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Thumbs up Slumber Party - Parts 1-4 by John Doe (~BBW (Multiple), Stuckage, Sex, ~MWG)

~BBW (Multiple), Eating, Stuckage, sEX, ~MWG - four deliberately plumpening college dorm mates share the events of the prior summer at the beginning of the school year

Slumber Party
by John Doe

Room 218, the pizza guy knew this dorm room well, last year he delivered countless pizzas to this address. These same four girls had parties all the time, they seemed unfazed by the freshman fifteen plus they were adding and had pizzas delivered constantly. The guys at the pizza shop joked that they would go out of business when the girls went home for summer break.

He knocked on the door, and sure enough there stood four girls in bras and panties in the middle of a slumber party awaiting his arrival. They ranged from chubby to fat, all of them substantially larger than then when he delivered the first pie almost a year ago. The fattest on of the group paid him grabbed the pizza and practically slammed the door in his face as the three other girls charged her to get the pizza.

"Wait! Wait, no one gets a piece of pizza till they step on the scale!" Cindy yelled as she took the six large pizzas and put them aside. "Come on, you know the rules, we gotta weigh and measure everyone first."

Kelly, Jamie and Lauren all lined up in front of the scale.

"Me first!" Kelly exclaimed as she hopped on the scale.

"One hundred and eighty three pounds. Way to go Kelly, since this exact day last year you've gained fifty-two pounds, good job. Lauren, measure her."

Kelly got of the scale and Lauren started measuring her.

Jamie stepped on the scale next. "All right, Jamie lets see...one hundred and sixty seven pounds. That's a gain of...thirty-two pounds, pretty good. Ok Kelly, measure her, and come on Lauren it's your turn."

Lauren got up on the scale. "Wow, two hundred and fourteen pounds! That's a forty five pound gain."

Cindy started writing in her notebook for a second, "Well it's good but you aren't going to beat me tonight."

Kelly butted in, "Enough talk fatty, get on the scale!" Cindy hopped on the scale and Kelly read the number. "Two hundred and sixty eight pounds! You gained one hundred and eighteen pounds!!"

Cindy was beaming. "I told you I was going to win. Come on, everyone pay up."

The other three girls got out five dollars apiece and handed it over to Cindy.

"All right enough of this lets eat!" The four girls began devouring the pizzas. Between bites Cindy was able to get a conversation started, she figured if all the girls were talking the pizzas might last more than five minutes.

"Well in talking to everybody over the summer I think we've all got some interesting stories to share."

Cindy gave Kelly a stare. To-wit Kelly started laughing.

"Oh my word! I can't believe your going to make me tell this. Fine I'll tell my story but only if everyone else has one to tell."

She looked around and everyone gave an approving nod.

"Alright, you've all got stories. Ok, fine I'll start."

She took a final bite of pizza and began her story.

Kelly’s Story: The Date

Ok, here it goes. I saw my old high school friend Mike where he worked at the movie theatre. So I run over and say hi and I notice he that he checked me out top to bottom. I never really thought he was interested in me but this was a giveaway. So I-

"What were you wearing?" asked Jamie.

Huh? Oh yeah, I was wearing some very tight jeans and a very formfitting shirt that didn't quite cover my belly. I wasn't going to forget that because it ties in. All right, where was I? Oh ok...

"What's with the jeans?" asked Mike.

"What, you don't like them?" I asked back.

"No, they look great on you, but why are you wearing them? It's like 115 degrees outside, you must be dying."

Now I could have said that I expected to be cold in the theatre but since he seemed very flirtatious I thought I'd be playful back. So I moved in real close and whispered.

"Well if I could have squeezed into any of my shorts I would have worn them." And I gave him a little wink. That got a huge smile from him. It was true, I couldn't squeeze into any of my shorts, believe me I tried, but anyway back to my story.

"Oh I see, have a battle with the Freshman 15 did we?" And he gave me a wink back, while he poked me in my belly!

"Yeah well it was more of a war than a battle, and a losing war at that, my ass took the most casualties."

"Well at least they died a honorable death, you look beautiful."

By now I'm thinking that Mike must be a major FA, with possible feeder tendencies. So let me skip to the good part, he asked me out and I said yes and we were going out for dinner and a movie the coming Friday. Well stupid me, on Friday I go out with my friends for a late lunch and spill stuff all over my jeans while I was eating.

My friends run me home but I really screwed up these jeans; I mean a burger with everything can produce quite the stain, and as luck would have it I had no time to wash the stain out thoroughly. So I'm getting worried now because the jeans I just ruined were my only size 18's, and even they were starting to get really tight on me.

So I'm going through my clothes and all my shorts are size 12's so those were out of the question, sweat pants wouldn't work for the occasion, my skirts were 12's also so those were out, I couldn't fit into any of my dresses (most of which were too formal anyway for dinner and a movie), my one casual slip dress I couldn't "slip" into and the next largest pair of jeans was a 16.

So with the help of my friends I proceed to try and squeeze into these 16's. It was a chore. I mean we had a great time laughing, making fat jokes and all, but it took us like ten minutes to squeeze me into these jeans, it took all three of my girlfriends to button it too, we are talking about one seriously tight pair of jeans.

So anyway, he takes me to this great restaurant, by the theatre, and I stuff my self like a total pig, it didn't occur to me to take it easy on account of the jeans. We finished early and had about 45 minutes before the movie started. So we stopped at an ice cream parlour while we walked around.

Mistake number two! I finish my cone and most of his, and we make our way to the theatre. We were still early and I'm really full and my already incredibly tight jeans are even tighter now, thanks to my stuffing myself. So what do we do? Well on Mike insistence he gets two large drinks, two large popcorns, and some candy, his rational being that it's all free since he works there.

But I knew there must have been something else to it, he had been watching me eat all night, and I constantly saw his eyes wonder down to my belly, which was peeking out more and more from under my tight T-shirt as the night went on. So the two of us walked around the theatre looking at movie posters talking about how this movie looked cool and that movie looked stupid, and sure enough I look down and my popcorn's gone.

Mike being the gracious date that he was gives me his popcorn, which he has only taken a bite or two out of. How convenient. So finally the previous show is out and we get to go sit down. Well, we picked our seat and I go to sit down and I can't, my jeans had gotten so tight that they wouldn't stretch enough for me to sit. So I try a couple more times, the sound of straining fabric is quite audible.

"You need a hand there?"

"No I got it."

Finally I sit down and get the worst pain around my waist as the jeans cut into my belly.

"You all right?"

"I'm fine, it’s just that between my late lunch, huge dinner, ice cream and popcorn I'm about to burst out of these jeans." Of course I'm saying this while I try to unbutton them, which seemed to be sort of a chore. I let out this huge sigh of relief as I unbutton the jeans; my belly spilled out and unzipped the jeans by it self as it spread out onto my lap.

I was sort of embarrassed cause I was now more than a little "exposed" not only were my jeans unbuttoned but also my shirt had ridden up my waist to where it ended just below my breasts. I tugged at it to try and cover my belly but it just crawled back up. I moaned a little from the pain of a full belly.

"You sure you're ok?

Mike put his hand on my belly which was unexpected, then he started messaging it, well it was a mixture of messaging and caressing since I noticed he was grabbing handfuls of flesh for his own enjoyment. I must admit it felt amazing. It was a little more hands on than a first date might usually permit but it felt good.

Unconsciously I began massaging my own belly along with him. The movie finally started and he stopped. We start watching the movie and I began munching on the popcorn without thinking. I finish off his popcorn and he passes me the candy, which I also proceed to finish. The movie ends and we go to get up, Mike stands up but stops me from getting up.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" He tells me as he mimes buttoning jeans.

"Oh yeah thanks." Very casually I arch my back and try to button the jeans but I can't. I arch my back further and suck in with all my might but the button and the loop are miles away from each other.

