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Default Melissa 29: Stuck's Last Stand - by Billie Joe (~BBW(Multiple), stuckage, ~SWG)

~BBW(Multiple), Stuckage, ~SWG - Melissa gets stuck one last time

Melissa 29: Stuck's Last Stand
by Billiejoe

(Click here for prior installment)

"Oh my goodness, maybe this is a really bad idea...." whined Melissa to herself, finally digging her bikini out of the bottom drawer.

"Sure it's a little hotter today, but why randomly go to the water slide park?"
Melissa slipped off her pyjamas in the early morning sunlight and held her bikini bottoms aloft.

"I guess this'll prove how confident I can be with me size....I did choose to accept it after all."

But there was no way her old white bikini was going to fit on her! Even if she could struggle into it, she could only cringe at the predicted amount of exposed flesh wobbling about all over the place.

"Ugh, I should stop listening to those girls." huffed Mel, beginning the struggle of dressing herself.

Melissa stuck her fat legs into the bikini bottoms and began to wriggle them up to the foot of her thighs. Mel's thighs had become like enormous tubes of cookie dough, her pale flesh mounting ever so on her broad hips. As Mel's dainty hands pulled the bottoms up, she shook her bloated rump from side to side, inching them up slowly. She squirmed, wriggling to her hips to stuff her butt cheeks in. The material stretched so tight over her body she thought they'd burst right off her. With one last tug, the bottoms were on.

"Oof." she moaned.

Melissa's bikini bottoms sank into her bum crack, leaving most of her fat bum cheeks exposed. Her plump butt cheeks stuck out from behind her like two vast, round orbs. Mel caught a glimpse of her fleshy rump in the mirror, soft, white fat bulging out from under her bikini, which probably took up a mere quarter of her hefty behind. Mel pinched the elastics of the bikini and snapped it, sending jiggles through her protruding ass.

The elastics cut deep into soft flab, adding to the many bulges oozing from Melissa's overweight body. At the front, her crotch was flimsily covered by the white bikini bottom, her plump tummy pooched out in the front. Mel's love handles bulged so far out to her sides that the bikini could barely be seen, swallowed by fat. Her generous muffin top continued in the back, the top of her bum crack exposed. She lifted the back of her bikini in an attempt to cover her bum crack, her butt flab lifting with her tugs and blobbing back down.

"Oh poo.... I'm not ready to be seen like this!" she cried.

She still hadn't weighed herself since her recent blimpage, but she was guessing she was around 240 pounds tops.

"I must be strong. If I want to eat like I do, I HAVE to accept my fatness." she said defiantly, next came her bikini top.

Now, Melissa's breasts had always been ample, but since her weight gain, she had gone up a cup size. She filled out a C cup very nicely, with plenty was breast flesh to spare, however, she wasn't buxom enough for a D cup. Mel had noticed her boobs getting softer as she put on more weight, and the flab on her back made bras very uncomfortable.

"Ugh, c'mon, stupid hook! Close!" grunted Mel.

She awkwardly tried to close her brassiere with her hands behind her back, but it was so tight on her. After a titanic struggle, she managed. Melissa stood, body ballooning out of her bikini, analysing herself in the mirror.

"Oh poo, I'm so going to look like a beached whale today." she moaned.

Jodie and Vicky had lost the weight they wanted, and were eager to show off in bikinis at the water park. Mel wondered why Christie had agreed to the outing, she knew her best friend hated showing any excess flesh. Mel on the other hand, was trying to teach herself to be comfortable with the way she looked. Strutting around in barely anything included.

"Just do it, Melissa!" she scolded herself, "Who cares if people think you're too fat. Just have some fun."

And why wouldn't she have fun? She was going to the water slide park on a nice sunny day, hanging with her best mates. What could be better? Melissa wrapped her loose fitting sarong around her round hips, accompanied by a white t-shirt that failed to cover her plump midriff. She placed her sunnies on her head and let her gorgeous brown hair out. She heard the beep of Christie's car horn outside her room.

"Be the loud, proud fat girl." she said to her reflection.

She turned to head out the door, taking one last look at her peach-shaped bottom in the mirror. It was so fat.

"Hey Melissa." said the girls as Mel plonked into Christie's car.

She felt the seat groan as she awkwardly shuffled around to get comfortable.

"Notice anything different?" asked Vicky to Mel.

Mel looked over the back seat and saw that Jodie and Vicky had lost a little more weight. She felt jealousy flare up inside her. Me found herself spitefully staring at Vicky's tummy, which was still quite plump, pooched over the strap of her seat belt. Vicky saw Mel's eyes before frantically covering her tummy with her hands.

