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Default Special Diet - by Karl (~BBW, Eating, ~SWL, ~SWG)

~BBW, Eating, ~SWL, ~SWG – a dietary advisor takes on the project of her life with results she did not expect.

Special Diet
By Karl

Lisa was a 24 year old dietary advisor. She had a sporty figure and weighed around 110 pounds and was about 5.4 ft. Her eating habits were focusing on healthy stuff and she did lots of sports to maintain her figure. After her graduation she opened her own business. She went to the bank to ask for financing and got a bank loan of 50.000 EUR. She rented office space and leased a car as she thought the business will increase further. She had her own business and was successful with a few first clients.

However after a few months and only very few clients she started to run out of cash. She needed a bigger fish - a rich client. She asked her father about it and he told her that he knows a very rich owner of a big company who has a rather fat niece. Lisa got the telephone number and called Mr. Baker to ask him about his niece. Mr. Baker was a very friendly guy and told her about his niece Clara (18 years old) who weighed about 280 pounds. As Mr. Baker knew Lisa’s father and money was not a big deal at all he offered her a special contract on success fee only. For every pound Clara looses Lisa will be entitled to receive a bonus of 1.000 EUR. Lisa immediately agreed and thought about how much money she could earn with Clara. They agreed upon meeting next Monday to introduce Lisa to Clara.

They met at a fine restaurant on Monday. As Lisa arrived Mr. Baker and Clara were already sitting on the table and waiting for her. Mr. Baker introduced the girls to each other and both looked at each other. Lisa was a little shocked of Clara. Not that she had not seen bigger people before but this girl did not make a big deal out of it. She wore tight clothes which showed every roll of fat. Usually bigger people tried to hide their curves. Lisa had not seen a person before who actually showed it.

Clara looked at Lisa and was a little jealous about her perfect shape. She was so toned and not flabby at all. No gram of fat. Clara was too fat and she knew that very well. Until now she just had not been motivated enough to lose some pounds. She wanted to try with Lisa’s help and greeted her politely:

“Hi, I am Clara. And your ‘project’ as you can see.” she touched her belly and smiled.

“Hi Clara. Pleasure meeting you. I am sure we will be able to get you into shape and change your nutrition.” Lisa said. She said hello to Mr. Baker and took a seat.

Soon the waiter arrived and she ordered a salad and orange juice. The others had ordered already. They were talking a little about everything and finally signed the contract. A very detailed contract and Lisa only checked her fees and signed. Then the food arrived.

Lisa could not believe her eyes as a big quarter pounder with extra cheese and double French fries was put in front of Clara. As soon as her salad was placed in front of Lisa she took it and exchanged her food with Clara’s. Clara looked amazed and snapped, “Hey what’s wrong? That’s my food!”

“We start right now with your new diet. You have to stop eating things like that. Eat my salad instead.” Lisa explained.

“And you eat my Jumbo-Burger?”

“Ehm… well” she looked at Mr. Baker who just nodded, “yes, obviously”.

Her father told her before that Mr. Baker did not like people who waste energy, food or other resources. This was even part of his business. He was the owner of a large recycling company. And there was a strange clause in her contract which said: “All efforts should be undertaken not to waste any resources, in this case in particular food. The agent ensures this principle by all means.”

Lisa was no lawyer and did not think about contracts too much. She needed money and this client had plenty of it.

The girls started eating and Clara was looking at Lisa jealously. Lisa had troubles with the burger as it was very large, maybe her largest burger ever. Clara decided that it will not be easy for Lisa and she was sure that this project would ruin Lisa’s perfect figure.

After a two weeks Clara did not lose a single pound. Lisa did not know why as she told her strictly what to eat and what not. When Mr. Baker called and asked why there was no progress Lisa had to admit that she did not know.

She traced it back to the fact that she was not with Clara all the time and did not know if she obeyed her diet orders all the time. Mr. Baker’s answer was simple. Lisa should be together with Clara as much as possible. And he added “as agreed upon in the contract”. As she did not read the contract she did not know if this was true or not but as she had no other clients at the moment she agreed.

From the next day on Lisa was Clara’s shadow. She was with her all the time except Clara’s training hours with Joe, which was about 3 hours a day. This time Lisa used to do her own workout.

During the next 2 weeks it happened more and more often that she had to change food with Clara who did not care about Lisa’s orders all the time and sometimes ordered hamburger, pizza, muffins or milkshake. Sometimes Clara did it on purpose just to vex Lisa. So it happened that Lisa started to eat more and more with Clara. But Lisa made sure that her daily sport routine was not broken and managed not to gain weight. At least she thought she did not gain. Lisa had no scale and did not know that she put on 5 pounds in the last two weeks.

After one month of working with Clara she still did not lose a single pound. Lisa was frustrated and spoke openly with Clara. She told her that she did not understand and why nothing happens. Clara just listened. Lisa was also very open about her financial situation and admitted that she needed 5.000 EUR by end of next month. Clara now found the weak spot of Lisa. As she did not care if she really had to lose weight or not she made the following offer:

“For every pound I lose you gain two. For instance if I lose 5 pounds you have to gain 10 but you would get 5.000 EUR as agreed in our contract.”

Lisa thought about the offer but she needed money badly and had no other opportunity in sight. And maybe this was the only way to trigger Clara’s weight loss.

“Ok deal. Let’s see how this goes.” Lisa answered.

“Good. Let’s get on the scale” Clara said. She stripped to her underwear and stepped on the scale. Lisa has seen other fat people before but no one being that fat and not in her underwear. Lisa stood there with her mouth open and stared at Clara’s roles.

