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Default Melissa 30: Finale and Epilogue - by Billiejoe (~BBW(Multiple), Stuckage, ~SWG )

~BBW(Multiple), Stuckage, ~SWG -At 250 Pounds with a loving b/f, the nude model comes to a decision

Melissa 30: Finale and Epilogue

by Billiejoe

(Click here for prior installment)

Melissa was relieved to find it raining the very next morning. An excuse to hide inside, she thought. Mel was still in a state of shock at how plumply she had filled out. She had literally doubled in size in one and a half years. Two hundred and fifty pounds! That came out to be 113 kilos. There was no more hiding the fact that she was fat.

More than fat, Melissa was now obese. And after getting stuck inside that water slide the day before, Melissa wondered how and if she could truly accept her weight gain. What made matters worse, she had her first nude modelling class this afternoon. Was she really prepared to pose naked in front of a class of immature students? She knew the money would be worth it.

"I'll be fine...." she sighed, pulling herself out of bed.

This was another task made difficult by her increased poundage. Her tummy curled into its thick fat rolls as she pulled herself upright.

"Ugh, so fat." she moaned, hauling herself to her feet.

Mel had a stretch, pulling her arms over her brunette head, her tummy and bum poking out as she curved her back. She rubbed her blue eyes, she felt quite relaxed, despite recent embarrassment. At least she had slept well, Melissa never usually had such good nights sleep. Her pale skin glowed with a small sunburn, barely noticeable.

Melissa reached her hand up in between her round butt cheeks and yanked her undies out of her ass crack. She then tugged down on her singlet in a useless attempt to cover her widening waist.

"I'm meant to be overweight." she said with little hesitation.

Mel plodded downstairs, her bum cheeks peeking out of the bottom of her tight undies. She had gotten so tubby, simple things like walking were difficult. She waddled her fat form into the kitchen, her mother absently reading the newspaper.

"Morning Melissa." she said.

"Hey." grunted Mel in an overtly tired response.

Melissa slumped down onto a chair, mum had cooked pancakes for breakfast. Wriggling her dainty fingers eagerly, she grabbed several and placed them on her plate. Mel drizzled a considerable amount of syrup onto her pancakes before beginning to stuff her face.

"Mmm....good job mum." she mumbled.

"Says here an overweight woman got trapped inside a water slide at the amusement park yesterday..." said Mel's mum, eyes not leaving the paper.

Melissa froze.

"You hear anything about that? You were there." asked her mum.

Mel got a grip, "Umm, no must have happened after we left." she shook her head.

Her mum seemed to think nothing more of it, much to Mel's relief.

"Must have been a big girl to get stuck there...." was her mother's only other comment.

Mel looked down guiltily at her pancakes, before opting to continue gorging.

"Well honey, I must be off to work." said her mum,

"Good luck at the modelling, don't feel too nervous."

"Oh believe me I already am." uttered Melissa.

"You're doing something I'd never be game to do. Good luck." said her mum, before leaving out the front door.

Melissa waited for her mum to leave the driveway before snatching the newspaper up in her hands. She fumbled through the tabloid pages, trying to find the article her mother had just mentioned.

"Fat girl pays price in tight squeeze."

Sure enough, Melissa's incident had made the papers.

Mel kept reading;

"A young overweight woman was in for the scare of her life yesterday as she became stuck in a child's waterslide. The anonymous fat girl became unstuck when water backed up behind her and popped her through. Very embarrassed, the woman left the park before interviews could be carried out. Experts estimated the girl's weight to be between three and four hundred pounds."

"Ouch! Come on! That's a huge exaggeration!" protested Melissa, "I'm only 250 pounds thank you."

Mel felt her stomach tingle with butterflies. So embarrassing. But there was one positive. An "anonymous" woman. No one would ever know it was her....

"Except all my friends...." sighed Melissa, realising the hiding her friends would deliver upon their next meeting. And Nick. There was no way she would utter a word to her boyfriend. That would be too humiliating.


Mel trudged through the earlier parts of the day, her lazy side coming out in full effect. She tried to resist eating too much, but with it raining outside, there was nothing much else to do. Mel had some sort of food nearby until after lunchtime when she had to start getting ready to leave.

"Oh poo, do I really want to do this?" she stuttered to herself.

She reached for the knob of the front door.

"Eep!" she hesitated.

Mel took a step back.

"Compose yourself, girl." she said firmly, you're not even there yet."

