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Default Honeymoon in Belleville - by Coop (Both, Eating , XWG)

Both, Eating, XWG - Couple on their honeymoon finds happiness in a strange town

This story is somewhat based on a cartoon movie known as the Triplets of Bellevile. There is a part of the movie where there is a town where everyone is fat. I mean really fat. Anyways let's go.

Honeymoon in Belleville
by Coop

"Hurry up David or we'll never get a taxi!"

My wife Linda called to me as I came with my suitcase. We just got off the plane to Belleville and were on our honeymoon We were going to stay here for a month. I came up to my lovely wife and kissed her on the cheek. My wife then saw a taxi and waved to it and it pulled over. We got in and headed to our hotel which was on the other side of the city.

"Why did we come here for our honeymoon again?" My wife asked me as we sat down and buckled our seat belts.

"My mother said the food here is excellent and everyone is rather friendly." I answered to my wife.

"More like fat..." she retorted.

She was right. As we were driving to our hotel everyone we saw was very fat. I was amazed at how so many heavy people there were. Every corner the taxi driver made we saw nothing but big bellies, butts, and bodies.

"How could these people let themselves go like this?" I thought to myself.

I was a rather fit man of 130 pounds. I don't have much muscle on my body but I tend to keep myself in shape. My wife is a very slender woman of 120 pounds. We felt like a couple of outcasts since everyone else was so big. But we would soon find out....this would change for the better. My wife and I never had negative views of fat people. In fact there had been times where I imagined what my wife would look like with some extra meat on her bones. She had these same thoughts about me as well. But what we were seeing was remarkable.

The taxi pulled up to the front of the hotel we were staying at and we got out, grabbed our stuff and checked into our rooms. The clerk was a rather plump man of about 250 pounds. He happily took our bags and wheeled them to our room.

We were amazed at how wide everything was, the bed, the doorways, the furniture. We didn't complain since everything was so roomy. We unpacked and put our clothes away, when we opened up the closet we were surprised to find different clothes already hung up. I took out a pair of shorts and unfolded them. There were about 4 times my width. My wife also took a pair of pants out and she was amazed at how wide everything was. We read the tags on the back. I had a size 68 pair of jeans and she was holding a size 45 pair of womens pants. The shirts ranged from XL to XXXXXL. These clothes couldn't be for us I thought.

"Uh sir....I guess someone must of forgotten their clothes here." I told the clerk.

He turned around, smiled and replied. "Oh...they are yours....you are going to need them. Trust me."

The clerk then walked out. I looked at my wife who only shrugged at me. We then put the clothes back in the closet and sat on the bed. I gave my wife another kiss and she leaned on me as I petted her soft red hair.

We then decided to get some dinner since we haven't eaten from the airport. We walked around to see if there were any good restaurants. As we walked we saw 2 people in front of us. They waddled as they walked. The man had to be at least 400 pounds and the woman next to him was about 350. They were huge. The way their giant hips and butts shook as they walked was hypnotizing. Not only that but my wife found it quite arousing as I saw here smile.

I couldn't stop staring at them. They then turned around and kissed each other. Their mammoth bellies got in the way but they somehow managed to kiss. The fact that this turned me and my wife on a lot was a bit scary but interesting as well.

We snapped out of our trances and we continued to walk.

"Hey David. Why don't we try that place." My wife pointed to a restaurant called the Burger Joint.

"Looks like a nice place Linda. I guess we can eat there." We both went inside. There wasn't a long wait since the place was huge. It had to be. The chairs and tables were incredibly wide there. Me and my wife could of sat at one chair together. We then took our seats and had our orders taken. The waitress was a rather plump women of 350 pounds. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and my wife ordered a patty melt.

"You know honey, I'm a bit concerned about all the people here. Why is everyone so fat? It's like everyone here was at 250 and over. I mean not that I'm complaining but don't you find it a bit strange?" my wife asked me as she drank her water.

"I guess people just don't seem to care about how they look anymore. I guess I kinda envy them, not really trying to lose weight." I answered my wife.

"They look so happy also" my wife added.

With that our waitress came back with our food. I turned around and saw her walk to another table, her giant bottom was swaying back and forth as she walked. We both then took a bite out of our burgers.

"Wow!!! These burgers are really good!!!" I told my wife. I never tasted anything so delicious in my life."

"Oh yeah....this is way better than anything I have ever eaten" She replied as she took another bite. We both ate our burgers at such a fast pace, we then decided to order another burger for each of us since we were still kinda hungry. She went and got 2 more burgers and gave them to us. We ate them faster than before. We were so amazed at how good the food was here.

"I'm still hungry," my wife replied to me. As was I. I normally eat more than two burgers. But for some reason I felt like I could eat 4 more. We decided to this time order two more burgers for each of us as well as a giant plate of fries to share. We ate this as well.

I noticed my belly sticking out a bit and my clothes began to feel a bit tight. But I didn't really care and shrugged it off. I also noticed my wife clothes get a bit tight around here. After we ate we paid and went back to our room. When we got there we took off our clothes and sighed in relief.

"Well that was certainly a good meal wouldn't you say Linda?"

"Oh yes definitely. And look! Someone left dessert for us!" I noticed a giant pile of snacks and goodies on the table. I was still a bit hungry from today and I took a cookie. My wife took a danish. We ate it then went for another one. Then another, and another. The snacks were so delicious. After an hour we ate the entire plate of snacks together. We then laid on the bed and rubbed our full bellies together. I noticed my belly got a tiny bit bigger, but nothing to too noticeable. My wife's breasts were a bit fuller and firmer. The way she messaged her nipples was very sexy. Her belly was also covered by a thin layer of fat.