Clara stepped on the scale first: 278 pounds – a loss of 2 pounds since start.
Lisa was next: 115 pounds – a gain of five pounds since start. Lisa was not shocked at all. This was just a small deviance.

“Since I lost 2 pounds already you will be entitled to receive 2.000 EUR already. And you gained even more than just 4 pounds.” Clara said.

“I am not sure if I can keep this up if you really start to lose weight,” Lisa said.

“Well you want me to lose. Either this way or no way. You have to gain,” Clara said dominantly.

“I don’t know how. I never gained on purpose. How did you gain that much?”

“I have an idea. You eat what I would eat and I am sure you will gain weight,” Clara said.

Lisa was hesitating but finally agreed and from the next day on Clara decided what Lisa had to eat.

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good ole diet switch. I'm excited.
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Default Great Concept!

Pleae keep going. This is an idea that has crossed the mind of many FA's!
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Default Off to a good start

Good start ! Similar to 'The Arrangement'.
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Originally Posted by dxm9999 View Post
Good start ! Similar to 'The Arrangement'.
You're right, there are similarities...I like this story. ^_^
FA and WG Writer

I'm not a BHM, feedee, feeder, etc. :p
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Awesome story, please continue!!!
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Awesome story, please continue!!!
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Awesome! continue please
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The girls met in the morning and Lisa was not quite sure what this day would bring and how this will go. She never actually tried to gain weight.

They were seated at the big table in Mr. Baker’s living room and waited for the servants to bring the food. Mr. Baker had three servants: Mari, a plump Spanish woman in her 50s who did the cooking, Alfred (also in his 50s), the waiter, housekeeper and general servant and Jacob (38 years old), the driver of Mr. Baker and general assistant.

Clara told Mari to cook like before her diet began. As Mari came into the room she wanted to serve Clara the big breakfast but Clara made sure that it was for Lisa. Mari looked confused but did not say anything. She put the big tray in front of Lisa. It contained a four egg omelet with cheese and bacon, a chocolate muffin, orange juice, a large latte macchiato, butter and three slices of bread. Lisa’s eyes went wide. She was shocked by so much food.

She had her last muffin a few years ago and coffee she always drank straight as espresso. She tried to go low on carbohydrates and avoided bread.

“Go ahead. It’s all yours,” Clara said.

“I cannot eat that much. Impossible.” Lisa shook her head.

“Just try as much as you can. Let’s see,” Clara replied.

Mari came again and served Clara a small bowl of cereals. Clara was really trying to lose weight now. She thought it was worth the try and she wanted to see Lisa and how she did. Lisa worked through the omelet and the orange juice but was really stuffed afterwards. Her belly was not used to so much food. She wanted to quit.

“You have to eat it all. We must not waste food,” Clara said.

“I cannot. I simply can’t. Give it to Mari or the other servants,” Lisa proposed.

“No way. First you have to eat it as you want to gain and second the servants get their own food,” Clara said losing her nerve slowly.

“But I am too full. My belly hurts,” Lisa complained.

“That’s only the beginning. You have to get used to it. Simply take the tray with you and follow me.” Clara went to the TV looking for Lisa to join her.

Lisa arrived at the couch and sat down. The tray in front of her.

“Try to eat it slowly now. And don’t lead me into temptation,” Clara said with a grin.

Lisa tried to nibble on the muffin and drank her latte macchiato. She made progress very slowly and Clara thought that she needed to build up Lisa’s capacity otherwise this poor little girl will never be able to gain weight.

It took two more hours until Lisa finished her breakfast. She was lying on the couch and fell asleep from time to time. In the meantime Clara went to Mari and asked her to prepare only about a quarter of food Clara had before her diet started. She did not want to shock Lisa with too much food on the first day. She asked Mari to serve a cream soup for lunch, apple pie and tea in the afternoon and for dinner only one hamburger. Mari did as Clara said and Lisa managed to eat the food over the day. She even found some time to do a small workout when Clara was doing hers with Joe. Although Lisa was stuffed she trained hard for two hours.

This routine went on for a week. Lisa was getting more used to the food and started eating more, which was of course noticed by Clara who increased Lisa’s portions in week two. Although Lisa was eating more she did not really gain weight.

The girls had their weigh in after two weeks of the new regime:
Clara: 270 pounds. A loss of 8 pounds since her last weigh in. The weight loss was not really visible but Lisa again stared at Clara’s prominent curves.

Lisa: 118 pounds. Only a gain of 3 pounds. However the weight gain did not show any change in her body.

Clara calculated and said: “I lost more than 5 pounds and you did not even manage to gain 4. So for next weigh in you have to gain 13 pounds. Plus another 10 pounds as I intend to lose minimum 5 pounds again. Sums up to 23 pounds. I am sorry I cannot even allow to pay out one single EUR to you as you did not gain as agreed. I assume you have to gain faster and wait for next weigh-in to receive any money.”

Lisa was shocked: “But I ate as never before. I really tried to gain. I don’t know what happened.”

“Well you have a fast metabolism and you still do sports. And I guess you have to eat more.”

“But I ate what you would have eaten, or not? You did gain and I don’t?” Lisa said.

“Excuse me. I did not gain all my weight in two weeks! It took some time – years actually.”

“But I don’t have years I need my money latest in two weeks.” Lisa was almost crying.

“Don’t worry little girl. You have the perfect trainer. I will help you. We will manage.” Clara said to comfort Lisa.

Lisa was just thinking of earning some money she did not hesitate one second to agree. So from the next week on Clara tried her best to encourage Lisa to eat. And Lisa ate like never before. She now finished breakfast without problems and looked forward to lunch which now was a light snack and soup. She had a small snack in the afternoon and normal dinner in the evening. Clara was taking care that she did not overdo it. She did not want to scare Lisa. But the food Lisa was consuming was by far not what Clara had consumed before her diet started. There was still a long way to go to reach that point. In the second week Lisa got an additional course at lunch and had dessert after dinner too. She really tried her best but her stomach was still not used to large amounts of food and she felt stuffed every day.