"Well, ah...ignore that part." chuckled Vicky, "The point is I'm not a complete whale anymore."

Mel couldn't define Jodie though. Was she fat? She still had a large gut, and her hips were rather wide and round. Jodie's breasts were just a massive as they had ever been. Nonetheless, she looked gorgeous, and Mel was still jealous.

"Great job, guys." smiled Melissa.

As Christie drove down the highway, Melissa cringed at the sight of her belly jiggling with the car. Her paunch bulged over her bikini bottoms, three soft blubber rolls forming. As Mel looked down she felt her double chin pop out, something else she wasn't too happy with. But she had to accept it, that's what she kept telling herself.

As Chrissy's car rolled on into the car park of the slide park, Melissa felt her heart beating faster and faster. She was feeling quite nervous. Sure she had accepted her size, but what would others think of her definite curves? Mel smelt the familiar scent of pool chemicals. Not something she was fond of. Melissa had never overtly enjoyed swimming.

As the girls wandered through the front gate, Melissa looked up at the massive array of tubes and slides looping and curling around the park. It certainly looked fun, some of them were so high up. She looked around, quite a few people were giving her strange looks. Mel felt so out of place.

"Umm...ah...you guys go on...I think I'll wait a little before I slide..." mumbled Melissa.

"Mel, you're so unimpulsive, come have some fun with us." pestered Vicky.

"Later, ok? Just let me get used to this place first." said Mel.

Jodie raised an eyebrow before the other three girls wandered off. Mel felt an urgent rumble in her stomach.

"Ooh, I forgot breakfast." she said to herself, "I'll just go to the food court."

Melissa waddled into the cafe, eyes fixed on the menu above the counter.

"Hoo....I feel a little faint. I need a sugar hit." she said.

"What would you like?" asked a young girl at the register.

Mel pursed her lips, "I'll have.....Ooh! I'll have some chocolate pie!"

"Small or large?"

"Extra large!"

Money was exchanged and Mel went and sat down outside under an umbrella. Her chair was so uncomfortable, Melissa had to twist her hips around to fit them between the arm rests. Mel wondered whether she was game enough to go down any of those slides. Being quite the shy girl she was, she was much into thrills.

"An, er...extra large chocolate pie?" said a waiter, placing a family sized serving in front of Mel.

"Thank you!" beamed Mel, the waiter wondered whether Mel planned to share that with anyone.

Her gluttonous eyes widened, her pie looked so delicious.

"Oh my goodness, chocolate and pie together! This must be the best mix ever!"

Melissa giggled as she cut off a piece and popped it into her gaping mouth. Her plump lips bounced as she chewed, her cute little cheeks and double chin perked.

"Mmm...pie is good..." she mumbled naively.

She was so docile from the rest of the world as she ate, off in her own mindset stuffing her plump body. The entire fatty treat was in her belly within ten minutes, no doubt moving to her thighs in a few days.

"That was brilliant....I really want another one...." she sighed, she was still so hungry, "Oh poo, why is my appetite so big?"

Mel looked down. Her fat rolls were oozing over the front of her bikini, her pink t-shirt had lifted up and exposed a nice thick roll. She pinched the inflated layer of blubber on her waist and giggled.

"I think I'm a pretty cute fat girl." she giggled to herself, "Another pie won't hurt!"

The people in the cafe were amazed. What was usually a family sized dessert was a mere snack to Melissa. And the fact she was ordering seconds! Mel chose to ignore the arm rests of her chair digging into her wide hips, and stuffed down more pie. This would no doubt fatten her up ripe, Mel could almost feel two more pounds slapped onto her ass cheeks, like clay lathered onto a sculpture.

"Oh there you are!" came Vicky's voice.

Mel hurried to swallow her mouthful, "Oh my goodness Vicky you have to try this!"

She pointed eagerly at her pie with her fork.

"Umm, maybe later, I'm trying to lose weight ya know." replied Vick.

Mel frowned consolingly before taking another large bite.

"Anyway, are you coming swimming at all or are you just going to sit there and eat pie all day?" asked Vicky.

Mel was still nervous to go, "Umm, I don't think I'm in the mood."

"Mel, we didn't come out her to stuff our faces all day!" said Vicky, grabbing Mel's meaty arm,

"Pleeeeease come?"

"After the pie, after the pie!" squealed Melissa, desperately cramming another bite into her mouth as Vicky tried to pull her away.

"We're wasting the day, c'mon!"

Vicky looked at Mel, “Wow you’ve gotten fat...” she whispered under her breath.


“Oh nothing, just let’s go, c’mon!”

