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Default Home Sweet Beth, Part 1 - by NYSquashee (SSBBW, Squashing)

SSBBW, Squashing - Beth finds a new squashee.

Home Sweet Beth

Part 1

by NYSquashee

Part 1

Two weeks after returning from her vacation in California, Beth was happier, more relaxed, and just a bit wider. It took a few days getting settled back into work and the day to day of her life, but soon she was running (or waddling, that is) at full steam.

Beth was sitting at home engulfing her couch and the shrinking amount of space left on it, when she got the first deal lined phone call. She answered in her usual cheery voice and heard nothing but slight breathing on the other end. She hung up, figuring it for nothing but some dumb teenager with a phone book and nothing to do. Five calls later, she was very annoyed.

Ring. Ring.

"Listen, why don't you just get some guts and speak up and tell me who you are?!" Beth yelled into the phone. Soon she heard the click on the other line, the prank caller hanging up. This went on for a few days, till finally the annoying stalker spoke up.

"It's me, Jenna. The cashier from down the block. I'm sooo sorry but...please can I see you?"

Beth smiled wide, having her suspicions answered. The little Asian girl who Beth should have finished off after their last encounter was jonesin' for more punishment from Beth's massive weight. "This little twig is really something," Beth thought to herself.

"Are you at work?" Beth asked the soon-to-be flattened girl.

"Yyes. Can...can I see you tonight?" Jenna answered meekly.

"Come over after you finish with the store. And bring me something to snack on while I crush the life out of you." Beth hung up the phone after finishing her sentence, knowing that a few blocks away a very tiny girl was shaking with fear and excitement. Beth then busied herself with preparing for the night's events.

An hour and twenty minutes later Beth's doorbell rang. She noted the time; it seemed the little soon to be crushed toy closed the store early. Beth had a feeling she would. Beth rang the buzzer and opened her front door for the girl, then walked to the living room.

Jenna walked into the huge woman's apartment very slowly. She was holding a large brown paper bag filled with assorted cookies, Twinkies, and any other sweet cake the little cashier could grab before running out to Beth's house. There was very little light emitting from the apartment, except from that of one lamp in the living room. Jenna dropped the bag she was holding as soon as she saw what was waiting for her in the room.

Beth was standing there in nothing but a pair of boy shorts and black bra which her folds of fat were overflowing like waves on a glorious beach. Her left leg was up and on the seat of one of her kitchen chairs, one that had been modified since last Jenna saw it. Beth had removed the back of it, creating a high stool. Beth glared at the petite girl, and pointed to the stool with her hand.

"Get over here and put your head down on this NOW!" Beth demanded.

Jenna almost tripped over herself while hurrying to fulfill this mountainous woman's demand. Jenna dropped to her knees and was now eye to eye with Beth's thick foot which was still on the stool's cushion. She looked up, past the great expanse of Beth's fat belly and large breasts with a questioning face. How could she place her head down with it taking up so much room on the surface of the stool. Beth grinned at the girl, then sliding her tongue out between her lips, she made a full rotation around her sensuous lips.

Jenna got the picture. She leaned forward and began licking the toes of the Nubian Goddess. Beth quivered with delight, wrapping her arms around her belly and breasts. Loved how her fingers sank into her own fat rolls. Beth made the little woman continue licking her feet, loving the sight of the Asian's slight tongue trying to slide between her dark toes. Then, with incredible swiftness, she pulled her foot away and off the stool, then grabbed the tiny girl's hair and shoved her head down onto the stool. Then letting go, she spun on her heel and dropped the full force of her close to 500 pounds onto her victim's head. Jenna made a weak grunt, the sound mixing with the impact of Beth's wide ass slapping against the sides of the stool and skull of Jenna. Beth began to bounce on the tiny girl's head, enjoying each whimper that escaped from Jenna's lips with each bounce.

If anyone was to look in on the two of them, the crusher and crushed, they would see an incredibly fat woman sitting on a stool, her body jiggling with each of her bounces, and the headless torso of a very thin girl sticking out from under her powerful ass. Jenna was totally crushed, not even able to fully comprehend the pain she was in at the hands of Beth's ass. Her legs were kicking, and her hands were trying to grab onto the fat thighs of Beth to move her, her weak arms doing nothing against Beth's weight. Beth just ground in the girl's head, and listened to the sweet sound of her moans.