However she still had time for sports which was a sign for Clara that Lisa still did not get enough food as she was still able to do sports in between her eating.

Clara on the other hand was really trying to lose weight. She followed her diet strictly and did not cheat.

After two weeks the next weigh-in arrived.

Clara: 262 pounds – again 8 pounds lost but no significant change visible.

Lisa: 123 pounds – a gain of 5 pounds. Lisa’s body changed slightly but she still had a body to die for. Her boobs seemed larger and her butt a little rounder. She gained the weight in all the right places.

Clara calculated again and said: “I lost 8. You gained 5 that means in total I lost 18 pounds and you gained 13. I think that’s ok. You deserve your first payment which is calculated according to your gain and my loss – as our deal is. Your gain of 13 pounds equals my loss of lets say 7 pounds means 7.000 EUR for you.”

“But you lost 18 pounds already – that means 18.000 EUR.” Lisa corrected.

“Nono. I know your contract but you have an additional deal with me, don’t forget that. You get 7.000 only because our deal says you have to gain twice what I lose. And so far you did not gain that much as everyone can see.” Clara said and poked Lisa’s belly.

“Be that as it may.” Lisa was shocked again. Was it the wrong decision to enter into this contract?

Lisa continued “How should I gain more? You said you are going to help me but I did not really gain much more than in the previous 2 weeks.”

“We will handle that. I will change something. And you should quit doing sports for some time. You burn too many calories.”

“But I need my daily sports routine.” Lisa did not want to quit her trainings.

“We will see to that.” Clara said and left the room smiling. She did not tell Lisa that she now had to gain 28 pounds which would bring her to quite chubby 151 pounds in total. Lisa did not calculate that herself.

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Absolutely wonderful! Can't wait to see what happens next!
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In the following week Clara really increased Lisa’s food intake. Breakfast consisted now of omelet or ham and eggs followed by a muffin or a donut, four slices of bread with butter, orange juice and café latte. It was still not exactly what Clara would eat if she could but this will come sooner or later.

Lunch was a three course meal with soup, main dish and dessert. In the afternoon a snack was served which was double the size of the one served a week before. And dinner was usually a big fattening meal with dessert on top. Furthermore Clara told Mari to serve a special milkshake to Lisa after lunch. She exactly described the ingredients of this milkshake which were half liter milk, one bar of chocolate, a can of whipped cream and 3 scoops of ice cream. Lisa managed to drink the milkshake but was too tired afterwards and did not work out anymore.

After a week Clara added one more milkshake, now to Lisa’s snack in the afternoon just as Lisa felt she was getting used to the huge amounts of food. But again with the milkshake she was too full.

The major change in Lisa’s eating habits was that she actually liked eating all the fatty and unhealthy stuff. It all tasted so good and she learned so many new kinds of foods which she never had before. By the end of the second week eating was no problem anymore and she asked for more donuts and a second milkshake in the afternoon.

Clara was happy with Lisa’s progress and looked forward to their next weigh in.

Clara stepped on the scale first: 257 pounds – only a 5 pound loss. She was a little disappointed. She really tried hard to lose weight now.

As Lisa stripped to her underwear Clara noticed the first signs of weight gain.
Her boobs and butt had grown further but most obvious was that her stomach lost its toned shape. Lisa’s boobs seemed to be too much for her bra and her panties cut into her new flesh.

Lisa stepped on the scale and read: 130 pounds. Lisa expected more as she thought she ate constantly.

Again Clara started to calculate. This time Lisa gained 7 pounds equaling 3.500 EUR as Clara lost more than 3,5 pounds. Lisa was not very happy as she knew – the more she would gain the more money she would get. But 3.500 was not bad for the time being. But in total Lisa was much behind schedule. Clara had lost in total 23 pounds, which equals a gain of 46 pounds for Lisa. But she only had gained 20 pounds in total. She was still 26 pounds behind schedule. Clara thought that maybe Lisa’s metabolism has to slow down first and then she would gain more easily. But Lisa wanted quicker progress and said:

“I have to gain faster. I need to stretch my stomach. I need more food. I need more shakes.”

“Relax little girl.” Clara tried to calm her down.

“I cannot relax. I lose money with every pound I do not gain. Tell Mari to give me more food.” Lisa was getting serious. She did not mind gaining anymore. She liked the food and she wanted to earn money. She thought she could lose all the weight later. She was still a diet expert and knew what food to eat to slim down and what food to eat to gain. And then it shot into Lisa’s brain:

“I know what we do. You tried already but obviously I have to increase my efforts. I want you to tell Mari to prepare the milkshake with more fat – not just an ordinary one. And I want 5 of them over the day. This will do it.”

“But the milkshakes are….” Clara wanted to tell Lisa the recipe of the milkshake and that it contained lots of calories already.

“Don’t say but. Please do it. I simply have to fulfill my contract, don’t I?” Lisa smiled.

“Ok if you wish.”

“And don’t forget to tell Mari to increase my portions” Lisa really was serious now.

“Ok no problem.” Clara thought that Lisa will not be able to eat all of that.

And she knew that she was up to lose more weight and that Lisa would never be able to gain twice the weight she lost. She was not even sure if Lisa really knew that this could mean to gain 200 pounds!

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When Lisa arrived at Mr. Bakers house Clara noticed that Lisa had been shopping and wore a complete new wardrobe.

