me anything?”

“You have your gym clothes, don’t you? Remember when I had to borrow them off you? If they could fit me, then they can fit you.”

“But Alex, I want something stylish and gym isn’t until fourth hour. By then, I could have gained all of the weight I drank last night.”

“I highly doubt that. Look, I’ll talk to you at school. I need to catch the bus.”

“Alex, this is why I called on your cell.”

“Uh oh. The batteries are running low. Have to go. Bye.”

And with that, the only thing Connie heard was her own sobs and the dial tone.

Connie saw Alex in second hour. Alex was wearing a really tight, bright blue shirt and really tight light blue jeans and a belt. By then, she had gone up to 155 pounds. Her clothes were getting close to their bursting point and it seemed everyone had noticed that she looked different from yesterday.

“Alex, did you bring me anything?” Connie pleaded.

“Like I said, no. I don’t have anything for you to wear until you gain some more weight. By the way, have you noticed your fuller face?”

“Alex, I have noticed everything. What am I to do?”

“Go get your gym clothes and change. Trust me; they fit me like a dream. If they can do that for me, just imagine what they can do for you?”

“Okay, I’ll go,” said Connie.

So, Connie went up and asked their second hour teacher, Ms. Cox, if she could go to the restroom. Ms. Marcy Cox had a height of 5’6” and weighed close to 120 pounds. She was top heavy, so she had mid-range B-cup breasts. She always wore her bright blonde hair in a ponytail. Today, she was wearing a slimming, yet simple, black dress with built-in support bra. As Connie left the room, Alex decided to see if the potion had the same effect on Ms. Cox has it had on the two of them. So, she went up to her desk and asked if she would like a cup of coffee. Ms. Cox said sure, so she went off to get it.

As she made the coffee, she put just enough drops for Ms. Cox to break the 180 range. She came back and then felt the weird, but now usual feeling of weight loss. She could feel that her pants were starting to be really baggy on her body. She quickly readjusted the belt and went back to class.

By then, Connie had already returned. She was now wearing a loose white shirt with no sleeves and loose blue short shorts. Even though the outfit showed way too much skin off, it was the only thing that could fit her today. She could feel the way growth spread all over her body at 160. Her once fit hourglass shape was now expanded to hourglass shape with extra in the front. She knew she still had the looks; she just didn’t have what it took to show that she still did.

Alex returned with Ms. Cox’s coffee. Ms. Cox put the cup down and started talking to the class about the day’s assignment, which was about WWII. She paused to take a sip of coffee, then continued talking, answered questions, and sat back down. Connie had no idea what Alex had done, so she wondered why Alex was watching Ms. Cox so intently.

“Alex, why are you staring at her?”

“I gave her some. I needed to know why it didn’t work like it should have last night. Don’t worry,” she quickly added, due to Connie’s outraged look, “We can cure her, remember?”

“Then let’s go talk to her.”

So, they got up and walked over to her desk and started chatting with her. At first, they couldn’t tell that she was gaining. But when she complained that the dress was too tight around her middle and breasts, they figured it out. Her little B-cups had changed to full fledged C-cups and her washboard abdomen had rounded out. She excused herself from the room, holding her rounding abdomen, with Connie and Alex in hot pursuit. They arrived in the bathroom, with Ms. Cox staring at her enlarging self. The school provided a scale in the girl’s bathroom and Marcy got on it. It hit 135.

“How is this possible?! I have a wedding in two weeks and this weight comes out of nowhere!”

“Alex, I believe that you have a solution,” said Connie.

“You two have something to do with this?! How could you? Especially to me?”

“We developed a weight gain potion last night. We also developed a weight loss potion. Have you noticed anything new about us?” asked Alex.

“Yeah, now that you mention it. Connie, you look way heavier, while you look like you lost weight.”

“Alex forced me to drink a 90-pound gain last night, but obviously I haven’t gained 90 pounds. I’m gaining in 5-pound increments, while she loses 5 pounds. But it was supposed to do it all at once.”

