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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!
Default Bringing Down the Queen Bee (16-20) - Matt L./Observer (BBW (Mult.), Intrigue, Psych)

BBW (Multiple), Intrigue, Psychology, ~SWG - High school politics gets pretty intense when the cheerleaders and chubby chicks mix it up.

By Matt L. and the Observer

(A novella based on the CWWF Mean Girls series but with added material.)

(For Chapters 11-15 click here.)


February faded away, and as March arrived the order of events played out to one’s advantage or disadvantage, depending on where they stood. Cady’s relationship with Tim continued to soar in such a way that she rarely socialized with her crew.

Jack captivated Ellie, her first true love and, much like Cady, she spent scarce time with her friends. This gave Starling and Calvin an opportunity to explore their friendship. They were becoming inseparable, taking in movies, dining out and late night bull sessions over coffee. Starling’s figure managed to expand further, much to Calvin’s delight.

Reaching 180-pounds, the majority of the weight centering on her luscious derriere and delectable thighs, Starling was far from the typical high school female; instead of disguising her girth in big clothes she dressed in a style that celebrated her fuller figure.

Starling wasn’t the only one who experienced weight gain. Regina’s body of course continued to inflate. To a lesser degree Karen Smith’s shape managed to fill out as well. But there was a duifference. Karen continued to be involved whle Regina, with exception of schoo,l had become a total homebody. Tracy, Annie and Sandra would always extend Regina an open invitation in their out of school activities, but she was handy with excuses for why she couldn’t make it.

Regina was starting to feel out of place among her sophomore classmates and longed for friends her own age. Though to her peers, the overly quiet and frumpy Regina now went largely unnoticed. Regina now tipped the scales at 175-pounds and spent the majority of her time in front of the TV. Her only interaction with her remaining friends was at school, and that was starting to unravel since they had become smitten with several young men.

As for Karen Smith, she was waging her own private battle of bulge. Losing the first couple of pounds was simply done, but by the middle of March the weight crept back on with an additional five pounds to her already voluptuous body, bringing Karen to a pound shy of 140. Not much weight, perhaps, but enough to increase the size of her tummy and thicken her thighs.

After Karen was unable to fit into her favorite jeans, she sought aid from Ms. Lopez who recommended a strict diet. Losing a fair amount of weight in two weeks time, the diet seemed to work. However, by April Karen was piling back on the pounds.

THE MIDDLE OF APRIL: Karen stretched in her seat, her hands high in the air, then after a modest yawn that exaggerated the size of her minor double chin, reached for her diet cola.

There across the table sat Gretchen, smiling enough like a shrew for Karen to inquire, “What’s up?”

Karen slowly sipped her cola as Gretchen audaciously asked, “I understand you’re on bad terms with Chuck?”

Karen lowered the plastic container of cola away from her sweet face; “You got that from Chuck?”

Gretchen tilted her head and purred, “Yeah, he told me all about it. Said you had a temper tantrum coz he was teasing you.”

Karen shook her head, “Yeah, I got angry. I had enough of his stupid comments; you would too.”

Karen noticed the devious grin that curved Gretchen lips as she remarked, “He was just telling you the truth. You’re getting fat.”

Karen leaned over the table, speaking barely above a whisper, “I know I’m gaining weight. It’s hard enough for me to handle without Chuck’s crude remarks.”

Gretchen cleared her throat, “Perhaps Chuck was a little extreme with his joking, but as captain of the squad, I insist you try harder. Unless you want to be towel girl.”

Karen lowered her head, nervously twisting her fork in a circular motion; “I’m doing my best.”

Gretchen snapped, “You better be.”

Karen elevated her chin; “You could be more supportive. Aren’t we friends?”

Gretchen tossed her napkin unto her plate, “Sure, we’re friends. But remember I don’t socialize with just anyone.”

Gretchen then removed herself from her seat, “Just out of curiosity, how much do you weigh?”

Folding her arms over her bust, Karen pouted; “It’s obvious I’m heavier. Does it really matter how much I weigh as long as I get back in shape? It’s not like I’m Regina’s size.”

Gretchen half grinned, “Then we’re on the same page. See you at practice, ta ta!”

Karen watched as Gretchen disappeared from view, then quietly blurted, “Skank.”

Though Karen wouldn’t admit to Gretchen that she now lingered slightly above 140-pounds, the tightness of her clothes and the softness of her facial features revealed the added weight. Her delicate face appeared rounder, her cheeks fuller with a miniature double chin in development.

A full fledge roll of flab hovered above her hips and her squishy looking tummy was on the verge of hanging over her slacks. Karen’s laid her elbows on the table, her hands held to the sides of her face as her eyes scanned the lunch room crowd seated at their usually tables. The happy banter exchanged between the masses brought a smile to Karen’s face.

After a minute, Karen picked up her books and slid out of her chair. Noticing the amusing communication and lively exchanges in progress, Karen proceeded to her next class with a thought, “Maybe I’ve been associating with the wrong people?”

MEANWHILE: Cady was in the ladies room, applying lipstick while Ellie watched in boredom. Cady, brilliantly attired in a black blouse and over priced blue jeans that acknowledged her luscious fuller figure, puffed up her hair and fawned over her appearance, “Perfect!”

Ellie lowered her eyes, “Yeah, you look nice. Now let’s get going, I don’t want to have to sit at a crummy table for lunch.”

Cady spun around, her hands resting on her spacious hips, “Nice? Excuse me, but I look much better than nice.”

Twisting her body in full view of the mirror, Cady’s eyes sparkled, “I’m so fetch!”

Ellie made tracks to the door, “Ah; can we go now, please?”

Cady briskly shook her head, causing her thick red mane to bounce over her shoulders then proceed to leave the ladies room while Ellie held the door open for her.

Taking the shortest route to the cafeteria, the friends encountered Tracy and Annie waiting near the vending machines. The sophomore girls approached the seniors with wide smiles.

“Excuse us, but can we talk with you for a minute?”, Annie chimed as she nervously brought her books to her bust.

Cady shrugged her shoulders, “I guess?”

Ellie rolled her eyes, “Ah; I’ll meet you in the cafeteria, okay?”

Once Ellie left the huddled group, Tracy appealed to Cady, “You’re like, so amazing with style and everything, we were wondering if possibly you could give us some pointers?”

Cady lifted her chin and thoughtfully remarked, “Maybe I could do that?”

Annie squeaked, “Cool! It’s no wonder you’re able to attract such a hunk! You’re beautiful.”

Cady shook her head, her hair whirling over her shoulders, “Quite.”

Cady’s lips then parted into a mischievous grin, “Aren’t you two acquainted with Regina George?”

Tracy shook her head, “Yeah; she could use your help too.”

“She’s a wreck, sometimes wears the same clothes for days in a row”, Annie chirped.

Tracy half grinned, “You’re like our role model, proving that big chicks can look just as amazing and if anybody really needs your help...”

The two sophomores replied in stereo, “It’s Regina.”

Cady bit her lips, successfully keeping her smile at bay, “Regina can’t be that bad off?”

The sophomores favored Cady with a few examples, each speaking over the other, “She never leaves home....always whines or moans about stupid stuff....that’s when she’s not so quiet it’s like she’s not around.....and some of the other students are so mean to her.”

Cady casually inquired with just a hint of sarcasm under her breath, “And where is Regina now?”

Tracy motioned with her hand, “In the study hall, she’s spends most of her free time there because she’s failing science.”

“As well as art history and health”, Annie added.

Cady tilted her head; “It would be a real shame if Regina didn’t graduate with the rest of her class.”

For a brief moment Cady was lost in a vacuum as she contemplated Regina’s poor grades and tumble down the social ladder. Eventually Tracy brought Cady back from out of the clouds, “So, would you be able to, like help us?”

“Regina too!”, Annie buzzed with enthusiasm.

Cady shook her head, “Yeah, I think I might. My schedule is a little booked, but we’ll manage something, good enough?”

“Fantastic!”, Tracy chimed, “And you’ll help Regina too?”

Cady’s expression soured as she silently pondered over Regina, “What a stupid fat cow. She is intelligent enough. How can she possibly be failing all those subjects?”

The sophomores exchanged glances and then Tracy curiously asked, “What’s wrong?”

Cady snapped out of her bubble and smiled, “Ah, nothing. Yeah, I’ll see what I can do. I’ll even help Regina, just as long as she or nobody else gets wind of it.”

Tracy and Annie embraced in happiness.

“Yes!” Annie loudly screeched.

Cady slowly backed away from the girls, “So you’ll excuse me if I run off.....”

Cady paused and scrutinized the girls, "but for the moment . . ."

After exchanging glances, Tracy ecstatically enquired, “What’s up?”

Cady brought her finger to her chin as her eyes settled upon the sophomores, “Tracy, you might rethink the cosmetics, a little bit goes a long way, and please upgrade your attire, Lane Bryant does have sales; Fashion Bug might be even better.”