"Honey....that wasn't dessert.....this is dessert!" I grabbed her and put her into the bed and crawled in with her and turned off the lights and we had sex. We laughed and moaned then fell asleep.

This went on for the entire week. Our meals were very big and delicious. For breakfast we had eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes, biscuits, muffins, and anything we could get at the buffet in the hotel. We were amazed at how good the food was, we decided to buy some snacks at the market there so we could snack between meals. For some reason me and Linda were always hungry or thinking about food. We also tried different restaurants in Belleville. This one place served really wonderful Italian food. We ordered giant plates of pasta and ate them really fast. Another place had very tantalizing steak. Me and my wife ordered 72 ounce stakes and surprisingly finished it. We were constantly eating for the whole week.

One night when me and my wife got undressed to showered I noticed our bodies have changed. My belly was getting quite big, and I was developing love handles on my sides. My wife's boobs were beginning to sag and her belly also was getting bigger. When she turned around I got a glimpse of her butt. It was much wider than before. She must of put on at least 6 inches to her butt.

"Wow David....my butt is getting big isn't it?" She asked me as she looked in the mirror wiggiling it and watching it jiggle.

"Yeah I replied. I think it looks nice on you to be honest"

She then smiled and hugged me and we kissed. She then noticed my belly and began to rub it softly. "You're belly is getting big as well. I think it makes you look nice. I wonder how much weight we gained since coming here?"

I then looked in the bathroom and pulled out a scale.

I stepped on first. "Yeow!!!! 170 pounds!!!!" I couldn't believe it. I put on 40 pounds in a week. How could that be?

She then stepped on. "David...I weigh 160." We both put on 40 pounds since arriving in Bellevile.

"You know Linda....if we keep eating like we did we could be in serious trouble. Don't get me wrong. I like the way your body looks but maybe we should go on a diet so we don't end up like the rest of the people here."

"Yeah you're right. I say we go find a gym in this town and start using it. Only just to tone our bodies...and maybe lose a bit of weight" We then went into bed and turned in for the night.

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When we got dressed the next day we realized our old clothes didn't fit as well as they used it. I had a hard time buttoning my pants.

"Erghh...these pants are a bit too tight on me sweetie." I told Linda as I tried to button them.

"I know how you feel David. These sweatpants are harder to get on since we put on some weight. Why don't we use some of the clothes in the closet. They were there for us you know."

I then grabbed a pair of pants and tried them on. They fit perfectly. I now became a size 30. My wife took a size 10 suit and put it on. It fit her fine.

"It's a good thing these clothes are here. I guess I kinda know what the clerk meant when he said we were gonna need them." I told Linda as I buttoned my new pair of pants.

When she turned around I noticed how big her butt looked in her sweats. I was getting a hard on as she packed her other clothes in her gym bag as she bent over. As she was packing I thought to myself. "I wonder how she'd look with 100 extra pounds on her." I then broke out of my trance and began to pack myself and we left to go find a gym.

We walked around for awhile to see if there was a gym nearby. But all we saw was restaurants, clothing shops, stores, and other things. We were a bit winded after walking for so long. We went to the corner to wait for the light to turn green to see if there was a gym on the other side. As we waited the giant couple we saw a week ago came and stood behind us. Their mammoth bellies bumped us from behind.

"Oh I'm sorry" The man said.

"It's OK." I replied.

"I take it you and your wife here are new here aren't you?" His wife said sweetly. "Yes we are?" I answered. "We came here for our honeymoon".

"Ah....I remember our honeymoon." The fat man said as he grabbed his wife and held her close. "We were quite skinny back then. We came here for our honeymoon. The food here was so great that we decided to stay here. This city is wonderful. Everyone is friendly here and no one cares on how you look. My wife and I really found our selves isn't that right my big fat sweetheart?" he said as he rubbed her giant belly.

"Yes we did my chubby hubby" she answered as she kissed him sweetly on the cheek."

The light turned green and we walked across, but we let the fat couple go first and we walked behind. As we walked we became mesmerized by their giant butts as they waddled across the street. I couldn't believe how wide they were. The man had to be at least a size 65 or higher. His wife looked like she's a size 50. We were even more surprised at how they loved their bodies.

"Did you see that David.....they truly cared about each other. They look so sweet together. It's really romantic." Linda said to me coyly as she kissed me.

"Yeah I know. This city is unique." I replied to my wife as we walked on the side walk.

We found a gym and looked inside. It was closed.

"That's strange. Normally a gym would be open at this hour." I told my wife. All of a sudden my wife and I caught the smell of something good.

"Ohh...something smells good." Linda said. "Let's go see what it is?"

"But what about the gym sweetheart?" I asked Linda as she sniffed the air.

"Oh don't worry about the gym! I'm sure it will be open later. I'm hungry! Let's go find out what that smell is."

We then followed the trail of the scent. We were led up to a restaurant known as Pork Pigglers House of Ribs and Steak. We both smiled at each other and went inside for lunch.

(continued in second post following) ....
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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!
Default Rolling right along . ..

Still excellent quality. There is some minor cleanup work needed here which I'll take care of when I break up the paragraphing. - generally street lights turn green, not greed (even in Belleville I'm sure) as a "for instance."

All kidding aside, your efforts are appreciated. I'm looking forward to the continuation.

As a slight plot change suggestion, what about placing Belleville in the center of numerous historic and scenic locales to explain why they would honeymoon there? Simply saying that Mom thought the food was great and the people friendly doesn't seem strong enough. But if she and Papa honeymooned there it would fit - and if they both happen to be rather large it would hint at what is to come . . .