“So I'm a guinea pig?”

“Well, just to let you know, Connie didn’t have anything to do with it,” said Alex.

That’s when the feeling came over them again. Ms. Cox hit 150, another 15-pound gain. She got off the scale to let the mushrooming Connie on. She was up to 165, while the thinning Alex was down to 175.

Connie’s lower leg and thighs had definitely grown out, causing them to be meaty and jiggly. Her ass was soft and wide, but firm. Her potbelly held firmly to her body, but would also jiggle and had a nice roll of fat around the hipline. Her breasts were now up to the low D-cup, causing the shirt to strain around her chest. Her arms were on the verge of flabby. Her neck had thickened and her face was nicely filled out.

Her clothing didn’t do much for covering her up, instead just showed how fat she was getting. If fact, her thighs had completely filled out the shorts and the shirt just made her look heavier by clinging to her plump body. She was starting to get scared. Alex had slimmed down quite nicely. Ms. Cox was the one that changed the most. Her dress was getting up to the breaking point. The bra was having a hard time keeping her high C-cups in the dress. Her potbelly was nicely rounded out and wide with some nice rolls, but her ass and thighs had remained about the same.

“So, what do we do?” asked Ms. Cox.

“Well, could you take us to the mall during lunch?” asked Connie.

“Yeah, I can try, but what for?”

“Let’s see,” said Connie, has she grabbed Marcy’s wide potbelly, “I think this speaks for itself.”

“Let’s go now,” she said.

So, Ms. Cox called another teacher to watch her class for the rest of the hour because she needed something from her house. She, Alex, and Connie slipped out and got in her car. Unfortunately for Connie, she did two more gains on the way to the mall, putting her up to 175 while Alex went down to 165.

Alex’s really tight jeans were extremely baggy, due to their size. Her shirt was tucked in to fill the gap, but it hanged like a tent on her body. Her upper body was showing the true effects of the potion, as that her arms were not as flabby and her face was slowly loosing the double chin and chipmunk cheeks. Her bra was way too big for her body, as that they started at low C’s and now they were down to med B’s.

Connie didn’t get lucky on these gains. All of the ten pounds she gained went directly into her belly and hips, pushing the belly from under her D-cup breasts and giving her childbearing sized hips. In fact, her belly was not only pulling the shirt taunt, but was causing it to ride up and expose more belly, and it had stretched the elasticness of the shorts close to max. Her roll of fat that was around her waistband overflowed. Basically, she looked extremely pregnant.

“OH MY WORD!!!” exclaimed Connie, as she tried to get herself out of the car, “I can’t do this anymore, Alex! I can’t walk in there! I - I - I can’t even get out of the car!”

“Just hold on a minute,” said Ms. Cox, but at that moment, another wave shot through her body. Luckily for her, it went to her hips, ass, thighs, and legs. Alex helped Connie out of the car and they went on in.

Once inside, they split up. Connie decided to see the maternity stores, due to her outstanding gut. Alex hit the trendy stores with Ms. Cox. On her way to the store, Connie passed the arcade. In there was her secret admirer, Mitch McFarland. Mitch was a smart kid, sometimes understanding, and an overall good guy. He had a height of 5’11” and weighed close to 110 pounds. He had on his prescription sunglasses, was dressed in a red long sleeved plaid shirt over a solid green shirt and faded blue jeans and his favorite black cap, worn backwards and his black hobo gloves. He was ditching school because it was one of the last days of school, he already had the grades he needed, so he decided not to go.

At first, Mitch couldn’t believe his eyes. But then she turned her face his way and it was confirmed. Connie Nizza was suddenly plump, practically, well pregnant. looking. He quickly ran up behind her, but didn’t let her know she was being followed. He followed her to the maternity store. Luckily, a gaming store was right next door, so he helped himself to the latest game titles.