Melissa squeaked in protest, "Ooh, but but! I have to wait an hour after eating!"

It was too late, Vicky had her standing and was pulling her to the foot of a ramp. The ramp winded up to the top where a set of slides stood.

"Woah, you found her." said Christie, her and Jodie waiting at the bottom.

"We're lucky the queues aren't long at all today." said Jodie.

The four friends proceeded to waddle up the concrete ramp. Melissa reluctantly lagging behind.

"C'mon guys, let's hurry up!" pushed Vicky, eagerly waving her arms around.

The four fattys waddled up the concrete ramp towards the top of the water slide. Chrissy, Jodie and Vicky powered on ahead, despite the extra weight they had to carry. Melissa on the other hand, was falling behind. Easily the biggest of the girls by at least fifty pounds, she was really struggling with the sudden exercise. As she plodded uphill, her entire body wobbled uncontrollably, her excessive movements causing her bikini to become quite uncomfortable. Her body jiggled in an out of sync rhythm, her heavy feet pounding the ground.

As Melissa's breaths turned to wheezes, she found herself having to yank her bikini out of her bum crack every second step. Her fat butt cheeks rolled around, each cheek seemingly trying to climb higher than the other. With so much fat on her lower abdomen, it looked as if Melissa's fat ass would bust the bikini right off.

"Hurry up, Mel!" called the girls.

Melissa felt groggy, all that pie she had stuffed herself with was making her quite sick.

"Ooh...." she wheezed, struggling to breathe.

She was so unfit. The ramp seemed to carry on forever. People were watching her. And why wouldn't they? She was a big fat chick thrust outside her comfort zone. But fat Melissa refused to be judged. Mel was quite proud of herself when she reached the top.

"Ho....oh....that wasn't so hard..." she wheezed to herself.

"Mel, surely you aren't tired already?!" laughed Christie.

"I'll be fine, just give me a sec...." puffed Mel, her lungs burning from the sudden shock of exercise.

The girls looked at their options. There were three slides in front of them, two of them were for adults, as well as a much smaller slide for kids. Mel noticed the children's slide had many more twists and turns, but the tube was significantly smaller in diameter. A large sign read: 5-12 years old only.

"Oh poo, that kid's slide looks so much funner." said Mel to the other girls.

"Ha, yeah but like we'd be able to squeeze ourselves down there." replied Christie.

Mel looked at the kid's slide, "Gee, I dunno....I reckon we'd fit."

"Mel, the sign says kids only...." reminded Vicky.

"So? Do you see anyone around to stop us?" said Melissa cheekily.

The others looked around, there wasn't anyone else around at all.

"Mel, look at us, we're fat. We won't fit down that little pipe." said Vicky.

"Yeah, Melissa. No offence, but you're bigger than all of us. What makes you think you can fit down that slide?" said Jodie realistically.

Mel huffed, "You're all chicken. I'M going to go down. See you wimps at the bottom." said Mel.

The other girls gave her a look before heading off to the adult sized slides.

"Good luck, Mel. You'll need it." said Christie, "Besides, I'm faster than you anyway!"

"We'll race, it's on!" laughed a determined Melissa.

"Haha, sure, why not." replied Christie, "All our extra weight will make us go quicker."

Chrissy ran over to the adult sized slide and launching herself.

Melissa wobbled excitably over to the kids slide, her heart racing. She hoped she didn't get caught by anyone. Such a rebellious lass. Mel had noticed many other people sliding down in the sitting position, but this kid's slide was much to low for Mel to do that.

"Meh, more fun. I'll go down head first!"

She patted her plump belly, "I'll be like a penguin!"

Melissa pulled her long brown hair into a bun and stared down the dark pipe. Her heart pounded faster, she had butterflies in her stomach.

"Here goes nothing!" she hyped, before throwing herself down into the water slide.

Mel rocketed off down the slide, receiving slight shock at how fast she was sliding. It was so dark she couldn't see many of the bends, adding to the thrill. The only light was very dim sunlight that had made its way through the thick pipe.

"Woah!" she exclaimed, "Those girls are missing out!"

Her speed picked up gradually, but Mel was unaware of the size comparison of the pipe and her bottom. Melissa was about halfway down the slide when she realised how much of a tight squeeze this was for her. She was an obese woman trying to slide down a children's slide. She hurdled around a bend in the slide, before heading down at an angled straight, before suddenly.....



Melissa came to an abrupt halt. The sound of rushing water stopped. Mel wasn't moving.

"Huh?!?!?!" she exclaimed.

Mel turned to see what was holding her up. Her massive bum was too fat to fit down the pipe, and was firmly jammed in the slide.