Tracy grinned, “Yeah, okay. Thanks.”

Tapping her chin, Cady then advised Annie, “Perhaps buying jeans that actually fit won’t make you look so hippy and um, would you mind turning around?”

Annie looked over to Tracy who shrugged her shoulders, then back to Cady who spun her finger in a circular motion. Annie did as she was told, to which Cady replied, “Yeah, we’re going to have to work on your clothes too, you’re all booty from mid-waist down.”

Tracy’s eyes grew wide; “You’re going to take us shopping?”

Cady sighed in a big sister kind of way, “I guess I’m going to have to. My schedule is crammed, but I’ll try to fit a little shopping excursion in, fair enough?”

Needless to say, Tracy and Annie were all for it.

On her trek to the cafeteria, Cady was absorbed in her thoughts concerning Regina George. Wrecking Regina’s life had seemed right at the time and she did deserve falling off her throne. But now? Cady walked through the serving line, adding a salad and diet cola to her tray, still deep in thought.

There was no denying it; Cady knew all along what the results would be. A hollow victory, for Regina didn’t just get fat, she vanished and an awkward, timid girl took her place. Hearing about Regina being teased or wearing lackluster attire didn’t make Cady anymore happy or even improve on her life.

Cady took her seat at the table where Ellie sat.

Ellie noticed Cady deep in a trance and cordially asked, “Something on your mind?”

Cady slowly sipped her cola, then wiped her lips, “Yeah, I hate to admit this, but I feel bad about Regina.”

Ellie blinked, “Whoa! Come again?”

Regina relinquished her thoughts, which caused Ellie to smile, “And what are we going to do about it?”

Cady paused before taking a small bite of salad, “Let me think about it and I’ll get back to you.”

LATER ON: Karen serenely left the locker room once cheerleading practice was over. The extra pounds on her frame didn’t hinder her performance, though was all the more motivated to drop the added weight due to the tightness of her clothes. She knew Gretchen could demand a weigh-in and get her bounced at any time.

She behaved cordially enough around Gretchen, though pondered why her opinion would mean so much to her? Peer pressure can be ugly. There standing outside the gym was Chuck. Backpack held in one hand, other hand pressed against the wall as he spoke to some wannabe cheerleader with big hair and short skirt.

Karen rolled her eyes and pressed forward, her feet moving as fast as possible. Chuck left his groupie and made fact tracks to Karen, spinning around to face her as he walked backwards, “Hey babe, how was practice?”

Karen’s nose crinkled, “Are you sure you wanna leave your friend?”

Chuck grinned, “Who, her? We were just talking; she’s nobody important.”

Karen kept up her pace, causing Chuck to trip as he tried to keep up with her. Regaining his footing, Chuck flew up besides Karen, “My dad’s Buick is in the lot, I was thinking bout giving you a ride home.”

Karen’s wavy blond mane bounced on her shoulders as she turned her head, “I’d much rather walk, thank you. Walking is perfect for losing excess pounds.”

Chuck scratched his head, “Oh right, yeah. You know those comments I made didn’t mean anything. It was just in fun, you know?”

Karen stopped so quickly; Chuck had to back track to her.

“Fine!” blurted Karen, “You can drive me home. But you better start treating me better or you can drive your little friend around instead of me.”

Chuck nodded, “Cool, but first I wanna stop by the vending machines and get a soda.”

Karen puffed up her cheeks then exhaled, “Sure, let’s walk over to the cafeteria; I don’t feel like walking back to the gym. Anyway, I want to check out the bulletin board.”

Chuck gently placed his hand over Karen’s shoulder and nodded his head, “Okay, this way.”

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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!


MEAN WHILE: Regina George had just finished her art history make up test. Her first test was termed invalid because Regina had used red ink instead of the standard black. Mrs. Collingswood didn’t usually hand out make up tests, but felt a certain amount of empathy for the now overweight student who always seemed a day late or a dollar short.

Since February, Regina’s weight had continued to soar, and at a few pounds shy of 190, was by now one of heavier girls at Lincoln High. Regina soft, chunky body wobbled over to the desk, her golden blond mane, seemingly lifeless hanging over her wide shoulders. Regina’s pristine facial features had long faded away, the added pounds rendering her bloated blemish riddled cheeks and an excessively large double chin. Her brown eyes appeared as hollow as her expression.

Regina laid the test on her teacher’s desk, her voice reeking with insecurity, “I think I did okay, Mrs. Collingswood.”

Honest to the letter, her teacher sternly replied, “I sure hope so my dear. I would hate for you to repeat your senior year.”

Regina shook her head, grabbed her book bag and meandered out of the classroom. Her clumsy stride took her down the hall and towards the vending machines.

Regina’s blue navy pea coat left open, exposing the K-mart brand of clothes that now made up her attire. A light blue turtle neck sweater that put on display her enormous double chin and showed off her big, blubbery looking belly and dark blue sweat pants that looked a size too small for her tremendous girth.

The strap of her book bag disappeared behind her husky upper arms and her overly buxom breasts look a tinge uncomfortable as they modestly jiggled on top of her porcine belly. Several rolls circled her broad waist, the largest one resting over her ridiculously extensive hips. Redundantly pear shaped, a decent amount of her weight settled over her thighs and posterior.

Her gigantically spacious rear was nearly circular in shape, pushing outward; it then dipped and rested over her tremendously large thighs that nudged together. Reaching the vending machines, Regina dug deep into her purse while eyeing the candy bars. A crooked smile beamed across her chubby face as she retrieved a Milky Way candy bar.

Just then Karen with Chuck entered the vending machine area. Regina had just taken a bite when Chuck’s eyes settled on her overly well fed body, “Look Karen, A great blue whale!”

Chuck laughed out loud, expecting Karen to share in with his joke; he briefly paused and then repeated his comment, adding, “You know how rare it is to see one? And while feeding.”

Karen glanced over at Regina whose pudgy cheeks were red in embarrassment. Self-consciously, Regina removed her eyes from the pair, nervously buttoned her coat and then slowly began to amble away.

Karen took a step away from Chuck and approached Regina. Karen twisted a strand of hair around her finger, “Sorry about that. Chuck is a jerk.”

Before Regina could reply, Chuck protested the comment, “I’m a jerk? What? Coz I made fun of her?”

Karen stepped in front of Chuck; “You’re a jerk and a hypocrite. At the beginning of the school year you were hot for Regina. Even dated her, and now she’s a whale? You wouldn’t have said an unkind word to her then coz you wanted her so bad. But now that’s she’s heavy, it’s okay to be unkind coz she‘s not what you call attractive?”

Karen stepped over Chuck’s excuse, badgering him further, “I suppose if I got fat, you would call me a whale or a blimp or something. Pretend you didn’t know me and laugh it up with your friends about how fat...how..um..big I got.”

Karen was so aggravated, she couldn’t keep her thoughts straight, “Of course you would like, um..Humor me with your seemingly cute remarks that were...actually rude and crude.... You’re an ass, don’t ever speak to me again.”

Chuck staggered away, “Yeah, go have lesbo sex with your fat friend!”

Karen accidentally bumped into Regina while shouting, “In your dreams, ass munch!”

Regina wiped the bangs away from her eyes as Karen apologized for bumping into her.

“Yeah, sorry. That jerk got me so annoyed.”

Regina shook her head, “You didn’t have to defend me, but I do appreciate it.”

Karen began to pick the lint off Regina’s pea coat, “Regina, that’s what friends do. They defend each other. Any way, his remark was so.....”

Regina grinned, “Nasty? Yeah, I get so many nasty remarks, I’m kind of getting used to them. ‘Hey fatty, move it.’ And there’s always the stares and giggles.”

Karen escorted Regina out of school and proceeded to walk home together, “I’ve made my share of comments too, sorry to say, and I’m finally realizing how cruel they were. I’d like to be your friend again, if that’s okay?”

Regina finished her candy bar, speaking in between chews, “What’s Gretchen and the other’s going to think? I’m no longer a part of their clique.”

Karen motioned with her shoulders, “I expect they won’t be too pleased, but who cares? I don’t.”

Regina opened up, “I’m not exactly great company anymore, I’m what you call a homebody, watching a lot of TV; ever watch Rachel Ray?”

Karen giggled, “Not really, but I’d be more then happy to join you in front of the TV any time you like.”

Regina shook her head, “That would be extra cool. I have made a few new friends, they’re sophomore girls, but they’re pretty nice.”

Karen grinned, “All right Regina, I wouldn’t mind hanging out with you and your new friends.”

“Awesome!” Regina chuckled, “But remember, I don’t go out much.”

Karen shook her head, “I understand, but, ah, don’t be offended, please?”

Regina’s head dropped, “What? You want me to lose weight?”