As Connie went looking through the clothing for some stylish clothes, the clerk came by, because she looked familiar. The clerk’s name was Leigha Davis. She had a height of 5’9” and weighed about 125 pounds. Her short, blonde hair was in a bun. She had a stick frame. She was just a bit younger than Ms. Cox. She was wearing the standard uniform for the store, which was a three button baby blue short sleeve shirt and light blue jeans.

“Uh, do I know you?” asked Leigha.

“Leigha! Oh, my word! It’s been a couple of years, but we went to the same dance school, remember?”

“Connie! You look great, even though you are eighteen and pregnant. Who did this to you?”

“It’s just some fat. Trust me, it’s just fat. I have been packing on the pounds for the last six months and this is where it ended up. Right in the gut.” she said this as she slapped it and it jiggled. “But, what happened to you? I remember that you would be embarrassed to be working here, yet here you are.”

“Well, after I had my kid, dancing was just too much to pay for, so I dropped that and started working here. This is also the fattest that I’ve been.”

Well, while they made small talk, Leigha helped Connie pick out some the trendiest, cutest clothes that pregnant women wear. On her way out, Alex and Mrs. Cox caught up with her. Marcy had changed to a pair of baggy shorts and a large white t-shirt. Alex was dressed in great hip hugger blue jeans and a pink halter top. Amazingly, Ms. Cox and Leigha went way back. Leigha was surprised at Ms. Cox’s gain and so she explained what was actually going on. Once Leigha heard this, she was flabbergasted.

“Can I have some?” she asked.

“How much?” asked Alex.

“How much to you think you have?”

“I have enough to make you immobile.”

“Oh, then how does a 225 pound gain go for you?”

“Well, can you get me a cup?” asked Alex.

“Sure thing.” Then Leigha dashed off. While they talked, Connie was changing. She had on this great pink/white plaid with the sleeves that were threading and it was left unbuttoned, a lovely pink t-shirt with the sleeves sticking out from under the plaid shirt, and some regular sized white with pink patches ankle jeans that was threading at the ends of the legs and went under her pregnant belly for support. She also got a white visor that was turned up-side down and off to the side of her head. She also got some white sandals, for her feet to feel comfortable as she stood. She got the clothes in progressively bigger sizes, which had confused Leigha, but she didn’t ask.

Once Leigha got back with her cup, Alex poured her enough for a 225 pound gain. But before Leigha could take a sip, Alex told her to put coffee in it, with extra sugar. Leigha did this, came back, and downed the whole cup. They all waited for a couple of minutes, then the shock hit all of them.

Connie’s face rounded out even more, starting a double chin. Her arms finally turned full fledged flabby. When her arms hanged down, a tiny roll of fat could be seen around the edge of the elbow. Being 180, that was understandable. Alex just lost more weight, going down to 160. Ms. Cox did her final gain, ending up at 180 pounds. Amazingly, she had started out top heavy, but ended up pear like, with a wide ass and chunky thighs that touched. She still had large breasts, around high C-cups, and a large potbelly. Her face was kind of chipmunky and a small double chin.

Leigha’s body just got wider around the middle of her body, like the breasts, tummy, hips, ass, thighs, and face. It was like she was built like a tree trunk, with all of it in the center. It looked like she was in need of a new uniform, so she quickly replaced the one she had on. When she came out, she announced that she was up to 170 pounds. You could tell that she was going to become a butterball, with all of it in the center. Connie, Alex, and Ms. Cox left Leigha to get back to school. That’s when Mitch joined up with them. He had watched the whole thing and wanted to be around Connie more.

“Hi, everyone. What are you girls doing here?”

“That same question could be asked to you, young man. What are you doing here?” asked Ms. Cox.

“I had a dental appointment, but they cancelled on me about the time I showed. Seeing that I was scheduled to be out the whole day, I figured I could stay here. My mom gave the ok, so here I am.”

