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Robbie G.
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Default Becoming a Big Girl - by Robbie G. (SSBBW, Stuffing, ~XWG)

SSBBW, Sutffing, ~XWG - All it took was meeting the right guy to become a really big girl.

Becoming a Big Girl

by Robbie G.

It all started about seven years ago. In my bedroom at my folks house. I'm lying on my bed watching TV. I'd just finished off four chocolate bars, Reeses peanut butter cups, and was halfway through a bag of chips, with dip of course, when my dad walks in.

"What's all this, stuffing your face again I see."

I was too scared to move or speak.

"You just don't get it do you? You're fat enough as it is. Look at you. You gotta stop eating like this. If you don't, you'll be so fat nobody'll want ya."

He turned and walked out, obviously disgusted with me. I really didn't care about what he had said. I'd just got on the scale twenty minutes ago, depressed I was up to 280 pounds, the heaviest I'd ever been.

Four months ago I weighed about 250 pounds. I knew I was getting too fat then, but to be completely honest it didn't bother me that much. I had to squeeze into my size 18 jeans, which wasn't easy, but I thought I looked pretty good with them on. I'd had a few comments about my butt, so I knew I was still shapely. Gaining weight was the last thing on my mind.

How I managed to put on 30 pounds in four months wasn't a mystery. I love food and I love to eat. Besides being a pig and eating way too much of every goody I got my hands on, I'm probably one of the laziest people alive. I'm so lazy it's not funny. It's just the way I am.

Anyhow, a friend calls me up the next day and says she's got a guy she wants me to meet. Great, I say to myself. Another blind date with some guy who I know the second he sees me will be thinking, "I'm not going out with that cow." It's happened before, and now that I'm up to 280 pounds I expect to be dumped after the first date so I'm hesitant to accept her offer.

"Don't worry," she tells me, "he likes big girls."

Yeah right. This I gotta see and it's set up for Saturday night.

Somehow, someway I get into my size 18 jeans. I remember hoping they wouldn't rip wide open during our date. Thank goodness they didn't. As usual I ate before we went out. That way I wouldn't eat so much later. It didn't work. It didn't matter. When we met at the eatery it was love at first sight. We hit it off instantly. The food was great and there was lots of it. We talked endlessly during the meal and before I realized it, I'd eaten far too much again. I was cleaning my plate for the second time while the other couple and my charming date were still on their first. I stopped eating immediately and, noticing my changed composure, he asked me if I'd like to go for a cruise in his car. I accepted gratefully.

Barely on the road for five minutes, I was totally disgusted with myself eating like a pig in front of this guy on our first date, when he asks me if I'd like to stop for an ice cream. Ice cream? I'm thinking no way, you can't. After all I just ate, my pants as tight as a second skin from overindulging and remembering the cheese burger and fries I ate before going out, I said okay, sounds great. I couldn't help myself.

Here was this guy watching me pig out big time and not saying a word about it. Offering ice cream; I couldn't say no. I polished off the huge sundae he gave me. Thanking him, telling him he shouldn't be so generous. He replied that the pleasure was all his.

We agreed to go out again the coming Friday night. Nothing said about how fat I was and another dinner date next week. I liked this guy. Without even considering the consequences, I ate practically nonstop all week. A day before our next date, Thursday night, I ate an entire Sara Lee cake before going to bed. I was so full it hurt. But it felt good too. On Friday night I weighed myself and learned I'd put on 6 pounds in one week. I was turning into such a pig. My pants were so tight I couldn't get them on. With no time to buy something that fit, I had to settle for a pair of stretch pants that fit a little too snug and showed off a little too much.

When he picked me up, I saw him, felt him, look me up and down. I waited for him to say I looked fat. Instead he said I looked great. The Italian buffet was fantastic. There was so much food that smelled so good, fettucini, lasagna, cannelloni, chicken and more. In a gluttonous display of overeating, I somehow managed to eat four platefuls of food, stretching my stomach to a new limit. I was so full, looking and feeling like a pig yet again.
When he asked me if I'd like dessert, before I had a chance to say no, he'd gotten up and went to retrieve me something sweet. I couldn't possibly eat any more, but when he returned with a plateful of Italian pastries and ice cream, I saw a look on his face that made me melt and gave me a second wind. I finished off the eight pastries and ice cream which left me too full to move.