Karen swung her head sideways, “Not exactly, but lets do something about your wardrobe, your clothes make you look like..a..a...totally huge.”

Regina half grinned, “But I AM totally huge! What does it matter how I dress? Fat girls don’t have the variety of clothes girls like you wear.”

Karen agreed, “Yeah, I know that. But really Regina...”

Karen blinked, a wide smile creasing her cheeks as she suddenly made a paradigm shift. “What about Cady and her friend Ellie?”

Regina adjusted the strap of her book bag over her shoulders, resting it against her flabby hip, “What about them?”

Karen brilliantly surmised, “They’re heavy girls too, both larger than you, and always look nice. Maybe they could advise you on what to wear?”

Regina’s voice went up a notch, almost screeching, “I’m not sure, I used to be so mean to Ellie and I’m kind of angry at Cady coz she was supposed to help me with my grades and now I’m....”

Karen cheerfully interrupted Regina, “Suppose we put all that nasty B.S. behind us, maybe you could try and like, make amends with them?”

Regina’s expression inflated her doughy double chin, “If you think so, sure. Wanna come over and watch TV with me later, I have DVD’s we could watch or maybe the Lifetime channel?”

“Or we can have lesbo sex”, Karen quipped.

Regina paused in her tracks, her jaw dropping, “Huh”

Karen playingly elbowed Regina’s pulpy waist, “It was a joke, after Chuck’s stupid remark..”

As Regina giggled, Karen thought to herself, “What a class A nerd Regina’s become! But, I’m glad we’re friends again. I’m sure it’ll be a whole lot nicer this time.”

Reaching the point on their route home where the friends would separate, Regina flipped back her hair, then giggled, “Give me a call tonight if you want to, I’ll be home.”

Karen squinted, “Actually I did have plans...but wait.”

Regina mumbled, “What?”

Karen gestured with her eyes, “What if we grab a bite, I’m hungry and what the heck, lets celebrate”

“Celebrate what?”, Regina asked.

Karen tugged on Regina’s coat, “Our friendship!”

Regina and Karen headed for the Diner


Later on that evening, Starling was just about to shower when Cady made an unexpected call. Dressed in a baby blue bathrobe, her curly black hair roaming over her shoulders, one could easily tell, Starling was now heavier than ever.

Her alluring facial features had become rounder and softer, while her hips had increased in width and her once modest potbelly significantly larger. Starling tightened the rope around the bathrobe as she greeted her friend, “What’s up?”

Cady swung her purse in Starling’s direction, “I hope this isn’t a bad time, but I really need to talk with you.”

Starling smiled as she brushed back her thick mane, “Nah, it’s cool. I was just going to take a shower but it can wait.”

Starling motioned Cady towards the kitchen, “How about some snack food while we talk?”

Pushing the 190-pound mark wasn’t worth a hassle for Starling. Nor did it diminish her appetite.

Cady followed Starling into the kitchen, “I guess?”

Starling chuckled as she rummaged through the fridge, “Cool, coz I hate eating alone!”

A few minutes later the gals conversed over apple pie and milk. Cady sliced a fairly small piece of pie with her fork, “It’s about Regina. I know how you feel about her, but after talking it over with her friends, I’m starting to feel like I ruined her life.”

Starling held up her hand as she sipped her milk, then responded with a wide grin; “Didn’t Cal tell you about the long talk we had a couple of months ago?”

“Ummm, no, Calvin’s nice but I’m not his confidant.” Cady enjoyed her bite of pie as Starling favored her with the details,

“He, like, convinced me that any resentment towards Regina is stupid coz she’s not the same person.”

Cady nodded her head, “Then that’s good, because I would really like to help her out.”

Starling blinked, “You wanna make her skinny again, Wow! I don’t know about that? She’s easier to take fat.”

Cady’s fingers slid across her glass, “Actually the odds of Regina ever losing enough weight to be even remotely just plump aren’t very good. She’ll likely wind up bigger than me. I just want to help her with her attitude and maybe work on her appearance.”

Starling giggled while eating, “Yeah, she needs to find her style coz she’s gotten beyond frumpy.”

Cady tilted her head, “That’s exactly what I’m talking about. So you won’t give me a hard time about me helping her?”

Starling waved her hand towards her friend, “Please girl! You don’t have to give me any reasons or nothing. If you want to help Regina, be my guest.”

THE NEXT DAY: Gretchen entered the cafeteria with fellow cheerleaders Tiffany Harker and Nicole Chase. Tiffany had taken Regina’s place in Gretchen’s clique while Nicole was the newest member. While cruising through the service line, Nicole spotted Karen sitting with Regina, Tracy and Annie.

“Hey, what’s up with Karen? Why is she sitting with those losers?” Nicole squeaked loud enough to make Gretchen cringe.

Gretchen stood up on her toes to get a better view, “What ya know about that?”

Tiffany giggled as Gretchen waved her posse on, “Let’s see what’s the deal.”

Walking like a vixen on the prowl, her girls a few steps behind, Gretchen approached the table. Flinging her black mane wildly over her shoulders, Gretchen bewilderedly asked, “Excuse me? Like, why are you sitting with them?”

Karen lifted her eyes, calmly stirring her pudding, “Excuse me? Excuse you. I believe your table is further down the row.”

Gretchen’s jaw dropped, “I’m fully aware of that. Why are you sitting with THEM!”

Karen brought the spoon up to her luscious lips, upon rolling away the pudding with her tongue, she politely informed Gretchen, “I prefer sitting with my friends.”

Gretchen eyed Nicole and Tiffany, then brought her attention back to Karen, “We’re your friends, not these heifers.”

Karen swung her head upward, “That’s where you’re wrong. Friends aren’t manipulative little snots who talk behind your back and plot against you.”

Gretchen folded her arms over her bust, “I suppose your aware of what this means?”

Karen shook her head, “Sure do; I’m off the squad, big deal. But Gretchen, please don’t take it too hard, there’s plenty of naive wannabe’s to take my place.”

Gretchen’s hand fell to her svelte hips, “Fine!”

As Gretchen and crew began to stroll away, Karen pointed her spoon in their direction, “Remember your place. You’re not to sit with us or speak to us, unless spoken to first.”

Regina sat dumbfounded as Tracey and Annie grinned at Karen’s parody of the plastics on their behalf.

Regina went home that day seeing and understanding firsthand, perhaps for the first time, what she had been as a plastic in Gretchen’s position. She now detested her former role. Tracey and Annie, however, saw Karen a mentor and friend.

A few days later, while Cady was fumbling through her locker, Tracy and Annie approached her.

“Hey girlfriend”, Annie loudly chimed.

Cady briefly paused to check out the cosmetics she recently applied to her face, “Hey.”

Tracy lowered her textbooks, resting them on the edge of her keenly spacious hip, “You know what? Forget all about helping us, because our new friend is giving us advice left and right.”

Annie’s delicate double chin inflated as she smiled, “Maybe you know her? Karen Smith.”

Cady closed her locker, “Karen Smith the cheerleader? Isn’t she a plastic?”

Tracy whirled her books to her other hip, “Former cheerleader. She quit the squad and had a major falling out with Gretchen.”

Annie tilted her head, “But like, you are always welcome to hang out with us. You’re the best.”

Cady acknowledged the sophomores with a warm smile, “That’s very nice of you. Sure, think Regina would mind?”

The sophomores looked at each other before Tracy spoke up, “I don’t think so. She’s still a stick in the mud when it comes to after school activities, but you’re like, our friend too.”

Cady brushed back her lengthy red hair, “Ah, isn’t Karen coaching Regina on fashion and stuff too?”

Annie let out a giggle, “Of course! Or, well, trying to. But Regina says she’s totally comfortable as is.”

Tracy explained, “Karen says, that we need to give Regina enough space for self-discovery.”

“Or something like that,” Annie added.

Cady grinned; “I’m going to be late for class if I don’t get moving,, but we’ll spend sometime together in the near future.”

The friends agreed and as Cady strolled down the hall, she surmised, “I gotta have a talk with Karen.”

* * * * * * *

Karen Smith was a little late, but eventually hooked up with Cady at the local greasy spoon diner favored by Regina.

Spotting Cady in the back, enjoying a diet soft drink and fries, Karen made a beeline over to her.

“Sorry I’m late”, Karen remarked as she opened the menu, “what’s up?”

Cady blissfully grinned, “Heard you’re hanging with a different pack?”

Karen rolled back her eyes, snatching a few fries as she giggled, “News travels fast!”

Upon helping herself to a sip of Cady’s cola, Karen ran through the details, “I had enough of Gretchen, you know? I did like being a cheerleader and all the perks, but now I’d rather hang out with my new friends. They’re not smiling at your face while talking behind your back.”

Karen glanced upwards at the waitress who had arrived mid-sentence, “I’ll have a double burger, cheese fries and what about a vanilla milk shake?”