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[Author response: Thanks Observer. I'm gonna probably add that part after this installment. I never meant to put greed either x.x ]

The smells that came from this place was amazing. As we waited to be seated I saw what people were eating. At one table was a fat man eating a giant plate of ribs. His face dripping with grease. At antihero table was an obese couple eating a plate of chicken wings, one giant plate for each of them. I took a peek at the woman's rear. She had a crack you could bury yourself in. Her butt was huge. It bounced up and down as she moved her legs while eating. It almost looked like it was growing.

My wife snapped me out of my trance and we found a table and sat down to eat. A waiter came and took our orders.

"What are you going to have dear?" Linda asked me.

"I'll guess I'll just get a half rack." I answered to Linda.

"Make mine a full rack." My wife added. The waiter than took our menus and left.

"So....couldn't take your eyes off that huge woman's ass could you?" My wife said to me in a rather annoyed tone.

"I'm sorry Linda....I couldn't.."

My wife put her hand to my mouth. "Don't be. I don't blame you for being tranced by such a large bottom. I saw a man eating here whose rump was quite large. I don't know what it is....but the way it moves was hypnotic in a sense."

I was relieved. My wife wasn't upset at me. I did love her. I love Linda a lot.. But for some reason I couldn't take my mind off of all the fatter people in the restaurant.

The Waiter came back with our ribs. They smelled delicious. I took a bite out of one and gobbled it down quickly. My wife on the other hand was eating her ribs like there was no tomorrow. The way my wife and I were eating them was so sinful. I enjoyed every bite of my meal as did my wife. Before we knew it we finished our meal. I was still hungry and so was my wife. We then ordered 2 full racks of ribs for each of us and ate them.

As I ate I noticed how my wife was eating. It was like she left her manners at the door. I was eating the same way. We were so hungry it was amazing. I felt my clothes get tight again as I made my way through the second rack of ribs. My wife's cheeks were getting fuller with each bite. We finished our meal, then ordered a set of ribs to take back to us at the hotel.

We we got back to our room, we put the ribs away. I took out a bag of bite sized candies and sat on the couch and watched TV. My wife sat next to me and we shared the bag together. It was a pretty big bag so there was enough for both of use to share. As we ate, time passed. Before long my wife and I finished the entire bag of candy.

I then looked down and saw my belly. I could tell it had grown quite a bit. My shirt no longer contained my belly. So I took it off and started rubbing my full belly. My wife Linda also took her shirt off and revealed her bra. As I went to kiss my wife, I noticed that her boobs were bigger and her belly was protruding out a bit further. Her hips also looked much bigger as did here thighs I could also see a double chin begin to develop. I wanted to say something, but the more I looked at her, the more attractive I thought she was. So I just went back to watch TV while my wife got up and got something else to eat.

For the next week we ate continually. We had burgers, pizza, ribs, steak, snacks, sweets. Our capacity had also increased. I'm normally not a very big eater but I still couldn't believe how much I was eating now. I could eat 5 cheeseburgers in one sitting and still be hungry for more. That's how good the food was. We just kept eating and eating. Did I mention these were days where we did nothing but eat? My wife impressed me more with her massive appetite. She was able to down an entire pizza by herself. She even had room for more.

Our appetite wasn't the only thing that increased. I noticed that my belly was getting quite big and even began to sag a bit. I also began to develop man boobs which my wife would now and then fondle. My legs and butt blubbered up a bit but was no where compared with my belly which was pretty big.

My wife on the other hand had a very round and soft butt. It was getting very big. Her measurement of her rear went from 20 to 40. A gain of 20 inch's around. her butt was at least 1 and a quarter foot wide.

We had sex again, it was a little difficult to maneuver but we managed. It turns out sex was a lot better this time around than it was before. We then went to sleep rubbing our bellies.

"Honey....I don't want to alarm you but....I think our weight problem has gotten out of hand." I told my wife as I tried to button my shirt. I couldn't believe it. In the course of 2 weeks I gained 95 pounds. My wife Linda gained 100. I sucked in my growing gut trying to button the last button of my shirt then exhaled....the buttons popped from my shirt and left my big belly to hang out.

"What do you mean sweetie?" My wife asked me as she tried to button her pants. Her hips were getting quite big. They weren't massive, but they were much bigger than before. Her butt also looked a little fuller.

"Well both of us gained a combined weight of 195 pounds in two weeks! That's unhealthy! I don't mean to be rude but I'm just really worried about our health."

My wife looked at her body in the mirror and watched as her belly and boobs bounced. "So? What's the big deal. I actually like the way I look. I mean sure I guess I could lose a bit of weight but why rush it?"

As I watched my wife pose in the mirror she then turned around to me. "You know something honey.....did you find that the sex we had yesterday was much better than the first time?"

Linda asked me as she rubbed her hips. "Well....yeah I guess. Could be because our body is more sensitive with all this added fat."

She was right. It had to be because of this fat. I could see why she doesn't want to lose weight right now.

"You know something Linda....I do find you a lot more attractive now with that extra weight. I really like the way your body curves." I told my wife as I brushed her soft red hair.

"Yeah....I feel the same way too about you honey. Sure you're butt isn't that big as mine but you still have that belly of yours," she said as she rubbed my belly. This aroused me a lot. I dragged her onto the bed and I began to kiss her soft belly. We then cuddled each other and snuggled in bed. As we Eskimo kissed each other my wife got up and had an idea.

"Hey you know what David? Since sex was a lot better at 200 pounds....why don't we see how it's like at 300 pounds?"

I was shocked at my wife. She actually wanted to get fatter.

"Just think how more pleasurable sex will be with even more fat. Think about this David. Our bigger bellys rubbing together. Your giant penis inserted into my ballooning butt. Doesn't the thought of this turn you on?" As she spoke I became hard.