Mel took a deep breath and headed out the door. It was a fairly overcast day, but Mel wasn't fussed. The wind had the definite chill of winter to it, Melissa wrapped a scarf around her neck. She wandered deep in thought all the way to the train station, where she sat and waited with angst. Was this really a good idea? It was a challenge, she knew that much.


"Are you nervous?" asked Alex.

Melissa sat in the staff room with a cup of water. Her eyes trailed off into a daydream.

"Huh?" she replied.

Alex chuckled, "Haha, don't worry Melissa there's no need to be nervous. It takes a lot of courage to do this job."

"Hmm." grunted Melissa, hardly consoled by Alex's encouragement.

Alex glanced at his watch, "It's 2 pm, class is about to begin. Let's go."

Melissa bit her lip, before following his lead into the classroom. Twenty pairs of eyes were staring at her, many of the students were of similar age to Melissa.

"Oh poo, I'm so nervous...." she hissed to herself under her breath.

"Alright class. As I promised, today we will be drawing the human body from life. I know you are all eager, and I also know you are all very MATURE." said Alex, "There will be no mischief in this class from anyone who believes the human body is something to laugh at."

Melissa had her arms folded over her ample tummy, even though it was well covered by her large trench coat.

"This lovely young lady is Melissa." said Alex, gesturing his hands to her, "She is a student here at our university, and has been brave enough to come and pose for us today."

Mel gave the class a small wave, smiling anxiously.

"So now I want everyone to grab a sheet of paper, some pencils and we will begin." Alex turned to the blackboard and began writing some notes; Mel was too nervous to bother reading them.

"Whenever you are ready, Melissa." said Alex quietly to her.

There was a small podium in the middle of the classroom, covered in pillows and blankets. Melissa's legs felt like jelly as she wandered over. Exhaling, she slowly slid off her big coat, standing nude in front of the entire class. For a split second, Melissa felt fatter than she had ever been before, and more exposed than ever. She saw many of the student’s eyes glancing her up and down. Whether this was in a critical manner or for the sake of art remained unknown.

"Accept your fatness, Melissa." she said in her head.

Mel lay down on the podium of pillows, laying on her side and supporting her head with her hand. She placed her other hand over her expansive right hip, in a subconscious attempt to cover her love handle, which had rolled up on her side. Her heart was racing as she heard the faint sound of pencil scratching against paper.

Alex began rambling on about techniques for drawing and the human body, Melissa drowning that out with nerves. She was right in the centre of the classroom, surrounded by the students. She was surprised at how professional they were, but she was still shy nonetheless. She wondered what people behind her were thinking about her bum. It would definitely have been the biggest ass most of them had seen. Melissa's thick thighs were pressed tightly together, her tummy bulging out in front of her her. Her gigantic breasts expanded as she took deep breaths to calm herself.

It seemed like it was all over in five minutes when Alex dismissed the class. Melissa stood up, feeling a little shaky, wrapping her coat back around her.

"How was that, then?" asked Alex.

Mel nodded, "Not bad...."

"It is difficult and uncomfortable to sit still for three hours, but you did very well."

Had it really been three hours?

"Oh no problem, I can spend hours laying around doing nothing." giggled Melissa.

"Well here is your money, " said Alex, "Will you be interested in posing again?"

Mel's eyes ballooned at the money she had just accepted.

"Umm, you know what. Sure. I'd love to." she replied with confidence.

Melissa was excited now. She was really going to start earning some real money. With her retail job and the nude modelling, she could finally start buying herself new clothes and stop having to get money off her mum.


When Melissa arrived home, she was beaming to see Nick at the front door. He stood with a bunch of red roses and a box of chocolates.

"Hey honey!" she smiled.

"Oh hey, I was just going to drop these around to you." said Nick.

Mel tilted her head, "Aww, you are so sweet! They're beautiful."

She gave him a hug.

"How was your...um, nude modelling?" asked Nick.

Melissa laughed, "Oh don't worry, Nick. No one was looking at me that way. Here, come in."

The young couple wandered up the stairs into Melissa's bedroom. Mel placed the flowers and chocolate on her desk before wrapping her arms around her boyfriend.

"You're going to make me so fat." giggled Melissa.

"I know you love chocolate, so..."

Mel giggled again.

"But anyway, I need to get changed, it's a bit hot for this trench coat in here, what say?" she patted Nick on the chest.

Nick sat on Mel's bed while the rump-fed lass searched through her drawers for some new clothes.

"Hmm...none of these fit properly anymore." she sighed absently.