"Need some help?" Mike asks with a devilish smile on his face. I exhale a yes. I was nervous about getting up because there were still a lot of people staying for the credits. He helps me up and then while standing in front of me tries to button the jeans while I suck in. No use. He squats down so that he's at eye level with my belly.

"Well...I see the problem, you've got this cute little belly in the way."

"Ha! Little? I'm huge."

"Little, huge, either way its cute."

Now I sort of blushed. With the exception of you three I had never gotten compliments on my weight before. While still staring at my belly he tries to close the jeans again.

"Suck in."

"I am sucking in," I groan.

"You are?"

"Yeah," I had been sucking in the whole time he was down there.

"Well exhale for a second."

So I did and my belly filled out to its full size, I thought I heard a "wow" under his breath but I wasn't sure. It was then I noticed several people staring at me. So I grab Mike and stand him up.

"This is fun and all, but people are staring."

"I see, come on lets go this way."

Instead of going out the front he takes me into the emergency exit. It was a hallway that led all the theatres outside. Then we went back to work. This time he stood behind me and put his arms around my waist.

"Ok, now when you suck in pull up your belly like this," and he took his hands and started pulling my flesh up and in. "Got that? All right lets give it another try on three. One, two three!" I suck in and start pulling in my belly while he tries to pull the jeans together with all his might. It felt so good, and I noticed that when we were pressed so close together my rear end was in his lap and I felt quite the bulge between his legs. So after we finished that unsuccessful attempt I backed him up against the wall and wiggled my ass on his crotch.

"Someone's enjoying himself." I said with a grin. He blushed and blew off the statement.

"Here I've got an idea." He laid his jacket on the floor and helped me lay down. Now it was about this time that I realized that since we were already in the emergency exit we could easily walk out to the parking lot from here and go home without anyone seeing the fact that my jeans were undone. But I was having way too much fun to stop him.

He sits down on my thighs, straddling me and much to my shock he put his face to my belly and starts kissing it! I let out a soft little moan and he licked my belly. A sensual shiver went up my spine; I arched my back a little, sucked in and before I knew it my jeans was buttoned. He'd done it. I let out this, "oh thank you" and tried to get up but he pushed me back down.

"Wait, I still have to zip you up first."

I looked at the jeans and though they were buttoned, my belly pushed the zipper out leaving this huge gap with flesh poking out. I lay back down and he proceeded to kiss and lick my little pouch of fat that was preventing the zipper from going up. I was at the point of orgasm.

"I think the zipper is caught on something." he sID

"Yeah...fat," I replied

We both laughed and he went back to work, I arched my back, sucked in, pushed in my pouch he zipped the jeans up.

"There we go."

I was severely out of breath. He helped me up since the jeans were so tight I wouldn't have been able to get up by myself. We walked out though the front and around for about 15 minutes. Well actually he walked, I waddled. These jeans prevented almost any movement whatsoever. We didn't say anything we just shared glances and silent awe. We get to his car and he opens the passenger side door. I go to sit down but of course I can't because the jeans are too tight.

"Wait I need to unbutton these."

"After all that work?"

"Yeah but I can't sit in them they're too tight."

So I go to unbutton them but I can't. I try again but the jeans are stretched to the extremes and there isn't enough give to let me unbutton them. I tell Mike I can't and he gives the suggestion of reclining the passenger seat all the way so that I just lie down the whole ride home and "we'll" get the jeans off then. I like the way he tossed in the "we." This works for me so he helps me lay down and we start driving home.

"So do you usually wear such snug attire?"

I answer with the whole story about my freshman weight gain, my being a size 20 but ending up squished into a size 16 because I ruined my only 18. He mentions that it would have been a sight to see my girlfriends try and get me into these jeans.

I give him a seductive look and tell him that he's already helped me in and now he's going to help me out. We get to my house and he helps me out of the car. My parents are conveniently out for the night so we go up to my room. I lay down on the bed sprawled out and he sits on my thighs again and puts his hands on my belly, caressing it.

"So you can't unbutton them eh? Well let’s see what we've got here..."

I suck in and he lifts the fat that has poured over the top of the jeans so he can see the button. He tries to undo it but he can't. He begins kissing and licking my belly but even though I almost reach orgasm again he couldn't unbutton them. He tried to unzip them first but my fat had already pushed the zipper of the track in several places, meaning it was stuck. So was I, stuck in this pair of jeans. After about 15 minutes of this he gives up on that and stands me up.

"I've got another idea...bend over."

"I can't bend over they're too tight."

"Try, try doing toe touches."

I had no idea what he was getting at; maybe he thought I would stretch the fabric, I don't know. So I start trying to do these toe touches but I'm not getting far. He helps me bend over a couple times to get me started.

"What is this a workout regimen? Trying to have me lose the weight so I can get out of these jeans."

"Lose weight? Never." I loved his emphasis on the word never. "You'll see."
I'm on number twenty-five or so and suddenly I hear this loud ripping noise and my jeans suddenly became looser. I jump up immediately and I'm all red faced and I start feeling my self to see where I ripped the jeans. My ass. I split the seat of my pants and my ass just came pouring out.

I was really embarrassed cause I only had a thong on, of course then I thought he was trying to get me out of the jeans anyway so he would have seen the thong even if the pants hadn't ripped. He moves up real close to me and puts his hands around my waist and then slides them to my ass and caresses the exposed flesh. Then he slides them back to my waist and undoes the button and the zipper.

We both move to the bed and I lay down and he lays down on top of me and we begin to make love...only to be interrupted by a me having a giggle fit when Mike tries to pull my jeans off but can't. He started off slow and sensual by peeling my shirt off, but the jeans were a little more troublesome. Even though they were unbuttoned and unzipped he couldn't get them off my hips and butt.

After a couple minutes he really got into it and I grabbed the headboard as he pulled with all his might, lifting me off the bed! Finally after five minutes the jeans started to peel off me, and we returned to the greatest lovemaking I've ever experienced.

And that's my report

"Ok, my story is done, now someone else has to tell their's now. Cindy I'm looking in your direction."

"Ok. It's only fair that I tell mine next."

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Thumbs up Slumber Party - Part 2

Cindy's Story: Midnight Feedings

Ok, so you all know Jack, my boyfriend for the last two years now. And you all know he's a feeder, and I am his feedee. It took about a month for this little secret of his to come out while we were first dating, but once it did...wow.

Most of my senior year of high school and summer was spent being fed by Jack. I went from being 110 to 130 when I graduated, and by the time I left for college I was 150. We did normal dates and little make out sessions. But about every two weeks or so we would have these huge midnight feedings in his basement, either while his parents were away or after they had gone to sleep.

He would measure me, weigh me, take pictures and videotape my progress. We would play little games like trying to squeeze me into old clothes (he especially loved my cheerleading outfit), and of course he fed me. Oh wow, how he fed me. I don't know how he explained the amount of missing food from his house; maybe he bought more to cover it up. His family was rich so maybe they didn't care.

His parents were clueless too. They knew we were friends, but they definitely had no clue that their little angel was doing such kinky things in their basement. This one night during the summer we were having a midnight feast while his parents were at a movie. Unfortunately the movie wasn't very good so his parents came home an hour and a half early! We panicked. We didn't have an escape route planned and I was completely nude running around his basement grabbing all my clothes while Jack hid all his equipment and food.

We could hear his parents walking around upstairs and calling for him. Jack said he'd be up in a sec to stall them. He told me to climb out the bathroom window and sneak out the back yard. I was going to object but I heard his mom start to walk down the stairs to the basement. I ran to the bathroom tossed all my clothes outside and squeezed out this tiny window in his tiny little closet-I mean bathroom.

Outside, I tossed on some clothes and ran away. He called me an hour later and we laughed about it all night. We had six other feedings that summer, and two of those six times ended with me naked squeezing out the bathroom window to escape his parents. It became a running joke between us.