Beth soon grew bored of simply bouncing on the poor girl's head. Minutes ago, Jenna stopped making any moans or whimpers at all. She was fading quickly into black, the immense pressure of Beth's squashing driving her into darkness. Beth stood up, the almost lifeless girl who was under her not even moving from the stool. Her head continued to lay there for a bit, as Beth watched, till Jenna finally found it in her to move. Jenna's face was totally red, and there were some lines in her skin where the seams of the bench had pressed in. Beth reached down and took the girl's small chin in her hand.

"Awww...poor thang. Your head actually looks a bit thinner now," Beth giggled. "So think you've had enough yet?"

Jenna shook her her head "No" in response. Beth continued to look at the girl's defiant yet fearful eyes, and found herself loving the challenge this little skinny girl provided. By far the smallest victim Beth had ever had under her awesome ass, yet one of the strongest. Beth helped Jenna off her knees to her feet, then took the girl's hand, leading her to the bedroom. Jenna said not a word as she followed and watched the fantastically large body of Beth move. In her skimpy outfit, every fold of fat and curve was totally visible, each inch moving with power and finesse. Once they entered the bedroom, Beth pushed Jenna up against the wall, using nothing but her belly to overpower and ram the much smaller girl's body into the hard surface. After a few breathtaking and rib-bursting rams delivered from Beth's impossibly large and heavy belly, Beth just laid into the girl, slowly steamrolling her against the wall. Jenna, being so much shorter, found her face was buried deep into Beth's cleavage. Beth began talking to all that was visible from under her flesh: Jenna's forehead.

"You just love this, don't you? Calling me up at all hours and hanging up on me, stalking me around, begging to be flattened. Well I promise you, tonight you'll get just what you wanted, and then some. Let's see just how much that pathetic body of your's can handle once I really start crushing you with each of my 450 pounds."

Beth backed away, leaving Jenna gasping and sinking to her knees against the floor.

"Get up, skinny girl. And strip to your panties. I want to see that tiny ribcage of yours." Beth commanded.

Jenna did as she was told, using the wall behind her for balance as she stood up on her shaky legs. She lifted her t-shirt up over her head, wearing what you'd have to be generous to call an A-cup bra underneath. Then, watching as the huge woman stared down at her, she unbuttoned and dropped her jeans, carefully stepping out one leg at a time. Thus Jenna was standing there in nothing but her bra and tiny underwear, face to face with Beth, a woman close to five times bigger then her. Beth's eyes were aglow, as she reached out and ran her thick dark fingers over Jenna's midsection. Being so skinny, you were able to see each of Jenna's ribs sticking out from under her skin. The girl looked small, pathetic, as Beth said before. Beth played with the girl's ribs, her fingers running over each in a slow motion while Jenna simply stood and stared at Beth's huge hanging belly, lost in her own trance.

"How many of these tiny ribs of yours," Beth began saying while still gliding her hand across Jenna's midsection, "do you think you'll still have in the morning?"

Jenna snapped out of her trance and looked up at the face of this mountain of female flesh. She finally understood that Beth was not a woman she ever should have toyed with. As much as Jenna loved the sensation of being squashed under incredible weight, Beth overshadowed Jenna with her own lust for crushing and destroying smaller victims with her body and weight. Jenna had overplayed her hand, and now she was at the total mercy of Beth.

Beth turned and walked away, towards her bed, which had been taken off its frame and laid on the floor.

"Come here," Beth said.

Jenna, as usual, obeyed. When she got close enough, Beth wrapped her thick arms around Jenna's body, over her shoulders so Jenna's arms were pinned to her sides, and lifted the little girl up in a crushing bear-hug. Beth began to crack up with laughter as Jenna groaned in pain, her tongue rolling out of her mouth as Beth used the power of her arms and titanic belly and breasts to compact her body. Just as soon as it started though, it ended, as Beth swung around with the tiny Asian cashier in her arms, and leaped onto her bed.

Jenna was pinned against Beth's obese body as it came crashing down on top of her in a full weight splash. Had it been on it's frame, Beth was certain the legs would have shot out from underneath the bed like rockets. As it was, the boxspring made an audible crack, and Jenna absorbed most of the crushing weight of the splash along with the mattress. She was totally buried under hundreds of pounds of fat, which was now rolling side to side over her as Beth swayed her massive body on the petite girl. Jenna was in agony, knowing full well, as Beth did, at least one of her ribs had cracked along with the boxspring.