Nick watched as Melissa took off her trench coat, now standing in only a white bra and undies. Mel didn't seem too shy, as she continued to rummage through her drawers. Nick felt tingles in his stomach as he watched his girlfriend's butt jiggle ever so slightly. Mel's white undies were wedged in her bum crack, leaving a lot of fleshy cheek exposed.

"Oh my goodness, look!" gasped Melissa, pulling a pair of jeans out of her drawer.

Nick felt confused as Mel held up a pair of tiny hipster jeans. What would Mel need with them?

"These are my old jeans! From before I got fat!" she laughed.

"Are you serious?! That's insane." stuttered Nick, who still wondered at how Mel had gotten fat so rapidly.

Melissa covered her gaping mouth with her hand, "Oh my goodness, I can't believe I used to be able to fit in these!"

She gave Nick a sweet look, "Reckon I can still squeeze my butt into these?"

Nick stumbled for speech, "Umm...well..."

"Oh sweetie, I'm kidding! Of course I can't fit in them!" laughed Mel, "I would like to see how much I've grown though...."

Nick lay back on Melissa's bed as she stood at the end of it. She winked and turned her back to him, Nick stunned at how big her bum was. Melissa shook her hips a little to tease him, her butt fat wobbling at the sudden movement. She elegantly placed her feet into the tiny jeans and began to pull them up.

"Oh my goodness, these are tight." she gasped.

Melissa groaned as she pulled at the jeans. They were way too small for her. The waistband stretched as much as it could, slowly inching up her plump thighs. Nick could only stare in amazement as Mel's thighs bulged over the tight waistband, he wondered how much further Mel could pull them.

"Mmph!" she grunted, jumping on the spot.

Melissa's fat bum cheeks wobbled violently, the jeans reaching the bottom of her ass shelf. Mel's butt stuck out so far from her back, there was no way those pants would fit over their vast dimensions. She twisted her wide hips from side to side, as her undies slipped deeper into her ass crack. Mel stopped, before giving out an almighty pull. Mel's large rump oozed over the waistband, which dug into the mounds of flesh on her lower body. But she could not pull them up. This was how fat her bum had become.

"That's all I can do." she gasped with a smile.

Nick was speechless, he tried to hide his obvious excitement.

"Can you believe how big my bum's gotten?" winked Mel, letting her long brown hair down.

Melissa grabbed the box of chocolates Nick had bought her.

"Oh well, I guess there's nothing I can do to make it smaller." she sighed cheekily.

"Get over here, girl." said Nick eagerly.

Mel kicked off her old jeans, never to be worn again and pounced onto her boyfriend in only her underwear.

"Do you think my bum's gotten too fat?" she asked with a little pout.

"I love every last pound, my little piglet." said Nick.

Melissa giggled before kissing him. Nick rolled her over onto her back, before flipping open the box of chocolates. He poked one in between her plump lips as Melissa began to eat with a smile.

"Mmmm....Oh I love chocolate so much...." she giggled.

Nick smiled back and began to massage Mel's tummy in his hands. Mel shivered with pleasure, her belly rolled softly as if it were cookie dough. Melissa took the chocolate box for herself and kept eating them one by one as Nick continued to run his hands through her flabby parts.

"Oof...Nick I think I'll pop if I eat anymore!" she moaned.

"Nonono!" replied Nick, "I believe in you! Eat more!"

Melissa giggled, this was so much fun, "Ooh, ok. Only because you believe in me. Hey, I didn't get fat by not eating..."

Melissa stuffed three more chocolates into her mouth.

"It's going straight to my bottom!" she warned Nick with a laugh.

"I'm sorry Mel, but your butt just isn't big enough for me yet." said Nick cheekily.

Mel giggled, her body jiggling as she ate the last chocolate. She leaned forward and gave Nick a kiss. Tonight had been a simply fun and romantic night.


The rain had cleared up by the next morning, but it remained windy for a cold day in the sun. Melissa woke up still feeling a little drowsy, Nick had stayed late the night before. Mel had no plans for the day, not until the afternoon.

She planned to hang out with her girlfriends. Her morning remained uneventful, Melissa continued to eat the chocolates Nick had bought her, there was nothing better to do. After a hefty lunch of pasta, Melissa found the energy to wander to the corner shop to buy a box of donuts. She had been craving them all day. Melissa had accepted her weight, and had now decided to eat what she wanted, when she wanted. She blissfully sat on her bed, watching TV and eating donuts.