So anyway, summer ended and Jack made me promise to "document" my freshman fifteen, and see if I could toss a zero on the end and make it the freshman 150! So all through freshman year I sent him pictures and measurements and told him about our little freshman fifteen club. Now that really turned him on, four girls trying to gain weight. But then the bad news came that I couldn't afford to go home at all freshman year. Not for Christmas or Thanksgiving, not for anything.

So when I finally went home the past summer he was in shock when he saw me. He had seen the pictures I sent him, but in real life I guess I must have been even more beautiful. I was 243lbs by then. He was beside himself. That same night I go over to his house and he spends the whole night weighing me, measuring me, and feeding me. It was quite the reunion.

A week later his parents were going out so we had another opportunity for one of our "midnight feedings." It was a great night. I was eating my favourite food, raw cookie dough. A LOT of it. And there was a lot there to eat too. It seems that when Jack heard about us eating raw cookie dough during one of our slumber parties, he decided that would be the food of choice for one of our sessions. He bought 14 pounds of it! Two of those two-pound rolls, and two giant five pound buckets that he found at one of those bulk-warehouse type stores.

I finished off the two rolls, it felt so good. You know how cookie dough is super filling, but with him feeding me and messaging my belly while I ate I put away those four pounds of dough in no time. Then like so many times before we heard the garage door open. His parents were home. We looked at the clock, 1:45am. They weren't early, they were late actually. But in our feeding we lost track of time. I grabed all my clothes and the cookie dough as we hear his parents walk in.

"Out the window again, wow, it's been a year, but nothings changed." I said with a smile.

"No wait...just hide in the bathroom. Get in the tub and close the curtain."

I did what he said, the tiny tub was a little tight for me, and I had to turn my hips sideways to fit in it. I heard his parents walk in and he goes up to talk to them. It seemed like forever, but I heard him say good night and he came back downstairs and into the bathroom.

"Is it safe to come out now?"

"Sort of. They're still watching TV upstairs. It might be a while before they go to bed so we better so this quietly."

"Do what quietly?"

"You still have ten pounds of cookie dough left..."

"Mmmmm… Lead the way."

Jack had to help me out of the tub, like I said it was tight. You'd be surprised how fast ten pounds of cookie dough goes when you’re being fed. The last pound took the longest; as I had to take frequent pauses while Jack caressed and messaged my stuffed belly. It wasn't a bad kind of painful-stuffed, it was a wonderful fullness. It was about 3:30 now but we could still here his parents upstairs. It was the window again for me. I got up and waddled over to the bathroom with my clothes in hand. I noticed my hips brushed against the frame of his bathroom door.

"Jack check this out."

I backed up and did it again. This excited him to no end. He got out his camera and filmed my hips in the doorway. It was a narrow doorway; the bathroom was too small to have a normal door. But still, it was yet another thing I was on my way to out growing. After a couple takes I called it quits. I patted my belly and smacked my lips.

"Well...I must be going now."

We embraced and we kissed. Some cookie dough that was on my mouth came off on him. I proceeded to lick his face and suck his lips until I got every last bit. I tossed my clothes out side and went to clime out.

"Goodbye...if you're sure you won't have anymore."

My head whipped around.

"Is there any more?" I said eagerly.

Jack held the last bucket upside down.

"Nope, just kidding."

"Oh, I thought not...well goodnight then."

"Going out naked are we?"

I looked down at my body, which was still in the nude.

"Well I figured, this is the way I always end up going out the window, it might be bad luck if I stop."

I turned back to the window.

"Hmmm… Seems a lot smaller than I remember. I think I'm going to need a hand here."

I started out the window, arms and head first. I was pushing myself with my legs and pulling with my arms. I got my shoulders through and half my breasts but after that I couldn't budge. My arms head and shoulders were out, my breasts were almost out, my belly was wedged in the window well and my lower half, ass, hips and legs were still inside the house. Jack grabbed my ass and pushed. It was a great feeling; it was like when we tried to squeeze me into an impossibly tight pair of jeans. But for all his pushing and all my pulling I still didn't budge.

"I don't think I can fit."

"Wait I have an idea, come on back in."

I tried to back myself out but I couldn't. My belly was stuck in the window. Jack saw my struggling and grabbed my ankles and pulled. Slowly after a couple minutes of pulling I started to squeeze back through the window. Back inside I sat on the toilet out of breath while Jack went to his basement fridge. He came back with five sticks of butter.

"Maybe if we lather you up you can squeeze through."

I let out a seductive mmmm, followed by a, "Let's do it."

He warmed the butter in his microwave and came back. He didn't melt it, he just moistened it. I stood up, and he grabbed a hand full of butter and smothered it all over my belly. We had never done anything like this before, I guess the closest was when we bathed together, and it felt amazing. I grabbed a handful and rubbed done my sides and onto my hips. I grabbed another handful and put it in my mouth. Mmmmm, it was so fattening. Jack had moved to my ass now. I began to moan softly.

"Hey, don't eat all of it, it's going to take a lot to cover you."

He did my back and went to my thighs while I finished my belly and sides. He did my whole leg and then ran his hands up my inner thigh, my moans got a little louder.

"Shhhh… my parents."


Jack rubbed down my breasts and under my arms. I did my arms and he put a little on my face like suntan lotion. My whole body glistened.

"Wait I got to get this on tape."

So yet again he films my body from all angles. He set the camera on a tripod as we went to give the window another try. It certainly seemed easier when I started. My arms, head and shoulders slid right out. But I got stuck in the same position as before. Halfway through. Jack grabbed my ass and pushed, his hands slipped around my whole rear end. I could feel myself starting to budge. My breasts were through now but my belly was still in the window well. Then I felt my hips and butt bump against the wall around the window. Things were really tight now, and it felt amazing, I mean the butter, the tightness, and the wonderful sound of slippery flesh and the squeaking noise it made as I squeezed through the window. Wow. I started to get tired of pulling and gave up.

"Oomph...OOOoooo...Oh help and bother...I'm stuck."

"You know, this all comes from eating too much." Jack said with what must have been a huge grin.

I kicked him playfully with my leg. "Eating too much? This all comes from not having windows big enough...Any more ideas?"

"One comes to mind." Jack began to lick the butter off my ass.

"Oh my word!" I moaned. He continued licking around my hips and made his way underneath me, between my legs. Jack had given me oral sex before but nothing like this. I started moaning and pulling. Not trying to pull myself out just pulling like I was bracing myself as I began to reach orgasm. He began to tease me; pulling away, then working me back up to near orgasm and pulling away again. Stuck in the position I was in I was completely at his mercy. I began to pull even harder, trying to escape the torment. Finally I came and I cried out. Jack slapped my ass.


"Sorry." I was completely out of breath. It took me a couple minutes to regain it. Jack continued to rub my hips and my rear end, sort of a cool down exercise. Five minutes past before either of us spoke.

"What do you say we try to get you out of there."

"I don't even care anymore." I was still in a daze.

Jack grabbed my butt and started pushing again. He was really getting into it, putting his shoulder in like a football player, then he turned around and put one leg over each shoulder and put is back against my ass. He was pushing with his legs, sort of like using my ass as the weight for squats. I gathered myself back up and started pulling again. I don't think I could explain how tight this was for me. My belly was so tightly stuck in this window; it was like I was wearing a corset that had been pulled closed by two stallions. I mean it felt great but after a half hour of pushing and pulling it was becoming apparent that I was really stuck. It was 4:25 now. I stopped pulling; I was completely out of breath. Jack felt me give up and he stopped too.

"It's no use, I can't fit. I'm too fat."

"Wait, here I'll be back in a sec."

"Wait here? Like I have a choice?!"

A minute later Jack came back.

"Well my parents are asleep but they're up stairs, if we can get you back out you could sneak out the front door."

Jack grabbed my ankles again and started pulling while I tried to push myself back in. This proved just as hard as pulling me out. After ten minutes I hadn't budged. I stopped pushing and pulled my feet out of Jack's hands.

"It's no use...I'm stuck."