From the beginning of next week Lisa was bombarded with calories. She ate a big breakfast and her milkshake. Then she had a big lunch and a milkshake. Followed by a large snack of 4 donuts and a milkshake. She was stuffed at that time but Clara encouraged her to go on and to keep eating. Dinner consisted of a double quarter pounder and French fries, a big piece of chocolate cake and two milkshakes. She made it through the burger, the fries and the first milkshake but then she had to stop. She could not handle more. She was too full.

“Come on little. Think of the money.” Clara said.

“I can’t. Too full.”

“Let me help you.” Clara said and took the fork and started to feed Lisa, who did not know how to react. She felt like a thanksgiving turkey being stuffed.

She opened her mouth again and again. The thick creamy liquid of the milkshake made the cake go down easier. After an hour of slowly feeding Lisa everything was gone and her belly looked like she being 7 months pregnant.

This kind of routine went on for the whole week and at the end of it Lisa was getting used to it and started to ask for seconds at lunch. She did not think one single time about working out again. She was just thinking what Mari will cook for lunch and dinner.

One day Mr. Baker came into the living room when Clara and Lisa were watching TV. He had a closer look on Clara and was very happy to see that she clearly was losing weight. He looked to Lisa and wanted to congratulate her to her achievements but Lisa was sleeping as she had just had tomato cream soup, two large bowls of chili con carne, crème brûlée and her milkshake. Mr. Baker had not seen her since the beginning and he noticed the gain but did not say anything. As long as his niece lost the weight he did not care about the rest.

In the second week Lisa was eating more than ever. She had seconds not only of lunch but also of her dinner. Clara sometimes could not believe what she was eating. The fact that Lisa fell asleep often after her lunch showed Clara that also her metabolism had slowed down.

Lisa ate her usual big amounts of food during the day and after lunch Mari brought her a pitcher of milkshake and a whole black forest cake. Mari told Lisa that it was just for her and that Clara said she wanted Lisa to finish it.

Lisa was surprised this would surely push her to new limits. She poured herself a glass of the milkshake and started with the cake. The thick and creamy taste was delicious and she enjoyed the first half of the cake. After two thirds of the cake Clara arrived and was looking at Lisa. She saw a sweet little girl stuffing herself silly. Her mouth was covered with chocolate all over and her t-shirt rode up a little bit and exposed her swollen belly.

“Hey little” Clara said.

“Mpfhm” Lisa said with the mouth full of cake and added after a few minutes: “I am full but the cake is too good.”

“Well then keep on eating” Clara said.

“Yes but I cannot. I am full” Lisa replied.

“Let me help you.” Clara took the fork and started to feed Lisa who did not say a word. She leaned back and opened her mouth, swallowed, took a sip of shake, a piece of cake, and so on. Clara did not do it slowly. She gave Lisa no time to complain. She simply fed her everything. After about 20 minutes it was over. Lisa fell to sleep immediately and Clara was happy. Lisa had just consumed about 4000 calories. Lisa slept for 3 hours and had no snack in the afternoon that day.

The day of the next weigh-in came and again Clara was the first one to get on the scale:

Clara: 250 pounds. 7 pounds lost.

As Lisa stripped to her underwear it was really obvious that she gained weight. She was still wearing her old bra and panties. Her boobs spilled out of her bra and it cut deep into her flesh. The panties seemed to cover only two thirds of her booty. Her belly formed into a nice pot belly and as she bent down a small roll of fat was forming.

Lisa: 140 pounds. 10 pounds gain. Equals to 5.000 EUR.

“You see you are gaining more. And it definitely starts to show.” Clara said and poked Lisa’s tummy.

Lisa examined her figure. Touched her growing curves and said: “I am still sexy and I like my new body. It looks more… ehm… feminine!”

“That’s correct. And it really suits you, I think.” Clara answered.

“Thanks. Your loss is visible too. You lost a lot of fat around your waist.” Lisa pointed out.

“Thank you. I like it. I want to lose more. I will start doing more sports.”

“And I will start to eat more. I have an idea. Why don’t you order for me what you would have eaten exactly the weeks before we started your diet? I want to know what you ate and if I could eat that too.” Lisa proposed.

“This really was a lot, I warn you.” Clara did not think Lisa would be able to handle that.

“I am the expert here. I have to know what caused your gain.”

“Ok. But I believe then you better move in here for a couple of weeks. I was eating nonstop.” Clara suggested.

“No problem. I can do that.”

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Awesome!!! Look forward to more!!
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In the following week Lisa’s portions grew again. She now was eating three to four times the amount of calories she had per day before this special diet started. She was really enjoying food now. And she started discussions with Mari about food. She often went to the kitchen and told Mari what to cook and she often tried new recipes of cakes, muffins or typical Spanish dishes.

Sometimes when Clara was watching TV with Lisa Mari came out and brought a muffin or a donut to Lisa just to try her newest creation. After dinner Mari always brought a midnight snack for Lisa which was her 5th meal of the day. Sometimes it was 6 scoops of ice cream with cream and chocolate sauce. Sometimes it was a large piece of cake. Lisa always ate it. She still stuffed herself every day but her stomach was now getting used to large portions and needed more food every day.

One day the girls went out shopping. Lisa needed new underwear and Clara smaller clothes. The girls split and shopped separately and decided to meet in two hours for lunch at McDonalds. Lisa was very surprised to learn that she grew from a 32B to a 36C. She liked her new figure. As agreed upon the girls met at McDonalds and Lisa said:

“Ok. I order what you should eat and you order what you would usually eat.”
“Deal!” Clara said and both girls ordered the food.

Lisa was quicker as she just ordered McSalad and sparkling water. She went to the table and waited for Clara who appeared a few minutes later with 2 trays. On the one tray there were two super sized BigMac menus and on the other tray two Big Macs, 6 McNuggests, 2 large French fries, a milkshake and two muffins.