I was excited and afraid at the same time. I didn't want to become too fat because of the possible health risks that were involved, but the thought of having sex with an even bigger Linda really aroused me. My wife then bent over showing her even bigger butt to me.

"Come on sweetie....just think how sexy my butt will be when it's bigger" That right there answered my question. I went to my wife, kissed her on the lips and said. "Yes....let's do it. Let's both gain to 300 pounds. Let's get fat together."

We then went back into bed and cuddled some more. There was no denying it now. We realized we were both going to become really fat.

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The next day we weighed ourselves to see exactly where we stood. I got on first, there was a crack as I stepped on. I weighed 225. Then my wife got on. She weighed 220. She was 5 pounds lighter than me. I was puzzled because I had thought she ate a bit more than I did over the last couple of weeks. Maybe she has a higher metabolism, I reasoned.

We adapted very quickly to our new lifestyle. We went shopping for clothes that fit us, even though we already have new clothes courtesy of the hotel. We also got some clothes in sizes bigger than we were since we knew soon enough we were going to need them.

My wife also got a cookbook which had many fattening recipes on it. She wasn't really going to be able to use it until we got back home from our honeymoon which would be 2 weeks from now, but I didn't stop her. I also thought how we were going to have to adjust the furniture back home as well as widen the doorways. At the rate we were going it was going to be a necessity.

We decided to stop at the food court and get some food. We ordered our favorite dishes from each area. The clerk was rather surprised at me and our wife, normally he'd seen people order a ton of food but we took the cake...literally. We sat down and adjusted our bodies, while we had grown quite a bit, the chairs were still plenty wide enough for us to sit with room to spare.

I began eating my food, enjoying it all the while when I saw the fatter couple from a week ago walk by. I waved to them and they waddled down over to us.

"Why hello there!!!" The fat man said as he put his giant arm on my shoulder. "Boy the two of you have indeed put on some weight!"

"Yes we have." I replied as I ate a taco.

"My husband and I are going to gain weight. We actually kinda like being big. We don't want to gain too much though." Linda added.

"Well it seems you and your lovely wife have adapted really well here in Belleville. BTW. My name is Bob and this is my chubby and lovely wife Mary." Bob said as he kissed his wife's hand. "You don't mind if we have lunch with you? We haven't eaten in awhile." Bob added.

"Sure why not."

The two then sat down on the other chairs and ate their lunch with us. I noticed that Bob's ass was wider than the chair. His butt had to of been at least 3 times bigger than my slowly growing butt. His wife's butt was just as wide, if not wider than Bob's. I realized my wife and I had a long way to go if we wanted to even meet their weight class. His belly was also massive. It looked like you rest on it. His belly pushed past his knees. His wife's belly was also big but not as big as Bob's. I saw my wife staring at Bob as he ate in a romantic way. Then Bob's voice ended the silence.

"Listen David....I don't want to intrude on your lovely wife but I think she has developed into such a fine young woman. I mean look at her. You are really lucky to have a wife as wonderful as her."

This made Linda blush a little and she then continued eating her food.

"I can see that she loves it here."

My wife nodded happily and continued eating.

"Yeah. This place is really nice. Where we come from though isn't as pleasant. I mean sure the city is nice but the people are so selfish and rude they won't even give you the time of day." I told Bob as he ate a slice of pizza.

Mary then noticed the cookbook that Linda had. "I see you picked up a cookbook." Mary said with food in her mouth. The way Bob and Mary acted while eating was slobbish and gluttonous. But my wife and I weren't appalled at all. In fact we were rather glued to their bodies as they ate.

"Why don't you and your lovely husband come over to our place. You and I can cook some wonderful meals together." Mary then added.

"We would love to Mary." My wife answered. "I need to get some practice for when me and David get back home." She then smiled and rubbed her belly which looked a bit bigger. I could see her belly button as her shirt rose up her.

I really liked the way my wife was looking. As did I feel about my body. I unzipped my pants and let my belly hang out a bit. As did Bob and Mary. The way their giant bellies bounced was almost hypnotizing. I guess no one else really cared since they were too busy stuffing their faces to notice. After lunch we both got up and walked back to the hotel since it wasn't far from the mall. Both Linda and I began to develop a slight waddle as well....

As we got home we put our stuff away and plopped our selves on the couch. My wife leaned up to me and began to rub my belly again. I then began to kiss her on her head. She then began to grab my ass and squeeze it.

"Oooh....hun your butt is getting big." She cooed as she rubbed it. This both turned us on so much we went back into bed and made out.

Afterwords we got dressed and showered. I put on a XL T-shirt and a size 37 pair of pants. My wife had ballooned to a size 20. We then left the hotel and got a taxi. We had the taxi take us to where Bob and Mary lived. It wasn't that far but we were just too tired to walk after all that eating. We got out and went to their apartment building. We waddled inside and Bob and Mary met us in the front.

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"I'm glad you guys came." Said Bob as he shook my hand, his entire hand buried mine. "Come. We have much to cook! I'm sure you guys don't want to take the stairs since we live on the penthouse on top. So let's take the elevator."

We then went to the elevator and got in. Even though it was four people, there was barely enough room for all of us. Both Bob and Mary were pressed against each other by their giant bellies. I was at the corner of the elevator and Linda was at the other.

Mary's giant butt was facing me. I couldn't help by stare at the way it bounced up and down as the elevator moved up. I then thought what it would be like if that was my wife. I imagined my wife with a huge ass. Her giant ass bobbing up and down as she moved. Then I imagined her backing her mammoth ass into my massive gut. I then imagined her rubbing her big butt up and down my huge belly The thought of this made my penis swell up like a rocket. I broke out of my daydream when the elevator rang and opened up.