I didn't get a response from Jack. A minute later I saw him round the corner of the house with camera in hand. He almost dropped the camera. He rushed up to me, babbling how he thought I was so fat and beautiful and how this situation was the most arousing thing he had ever experienced. I said how exciting it had been for me and we both started kissing and making out.

After ten minutes we regrouped and focused on the problem at hand. Jack took my hands and pulled with all his might. I thought my arms were going to come out of their sockets. After five minutes we realized that it was doing no good and we stopped.

"We need help."

Jack didn't like that idea but he had to go along with it, it was 5am now. I had been stuck for over an hour. We decided to call April, my best friend back home that knew about my feedee relationship with Jack. She was the only one that could come close to understanding my situation. I called her and told her nothing except that I was in trouble and she needed to come here quietly now. I gave her instructions on where to park and how to sneak into his backyard.

Jack got a wet towel and wiped the butter of my lower half, then came outside to wash off my arms, breasts and face, we figured no one had to know that we though butter would get me through this impossibly small window. There was still some on my belly, but we only had to explain that if I got out, which was looking less and less likely as time went by. Jack helped me put on my sports bra and went back inside to put my spandex shorts on my backside. I slide my legs in and he started tugging them up. He got them about halfway around my butt and started to have trouble.

"They won't fit."

"What do you mean they won't fit? That's a new pair they fit perfectly when I got here.”

"Yeah, that was before you finished 14 pounds of cookie dough."

No way I thought, first off it was too soon for me to have digested all of it, well and hour and forty-five minutes since I had eaten, maybe some of it had digested. How long does it take for the body to deposit fat? I started wondering while Jack was tugging at my shorts, trying to stuff my fat in. I guess since my belly was so tightly stuck my body would have trouble depositing fat there, so I guess since I'm a pear anyway it would toss all the fat on my butt, hips and legs.

My train of thought was getting stupid, I was tired. In the position I was in my feet barely reached the ground when I stretched so my butt was just hanging there. I had kept it pretty perky until now, but it took too much energy to keep it up and I let my whole bottom half just hang, of course when I let myself go feet reached the ground easily so I let them slide apart so my ass could just hang there. Jack got the shorts almost completely around my butt. He said it was starting to rip the seat and the rest was almost transparent it was so stretched. Pictures ensued. Finally April showed up. I saw her come around the corner and freeze. Her mouth was open wide.

"Hi..." She didn't answer me. "I'm stuck."

I pulled myself to show that I wasn't joking.

"What happened?"

Well to save you all the time I told her everything about that night, she just stood dumbfounded, listening to the story.

"Here give me your hand."

"We already tried that, I'm stuck."

"Well what if we push you back?"

I heard a "no" come from inside the house. Apparently Jack had been eavesdropping. The idea of pushing me back seemed to really get him worked up, even though he had been trying all night to get me out I think he loved the situation so much he didn't want it to end. He tried to lift my ass, but without my help it must have been too heavy. He was speaking between grunts,

"I mean...having gotten this far...it seems a pity...to waist it!"

He let go only to watch my ass sag down, he ran and got a high back chair and wedged it in my ass, just like when you wedge a chair under a door knob. It did the job I guess, my legs were forced apart further, causing the shorts to rip more, and my butt was pressed firmly against the wall.

"All right then, how about if I pull and you push? Jack? You hear me?

"Yeah I push you pull, lets go."

April grabbed both my hands and Jack pulled away the chair and placed his hands on my butt, ready to go.

"On three, one, two, three!"

Jack pushed and April pulled. All three of us made audible sounds of strain as we tried to free me.

But after about twenty minutes I hadn't budged and inch. I let go of April's hands, which sent her falling backward. Jack stopped and put the chair back. I was really out of breath; I could tell everyone else was tired too. April stood back up.

"Hey Jack, come let me in, I have to see what we're dealing with here."

Jack brought April inside to show her my butt. When she entered the bathroom she froze again.

"Oh wow you are huge!"

I smiled and wiggled my ass cheerfully. I don't know if she meant it as an insult or a statement but it turned me on.

"What if we both push?" Jack suggested. Though Jack was reluctant about getting help I think he was getting into it now. I think it helped that April was fat too. Nowhere near my size, probably around 180 or so. I think he was getting into the whole idea of two fat chicks and him. I was too, I don't think I'm bi or anything, just that I felt just as aroused when April grabbed my ass as when Jack did. I wonder if April enjoyed this?

We both talked about how we enjoyed our size, but she was more of a secret self-feeder. Maybe this would be the situation to get her to come out of the closet. Jack had my left cheek and April had my right and they started pushing as hard as they could. I started pulling, letting moans of pleasure slip out every once in a while. It was 5:30 now and the sun was starting to rise. I gave up. April and Jack stopped pushing.

"Jack I know you're enjoying this, but she's too fat to fit through that window. I mean look at her ass! I don't know how she got her belly in there. If she's going to get out it will have to be this way, we have to pull her back in."

April's words turned me on, the situation made me so horny. I mean whenever I heard someone say fat, stuck, huge whatever I got a tingle between my legs. Jack gave in and they went about trying to pull me in. Jack grabbed my left leg and April grabbed my right and they started pulling while I clumsily tried to push my self back, (I mean really, in my position how would I push myself back?). Ten minutes went by and nothing.

"Maybe I should go out and push while you pull."

April came back outside and put her hands on my shoulders. She started pushing while Jack pulled. April was struggling, maybe she was frustrated. She put her hands on my breasts, which was a shock (but a pleasurable shock) and tried to stuff them back in the window. Needless to say they wouldn't fit. We all gave up, and Jack jammed the chair against my ass again. It was 6 now. I had been stuck for two hours.

Since I had been moving the whole time none of my body parts went numb. But I began to wonder how long I'd be here. Jack told us both to sit tight while his parents went to work, he had heard them get up and move around upstairs. We waited forever. It was 7am before they finally left and we could try again. Jack came out side and he and April sat on the ground around me while we tried to think of ideas to get me out.

"I hate to be the one to say it, but we might have to call the fire department."

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Thumbs up Slumber Party - Part 2

Jack and I both looked at April. Jack looked obviously opposed to the idea because it was more people raining on his parade, but me? I didn't mind it. I wasn't too eager to get out but the idea of all these people coming to help me was arousing as well.

"I mean you always hear about people that are trapped being saved by the fire department, and then there's always the stories of people so fat they get stuck somewhere and the fire department has to dismantle something and use the Jaws of Life to get them out."

April smiled and pinched my cheek on the last part. I acted like the joke hurt me and pulled away my head away from her hand.

"Oh what's this? Don't even start, I know you've been having the time of your life since the first second you got stuck." I smiled a huge smile, she was right.

"Ok, if we call the fire department, then I'm as good as caught. My parents will definitely find out and I'll have to try and explain this."

"You forget that Cindy's the one who'll have the most explaining to do, after all she's the one that's stuck."

They both turned to me. I didn't want to be the one to make the decision. But of course I was the one that was stuck so I had to.

"Lets wait. If by noon I'm still stuck, well call the fire department."

So we all sat around waiting. Jack showered and changed and April left and came back, Jack got tape after tape of footage, as well as role after role of pictures. My tummy started rumbling around 10ish. And even though Jack was ready and willing to feed me, April stood in his way.

"Sorry hun, but I think you've had enough to eat."

So we waited some more. Finally noon came around. Jack took his position at my ass and April grabbed my hands. She pulled and he pushed and I squeezed...but nothing. I didn't budge. So they reversed and April pushed while Jack pulled. Still no use.

"Well, I guess we call."

Jack made the call, explaining that I was his girlfriend and that in an attempt to sneak out without his parents knowing I had gotten stuck in a bathroom window. Oh yeah I almost forgot. The window was one of those that swing up, so for a good while it was resting on my head until Jack finally came out, he thought maybe the window was holding me up. He tried to lift it up further and it broke off in his hands.