“No way you ate all of that!” Lisa said.

“Believe it or not but I did. This is what it took to get me full. Let’s see if you are up to it.” Clara answered.

“Uff. This will be tough!” Lisa started to eat.

It was really a funny picture a large girl bringing lots of food to a relatively skinny girl who had to eat it all.

Lisa finished the first tray relatively easy but was feeling full already. She started with the third Big Mac and French fries, then she fought her way through the McNuggets. The last Big Mac was challenging but she was able to do it.

“That’s it. I can’t eat the muffins” Lisa was really stuffed.

“In that case.” Clara said and grabbed a muffin and wanted to eat it.

“Don’t you dare!!! That’s nothing for you!” Lisa shouted and took the muffin out of Clara’s hands. She ate it quickly together with the milkshake and the other muffin.

“Congratulations! Keep this up and you will get fat in no time! I promise!” Clara said.

“Wow I can’t believe I ate everything. My belly hurts!” Lisa said rubbing her tummy.

When they came home Mari awaited them with two big slices of chocolate cake and a milkshake for Lisa and an apple and water for Clara. Lisa ate the two slices and drank her shake and felt very stuffed again. She was used to this feeling now. She did not stop eating until she felt stuffed. Most of the times she had no chance anyway as there was too much food not to feel stuffed.

“If I were you I would eat another two slices and another milkshake!” Clara tried to convince Lisa to eat even more.

“You must be joking.”

“No I am serious.”

“Mari same again please” Lisa said.

It was obvious that Lisa was pushing new limits. She was stuffed already but she decided to stuff herself with a quarter of chocolate cake and a fatty creamy milkshake even more.

“Wow I have never been that full before” Lisa rubbed her belly.

Clara thought that she had heard this sentence every week in the last weeks and always Lisa ate more than before.

Then it was time for Clara workout session. A few weeks and pounds ago Lisa used this time for her own workout. Now she just plopped herself on the couch, watched TV or napped a little. Three hours later Clara returned and found Lisa sleeping in front of the TV. Her t-shirt rode up and exposed her softening belly. It slightly hung over her tight pants.

Boy this will be a new record gain this time, Clara thought.

Half an hour later Lisa woke up as right before dinner was served. Pizza for Lisa and light fish for Clara.
She ate the pizza quickly and felt stuffed again.

“At my best I ate four of them.” Clara said.

Lisa shook her head and said nothing. She knew that after all she had today she would seriously get into trouble eating the same again but she told Mari to bring two fresh pizzas. It was in total 3 pizzas and not 4 as Clara said but even those 2 additional pizzas took 2 full hours until she finished them. Lisa felt miserable. She could not move and simply sat there without a word.
Clara looked at the other girl and thought about the promising future. How fat could she get eating like that?

Two hours later Mari appeared with 6 donuts and a milkshake. Lisa’s midnight snack. Although she was still stuffed she ate it and nearly fell asleep at the kitchen table. Clara had to guide her to her room.

The full effect of Lisa’s slower metabolism was obvious a week after the weigh in. She was tired all the time after eating and did not want to move too much. And it was getting really visible that she was gaining now. Even her face was getting rounder. She looked slightly chubby now.

The days until weigh-in passed in a similar way. Always when Lisa finished food and felt stuffed Clara said she had double of that before her diet. And Lisa ate even more. While Clara went for her workout 3 hours a day Lisa was either sleeping or testing some new recipes with Mari.

Two days before weigh in the girls agreed to go out in the evening. When both girls left the house Lisa was feeling hungry again even though she had 3 plates of spaghetti Bolognese, 8 donuts, 3 shakes, 5 pastries and ham and eggs already. When both girls arrived at the place they had chosen (Burgen Heaven) they were seated and suddenly a girl from the neighboring table said:

“Hey Clara. How are you?”

Clara turned and said: “Hi Sally. Fine. How are you” as she turned she rolled her eyes obvious for Lisa to see that she did not like that girl.

“Fine too. I remember when we had our little eating competition here last time we met. You remember?”

Suddenly Clara had an idea: “Yes I remember. I ate a lot and defeated you and your friends.”

“Yes. I know. You are up for the challenge again? It was quite funny.” Sally asked.

“No. Not today. But I bet my friend Lisa here can beat you easily too.” Clara said pointing at Lisa.

“Hi.” Lisa said blushing.

“No way. She is skinny. Well compared to you. I am sure she cannot eat that much.” Sally said.

“We will see. Ok the loser pays the food, right?”

“Deal” Sally said grinning.

“Deal” Clara said.

“Thanks for asking me if I am interested in this nonsense at all.” Lisa complained. She looked at the other table where 3 girls were sitting.

“Don’t be silly. You will have fun and you will defeat them all” Clara said.

Then the waitress arrived and Sally and Clara ordered the food. Lisa did not really understand everything but they were talking quite long with the waitress. After 15 minutes the food was brought to the tables. It was too much for one waitress and so each table had its own. Lisa’s waitress placed 6 quarter pounders, three big servings of French fries, three chocolate milkshakes and three donuts on her table. The girls at the other table were laughing and started with their food.

“Go silly. Start. Eat as quickly as possible or you will not be able to make it.” Clara encouraged Lisa.

Lisa started. She did not think if she can make it or not. She simply started stuffing the first burger in her mouth. Quickly and after a few bites the first burger was history. The other girls had eaten about half of their first burger. However did not have any doubt of winning.