He took me back to his place. I felt like a beached whale as I laid hopelessly overfull on his bed. He rubbed my belly, soothing its fullness, then made passionate, gentle love to me. This was something out of a dream. A girl could get used to this pampering and I did. Week after week we saw each other. I stayed at his place from Friday to Sunday where he spoiled me endlessly-feeding me, loving me.

Never once did he comment on how much I'd eaten or how fat I was. What I saw in his eyes and the way he'd smile at me was something I'd never known before. He liked me, the way I ate, all my fat, everything about me. Gone were the guilty feelings of eating before a meal, hiding the snacks no one saw me eating. I gave up worrying I was getting fatter. I couldn't believe it, what I'd been hiding for years, he seemed to appreciate. I started saying yes instead of no when it came to his offerings. That alone made both of us happier.

For as long as I could remember I'd always sought after more to eat to feel full and satisfied. Nowadays being stuffed to the brink of bursting happened more often than not. Consequently, my over consumption had me growing bigger by the week. I'd reached 300 pounds and past it in the blink of an eye. In less than a month I'd put on 27 pounds. Every weekend was a virtual buffet crammed full of everything I loved to eat. Every meal became longer, portions grew larger. The more I ate, the more I wanted.
Breakfast blended into mid-morning snacks, which led to considerable lunches, which became afternoon delights that were warm-ups to heaping platefuls of dinner that left me achingly full but still interested in TV treats at night.

Within six months I was at the 400 pound plateau and only too happy to continue. I was getting so fat. With the right guy I never dreamed getting fatter would be so much fun. The poundage slowed me down a bit and made me even lazier. Getting up from sitting wasn't so easy anymore. I avoided almost anything physical that might burn too many calories.

Boy, did I begin to spread,wider and wider. My hips measured 73" and my thighs were over 40" apiece. When I sat I came close to filling the entire love seat. Reinforcing some chairs, the bed, and lowering it as well was necessary. I was so fat I could barely climb into bed. Even though my escalating weight was limiting some movement, it was a bit of a turn on knowing that I'd gotten fat enough to cause that. Sitting on my butt for most of the day, my idle hands were feeding me bags of cookies, boxes of ice cream sandwiches, trays of pastries and brownies and other fattening treats.

My eating was at an all-time high. At times I even amazed myself at how much I was eating. It felt so good, so right, gorging, stuffing, pigging out to the max. Feeling the fat surrounding me, enveloping me in layers, rolls and bulges. How my belly grew outwards and down into an apron of fat, spilling between my legs forcing them apart. Massive thighs that shook like Jell-o, folds of fat creased and hung from them. Upper arms segmented with rolls and stretchmarks measuring 27" around.

I'd secretly dreamed of eating myself to circus fat lady proportions and glancing down at all my rolls of blubber I knew I was well on my way. Too lazy and too fat to get up for my snack refills, it was the ultimate pleasure to know that my guy would bring me anything I asked for. Talk about lazy! But oh what a feeling it was. It was something I'd always wanted to do. There was no number I set as a goal, but 500 pounds always seemed to be an intriguing number when I was stuffing my face and thinking how fat I was gonna be if I didn't stop eating so much. Just as my insecurity of how much I'd eaten on our first date had worn off, so were my thoughts of becoming too fat. I wanted to eat to the max everyday. I wanted to feel what it was like to be so fat I could barely walk.

(Continued in post 3 of this thread)

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ready to be fattened up!!
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excellent story so far

She is My dream lady!!
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Robbie G.
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It's impossible to describe the rush of so many of the different emotions I felt the first time I tried to stand up from sitting on the love seat and couldn't.

Watching me not succeeding again on my second attempt, my guy says to me, "What da ya need babe? I'll get it for ya."

That very moment, the knowing, the realization that I was now so big I couldn't even get up without a lot of effort or his helping hands turned me on like never before. The icing on this cake was how quickly and how genuine his response was to me, quenching any fears I may have had at the moment, like, now what am I going to do? He was reassuring and careful, and looking into his eyes I was certain there was a strong sense of appreciation and approval. Knowing he was there for me meant everything. As fat as I was, he loved every pound I'd gained just as much as I did. It made the outlook of getting fatter exciting.

I didn't know how much I weighed, but I definitely knew I was getting bigger. Reaching the coffee table was becoming next to impossible; my belly surged in front of me and I just couldn't do it. My guy built a table with wheels on it that rolled up to me at the perfect height. He also fashioned a bib for me to wear as well. What a sight!

