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Default Amber 4.5 Alternate Path - by Mollycoddles (~BBW, Eating, Lesbianism, ~MWG )

~BBW, Eating, Lesbianism, ~MWG - Sally and Amber prepare to accept an invitation

Amber 4.5 Alternate Path
by Mollycoddles and Dwavenhobble

(For previous chapter click here)

As I awoke that morning I remembered the previous night’s fun. I turned, seeing the huge outline of Amber, lying completely naked there on my bed in the semi gloom that filled the room.

“450 lbs!” I thought, “450 – she’s growing faster than I ever thought possible!”

There was one thing plaguing my mind though.

“Have I gained as well?” I thought, but I put this thought out of my mind for the time being.

Walking over to the drawn curtains of my room, I pulled them back. Instead of being met by the normal brilliant glow, I was met with a blood red sky with large black clouds looming on the horizon.

“Red Sky in the morning, sailor’s warning,” I thought to myself, “Maybe it’s a omen of something. No, that’s just silly. Omens aren’t real, its just superstition.”

I got dressed quietly, with my bra being slightly more difficult than I remembered, then the pants digging in a bit, I realized I had, small but still visible love handles forming over my pants. I walked off into the kitchen to begin cooking Amber’s and my breakfast.

Now a few of you hearing this story will already be wondering how did I manage to keep Amber in a supply of food. Even by combining both our available funds it must seem still a far fetched thing. Well here’s the explanation: Just before meeting Amber I wasn’t near well off enough to be able to achieve my dream of having a super-fat girlfriend, but I always hoped someday I would be.

It all started a few months before I went to college. A few months before going my Mother received a letter saying that her Uncle had died and had been buried according to his last request. But as he had no other living relatives that he knew of, he had left all his money to my family. It wasn’t a lot, or so we thought as from what I remembered he had no fixed job. He just repaired and did up old cars, not much of a gold mine but it kept him going.
Upon reaching the solicitor’s office however, we found that old Uncle Fred had been scrimping and saving to live out his real dream, owning a small farm.

He had never managed it, his life’s ambition. Here is the strange part, though. When his estate was investigated after his death the police found in the garage a car. It was not just any car but an antique one which was worth a fair amount to say the least. This had been sold according to his request to add to the money. It worked out me, my father and my mother each got $850,000, but there was one condition to this: we were to use at least a part of the money to fund our dreams whilst we had chance to enjoy them and not save for them our whole lives.

So that’s what I’ve been doing, living my dream.

After cooking the unusual large breakfast of three stacks of 12 pancakes all dripping with syrup and one stack of 4 for myself, I walked back into my bedroom to see if my gaining girlfriend Amber had finally woken up. She hadn’t..

“Wake up, sleepy head,” I said in a slight teasing tone. No response/ “Come on, time to rise and shine.” Still no response.
“I’m naked and horny.” There was a slight movement but not so much as to say she was awake.

“Breakfast !” I yelled and to that Amber’s nose began to twitch, smelling the air; then she was still again. It looked like it was time for another approach.

“I’m naked, horny and wearing breakfast !” I yelled. Amber shot upright like a rocket.

”Aww, I thought you really were,” mumbled Amber

“Come on, I’ve made your favorite.”

“Ok, but help me up and help me find some clothes,” said Amber

With some effort and a lot of rolls jiggling, Amber was up with the little help I could be.

“Was I dreaming or did you say I was 450 pounds last night?”

“Yes, Amber, you’re becoming a really fat little piggy.”

“Yes, I am, Sally - and you know you love it” grinned Amber, holding up her large fat exposed breasts and bouncing them slightly. I felt a slight moistness, but I knew I needed to take Amber clothes shopping to finish the job we started the other day.

“She’s soo intense, so focused, so determined to be huge – its what I cherish about her,” I chortled.

After rummaging around Amber’s pants were found and after some effort I managed to get them on over her ballooning, cellulite-covered thighs. They seemed rather snug but they held, leaving a large roll of fat hanging down over the front obscuring her crotch.

“Can’t I have breakfast like this, Sally?” whimpered Amber. The one-time head cheerleader now willingly played submissive to my dominatrix.

“Ok, as the R.A. is out for the day,” I replied

Slowly, Amber waddled off into the shower, waddling back again a few minutes later.

“Let’s start,” I said, leading Amber out into the main room where the stacks of pancakes dripping in syrup sat.

Amber started immediately devouring the stacks. For her eating wasn’t especially a pleasure – it had become a process to an end: getting ever fatter as rapidly as possible. I had to admire her dedication..

It was part way through the second stack that Amber stopped.

“What’s the matter, Amber?” I asked

“It’s these panties; they feel so tight!”

I looked and could see what Amber meant. The fabric was stretched taught across her fat thigh.

“Well, they are holding,” I said

“Yeah, but they are a bit tight.”

"Well, we are going shopping again today, Amber. We’ll get you some more.”


Amber carried on eating through the stacks like a wild animal then on the third stack there was a strange whining noise.

“Amber, are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“So what was the noise?”

“I don’t know,” said Amber curiously, “but I feel much better now.”

I looked and my fear was confirmed Amber had burst the pants clean open at the side, her fat love handles spilling down and her stomach hanging down at the front obscuring the evidence.