We walked out and went down the hall way. I noticed that it would of been impossible for both Bob and Mary to walk next to each other since they were too fat to fit through the hallway walking next to each other. We then came to the end and had to go up a flight of stairs. We got quite winded after doing so. At the same time I was surprised that Bob and Mary even managed to make it up a flight of stairs. We then came outside to the top of a building. On top was a beautiful house with a giant pool and lawn chairs big enough to fit 4 average people on. We went inside the house. Everything in the house was massive. It had to be....with people like Bob and Mary, everything needed to be wide to accommodate their big bellies and huge butts.

"Why don't you and your hubby take a load off." Mary said to us. "Make yourself at home."

We then sat down on a sofa. Bob and Mary on the other hand sat down on a bigger sofa, barely even being able to fit. Their massive bodies jiggling when they sat. "Ahh....that feels good. So what do you think of the place David? Pretty roomy wouldn't you think?"

"Why yes....quite roomy." I answered.

Then Mary got up and went into the kitchen. "Linda sweetie. Why don't you come with me so we can start cooking for our big boys." Mary said in a sing song voice.

With that, Linda got up and went into the kitchen to help Mary. I then caught another glimpse of Linda's butt. It was getting real big. I really liked the way it bounced as she walked.

"Boy does your wife have a big butt!!" Bob said to me. "Sure it's not as big as my wife's but treat her right and it will get there in no time."

With that I decided to tell Bob what's was on my mind. "Listen....Bob. I need to talk to you about something.

"Well what's on your mind?" Bob said as he lifted up his shirt and rubbed his massive belly. It was huge. Yet there wasn't a trace of cellulite. The way his belly looked was smooth as he rubbed it.

"Well.....I know Linda and I have put on some weight. But the thing is that I'm afraid that I won't be able to stop eating. Then Linda and I will become too fat to do anything! Now don't take this the wrong way. I really like Linda as she is and would probably like here more with extra weight. But I'm not sure if we are doing the right thing. I'm worried about complications that will arise from this. You know....like diabetes, heart attacks, and immobility. My wife wants to get fatter, but I don't know if I should really let her."

With that Bob got up and walked up to me and said. "Boy....you don't need to worry about a thing!"

I raised an eyebrow at this. "What do you mean Bob?"

Bob then pulled up a chair and sat back down, his thighs rolling over the sides.

"Allow me to explain. Over the past 30 years, scientists and doctors have been working round the clock to create a way for people to eat whatever they wanted without fear of becoming diabetic or sick. Belleville was a town chosen to conduct a special experiment. All of the food that's bought, cooked, and stored in markets, restaurants and at home are doused with special new minerals and vitamins that make all the food here extremely fattening and addictive. They also help balance out the body systems of the consumer. As you can see...the experiment works like a charm. My wife and I loved the food here so much and became so fat that we decided to settle down here. While I may be obese, my blood pressure, blood suger, and cholesterol levels are very normal. Not only that, but I'm even healthier than I had ever been before coming here 5 years ago."

I was amazed at what he told me. I couldn't believe it!

"Do you mean to tell me that my wife and I can eat as much as we want and never worry about issues like diabetes!?"

"Yep. You and your lovely wife are perfectly safe thanks to the stuff they spray the food with. Another thing the stuff does is set every prison's body to a specific weight limit locking them to a certain weight. So you won't have to worry about immobility either. My wife and I have weighted over 400 pounds for 4 years! We ate what we want and never gained a pound!!!!"

Any fears I had about getting fat were instantly removed. I now had a new sense of life. I was really happy about this information.

"You should stay here in Belleville David!" he said. "This place would be perfect for you!"

"It would be really nice Bob but....there is still so much I have to do. All of my stuff is back at the city, and I'm still looking for a job and...I'm just not sure."

"Oh heck! You can work for me!!! I run a very successful networking company. You good with computers David?"

I smiled and said, "Yes. That was the field I was planning to work with."

With that Bob smiled and said. "Well listen here David. If you do decide to live in Belleville, then by all means look me up. Here's my card!" Bob then went into his pocket and grabbed out a card to his company and gave it to me. "I would be happy to have you work for me."

I looked at the card and put it into my pocket. Bob and I were then interrupted by my wife's voice. "Ok boys....dinner is ready!!!!"

Both of us licked our lips, got up and waddled our way to the dining room.

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I was amazed at what my wife and Mary had done. On the table was a wonderful spread of food. Anything you could think of was present on the table. My mouth was watering as I sat down on the wide chair.

"I hope you like it David. I made most of this stuff myself with a little help from Mary. I guess once I just started I couldn't put it down."

I smiled at my chubby wife and kissed her. We then began to eat. Everything that touched my mouth was delicious. I was amazed at how well my wife cooked. As soon as I finished something I instantly grabbed another and ate it.

My wife was acting like she was eating for two. In just about 5 minutes she gobbled down 3 helpings of pasta, a chicken leg, and a slice of pie. There was still plenty to go around so we of course helped ourselves. Bob and Mary were impressed at our eating skills.

"If you two keep up that you might just catch up to us in no time!!!" Bob said heartily as he took a bite of some ribs.

As we ate, I felt my clothes get tight again. My belly was slowly growing from each thing I ate. My wife was also getting a bigger tummy. Her hips and butt were swelling as well. As I went for another piece of chicken a button popped out from my shirt and flew across the room. We all stopped and watched it land on the other side. We then all broke out in hearty laughter and continued to eat.