During one particular afternoon when I was binging on all sorts of things rich and fattening, he took a couple of pictures. Looking at them, I saw why my guy liked me so much. I looked huge, really big. My legs and massive thighs were spread wide open. Wearing white shorts, my belly fat exceeded their capacity as the waistband was pulled down exposing my navel. Belly fat draped onto the tops of my thighs and hung between them lower than ever. A crease had developed from my belly button downwards and the divided belly hang was now dimpled and somewhat heart shaped, only upside down.

My face was hidden. With both hands on a two-liter tub of ice cream, I was holding it to my mouth, head held back as the melted remains poured down my throat. I had no neck, it was all fat. Both upper arms were creased into two segments and a fold of fat hung over each elbow. I looked so fat I couldn't believe it, a blatant result of overeating and an uncontrollable appetite.

I looked at the tub of ice cream. Less than a year ago I was only eating little sundaes. Stretching my belly every time I overate increased my capacity to the point where so much food was now necessary to fill me. I was obviously a gluttonous pig, reaching this level. I knew it and so did everyone else as I grew fatter and fatter.

I'd been with my guy just short of one year, and at 480 pounds, I'd put on about 180 pounds and enjoyed every pound I'd gained. Some people were shocked I'd gotten so big. I couldn't have cared less about what they thought. I was living my dream and loving it. One of the best parts of getting fat was to be lucky enough to share it with someone. While I was more than happy to chow down on anything and everything, my guy was just as happy watching me stuff my face and steadily growing fatter.

One afternoon when I was finishing the last of a dozen butter tarts my guy gave me to snack on while he went out for more groceries (second time in one week), I pondered on the nearly 180 pounds I'd gained in the last year, and how some women considered themselves fat if they even weighed 180 pounds, never mind adding it to an already substantial 300-pound frame as I had.

A devilish grin came to my face as I realized I was 20 pounds or less from reaching the 500-pound mark. I would soon be entering the exclusive 500 club! Then I thought...what if I gained another 180 pounds this year as well? What's that - 680 pounds? There was no way I could possibly get that big. Could I? I was easily eating twice as much as I had last year, too fat and too lazy to even get up off this love seat. The pounds would surely pile on that much faster since I'd become so sedentary.

It took some effort, but I managed to stand up on my own and I made my way to the bedroom where there was a full length mirror. I noticed how much more of a waddle my massive thighs added to my slow saunter. Breathing heavier after that short trip to the bedroom, I was somewhat surprised, yet elated, at how out of shape I was.

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Robbie G.
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It took some doing and was a little bit of a struggle, but I managed to shed my clothes. The top was easy, but I had to use my feet to get the shorts off. Bending over that far was history a long time ago. My guy usually helped me at that point. Standing naked in front of the mirror, at first I was taken aback for a moment. Looking closer, I realized I never knew how big I was. I looked enormously fattened, to my disbelief. My body had developed proportions and dimensions that once never existed. It was hard to take my eyes off the expanse of rippled, stretch-marked flab that was my stomach or belly,or gut. How did it get so big? Because you eat too much? It hung low, a lot lower, covering the tops of my thighs. I saw how my heavy breathing from my little trek was causing it to quiver a bit and making small wave-like ripples. Wouldn't you like to see this in a bikini, I thought to myself.

I turned to the side to see how thick it actually was. From this angle, I couldn't help but see how my belly roll was starting to envelope me, covering not only the front of my thighs but also some of the sides of my thighs as well.

Shuffling to face the mirror again caused my lower belly roll to swing like a pendulum briefly. I liked seeing that so I shook my ass to create that movement again. Oh yeah. I was feeling kinda proud. Now that's a belly! On the insides of my thighs, gobs of fat folded over at my knees. Those too swung back and forth.

Just the other day, lying in bed after yet another binge, beached like a whale and loving it, my guy was stroking, cupping, fingering, and tonguing those very bulges as well as the creases at the backs of my knees. How erotic! My arms were equally fat, with deep dimples at my elbows. I felt that same twinge of pride when I saw just how much upper arm fat folded over at the elbows. Even my forearms had creased and segmented into two sausage-like bulges. I stood still and gave myself the once over. My arms stuck out away from my body. My feet were too far apart because of my thighs. As big as I was, I thought I looked pretty good. Wanting to eat everything in sight and expecting to expand considerably, I loved the look of my body.

Lost for a moment in self admiration, I thought ahead in time. I tried to picture what I'd look like a year from now and possibly weighing close to 680 pounds. Oh baby! What a whopper! Could I walk? Could I even stand? Would I ever stop?