“Oh, dear,” I exclaimed.

“You mean?”

“Yes, Amber, the pants are history.”

“Ooh, I am really getting to be a little fat pig,” she said excitedly, “Ooh, I’m becoming really obese and I love it. Could you remove them for me, Sally?”

“Ok, Amber,” I said, walking over and reaching down under her overhanging belly. I grabbed the remains of the pants and could feel how moist and warm Amber was becoming and this coupled with the sight of my fat Amber completely naked started to make me feel very wet indeed. Amber continued to stuff.

Amber finally finished all her stacks of pancakes after over 90 minutes, leaning back revealing a small amount of her vag under her belly the flaming red hairs stuck out amongst the rolls of white flesh.

“Come on, Amber, We’d better find you some pants that fit ,..” I was cut short as the phone rang.

“Hello,” I said, answering it.

“Yes. Hello. Is Amber there?” said a female voice.

“Yes, hold on,” I passed the phone across to Amber.



"Why me?"

"I see."

"I'll be there," said Amber.

"Be there?" I asked tentatively.

"Oh, it's my old high school, they want me to give a motivational speech to the cheerleaders. That was their new captain- Laurie or something, actually I think I rember her. Not fondly,. though. I think she wants me to chew them out and prove her right. We'll see about that." said Amber excitedly.


“Today,” replied Amber

“Well, we’d better get you ready.”

I went off towards the closet in my room, searching through I finally found what I was after.

“Got it,” I said triumphantly.

“Got what ?”

“Your uniform, of course,” I said,” but I think we might have to adjust it a bit. You have grown a bit.”

“A bit? I’ve become a whale since then,” cried Amber, lifting her rolls of fat to emphasize her giant belly. “My nickname by rights should be Beluga by now.

No student on campus is fatter than me.”

“She is really competitive, I must admit.” I thought.

“Well, I’m guessing they want you to be in uniform, Amber.”

“True and imagine how I’ll look with it on. That snot Laurie I remember – is she going to be in for a surprise!””

I did think abiout how she would look. I remembered how tight it had been when Amber reached 230 pounds. Her fat poured out of it then now at 450 pounds I could see it appearing like rags covering her massive quivering body. Her stomach hanging down, showing all her stretch marks from overeating, the fabric stretched see through. The thought of this again made me feel moist but I had to focus on getting Amber there in the uniform.

But I heard also her tone – she was supposed to be going there to give them a pep talk, get Laurie’s teammates to be like her.. It seemed to me she might have something else in mind to say. Like probably she wasn’t really who everyone had assumed she was back then. She was really Lady Beluga now, and reveled in it rather than their airhead existence of watercress and pettiness. I had liberated her – but would she tell them that?

I got Amber to stand up and firstly tried the shirt, it went on but it only managed to cover most of her breasts, leaving her under boob free, but this was ok, maybe it was a little on the tight side but it fitted just. Next was the skirt and as I guessed it didn’t make it half way round Amber’s thick corpulent waist.



“Yes, Amber, - ahh. As in, the skirt doesn’t fit.

“Well, there’s no surprise is there? I’m a growing little piggy! That skirt was 300 pounds ago.”

“Ummm, maybe she does have some understanding of how big she’s become,” I thought.

“Ok, let’s find you some pants. First, cover up your crotch.

“Aww, can’t I just let my belly hang down over it?”

At this the warmth and wetness in my crotch increased again but I thought better of it.

“Amber, you know I wouldn’t be able to resist you if you did that?”


So I found out a stretchy looking pair and helped Amber pull them up, now there was just the matter of the skirt, then I remembered I had a small darning set that I’d never used before. Rushing off to get this, then back equally quick, I grabbed any remains of clothes Amber had fattened out of, and taking these pieces began to sew on extra sections of fabric.

“Done!” I said triumphantly after an hour, holding up the skirt with the new pieces sewn on. I tried to get it to fit round Amber’s enormously fat belly but to no avail. Still, it reached about three quarters of the way round but it didn’t look like it could ever fit all the way. I thought and I lifted up Amber’s large overhanging belly then tried to fit the skirt under it.

“Nope, too short”

“Looks like I am getting really fat,” Amber tittered happily.

“She really has no conscious idea – I have to remember that. To her it’s just a concept, even though she’s living it.” I reminded myself.

“Amber, I think we may need to measure you to see just how big you really are.”

Amber let out a cheer.

“I know! Safety pins,” I said


“Safety pins. I’ll make up the gap using linked safety pins to hold it together.”
So I did, two boxes of them, and it just held; as long as Amber didn’t jiggle too much it should do.

“You know, Amber, you look like a little red haired 500 pound Sailor Moon.”

“I do?”

“Yes, I think it’s the skirt,” I said, “Anyway, we’d better get a taxi or we’ll be late to this thing. “

The taxi arrived, taking me and the still semi-stuffed Amber towards her old school.

Little did we know what would happen.

(To find out what happened go to Alice 12, found here)

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Dwavenhobble has said some nice things

Um I wrote that as a sort of joint piece with MC so do I get credit for writting part of it ?

(That is known to be true and accordingly has been duly done - ed)

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