The waitress nodded with a smile and as she walked away, Cady informed Karen, “You’re aware Regina is among that group?”

Karen brushed back her bangs, revealing the fullness of her beautiful face. The cute apple cheeks and smooth extra chin.

“Yeah, I think we’re back on terms”, Karen remarked as she flipped a handful of fries into her mouth.

Cady eased backwards into the booth, “Regina’s not the same person now that she’s got fat, her self esteem is.....”

Karen interrupted, “I know. She never wants to go anywhere or do anything, her wardrobe is ugly and her eating habits – well, you know I try not to talk about others, but did you know she eats around the clock?”

Cady shrugged her shoulders, “I might have guessed. Because she has significantly packed on the pounds its natural there would be an increase in appetite. Its fueled by her low self esteem. Eating for some is fun, for others an outlet for a wide variety of emotional setbacks.”

Karen sat with her mouth wide open as Cady went on analyzing Regina’s behavior.

“She feels out of sync, frumpy; a loser compared to people like you or even me. She has no motivation and has just given up. For example, guys don’t matter to Regina any more because she feels she’s no longer desirable, same thing about fashion.”

“You should become a doctor!” Karen snapped.

Cady’s finger slid over her glass, “Yeah, thinking about it.”

Upon sipping her cola, Cady asked, “Would you like some help in getting Regina back on track?”

The waitress dropped off Karen’s order and as she bit into her burger, remarked, “Totally. Did you notice Regina wears the same clothes for days in a row?”

Cady pushed her vibrant red mane off her shoulders, “Everyone has. You notice her hair? Blah, huh?”

Karen proceeded to add a few other items, “From what her friends told me, Regina was reprimanded by Ms. Lopez for bringing food into the gym and also, some freshman girl refused to sit next to her in study hall.”

Cady winced. Regina obviously had no skills to use when faced with the realities of appearing different. Her only refuge was food.

Karen sipped her milk shake before continuing, “Any thoughts on how we can perk her up before she’s the size of a house?”

Cady folded her hands over the table, “Actually, I’m going to talk with Starling and Ellie and I’ll get back to you.”

Karen was caught off guard, “Excuse me? Ellie Porter and Starling McAdams?”

Cady nodded, “Yeah?”

Karen twisted her straw in the shake, “Regina told me both of them have been nothing but mean to her. Ellie even made a stop by Regina’s on Valentine evening, wanting to be her friend again, but with a condescending attitude.”

Cady rubbed her chin, “Yeah, well here’s the deal. Starling has come to realize that making fun of Regina now that’s she’s heavy is pointless. Ellie was sincere about becoming her friend again; Regina took it the wrong way, possibly out of guilt because of the way she used to make fun of Ellie. Trust me, we all want to help Regina out.”

Karen’s expression seemed a little perplexed, but she shook her head in acknowledgement. Then Cady added, “But we don’t want Regina to know. Pity, especially from us, will only push her deeper into her shell.”

Cady reached out and took Karen by the arm, “I guess for the time being, until we come up with something concrete, the best I can suggest is to be her friend. She might be a little envious of you because you’re beautiful and popular and, well you know? So perhaps, those sophomore girls can be role models since you’ll be helping them with style and stuff.”

Karen jiggled her head, mildly chuckling to herself as she bit into her burger and thought of her own moderately expanding body; “I’m now like the queen bee of my very own clique. And sounds like Cady has one of her own.”
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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!


In the three weeks since mid-April Karen Smith had single handedly transformed most of her pack of chubby sophomore friends into posh, vibrant young ladies. Annie wore her hair in a style that brought out her pretty facial features, Sandra became aware of the types of clothes that suited her soft, widening figure and Tracy set a new standard for fuller figured gals, boldly wearing form fitting outfits that accented her curves.

Collectively they bore witness that beauty comes in all sizes and that class had less to do with who you are, more with the way you treat others.

Even the more popular student body members took notice and a few new friendships emerged. Karen taught her posse the art of flirting with taste, how to apply cosmetics without looking like a clown and how to walk into a room like you own the place. Rather than being a prima donna for her own ego as with Regina and later Gretchen she was a coach taking pride in her pupils.

Karen’s example as leader wasn’t with words alone. As Karen’s weight increased from a borderline plump 139-pounds in March to an absolutely thick 152-pounds by May, she never complained about her size, but rather celebrated her ample figure with elegance.

However, things didn’t fare so well for Regina George. Various reasons separated Regina from her new friends. It was partly because, as the sophomore gals became accepted into a variety of new social groups, they primarily hung out with other sophomore students. Regina became labeled as the nerdy fat girl who had no friends among her own peers. It was true, except for Karen, who occasionally would visit Regina when she wasn’t busy with her new boyfriend or other friends.

Karen made every effort to help lift Regina’s low self esteem, but it was a losing battle. Karen found the patience to handle Regina’s new personality by reminding herself that she might have been just like Regina if she was chubby from early on in her life. She, however, had a family more like Elly Starling and Cady, so that was unlikely – but Karen didn’t yet understand that. But concerning Regina and her status in school, she could fall no further down the ladder.

The real issue was her stereotypical inner image of what constituted a fat girl. Because she was fst that equated with being dense, awkward, unpopular and all the rest. So subconsc iously she programmed herself to fulfill that image. Neither Cady, Elle, Starling, Karen or the sophomore group had bought into the scripts that were defining Regina.

So Regina came to school after a starchy breakfast prepared by Rita with a few morning snacks in her purse. She usually ate lunch alone since the sophomore gals frequently lunched with a few male admirers.

Once in a while Regina would sit with either the Goth chicks or a group of trailer trash types. Not exactly evil chicks, but they would encourage Regina to get tattoos or to cut class and drink in the parking lot, neither of which interested her. It didn't work. She was a narcisstic basket case, not a social rebel.

Whenever Cady or Ellie would spot Regina in the hall, they would make every effort to make small talk, even inviting her for lunch. However, Regina’s perception of herself made it difficult to bond with them. Cady and Ellie were cute, fun and enthusiastic, Regina was now the polar opposite and she knew it. So she ate alone with her only real friend – food. And her body continued to balloon.

Starling still would never acknowledge Regina. Purposely taking a different route so not to encounter her in the halls, she refused to make eye contact with her in class. Oddly though, one afternoon after Starling overheard a couple of freshman gals, ‘Minor League Plastics’, ridicule Regina’s butt and thighs, Starling defended her former nemesis, “Back off and leave her alone! Don’t you think she feels lousy enough about her weight without being reminded that she’s fat by a pair of skinny girls who wear discount clothes and way too much makeup?”

But, unlike with Karen’s lecture to Chuck , Regina never heard those words.

Just like Starling, Calvin steered clear of Regina, though for him it was mostly on account of the dirty looks he received from her. He would likewise stand up for the abundantly fattened former cheerleader whenever his male cohorts would make less than flattering statements concerning her weight and attire.

RITA’S COMPACT The real issue was academics, Regina’s grades continued to slide; even with the extra hours in study hall, she was failing almost every subject.

Her mother had reluctantly heeded the psychologist’s warning about not harassing Regina about her weight, although refusing the suggested added sessions that would have addressed Mrs. George's own dysfunctionality, but when it came to grades was now at her wit’s end. She was unwilling to address her own problems and was trying to run away from those of her daughter. She was more authoritarian than loving as a parent.

Before she and her husband took off on a month-long trip she lectured her daughter: “Young lady, it would be an embarrassment to me if you have to graduate in summer school. Furthermore, if that’s the case, I expect you to find a job because I won’t have you lying around the house all day.”

Rita had added further insult to injury, “You know Regina, I can get you an interview with the housekeeping agency that employed me.”

All the hours of sitting in front of the television snacking after school and at night, sleeping late on weekends and then overeating some more brought Regina a novel piece of distinction: at 192-pounds in the first week of May she was now definitely fat by any standard.

The next day, after her trek home, Regina snatched a few cookies and retreated to what had become her usual place of comfort, the sofa in front of the television. No surprise, but this time her channel surfing and stuffing was interrupted by Rita.

“Pardon me, but didn’t your mother lecture you just last week about snacking between meals?”

Crumbs left Regina’s lips as she spewed a high pitch, “Yeah, I know. But I’m like, hungry and excited and stressed all at the same time. And mom knows what he doctor said about eating and my stress. I can’t help it.”

Rita simply nodded; more concerned about her own agenda, she straightened her apron as she told Regina, “We’ll keep the cookies and macaroni between us, but only if you meet my demands.”

Regina was taken aback. She vented her outrage with her signature whine, “Who’s supposed to be the servant around here?”

The whine fell upon deaf ears as Rita spoke at ease, “You’re aware that your parents are going on vacation? Just nod, your shriek gives me a headache.”