"One rib feels a little loose under there," Beth remarked. "One rib...nothing like a good start to the night."

Beth soon rolled off the crushed girl, off the mattress. She stood over the mattress looking down at the unmoving Jenna, whose eyes were open wide and watching with fascination at what Beth would do next. At the same time, she felt a surge of relief when Beth got up; she still felt the after effects of Beth's huge splash. Her relief didn't last long. Beth grabbed Jenna by the wrists and pulled her off the bed onto the floor of the bedroom.

Beth stepped to the side of Jenna, turning so that all Jenna had hanging over her was Beth's huge shelf butt. Jenna laid her arms at her sides, knowing that if she put them up to block what was coming, they would have snapped like twigs under Beth's weight. Beth didn't hesitate, throwing out her mighty legs and coming crashing down onto the chest and flat stomach of Jenna, the room filling with the thunderous sound of the two women's bodies meeting. Jenna was coughing like crazy, the air being forced out of her body; Beth just planted herself dead center on the poor girl, the left side of her ass covering Jenna's chin, the right covering her all the way to Jenna's knees.

Beth, as always, was in amazement at how her awesome size overtook the little girl. She began to grind her weight and ass into the close to flat body under her, taking in each sound of desperation that escaped Jenna's lips. Then she did something particularly cruel, rolling on her hip to the left, so that all of her 450 pounds of fat were now crushing Jenna's small face into the floor. Completely the roll, Beth was now on all fours, looking at the damage done. Jenna was crying and holding her face; some blood was leaking from her nose and Beth realized that she had broken the girl's nose.

Making her way back to her feet, she grabbed the girl's hair and pulled her to her knees, then Beth grabbed ahold of Jenna's head. Holding her small yet strong head with each hand, she said, "Don't worry about it, little girl. That's not the last thing that I'm going to break on you tonight. So let's see, what's next on the road of squashing you to paste?"

Beth was standing full weight on Jenna's much crushed flat chest, when she began to feel the first hunger pains. Those were very rare for Beth, as she normally ate so often she didn't give herself the chance to get hungry. Looking at the clock, she was shocked to see that she had been crushing Jenna for five hours.

Looking down at her victim Beth said, "Time for a snack break." Stepping off Jenna, leaving the girl gasping behind, she walked to the living room to the bag of goodies Jenna dropped hours ago. Beth was picking through the bag, when Jenna came crawling into the room.

"You did good, skinny. Got all of my favorites. Most of this is very fattening though, you wouldn't be wanting me to gain any weight now would you?" Beth said with a laugh as she patted her large belly.

"Why don't you crawl your little ass onto the couch so I can enjoy some of these treats." Jenna did as she was told, finding it hard to pull her crushed body up and onto the couch. All of her strength had been drained from the hours upon hours of squashing that she had endured. Beth watched with amusement as Jenna placed herself on the couch, getting ready for more crushing. Then holding the bag of snack food close, she waddled over to where Jenna was laid out and then turned around getting ready to lower her gigantic ass onto Jenna once again.

Then she had a new idea and spun around so that she was facing the now dumbfounded girl. Instead of the flattening she thought she was going to receive from Beth's ass, Beth surprised her by climbing onto the couch knees first. Jenna's bones and body gave way and sunk in as Beth's wide knees found their way onto her. Soon Beth was positioned so that each of her knees and weight were digging directly into Jenna's very crushed chest. Jenna could actually feel her heart struggling to continue beating as Beth squashed her. Beth, on the other hand, was in total delight, opening the first of what would be many snacks, slowly stuffing the full Twinkie into her mouth. Jenna watched in pain as Beth's body jiggled while she ate, staring up from under the curve of Beth's belly, which covered Jenna's mouth, leaving only the smallest bit of space for her to breathe out of her nose. Beth just rocked and ate, stuffing her face with Twinkie after Twinkie, cookie after cookie, as Jenna's body fought to survive from under all of her weight.

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nice one ... looking 4 part 2
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While I love your stories, I don't like the idea of you killing your victims. It turns me off to the whole squashing thing.
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