"Oh crap. Crap, crap, crap!!!" she swore, violently shaking her body to get free.

She tried to throw herself forward, her body moving slightly, but her fat staying wedged. Her wide hips completely filled the round pipe and wouldn't go any further. Melissa was stuck.

"Nonono! Poo!" she cried, "I'm STUUUUCK!"

She began to cry panicked tears as she desperately tried to free her fat body. Unfortunately for the young fatso, her bum had become too round to stuff down the pipe. Her well-filled rear end completely plugged the tube with her hip fat.

"Arrrgh! My bum is too big!!!" she screamed, had she really gotten this fat?

Melissa twisted and squirmed like a fat, greedy caterpillar trying to escape a hungry bird. She was paying the price for her gluttony, having bitten off way more than she could chew.

"Oof! Uhh! Hmmph! I'm too fat! What do I do?!" she panicked, realising how stupid this idea was.

"Where is she?" asked Jodie, pulling her red hair out of her face.

There was a short pause.

"Guys. I think our good friend Melissa is stuck in there." said Christie.

"You think?" said Vicky.

"Vick, we reached the bottom of our slide ten minutes ago."

Vicky nodded in agreeance.

Back in the slide, Melissa was still trying to squeeze herself down the pipe. She couldn't move forward at all. The only thing moving was her excess flesh bulging around the plugged tube.

"Oh poo....why did I eat all that pie?!" she moaned, "I knew it would make me fat!"

The rump-fed girl turned to view her obstruction. Her waist and hips oozed around the ring of the slide, her love handles and belly button pressed tightly against the walls. Her well-fed bum cheeks completely filled the rounded pipe, with only a small gap peeking between her bum cheeks apparent. Mel wondered how she had squeezed this far down the pipe, the slide would have to be MUCH rounder for her massive butt to fit through. She wriggled her inflated bottom one last time before starting to cry. What was she thinking?!

Trying to cram her big fat butt down such a small slide. Melissa shivered and kicked her legs, the cold water rushing down the slide was beginning to back up behind the blockage of Melissa's hefty rump.

"Oh, I'll be stuck forever!"

"So you're saying your friend is stuck in the children's slide?" asked the manager.
"Yes, she went down there like 15 minutes ago and hasn't come out yet." said Chrissy.

"Hmm....how big is your friend?!" asked the manager.

The girls looked at each other, "Big."

The manager rubbed his face in frustration, "There's signs everywhere! Geez, your friend much be very very fat. Fully grown men clean the insides of that small slide often."

"Does it matter, we just need to get her out somehow."

The manager wandered up to his camera system.

"Well, our radar is detecting quite a blockage in one particular section of the slide. I've told my staff to shut off that slide to the public until we can free this girl."

"And how can we do that?" asked Jodie.

The manager seemed stumped. So did the girls.

"Well..." said Vicky, "Pretend Mel was like a cork in a bottle. If enough pressure amounts behind her, wouldn't she pop straight through?"

"That's a great idea!" said Jodie, "If you let water back up behind the blockage, it might make her unstuck."

"It's worth a shot." said the manger, before ordering the hoses to be turned up.

"Ugh, I am getting too old for this..." he commented.

Melissa continued to cry. She wriggled her bottom uncomfortably, her bum cheeks were stuck tight.

"I've really done it this time." she moaned desperately.

She felt a tickling sensation running up her bum crack and down her back.

"Oof, teehee." she giggled a little. More in frustration than in hilarity.
The water level was rising behind her, and water had begun to trickle between her large bum cheeks. Her bottom was like a tight plug, sealing off the slide firmly. Sure enough, the pressure began to build behind her. From behind, all that could be seen was Melissa's well-filled lower body, the bottom of her chubby butt cheeks, her thick, creamy thighs and her deep bum crack. Slowly all of it was underwater, Mel feeling pressure around the seal of her fat bottom.

"Ooh, this feels tight." she moaned, twisting a little.

"Oh....Oof!" Melissa squirmed desperately, before feeling herself shoot forward.



Mel was launched forward, her soft ass unwedged. She spluttered as the water that was previously blocked raced down with her. The excess water helped make her tubby form slippery enough to make her way down to the bottom of the slide. Suddenly, much to Mel's relief, sunlight cut through the darkness of the water slide, as she came out the end of the pipe. She tumbled headlong into the shallow pool at the slide's base, before standing up spluttering and coughing.

"Oh my goodness, a reprieve!" sighed Mel, who thought she would be stuck there for the rest of her life.

Mel rubbed her eyes and pulled her water-soaked hair out of her face. Then she froze. She looked up....everyone was watching her.