Regina’s double chin expanded as she shook her head. Rita then proceeded, “I’ll keep your pigging out our secret. While your parents are gone, I’ll forget all about the strict diet your mother instructed me to keep you on. I’ll even make you mac and cheese whenever you like and I’ll keep plenty of sweets in the house.”

Regina grinned, her big brown cow eyes sparkling, “Outrageous!”

Rita cleared her throat, then continued, “Your part of the bargain is simply making the beds, doing the laundry and vacuuming. Do we have an agreement?”

Regina scratched her ponderously soft belly, “I guess? Do I have to make your bed too?”

Rita lifted her wide duff out of the seat, “You better believe it. This will give you plenty of practice if you fail school and have to repeat your senior year.”

Regina had lobbed an entire cookie into her mouth, blurting unremarkably, “Huh?”

Rita couldn’t resist smiling; “Your mom made it known to me, if you fail you have to get a job. So I suggested the Acme Housekeeping Service.”

Regina’s eyes grew wide as her mouth dropped, “What she say?”

An exaggerated wide grin took shape upon Rita’s round face, “I can’t wait to see you in uniform!”

Cresatfallen but accepting her probable fate, Regina went along with the proposal. Sher couldn't give up food - it was her only solace in life.


"You’re not in the apron I got you?", Rita asked in an acerbic tone the next morning.

Regina folded her arms over her capacious cleavage; "Do I really have to do that?"

Rita pressed the mute button and turned her eyes to her well-fed charge, "Excuse me, I thought we had a deal?"

Regina puffed up her extensively bloated cheeks and sighed, "I guess?"

Rita adjusted her body on the recliner, in arms reach of her chips and soft drink; "I’m going to make you your favorite dinner. Mac and cheese with cut up hot dogs mixed in, garlic bread and cupcakes. Unless you would prefer the salad your mother instructed me to make you?"

Regina tugged on the tail end of her tattered flannel shirt, "No, not salad again, please"

Rita peered back in the direction of the TV screen, "Then I suggest you wear the apron."

Regina nodded then proceeded to her room, Rita adding, "And change that shirt, it won’t match the apron."

Upstairs Regina discarded her cozy checkered flannel and after giving her blossoming large belly a generous scratch, she opted to wear a black T-shirt that went well with her blasé gray sweat pants. The apron, white in color and with a strand of ruffles over the top and pocket, fit well. Rita had at least been considerate enough to have shopped in the plus size department.

Lackluster in motion, Regina eventually joined Rita back in the living room.

"Okay Rita, what’s my first chore?", Regina curiously asked.

Rita glanced over Regina, "Very nice, very. That apron seems appropriate for your future career."

Regina conveyed a sarcastic, "Ha ha, cute."

Brushing back her bangs, Regina then characteristically puffed up her cheeks, "Want me to start on the laundry first?"

Rita pointed over to the coffee table, "I made a list."

Regina reached over to pick up the list as Rita cleared her thought and strictly remarked, "I would prefer it if you called me Ms. Juarez today, it seems fitting since you’re the maid for the day and any way, it adds to my fun."

Regina slapped her husky hip; "You gotta be kidding me? You never call me Ms. George?"

Rita pulled herself up by the armrests, "Correction; I do call your parents Mr. and Mrs. George. Respect my request or not only will I make you salads, but will tell your mom that you pigged out on pizza."

"Fine!", Regina snapped, "If I have another salad I will order a pizza."

Rita lowered her volume, "Now, unless there’s something else?", and returned to her movie.

Regina chewed on her hair as she read off the list, "Make the beds, clean the bathroom, do the laundry, vacuum while Rita takes her nap, manicure Rita’s toe nails....manicure Rita’s toe nails? Are you mental?"

Rita chuckled, "That was meant as a joke. I so love messing with you."

Regina moaned, "Yeah, okay, ha ha for you. I’ll go make the beds."

"Ah Regina, I didn’t exactly hear you right", Rita smugly retorted.

Regina rolled her eyes; her hands firmly planted on her squishy waist, "Ms. Juarez I’m going to make the beds and then clean the bathroom."

Rita gleefully grinned, "ery god. All the bathrooms and please make a good job at it. We both know how much your mother regards cleanliness."

Regina meagerly left the room, "Don’t remind me, she puts up a fuss when I wear the same socks two days in a row."

Thus Regina went about her duties as best as possible for someone whom housework was a foreign arena. At least when Rita wasn’t interrupting her to fetch a soft drink or to answer the phone. A substantial time later, once Rita finished her nap and took a bubble bath in the master tub, she encountered Regina folding clothes.

Rita snagged the fabric of her navy blue pajamas, "What do you think? It’s made of silk."

Regina popped her gum, "Looks fine on you..um..Ms. Juarez."

"Yes, I think so", Rita concurred.

Gliding unto a chair, Rita playfully enquired, "What do you have in mind for lunch?"

Regina brought a towel to her corpulent belly, "Ahhhh, you read my mind."

Regina folded the towel; her eyes sparkling as she suggested, "How about bacon, lots and lots of bacon and perhaps cheesecake?"

Rita’s expression soured, "What kind of a lunch is that? I’m going to watch some TV, please think about what you plan to make me and once you’ve finished folding the...."

Regina interrupted Rita, "Excuse me? I thought you were doing the cooking?"

Prevailing to her feet, Rita informed her apprentice, "I said I was going to make you dinner. Lunch is your responsibility."

Regina grabbed another towel, folding it haphazardly, "Sure; I can open a can of soup and make toast."

Rita rubbed her chin, "I didn’t think about that? Cooking isn’t one of your areas of expertise, is it?"

Regina suggested with a wide grin, "Let’s just order a pizza?"

"You’re paying?" Rita demanded.

Regina puffed up her cheeks and exhaled, "Why not, you’re already getting the better part of the bargain. Is extra cheese okay?"

Rita smiled, "Is extra cheese okay, what?"

Rolling her eyes, Regina groaned, "Ms. Juarez."

"Extra cheese is fine", Rita heartily chuckled.

A short time later, the ladies were at the kitchen table, enjoying their pizza.

"You know Regina", Rita calmly spoke, "I’m glad we traded roles today."

Regina replied with a sarcastic stare as she greedily reached for another slice.

Rita sipped her beverage, "Now you have some idea of how hard I work. It isn’t easy, and you have had an easy day. You didn’t have to get up at five A.M. and start breakfast, help your mom with her attire for work, make your dad his lunch. You got off easy."

Regina slowed down her nourishment to a nibble, "Do you hate me?"

Rita paused with a slice of pizza in her hand, as if she was immediately turned to stone. Her eyes soften, her lips curved into a warm smile, "I’ve never hated you. Regina, baby. I’ve known you since you were what? Five? I love you, kind of like an aunt. Right now I love you more than ever."

Regina’s consumption of pizza took up speed, "Coz I got big and fat?"

Rita tilt her head, "No, not really. Though you were a royal pain in the ass when you got thin. You’re easier to take now that you’re chubby again and not in that stupid group anymore."

Regina lowered her eyes; her fingers playing with the ruffles of the apron as she contently listened. Rita continued:

"You’d come home with Gretchen and those other cheerleader, talk down to me like I was a second class citizen or worse. Like I was a moron simply because I’m a housekeeper. All except that buxom cheerleader with the blond hair."

Regina spoke over her sniffle, "Karen, that’s Karen."

“Karen was never condescending to me; no, not once."

Regina thought back and ruefully recalled how it had been.

Rita sipped her cola then continued, "Those revealing outfits you used to wear, I’m not stupid, many times you and your friends would parade around here, dressed like that just to annoy me."

Regina defensive grabbed another slice, not responding with a word.

Rita nibbled on her pizza, "Yes, I shamefully admit, I’m kind of glad you gained weight because it stopped the nonsense. But if anything, I would have hoped that instead you would have just been nicer to me without having to give up what you had."

Regina resumed eating, "I never knew you felt like this? Yeah, I guess I was a pain in the ass. Having you draw my bath, sending you on errands I could have done myself, blow drying my hair, having you hang my clothes in order of preference....."

Rita interrupted her lunch companion, "That’s all ancient history", then chuckled, "Sometimes now you wear the same clothes for days in a row."

Regina grinned before wiping her hands with a napkin and reaching for another slice. Nibbling, Regina half grinned, "I’d like to put all that behind us, can we start over, maybe like friends?"

Rita replenished her glass, "Can’t see why not?"

Regina smiled as Rita humorously remarked, "I’d like to see Gretchen pack on a few pounds, she always irritated me."

Regina spoke as she greedily devoured her next slice, "Those high skirts?"

"Exactly", Rita replied, "I’ve seen her mom; she’s a little on the pudgy side, so eventually she’ll get plump. Hopefully sooner than later."

Regina readily agreed, "Yeah, her mom is thick, but I wouldn’t count on Gretchen sharing her wardrobe any time soon, though I guess I can wish."

