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Default The Ride Home - by 360 Degrees (~BHM [Multiple], ~Gay ~sex)

~BHM, ~Gay ~sex - A casual acquaintance on a bus evolves into something more intimate.

The Ride Home
by 360 Degrees

Ben got out of class early today, something that he was pretty happy about considering how far from exciting statistics lectures were. Since he had got out of class early, he knew if he hurried he could catch the early bus home, although moving fast wasn’t his forte. After starting studying again Ben had totally stopped exercising; there was just no time with uni going.

At 20, he had already lost his youthful edge of fitness under a growing layer of fat. Not that he was all that big, but he knew he had probably passed 260 pounds by now. His shirts had started riding up a little on his gut when he wasn’t careful and his thighs were rubbing more than they used to.

Ben just made the bus before it took off, having to really sprint (if you could call it that) to catch it. By the time he got on he could feel the sweat building between his thighs and under his arms.

The bus was pretty full so he sat down at the front in one of the disabled seats and focused on getting his breath back. The bus took off and Ben realized how hungry he was; in his rush he hadn’t picked up his usual afternoon snacks while he waited for the later bus.

They pulled up at the next stop and the man the bus had stopped for took Ben’s breath right away. The man waddled up to the bus and grabbed onto both sides of the door as he got ready to pull himself up the steps. With a heave he stepped in and Ben felt the bus dip a bit to the side. The man put his ticket through the machine and looked up for a seat… the only seat left was the one directly in front of Ben, the one that faced towards him.

The man lowered himself into the seat slowly. He was red faced and sweatier than Ben had been after the run. Ben was so glad he was wearing sunglasses, giving his eyes free roam of the gigantic man’s body.

His gut hung well past his crotch, barely held in by some tight sweatpants; you could see the rolls of his thighs through his pants. His button-up shirt looked stretched as well, gaps between the buttons showing a little bit of tantalizing gut. His huge belly was split into three rolls, a bottom roll held tightly by his pants, a middle roll, and a gigantic chest. His breasts had become one gigantic roll that went all the way around his back. He had to be 550 pounds at the very least.

The whole trip home Ben couldn’t get his eyes off this giant, and when they arrived at the stop in front of his house, he was tempted to just keep riding so he could watch the rolls of fat jiggle on the bumpy road. But he knew he had to get going, so he jumped off and walked the short distance to his little house.

As soon as Ben got inside he ripped off his pants, there was a large patch of wetness on his tightly stretched underpants; the huge guy had him so turned on. He rushed to the kitchen, grabbed two big bags of chips, a box of cookies and six donuts he had left over from the night before and dug right in. The moment he finished his little binge he blew a huge load all over his slightly swollen gut, the whole time fantasizing about that huge man; it felt great. Ben leaned over, picked up the phone, and ordered two large pizzas.

Every Wednesday after that day, Ben would leave early from his statistics lecture to catch that same early bus. Every time he saw the same gigantic guy, usually waddling breathlessly onto the bus with some grocery shopping. Ben was always pleased to see that his bags were full of junk food and instant meals. Some days his gut was tucked into his pants and others it was left to poke out from the bottom of his shirt, soft pink flesh bouncing as the bus rolled along. Ben eventually got up the courage to strike up a conversation with the gigantic man and discovered he was quite friendly and glad to have someone to talk to on his trips home.

His name was Wade and he worked near the university as an assistant at a local accounting office, a nice desk job for his huge frame. Over the next few weeks they talked every time they ran into each other.

These constant sightings always had Ben going home as horny and hungry as ever. His afternoon binges became more and more common as his weight passed 300. He was becoming a real pig.

About a month later, Ben was waddling out of his statistics lecture, his 305-pound frame jiggling and slowing him down. He made the bus easily and waited for his big friend.

Just as Ben was thinking about how his shirt was getting harder to keep over his gut, he saw Wade making his usual effort to hoist himself up into the bus. Wade sat across from Ben and put his groceries on the seat next to him and they started talking about their day and all the usual, but this trip ended differently to what they were used to.

The bus hit a deep pothole in the road and Wade’s groceries tipped over, with two cans of Coke hitting the floor and exploding all over the two of them. Sticky with Coke now, Ben helped Wade repack the bags just as the bus pulled up to his stop, and then an impulse that made his heart pound came over him.

“You’re drenched, and I know your stop isn’t for at least another 30 minutes. Would you like to come to my place to clean yourself up?” he asked Wade.

To his surprise, and delight, Wade said “If it's fine by you, that would be great.” So they picked up all their gear and got off the bus together.

Ben couldn’t believe his luck, and as they walked a few doors to his house he was sweating uncontrollably. Then he looked to Wade and saw that he was no better, he was quite red-faced and there was more than just Coke dampening his shirt. His gut was poking out from beneath his shirt and swaying as he waddled. His arms were pushed out by his fat; it was quite a sight to see him struggle along the path.

As they got to Ben’s house and went to go inside, Wade had trouble on the three steps near the door, having to hold on tight to the handrail and take it one heavy step at a time.

Inside, Wade looked unsure of what to do, so Ben put a towel over the couch, saying, “Just sit down on the couch and make yourself comfortable.”

Wade’s lumbering body sank into the couch and he heaved for air, clearly too tired from the walk to clean up just yet. Ben decided to make him a little more comfortable.

“Are you hungry?” he asked.

Between big gasping breaths Wade got out a few words. “I was… hoping you would… ask that,” he said with a chuckle at the end that rippled his body.

Ben popped some chicken tenders and two frozen pizzas into the oven and came out with a bag of chips and two boxes of Oreos. The he sat next to Wade, whose belly was taking up most of the couch so that Ben pressed into it slightly. Both of them glanced at each other and neither one of them seemed to mind. They were both so hungry they dug in, two kindred spirits when it came to food.

By the time the first packet of chips was gone Ben remembered his sticky shirt. “Mind if I take this off?” he said.

A big grin crossed Wade’s face. “Only if you help me get this off.”

So Ben took of his own shirt, exposing his flabby, unfit body, slightly pink and with a smattering of stretchmarks. He knew Wade would see the bulge in his pants as he leaned forward but he didn’t care. He helped slide up Wade’s shirt, watching as it gripped his belly as he lifted it, and then it was off.

Before him sat the biggest man he had ever seen. His belly, unrestrained by a shirt now, spread across his entire lap and down between his thighs. His skin was very white, making it obvious Wade was not one to go outdoors much, and there were deep stretchmarks along his side.

“Lift it up,” smiled Wade, and with a pounding heart Ben gripped the bottom of his belly. It was slick with sweat and the smell of it drove him wild. It took a huge effort to lift that gut, but when he did he realized why Wade had asked, his cock was rock hard and pressing against his track pants... only just visible through the fat.

Ben knew it was finally his moment. He picked up the remaining packet of Oreos, and not caring that they were still a little sticky with Coke, he said “How about we head back to my room.”

Wade grinned and hoisted himself off the couch with considerable effort, then waddled down the hallway behind Ben. The floor creaked as the two fatties went together into Ben’s bedroom

To Be continued...

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Agh! Don't stop there!
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ladybugbutterfly has said some nice things

I need more. This is very hot.
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Given that the story was posted in 2007, and is the only post that ever came from that user name..... I think you are out of luck with regards to a continuation. (but I'm glad you found a story that moved you enough to make your first post! Hopefully you'll continue the momentum :-) )
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