Anyway, ten minutes later a truck showed up, not your typical fire truck but a rescue truck I guess they only need a Suburban when all your doing is saving a fat girl in a window. The chief or whoever was in charge came around back and talked to me. I explained it all just like Jack had, adding that

I had been there for 8 hours now.

Wow eight hours, it didn't feel that long, though I did fall asleep while we were waiting for noon to come. Jack took him down to show him my butt. I'm sure that was a shock for the guy, from the front I don't look that big, just chubby face, arms and big breasts but from behind I was enormous. Finally they came back out and we discussed options. We told him what we had already tried (minus the butter, that would be our secret).

He said they could take out the wall, pull me out and the surgically remove the metal windowsill from my waist (sort of like having a ring removed he said). Or they could put a harness around me and use a huge portable winch (the Jaws of Life? I thought they looked like jaws, I don't know, I'm stupid) to pull me out.

First they called in a building guy, he checked out the wall and then nixed the destruction idea. Apparently we were smart enough to choose a window that had two weight bearing (wow that has a double meaning now doesn't it) steel studs directly on either side of the window. So to take down the wall they would have to build this whole support structure to keep the house up.

So they went with the Jaws of Life idea.

First they took this huge winch and put it in the back yard. Then they put this harness on me like a vest, they said they couldn't just attach it to my arms because it was so powerful that if it didn't pull me out it would rip my arms off! On my permission two firewomen (men would have been too risqué) also went inside to push.

Jack wasn't happy at all about that. But I was! It was 2:30 when everything was set up and we gave it the first try. They turned on the winch and the two firemen-women pushed on my ass. Wow what a feeling. The pulling and tugging by Jack and April was nothing compared to this. April was right by my side so I could tell her if things hurt too much. After only a couple minutes they turned off the winch.

"Wow, Cindy, it looks like you really did a number on yourself. We almost burned out the motor. We're going to take this inside and try to pull you back in. Just like before we have this harness that you wear like shorts so we don't rip off your legs."

I was completely exhausted, the two minutes with the winch was more straining than everything else combined. I let out a faint smile.

"Well that's good." April wiped my forehead and gave me water.

The firemen met with a little problem when they tried to put the harness on "like shorts." It didn't fit. They got it to about half way around my butt on the largest setting and couldn't get it any further. They tugged for a couple of minutes before they took it off and made some makeshift "extensions" so they could get it around my hips. They strapped me in and no one bothered to push this time. They started up the winch and it pulled like non-other. I felt my top half being tugged into the window but I couldn't fit back through so, that was a weird sensation. My belly was still stuck in the well anyway, I hadn't budged. After a minute and a half they turned off the winch again.

The chief came back outside.

"Well Cindy I don't know what to tell you. This winch should pull you right out, either way. I don't know what else we can do."

"You mean I'm stuck here forever?"

"Well of course not. I called over a doctor whose going to see what we can do to ummm...help you lose a little excess...ummm..."

"...Fat?" I loved the way he was trying to dance around the word, like I didn't know I was this huge.

"Well, some weight."

So it was more waiting for me. The doctor showed up twenty minutes later and took some measurements so he could guess my current weight. Since I was 245lbs last night his guess of 260 was pretty close, after all the cookie dough. He also wanted to make sure that it was fat holding me up and not my body. Like if it was just because my hips were fat then I still have a chance of squeezing through the window, but if it is because my hipbones are too wide I'd never get through.

He put me on this weird "magic" pill that would melt off the pounds, but give me the chemicals I needed. They also put a heater in the bathroom, made it like sauna in there. I was sweating profusely. All I could have was water to keep me from dehydrating. So I had a pill diet, liquid diet, starvation, and sweating to work off the pounds.

Jack was beside himself, and so was I. I hated to see all my hard works the last year go to waste. Then we sort of came to terms with it when we decided that we could then spend the rest of the summer helping me gain it all back. They didn't say how long it would take. Maybe one to four days to lose enough weight to get me out!

At 6 Jack's parents finally came home and the cat was out of the bag. He was chewed out for about half an hour; they were going to call my parents but lucky me, my parents were on vacation. His parents sort of locked themselves inside though when they saw a news van pull up. Apparently news was pretty slow in our area so a fat girl stuck in a window got around fast.

The firemen tried to keep them away but I said it was all right. Jack's constant videotaping made me feel like his own personal celebrity, I had gotten to "enjoy" being video taped. There were two reporters, one newspaper with a photographer and one news anchor with a cameraman. I had to sign this paper saying I gave them permission to show my face. I guess most people would have been too embarrassed by all this to let it air on TV but I was loving it.

They asked me how long I had been stuck, how much I weighed (a question they probably wouldn't have asked if I hadn't told them that the reason I was stuck was because I was simply too fat to fit through), what we had tried, what the rescue team had tried. It was sort of fun.

They interviewed Jack, and he told the same story I did of us just panicking when his parents showed up and that's why I even attempted the window in the first place. Jack took them inside to show them my bottom half. They interviewed the chief and the doctor who were still there (the rest of the crew had gone home to return the next day).

I wasn't sure whether they were trying to sell it as a "little-boy-trapped-in-a-well-sympathy-story" or a "ha-ha-look-at-this-fat-girl-who-got-stuck-in-a-window-story." I didn't really care.

Everyone left, planning on coming by the next day. I got a chance to talk to Jack's mom, who was all sympathetic for me "you poor girl, you're not fat, the window was just too small," and a whole bunch of other stuff to "comfort" me. She had no clue that I was loving it.

I finally got to have a chance alone with Jack (oh yeah, April went home around 7:45, promising to come over the second she woke up). We made out and talked about how this was our greatest fantasy come to life. I told him how I was going crazy because the situation had made me sooooooo hot and I had no way to relieve myself. He took the hint and went inside.

They still had the sauna thing going in the bathroom but the pleasure was just as good as before. More so because it had been held inside for so long. I tried to keep my voice down; I had to almost bite my hand to keep me from crying out. He came back out and we rested for a little bit before he went to bed. I had a stool with a pillow to rest my head on and a stool and pillow to rest my butt on.

I was exhausted and fell asleep around 9:30 and woke up around 8:45 the next morning. Jack had been up and so were his parents who weren't going to work today just because even though this situation was super weird, they didn't want to seem insensitive by leaving us alone to deal with it. April showed up at 9ish and the doctor and the rescue crew showed up at 10. The doctor took measurements again, saying that I probably lost a couple pounds.

The squad set up the winch again. They tried to pull me out but that didn't work. I still didn't budge. So they set up inside to pull me back in. They still needed the makeshift extensions to fit the harness around my hips so I guess I didn't lose too much. They started up the machine and for the first time I budged. Oh, sorry I forgot to mention the news crew was there filming my "rescue." It wasn't much but with April's help pushing, my breasts were stuffed halfway back into the window.

It was decided from then on that the only way to get me out was to pull me back through the window; it was the only way I would budge. They tried every hour on the hour, giving me and the machine a chance to cool down. But after the few initial movements I was stuck again and not budging.

My breasts were now in the window, which wasn’t very comfortable because the way I was being pulled; they folded up towards my face. The beginnings of my love handles and my lower belly were noticeable inside. And that's how I was left at the end of day two.

Day three everyone showed up a little earlier. The doctor estimated that I had lost anywhere from 5-15 pounds! I though that was a crazy amount to lose, but then of course I did eat 14lbs of cookie dough in one night...So anyway same old, same old. They still needed the extensions to get the harness on so I was happy about that.

They started up the machine and though it was impossibly tight I started to squeeze back through. April had to push to help me through. It got to the point where my head and arms were going back through now, between my chubby cheeks and my fat arms the window was filled.

Had they grown? I wondered why I didn't notice that when I first tried to squeeze through. I got stuck again. The fattest point of my waist was now wedged in the inner part of the windowsill, no longer stuck in the well. I could hear the machine straining. Since no one wanted to give up, two firemen grabbed my feet, two others grabbed my thighs (they had their arms around them like tree trunks) and the two firewomen put their arms around me at the point where the hips meet the waist.