Rita simply smiled, "Its perhaps not that hard. If we could only invite her over for a few meals, I’d surely give it my all to add a few pounds to her figure. She's not all that swift you know."
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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!


Bruce Cooper was what you would describe as a tradition American male. He was into sports, knew a thing or two about mechanics and excelled in poker. However, it was his quick wit and cordial character that won the heart of Karen Smith, the former plastic.

Back in the days of the cheerleader clique, dating Bruce wouldn’t be the thing to do. He was on the average side in appearance, came from a modest background and didn’t exactly mingle with the upper class crowd. He was on the football team, but only socialized with a couple of other players off the field. But now Karen’s life and his gradually blended together.

One Saturday afternoon Bruce was watching TV at Karen’s home, which was starting to become a regular routine. Enjoying a can of Pepsi and munching on chips, he was sprawled over the couch like he was a part of the furniture.

“Comfortable?” Karen asked after clearing her throat.

Bruce lifted his brow, moving his eyes away from the screen; “You’re not gone yet? I thought you had that lunch date with Cady?”

Bruce knew Cady, but only through his friends, Calvin and Tim. His presence at Karen’s place was due mostly to shared interests with her brother. But that spring he’d asked her out a few times and they had become increasingly more friendly.

Karen pushed her wavy blond mane off her shoulder, then brought her hands down to her roomy hips; “Just another minute and I’ll leave ya to your ballgame. I just wanted to get your approval? Do I look cute or what?”

Karen’s beautiful facial features had become significantly rounder, her cheeks were fuller and her double chin was wide but rather tiny. Dressed in a black blouse and gray slacks, Karen’s pleasingly plump figure radiated a genuine mode of finesse. The added pounds ever so slightly increased the size of her upper arms, while making her all the more buxom in the cleavage department.

The extra weight also provided Karen with an official potbelly that was completely circular in shape and a modest spare tire that was wrapped around her thick waist, edging over her broader hips. The slacks that she wore smoothed out her now spacious bubble butt and favored her chunky thighs by restraining the cushy layer of fat from spreading.

Bruce nodded, “Babe, you never looked better.”

After an affectionate kiss, Karen flipped her luminous blond mane over her shoulder, “Remember, you told my dad you’d fix the bathroom sink this afternoon and later we’re going to the movies.”

Bruce rocked his head, his usual passive smile in full bloom, “You have my promise.”

Karen planted her hand to her hip.

“You bet I do”, she humorously chuckled.

As usual, Karen was late and met up with Cady, Ellie and Starling as they were enjoying the start of their meals. The waitress was about to hand Karen a menu, but she already knew what she would have, “Just a banana split, onion rings and diet cola for me....and oh, do you still have breakfast available?”

The waitress nodded her head, and Karen cheerfully added, “Fetch! Could I please have scrabble eggs with a side order of toast and bacon?”

Hearty chuckles greeted Karen as she joined her friends, Starling chimed, “Girlfriend, you have an appetite that equals mine!”

Cady had eased the tensions between the former plastic and her companions. Karen happily settled into their clique, focusing on the future while letting go of the past. Sans her artificial behavior and especially now because her figure was inflating, Karen felt at ease with Starling and Ellie. Karen replied with a giggle, “You’d have to catch me on a day when I’m hungry!”

Starling sipped her cola, “Any time you want an eating contest, bring it on!”

Since March, Starling had only put on 2-3 extra pounds. However, her body was starting to soften and widen due to the excess weight she’d already accumulated. The cheeks of her highly attractive face appeared more swollen and her nose had widened, cute and bulbous in appearance, likewise her double chin thicken. Starling’s upper arms lost much of their firm texture and would jiggle with every move she made. Her hips increased even more in width as so did her huge thighs and large rear, rendering her figure all the more pear shaped. If they was ever a textbook case of a bottom heavy beautiful babe, Starling was becoming it.

The waitress brought Karen her order and once she began to eat, Cady made an announcement, “The three of us have been talking it over and would like very much for you to join our party for the prom.”

Karen pushed aside her bangs while nibbling on a bacon strip, “You serious?”, she squeaked, “I didn’t think you guys thought much of school social affairs?”

Ellie grinned, picking the crumbs off her plaid blouse, “Actually we don’t. But Cady is going and after all, it’s the senior prom.”

Washing down the bacon with a potent gulp of cola, Karen flexed her eyebrows, “I can check with Bruce, I’m sure he won’t mind, but um, you all have dates?”

Starling whirled a lengthy strand of her jet-black hair around her stubby finger; “Cady’s going with Tim and Ellie’s guy is escorting her. I’m the only one going solo.”

Cady cleared her throat, “Now Starling, you promised to think about going with Toby Cranston, so there’s no reason for you to be without a date.”

Starling’s doughy second chin doubled in size as she tilt her head, “I guess Toby’s all right? I just want to see if somebody else asks me before being fixed up.”

Karen enjoyed a generous spoonful of the banana split, “Toby Cranston? Isn’t he the quiet black guy who helps out in the library?”

Ellie chuckled, “Yeah, and lends coach Bickerson a hand, managing the athletic equipment.”

Cady folded her arms over her bust, “Toby happens to be a close personnel friend of Tim, and he’s a very nice guy. Besides, he likes you.”

Karen looked down into her cola as she stirred it with the straw, “I remember feeling I’d never meet a nice guy” then faced her friends with a grin, “at least when I was a cheerleader.”

Ellie, whose voice picked up volume and speed while she spoke, broke a moment of silence; “The prom is like, just a little over a month away. We need to buy dresses and accessories and arrange a limo and....”

Starling leaned in, her plush tummy flowing over the table edge, “Why don’t we make plans to shop together since we’ll all be attending in a group?”

Karen and Cady agreed, and as plans were made, it was Starling who brought it to their attention, “I wish we could convince another member of our crew to go?”

Ellie shrugged her shoulders, “You mean Regina George?”

Cady opened her compact, as Karen surmised, “Regina’s not the prom type anymore, I doubt she even cares about the prom.”

Cady freshened up her lipstick, a sharp snap to her compact as she closed it, “I had forgotten all about Regina.”

Starling reached out and grabbed a breadstick, easing back into her seat, she took an ample bite, “actually I was referring to Calvin.”

Starling’s eyes glanced downwards, her soft discourse failing to reach their ears, “I wish Calvin could join us.”

Cady was silent, remembering the wedge she’d help drive between Regina and Calvin as part of the plan to humble the then-vain queen bee.

AT GRETCHENS “What – is that bag of pretzels already gone?,” whined Nicole.

“Who cares? We have to get this project done,” replied Tiffany.

“Exactly. and we probably have two hours to go. If you’re hungry there’s a package of Oreos in the pantry in the kitchen. Getting a decent grade is more important right now than a few calories,” chimed in the Cheerleader Queen.

The plastics were in trouble. Totally focused on boys and high school politics for the first part of the semester they’d let their grades slip and now were in trouble. For two weeks they’d been hitting the books, snacking as they went and probably picking up a few pounds, although none of them were yet admitting it.

Nicole retrieved the Oreos, bringing with it a carton of whole milk. By night end it would be gone – as had other snacks the two evenings before.

Similar small events were occurring elsewhere – more starch at lunch, an extra muffin at breakfast, cumulatively they were having an as yet unnoticed impact. The plastics thought they were still the most invulnerable group on campus. But Cady and Chuck were taking notice.

“So did you see Gretchen with her cherry pie today?” Chuck had remarked after school to Cady.

“Yes, and Tiffany with the slab of cake. Nicole was getting something out of the vending machine too. I hear it’s the stress of their grades,” she had replied.

And so it was that as Karen was enjoying a movie and her developing relationship with Bruce, and Cady was involved with Chuck, the plastics were each succumbing to some stress eating. The pressure from school made them dismissive of behavior by one another that during the cheerleading season would have been anathema.

Regina, the one time Queen Bee now careening towards disheveled obesity, had become the forgotton soul. Even her arch-nemesis Starling no longer cared and her dismissed tutor Calvin was involved with his projects. She thought he was with Elle, and hadn't a clue as to his FA tendancies. All she had was Rita and a bleak future as a summer domestic. She disconsolately plodded through her second serving of macaroni and cheese.

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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!


NEXT MONDAY MORNING: Gretchen, with her crew in tow, paraded down the hall. Heads high in the air, chins up, shoulders back, the sounds of their heels clicking with every step, seemingly unaware of the tightness of their own outfits. Destination: the school bulletin board. Upon their arrival, a lone figure was centered at the spot.

Her mangy golden blond hair curled over her broad shoulders, her slipshod attire consisted of a light blue blouse and tattered dark blue sweats. Her wide body kept the bulletin board out of their view. Gretchen was angered.

“Do you mind?”, Gretchen demanded, “we would like to get a look at the prom queen nominations!”