Clara looked at Lisa and how she shoveled the food into her mouth. This was amazing. Lisa finished with her second burger, the first French fries and one milkshake even before the other girls had finished their first burger. She was not sure if Lisa was chewing at all. It looked like swallowing only. Lisa made short progress of burger number 3, 4 and 5. She had one burger and half a pack of fries and full milkshake left. Not speaking of the donuts. The other girls had slowed down and were fighting with their second burger. They did not laugh anymore. They were seriously frightened now that they could really lose to just one girl. Lisa looked miserable. She was stuffed to the brim. She wanted to quit. She shook her head at Clara who said:
“Come on girl. You can do it. I know. You want to gain. You have to eat to gain weight. So eat it. This is the last burger. I was able to do it”

This last sentence was enough for Lisa to find motivation again. She ate quicker again. Not as quick as from the beginning but much quicker than the other 3 girls. And then it was over. Lisa stuffed the last donut into her mouth. She never felt that bad before. She was afraid to puke.

“Done ladies!” Clara said to the other table.

The girls went pale and turned, looked at the empty table and the very very full Lisa.

Without a word the girls stood up, paid and left. As the waitress cleaned their table she brought 4 remaining donuts to Clara and said the girls left them but paid for them. Clara accepted an put the donuts in front of Lisa.

“Here your bonus” Clara said.

“Crazy?” Lisa replied rubbing her swollen tummy. Everything hurt, even talking.

“I give you 100 EUR with your next payment for every donut you eat.”

“200” Lisa replied.


“Ok but can we go I have to lie down.”

Clara nodded and off they went. At home and before the TV Lisa nibbled on the donuts and was really able to eat all of them. She was half asleep already but kept eating them until everything was gone.

Clara thought: Wow this was really impressive. She is now able to eat as much as I ate before my diet. Crazy little girl. She will get so fat.
At the next weigh-in Clara again stepped on the scale first.

Clara: 240. A loss of 10 pounds.

Lisa was chubby! This was obvious even without the new weight results. Her belly showed even through the t-shirt. She was getting fat. Her arms were thicker. Her thighs too. Her whole body seemed to be covered with a layer of fat. As Lisa moved her belly slightly jiggled.

Lisa: 155 pounds: 15 pounds gain.

“Wow!” Lisa said. “It’s working!”

“Yep. Definitely. 7.500 EUR for you.“ Clara calculated how much Lisa was behind schedule. She lost 40 pounds multiplied by 2 means 80 pounds. Lisa has gained 45 pounds. She was still 35 pounds behind schedule.

“You know that I lost 40 pounds already?” Clara asked.

“Yes and it’s showing.”

“You know that this means you have to gain 80 pounds?” Clara asked.

“Yes and I am trying. But I believe it’s easier for you to lose than to gain for me.”

“Okok. We have some time left.” Clara said. She was surprised that Lisa still had no problem with her gain.

The last week has stretched Lisa’s stomach and she was eating about the same what Clara ate in her best days. Sometimes Clara pushed things a little further and told Lisa that she would eat even more now. Clara liked how Lisa was eating and stuffing herself to her maximum.

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Absolutely wonderful!!!
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Really hoping to see another installment soon!
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Default :-(

please dont tell me the story ends ;-(
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Lisa continued to eat bigger portions and used every opportunity to stuff herself. One day the girls decided to go to an all you can eat buffet. Clara was not hungry at all as she got used to eating less and only healthy stuff. Lisa on the other hand needed her food every 2-3 hours.

“As I am not eating I will bring you the food” Clara said and went to the buffet.

She came back with two plates filled with food. As soon as Lisa finished one plate she went back to the buffet and brought a new one. That way Lisa did not really know how much she was eating. But she tried to eat as quickly as she could. After five plates Lisa wanted to slow down but there was already the sixth plate in front of her.

“Don’t slow down. Speed up. You are about half through.” Clara said and watched in amazement.

Lisa had no time to think she only stuffed the food into her mouth. She ate and ate and ate. After eight plates it was obvious that she was full.

“Come on. Two more. You can do that” Clara tried to encourage her.

And Lisa went on with the next to plates. It was dessert already. About 6 brownies on every plate. The first 6 was the maximum she could handle right now. Clara noticed that and put the remaining 6 into her bag, paid and they left. Lisa was really very very full and barely made it to the car. When they arrived home Lisa plopped herself in front of the TV and Clara put the rest of the brownies in front of her. It was time for Clara’s workout but she thought maybe Lisa would eat them until she returns.

When Clara came back after 3 hours Lisa was sleeping but the brownies had disappeared.

In the evening Lisa had two big steaks, two milkshakes and two large potatoes with butter and sour cream. Clara was amazed that she could eat again. After that she asked Mari for a plate of apple pie which she finished in front of the TV. The pie alone would have been enough to feed her for a whole day a few weeks ago. She really had an appetite now.

The days passed by and soon the next weigh-in was due.

When Lisa stripped down it was obvious that this kind of stuffing caused serious damage to her figure now. Her underwear was minimum one number too small. She had love handles, back fat and was rounder all over. When she moved everything jiggled.

She stepped on the scale and it read: 169 pounds – a gain of 14 pounds in 14 days.

Clara weighed herself: 233 – 7 pounds lost.

This was the first time that Lisa was really able to gain double of what Clara had lost. She was proud and said: “See. I can do it.”

Clara did not say a word but thought to herself: Girl I am not sure if you really know what you are doing to your body. But as long as it is ok for you I will not impede.

The next week Lisa and Clara went to all you can eat buffets every two days. Lisa told Clara that she wanted to have an additional plate with every visit.

“I want to be able to eat 20 plates in one month. I have to train for that.” Lisa said.

Clara nodded and thought about 20 plates of food. This was more she ever was able to eat without a break.