Everyone started pulling. They got sort of a heave-ho thing going. It was 45 minutes after I stopped squeezing back that I finally budged again. With a jolt my waist was free and I flew out of the window. Everyone fell backwards, with me landing on them. I couldn't stand myself up because my legs felt awkward. Two firemen lifted me up and walked me to Jacks bed were they laid me down. The doctor put some lotion on my belly and started to rub it in. It was supposed to help remove the lines that had formed while I was stuck.

After a thank-you lunch served by Jack's parents the rescue team went home. When they left April got the hint and left Jack and I alone. First thing Jack did when we were alone was weigh and measure me. I weighed 243, so I had lost 18lbs in the three days I was stuck in the window! But oddly enough when he took my measurements, my waist was a lot thinner but my hips were three inches larger! My bust had grown and inch and my upper arms were a half-inch larger. My thighs and calves had grown too. It seems being stuck in the window my body distributed the fat everywhere but my waist. Weird.

It didn't take long to gain back the weight I lost, two midnight feedings...at my house this time. Jack taped all the news reports and we made love while watching them and the videos he had made. My parents were shown the news footage when they got back from vacation.

They weren't very happy, they were embarrassed. I told them I wasn't but it didn't matter. My mom knew I liked being fat so she gave me some good advice.

"You've got to know your size, you can't walk around thinking you’re a 100lb cheerleader anymore or you'll get stuck everywhere," that put a wonderful image in my head, "you have to learn to guess what you can and cannot fit into."

So that was a little lesson that I learned, but not really. Jack and I loved trying to find me stuff to wedge myself in. Nothing as serious as the window, but we had fun in his tiny tub, a chair with armrests, and inner-tube (wow that's a whole other story, we had a lot of fun that night).

Before I left for school Jack showed me this little project he was working on in secret...It was a wall with a window in it that he had made from part of his basement, the thing was that the window had variable sizes and could be disassembled to...um...free me. He said it would be done by Christmas break so I got something to look forward too.

And that's the story.

"No way that happened," Jamie said.

"You’re full of it," said Lauren.

"I swear that's exactly how it happened, I might have embellished a little at parts..."

"Well if that's what happened," said Kelly, "lets see some proof. It was on the news; Jack took hundreds of pictures, and hours of video. Let's see it."

"Well that stuff is sort of like my own personal stash..." Cindy said

"Shut up you know you want to show us."

Cindy did, she made everyone turn around and got her personal box out from a hiding place in her closet. She popped in the videos and brought out the pictures, it was all true.

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Default Slumber Party - Part 3 by John Doe

Lauren's Story: The Tree House

Well after Cindy's little extravaganza mine might seem a little tame but here goes.

I was at my house most of this summer being lazy and eating. My little sister had just gotten a new kitten for her birthday, and since she went to school a couple weeks before I left I became the cat sitter. One day when everyone was gone I went outside to get the mail, and… I sort of...left the door wide open.

Sure enough, as I grab the mail and turn around I see this little white streak fly out of the door and around the house. I ran as fast as I could after the little sucker but when I rounded the corner she was gone. So I put the mail in the house and proceeded to look for her. Luckily our back yard was fenced in so I knew she couldn't go too far.

I must have spent 45 minutes looking for this stupid cat until I started back around the house I heard this little cry from above. I looked up and it had climbed up a tree to our old tree house, that used to be for me, but since I had long ago outgrown such childish things it was my sister's, even my sister barely used it now. So I called and brought out food and it wouldn't move, it just sat at the window and meowed down at me. So I had to climb up after it.

I started up the make shift ladder to the trap door, which I noticed looked a lot smaller than I remembered it. I got to the floor of the house and I tossed open the trap door. By now I had noticed that it was awfully small, especially at my new size, so I proceeded with caution. I was only wearing a snug old t-shirt and spandex shorts so I wasn't worried about ruining anything. I put my arms through and started to lift myself up. I got my head up through but I got caught at my chest.

I called the cat but it still didn't come it just sat at the window staring at me. I started to squeeze a little further up, it was really tight. I got my breasts through, they sat on the floor of the tree house, but I couldn't get any further. I tried to reach for the cat but it was a good foot and a half out of reach, in front of me. But as I bent forward to reach I squeezed a little further through. I started to pull and pull trying to squeeze through this trap door, my belly was starting to squeeze through but it just getting tighter and tighter every inch I budged.

I tried reaching for the cat again but it was still out of reach. This time instead of trying to lift myself through I grabbed the bit of my belly that was through and started tugging trying to pull my belly up through the trap door. I took off my shirt, which was getting caught and tossed it to the side of the tree house, and continued in my sport bra. It worked; I was starting to make some progress. I tugged and pulled at the rolls of fat until I had pulled my belly into the tree house. It spread out around me sitting on the floor. I could no longer see the trap door beneath me.

I tried to reach again for the cat, which was harder this time because I had this enormous roll of fat in my way when I tried to bend forward. I was within inches of the cat, straining and stretching when the little thing walked out the window onto a branch and to the roof of our house, where it casually strolled into an open bedroom window, leaving me in the tree house.

I cursed the stupid ball of fur and tried to lower myself back through the trap door...but when I tried to slide my foot to the next step down on the ladder I realized that I wasn't moving down. I bounced up and down and tried to twist but I wasn't falling through. I let both my feet of the ladder and just hung there hoping my weight would pull me down but I didn't budge...I was stuck. I kicked the air wildly with my legs trying to fall through but I could see that my enormous belly wasn't squeezing back down the way it squeezed up.

I grabbed the rolls of fat around me and tried to stuff them into the trap door but they wouldn't fit. I put my legs back on the ladder and planted my hands on the floor of the tree house and tried to lift myself up out of the trap door but I didn't budge. I could feel my hips and butt bump against the floor around the trap door with every pull, far too fat to fit through. I let my legs go again and hung there in the floor, out of breath, cursing the cat.

"Are you okay up there?"

I froze. I didn't recognize the voice but it was a guy. I felt sort of embarrassed and started squirming again, trying to free myself.

"It's okay, I'm fine...I'm just...I'm just-"

I couldn't think of any excuse of why I'd be hanging out of this tree house like this.


Who was that? I started squeezing harder now, and tried desperately to reach for my shirt, which was now out of reach across the house. I talked between my breaths and sounds of strain.

"Stuck? -No, I'm just resting...thinking"

What was I saying? I was so embarrassed.

"Do you need a hand?"

"No - I'm okay...really."

What was I thinking of course I needed help?

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah I'm okay, reeeeaaallly."

I was straining trying to lift myself up, it was an odd sensation, my body was trying to move upward but my fat stayed where it was, wedged in the door. I stopped pulling and fell back down into myself.

"Ooofff! ...I'm stuck."

"What was that?"

I looked down at the floor of the tree house in the direction of the voice.

"I'm stuck."

"Do you need a hand?"


I could hear the man climb the ladder until he was where my feet were hanging.

"Shall I pull you down or push you up?"

"Pull me down please."

The man grabbed my ankles and let a little of his weight off his feet and tried to pull me down. I was almost budging, I was being pulled down into all the fat around me but none of it was squeezing into the door.

"Harder." I grunted.

"This is as hard as I can, I'm going to let go of the ladder now."


He pushed off the ladder and hung by my ankles in the air. I was so tightly stuck that I supported his weight and mine and didn't budge and inch. He started swinging by my ankles, he would pull himself up and then let himself drop in the hopes that the sudden jerk would free me, but I still didn't budge.

"It's no use...I'm really stuck."

The man swung back to the ladder and climbed back up to where my legs hung.

"Well if we can't pull you down, what if we push you up?"

"I guess I don't have much of a choice."

The man grabbed the bottoms of my feet and pushed up, it was horribly awkward. Since I wasn't squeezing up my legs just buckled and bent. I laughed at this attempt, and his innocence, he was being such a gentleman, grabbing my feet. I pulled my feet out of his hands.