The hefty young lady slowly spun around; it was, as they had already percieved, Regina George.

“Sorry,” she murmured.

Nicole and Tiffany backed away from Regina; Gretchen held her ground, “Why are you even interested in the nominations? You’ve doubled in size, who’d nominate you?”

Regina pushed back the stringy bangs away from her eyes, “I was just curious.”

Tiffany nervously scratched her elbow, surmising out loud, “You must be the heaviest girl in school.”

It wasn’t actually true. Elle, Cady, and perhaps a dozen others still outweighed her, but campus fatty certainly summarized the image Regina was projecting.

Gretchen lifted her eyebrows, glancing over Regina’s girth. Gone were the alluring facial features of a sultry vixen, hidden beneath a soft layer of fat that swelled up her cheeks and inflated her chins. A generous amount of blemishes spoiled Regina’s complexion; with her unkempt mane and other elements they rendered Regina the appearance of a naive, innocent looking girl who could be somewhat pretty, but in fact was closer to plain.

Regina’s monotonous attire didn’t favor her girth, but blatantly exposed every pound that inflated her figure. Her buxom breasts strained the cotton fabric of her blouse, while the sweat pants rendered a noticeable circular shape to her abundantly large belly. Her softer than ever waist was surrounded by copious rolls, the biggest one pouring over her exceedingly ubiquitous hips.

The excess weight had distorted Regina’s former hourglass figure into a profound pear shape with swollen butt cheeks that soared over her immense thunder thighs. Gretchen’s lips curved into a wicked grin, “I see you’re eating well.”

Tiffany and Nicole giggled at Gretchen’s catty comment while Regina, feeling uncomfortable, behaved like a punch-drunk boxer without enough sense to leave the ring, joined in with the laughter.

Clearing her throat, Gretchen proceeded to the board, her crew right behind.

Regina glanced over at Gretchen, softly squeaking, “Congratulations.”

However, Gretchen was much too absorbed with the board to notice. Among the nominees also were Karen Smith and Cady Heron. Demonstrating her disapproval by pouncing hard on her heel, Gretchen folded her arms over her bust, “This is so mental. Nominating a couple of fat chicks is ridiculous.”

Tiffany rocked her head from side to side, her lustrous blond hair gliding over her shoulders as she cheerfully remarked, “Then there’s no challenge. You’ll be the prom queen!”

As Regina was meandering away, she overheard Nicole snip; “They might have as well nominated Regina George!”

Gretchen flexed her eyebrows, her fingernail running over her chin, “Ah yes, but still....”

Gretchen turned to her crew, “I don’t like this. Cady and Karen aren’t really prom queen material, but they wouldn’t have been nominated if they didn’t stand out among the student body to someone.”

Tiffany’s mouth dropped, “Please! They don’t stand a chance against you. Cady is huge and Karen’s turning into a class A heifer.”

Nicole nodded her head in agreement, “Right; there’s no comparison. You’ll blow them away at prom.”

Gretchen twisted her diamond earring with outward bravado, “Absolutely, no question.”

Gretchen’s calculating mind, however, wasn’t so confident inside and was clicking unto gear. She needed a “Plan B.” She swung her head around in search of Regina, “Where did Regina go?”

“Probably to a vending machine,” snickered Nicole. Gretchen waved her companions on.

“Follow me”, she commanded her clique, “I need to talk with her.”

While Gretchen and company searched for Regina, Regina was roaming through the corridors towards the exit. Near her locker stood Tracy talking with a new transfer student, Lara Bender. Lara was a pretty enough girl; slight build with dishwater blond locks set in long braids. Regina acknowledged Tracy with a wave of her hand, Tracy noddded her head and half smiled.

“Who’s that?”, Lara curiously asked in a soft tone.

“Um, that’s Regina,” a slightly embarrassed Tracy informed Lara.

Not wanting to admit her friendship with the frumpy, overweight senior, Tracy continued, “Regina’s like the school‘s charity case, you know? Doesn‘t have many friends, so we‘re nice to her.”

Lara genially reminisced, “I knew a girl named Regina, she dated my cousin. Matter of fact, she went to this school. I never met a more stuck up person, ever.”

Tracy fumbled her books; “Regina George is the only Regina I ever met here....”

“Did you say Regina George?”, Lara’s mouth dropped.

Tracy motioned with her shoulders, “Yup that’s Regina over there.”

“No way!”, the shock echoing through Lara’s voice, “Oh-my-gosh! She turned into a blimp!”

Tracy whispered, “Not so loud, she gets picked on all the time.”

“Oh really?” Lara noted. “Serves her right, she always gave me attitude.”

Regina wobbled over, “Hi Tracy, how have you been?”

Tracy rested her books on her hip, “I’m okay,” swinging her head, she turned to Lara, “You know Lara?”

Regina’s crooked smile inflated her cheeks, “I don’t think so?”

Lara scrutinized Regina’s girth as she reminded her, “You dated my cousin for about a week last year. You remember Fraser Wellington?”

Regina uncomfortably grinned, “Oh yeah, how he’s been?”

Lara fluttered her eyes, grinning from ear to ear, “Fraser’s decent. He felt real bad after you dumped him, but I’ll let him know I saw you.”

Tracy flipped back her radiant hairdo, “Ah Lara; didn’t you want to see the rest of the campus?”

The duo began to walk away, Tracy not bothering to turn around as she added, “Have a nice day.”

Frozen in her spot, Regina could hear their snickers as they faded out of sight. Again she had to face an echo from her past. The silence was broken from a voice from behind, “Hey tubby, I need to have a few words with you.”

Regina shifted her weight and looking over her shoulder saw Gretchen and the two other plastics. Barely audible, Regina asked, “about what?”

Gretchen motioned with a turn of her wrist for Regina to face her. Sighing loudly, Regina turned towards the prom queen hopeful, her hands attached to her spongy hips, her hefty belly thrusting outwards.

Gretchen glanced over at Regina, tapping her chin, taking in the full context of her girth. It was as if Gretchen’s memory of the svelte Regina had been erased.

“I won’t keep you from snack time”, Gretchen venomously remarked, “At six tonight we’re going to the woman’s workout center. We need to talk over a few things, so I’ll expect you’ll be there - and on time.”

Regina adjusted her sweat pants, her flabby waist pouring over the fabric, “Can’t we talk now?”

Gretchen swung her head; “Classes are about to start – we have to go.”

Tiffany coaxed the bookish, well-fed girl on by rambling to Gretchen; “It’s a waste of time, Regina’s not interested in rejoining our clique.”

Regina blinked, “Excuse me? We have nothing in common no more.....”

Nicole was delighted in correcting Regina‘s grammar, “Ah, that’s any more!”

Gretchen smiled like minx, “Ta-ta Regina, you had your chance.”

Regina was more than a little curious, “Wait! I’ll be there!”

As the plastics paraded down the corridor, Gretchen chimed, “Fetch!”

LUNCH: Gretchen, nervous with stress, had an untypical meal of spaghetti and meatballs accompanied by a piece of pie. Nicole had chicken with mashed potatoes and cake, while Tiffany devoured a double cheese burger with a malt and two cookies.

“I don’t know what Karen and Cady have in store” Gretchen said, “but at least the project we did scored well – we all have a B.”

“Yes,” chimed in Tiffany. “You’ve nothing to worry about.”

With that Gretchen fell to discussing with her buddies exactly what they were going to do with Regina. Neither of them noticed Chuck and Bruce observing their chat at a distance.

Regina meanwhile sat on the other side of the dining hall, saying not a word while she ate lunch with Karen’s group – although Karen was absent.

Regina’s homeward jaunt was riddled with questions. “Why does Gretchen want to be my friend again? Could she want me to meet her at the woman’s workout center just to encourage me to lose weight? Unlikely – and I don’t know if its even important to me anymore. But I like being with the popular crowd. Maybe there’s something else?”

After school she flew home as fast as she could. She was curious about what Gretchen had in mind. As soon as she got home she sat down out of sheer nervousness attacked a platter of cookies Rita had set out.

Rita snagged a cookie herself and took a seat listening as Regina explained at a mile a minute pace, “I ran into a relative of someone I used to date, and she gave me attitude, then Gretchen invited me back into the plastics...um.. I mean, our group, and I’m suppose to meet her tonight at the workout center.”

“All well and good, Missy,” replied Rita. “Just remember our little agreement and who you now are.”

“Rita, I don’t know what’s going on – they may be up to something. I think this may be related to the prom queen thing. But I haven’t forgotten your idea of what you’d like to try doing. Right now I’m just flattered and confused at the same time.”

“Well, you know I’m willing to help you do whatever you want with them,” she smiled.

As Regina finished her platter of cookies little did she know Gretchen and her friends were carelessly sharing ice cream sundaes to celebrate her nomination - with Cady and Karen as the other contenders there was no need to worry about a few calories. And they had to prepare their plans for Regina as well as Gretchen's campaign.