As time went on the rest of my buttons popped off of my shirt exposing my expanding belly. My wife breasts were getting slightly larger as she ate. We were actually growing as we gorged ourselves. She unzipped her pants and let her bulging belly hang out as did I. We were quite full but still had room for more. We continued eating until there was nothing left.

"That was a wonderful meal Linda." Bob said to my wife as he patted her on the back. "We really must do this again sometime!"

Both Linda and I agreed and we then helped our new friends clean up. In return they gave us some of their old clothes to wear. We had ended up bursting our of our old clothes as we ate. We were a little embarrassed but my wife found it a little arousing. We waddled out of the penthouse and headed into the elevator. As I walked I noticed my rear had more bounce to it when I walked. My butt must of grown a bit.

We grabbed a taxi and headed back into the hotel. On the way we stopped at an ice cream parlor and ordered two giant sundaes with two more to bring home. We ate them rather quickly and waddled into the hotel. That night we each had a giant bag of our favorite candies and watched TV.

Before going to bed we engaged in sex again. This time sex was much better than the last two times.

"So fat boy.....you ready to get large?" My wife asked as she messaged my big belly.

"You know it tubby bunch." I replied as I kissed her on the cheek. We then went to bed.

The next two weeks went by very fast, all we did was eat or have sex. Every day we gorged ourselves with out favorite foods. We went to a different restaurant each time and ordered everything we like with even more to go. Our appetite since that time had increased dramatically. I was able to down two whole pizza pies and my wife was able to down three. She impressed me by eating more than I could. We also went to a different buffet every day. Every time we ate we ended up clearing the place out with food. We became gluttons. And we enjoyed it.

Our bodies also underwent major changes. My belly became massive. It stuck out 2 feet from my body. My love handles were sagging and my man boobs looked like they could of been a womans. My ass was huge and it began to develop a shelf. Every day my butt and belly grew bigger and bigger. I was huge.

My wife was slightly bigger. Her ass was massive. It had a shelf big enough to put a drink on. Her butt grew bigger every day. It bounced heavily as she walked. Her butt measurements were now at 64 inches. She was a bottom heavy pear and I liked it. We ate and ate and ate and watched our bellies and butts grow more and more fat. We were massive, but by no means close to our friends Bob and Mary. We weighed ourselves again. I weighed in at 330. My wife weighed in at 340. She was heavier than me now. Both of us were now considered to be obese. I was a size 44 and she became a size 30.

The sex we had was amazing. I had to lift my huge belly and place it on her expanding butt. I put my penis into her huge rear and worked her like I never did before. At the same time we came to a wonderful surge. We then fell into bed and cuddled each other. We also developed names for ourselves. My wife would call me Lard Ass, Tubby Hubby, or Teddy Bear. I called her Big Butt, Wide Bottom, and Fatty pie. We truly enjoyed ourselves in this state. As we cuddled I asked my wife a question.

"Big Butt?"

"Yes Teddy Bear?" she replied.

I looked at my wife's beautiful eyes and brushed her soft fluffy hair. "I was wondering. We really have had a wonderful time here in Belleville haven't we?"

"Yes we have David. I love it here!! I love what it's done to us!!! I really enjoy being a fat woman. I love how big my butt is. I love how my belly sticks out 2 feet from me. This has been the best vacation I ever had!! It's just a shame that we have to go back home now."

"You know....we really don't have to go home."

"What do you mean David?" A smile came upon my face and I kissed her on the cheek. "I've been thinking. Since we really enjoyed ourselves here, why don't we stay here. Bob said he could have people move our stuff and bring it here. I could find us a house to stay in and even work. Bob offered me a job here. Would you like that Wide Bottom?"

My wife got up and began to tear a little. "You have no idea how happy you just made me. I would love that so much. You are the best David. I love you."

"I love you too sweetheart." We then snuggled some more and fell asleep. While sleeping I dreamnt about how big we would become. And what the future held for me and my growing wife.

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The next day we began to go house hunting. I looked in the newspaper to see if we could find a house or an apartment available. My wife reccommended we get a house since we were going to get fatter as the days went on.

I found a particulary nice house costing about $300,000. We had the money since we saved up for a house so we purchased it. We also bought tons of new furniture and things we would need in the house. We couldn't use our old stuff since it was too small for our big bodies. The house itself was beautiful. It had a big pool in the back and a hot tub. We set everything up to our liking

"What do you think Linda?"

My wife looked at how everything was placed. She turned to me and smiled. "It's perfect David."

My wife then kissed me on the cheek and then our stomach's rumbled.

"I'm getting hungry" I told my wife as she giggled.

"Yeah me too. Let's eat!"

My wife was really good with cooking now. The book she bought made recipies very easy to make. She made a whole bunch of omletes for her and I. I scarfed down four while she ate five. I became a tiny bit jealous of her since she could eat more than I could. After we finished we waddled into the living room and sat down to a huge bowl of popcorn and watched a morning movie. I put the bowl on my giant belly and we dug in. As we watched the movie, my wife let out a big burp. We both laughed and continued eating. My wife was becoming quite the glutton. I wasn't that far behind.

Later that day I went to Bob's networking computer. It was a website connection network. I walked in the door and went to Bob's office.

"HEY DAVID!!! I guess you decided to stay then huh?" Bob said as he shook my hand.

"Yeah. I figured since we love it here why not stay. You still have that job offering right?"

Bob smiled and said. "Of course I do! You can start working for me tomorrow if you want!"

I was very delighted to hear this. I thanked Bob and waddled out of the office.