“Interesting story,” said Connie.

“Now, can one of you explain what is going on here? I saw the three of you yesterday. Alex was fat, Connie was athletic, and you, Ms. Cox, have a wedding in two weeks. How did this happen?”

“We will not tell you because it is impolite to ask how much a woman weighs,” said Ms Cox.

“He didn’t ask what our weights are; he asked what is going on with our weights. Am I correct, Mitch?” said Connie, sticking up for him. She had had crush on him since seventh grade just like he'd been admiring her.

“That is absolutely what I meant.”

“Ok, if you must know, we’ve taken potions. Connie is gaining 90 pounds, I’m losing 90 pounds, and Ms. Cox has gained all of her weight, which was around 60 pounds. Leigha has taken 225 pound gulp. Why anybody would want to throw a perfectly good body away like that is beyond me,” said Alex.

“So, Mitch, are you staying here the whole day?” asked Connie.

“Just until I feel like going home.”

“Mind if I join you?” she asked.

At first, Mitch had this surprised look on his face. In fact, so did everyone else. Alex broke the silence.

“Why would you want to stay here with him?”

“What exactly is that supposed to mean?” asked Mitch, annoyed.

“Well, not to say that you’re not handsome in your own way, but I never thought Connie would want to stay with you for a whole day. I always figured that she couldn’t stand you. I know I never did.”

“Well, just for your 411, I’ve had a crush on him since seventh grade,” Connie retorted.

“Then why didn’t you tell me? I’m your best friend; you can tell me this stuff.”

“I knew how you felt about him, so I figured I would lie and tell you I didn’t like him. But deep inside, I really did like him.”

“Fine, don’t tell me. I thought we were friends, but if you can’t even tell me you like some gaming geek, then we don’t have anything to talk about!” And with that, Alex tore off to the exit. Ms. Cox followed behind, but not before giving a stern warning to them and said she would like to have the potion that changed her back before she went home.

That’s when Mitch and Connie were finally left alone on their first date. At first, they didn’t do much except walk around and talk, but didn’t go near each other. But when the wave of fattening hit Connie, she doubled over and clutched her gut. That’s when Mitch ran over and was all caring for her and got her a sundae, with extra chocolate syrup. That’s when they started being close, in fact, so close that Mitch put his arm around her shoulders and she put her head on his shoulders. They did that most of the time that they were at the mall.

They stopped to check in on Leigha around 12:30. When they last saw her, she was up to 170. By then, she had gone up to 260.

“OH MY WORD!!! Leigha, YOU’RE HUGE!!! Yet, you look spectacular,” said Connie.

In fact, she did look spectacular. With her chipmunk face, extra wide double chin, thick neck, husky shoulders, extra flabby arms with fat that hanged over the elbows, pudgy hands, low D-cup size breasts that just laid on her spacious, saggy paunch, several rolls along the hip and waist lines, her hips easily being the widest part on her body, and thighs so chunky and large that they constantly were pressing into each other. She was a very large butterball and she was going to get bigger.

“Well, you don’t look to bad yourself. And who is this handsome dude?”

Connie actually looked radiant. She was still wearing the same kind of outfit, just a larger size. By now, she was up to 195 pounds. She had this pregnant looking belly that was just starting to loose its firmness. Her still low D-cup breasts held their firmness, but they had enlarged in size. She had a couple of rolls along her hips and nicely spread hips. A firm, yet large ass, chunky thighs, flabby arms, and nicely filled face with full lips completed her bodily package.

“This is Mitch McFarland, my new boyfriend.”

This caught Mitch by surprise, but quickly recovered. He just smiled and said hi.

“Not much of a talker, is he?”

“Oh, he just takes awhile to warm up to people. He is great person to talk to because he is one of a few guys in the world that actual listens to what people are saying.”

“Wow, Connie, sounds like you have your soul mate standing next to you. How do you feel about her?”