Waddling back to the loveseat, I came to my pile of clothes on the floor. I couldn't be bothered to pick them up, never mind putting them back on. So I plopped back down on the loveseat in the nude. Clothes were becoming such a bother. My butt shelf stuck way out behind me. It kept me from leaning back all the way. And, boy oh boy, did I spread wider when I sat. I was taking up nearly the whole love seat. Filling it out was more like it.

I had no sooner sat down when my guy returned. Seeing me as I was, I noticed his growing erection as he kissed me and fondled my breast, noticing my heavy breathing and my flushed cheeks. I told him what I had done. He turned away saying he had something for that, and returning with a whole Sara Lee ice cream cake. He was right. He knew me too well. Ever since I'd confessed to eating a whole one the night before our second date, there was never less than two in the freezer at any given time.

I tore into the cake as he watched and almost halfway through it I stopped. He asked me if I'd had enough and I told him no, but that my arm was getting tired. He then sat beside me on a small corner of the cushion my fat wasn't covering, picked up the spoon, scooped some up and I happily opened my mouth to accept it. Spoonful after spoonful I ate in a silent ecstasy. The tray was nearly empty. He asked me if I wanted him to stop. Was I full? I just shook my head. He then motioned if I wanted more and I simply nodded. Yes, more. This was so wild. He was feeding me and it felt so good, almost like foreplay. The last spoonful was a big one. We looked each other in the eyes, not speaking. I opened wide and took it. I closed my eyes, chewed and swallowed. Mmm!

I could sense the fullness in my stomach, and the heaviness of all I'd just eaten. I was comfortably full, not stuffed. I was mildly amused that after eating those twelve butter tarts and a whole cake, I could still eat some more if it was put in front of me. My goodness girl, you are such a pig. When I opened my eyes my guy was still sitting beside me. His head turned, surveying my vast landscape. I was so turned on by being fed by my guy. It was like a total release. It wasn't like some skinny chick being fed little finger chocolates. You'd have to be as big as I was to fully understand the intimacy I felt as he fed me. I was so fat and my arm was so tired, but I wanted more, I wanted to finish it all, then just lay back and be spoon fed. I didn't want him to stop.

Snapping back into reality, I looked down over my body and knew exactly what my guy must've been thinking looking at the same. I didn't look enormous, I was enormous. In a semi-reclined position, naked with every roll exposed, I looked hopelessly fattened, so full I was unable to move a muscle. My legs were stretched in front of me, coaxed open by the fat, a natural progression occurring only to the biggest of girls to accept the cascade of belly fat that poured around me. My pillow-sized breasts slid to either side. My arms lay still at my sides. My head tilted forward, my chin sinking into the roll of neck fat that reached too far on to my chest.

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Robbie G.
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Just as my tummy gurgled a happy sound, my guy was standing in front of me with his hands held out before him seeking mine. He helped me up from the chair and laid me down on the floor. If you think that was easy, think again. He propped me up in all the right places, as we were going to make love. With a couple of pillows under my butt, my legs spread as wide as possible and both my hands holding up my belly apron, he was successful, and wow was it good. My entire body fat shook in huge waves back and forth with every thrust. As we laid together he rubbed and caressed as much fat as he could reach. He adored the feel of all my fatness. The bigger I got, the better it got. Massages, back rubs, feet rubs, and of course, belly rubs.

I never needed to be reminded to eat up so I could have some dessert. When I saw that look in my guy's eyes it would shift my hunger into overdrive and I'd stuff myself silly knowing I'd get some extra special belly rubs for doing so. When I was asked how did I get so fat, or what does your boyfriend say about your weight, the answer was simple. I get these bonuses from my boyfriend for cleaning my plate, so the fatter I am the better. Most people would walk away disgusted. I loved it. To them I was a fat, lazy pig who ate too much. To my guy I was his fat princess and he loved me. To him I was beautiful and that's all that mattered.

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Beautifully written. Great job.
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awesome! Thank you for writing such a descriptive and enjoyable story!~
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luvfanny has said some nice things

Very erotic and descriptive - especially liked the laziness/out of shape element. Great Work!!
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rgreene5 has said some nice things

I wrote that story. I had to leave Dimenensions but now I'm back and hope to print some new material. Glad to be back!
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LumpD has said some nice things

Great news! Can't wait to read more from you!
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