"Mmm...." she smiled, taking another bite of soft pastry.

Cream oozed out of the donut's centre as Melissa bit down, in a simile of her bulging body oozing out of her tight clothes. Melissa licked chocolate icing off her sticky fingers as her tummy protruded forward over her black bike pants. Her love handles were so wide now, and her sitting position meant her fleshy hips spread out to her sides as well.

"Oof..." she moaned, her tights were feeling even more uncomfortable.

Mel's bum had become so fat that she couldn't close any of her pants now, let alone cover her entire ass. Melissa's butt crack was always showing these days, no pants able to cover her swelling bottom. Bike pants seemed to be the only option, and even they struggled to contain her well-rounded rump.

"Ooh, too plump!" she giggled, lifting her belly with her free hand.

Mel's breaths were slightly laboured, her top constricting her expansive bust. Melissa's breasts heaved, her bosom threatening to pop right out of her bra.

Melissa's gluttonous raid was interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Yeah mum?" she called.

The door opened and Melissa's mum walked in with a large shopping bag.

"Honey, I bought you some things." she said.

Mel leaned forward expectantly, but had some trouble straightening up. Melissa's mother retrieved a pair of jeans from the bag.

"You bought me clothes?" asked Melissa, a little shocked.

"Yes. It's my way of apologising for harassing you about your weight. If you're happy with your size, then please take these new clothes." said her mother.

"Aww thanks mum!" said Mel, standing and giving her a hug, "Ooh, I'll wear them out this afternoon with the girls."

Mel's mum smiled and left the room.

Melissa felt the urge to weight herself. She waddled her tubby form into her ensuite and stepped on the scales.

"Hmm....still 250 pounds." she said to herself.

Mel looked down at her sheer size. Her hips were almost as wide as a doorframe. Melissa glanced at the clock.

"Oh my goodness I have to get ready!" she said.

Melissa took a look at her new clothes. She decided on the new jeans and a pink singlet top. She wandered to her mirror, which she had been afraid of ever since she first noticed the extra pounds on her butt. Today she could look at it with confidence. She was fat, no question, but that wasn't going to get her down.

Melissa twisted her hips so she could look at her behind in the mirror. Her peach-shaped Bottom jiggled happily, her tights stretching so much one could almost see through them to her pale flesh and white undies. Mel jiggled her hips and slowly slid the bike pants off, chucking the clingy item to the floor. Her fat bum wobbled like jelly as she stuck her feet into her new jeans. She hoped they fit a little better than her old jeans she had tried on last night. Melissa breathed a sigh of relief, they fit quite snugly, but she wasn't ballooning out of them. Yet. A slight reprieve for the feminine fatso.

Melissa inhaled deeply and got the button closed with little struggle. She smiled happily at her tummy bulging over the waistband.

"Oh poo....doesn't look like long until these don't fit." she giggled.

She checked out her butt. The new jeans hugged her plump bum cheeks quite nicely, her soft bottom looking undeniably sexy. But of course, her ass crack remained exposed.

"Oh well." she said to herself.

Melissa pulled her pink singlet top over her head, wriggling her meaty arms and pulling it down over her inflated midriff. The large bottom fat roll of her hefty belly could not be covered by the tight singlet, with her juicy love handles bulging out to her sides. Melissa's full breasts and cleavage were generously exposed, and Melissa felt pretty damn attractive. And she was. Melissa looked beautiful.

After deciding to leave her long brown hair out for the night, she heard a car horn in the driveway. Christie's car was here. She quickly grabbed her wallet and headed out the door, beaming confidence.

"Hey guys!" hyped Mel, sitting down in the car.

"Hey Melly." came the response.

Chrissy began to drive down the road before asking a relatively important question.

"So girls....what are we doing?"

Jodie and Vicky looked at each other.

"Dunno....maybe we should have thought about that." said Jodie.

"We could go to the movies." said Vicky, pulling short, black hair into a ponytail.

The response was hardly enthusiastic.

"Anyone hungry?" asked Jodie.

"Yes!" said Melissa impatiently.

"Woah, ok settle down." laughed Chrissy, "Where should we go to eat then Melissa?"

Melissa pursed her lips, "Well, we could go to my work and get chocolate. Then go to the park and eat it."

The other girls nodded.

"Sounds like a plan." said Vicky.

Melissa felt proud walking through the mall in her new clothes. Her clothes weren't uncomfortable at all, something she had not experienced in a while.

The four girls walked into the chocolate shop to a smiling Ron.