“Yeah, well, she is a great person, too. Funny, nice, and intelligent. That’s what guys should look at when looking for a girl. I got lucky on number one. By the way, I’ll be right back, ok?”

“Ok, honeybunny, go ahead.”

“Please don’t call me that.”

“Sure,” she said, laughing.

While Mitch was gone, Connie and Leigha did some more catching up and gaining. By the time Mitch got back, Connie was up to 205 and Leigha was up to 305. He was carrying a small, white box with a pink ribbon tied around it.

“You really shouldn’t have, Mitch. This is so sweet.” And with that, she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Mitch just smiled sheepishly and told her to open it.

Inside was a pair of light pink gloves. But these gloves were just like Mitch’s, with the fingers mostly cut off. Connie, ethusatically, put them on. They went with the outfit she had on very well. She gave him a big bear hug and two kisses, one for each cheek.

“I figured, as a couple, you wouldn’t mind.”

Mitch and Connie left the hefty Leigha to go get something to eat. As it turns out, Connie was very hungry. At first, Mitch paid for her first two meals, but when she said that she was still hungry, Mitch told her that she would have to pay for it. Connie agreed.

After lunch, as Connie gained weight, they got closer. Finally, the time to leave came to end their date. Connie weight was all of the way up to 225. To Mitch, she was the love of his life. Her pregnant belly was wide with several rolls and it stuck way out from underneath her high D-cup breasts, all of it soft and not saggy. Her childbearing hips were graciously spread widely. Her thighs are soft, yet toned and they constantly touching. Her arms were flabby, with a small roll over her elbows and wrists. Her face was finally getting chubby, with a small double chin and full cheeks. Her hair was still long and full, sitting on her thickened shoulders.

On their way out, they ran into Alex. She was with a friend of Mitch’s, Blake Pickens. Blake was 5’10” and had extremely long, brown hair. He had muscles, which came from playing basketball, skateboarding, and playing the bass in a band called Chopstick. He was wearing an A.F.I t-shirt and torn gray jeans.

Alex had come to apologize to Mitch and to show Connie that she got a boyfriend before she did. But Alex hadn’t asked him until 1:00, while Connie had been Mitch’s girlfriend since 12:30. Alex was disappointed, but Connie extended the hand of friendship back to her when she asked if they would join them in a double date tomorrow at the movies. Both Alex and Blake agreed.

Alex also told Connie that Ms. Cox wasn’t going to change back until tomorrow. She wants to know if her fiancÚ will still like her even with all of the weight.

That’s when Mitch’s mom showed up and Mitch tried to leave. But he was caught by the hand by Connie, pulled close and they shared a passionate kiss that lasted a few seconds. That’s when Mitch pulled slowly away, told her that he loved her, kissed the top of her head, patted her bloated belly, and left. Connie stood there for a sec, speechless, and then yelled out that she loved him too.


Many things have changed since Connie and Alex made those weight gain potions. First, Alex and Connie never changed back. Connie and Mitch got married six months after getting out of high school. Connie gave birth to twins, named Mike and Angelina. Connie now weighs about 250 pounds. Alex became engaged to Blake a year after the McFarland's marriage, but is waiting on him to get back from his band’s tour. She lost even more weight, going down to 110.

Connie and Alex took their weight gain and loss potions to a gym, mixed in low fat cookies, and sold them to female bodybuilders. Each box of cookies makes the eater gain or lose ten pounds. They made a lot of money, because the builders that they sold to asked for even more. Pretty soon, they had enough money to make it a franchise, called Weight Gain Cookies Now there are women all over the world, gaining weight and losing weight, and loving every minute of it.

Ms. Cox became Mrs. Ridge, but still never changed back because her new hubby loved her even more upon seeng her bigger. She is now a mother of two and weighs about 215 pounds. Leigha changed back to her thin self, but then missed her larger self. When the cookies came out, Leigha bought enough to get back to the way she was.

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