WORKOUT CENTER Regina arrived early at the woman’s workout center, appearing grossly over fed in her light pink sweatshirt and dark pink spandex slacks. Her golden blond hair was slicked back, with a pink beret keeping her bangs in check, chiefly intensifying the roundness of her face. Her bloated cheeks and thick double chins depicted the impression of a girl who had been chubby her entire life.

Regina watched various patrons enter or leave. Most were professional looking career women looking to tone up or just stay in shape. Not one was Regina’s size. But no one really seemed to care. The only negative remark that Regina overheard was by a marginally plump gal who snickered to her willowy friend, “And I thought I was fat?”

Gretchen, accompanied by Tiffany and Nicole, eventually met up with Regina. The three members of the clique looked less high maintenance, more natural in their skimpy workout clothes. Regina noted absent mindedly that they didn’t look quite as slender as she recalled them in their cheerleading days, but dismissed the obvious implication. Gretchen waved Regina in to follow her as Tiffany held open the door.

Regina grinned like a novice; “I’m ready to get back into shape.”

Nicole held back her giggle as she scrutinized Regina’s chunky body, “Yeah, right.”

All didn’t fare as well for Regina as she thought. Regina spent the entire forty-five minutes fetching towels for the plastics, handing them water bottles and wiping down the machines for them. Even for a timid wallflower this was too much. Finally Regina let out a bellowing whine in protest, “I thought you wanted me to workout, not run errands.”

“Ah Regina dear”, Gretchen remarked with a devious smile, “If you want to run with the popular gals, you have to earn it.”

Regina muttered under her breath, “Earn it?”

“Yes, which means I make the rules and others do what I say. And since you’re the candidate you do what we say. Now come along and we’ll put you to the test.”

Regina followed the plastics over to the scales and watched with a bored expression as the chicks weighed themselves.

“132-pounds!,” shouted Tiffany.

Next was Gretchen who whirled her coarse brown hair, “137-pounds, decent.”

Once Nicole discovered her weight to be a pound shy of 130, she giggled, then turned to Regina, “When was the last time you were one -twenty-five?”

Regina shrugged her shoulders, to which Gretchen smirked, “August or perhaps September ?”

“But what happened to the 130 rule?” Regina asked.

“After cheerleading season I decided we didn’t need it to keep undesirables off the squad any more. So I did away with it.”

Regina remembered that it was she who had made the rule and who the undesirable was she wanted to keep from competing with her – no wonder Starling hated her. She bit her lip, but realized that the reason it had now been abolished was that Rita was right – plumpening the plastics wasn’t hard.

“Hey, I’m curious”, Nicole smiled, “How much do you weigh?”

Tiffany glanced over at the scale, her hefty bosom cradled in her arms, “Yeah, come on, humor us.”

Regina’s cheeks inflated as she pouted, “Please don’t make me weigh myself.”

Gretchen lifted her chin; “You want to be a part of our clique or what?”

“Not if you’re just going to humiliate me”, whimpered Regina.

Gretchen moved within inches of Regina’s space, close enough for her still flat flat tummy to flirt with Regina’s enormous belly, “What harm would it do if we found out how much you weigh? It’s not like it’s a secret that you got chubby?”

Regina slowly maneuvered herself around Gretchen and climbed aboard the scale. The needle wobbled before escalating, 155 - 158 - 165 – 175 – 184 -. finally pausing at 195 pounds. Regina George had gained 65 pounds in nine months. Or just about 7 pounds per month

“She’s the maybe the heaviest girl in school!”, Nicole exclaimed.

Regina pushed away the bangs from out of her eyes as she stared at the number, “Don’t remind me.”

“Okay ladies”, Gretchen buzzed, “Let’s shower, then grab refreshments.”

Spinning around with her dark brown hair cascading in the breeze, Gretchen told Regina, “There’s this family style restaurant down the street. Reserve us a table for four and we’ll be there shortly.”

Regina scratched her pulpy waist, “I think I’ll just go home.”

Gretchen planted her hand upon her bony hip, “I don’t think so. I still need to talk with you. Trust me, you might find what I have to say appealing.”

Regina simply stood there as Gretchen pointed to the exit, much like royalty to her subject.

AT THE RESTAURANT It was only a half-hour before the plastics arrived, but to Regina it was like a day and half. Nicole and Tiffany trailed a few steps behind Gretchen who motioned with a wave of her hand for Regina to escort them to their table.

Once seated, the plastics were in sync, all ordering salads with dressing on the side and ice tea. Regina on the other hand, couldn’t stand the idea. She wanted French fries, a burger and a chocolate shake. Impulsively she offered to buy a combo for everyone in the group.

“OK,” said Gretchen. “If you’re buying I guess we can’t refuse an old friend.”

Nicole and Tiffany were stunned – but both were hungry from their workouts and said nothing. They actually liked the idea of eating more than a salad. The former member of the clique quietly sat, nibbling on her food while the plastics mingled among themselves much like she wasn’t there. She contentedly ate a combo similar to the ones she’d bought for them. Topics that once seemed all important to Regina now were only vaguely interesting to her.

After discussing guys, then fashion, the next subject was the prom. Gretchen entertained her friends with a vast agenda of things to accomplish before prom night. The plastics ate both their salads and their combos without really noticing. By this time, Regina was absorbed in a daydream, staring off into space; Gretchen needed to call her name out loud to snap her back into reality.

“Sorry”, Regina limply apologized, “I thought you all forgot about me.”

Tiffany brushed back her stellar blond hair that roamed over her shoulder, “Gretchen wouldn’t have invited you if not for a reason.”

Regina’s pudgy double chin inflated as she shook her head. Gretchen’s voice seemed pseudo sweet, “Girlie, I’m totally concerned about you. We all are.”

Regina glanced over at the other two plastics, Tiffany half grinned while Nicole nodded.

Blurting out a blasé, “You serious?”, Regina then scarfed up her remaining fries.

Gretchen paused briefly to check out the hunky busboy before returning her attention back to Regina, “Of course. You’ve gained a substantial amount of weight, you lack any social life coz you have no friends and you’ve been dateless.”

Regina sunk in her seat, her soft, lumbering belly nudging the table, “You’re telling me this because?”

Gretchen mildly chuckled, “We think you should hang out with us?”

Tiffany and Nicole followed through; pin pointing several reasons why Regina should become a member of their pack. The truth was, Gretchen’s kindness was solely motivated by her desire for a handmaiden. Just like Regina had once used Cady. Especially since the prom was drawing near, Regina could be at their beck and call with whatever whims that needed attention.

Regina’s eyes grew wide, excitedly she scratched her elbow, “I suppose we could be friends again? My mom has been on my butt, complaining that I’m too much of a homebody.”

In her enthusiasm, Regina rattled onward, “She calls me a hermit. At least she doesn’t harp about my weight no more, well not that much....”

“Its anymore,” corrected Tiffany

Gretchen cleared her throat, “I get the point.”

“Sorry”, Regina squeaked, “I have a habit of rambling. Guess it‘s because our maid is like, the only person I talk....”

Nicole nodded her head, imperiously acknowledging the hefty girl, “Yes Regina, we understand.”

“You know”, Gretchen smiled, her fingers roaming over her glass, “What if you joined us tomorrow? We’re going shopping and it would be nice if you tagged along.”

“Wow, yeah”, Regina casually agreed.

Lifting the glass to her delectable lips, Gretchen purred, “Then it’s all set. We’ll meet at the food court in the mall at 5:00 tomorrow after school.”

‘Tag along’, that was Gretchen’s spin on words. The sole reason for Regina’s mall excursion was to carry their bags and make the plastics look better by comparison.

It had been an event filled Monday for Regina and the plastics clique. She was faced with becoming a housekeeper but for now was, as least at some level, back with the cheerleaders she’d once dominated.

Regina would in fact try to fit in. She would for the first time in months start taking extra time with her hair, wear clothes that marginally camouflaged her girth and even use cosmetics. Still, next to Gretchen and her crew, Regina would just be a heavyset glamour girl wannabe. But Gretchen had a reason for wanting her aboard that would shortly extend beyond just being servant girl.

(Click here for next chapter)

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Talking New twist

Ok, I didn't see this 'twist' coming. It is causing all kinds of question to pop into my mind.

Well this coming abuse make Regina see the true errors of her past?
Well she situation get Regina to final understand what real friends are?
Well Caty or her ofter friend intervene to save her from a bad situation?
Or she gladly be slave just to be seen as popular again?

Can't wait for the next chapter.
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Very enjoyable read. I love the Mean Girls adaptation - Regina trying on that pink dress has to be one of my all time favourite movie moments. Its one of the few times the scenes we all write about - where the regulation hottie has packed on some lbs - and I think Rachel McAdams plays the role perfectly.
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