My wife and I celebrated by going out to another buffet. Let me tell you something when it comes to buffets - me and my wife can eat!!! Sometimes we would just grab entire trays and scarf them down like crazy. No one ever gets angry at us since there is always plenty of food being made. Plus, I saw some other people do it as well. I grabbed an entire trey of ribs and my wife grabbed a trey of shrimp. We went back to our table and began eating. Our eye contact with each other was amazing as we saw the other eat. My wife looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes. And I with mine. We knew that we had finally found ourselves.

Days had passed since we moved into Bellvile and I found work. My boss really enjoyed my work and told me that I helped bring in heavy profit. I was making alot of money and my wife and I were enjoying ourselves. Linda and I continued to get bigger and bigger. We could tell that our behinds were getting larger as we noticed them getting closer to the edges of our chairs. We took pictures of each other every day to record our progress. We could easily tell the results.

"Wow Linda....your butt is really huge. I mean it's 3 feet wide. You look absolutly stunning. Your belly is really massive too." I rubbed my wife's ballooning belly and she cooed and told me that my butt was quite big as well. We were getting closer to reaching our friends Bob and Mary.

By the end oif the first month my wife weighed 360 and I weighed 370. I managed to beat her by 10 pounds again. When we looked at our progress pictures, this usually turned us on. So we rushed to the beddroom and had sex.

Sex was getting a bit difficult since our bodies were so big. The only way we would have sex was doggy style. My wife and I actually preferred this way since I was able to stare at her massive ass. Her butt was very sensitive and Linda loved it when I thrusted my huge penis into her. Our orgasms were getting better and better each time we put on weight.

As our waistlines expanded so did our eating capacity. As we grew bigger, we realized that we could eat even more. My meals doubled in size, my portions grew bigger, we would end up having to go to the market every week to restock the house with food. Luckily the money I made at work was enough to buy food. My wife ate a little more than I did but for some reason I put on more weight. I guess my metabolism is a bit slower than hers.

By the end of two weeks our bodies and weight changed again. I now weighed 410 and my wife weighed 400 pounds. We finally caught up with our friends. When I sat down I noticed my butt was wider than the seat. I looked at it as it bounced up and down and felt rubbery. My wife also had a very large ass. Hers looked a little bigger than mine. My belly stuck out 3 feet in front of me and my face remained the same though my cheeks did look a bit fuller.

As I went into the shower, I noticed that my body had no traces of celluite. I wondered why that could be. Must of been due to the stuff all the food is made with. I felt my large belly and huge ass. It was smooth and very firm yet soft at the same time. My wife saw me and decided to join me. I didn't think we were going to have room for two people in the shower but we managed. We felt each other up while showering and it was quite arousing. I was really loving this new lifestyle.

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After we showered we both got dressed. I could barely get my size 65 pants to fit me but I mustered up enough strength to get them on. My wife was going on a size 45. I she put on her sweatpants I noticed how massive her wide bottom really was. It was a sight to behold. 96 inches of wide ass. I myself had an 95 inch rear.

Turning around I noticed her butt stuck out 1 foot behind her. She saw me looking at her huge rump and then faced her butt at me, she slowly backed up and bumped my big swelling belly with her huge rump. I became hard at the drop of a hat. She then began to rub her wide ass up and down my belly. I wanted to just have sex with her but I had to go to work. I did however massage her giant rear before leaving.

At work I received many compliments not only on my work but my size as well. "Hey! Great work David. You're really helping the company out!" one of my co-workers said. I smiled and nodded and went back to work.

"Wow David....you look very sexy. Are you single by any chance?" A woman asked me. I told her I was married.

I was the biggest guy at work. I even beat my boss Bob. Everyone was amazed at how much weight I gained in the past month and a half. My wife and I had ballooned up over 300 pounds of fat. I felt like I was on top of the world.

My wife also received many complements on her size. She got a job as a fashion designer for larger women. Her boss was only 200 pounds but she enjoyed Linda's work. We both had excellent jobs and good pay to boot.

For the next month we continued our lifestyle of eating, getting fatter, and enjoying our selves. We had excess money so we never worried about debt, although I felt our food bill was going to be incredibly high because of how much we consume in a week. Everything is actually pretty cheap since so many people by tons of food. That's what makes Belleville so great.

Anyways we continued to increase our portions as well as our bodies. My rear became so wide that I needed two giant chairs to sit on. My wife could barely bit in two as well. My belly was enormous and went past my knees. I would always rub my belly after eating a big meal. We had to widen the doorways in our house and buy new furniture to accommodate our wide behinds and bulging bellies. My wife had a crack so deep that you could bury your face in it. The best part is how better sex got as her rear grows bigger. My penis swelled larger and larger as I became more aroused at my wife's growing bottom.

We weighed our selves at the end of the month. I now weighed a whooping 530. My wife was 520. We gained over 100 pounds over a month. We were very proud of ourselves as well as our bodies. My wife was good at altering clothes so we didn't have to shop for bigger clothes.

I looked at my beautiful wife and messaged her now 127 inch ass. It was so huge and free of cellulite. It was curved perfectly in every way. I had a 130 inch rear. My belly stuck out very far as did my wife. We bumped our bellies together and tried to kiss each other on the lips while standing but our bellies were just too big. We pushed and managed to kiss.

The next day at work my boss wanted to see me and my wife for dinner since he wanted to tell me something important. I couldn't wait to go. That night we got dressed. I couldn't even tell what size I was anymore since I was so big. I had to be at least a size 80. My wife on the other hand was a size 50. I put on an XXXXL T-shirt and my wife wore her favorite sweatpants and shirt. We waddled out of our house and got into our car. I could barely get my entire body in but I did anyway. We drove over to Bob's place and got out.