"It's not my feet that won't fit through the trap door, it's my butt."

I wiggled my ass as much as my confines would allow.


I could tell he was probably blushing. I felt his hands slide up my calves and then my thighs until he placed them gently on my ass. He was being very delicate and very sensual; I began to wonder if he was enjoying it.

"Don't be shy, go ahead and grab two nice handfuls."

I couldn't believe I had just said that. Sure enough he did, he grabbed two generous handfuls of fat on my ass, I let out a yelp, from shock, but it was a pleasurable shock. He started pushing and I started pulling, it felt so good. I really haven't done anything concerning my fat when I haven't been with you guys; I had no idea what I was missing. He sure wasn't being shy whoever he was.

He was grabbing my ass and my hips and tried to stuff them up into the trap door but they wouldn't fit, the trap door was already filled with my belly and it wasn't budging to make room for anything else. Not that my hips or ass would fit through, whenever he pushed they just squished up against the floor of the tree house. I got exhausted from all the squeezing and gave up. He felt me relax and let go, but he left his hand gently on my ass, moving it around very sensually, he must be an FA, I was dying to find out who it was.

"You really did a number on yourself didn't you?"

I laughed.

"What if you came up here?"


"There's a window around the side if you can climb up."

I felt his hand let go of my ass, and I heard him climb around the tree to the window. I was pretty impressed, he made it pretty quickly, and it was a hard climb. I realized I still didn't have a shirt on so I tried desperately to reach it, but I gave up when I saw him appear in the window. He was so handsome, I couldn't believe it. He slid through the narrow window sideways...I was surprised he could get his hard on through; he was so excited, hurray! He was an FA! He was pretty well built, not a muscle man but seemed strong. I didn't recognize him at all, but I saw his face light up when he saw me.


"How did you know my name?"

"It's me Keith, from High School."


I couldn't believe it, Keith was this little twerp in school.

"Wow, I didn't even recognize you, you've changed so much."

"So have you."

He motioned to my forty pounds of extra fat and smiled.

"Yeah...what can I say, the freshman fifteen."

He flipped up his eyebrow.


I smiled and blushed.

"Okay you caught me, freshman forty."

"That seems more like it."

"Well shall we?"

I pulled myself, reminding him that I was stuck, not that he forgot; he couldn't take his eyes off me.

"All right lets see what we can do."

He took my hands in his and pulled, but instead of me pulling out I ended up pulling him into me. We both laughed, and he stood back up.

"What if we try to push you down?"


"So you mind?"

He motioned placing his hands on my belly.

"You've just hand your hands all over my ass for five minutes, I don't mind."
He blushed, but tried to hide it. He grabbed my belly that was sitting on the floor and proceeded to try and squish it back into the door. I grabbed the rolls of fat at my sides and tried to do the same. He was really getting into it, putting his entire weight onto me, but I wasn't budging. He moved behind me and grabbed the rolls of fat at my sides while I grabbed my belly, I still didn't budge. He put his hands on my shoulders and pressed down with all he had, but still nothing.

"How did you get up here?"

"I just grabbed my fat while chasing the cat and pulled it up."

"Well, lets try that then."

He hooked his arms under my armpits as he stood behind me. I pushed up and he pulled but I didn't budge.

"So you just pulled your fat up...like this?"

He grabbed two rolls of fat on my sides and pulled up.

"Yep...wait! It's working!"

I could feel myself begin to budge. I grabbed the fat in front of me and began pulling up; very very slowly I began to squeeze through. The beginning of my hips and butt were in the trap door now, my belly was completely through laying on the ground around me. I bent over and lay on the floor as Keith grabbed my ass and my hips and pulled them through.

I stopped budging for about fifteen minutes when I reached the widest part of my hips and butt, the largest point on my body. Finally I sort of popped out and Keith pulled my legs through (my thighs got caught a little but it wasn't a problem). I lay, out of breath, on the floor of the tree house. Keith handed me my shirt and I put it back on. He sat down next to me and rubbed my back.

"Thank you."

"The pleasure was all mine."

I blushed and turned away; he put his finger on my chin and pulled my lips to his. I was shocked, but my surprise quickly left me, he was a great kisser. He lifted my shirt back off as I unbuttoned his. I lay on my back and he peeled of my spandex shorts. He stood above me and stripped. Then he dove on top of me.

I don't know how he did it but he had a condom on before I had my bra off, and we were having amazing sex. I jiggled all over with every thrust. He grabbed handful upon handful of fat as he kissed me all over. When we were both satisfied, we started getting dressed. While dressing I looked down at the trap door.

"I forgot."

"Forgot what?"

"I can't fit through the trap door, at least not legs first."

"Oh right..."

We both stood there thinking.

"What about the window?"

We looked at the vertical window he slid through. It was tall, but it was narrower than the trap door.

"I don't think so."

"Well we won't know until we try, I mean we already know you can't go down through the trap door, and this is the only other way out."

"You're right...okay, lets give it a try."

Without even thinking I tried to walk through the window facing forward. Squinching my shoulders I got my arms and head through but that was it. My belly pressed against the window and made no attempts at squeezing through.

"See I told you so."

"Well I assumed you would have turned yourself sideways first."


I stood there in the window, I was caught and I sort of rocked back in forth to show him I needed help. He stood behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He pressed against my ass and I could feel he was excited again. He pulled me out with one good heave.

"Shall we try that again?"

I nodded and turned myself sideways. I put one arm through and began to step one leg through and I knew we were going to have problems. I got to about mid thigh and my leg touched both edges of the window, and it only got tighter from there. I got to the point where my thigh meets my butt and it wouldn't fit. I hadn't even gotten to my belly yet which I could see was too wide to fit through.

"This isn't going to happen."

"Yes it is."

He grabbed my hip that was still in the tree house and pushed. I started squeezing through. He grabbed my belly and started stuffing that in too. But then I stopped. I looked down. I was stuck straight down the middle. One breast was outside the other was inside, my belly was cut in half down the middle, I had one leg in and one leg out, with the window going straight up my crack, one cheek outside and one cheek inside.

"Stuck again."

"No, just momentarily caught."

Keith went back to work pushing me through. My belly started through but the biggest problem was my ass. Getting that second cheek through took half an hour. But then I was free!

Keith helped me climb down and we went inside. The whole ordeal took three hours. It was perfect timing too, because my mom was just getting home with my little sister. Keith was quick on his feet saying while I was getting the mail he "bumped" into me while he was taking a walk...the end.

"Well I guess that just leaves me then," said Jamie.

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Default Slumber Party - Part 4 by John Doe

Jamie's Story: The Beach

Well so lets see what we've got here, your got stuck in a pair of jeans, you got stuck in a window and you got stuck in a tree house...well...I guess you're wondering where I got stuck in then huh?

Well, over the summer my girlfriends and I, four of us in total and another group of fatties like us. Sandy was 300, Kimmy was the heaviest at 375 and then there was Amber at 275 and then myself, at 167 the runt of the group.

Well we were spending a week at Sandy's beach house. It was a small house with only real room, a bedroom/kitchen/den with one bed and three of us sleeping on the floor. It was a part of a little beach front complex with a bunch of other little shacks. The bathroom was horribly tiny, Kimmy usually needed our help getting in and out, and Sandy barely squeezed through.

The shower was outside at the side of the house, that wasn't fun, either. But with all its faults it had amazing location. It was four houses away from the beach, and with the trees you could see the beach but you were pretty private considering the next house was five feet over. Well anyway, we got our day started late, having wasted a good portion of it getting Kimmy in and out of the bathroom door, with her freshman year she had jumped from 325 to 375, more than enough to get her tightly wedged in the door.

Sandy also got caught this morning having jumped from 280 to 300 her freshman year. Amber and I were the only ones that could fit through the bathroom door, but of course Amber had to turn sideways, which left me as the only one that could walk through facing forward, of course for the first time I felt my hips brush against the door frame.