"Is that her?"

"Oh my, isn't she fat."

"No wonder she got stuck."

"How embarrassing...."

Melissa's blue eyes ballooned, her mouth gaping as if to say something.

"Hey there she is!!" came a familiar voice.

Christie, Jodie and Vicky rushed over to Mel, her was speechless.

"Have a little trouble down there, tubby?" asked Vicky with a chuckle.

"We told you so, didn't we?" laughed Jodie.

Mel was beyond humiliated. Her face was redder than a beetroot, her ears burning. With other people chuckling to themselves, Mel ran off to Christie's car.

"Aww, poor girl..." said Vicky, "We should go support her."

Melissa cried, she did not stop running until she reached Christie's old car. She sat down in the back and slammed the door shut.

She was crying, burying her face in her hands.

Mel knew this would be a bad day. Not only did she stuff herself stupid with pie, she got stuck in a water slide!

"Melly, honey. Are you ok?" came Jodie's voice.

"I've never been so humiliated!!!" spluttered Melissa.

"I would have thought flashing everyone at the school dance would have been worse...." said Vicky.

"Vicky!!" moaned Mel.


"It's not my fault!" squealed Mel, "The slide's too small! There's no way anyone could fit down there!"

"No-one who is fat." said Christie realistically.

"I'm not fat!" burst Melissa in denial.

"Ho! Hold on now, Mel." said Christie, "Don't be in denial. You were never going to fit down there."

"I would have fit if I didn't eat that chocolate pie!"

"Somehow, I don't think it'd make a difference." laughed Chrissy, "Don't point fingers, you did this to yourself, fat girl!"

Mel moped to herself, she knew it was true. She had a real knack for getting stuck since her fattening.

"Can we just go home?" groaned Mel, "I don't wanna talk about it."

"Sure, girl." said Christie.

Mel was quiet the whole way home, the other girls as talkative as usual, as if nothing had happened.

"Wow Mel, I can't believe you got stuck, what's the bet you'll be in the news!" laughed Jodie.

"Just like when Homer Simpson got stuck in the water slide!" added Christie.

"Don't forget Winnie the Pooh!" laughed Vicky, "Or Tinkerbell!"

Mel knew they were only stirring, but it just added to the embarrassment.

She had really paid the price for letting herself go. She had filled out so much she had gotten stuck again!

The girls still found it funny as they pulled into Melissa's driveway. Mel made no hesitation getting out as quick as she could and proceeding to walk up the path.

"Mel!" called the girls.

Mel stood for a second, before turning around, her face still red with tears.

"Thanks for a fun day none the less." said Jodie, "You'll be ok, hon."

Mel nodded, although she wasn't very reassured. She waddled quickly up to her room and slammed the door.

"Oh poo....POO!" she screamed to herself.

She couldn't stop thinking about it. This wouldn't be something she could get over too easily. Of all the moments she had gotten stuck, this had been the worst.

"I seem to out do myself every time! How fat am I?"

Mel knew it was time to truly face the facts. She went to her bathroom and stared at the scales. It had been a while since she weighed herself...last time she was 226 pounds. Mel stepped onto them. She pulled her brown hair behind her ear and looked down. She was obviously fatter, she could no longer see the number over her protruding gut. Mel sucked in her tummy and saw the number.

"Oh my goodness, I'm 250 pounds!"

Melissa covered her wide open mouth with her hand. She stood stunned. She had put on another 24 pounds. Melissa was two hundred and fifty pounds!

"Holy crap! I'm so fat! I'm so FAT!!!"

She raced to her mirror, grabbing her massive belly. She gave it a big jiggle in her hands.

"Look at me! How could this have happened?!"

Mel squeezed a butt cheek in each hand and gave them a massive wobble.

"Fat! I'm a fat ass! A whale! A blimp!"

Mel couldn't believe she had put on so much weight. She had doubled her original weight. She was twice the woman she once was.

"I've become such a fat porker!"

Mel’s initial thought was an immediate diet. But she knew that would fail. She wanted to keep the same eating habits, which meant being obese. She knew that. But now she knew she had too much weight to lose. But art least her boy friend loved her.

“Just deal with it.” she whispered.

Mel wiped a tear from her eye.

“Ugh....I just want to eat. Gorge.” she moped.

She wandered into the kitchen and grabbed some snacks. Mel then returned to her room. Today had been a day to forget. [

(For next installment click here. )

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Perhaps the grestest butt gain story ever written, comes to a picture perfect second to last chapter, who could ask for more!!!!!!!

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Good story but would be nice to know what Christy looks like at this point.
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