"David I am so hungry! Let's hurry up!" My wife said as she ran to the building. While we were both very fat we were still able to run, though not as far. We had mobility and we enjoyed it. I followed my wife behind her as we ran up to the elevator. We could both barely fit in since our bodies were so big. Our bellies pressed against each other and our butts pressed against the wall. We went up to the top floor and went inside.

"I'm glad you guys made it David. Dinner is already prepared. My wife is just sitting down. Let's join her shall we."

We nodded as we followed the now smaller Bob to the dinning room. We had to suck in our guts and go in sideways.

"I hope you guys love chicken. I made plenty of it!" Mary said as she smiled and kissed her husband. We sat down and began to eat.

As we ate Bob looked at me and said. "Listen David.....I want to talk to you about your position in the company." I looked at him a bit worried.

"Because of you David....my business has skyrocketed to glory. I have twice as many customers and profits are though the roof!!! I don't know what you have been doing but whatever it was is great for the company!"

"Why thank you Bob...Networking is my forte after all." I said stuffing my mouth with mashed potatoes.

Bob then became very serious and looked at me. "I want to make you my business partner."

I looked up at him again and began to smile. "Really? Do you mean it?"

My boss then nodded his head.

"Yes. I think with you at my side we can expand our company to even greater heights. Your pay would of course double and the benefits are wonderful. I think you of all people deserve it. Just think....David and Bob Net! I like the sound of it!"

"Well to be honest...I think Bob and David sounds better." I told my boss as I grabbed more chicken.

My wife smiled at me and kissed me on my full cheeks. "Thats what I like about you David!!! Always thinking of others!"

Bob said happily. "So what do you say David?"

I got up, waddled over to him and he took my large hand. "It would be an honor." I shook his hand. We all then enjoyed a wonderful desert of cake and pie.

The next week we weighed ourselves again. "Hmm....Teddy bear. I still weigh 520. I didn't gain a pound at all." My wife was still 520 and I was still at 530.

I looked at my wife and told her. "I guess the weight limit kicked in." My wife was a bit upset but I assured her that she was absolute perfect.

With that we smiled, bumped our bellies, kissed, and made our way to the bedroom for some wonderful anal sex.

Almost done....
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5 years have passed since we moved into Belleville. My wife and I retained our body size and weight. We weren't going to get any fatter, but we also weren't going to lose weight either. We were very happy. Since I became partners with Bob, our company has become worldwide and we were a smash hit. Almost every company uses our network to connect.

As for us, my wife became pregnant with our first child. I was going to become a father. I was so proud of my giant wife. We got a bigger house so we would be prepared for the new baby when it arrived. I was worried that due to all the food here being so fattening that our baby would become huge at such an early age. The doctor we saw told us that the effects of the stuff used in the food don't take effect until a person reaches age 13. We were quite relieved at this.

We went for our usual Sunday walk. Even though we were fat we still liked to exercises now and then even though it wouldn't change how we looked. Plus we enjoyed walking. We stopped at the corner and waited for the light to turn green.

"Honey.....isn't it amazing that we managed to put on 400 pounds in such a short time?" My wife asked me as she nuzzled my face.

"Yeah. I'm very impressed with the results." Indeed I was. I looked at my wife, held her large hands and told her how beautiful she was. In my opinion I was the luckiest guy in the world to have such a beautiful and massive wife as Linda. We were in a slight trance we stared at each other with our eyes.

This trance was broken when something bumped into us. We turned around and saw two people. A man and a woman.

"Oh I'm so sorry" I told the man.

The man got up and said. "Oh it's OK. I wasn't looking."

My wife smiled and added. "I guess you are newlyweds?"

The woman then answered. "Yeah. How did you know?"

We then smiled at them. The man was a plump 180 pounds and his wife was 150. We assumed they were on their honeymoon. The light turned green and we let the newlyweds go first. As they walked we admired the way they were coming along for we knew soon enough that in less than 2 months, they would become as big as Bob and Mary, or even us. With that I looked at my wife again, kissed her, and we waddled across the street to the buffet for lunch.


Whew.....man that was a long story. I'm sorry if it's so long. I got really carried away in the detail. I hope you all enjoy reading it as I have writing it. I would like to thanks Observer and Wilson Barbers for pointing out errors I made...though I wish I could change them. [Most were - hopefully all! -ed]

Oh well. I also want to thank anyone who gave me pointers as I write my stories. I also want to thank a few authors who gave me inspiration for my stories. These include Wilson Barbers, SSSBBW, AtlasD, Derek Shane, Big Chris, and Jake(JmJ) From reading their stories I was inspired to write one of my own. I also want to thank the movie the Triplets of Belleville for giving me the idea for this story.
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Default re

Good job coop, you really wrote an enjoyable long story and nice to read that you like deryk shane as well.You wouldn't happen to have the complete "a teachers revenge" story by him.
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Nah. The only stories I could get was a lab experiment gone right and Tiffany's expasion. Which can be found on the Dimensions Libary.
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Deryk_Shane has said some nice things

Speak of the devil, and he shall find you. I'm honored to still be remembered after all these years. I've lurked on the boards for years from time-to-time. And yes, I still have my old stories.

I got into the mood to come back to Dimensions because I have gotten into the writing mood again recently. I've written off and on since I stopped posting way back when. But, now, I just finished my 45th short story and got nostalgic.

Yes, I do have A Teacher's Revenge still, and if you PM me with your email address, I'll send it to you.

My tastes have changed slightly. Being well removed from high school now (as opposed to when I first started writing) has changed my prospective on how to lay out my stories, as well as the focus of appreciation.

Deryk Shane
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That was a great story. I can't wait to see what else you come up with.
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Read My Date with a Plumberand The Other Side

I think you'll like them especially if you are a bottom heavy/butt/ass/pear fan.
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