We all donned our bikinis, all being proud of our bodies, and went to the beach. We brought lunch and dinner and stayed there until five in the afternoon when the wind kicks up and it gets a little chilly. It was a fun day, our little group got plenty of stares from everyone around us, and we thought it was funny.

When we got back Sandy shuffled through her beach bag for her keys...no keys. We went back to our spot to see if we had dropped them but we couldn't find them. We went back to the house. Amber walked to the door and kicked the doggie door and looked back at us. The doggie door was for Sandy's parents dog, which they brought down all the time. We all looked at Sandy.

"It's your house." Kimmy said.

Sandy sighed and got down on all fours, her belly almost touched the ground. We all looked at each other, here's the girl that just got stuck in a bathroom doorway this morning and now she was trying to squeeze through this little doggie door, it wasn't going to happen.

"I hate having to do this all the time."

"You've done it before?" Asked Amber.

"Well not in a really long time, but I did it all the time when I was a kid and had forgotten my keys."

"Well it serves you right for forgetting them," I said.

Sandy started through the doggie door. She put both arms through and her head and it became obvious to us all that it wasn't going to happen. Sure enough she got to her breasts and couldn't get any further. She rocked in the door trying to budge.

"Umm...little help?"

We all took a place on her ass and started pushing her. We pushed and pushed but we only got her breasts through and she wouldn't budge any further.

"Can you reach the doorknob?" asked Kimmy.


"Well let’s just pull you out then." Said Amber.

Amber and I each grabbed a leg while Kimmy wrapped her arms around Sandy's waist and we pulled. She slide out and rested on the ground.

"Well now what?" I said.

Sandy, Amber and Kimmy all looked at each other, and then looked at me.

"Oh no you don't, I'm not crawling through there."

"Your the smallest." said Amber.

"Yeah but I still couldn't fit through there."

"Won't know until you try..." said Kimmy.

I looked again; everyone was still staring at me.

"Ugh...oh fine I'll try to do it."

I got down on all fours, getting up close I could see this doggie door was really tiny, the idea of Sandy trying to squeeze through was ridiculous; I didn't even think I could fit. Almost immediately I got caught, right at my breasts. I rocked back and forth in the door.

"I told you I couldn't fit."

"You’re just not trying hard enough," said Amber.

And she grabbed my ass and started pushing. Kimmy and Sandy got into it too. With all three pushing I popped forward. But being the hourglass that I am, I didn't pop very far. My waist touched the edges of the door but it could slide through, my hips on the other hand is what kept me from going all the way. They bumped against the outside of the door. They pulled me back to my bust, got some speed and tried to ram my hips through the door but they wouldn't fit.

"See, I told you so."

"Well can you reach the doorknob?"

I couldn't turn myself around in the door so I just reached back behind me. After some feeling around I grabbed the doorknob and unlocked it.

"There now pull me back."

They grabbed my legs and pulled. I slid back to my bust but I couldn't fit back out. They pulled and pulled but my bust wouldn't squeeze back out the door, my bikini top was digging into me, as they pulled harder.


They stopped pulling.

"Great now I'm stuck."

"What if we turn you diagonal?" asked Kimmy.

"How's that going to work?" I asked.

"Well the doggie door is a vertical rectangle right now we're trying to push you through the narrow part, if we turn you diagonal then you might be able to squeeze through between the top corner and the bottom corner." explained Kimmy.

"Well, it sounds good to me, after all you’re the expert at being stuck."

Kimmy spanked my ass, but she was laughing. They pushed me to the thinnest part of my waist and turned me diagonal. They pulled me back a little further to get up speed and rammed me into the door. It worked...sort of. My hips started to squeeze through but not very far. The widest part of my hips (and the fattest part of my ass) was still outside the door, but the top squeezed through. After another five minutes of pushing they stopped.

"Okay, now I'm really, really stuck."

"I'm coming in," said Amber.

Very carefully they pushed the door open, with me in the awkward position I was in, they couldn't get it open very far. Amber tried to squeeze through sideways but she wasn't getting very far.

"Hmm… Little help?" said Amber, stuck halfway through the door.

Sandy and Kimmy pushed, but for Amber to squeeze through they were forcing the door open squashing me between the door and the wall.

"Oww! Knock it off!" I screamed in pain.

"Sorry. Okay forget that idea pull me back out."

Sandy took Amber's hand and Kimmy wrapped her arms around Sandy (or at least as far around as she could get them) and they pulled.

"Oh no." Said Amber.

"Oh no what?" I asked.

"I'm stuck too."

"You’re kidding."


So there we were. I was stuck in a doggie door, my hips wedged in diagonally, and Amber was stuck sideways in the door.

"What if we tried to push the door open more?" she asked.

"No. I'm already in a lot of pain here, my shoulders are up against the wall and my head is bent in a rather unnatural position."

"It'll only be for a second so they can pull me out."

"Fine but suck it in fatty this hurts."

Kimmy pushed the door open while Sandy pulled. Amber didn't budge, I tried to bend myself as much as I could but there was nowhere for me to go.

"Stop it, stop it, stop it. Okay listen, what if you guys try to pull my hips back out so there will be more room to open the door and get Amber out?"

They grabbed my ankles and pulled. But apparently they had really gotten my hips wedged in the door. I wasn't budging.

"Well...now what?" Asked Kimmy.

"One of you could break a window, climb in and try to get us out from in here." Said Amber.

Sandy and Kimmy looked at each other.

"So is our goal here to get all of us stuck?" asked Sandy.

"I was already stuck in that bathroom door for four hours this morning, I'm not squeezing through any window." said Kimmy.

"The only thing we can do is try to get me through the door so I can help get you out." said Amber, "I know its going to hurt for a little while but you're not budging, I have a chance of getting through."

"Okay, one more time." I said reluctantly.

I bent myself as much as I could, Kimmy pushed Amber while Sandy tried to push the door open. I ignored the pain and Amber started to squeeze through. Suddenly she popped out and Kimmy fell forward into the door, getting stuck in the same spot Amber was in. Amber pushed her back and Sandy pulled her out. They closed the door again and I could stretch out.

"Okay lets get to work on you," said Amber.

She took my hands and Sandy and Kimmy took places on my ass. They pushed and pulled and pushed and pulled, but after half an hour I had only gotten more stuck. We had reached the widest part of my hips and the fattest point on my ass. I wasn't budging. Amber decided lubricants would be in order.

She went and got some butter from the kitchen and melted it and brought it over. She rubbed it all around the hips and butt that had made it through the door. Then she passed it to Sandy and Kimmy, who proceeded to cover the lower, half of my hips and butt with butter. They took their positions on my ass again, and Amber pulled.

None of us could believe it but I flew out of the door in one big push. Sandy and Kimmy slammed into the door, and Amber fell back onto the floor. Sandy and Kimmy rushed in to find the two of us on the floor. They helped me to my feet; my legs had gone a bit numb. I took a shower to wash off the butter...and well, that's the end.

"So...how much are we putting on the table for next year?" asked Cindy, beaming.

"How about this," said Jamie, "a dollar a pound, from the winner's weight to the next runner up."

"So if I reach 300...and Lauren only reaches 250...then I get $50 bucks." Grinned Cindy.

"What makes you think you're going to win? And why is Lauren going to be the runner up, Jamie and I are just getting up to speed," argued Kelly.

"Till next year I guess." Said Lauren.

The End!

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Best stuck story I have ever read, which means alot, very hott, very sensual, it most definitly sets a mood that can drive to people to do crazy things

does whatever.....a spider can.....
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I'm sensing a sequel. And hoping for one too.
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Very very good story. Stories with big butt girls are aways makes a good story. I love it. good job.
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Originally Posted by Browniestuff View Post
I'm sensing a sequel. And hoping for one too.

One could only wish for such a miracle.

I'm afraid the chances of a sequel are fairly low.

We've had nothing new from "John Doe" in years.
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