First all-you-can eat day meant 11 plates. Lisa struggled but finished. Two days later she finished 12 plates and another two days later 13 plates. When she arrived at 15 plates it took about 3 hours for her to finish them and she only had a small cake that evening. She decided to stay at 15 plates for a few days until she got used to it. Clara always brought her larger portions and more food. Therefore the amounts of food Lisa consumed was more than 15 plates already. The regular stuffing further increased her capacity and she was eating bigger breakfasts and lunch too.

One evening Mr. Baker was scheduled for dinner. Mari was told by Clara to prepare a feast for 6 people consisting of starter, soup, two main dishes, desert and ice cream even though she knew that only 3 persons would be having dinner. To drink Mr. Baker wanted to have champagne, wine and brandy.

Mr. Baker was already sitting at the table when Lisa and Clara arrived. He liked that Clara looked much slimmer and it was visible she lost a lot of weight already. He also noticed that Lisa had gained quite a big amount of weight and was really chubby. Her tight clothes further enhanced her chubby appearance.

Although Lisa had a 5 eggs with bacon, 8 pancakes, 2 milkshakes for breakfast, 3 helpings of spaghetti Bolognese for lunch and half a chocolate cake as a snack she felt hungry.

Mr. Baker offered champagne to Lisa who accepted. Clara was too young to drink alcohol and so Mr. Baker and Lisa shared a bottle of champagne. Mr. Baker drank it much slower and Lisa had already had two glasses before the first food arrived. A plate of garlic bread (2 French baguettes) and a huge bowl of creamy ceasar salad were served. Lisa ate 3 huge plates, Clara one and Mr. Baker one. Lisa had 3 glasses of champagne as Mari poured her some white wine in a second glass which was opened for Mr. Baker. Then the soup was served: a huge bowl of creamy mushroom soup. Clara only had a little bit Mr. Baker one portion and Lisa nearly one liter of the creamy liquid. She liked it and at the remaining baguette with the soup and had the rest of her champagne and a glass of white wine. Mr. Baker noticed how much she was eating but did not comment on it.

“Well that explains her huge weight gain.” He thought.

Lisa had finished the champagne and sipped her wine. She started to feel a little dizzy as the next course arrived: fish with rice and vegetables. Again Lisa had about 4 portions and the others had one each. Lisa did not talk much as she had something in her mouth constantly. Mr. Baker and Clara talked most of the time and supported Lisa in getting more food. Lisa consumed 3 more glasses of the delicious white wine. All the food kept her away from getting completely drunk but she felt the alcohol now.

Next course was steak with potatoes and salad. There were 6 big steaks in total. Mr. Baker had one and Clara also wanted one for herself as Lisa said:
“I think you should only eat half of it if any at all”

Clara hesitated but nodded, cut half of the steak and put it on Lisa’s plate. Lisa now had 4 and a half big steaks in front of her with four baked potatoes and a bowl of salad. Mr. Baker had a bottle of red wine opened for the steak and Lisa got a glass for it too. Lisa started with gusto and went through the first two steaks and potatoes quickly. 2 glasses of red wine helped in doing so. After another 30 minutes all the steaks, potatoes, salad and 3 more glasses of red wine were gone. Lisa was stuffed and her belly looked huge.

She felt drunk and said: “Wow sat was goodsh.”

Lisa rubbed her belly and opened her skirt. Her belly immediately pressed its way out of her skirt and rested on her lap. Her top seemed very stressed and Clara was afraid that her buttons my pop open and Lisa would sit there with her too small bra. Clara was not sure if Mr. Baker would like that kind of sight or if he would simply be shocked.

Then a huge chocolate cake was served. Clara did not have a piece and Mr. Baker only a small one leaving about 90% of the cake for Lisa. Even not stuffed by all the food she had already this big cake would have been a challenge for Lisa.

“I don shink I can do it” Lisa said.

“Hey give it a try and think more positive. I know you can do it” Clara replied.
“Maybe this helps you.” Mr. Baker said and poured her a large glass of brandy.

Lisa who never had brandy before drank it quickly and liked the taste of it. She asked for another one and Mr. Baker refilled her glass. In the meantime Lisa had started with her first piece of cake. She had a glass of brandy after every piece of cake. Lisa did was not used to the strong liquor and the effects of the alcohol eased her belly pain. So she simply continued eating until about three quarters of the cake were gone. Lisa was drunk now and stuffed to her maximum.

Because of Lisa’s stuffing the dinner took too long for Mr. Baker already and he told the girls:

“Ladies please excuse myself but I am an older man and I have to go to bed now.”

They said goodbye and Lisa and Clara sat down again.

“Shats it. I am full!” Lisa said. Clara did not wait for long and refilled her glass with brandy and started feeding her the remaining cake. At first Lisa was not willing to eat more but after a little brandy and a short belly massage she opened her mouth again. Clara always shoved big pieces of cake into it and soon the cake was gone. Lisa looked messy having chocolate around her mouth.

“Uffsh. I don feelsh good.” Lisa said.

“Drink that.” Clara gave her more brandy. She knew that there was ice cream coming and she wanted to stuff Lisa completely now. Lisa drank the brandy without complaining as it really had a relaxing effect on her.

A few minutes later Mari brought the ice cream: a huge bowl with about 15 balls. Clara started to feed Lisa immediately. Lisa was too weak to fight back and so Clara stuffed more and more ice cream into Lisa. It took about one hour to stuff everything into Lisa and needed two more glasses of brandy.

Immediately after that Lisa fell asleep still sitting at the table. Clara had seen her eating a lot several times but this was incredible. She tried to calculate the amount of calories she had consumed and came to about 13.000 calories just for dinner.

“Wow. A new weight gain record is coming.”