"Hello Melissa, are these your friends?" asked Mr. Evans.

"Teehee, yeah. We've come for chocolate." she giggled.

Ron shrugged, "Well you've come to the right place. You know that."

"Hey Mel." said Penny, entering the shop from the back entrance.

"Hey Pen!" replied Melissa, "Can we get these four boxes of chocolate."

Mel plonked them down on the counter, "And what are you guys having?"

Christie, Jodie and Vicky stood stunned.

"I'm kidding, we'll share!" laughed Melissa cheekily.

The girls laughed, even though they knew Mel could easily plough through four chocolate boxes.

"See you guys later." said Mel to Ron and Penny
They waved back.

"You're working next Monday." called Ron.

"Sure thing." replied Mel.


It was going on sunset when the girls made it to the park, the pristine location perfect for the girls to sit down on the lush grass and eat their snack.

"Mmph, yum." said Jodie, pressing chocolate into her mouth, "See Mel, things are pretty sweet for you now."

Mel smiled, swallowing her bite, "I know! Life's turned out pretty good, don't you think?"

"It's been a tumultuous time for us all." said Christie.

"Couldn't have done it without you guys." smiled Mel.

Vicky pushed Mel's arm, "Don't be so lame, Mel!"

"I mean it! You guys are the best." said Melissa.

"So are you Melissa." said Vicky, "I think I speak for everyone when I say you brighten up our lives."

Melissa couldn't stop smiling.

Christie grinned out of the corner of her mouth, "Now you're the one being lame."

"It'll be dark soon. Let's go to mine and watch movies." said Jodie, tossing her red hair over her shoulder.

"Great idea!" said Vicky, "Let's go!"

"Patience, guys." hushed Chrissy.

Vicky poked her tongue at her, before breaking into laughter.

"It's a nice evening, let's stay here a little longer." said Christie.

Jodie and Vicky looked at each other, "How about we meet you and Mel there?" asked Jodie.

"Yeah, we'll walk there. Good exercise." said Vicky.

"Sure." replied Melissa, "See you soon!"

Christie watched as Jodie and Vicky wandered quickly up the road, talking and laughing in their typical way.

"Ha.... They truly are characters, huh." chuckled Chrissy.

Melissa wasn't paying attention, she just closed her eyes and felt the soft wind on her pretty face. As the orange and pink twilight settled down on the park, the cold winter wind blew in from the South, Melissa noticing frost forming on the grass.

"What are you thinking about?" asked Christie, her and

Mel leaning on the wooden fence at the park's outskirts.

"Stuff." was Melissa's simply response.

Chrissy nodded, casting her eyes to the river flowing past the park between the town and the tall, pine tree-covered mountains.

"I've grown a lot over the last two years." said Melissa, "Oh, not just physically, you know."

"I get ya." replied Christie.

"I discovered who I am and what I'm capable of." continued Melissa.

"Could you gaining so much weight have something to do with it?" asked Chrissy.

"Oh definitely." said Melissa, "I'm a fat girl. I always have been. I was meant to be fat. It just took me a long time to realise it."

Melissa cast her mind back through the last two years. She had doubled her weight. She had become renowned for her bum of all things. Not mention her gluttonous obsession with chocolate. And her unfortunate ability to get stuck in rather embarrassing places. And for every chocolate she had eaten, and every pair of jeans she had outgrown, Melissa had accepted that she was fat. Her bottom had practically become famous. But that's the way things had played out, and Mel was willing to accept it. Melissa has a fat bum.

"Despite your worries, you still managed to set yourself up a decent start to life. You have a job, university course, a boyfriend, great friends. And of course me, your good old buddy, Christie." said Christie with a light heart.

"That's true." replied Melissa, "Anyway, let's go watch those movies at Jodie's. I reckon we can catch Jodie and Vicky on the way back to her house."

"They can't have gotten too far." laughed Christie.

The two friends walked back to Chrissy's car. Melissa placed her arm around her good mate.

"Thanks, Christie." she smiled.

Christie gave her final words of wisdom, "Mel honey, your life has just begun. Enjoy it."


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Angel00101 has said some nice things

I would of like to know how big her butt is. Like in inches. I love this story so much. Melissa is a such a sweet girl and sounds like a very beautiful girle.
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Billyjoe has said some nice things

Why thank you.

As for her butt's size in inches.... I have no idea. It's something I always wanted to include, but I have no idea about what sizes would be considered fat. I know 38 inch hips are some sort of standard...
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