After that evening 15 plates were easy for Lisa at her all-you-can-eat buffet tours. And she started to increase the amount of plates again.

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please tell me this story hasnt died
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Lisa continued with the all-you-can-eat buffet tours and always finished between 17 and 18 plates. Clara was always with her and did her best to encourage Lisa to eat even more. Two days before the next weigh-in Lisa told Clara what she would eat tomorrow and where she wanted to go. She wanted to spend the whole day eating.

The day before the weigh-in started at a coffee shop. Lisa had 3 donuts, 2 muffins and 3 large chocolate milkshakes. After that they went to McDonalds where she had a small snack before lunchtime consisting of two super-sized Big Mac menus. Two hours later they went to an all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant. Lisa sat down and Clara brought the food. She always brought two plates and as soon as the first one was empty she brought another one.

She made sure Lisa only had the fattest and a lot of breaded stuff. Lisa also had about a bowl of rice as a side dish. After 10 plates Lisa slowed down and Clara said:

“I’ll give you 100 EUR extra for every further plate you eat”

“Deal!” Lisa said and Clara went for more food. She now put as much food on the plate as possible which resulted in huge servings for Lisa. One of these plates would minimum be two plates for a normal person but Lisa did not think of it and ate and ate. After 4 more plates she was full but Clara already brought two more plates. One had half of a chocolate cake on it and the other one was a combination of cherry and apple pies. About 7 pieces each.

Half an hour later Lisa finished everything. She was clearly stuffed. Her white shirt was stretched to its maximum. Her belly rested on her legs and was breathing heavily. Lisa just earned a few extra Euros.

Before they left Lisa went to the toilet. Clara had a closer look on her behind and estimated that she might have gained 15 pounds already since last weigh-in and the day was not over yet. She was now really chubby. And her tight clothes underlined that even more. She had love handles and her butt jiggled slightly. Every gained gram of fat was visible on her.

She is getting so fat so quickly. I feel guilty somehow. But she does not complain and therefore I don’t stop. I think she would have trouble to stop now anyway. Clara thought

As Lisa came back from the toilet Clara saw that her butt was sticking out in front of her and her massive tits jiggled with each step.

“Let’s go home. Need some sleep,” Lisa said and the girls left.

After 3 hours of sleep Lisa was woken up by Mari who placed two milk shakes and a plate of muffins in front of her. Even though Lisa was not hungry she started to eat again as she had to wait for Clara who was working out anyway. Mindlessly she watched TV and ate and drank everything. She even asked Mari for a third shake to wash down her 10th muffin. As she finished her last and 12th muffin Clara arrived and saw the empty plate and how swollen Lisa looked.

“You had a small snack again?” she asked.

“Yep. Just a few shakes and muffins,” Lisa replied.

“Wow. I thought you would only eat pizza for dinner but nothing else,” Clara said.

Lisa just grinned and said nothing. The girls watched TV and Lisa fell asleep again.

After two hours Clara ordered pizza. The day before Lisa said she wanted 3 pizzas in the evening but Clara ordered 5 with extra cheese. Soon they were delivered. She did not want to put Lisa in front of 5 pizzas so she cut them into 6 pieces each totaling in 30 pieces of pizza. As she put the first two pieces on the table Lisa arrived and said, “Ah very good. Pizza is here already. I feel kind of hungry again.”

She sat down and started eating. Clara talked to her and told her a few jokes and stories. Lisa did not count how many pieces she had already and after 18 pieces she felt full.

“Puh. Three pizzas are a lot today. How much more is left?” Lisa asked.

“Just a few pieces. Take your time – you will manage.” Clara replied not telling her that she had consumed three pizzas already and now had two more in front of her.

Again she talked to her and Lisa did a good job eating the next six slices. After that she wanted to quit.

“Come on. There are just a few left.” Clara encouraged her.

“Don’t know. Today I ate too much already. Cannot,” Lisa said slowly.

Lisa was able to eat two more slices herself and then Clara sat down next to her and helped her with the last 4 pieces. Lisa did not want to open her mouth anymore but Clara always succeeded in shoveling more pizza into Lisa. The last two slices took 10 minutes each but finally Lisa finished five pizzas all herself. She looked miserable and somehow pregnant. She did not want to move and simply sat there.

“I am really proud. Let me tell you that you just ate 5 pizzas and not only 3!” Clara said.

“You mean fat girl!” Lisa said but started smiling.

“I am not the only fat one anymore.” Clara started rubbing Lisa’s belly.

“No wonder I am getting fat. Just think of what I had today. I feel like I can watch my body expanding literally,” Lisa answered.

The girls sat there and talked for two more hours. Shortly before bedtime Mari brought a shake and half a gallon ice cream to Lisa.

Lisa was not feeling hungry at all but thought to herself: like it matters today. She ate everything and went to bed stuffed.

Next day was weigh-in. Lisa who had no clothes which fit anymore appeared in her underwear. And even her underwear was minimum one size too small. Everything jiggled and wobbled. Her belly still stuck out and she was really chubby. Clara could not believe her eyes. Lisa’s bra and panties cut deep into her new fat as she stepped on the scale.

“187 pounds,” Clara announced. “A gain of 18 pounds!”

“Wow. Beat that!” Lisa said!

Clara stepped on the scale and it read 225. A loss of 8 pounds.

Lisa gained more than double what Clara lost and was proud.

“You really deserve it this time. I have never seen anyone eat so much as you did in the last days,” Clara said and wrote the check which just needed to be signed by Mr. Baker.

“Thank you. I plan to continue like that for the next weeks minimum.” Lisa replied.

Poor girl. You will get so fat and you will never be able to lose it again. Clara thought.

(Continued in post 40 on page two of this thread)

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